Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1862 Page 1
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a t % tft* I I ? : ? U V2i. XIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY, APRII, 23, 1862. IN? 2.86! THE EVENING STAR H PUBLISHED I VERY APTERNOOH, {SUXDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUIbDISOl, fmw / Ptnnff ,'tn?n ?. Md EUvtnik xSrMt, ?T W. r>. WAl^AOfci. P*per? "erred in packages by carrier* it Ml fw,or J7 cent* per oaonth. To mall Ribacribera the ptee la 93.50 a year, m mdrnmt*; 98 for alt mc nth*; 91 for three rnontbi; mod foi laaa I he a three moa'.ha at the raf.of It cents a week. Mb gie ccpi?!*, osk c*stj la wrapper*, two cuts. 117" ADrutTKXMCTTt fhould be aent to the c0re before 12 o'clock m ; otherwire taey may ?ot appear until the next day. THE TRIXIVY CHI'at'11 IMBROGLIO. Wo h&Te received a pamphlet giTing a bit* tnrj ?f the Trinity Church imbroglio arising from the declension of the Eev. N. W. Syle to, read the priyer ot thanksgiving ordered by Bishop Whlttinghao. From the correspondence published in thif pamphlet we take the followiag : Wahsixqtos, D. C.. March 17. 18GJ. Rigkt tier Bit hop W kitti*gki m, BaJti tnort?D?ar BNfcop: I h?ve received yeor tel? egraxn and the letter to nhieh it refera, a seam* paujinj? * Prayer of thank*zivioK for on in thi? parish now under my charge." Without going into the right or the reason of the thing, I will simply inform too of the fact, or rather of what I supjjose to be the fact ?in regird to the congregation in which 1 am at present oBi dating. My imprersion is that at least two-thirds of the people could not, for various r en so us, say "Amen'' to the prayor which your letter transmiU, and that the us* of it in Trinity Parish would oause a very great and very un profitable?nay, a Tory injurious excitement of feeling, as well as a renewal of acrimonious d'Mo?5ion, involving question* of fact and of opinion which, !n the present unf*tt1e4 ftath of public affairs, could not possibly be set at reat. I give you my ' supposition" and " im pression" rather than undertake to spoak of my own knowledge; for since I hare been occupying my present position it has been my e?pecial aim to gire be?d to the Apostle's in junction? ' If it be possible, as mnoh as lieth in you. live peaeeibly with all men"?and the *lill more specific cngcguncat made at my ordination, " to maintain and set forward, as r.uch as liath in me, quietness, p?aco and io?c em r.g all Christian people, and especially among those that are committed to my charge.' xnereiore it is tn*t 1 nave avoided, of purpose, those folitieal dijcasiion* which would hare er.jblel lao to state deisitely whit the views uf the congregation are. 1 have, however, gleaned enough inoideutally to give me the iinpref?ion I cow mendhn to you?which 1 think is a correct one. Allow me to add that what I now write id ectirelypropria motu, and without consulta tion with any one on the Mibjeot; and the question which I rcspeaifuily put is Whether, under these eircumstanccs. you would still wiih the prayer to be n3*d in Trinity Church ? Believe aoe, dear Bkhop, very sincerely acd effeclioLately, yours in the Lord, E W.Stl*. Will you kindly inform me whit time I may look f">r vM- from yourself for the holding cf a Confirmation. DiiTiMoei, M?rch 18, IS52. Rm.trend and V?ar Brother: I regret veTy much to receive from you the etatement of your impression that, of the c?n (TTCkcva I nn in *Kii? V? vim ?<* *-*'-4 ?*v uiiuiMci, ai icasv two thirds of tbe p?opIe could net, for various re??9ca?, say "Aiaen"' to the prayer which 1 transmitted to you for use on occasion of the raising of tbo blockade and ciege of the City of Washington, and other late victories. I was formally requected by one having Tight to do ?o, at tbe suggestion of ths ecclesiastical authority of his parish, to act on the occasion. 1 was thus driven to inquire, what ground I had for refusing so to act. I could find none that might not, by parity of reaaon, be urged against the performance of any duty winch might, for any cause. be distaetoful to any OMnsider&ble portion of the community. It i* an express iojmctionnf the Word of God, "in everything t? give thanks," and " giving thanks" for kings, and for ail that uaro in au thority," is especially made the subject of di vino inspired exhortation. Oar Caurch, by immemorial practica, by provision of certain more general torms. and by particular legislation in reforenoe to more speeial occation?, has furnisbed the interpre tation of theso Scriptural rales in their appli cation to practice. It is hard to imagine an occasion in which general publie thanksgiving would be more fit *nd proper, mere a privilege and a bouaden for a Christian community. than ?Vi?n a great city, with its suburban district, after ex posure for almost twelve months to the daily danger of olose investment by a greet army, never in all that time e day's journey distant, and after suffering tbe inconveniences and pri vations of blockade for many continuous months, is, by a series of successes, somessn Sainary, bat the most important unexpectedly I oodles j, of the armies of Its government, at once, in all human probability, delivered from its beleaguorment. If this was not an occasion for acknowledg ment of the morcifal Providence of Him wn? reveals himself as the God of hosts, the King of kings, and Lird of lords, there never ia nor ever could be one. And who should render to him thanks for eneh great mercies but they who, of all others, are boftnd to consider themselves most bene fited in the general successes, and are specially and exclusively advantaged by the local deliv erance t i Is there any " power" under heaven, to which residents m the District of Columbia can claim to owe ''subjection.'' as Qod'sordinary* except the Federal Government of the United States ? The v can have no pretext of doubt ful or divided allegiance. But one only au thority has any show of pretension to " bear the sword 'over and in behalf of them, in com misskci from him who bids us "be subject to it," both "for wrath" and for "eonsoienoe sake." Are we, my brother, set as witnesses for the truth and binding obligation of God's word, or are we not' If we are, when could I, in my official duty, hare oooaaion to vindicate the Scriptural teaching#, about prayer for rulers and recognition of their authority, aguinat the wayward wilLfultfess of erring brethren, if the prevent be not such ! Were I to give way to the alleged preposses sion of a portion of my flock by tbe abandonment ef the discharge of my offisial function aa a di rector and leader of their weraUp ia this reepeet specially oommitted to my keeping, how could I expect to make answer before God, either for my trust or for their souls, imperiled by wuuui negieci ana aiaoecdionce of Divine pre- j deription* . , I regard the ajmpathiea of dwellers in the ( District of Columbia with the existing war . wu?d bj the rebel* ot the South M utterly without plea of exeaa-j ho to re (Jod or man ( Yet, In consideration of them, groundleea and . justifiable aa I believe them to be, I hare mj wiiSeti the language of the Prayer of tha Church as that even they who entertain them < ma7 nee it withont reproach of conecienee. , II n any inhabitant of Washington or the Dia triet eauae to be otherwise than thankful for ite deliverance from threatened siege and , blockade 7 Are the " anccessea" that have led to that del if erance other than " happy" in aa far aa they have tended to the production of that reault' cr other than happy in tbe eati mitaon of anj lover of mankind who contem plates the wonderful extent in which, awful bloadshedding haa in repeated inaUneea been cacaped ' When w?a ever auoh a aerie* of " blood teas" viotociea? la it not cauae of thankfulneaa, even of great thaakfalaeaa, to - tboae even who - aympathiae" with the rebel lion, whi?h it defeated hy then, thai they have been anch ' My dear brother, I caa do no otherwise than I have done. If aay refaae to ?.y-Amen,' to the volte of tbe Oharch ia tbia Tfcac*<:v ing, their ain mast be their ew^ the veioe ef tha Cbarcb ramaioa unchanged. Doaplr, moat daaplj, da I ragrat that iboaa whoa t ?m boaod to raapaot and lora rboa Id b? involved in what I eta regard in bo athar Ught, than aa WWW f / Very raapootfuliy apd ?factional#)/, your iead and brother, ? gneroua md Var; friend W*. Rollixs . Biibop of Mary Kar Ftrich W*. Rollixson wextti.VOBjL*, t* ~ ryland. , . E. W. 8rL% Officiating in Tncity ?? WaahiegWo, I*, p. T ~ " I n dHI 4* I tt A ft L t a il tl I Wamikotos, D. 0., 2I?t March, 1802. Rifht Kev Buhop Whittingham.B+lnmort. Dbas Bishop: The frequency of lenten aar ri?? tbd much aiekness in the Parish, hare prevented me from acknowledging more promptly your furor of the 18th. In regard to its contents, allow me to enure fou that I had so purpose of eliciting from foar?e!f any statement of the reasons for put ting forth your recent Prayer of Thanksgiving, that being a matter ooneerning which I had no elaim to inquire, no call to form an opinion. Mj simple business was with the question of asiag it in the congregation of which I am in :harge, and my simple object was to show why It was fo undesirable to make the attempt, rhe " scenes'! whioh hare taken place in those Churches where it has been used, (if they bare been oorrectly reported to me,) go to ihow how decided that undesirableness was In my former letter I alluded to " various reasons1' why many wonld not say "Amen" to ibis giving of thanks. It may be worth while to enumerate some of them : 1. Many Union-loving men and women dep* ecate the re-introductfon of this subjpot into >ur public service, even to themselves it would 5e embarrassing rather than edifying. 2. Many do notoonaider this City and Dis trict to have been at all, recently, in a state if blockade or siege 3. By-very few could it be truly said that they are delivered from any "terrors" on thin itore. 4. A large number of families have near re latives in tho Saothern army and certainly do not feel thankful for victory over them, how Bver they may acquiesce in the providential wrarsB of events. 5. Others demur to the singling out of this City and District from the rent of the Diocese as cot indicated hy the exigencies of the case and aa of doubtful canonicity. 6. There are many, also, who count the reccnt victories 14 successes" indeed, but pain ful rather than happy. The same feeling which induced the members of the Cabinet to request that Congres3 would refrain from illu minating the city leads many members of the shurflh tn wfrnln frAm -kin ? ? ! *? *? uiu vu&uouiu^ ? auu BUIl more from uttering?feelings of exultation over those whom they nevertheless believe to be righteously defeated. Perhaps I should add that some regard the jflering of a solemn and public thanksgiving u premature?as would be congratulations iu & law-suit pendente lite . but I presume I haro stated facts enough to substantiate the correct ness of my impressions and to show why this parish should be an exception, in the District, to that arrangement which makes the District in exception in the Diocese. Allow roe to repeat concerning this letter what 1 stated in regard -to my former one? that It is written *ntir*1v tirnwrir\ /?#>/ ifr ?n I r 'j" ? . i? i without any consultation with othera that I thus communicate to you my convictions ou this subject. Believe me to be, dear Bishop, sincerely and tffectionately, yours iu the Lord, E W.Syle I take note of your appointment of the month ?f June for Confirmation, and shall hope to present some candidates at that time. Deo volente. On the 29th ult., the committee of Trinity Parish Vestry transmitted to Bishop Whitting h?L? the resolutions adopted by the Vestry, aud is the accompanying letter say: " Whatever may have been the mental loy alty of Kev. Mr. Syle, it was obvious to tho Vestry that his ooarse in this matter was pre :i?ely such as a disloyalist would have ehoscn, ind therefore required diaapprobation at their If r _ At V? ? jauus. moreover, ine vestry, noaritiy ap proving both the spirit and terms of the Prayer >f Thanksgiving, were of opinion that a loyal BL?hop should be promptly sustained in this >Scial act by a loyal priesthood and a loyal laity under his Ecolesiasticnl jurisdiction." In his reply Bishop Whittingham expresses the hope that further explanations would en able the Rev. Mr. Sjle to satisfy the Vestry that a course, which was certainly not consist ant with Canonical obedience, had been taken t>y him in error of judgment,through no disloy alty of his own, but under the fancied pressure >f prevalent misguided opinion in the congre gation. The loyalty of the congregation teems to him to have been sufficiently vindicated by Lhe protest of its Vestry, and it would be to be much regretted if an attempt at punitive retri bution, for a fault of judgment, originating in * an able desires and honorable intentions, j ihenld deprive the Parish of the ministerial ervices of one who is represented to him as having already done much good in it, and be ing popular with the congregation. TALK. ON T1IE LIVERPOOL 'CHANGE. [Krom the Liverpool Journal, April 5 J The talk was that this Amerioan war is an other instance of the way in which a kind Pro videnoe evokes human good oat of things ap parently evil; that from the fight in Hampton Roads will date the oommenceme?t of eternal peace; that there will, after another trial or two, be no national wars; that there cannot be, because in proportion as art is cultivated to destroy there will be less disposition in men to tight; that the phalanx firm of Greece, and ifterwards of Roue, gave to oamparative sivilixation dominion in the world, but that the invention of gunpowder renders barbarum impotent; that the new applioatian of gunpow ier renders whole navied useless; that a few ships now will protect better than immense forts and numerous navies did ever before; that blockades will be henceforward impossi ble; that one Monitor would clear awaj in an bour whole fleet* of blockading ships; that the United States is free forever from European issault; that she has only to provide a few laore of iron-elad steamers and keep tbem in Iter barbers to dety an approaching enemy; Tor that although England and France may lave whole navies of Warriors and Lettloires, ihey cannot be taken across the Atlantic, or if taken, oould not be rendered serviceable, for rant of eoal, beyond a few days; that, fortu nately, the Yankee* declined to fight on the Trent provocation, far if they bad the Monitor night have done terrible muohief to our block* idtng squadron off New York; that a few War riors will give a perfect security to Oreat Bri jUb, that France will be equallv safe, for, as he ships of one nation cannot impress them laltM on ilia ihhu ?f :- ? Igbt would be an aggravated folly?a oauie of nerriaent to the world. bit how la thU war to be pat an end to ? rhe talk waa, by England sendinr oat three ommissioners, Tit , Mr.Gladstone, Lord Clyde, ind Sir John Borgoyne, to the Confederate povernment at Richmond, with instructions to nqairo and report to Presidont Jeff. Davis on he possibility, or inooaribility, of resisting ffectually the forces or the North ; that Lord ;iyde could give a good guess as to the rela ive strength, 4c., of both armies; that Sir 'ohn Bargojne eoald estimate accurately the alne of the confederate fortifications, and hai Mr. Gladstone, charged with budget ecreU, would bo able and willing to say whe her the flnaaeial condition of the stare states ras such as would justify a persistence in hot ilitias; that if tne commissioners were of pinien that resistance wtfuld ultimately fall, he* ware tn tall lf?- DawU ? l?* *? ia did not Qreat BriUin would oiopel him; hat if, on tho oihor hoad, reaisiaoce could be tado effectual, then Mr. DatU waa to be ed ited to persevere, and that if Mr. Preaideut .inooln refoaed to make peace, than ho waa to ? told that ha oftut have dtae, for that Eag and would aid* with the aouthrona ; thM all bia la sot m ahaurd aa poop I a at firat light light imagine, for that wo tito ia on ago at ovaltfaa, aod that thia norelty reoommeadi velf bj tha positive naooaaitr of tfca time, and. la ear tain tj of aueeeaa, if tha principle were at ia foroo hoforo mora Moaiton aro built. CT Thoa. J. Smith waa arraatrd is Baltimore wtorday, for triaeoa, aad ooamttted to Jail. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. L\TER FROM BUT* OPE. N?w Yobi, April 3J ?Ttoe steamer City of New York h\t arrived from Liverpool with dates to the 10th. The steamer Africa arrived out on the fltb Instant Th? new iron steamer Oneto. built for war purposes. had left Liverpool for Palermo, and It It believed goes to Bermuda for ber armiment, and then to take the Atlantic as a Southern priva teer. The schooner Sophia which ran the Charleston bloclade, had arrived at Liverpool with 900 baits of cotton. The question of iron ships and floating batteries continues to occupy the attention of the govern ment. and shipwrights are all btlne trans*erre? from wordta to the Iron vesaels in the coarse of construction A proposition 1* before the Common Council of London, to confer the "tr!?ed?im of the City," e.'.ca^Pd in a told btx, on Mr. Peabody, for his muniticent charity. The crops of England and France are reported as most furofible. French manufacturing accounts aiao show more animation. The latest rumors also asse t that Gen. Guyon is not to be recalled from Rome. . The Paris Bourse closed flit at 69f The Italian ministry have ordered an increase in the construction of iron-plated ships The auestion of brigandage and the removal of the ex-king of Ninles from Rome are debated in \ht Italian Chamber. Ritazzi *a!d the accounts of brigandage were fxiggerated, and no addl- . tional force wu necessary The Italian govern meut, benaid, perai?ted in pointing oat that tbe presence of Francis II , at Home, la a courcc of disorder*, and be believed that Napoleon also j share* tbe conviction and perceives the necessity if providing against i?a continuance, but the difficulties cannot all be vanquished at a single 1 blow. The Spanish government ha* again reiterated its firm determination to abstain from any de monstrations prejudicial to the Independence of Mexico. Tbe Danish government has voted the extraor dinary credit of l,0i)0,U<N) riz dollars for the con- * struction vt Iron-plated vessels. ' THE L AT EAT ?VT A ODE?ITAV? ' Londou, Aprii 10.? The government ha* con tracted with Mt*a's Haunedi for an Iron cupola < hip, to be construe'ed according to Capt. Colts' Invention, to be ready for sea by the 1st of June, lt*(V5 bxperiments w itb a gun of large size recently made In England showed thit 11??- best and hith erto considered Invulnerable forms of ironsides were, so to speak, almost as easily penetrable by a shot as if the targets had b?en made of timber. Sir Wo Armsbong siys that a gun of twelve tons weight, tired with a charge of fifty pounds of powder, will break through the side of the Warrior or the stron^ext Iron ship afloat. A tar- t get made like the Warrior's side was shattered Into crumbs at the trial. The Timet Savi that no vnrwn nf o4f?niu> nr defense teems It ft to us now ao tflVctlve as large armor-clad and v??rv swift ateam runs. 1 ke steamer Oneto, which w?a built at pool, nominally as n war vessel for the. Italian liovt* Mnent, left on tbe 434 f MireU In balia?t for Palermo with a crew of fifty men, bat It Is believed she wuuld go to Bermuda, where her arm uc ?t has preceded her. She Is built to carry gnna of the hcavleat calibre, and measures 750 tons, acd is reported to be very feat. These are various contradictory conjectures in regard to hT. The f umter was still at Gibraltar, and the Tui carora at Alg*slria on tb? 3d. The U. aloop Kvarsage, after two days' visst to Gibraltar, left Algesirai for the west on the 1st Tbe proceedings of (be British Parliament have been unimportant. Dlsr-ell made a characteristic nartv attar.k nn financial ??<< budget. The latter apoke atronly In defetiss o( hi* policy, wbeu a treneral debate ensued, lu the course or which Mr. Bentwick attributed the dl*tr<s< of the country to Us inconsistent and in human policy in refusing to recognize the Con federate rotate-. The English papers continue to discos* the Monitor and Merrimac affair. There Is great ac tivity at all the Engllah dock yards. It is aaid that tne French army Is to be reduced. Ninety-four regiments,of Infantry are to be re tained, and Ave regiments of cavalry to be struck < IT. MilltTf. Liverpool, April tf ?Flour active and steady. Wheat dull but steady. Cora quiet, and prices tending downward. Provisions?Bacon 1? easier. Lard qnlet but steady. Tallow dull at 44 a 45s.6d Produce.?Coffee qul**t and unchanged. Lin seed oil firm at 3bs Rosin firm?common 14s. DiJirus lurpennne quiei at 05# a 7U?. Cotton buoyant but unchanged. Consols cloned at 93\ a 91 FROM GE.V BANKS' COLUMN. Jacbstn Still Retreitlig. Ntw Mikinr, April tt2 ? Hon E. M Stanton. Se<rriarjr of War:?Our advance 4a near Harri sonburg. VVe Lave troops aross the mountain, protecting the bridge* acroaa tbe Shenandoah at Almy, and on the Luray road. To-day we puibed a force forward to Luray, (the capital of Page county ) Tbe people were greatly alarmed at first on account of the reporta circulated by the rebels as to the treatment they would receive from us, but In the course of a few hours ttaey became quite reconciled to the presence of the troops. There is a good road to Warrenton. 25 miles, and a turnpike to Culpeper Court-House, the s*nie distance In several recent sharp skirmishes with tbe enemy we lost tbree men. Jackson Las abandoned the valley of Virginia permanently, una is en mute lor Uordonsvllle, by the way of .the mountains Every day brings Its prisoners and numerous deserters from the rebels. N. P. Banks, Major Genera], Frsm FertPaaskl. Ntw Yo*a, April 2i.?The advices per steamer Marlon, frtm Fort Fulnskl, state that on the llth Instant a Parrott shell exploded In Fort Pu la*kl, killing four men and wounding several other*. A surveying party of 200 of the 8th Michigan regiment, landing at Wilmington Island, below Savannah, were surprised by some slxto eight bund ed rebels, who poured on them an effective Are, killing and wounding several. The Federals returned the Hre and weat gallantly Into the light, when the rebels, after a short stand, retreated In order. T?i? X (V. O.U AMV ^ vr* kbvo-.uaiaiiic wm iiucu,wna twelve or thirteen others, and some twenty-five or thirty woujided The dead were taken to Pulaakl and the wounded were carried to the hospital at Hilton Head. The rebel loaa la not known. One account aaya It wn? the Adjutant cf the 8.h Michi gan regiment that waa kilted. Fort Pulaakl la ao much Injured by the effVcta of the bombardment aa to be wholly unfit u m work cf defenae. Th<* steamer Oriental ha* arrived with the re maining prisoners tiken at Pulaski. D(air((?r4'i latercepted'Dlapatch Calilvg far RclalirceBsiu. Cincinnati, April 22?The Gazette's Hunts ville, Ala , correspondent aaya that Beauregard's dispatch to Gen. Cooper (aa already published) waa found in the telegraph office, having pi>?ed over the wlrea before Uen. Mitchell's division reached Huataville, and about ane-thlrd of the reinforcements called for bad already reached Corinth. The rrnulnder are collected at Chat tanooga, and other points on the Upper Tennessee river, being unable to move forward on account i. . nt. _* a ? ? - ? vi VicII. aiibirau'i uunrucuon ox me road. Bun regard's dispatch was partially tn ciphers, but was easily translated by Gen. Mitchell The rolling stock captured by Gen. Mltebeil bas been sent to Nashville. The Freshet la til* Connecticut. Ha*TFOED, April 8h?The flood ku now reached 88 feet 6 Inches?a? laches-short of 1854, which was the greatest flood ever known here At Northampton, Mass , the water is two ft-et higher than ft baa ever been before. In Had ley street there la no land to be seen, and the inhab itants go from houae to hooae in boats Hampton Park, the scene of the greet national horeeshows, Is entirely submerged end the greater part of West Springfield Is mder water?It being so hi^h oa Sunday as to overflow Into the flrat story win. dow of many hoaaee. / .

From Fori Wright. " ClltiU i?U ? 4 " ?-?- - - ICQ K> UM urnal, from'Cairo, mm The win from UM fteet. btiore Port Wright, U anlmportast The bombardment *U11 eomlnuei. :?t The rebels have ent the ievee on the ArKnCM here, apposite the tort, aa* the toe teroia* Undi there ere now covered with* lake of water for ml lee around. The resident* are greatly exaeper* aed at tble outrage. Moeteneooreg lag aews co&tl nuee to to receive* from Sea. HaUocri array j' )?pl ^ t4 ? ? * r?"? ti A 1 -ifc* - <4 ? ,C v. Drtwitd. Oo?rx*Btrio, N. V , April 21 ?J.W. HopHns, idltor of the Advance, and (ieo'ee Church, a law Indent, attempted to run th* dam at tbla place his morning. In a small boat, wbtch wa* npeet. (oung Church was drowned. Hopkins vraa ncked up, thirty rods from the light-house, In ensible, but will probibly r^corrr. [aterraptlea ef the Orrrland Mall by tk( Jndlaas. Cbicaco, April 92.?A dispatch from the operator at Salt Lake, dutid to day, says the In liana hare stopped all c< mmunlcatlon by tbe tverland mall No partlcnlara are siren, and It a feared that the telegraph line wlllte destroyed. The Wester* Prisoners. Maduow, Wl?, April 21?Frm ?00 to 900 jriaonera arrived here to-dav brai*-ci*l train from Chicago. They are quartered ut Camp Randolph, rnarded by ttree crrpanieg of the Wiaconaii nineteenth tegimont. OtTtriBfnt Htrirs Drawned. Padccau, Kt.. April 21.?A barge. containing wo hnndred and tiftv giTcriim'iit bortf-a, truck i ?nag, brtwwi here and Cairn, on Saturday light, and rank with all on board. Gold Coming Eait. 8a5 Pbaiciko, April 21.?'The ufmmrt Orlia viriivlkntlpd for Panama with f 170,000 m gold for JAM V*.U OFFICIAL. Department ofstate, Wiseimtoii, January 23, 1W?. The Secretary of State will hereafter reeet?e Membera of Congrea on bualnew pn Saturday*, .ommenclng with Saturday, the 2rat of next south. Jen 47-tf WILLIAM H. 8KWARP. War DEPARTMENT, JO*iIT tl, 1MB. OltlllD. Thftl thf W?F n*Mffnn?it will K? tloaed Tuesday*, Wednesdays, Thursday* aa<5 Friday* against all other bualnesa bat tnat whieL elate* to active military operations la th? flsld. Saturday* will be devoted to the bMtlne** of Senator* and Representatives. Monday* the bu*in*-as of the Fublle. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja SRI-tf 8ecretar? of War PASSENGER TRAIN TO.YlAf*A^?Ab7" \V*a Dmiiar.^r, ) Military SvpenmenJtnt Hnlro*di C.S. } Washington. Arril 18. lbfti 1 No i'nsaenrer Train will be ran from We<?fcluj; on to Man&sns until further notice D. C. McCALLUM, ap lH-tf M. D andSup't Rallxoada, U. 8. AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoOUIRE A CO , Aaotjcneera. rUL'-TE^'d SALE OF CITV LOT3.-On TUESDAY AFFbRNOON. f.'?* 274 ISM, it o'olooi.-, on the prrniirea. h* *i:ta- of two 1 -??o* o' trn?; to th* ?nb?crih?r,niie d*t*d J*no%rj 2I,1V9, and recrd'd in LihsrJ. a S. Na lio? 2W, et aet ; the other d^^?d JVt mh. 184?, ind reoo)d<"d in Li her J . A. a, No. 2s, foios?41, t ?e* , of the Laid leeorca for Wa?bird<<n (oniitf, D. C . w? halt ue'l one andividad ha'l >a-t or Lota numbered 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, anl i, in Hoare unmbered 299, frontier on 8 a h E street, 1Q?W mr-A I'ltv ? ?* ' ?? * fbtowu i*?u auu ut> ; c jroiB wr??fc f I??WY>)?t Turin*: Ou'-h&if cash; the balance in six nonth?,with interest, tecurai by a deed ol trial >n the prenr.?ea AII OJBve sncice at th? oo*t of the puro'-.*a?r. tho. J mn:;R, rrtst-e. ap 12-eoA.da j. C Mo^UiRfat CO.. Anot?. By WALL. It KARNARI>, Auctioneers. rRU8TEB'8 SALB OK VALUABLE IM PROVFD UoL fc>TAT* AT ATTCTIO.1 ? By T',T ne ci a a?ore?? of ih? Ci'ouit Ooert < t the District ?f Coluinb>a for the ooanty of Waahi'tton. ?it jce as a Comt of Ui>aoi.?rj, dat*<i i?l < f J anna r*, *63, 1. K. C- Morgan, will sell. on MONDAY , the >tti of May. 1882, at 4 o'clock p. ir, . a' tLe a action looms of Wall k. Ma. card. ?>atn oor n?r of Por.n ntTanU avenue and iNmtri snoot, m the city of A a*: irxton, f.e tot ovinr la*oribed Keal Legate, lamoly: Ltti 8, 9 and 10, in 8*nare Mo u?, rheae lota front on soj.n V itwt, and arc between ?ir?t street vnt an1 Scoojd a'rrei w< st and on ?ar; of the?e lot* are fonr food frvr;3 houses, rh:oh will be cold aeearauiy. 1 will then sell, at the tame pacr.all cf?anare lorth rfgfnarc No 542 Thu s^raro is ooandcd >y uelsware ft?, Virsima avonue, Ha'f-sircet cat, and south K sire^t. i win men w if?t the same plaon, t?*n\re No. 94. This a^uare i? b nnclel br north lJftrret, fvghth *treet eut, nort.i C etrset, au<1 teventh tre*t eaat, a id is lai<i oat in auUeen lots, vluob ri 1 bo aold aep&ratelr. I will then ae i, attlo aanie place. Lot No. 9. in *iuare 642. at the oorner of X>e!airara avjnue aud loath G etreet. All of the foregoing Keal Kattte ia sitnat**! in the ii*7 of Washington, D. 0.,8Bu vill te sold under tforcaaid ?teoree The t-rm? of the*e talea wi'l be: One third o*ah; >alinoe in aiz. twelve, and eighteen month*. D* erred paj nenta to bear interest, end be teoured >7 tee parohaeer or pcicbaava' notes, ei doraed to ue eai.a.acuoj. of the Irantee. K. C MORGAN. Tra*tee. apli-3taw4ua WALL,4, BaKNARU Auo'a. r PEW CUSHIONS. L aWEOnhird a f*w ot the above Cushions, rhioh 1 vili tell very low, L. J ROTHROCK. ap i9 at . 4M) Ninth atrret, near K. f\R. J. H 8CHKNCK. 19 This distinguished Ph? ioian, whose brilliant and vide-spread reputa'ion as been ao?uired br hia eminently suooeenfai r eat aunt of Consumption, even in oaseewhioh \te baea reg*rd ?d and pronounoed incurable by ha regmar f*ou t?, will beat hia Rooni No. aa? Kit*it ru KrukkT A few tlo >ra above PENNSYLVANIA A VENUS. WathingtoA City, On WKDNBM/Af, tbe '-8J of Apn\ 'or consultation atd to eximinn the conditio: of I* mj ota. Hia great exp?rienoe,d?cfTed from lorj ard m snaive f aoioe olose study and devotion to l<u rofecaion. together with the taMttwioe of tbe r?? nt instrimtnt with which AiJexamioatiuca of tee anga are in'de, enab.e aim la detcot the alightest ? mptomi of dnwii#. ill* three feat medioin's. hia PULMONIC tM UP, SEA WKBU TO.N1C and MANDRAKE 'ILLS, have been a* widely oeleLrated aa rette lea for diaeaeea of tne Lungs, Liver and Stomach i his own repntArtrn to tha m\a?gemer.t ani oure f pati?nta suffering under these dieeaacs. We vou'd adfiaeall who need hia te vioea to all upon him a* above- P?r an examination at he lance with tbe reepircmeter b s okart e la tkret ollars, bat for ordinary eaammitmna and advioe rithoul tnat inf t umeut no chartt it modi Dr. Mhtnok w u:d teal irate ul to anon p^tienta a nave been benefited 5/ hia treatment if they ronld oalloa bindiuing hia nalta to their eltiea, nd oertif , by written statements, to the ba<jtfit ?ey have received, beat if a being a treat aatia ictM.n to turn. ?uoh eerii&oa'ea teed ta lmpa't ' tohadieda <( iSVera from similar lseeeer, who need only faith in Dr. ttohecek and i* remediea U? i et Nj eaved Persona e*n be direotfd to Ma room* by oall ni t hia acent'a, 8, B. WAlTE.oo aer ftb et-oct? d .onuiaoa avenae, wh?re %i?o o&n be f ?n< a fun a?H of hia Mediotaea ar it ?t* PHE SUBSCRIBERS BEINtt IN RECEIPT a oia iuppTj of lateet faahiaable Sfnn* ooda, the? etpeoif.ilJ aolioit a oall atia^?R leoontmued fa?ora of their patron* and (am ie ?ublio general j f*y_ 1 hey alao icqueot apecial attention ofthelr" nr? and navy oor tomfri to tUair m??Ij of coode i that liae.ooaaie'mg of Svorde, Belta, Shoulder ?'rapa, Epaalettee Go*? Laee*, Cm a. i'hapeaue, 0. ^ F. J. HKlBfcRtffcK. A CO . Suoeeaaora to H P. i.ouJonA Co., Citisen aad Military failure. Norio*.?All pereooa indebted to the late firm of ondou tr. c0 , or their euooeeaira, araaigently *aeated to eettle the fame wiUioat delay F. J. HKiBKAttER CO BMonwri to H. K. I.o?dou it Qo., mh 81-xa.n Oitiien and Military i'aiiora. I* N OTIC It. L HE 8TKAMK& *HO MA* COLLY Kit Will '?"?? h*r triM to Mount Vernon i W?lneadaj, Maroa 9th and ? '' ft Wrdaeadaj. Maroa 9th and vil f*erj VVM-.etdAT nod Bator ja f?jtW a?Jfiee, leaving SS? barf at the C?ot 7th atroet at iRo'olook a tu. Faia fir tea rouna t on board the boa' j 1?. ?P oa board the boat a i so, SAMUEL eEDNKV?Ga?tatn. fiJU^^^agsM^ssa!: wupiad and in which be di?d TLo man-T n atd ontda ateeloaed to Tiaitt ^s.tes&ax; ? ^ Mig? i?a4ar till ?kari* Mcaeaarr. f?A- lit ?m i*. for tM nuitUnaaoe and alteration of M* DKNT1STKY. M. fcOOMIR, M. !>.. u?? iMMtMMd nHalti fU>? mINOTTL p?7fE TKKTfl, ^ am* t*n<la poraeca iT at t;? oftc- .nUn? c;?t M*d? r?^>o? ? * ??r tb?M t??th anno; v?u oO' or?, &&4 no percca om vmlt ott?n wh-> ?vri?K)t ve*r the*s. Persons ?%Uinj *t sfr oflc<" a*n be .?cor-.moaata* wilb cry strte ?*1 of j ??th thwy ?*x c??r*, uit to lhose who we rariiantar *r * *ru!. 11? jarwu, . twa*,Ptronjwt,en<1 moet ?er*?vr.rdej?t*re tfaat -mii lk& MlNCCl I I t?f ? TL* ?. i - ? . i riwwvri ?n? i?Ul UA* ? !! J ? W * * ? a era fully warranted. Rooms ir. this citr?No.S38PfcimifiMTtit tt> atd l?th aU. AIm, 991 A.-oh ?trx?t. PHiftrtW afria. mar ?-1y AND IMPROVED INVBNTIOSI ARTIFICIAL CHEOTLAZT1 BOltM f K E T I, ffiticn Nitu mntiCuin. DR- 9. B f lHESMOND. *11 AtmAmw, >m T?r*-?i>w r;tsof(?MM A* mm, >*'*?*r* lif4 ?n,i 13.4 :U , 'Ja!> the at^ation of the pubiio to the !o'ln?'B| vlraat" ?#<? of hi* ic.jroT**! ^aan% 1. The T?elh of ftia manubrtore wt: InH leTfrr eorcxlf nor crmr.ce ccior by anj^? *" vc.di, being tare* fbunin lighter than &l* ?:oer, t. No UmCi or rooU coed Ua extracted, ? tat wjiia.v o3M can be i^frted over them. I. TL? r&ota vL! k? utoS^ztire, an srroi ?. No tmpnrtrr Uetn ar? oaadad. aa permao?n' uu o%u b? made iirrr?di?t?Jr? thereby jreaerriDi the nataral exfraeaion of ii>* faoe. which ar-!* th? old ayatocn la ftf*?ratl* disfigured. I. Thia wi?rk ha* be?<\,fiilly teated otot 6t? rmr* or maaj of thb fcrat chemist* a*d ph^aioiana oTthl? wzatrj. Dr. s. hai aleo Injected a whit? aiKle?tni?ti?? utal ft'ling, with whioh tho noct affcnitiTe toett s^n be filled wi?ho<:t ?.ain, ard cr-a bniW ay ? ** ' ttot, aound tooth on asr ?de rooU, wluob w.d <*ai through liiatimo. Tito L'eai.of jefsreno** grren?tn Dr. V. Mott: Dr 2>rec5B?, ProfMuwr of Chemistry, N. Y\j Bob I jdre Wayne, of the 8?frem? Cotrt at Wattung vT!. ard tho\?ea^da of ctftera Caii an-! exAiiune for roars* Lf. >01 tcs GAS FITTING, &>. AWM *. DOVE h CO. K K fr?f%rr i 10 t;j tltt taef mft* c? !?T?ffdir IC? Fk .>J (ilSU, WAS OK t's'rJl.M FIVV'Kt fjy 8l*r? ea Ptfc ?tw', t frw <?cr* n?rtli ?f f* *t+ tci>T Mi f?i?< * or>?*l? ?.w>rta??r ; CBA.NI)Ki.TEll??p< ?U?: ?A3, Wl'JiMui ?*?vt pi:*sB'ri i*iM? W?as !? Rtr? is *f>rf, ?E.1 ?r? <*%i t A FJJTOkBSalNew Patfc . b*aai l>r<n*r< a?l Fuj'eh. nrwor in i*.j ie to e^Tttuiif t.or air: ?r ffoj'id is tii? market. Tv e i?Tiu> csn?r* it t? ??'i fcu<i sj;*ia;x ? ar.r stork ->f 'Ju w.a V. t-'fcr *r?*,l??iiKs ooofidant ?r?*i * f??? Ik* I*" A'! W?rk :n *-,e r' ?.? ! *>ar cftrt W.,1 '?* ?tvc<fa t?. KlYtlfS * V?*8A?. url-tt rUiJr ?K 2nnn lUBRSm PRIMK SfcFD OATS. "vU For iilo L>T j- p. bartholow. >fica!?ur*J %Var-hou?e, f!5* ?nr?-?|. ?trw?t. h-iow i5*. WrT09. | JARUKN tJKMrS. Ki.OVv *.?i Ti,Li?S5. LAWN GNAW, FKAS. Ac.. Ac., Ffteh a;>d ??rui ? Pot ule br J P BAr.THOLOW. A5li?rtl>Pr*i W*frl.ou??, 55* Seventh ?irww, b9fo? P?. avenue. I7ARMIN* IMPLEMENT*. PL(?W? HAR r ROWS. C*?JL TIVaTOKH. *?., * I V AT??K>S +O.J ?t J. P. DARTHOLOW, trfoaKura: <V%r?b c?9. Apnu *9 ASS Sav'-nth ftr??t h#'nw P*. ?V. |\JSW ARRIVAL OF 11 BF.AUTlFUh STYLE* SPR1N0 CLOTHING. At Astosisbiso Low Pbick*. Whole Muita eiegaztbr got ap at *1" wi q\i, At BAR A BR.)., ap 2-l?n* Comer H and Tth ?tr??U. COY!?TtIt8-oy3rkk8. . HEff/PEAKF S:oaine<l Oy?tcr Saloon. The ub?0.-ib> r bwine enmptetcJ h1?^ ^ Su?.c.ed Oy?ter bn.iooo, n nuw re*d < f_j to iurn'?h to citu*n?. Atanger*. a; dVVUw <be pal lie geser&Uy. with t?*?ter? WTy eookrd i'j the new itmi of n'.r&muic Th? i>ertC>Ttter? the AJsikei csn ftflord wi'TftJ w?j9 !>< no hand. at the Ch?i?j>*\ke bt??m O y*t*r rfqjoou. IM??. 403 0 etr?et, unt.t 7th, and eau uf the PitoM office. mh3i-lm WM. P. WFBII. Proprle-or. Atakk notice: LL Boyp,f/">iii the age ?f s y-ara cy. oan now be utt3d out with ta?te ard raomr at BAR * L'RO.tS Fiahloniblo Clothtne hatao iahmont. mb Oom^r K ar.d 8??th nil. Isold mrs'~pa r. BARNDEN'3 KXPEFW WILL rORWARD SOLDIERS' REMIT tance. WurrHi* Mosit or Almtkht D*apt?. To i'&iaiiiox it auy p?ao-: on tue unaa ofttotu P.tnrMi *1 a <?)? ?# TWENTY-FIVE CBNTB For any rum not ?za6*dlag FUty l>oiiara. (?50) And a proportional* addition*! ohar*e lor flaoet reached by os LttoULg Lxpreasr* The remiU^nc?, vhfth?r in G'.lrt, Treason Notes, or Allotment Draft#. ahoal.J beene!o*ad a an ecYil^pe. anrf Memoir auu uavo live futl addreea, iuoladtcg trc town, i*o?t Offioe and M'ate, ot tb? person to hum to M ee-t, and the amount Ugihly marled thereon. r-.i.viopej lorthia purpose will be furnished at Uiis ciLo*. Money received to ha forwarded attheoffio* in Wattunctoij, Third atreet, seuubd cocr b<iow PentaTivania avenue. a?l ira K. 8 f.MITH, Agent. OALI COAL? C O A JLf!2 ? Jnit ariiveJ arc nruoadm* lercra! oarrcee of Ora> e nbraciiii ail the va-ioaa km f r teioral ( railTU'e. T J A W. M 6Au f, ii S8li Pa,.&. gnue. bf*. I'th and at*. EVERY PERSON'S INTEREST -Thai ice atook of Clothing for aaie over Qaita' Jeweiry t*tore> i? row offered at leea than who leaale pnera, at SMITHS, No. 4?0 Seventh *ireet. cep<??iu Poet Uftoe Is iv* rPHK PKUPUK'S CLOTHING STOKE, No. | a ? *?- -a * ' * r" u?rctxiiia II. iX-W fcJTITfta of Sprint Gooc*. ill the lat?*t rt? '? of C:r>Uitaf, It No. 460 ^n"! Mtroot. p?*r p fytl StO Li^OR CALK-A fin.' (took of Clotiinc, Karaieh I. inc Wood*, T'uuk*. Hats snu Caps, at wfeul* ?!e p^ri^e?, at i>? 4b0 terettb street,^oj^e?te r|KNT3 Fnrni?hinc Oooda, Trunk*, C^tfclnr. " Tfcnk?, Hat* andcap*, all at Nortbem pnoM, at the People'* Olothiae store. No. 464) Tta atre t. ?BIRT8, SHIRTS. BHIRIS!-Juat rwir* kT5 ] ? aoaen Shirt*. which we otter at old mkm, Nn.4Kn Uift-?w P CAUTION! RKMIUM MINERAL WATERS-Ha>?? noticed o tier wac<?n? than ou i ruco:r* arona i la wa-hii'tt'-n arnl'jecrsftowTi-with -i?nr> i? j.'owi, n*i FklSMilii *In?|T WATfcHS, MLVKK MLDAL AW'PDKO, ks.." w? wruld iDfotm tbe r*l>l>o ienri.:f LU trier e is but ?>r.e eat* burhue&t in tae ihrtriet of Co-urn hi* wUare Premium Mineral w&wr iimtu ut&o'arM,and that mm the oorter 01 Greet end UWt? eta., ?*/rfetowm. The Ut.e of Frtmium wae merit* *1 by uia haviag aHtlver M?dM avaroed u by tie Metropo:itaa Mee canine' iMtiuiie :a Ike year )?S5. aoa a Di?.o (U& IB 18 7 We would therefore cSve not:o? that oar NLneral Wtt*ra ara not aotd aider Bogie Krpre*eut&Uoua, aeeotueoUereaie. Ath\ V 4. ^1>NN, I'n oii Bottlicf Ptpot, _a? W lw No. IT 9rcan at.. ttfK-rtetoern. A LJftWP .9 KPT COOKING STOVE*. TA A Bfc? CUTLBKY. Kc . lo be kad of W.*. BA&BUVgK. a 3 C^&a^to^lMrkad o AW1> T1* WAK^ u> <#b*ha'1 *W B. BAHftoVKII, VUn . , ,l s"-* "VMsmwgm**'"0 THE WEEKLY ST A K. Tlli aefDrst r*cltf ul i?4 ti n talcing greater ?utety mi iat?r*? if tfcta e?w bt fnre4 la mt I? fWMwi m*av incrt tr. ^ Vf 1 ii*;-c'w*. !?* *.?<?>.y. to mluinst crj*y, par *r? .a ? ? .?e opit# 4 :s Traroptoi ?* T*? ?r Ire oopiw *< nr It luw!*blyooBUIai>tb? Nrwi" Um Ui ioa4? r*? D-u.j Evmim+ St*r clnu't .f o ntumliy tuoa^totit Lte ccuatrr E7~ SMnfic cof?lr? (to wrappm) <u kf pro can-d *t tte onuatrr, ImneilliHr ?fU-r tbe Imm lur I (f- 1 HKt.i. ti.> l>. >*> reI*niiL?aivia A?mri. EMILE orrRK. Jut R?e?;v?4 ?r?4 A larg? aad rr-'lMi auck of ck >tr# f A X 1 LI' GROCERIES. ee??1?Un|t ??f? 8U9AJ18, of all greto TV k*. currEF, PfTlH, uin, Ft/tm, MA I LI.ARK'S cii<k:olatk, Ac., 4< All ct wLUt Irf ?>Sr/( c: i w?t om*l ptc*. ri*K?? CELEBRATES) !?? Mi berrcli M U, SNi wirteta XXX, HO fcartei* MUlrrt B ft MO fcntvola ftOVft Rfp. M*j btrre'a lB? OM TJ^srW** AT ClXClMiATI FKfCBS All tbe fivortte ??r?r<t? ot CHAMPAGNE Ver?e?f, Seal. Mr; bna?ht I w, wt ?ff?M M npnw*'^ tow ntci. 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Wall, ^Icpltui: , M.IUTKUY A.NU NAS/ t. M E & C M A flf T TAILORS, Ajtt lhllt.II! ?!f BWOfD3. r* '?-?. Bfci,T!? T" ?Mf?rr nrn ?r? n? ArNTLSTR, LOVES, As?J *r*ry T?r;s*T of SE+VTUADK CLOTHl?#, At 1 new. VT4LL-. JTtPHX^NS & CO.. 932 Ptixsrira.'- a t?5*e?a Jk 11 Uttcl. A Pc?;b.? fib ?r.<H <*.?'? . Z FURNITURE! f\ FURJVITU/IE! FVRNFTU&E t !j\ 7B M O 6 t? K I ?v;kU?o* Phii\4'*,> Ma7iufcu>tnr?f *B<i W'hotwwii*pnd Ro^.i i*m* er i? Cts^iMt CMi*t< ('<*!Ars, I'ij.o; kid Uit.uf rooiu i' *:iUlCSt-litt.OuLi, $V9 t?et, 0 Eytt T*r!?tr ?f UFHOLJST^RrNti ?** ?'< ma ne&tl? extorted Stcr?ds* *-1 for Ut?t of t?i? Parcti*ae;? will ?tud j tueL iXtert it to e*J t-efor# l*w?kint e?>ewh?Tf- i% is in. CH. RIVART & CO. SILLERY CllAMPAGXE DEPOT lft^SOVlSD TO 8. & Coax** of Pshh. Ar??i *.i?b Sixth St., Clares on -Holoi Iiuii ;rx, Wathwgtoa. M. RU^LV, Acuti ft *w Yoss. JAMfcii MO LAN. Ah km. \Vuiin?u.?. IV O, 6RKKRV, PORT tud MADURA IVlNLf. FINK OJy>D URANUYftiid WfliSRY. |[7* * lib^Tltl dtfx'urt U> dealer*. ?? 1? 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