Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1862 Page 2
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V. r yy r-^ r *C iyiii EVENING STAR. f.g ? ' .. T i i .1 ? 1 I ? WASHINGTON CITY: WKflfllVAT ...APRIL 2S, ISM. 117 Reeding matter on every page. Bee otita:de for lMtevtlBg telegraphic and dtber matter. lE^Tbengta Ts? la printed on the Meat Mmiti f i m !? MS bin<k ?i n?i*? *? ? - ? - ? ? w - aw** I'StH lUW ?I Mvm imiuvu Is to Imj?t m to t vihe it to be ptn to pmi it u ?'ly boarr A4eiruw/i**tr, ttmfore, ?bonld be eat l? before It o'clock otherwise they may aw*, appear until the neit day. Oaa Faianot at the rtrlom military c*mf u< potlt ooi will confer t fkvor by keeping us posted m to movements tad iftlri la their viclnltlee. Spirit ef Ui Woral?| Prssa. The Tn'i114g*nt*r comments with severity upon the (octal and pulltiul prejudices which enures In the non-?laveholding States" to the degradation and opprecsion of the frae blacks; and a?ks the question whether "the laws of humanity are so far mcdlfed, because the people govern In Ohio, ard do ?ot govern A?r?, therefore free negroes in one place, should be held la perpetual degradation; while their right to the " highest possible development," Is secured, in "the other !" From the report of an Ohio Legltlativo Committee, It appears that the negroes of that State are ' laif, Ignorant and vicious," and the Intellig?* iff hopes "some chilacthroDlst mav arise with v'.ewa comprehenalve crtough to embrace the bard lot of tLc negrof*, la tte free, as well aa alave States.'* Tbe B'pudlicam notices a petition in circulation, alined by the colored people of tb a District, flaking Congress to acquire territory In Central America for their colonization, and commenta upon It. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. THAT DiarATCH. The alleged dljpatch from Beauregard to Jeff. Davit, urging the former's Immediate reinforcement, la believed here to be genuine, and to have represented tbe true condition of B.'s army at Orintb for toiiK days after^be battle at Shiloh. It 1m known here that immediately after Its date renforcements were hurried to him frcm all convenient point* in tbe rebel States; many of whom rencbed him before Gen. Mitchell succeeded In getting possession cf more than 100 miles of tbe principal railroad ro?t? over which they were (principally) being transported to him. Gen Mitchell's movement and success, however, has greatly Interfered with Beauregaid's proapects, throwing the work of reinforcing him, I ill* I ?? ? ? ..vicmM, MI1U 1UICIUIIIIOUIC tUUIUH VII <111(1 CHi" ' ar. issn>f>Dt. Ills camp may still be reached from . Richmond,(be Carolina* and Georgia by rail, but ? nly via Mobile or connecting roads In Southern Alabama We doubt not, Ihe principal portion of the reloforccmenta going to him since Mitel(ll'a movement ?a iluntsvllle have been transported by that rcute, as the rebels lack transportation other thin by rail even worse in that section (ban In Virginia, and therefore are not able to ecsd any considerable force around the gap of rail communication, 110 miles long. Going around on the 1J equipped and circuitous rou'c, via f*outb Alabama, they must be reaching Beauregard much too tlowiy for Lis purpraes. ssl r riopillif s rtr;ictuii. The subject of self propelling prcjcctiles? Of projectiles which carry their own propelling power, like rockets?has occupied the Inventive genius of all ccuntries for years, acd to far without succcsa Many plans have been aubmltted, and many different inventions tested, during the war; but none, as yet, have given any hope of t ?'iccess. There have been many supposed improvements on the Congreve rocket; but, lrnper(r, I anil^lnitxlk** ??? ?? * * .uvMViVH* ?? ?UDI iU lOTIiC IP, 10 that Hoe hu been made to excel, or even appreech it. X trial, laat, on Capitol Hill, ?>f a new , rocktt?for which great perfection and dtatrnc- j tivenesa has been claimed?Is no exception to the , rule, aa it only demonstrated their entire failure? the furthest point which could be rrelbed being only three fourth* of a mile, with the greatest inaccuracy, and wttkcut force enough to bury the projectile la Ute earth The principle seems to ( be established, that a projectile carrying within Itself lta own means cf- piopalslon cannot be relied npon for anv degree of accuracy, as great *tttn'.Ticttp cf movement alwrys accompanies their flight. Cacnot the ingenuity of the country overcome the dificulty ? If a projectile can be made which will do half the execution which la claimed for some of the candidates for public (or Trt*> .*) favors, and an accuracy which shall attain that < f a rifled gun, s revolution In land service would follow Its Introdiction, like that which haa followed the introduction of Iron nana and batter lea In tlie tea service. H1TT TABD? raOM tn B A P P A H A 5 N OCI. The Reliance arrived from the Rappahannock yesterday afternoon and left laat night. The King rfclUlp cane up at an early hour this morning. The Yankef hid been up the river to Frederic kabur? , where Gen. McDowell's division now 1s, and the inhabitants seem fivorablydlrposed. Hbe reports that rebel plckela are occasionally seen on the south bank of tte river, and that there Is no obstructions In the river excepting at about even mile* from Faederlckaburg, where tftey have laid a "stone blockade," by alnklog a number of old schooners, through which, however, ? vessels can make their way with safety by pro* ceedlng carefully. The vessels of the flotilla have thus fsr captured some seven or eight schooners, An? A* V..? l-J ?' ? ? v> >u'iu hkiuoi *hb an UWIKO firgo, con sitting of dry goods, medicines, saltpetre, 4c. They h?ve also taken two small *teamers. riKARciAL ? New York papers of yesterday report the stock market firm, and with better tone than tte day before, bat without much activity. Governments are quoted as follows:?U. S 6's of lc3l, iegistend. 13\. Coupons ol same year 93\a*l V. 8 it of 1*74, registered and coupons, ?7. 7.30Treasury Notts 100*100^. Border (Mate bonds are advancing. Tennessee* quoted at S6){aS6V Virginia 6'a 57North Csroltnas h. Mlsseuils49\s4*v American gold 10) %. l'ore'gn cxctange ready. Eitomori t>TiTtsa!(T ?The published statement that Secretary Cbaae was In I'blindelpbU consulting with ex Secretary Cameron In relation iaitfcluMM l> iw. Ul? ?- 4 - ... iw " "i irafwwitBi, is erroneeui In tbre* partlculsrs. via: (Secretary Chase has not beta In Philadelphia recently; be has net consulted with Gen. Cinetti upon the subject, nor la there any defecation. Rir 1*b II* was.? It wtll be recollected that* very spirited controversy Una been going on In Calvary CLorcb, New York, growing out of tbo alleged uceaslou proclivities of the rector, the Rev. Dr Hawks. At the vestry election yesterday a very large vote was cast, and the ticket elected Is understood to be favorable to the retention of Dr Hawka as rector. li/~ uea wadsworlh, (he Military Governor, has Inued an order reqalrtag all farm ataek la Prlore William, Loudoun, Alexandria and Fairfax count lea, Va., to be conlaed aad carefully herded, the deatruction of the fences rendering this measure neceatiry fbr the cultivation of the iaad. r?n?o*AL.?Ex tfecrotnry Cameron aad Qea. Cadvalader, of Peaitaylraala, are at W iilarda'. The family of ex-Senator Bright are breaking up housekeeping here, with a rlew to retaralng home _________________ TsMroaxhT Dirosits?Ttxa Secretary of tha Traarury haa directed tha dlfltreat aub treaaurera aad depoaltorie* to receive no mora temporary depmlia at rites of iaiareat exceeding four par C6Bt OornxuitT > taancaa ?la accordaaoo with the notice heretofore gives the Secretary* tha Treasury la now paying and prepared to pay all tfca November Ia4ebte4ae? la ea(k. btf? a ropy of the mtrraadag May aaabff of Harper'* Mtfu w I i _ > sMsqmmi LATE NEW8 BY TELBGRAPflf ' A* RIVAL FRO* KCKOri. The Itftaikip Btktafla II P?illu4. Niw Volt, April 23 -The ateamahtp Bohemian. from LondonA#rr* nn Ik# 11th. arrtwd at Portland at I 30 tbls morning. Parts, 11 ?It la rumored tbat the relations between England, France and Spain, In relation to Mexico, ar?? unsatisfactory. Spain malntalna Prim's conventloa. It Is reported tbat France wishes to marcb against Mexico. It Is aaaerted th*t England haa succeeded In bringing Spain to | ber aide on the Mexican question, by a premise not to object sbonld Spain take Haytl. Bank returns sbow Increase cash, four and a half millions; bank note*, one and a quarter million decrease; bills discounted not due, aeventyfour mlllionr, Treaaury balance, forty-fire and a balf millions; current acconnta, forty-six and a balf millions; advance, eleven and a balf tallllona. Tbe Liverpool correspondent of tbe London Times thinks the Monitor ccald be eaally carried by boarding. Tbe Tlmea' city article quotea English funda strong at an advance. An eighth further advance took place In several leading railway atocks. Tbe Tlmea quotea U. S. 5'a at <7a78. Nothing further of Importance. T11E Iff AR IN MISSOURI. T?... ? ? _ A _-ll ?A It? - iu/v;ivii| a cAas vuuuijr, niv.} April 15 " ** C hm btfn imnifd it the reporta concerning the whereabouts of PilceandVan Dorn. One day they are reported at Pittsburg. Tf nnesaee, and the next at Plttman'a Ferry, on Black river; while w? know positively that tber are at neither place. Last Monday, Price and Van Darn's command a were at Dea Arc, 90 mllra below J cksonport, on White river. So far from the Rebels being at IMttman'a Ferry, they have actually reached Pocahontas. The town la now deaerted, even the merchants having removed their goods. Jacksonport is also nearly deserted, the Rebels having been removed to Des Arc. where they teem to ( be concentrating a large force. Price la reported to have gone to Corinth. Albert Pike, with twenty-five hundred Indiana and ?ix hundred Texan Ranzers, were left on the border to harraas Cortlsa ana engage the Kansas i troops If possible, while upon our south Coleman Is in close pr xlmltv, and Kdgar Ashbury la also trying to raiae a regiment for guerrilla warfare on th? border. Col. Pchnabel la In Yelhnlle, Ark., wlt'i one i hundred and fifty men. .McBrlde haa gone to headquarter* to ralae an Independent command to operate In Northern Arkanan* and Southern Mlaaourl Col. McFarland, with hla command, baa gone to D'? Arc . Lieut Col. Wood, the Commandant at thla poat, haa been abeent nearly a week He returned ( laat evening, and already we are under marching order*; no Rollout for something In thla district mod. From Meaaphia St. Looil, April 2J.?From a gentleimn who left Memphis a few daye after the battle of Pitta- 1 burg we learn that tbe Rebel*, putting both days j of the battle together, atlll claim a victory. , Their claim rrats on the cmppoaition tbat more were killed, wounded and taken prisoner* on the lTnion aide than tbrlra. Our Informant n*va ! Gen Prcutlaa made a speech to his troope in Memphis, In which he endeavored to molify I tbclr complaint* in relation to their treatment, 1 0 a *. * ? - ' >u* lima mry reef i?e, ftc hp ioi<l IhMii Ibfy would soon be rxohnnccd, and rallied them generally to keep up good spirits. Prentiss wan In , excellent temper, lie owned to df feat on Sunday, hut said the Rebel* were badly whipped on Monday. The prlsonera were being aent to Rich- * mond Our informant w?* In lluutsvllle, Ala- i hamt, when Gen. Mttcbell rear hid Ihere with , hla division. The securing of that place was a j complete surprise, and the occupation of the railroad between Decatur and Stevenaon was re- 1 garded the bard'at blow the Rebels had yet re- 5 celvrd The Rebels were prepsrlng to make a desperate stand at Corinth, and fitsb troops were r constantly arriving at Memphis. When be left, I boaineseat Memphis was almost entirely atagnated, and the people generally seem to believe j that they are on ?beeve of events which wlU cer- J talnly decide the war. ^ EXCERPTS FROM DIXIE. From late Southern papers now before us, we \ perceive that they with areat unanimity admit 1 that If defeated In the approaching engagements | on tho Yorktown (Va.) Peninsula and near Cor- i lam, i enn , noising win oe itii 10 them but an I ' ittrmrt to retort to guerilla warfare, which they profeas to be ready to prosccute "until the last < Southern arm Is parallz*-d " J That's sheer nonsense. Defeat In those two bat- j ties will be followed by very general acknowl- l edgment of allegiance to the United States by j communities, the eatabllahment of Union pro- I visional governments, tftate, county and town, i and by active warfare on the part of the people ) of the South against rebel guerilla parties, who If permitted to continue their operations will In- i flict ten times as much injury upon (he people of the South, as on the tro< p* cf the United States. 1 It Is utterly Impossible that a guerilla w?r of ' three months duration ran be rarrled on In any Oa.a. ? ? oibmj cirmrea 01 reoei armies proper. The Staunton Syttia er says that Fremont's ad ranee was a few daya xgo at a piint ten mile* , eut of Monterey, Highland county, Va. Thus It la within 25 or 30 miles of the main body of \ Gen. Shields' totbr. Tho reader will perceive I from this fret that the fine armlea of Banks and Fremont hare now almost come together; and within easy striking distance of the most Impor- \ tant strategic point In Virginia after Richmond ?at the point commanding Rlchmond'a main | connection by rail with Tennessee and the West, with the valley, and alao with the trana-Allegany portion of the State yet professing identity with i the rebel cause 1 Dick Copeland, whilom a well-known Washington faro dealer, has been brought up with a round turn, In Richmond, for "opening the Kaaae" there. * The military authorities of Richmond, Norfolk, ] and Petersburg have issued ukssrs ordering all makers of Individual amnll note* at once to redeem them In Confederate currency, or tta equivalent; and have also forbidden any huckstering In provWlona. The latter has been done under the plea that the huckaters are robbing the people right and left; charging fa per pair for chlckena, for inatancc. The truth Is, the robbera are rather i the Confederate Government, who issue money to depreciated that *2 are required to buy a pair of chlckcns worth never before more than 50 cents In RlcbaiondThe following prisoners have recently arrived at Richmond, vii: J. B. Fullerton, Co K,'.*9th Pennsylvania regirornt; Charles W. Foster, Co. D, 4l?t New York; Warner Guiberg, Co. E, 58th New York; John Arncld, Co. E,5lth New York; rreaencE UDauoid, to K, nmc regiment; JasWebb, of Ainoavllle, Fauquier county and F. X. 5*? hweb?"l of WArrentoD, disloyal clllzena, all captured In Fauquier; also, Wm. M Martin anl Wm Kennedy, of Co. K, 13th Pennsylvania, cap tured near Warwick Court Houae. l he Wilmington (N. C.l . letter which says: " 1 am happy to Inform yon ?f the entire safety of (he rifle* and munition* recently brought Into Smyrna by tba Carolina Fifty wagon loads have already passed through thla place, and within the aert week the balance will be several hundred mile* out of the enemy'a reach." The Rebel Congreaa have passed an act authorizing their government to take posaeeeloa and entire control of all the southern railroads, under a plea ??f military necessity. It was vehemently opposed by Jamea Lyons, of Richmond, and others, and appears very obnoxious to the Richmond papers. The advertisements In the Southern papers continue to refer almost entirely to military affairs? for snbetltates, (at from l,WWto *1,500 eich,) for recruits, of deserters, for teamsters and arm* mm. ? - - w cbaalcs, A.e. Th? reat are principally of persona oiling out. A letter (root Wilmington, N. C , acknowledge* n rebel loea of lfteen In the recent sortie of the garriaon of the beleaguered Fort Macon. The Norfolk li*f Bock aaya that at leaat S $00 loyal Tennessee*oa left Kaat Tenneaaoe for Ken-' toeky, to avoid being drafted on Gov. Harris' last eaU oa the Tenneaaoe militia. Under the usual (agricultural) head of " Work for Fannera," the Norfolk Day B~k beeaeehes i hat claaa of the aovthora people to devote themaalvea to collecting old aerapa of Iron to be tar nod Into weapons? The Petersburg Mxprttt quotes prices of provisions in that city aa fellows: ' Chickens have reeentty nold In on* market as high aa Si per pals turkey* have brought from ti lots apiece sad upwards; ftt <4 cents It **ked for batter, and 31 cents for cgga.'T ? r in I Later raon fittsbiro umino. The Cincinnati Commercial of ?atu?day con* talna tbe following deapatcb from tbe coireapondent at Cairo: Cai*o, April 18.?'Tbe ?t earner MeinpbM reached Padocah U?t evening, from Pltubnrg, with 700 wounded. 8br w?? rent ?o L<ula*l>le. Among the wonnded was Capt. W. H. Polk, nephew of ei-Pre*1dent Polk, who participated in me oatue, ana w?a severeiv wonndfit in (DC leg. Tbc surgiona held a consultation on the paassge down, and decided to air.putate U. Oea. Sherman moved bis division on Wednesday, two mllea firtbcr Into tbe lntcrtot, and. after a abarp aklrmlab, In wblcb tbe enemy was defeated with the loaa of flv? oralx killed and aa many wounded, inccreded In maintaining bin posit on. I tWIeve Itla tbe Intention of Ocn. Halleck fo advance slow and aurrly, and particularly to guard against surprises No such disgraceful and Inexcusable blunders aa those perpetrated on Sunday will gain happen while he is command. The excitement agalnat certain ofilrera la Intense; and cbargca have Iwcn preferred which will saddle the revponalblllty ofthealauabter where It rightly belongs. The roads west of Plt'sburg are execrable, but are rapidly drying under the Influence of tbe hot Southern sua. A bittlels itnmlnen', and cannot long be delayed. Information from Corinth to the 15th (yesterday , reached Savannah, and la deemed reliable. The p?n?on referred to saya that tbe rebels consider tbe affair of Sundsy and Monday as of unequalled brilliancy, and It Is producing a wonderful effect upon the people. The movement furnishes Incompatible evidence that the Yankees n ro nnf InvnlnartKla HIV UV? 1 ?? V V? J I* *7 The Southern heart I* fired, and reinforcement* are pouring upon Beauregard at an unexampled rate. He has one htit>dr< d thousand men at his command, and la fortifying Corinth, building entrenchments, rifle pi's, ai?d constructing abatti* of trees. Ac. 'The rebela entertain no doubt of success the neit time, If an encounter be provoked. We lost thirteen pleeea of artillery In the late bittle and esptu ed fifteen. General Smith is dangerously HI at Savannah, and his recove.-y Is doubtful. The wounded In the hospital at Savannah are dying at the rate of eight or tea dally. The steamer Planet arrived at Padacab, this morning, with the 71st Ohio, en route for Fort Donelson. This is one of the regiments that disgraced the State on the 6'h. Tlielr colors have been taken from them. The 77th Ohio have been disbanded and mustered out of the service. A deserter from Beauregard's army caiM Into SavannaS on Wednesday, and savs that General Price reached Corinth on Saturday, 8th lcstant, with what he calls thirty thousand men, and that the rebels were very much rejoiced In conse2uence. He reports the rebels bsdly whipped on londay night, and says they were badly nemorsllzed. Bosh rod Johnson died, from ihe wounds received tt Pittsburg, on Sunday night. In bis tent at Corinth. Our Informant says that the people In SeceAia looked upon him as no better than the Yankees, and rejoice at his death. The mell clad Galena was pnt In commlsilon on Monday at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Immediately hauled into the stream for her powder. It was thought she wruld not he ready before Thursday, but Commander Taylor has hurried up the work with such energy that in all prooablllty she will sail to-day. Commander InKn R Ai)rrar? K * ? ? ?? ? vmm *?vw^vio uua mxll VlUCICU lUC l^UIllIllfl(Id of tbe Galena. Tbe steam trannport Baltic arrived at the yard on Monday, and the Dawn wt? removed to make room for hfrat the wharf, where *bc took oil board a KK) pounder I'arrott gun and a quantity t>f ammunition for Fortnu Monr?e, and wan ordered to be ready to to.v tbe Galena. Tbecaulkeraareat work on thefrlirate Roanoke :aalklo? her sides preparatory to the Iron armor being affixed It j* expected that part of the plates will be put on at the yard, and the re t _ * ?? ?? *- --- - ? mainaerai me noTryy ivorki. T&e Koancfcc will have three fcricsacn towers. t 1? MKMOKRH OF fHK YOt'Ne MKN'R Js5 CHKtBTl AN. ASSOCIATION -Menibera n arrears for annual due* are Mqnrstel to can on ,he Trea oxer refore th? SVh mat. By order of the Hoarrt of Managers, )(? name* ? t ail perrons ,welv? month' in arrears lor annua! (lu?= will I* >mittel froib tho list acooinptoTir.g the lorUicomng annual report. The Tr?a?urer will be in attendance at th?i Room* ???? Thnreday and F'May eveuir g?, April I4?h and :5th, from 6 to7 o'olock, ap3l_8t_ Ilote'.l HKNRV HEAR O, Treaa. Y^?MAYOK'3 OFFICII, ,L5f WAnmeTJl*, April 21. IffrJ. The Members of the board of Aldermen and Board nt Common Co ined are requested to meet ktth^Mayor'sOfii3?.Oi- y H<1 .onTO MOKHOW Thurrday > A FT t.RNOON, at 2 n'clool, f.r the iprpogo of at ending tiie funeral <f Jhomas Skath at Ihe time of lusdeaih a member ol the 2itr CoanoM. RICHARD WAL.L.ACU, It [tut.k Hrp ] Mayor. fT^?MA30N1'"? ? A rpeoia! communication of k5 Colainbia R A-Ow|.tv, No. IS, will be leld at C?t tral M??on>o HaM, corner of ? h and D itreets, THiS EVENING,for tue purpose of makng arrangements to artond tha funeral of our late somparnon J uos. McGa ai u By order oi the High P i?stJt b JOHN THOMSON.See. MASONIC.-A special communication of IP l.ebacou Lodge, No 7.F and A. M.. wi'l nueld at Central Ma*omo H?ll, oorn?r of!?thend D rtreeis, THIS EVENING,at 8 o'clock,for ti e purpose of making nioh arrai-gements as are IftAmAil n an r > in ?? ? *?? ?- 1 ? ' 1 '>vm uvvv*Mii/ hi mio ou9" iv " ? mafnw wi our %te Faat A?a? t>r 'i ho*. McGratii Punctual ?tlendano* of the mrmhsrc n f qn??w1- U* Columbia kngine company, No. ,LS 1 ?Ther? will b* a meeting of the ooit ptny rHi3( Wedn?Ml?T> KVKNIN6, Afll S3 1&2, tt o'olook. lor the turpote of raakint final arranrom*ct? for the funeial of our at' Precident 'J'Hoc. MrSKATH ANDRfcVV MaKB.NNA,t*eo. r 8. The funeral will take *lao*at 3 p. rn. tomorrow, Irom hit la'e reiidenoe. Fira oomptmee Waihincton ere reapenfu It requested to attend Without further notice. 1.* > ' 1NFAWTA9YLUM-A Fair will be he'd 15 ilorinK th:s ?e^it at tie Infant Asylum. Vermont even lie, near II street, for the benefit of thlLt imtitutinn wKifth Kaa <? a U ? ? ..... otmsvm litax ivi IM uujrofc Hin Ui'rfUrat and spiritual we (are of infant ooiidren who h<\ve (nanabandoned l?y their natural proUotors. This ra'abushment ia nr.der the oharge of the 8uters of Charity, and dep^ntla for support altogether upon the benevolenou of the public, i hare are n.?w c v?r thirty ohlldran in the hcuae. The present appeal ia made is behalf of ttieie little onea (o the good people ot the in^ropolia, whose charaneriatio lib?r?lity is a guarantee that it will Lot be m*d? m rain. Let all pai a via.t to the Fair ap 21 St > NOTICE-The Btookholdera of the WaahJJ5 mgton, Alexandria and tfeorcetown Railroai Company are here-y notified that a noee'icg will be held at the office of Alexander Hay. Est, No. 381 Penna?lv*M\ arenue. Washington, 1). C., on tSATL'K DA V. Mar 3d, 1862,at 11 o'otock a. m ALEXANDER HAY, apM dtd JOSEPH 'IHOKN 1 ON. Purchaser a DBUELLfc ROUN8 KNELL, EALERS in New Vork 8t?te Butter, Cheese, Eggs, ApMes. Ac , a' No. 29 {% at. Mao, ? fin* lot of Maple Sugar just received at No.8tt?Xat ap33 at* OPRRA, FIELD ANO MARINE GLAS8K8. We oall attention to our at ok of very superior l???'a, Field, acd Marine bUcu at very lew fricea. M. W. GALT A ItB O .Jewellers, ap S3 6t .134 fa are a vie. k^ 8PLEND1D BTOCK OF WRAPPINGS. We are now prepared to exhibit a large and e!e gant stock of th* at*>ve gooda. of <he ,at*ac eft lea, ia eupenor Black Silk, LaHiea' Cloth and Mohair uloiha-all of whica we offer at prioes itat na.nnnt tail to plaaao. M. TaVLOR & CO., ?p 23 6uto No 42 Center Market Space. PROFESSOR ALEXANDER WOLOWSKI u oontinuiog hia couraea on the PIAN'? AND IN ht.NOIIVG, ?h<a new and aunplified Method, at hiaieaitlence, o 4?1. Tenth ntreet. bftw- en K and F.. AU*hoaawho deal;? to beoonie fine aingeraor excellent pertormeia, air uld avail IhemaMvea of hi* new eyaf m of matiuoUor. ap g-lm Awatchkh. LL Theaewer atylea of 60LI> aixl 8ILVFR WATCHES, by the moat celebrated masulaoturera. . ai?o( rename Timekeepers. by I'm notable makeri, at very low rates. A large aseortment. M. W. U ALT & BRO.. Jewellers, ap73 It 344 Pa. avenue. I COAL OIL LAMPS. PAVE A Large assortment of Coal Oil LsmM, Chimnlee, Paper Shade*. Wiok, Jto., wluoh i <nar to dealers at the lowest eastern prices Saving the agenoy of a large glass faotory, dealers may be aaeured to purohaee at the lowest rates. Chlmniei a: >&' on uand m tne barrel. Deal Oil of the brat branda (warranted )br the barrel. <>rd?ra solicit d forGlaaasaoa as Tamblers, Goblets, Lager Deer Mags, eo at faotory pnoee. Please give us a oa 1 at Mo. 416 7th st'eot, opposite the Post Office, Washington. 1). C. a 33-1 w* HENRY BAYLKVJk, CO. U?NT1*E BU1T8 FOR LADIK8'. ItfcADY MJt mmn o im trimmed, oorapoeed cf the cewt>?t tad most ohoioe fabric* Alao oar o*ual foil ud complete ateok of&ll the Dry Good*, requisite* for the general ana apeoial want* of forailiee. Oaa prioe oaiy, marked la plain fiiarea, oonae?aentJy bo parohaaar la over onarged An inepMUon of attok iioura so obligation t> parokaee, FKKHY A liKO . apM ?t Pa. avenue and Wintn etreafc GOLD JLEATHKB. BASS, FANS, Ac. J oat rcoeived a ohoioe at ottaeit of? Bod Moaated Waking Ctrn, Ladiea' Fanoy Bidi< c Wktpa, L<aata*r Travel!iog Baia. PeeriVliory.and bandai Wood Fana, Pare**, Portamonnaifta, A<>. M. W. SALT A BBO . Jeweller*. ??4 Pa. av?. near tbe aaetropolita* apaat (imXe Brown'*) iotel. rpo BULL *UN BATTLE FIELDI FAIRFAX AltDrCBNTAMriLLE ! 0ESBB Z&li*?+?o*.>, irfcX I *m9Pj 4 I g COIfQB&aaiOPiAL. XXlTUtk COWflRKM-B?tw< ItNlll. Bihatb ?After ou report cloeed reeterdav? Mr. DaTia, of Kr . conUeued kJa arsumrnt against the Coniaratlon bill; but without concluding yielded tbe floor, that the Senate Bight go Into executive esaiop. | Horn ?After onr report closed? Mr. Morrill, of Vt., offend the following reso- 1 lutlon : I Rt$olr(d, That the President be requested to atrlke the name of any officer from the rolla who . baa been known, at anytime while In the service, to be Intoxicated by th?> uae of spliltuous drink* Mr.Vallandi^ham objected to it, on the ground of It* be in i; too severe; but would not oppoec It If It waa modified. Mr. Morrl.i expressed hla willingness to modify > It. lie referred to thesncaeeinent near Yorktowh on the 16'h Inat&nt, and (tat* d that a respectable civilian Who waa present had Informed him that the commanding Ueneral waa grossly drunk, and

that be bed fallen from hla horse twice du lng the dav, covering himself with mud. In view of . I Ibeae facta, and while be did net know who waa | rrsponalble for the b'.under, he offered the re?olu> tlon, ao that If any officer oflended in tbla particu- I lar he may have nls name atrlcken from the roll*. , On being called on for the name of the General { alluded to, he declined to give it [ The reaolutlon waa then modified, so as to apa to these who have been habitually l.,toxica, and adopted. Thevar ou* bills and resolutions relating to the conBacatlc n of the property of rebels were taken ( up. Mr. Perdleton moved to lay them on the table. Loat?yeai 3?, nay* ?. Mr. Blngbam'a substitute waa taken up, and Mr B urged Its passage (Mr. Bingham'* aubatltute provide* that If any person or persona, within any State er Territory of the t'nited States, snail wilfully, after the taking effVct of thl* act, engage In armei rebellion against the Government or the United States, or aball wilfully aid or abet aneh a rebellion, all tfce property, moneys, stocks, credit*, and effects of such persons are hereby declared lawful aubjecta of prize and capture, wherever fonnd. far the In. i demnity of the United States against the expenara of atipprcaalng anch rebellion; and It la hereby <] mcde the duty of the President of the United States to cause all such property, wherever found, tr> be aelzed, to the end that the aam? may be cob- i usciitu una r.ooarmnra u Hereinafter provided, for the use of the United State*; (bat all property *o captured or seized shall be condemned In tfce district courts of the United State*, and Ibat the i proceedings of condemnation shall be Instituted and prosecuted In the name of tbe United states In any district court of tbe United State* or the I district court for the District of Columbia, within any district In which the nme may be taken and proceeding* flr*t instituted, and which proceed lngs shall conform as nearly as may be to proceedings in prize cases, or to cases of forfeiture arising under the revenue laws: and In all rases the property so seized and condemned, whether real or |>er*oi:al, shall be *old pursuant to such rules as the Secretary of Treasury may prescribe, and Me proceeds deposited In the Treasury of the 1 United States for the soleuaeof the United State*; ' and the Attorney General or any district attorney of the United State* of any district in whfch the < ntd property or effects may at tbe time be, or Into which the same maybe taken, ahall Institute tbe proceedings of condemnation as hereinbefore ] provided J Mr Porter proposed a substitute for Mr. Bingham's substitute, it being the same as that offered ' by Mr. Collamer In the Senate. Mr. Walton, of Vt , advocated tbe adoption cf , Mr. I'orfer'* (iilntiiiiip Mr. Wright, of I'a , spoke In favor of drawing t a line of discrimination with regard to the person* wbose property Is to be confiscated, lie was In favor or banging or exiling the leaders of the re- J bellion J Mr. Kelly, of Pa , would have the subject well j guarded so that its ends would be vcured Mr liiddie said that hi* views hid been cxpressed by Mr. '1 honiaa, of Mas*., In a rpe?rh * lately delivered, and upon the principles eatab- ' liihcd In those arguments he would vole against all the bills that had been read to the House Mr. illngbam's substitute was then adopted by a vote of ?>.' to 4S After several Ineffectual motions to put the bill , on its final passage and refer It back to the committee, the House adjourned. I DEPOT (IUARTKRMA8TKR'3 OFFICE. WA?H!.taio>, April 33.1852. WANTID TODAY riVEHUNDIKfl HORSES (or Cavalry and Artillery purpose*. No 1 pr.oe will be [aid higfcer tha? ft 114. Horse. will te subject to a rigii inspection. Ap- ' r 1 * to Oapt. 1. J. DANA, A. U> M . ooroer J2J andG etreeta. D. U KUCKEP , at23 It Qoartennaeter and Colonel, Ae. .A LE'JTURK ?vYJAStIVE SCIENCE AND 1HON-C1.AD SHIPS OF LIGHT DRAUGHT, Will be delivered in Wjllirbh' Hall, On THURSDAY KVt-NINU, April J?, At TK 0'~lock. MR. Ji'HN W, GkiPFllH.a practical ?biphuilder of New York, ha? been l&vited to Rei ver nno or mure lettur*s in this oit> on Naval Arobiteoture, in its application to iron-olad ahipa of light ('r&ucht. The importance of thla ent j*ot, together with the reputation of the gentlt man, wou'd eeem to inanre a fall hous" and an interesting ocoaiion. Th- ieotnre is to be illnatra'ed by model* and diaprama. Tickets may be had at the hotele; ?rl??S5 cents. . aaasst* - - i T ~~ ~ QUARTZRM'R OKNERAL'9 OFFICE. fta'Atntrtm, D. C., Ayn!23,1862 PROPOSALS *r? hereby invited for fixtures, i work. ard m\?erie'a re*ai<e-j for eUFPLYlNG , W ATKR, ud controlling and naing the tune, in and about ooriain Government Warehoueea, vis: WarehoBusa by the Kaiiroid. on G afreet north, rioihinc Warebou?e at 17th atr^et and Fa are. Warehouse at Eaeby'a Wharf.foot of G atreetSohetfu'e. approximate of the aevera1 item* and % ii&iititiea repaired, and r p *eifioatjona defining the i uondtuoLB to i? obaerrera, may be had on applioa- < tton at thta office. I The time lor receiving bida ia limited to the 29th ' inat*nt. at '2 m. M C.MEIGS. I ay 23 did O. M. Geneiai U. B- A. [Intel., Rey i Chron d 20 ] PROPOSALS FOR HORSES. JL DlPOT QFAKTKKMARTBK'a Orrici, ) Corntr 18tA and G its., WmtKmtton, , A?rn a ia?. \ PbaLbs Pbopomls will be received at 'hi* Ofti-e until Saturday.'he loth day of May. at 12 o'ii??<k M-, for furrii-hine the ?o??rnment wi'h (1.W) TWO THOUSAND HORSES, ol the fjllowint descriptions, vu: ( CAVALRY. FobCavalby -(1.000) one thousand ho ??s. from (tt) t fteeu to('6)alzteen hand* high, between five and eight rear# of age; of dark oolora; well broken to the caddie; oompaotly built, and free from all defects. ARTILLERY. Fob Artil'.buy-(i 000) one thousand horses, from < tfX) tueen ard one half to (It) aix teen-hand a high, beturwn hve and eight years of age; of dark oolors; free f omal! defects; ooirpaotly unilt; weil broken to harness, and to we:(h not teas tnan 1,100 pouuua. PROPOSALS. Propria's m?st epccirjr olearly whether the bid is for Cavalr? or Artillery horses, and in no case mu?t bo*h be bid for on the aame taper. If any bidder wishes to propose for both olaaaea he meat forward two dis'inot proposals-one for eaehola*scomplete tit ???'/.ana having no refer enoa to anj otner proposal by 'he same p%rty. Ifa bid is in the name of a firm tl.a names of all the pvtnsra must appear or it will not bj oonsiaerea. D./V.A.> 1. K- J *- WV * "'fvw? mum urauuirsvni vo 1UI. U fl. H1CEcr. Quartermaster U. H. Armr, Washington. D. C , and must be p ainly marked "Fropoaals for Morse*." GUARANTKK. The ability of the fcidcer to fill the contract, ahou d it be awarded to hiin. must be guarantied b* two re*ponsib'.e person*, whose signatures must be appended to th? guarantee. The responsibility of the guarantor* must ba i ahown by the ofnit oertihoate of the Clerk of the nearest oistrot Court or of tfce United States Diatnct At orner Bidders matt be pr*aert In person when the bids are op?nM or their proposals will not be eonaidered. Bonds, in the ?um often thnniaad dollars, atgned by the oootiaotoi and both of his guarantors, will i be required of the aiiooeaafal bidder apon sigmrtg t.e oantraet.* As the bond must aoo nmpany the oont.-aot, it will b > necessary for bidders to have (heir bocdrmea with them, or to have bonda signed in anticipation and read? to be prodaoed when the eontraet ia aigned. Blanks for bonds oa?. fce procured apon applieati on being m?de at tais o|m, either per oeaily, by letter, or by telegraph. Form nf Uu*r*nt44 We, .of theeoaats oi ,and State of , and?,of theoonnty of ?.and Statecf ,do hereby guarantee that -? 1a able to fulfil a oon invoi is aoooraanee witf the t?rmi of hie proposition, ana that, ahoald hia proposition beacoepted, he will at obm enter iqv? a oontraot m acoordanoe ^eSoTld'the oontraot b? awarded Mat we are prepared to become hia aeoentiee. (To thia guarantee m"?t be appended the ?#ciaJ oertifioate above mentioned.) INSPECTION. DELIVERY, Ac. All borsee oontraot* d lor entfer thia aarertieei?e?t will be eaHjeeted ta a rigid inaaeotion. and thoea not ooiiformiag to tbe apeeifioanoaa will be No merai will be received. 'J he horaee maat all be delivered ia thia eitr ni or befare Saturday, lit 3'.?/ day of Mmy, and a? extension oftime will be granted oa any pretext Payment to be made apon the oompleUon of rach aontraet, ar eo aoon thereafter ae the DapotQeartermaeter ahail be ia fa ad a. Anr informality >n the bi*t or aoa-aoajormaaea with the term* of thia advertiarmant. will eaeare * **v?v uuitv? win yu ?w?'acu in ?wii OI HtffftOti than CM) too huJ>0d M?k, U HI the Depot Quitmutir ahoald daMa it for Uelntereet it *>q trat9 CoIoboID*90iQ?*rf r?jtor. yyST SIOBI DAMfcOKDBY THBFIBB. Nov Is the t;me for lAdioa' Mimm' and Chit?^??b.<,.o?o.?,..icoflKNia ??-? ^ "?BV8S?JWat. AMUSEMENTS. rono s ITHIIIKCM. !?5? I- ???? Pr^n^r_*4 Hunr iou 0. n mimmj. . ?f nu>|?r FOURTH WEEK 0FEDW1N FORREST. THIS KTgfirilfG. Edwin Forrest in ?tek??earft'a osiorated tragedy, WAUBKTH. John W*Callt?(k La'j Mtobrth hrat nm" Mm Athrna Thursday" A?rii s?. Edwin Forrwt u V IRQ IMC* UteKomu Father Kalvta.-^. Mi?? Ada, l'arter Virginia ? Miaa Athena A owtesiox. Km Cinl* and Pare sette 7? eaiU nrcd Heats _ ft Baioocr S?4i? ~ il OnkMit Seals Il PrivateBoxes(holding eight > #1? Ctrew M oasts ITT" Box Office rpeu from till 8 o'clock. Doors cpsa at 7; esnaln riass at t. Jt CHARLEb E. FORD. Trsaasrse. rjROVEK's THEATER. WT [THE NBW NATIONAL^) Penn?jl?ani? Avenue, ne?r Foart?Mtk Street A?4 tWilUrtfs' Motel. to.iimn Gxovu UhnmI Niuiw - B. fBiLLiri ?U?* Mtn?c?r brilliant triumph OR Ay I) COM ED r CO MB IN A TlOff ! THE MAGNIFICENT THEATER SroviSed in Ever; I'art with the Lv|e*t ud Moat tiiilliaut Andienoe Kr?r Aiwabltd in W Mhincton. THIS EVENING. A MCLTITCD1 OF tTTUCIIOR* ! MR. E. L. TIL.TON Wi l recite Sbak'tMjirt S E T E N AO M S UF M AM ! From the deliihtfol neneay of as \ ot like it! ?flatt v ni'f \r ti/r\imu mow uvi a l nvwn Will vice her 6r< at Conn Song, JOSIaU'S COUKTbHIP, ia sang by her 1c the New York Theater* for thre* h jndrej conat-cntive ni|hta rhe performance will oomieooe with the popaiar Co-ned* of MARhlED LIFE, Ina conclude with the moet laugliable and beet known of owe drama*. T H K TOO DL?8! MR. DANIKt. BETCHELL Will appear in two of hie beet Comia Character*. Door* wil I be open at 7 o'olrok ; to ?ommenoe at I o'olook. Pauis or Admimion. Dree* Circle and Parquet Circle S? o*nta Family Cncle..? ? SScente Oroheatra Chair*. 7Socnta Private Btxw .96 t*enta in Private Hoxo*n... ..#1 Colored Sallery .15 eente Colored Parterre? ?? .& > oenta fZF Thoreday a New Comedy BUI. H_ pROF. MERCHANT'S BTEREOPTICON, The Schoolrooms of St. Aloysius Church, 5n WEDNKtD* Y AND THURSDAY HV'O*. April 23 an* 24 at7Ko'olo?k, ri/A i/i? OJJilJJn 1 PAROCHIAL SCHOOLa*OF ST. ALOYSIUS. Admittaroe v> oenta; children 1# oenta ; family ;iok?U M cents. 1 ni* is an entire'* new and intelleataa' Rxhibiion whic i t'%? h^en pronoaneea hy editor*, "he >re?? *?cerVlr, heia, aoholaiaand the mtelli;ent of all o auei aa (VRfisric. INSTRUCTIVE and MOS* entertaining: Jocaiatinc of Storen'oopaa, or Son Piotu-e*. Ironi latiira, ma<n feed f.ioo tune*, of remarkable 8<ea*j, Palaoea, Cbuches, Monameata. Kiegaat Btrao,ar?? ?n 1 hu>n? ia th? N*waod Old World, ta AMERICA, KlKUPr. ana t* lt? HOLY LAND' CONTINENTAL OPERA HOUSE! (L AT a rUILUAKMOMC HALL.) TREMENI??U8 ANNOUNCEMENT! GRAND Or S~N I N U NIGHT! On WEDNESDAY EVENING, April a. With attraction unprecedented?in\kmi a oombi of ta'er.t ud ferrule txaatr nneqaaled la the anna a of the profeaaion ; introducing SWKET SUNGS. MUciC udMUCDY, New Operas, Fancy Dancct and Burleiquet. In establishing This treat Temp'* of tniwiMst the Managers have spared no expense in proeanng the inoat refined artiata and brat talent in the ooantr j, of both Male and Female Star* of the bnghttat magnitude. MISS MILLY ROSE, The faacinansg L'at.seuse, late of Ravala' Troape; Ml?8 JULIA FASSANO. The charming tfonjstresa from the New York thalera; MISS KATE MARSHALL. The beautiful ana chaining Danaeute, late of tha CeMnated Rqaianf .Troape j WIOS .Tt.lttY VVALlfin, The bn'uaot Vooa'iat; MISd LUCY CLIFTON. The charming Uanae?pe; FRANK I'KMOINT. 'h?p ?midi Btlladiat; CIlARLbY FLETCHKlU Eooentrio Cornelian &rd mah Vooaliat; HARRY TALBO r,ton of Momm ; MASTfcK WILIIK. t ijbtning Jig Dumt; FH Ai\K BUCKsToNK, Ga Umt ?n1 Genera! Performer; An1 a ii'iat of f tart :n rapiJ anooeaaion! Ad exoalient Orohejtra. under tte Uadarahty of the well-known Vi^linit, FKOF. OIO NACHXAX. CI^Frort ar*U reaerred for ladiea--/"T1 StaTTr f Pnres ? P?r*aat2* Pfcti ; ceatl< men Booompamed bj ladiea to orcheatra oha;ra SO msU; oolorea gallrrj i5 o?nU. lK>ora onii ?t T; Coooeit to ooamenoe at o'clock preciaely. DR. ?. B. HAkKISON, a> il 3t* Acent and Treaaaref. I NOTICE N Coceefuenee oi evoita *ntire> b*yoc4 tba Dontrol of the Managenect, ihey are re.actantly compelled to annoynoe a poateonemeut until to morrow evenicg, when ther will positively omb with a f<il' and oomp ete H Orchsstia, Sosnio UffMU. &o , on whioh ommiod MISS MILLIE ROSE will make her first appsaranos is this oity. ap 23-lt tnepsl>lioan ] paniEXBUKY HALL: t CANTERBURY HALL! (Formerly the Washington Assembly Rooms,) OPEN ETMRY NIOHT. Thi Fibbt Mti'c Hall in tbi Woblb, in point of Taiont aid Respootability! Crowded to its utmost capacity with as andienos Oultivaiti, Otltrsi mnd AiAnsrf. The serformanoo AT THE GREAT CANTERBURY is the host ir. ths oity. The sMistos are rf the FIRST TALENT IN THE WORLD. EASTER WEEK ! rERCIVAL'8 IMMENSE COMBINATION ooctinnss, with an a<1dilion of NEW UTA KS AND OLD FAVORITES, Monday Night and Evtry Night this witk. First appsaranos <fthe iron-clad Gnr.hoat?ths great eccentric Ethiopian Artist of the ifed FRANK BKOWEA. First sppearsooe of the Charming and Bsaatifal Songstress. MISS IDA DUVAL! Her first visit to this oity. Immtnti Bill for tkit With, The big Bill of ths Sossoa' Observe this Brilhant, ths BQVaL of whioh oan be nowhsro ioand In Ue ? ! IJ ?* - - > ?riu ?>i amuwiMnu. MISS MILLIE FOWLER, The Beautiful and by far the moot Aooomyltehed Dumuu on tna state ' And thi Court or Bbavtt. MiMFrank I-* Folle. Miee Lusie Francis, Miee Frank Sf-?or, Hue Lilly Brandon, Miaa Jalia Kiot.moad and Little K>ia The Ethiopian A'tut and Waekiagtea Favorite, DICK PARRLK M. Jean Closki, John Beany, Mentor Joknny, Sylvan Cla>k, John Hnailtnn. Marry J. Carter. Modi. Sol. Lewie M. Clark. Adnueaion 3? oenta; Ore keeker Ctairt M eeata. Afternoon MnterUnnmm t WKDNE8DA|V^ND"8AT?KS17 AFTKRWken a lavieh dietrihut on'of KleraM Preeeate la veto: R 10b and Coetly Jewelry. Books, Fancy Article*. Ton. >2$ Ril*tr r*k> h?m Admi?ion Vent*ChiHr?1? ?? . M t\ ADO FELLOWS' BALL V/ Sretntk it., umr Fit OJU.*, o? tu c^riru,! Cka* c? ?/ Fretfmm* Hisktl*! MONDAV KVkNlnU, April B, COMPLIMENTARY h'KNEFIT MR wmimu T TU Jfotl imiuiai ?Ui UU twin gg? '"rsaagg g&. CLA?Enbon MOBIC KVEKY BftNms, BEAUTIP1L WAITlflB ia?9L,aasisv2?w#i,ar AUCTION 8At.ES. ma AFTERNOON a m.mnnm.nm By C. X. L. CROWN * Co., Aiirli?!.f ti. UOlteES at auction a ?til mil at h AaatioaTo m?>mhow mokmnu. a??i 34. at a. m . on Matk?t Hauar, lr? VN ntk Horaoa. Tkoaa in want of n riM 10 attrod th# alia, aa th'j w ill t* acid w.:h<al 1a er*a. Term* oa*h P. 8 Alia.JroO frrint W'tr^t*. C. ft. L < Kl) W N a i.ii., Ateti 11* No. 3$7 eorpa 6<t at.' i'a arccii*. 4 'O Vfcft> MfcN T BALK OK HoiTsbS AMU *.* CuXPEMN> I> Ml'I.KJ* Tk?r? wi'l ?*aold at Fo?? to Ancti r, on IPI'IR day. ap-il j*. at the Gorra. i<?a> no < i?r rato ry, r and ?3d troata, a IAt of and Malta. oon*amaari ?a nnl' far ?aN'? *? v o-. Tar ma oaah. id govori mant fguir. J.MJANA.i'af am. AaaiMant Oaart#rrr>?*l<?r L'. C. A. a? 17-14 MAHEHAI.L* KA?? K. Ana w. By WALL* BARNAKD, Aaotiouoara. 1^ftU8?hfc*8 BALK OK VAl.l'A I'l * RML . h.?TaTB in tbs cor^tor Winiirc-na, (?, C??B( virtaaof aiitau at tru?t. <lat*i < . n.* j> day of Aacaat. IOT?, and reoordarf ?r tha frh far of Norambar, 1 #7 in liber J. A P.. Na. :<?. foiioa 2H. 736 836 aod 231. oca o! tfce and raooiria lor Waafeinrton ooanty. ir tha Piatnot of i'olunit i*. I Will nail on TtfLRPUAV, ?4<t> day of A?rii, l?t*, atSo'olookp m . at the Anot on Hon !*?!! A Barnard, comer Mfc atraot and Pa arenna.ia the Ait* Af WAaKinal nr _ f ? m ?Vl i/im i rim Atk, . _+A ?fa/>l I of W-d, vtth handings and iioprnrenenu thereon, I litutM in the ooacty cf W ai bicctoa, in U? !>> tr iot of Ca^amhu : Ths Mid fact of lasd b*fttrunr a? tbe cf the foartb line nf a tract ol load *a tad New Seat. at <1 rnnninc thenoe aouth IS ser.hes, thenoe eont ca dej rees, west M perehee. tnenoe north rGdatreea. aaat 145 parehoa. theace aoath ? d?/raea. e*?t m\ MTOl M to iU intorcaotioc with the fifteenth iiae of { larcor tract < f landoonrryad h? the hoi's acd devisees ol lHvid C-Tart'er to Edward Hwanr , ther,ce sooth 49 decree* we*I ? perabee, thence aoath 25 ilejreee, west It perchee < d iS |M ol a perch tfcence, ?ou'h tl degiaea, wre? 45 e*roh*a tr> tha b*f inMb{, oautainir.f 3! acrra, 1 rood acd 17 Tba terra of this aal? wf 1 ha oae-third oash . baanae txanag interest and p?ynMein e*ual inatalinooUate. Hand )?m<ntiis. tie deferred payBants to ba aecared by a iea on the land On* hundred dolarsof the oa?h pat men* to he pa d down at the p.aoaof aa r; and il oa?e t. pa; chaser or paroha>era refca^sr ai to d-i th-" prope-'* Will at once be reaold a- theriak and ooat ol tje dafaaltinc parotaaer or ^g ci aae a. ?. C. MuKifAN. Traatea. mh It *oAd? WALU HARNAKU. A -i. FUTURE DATS. IVlARfHAI/8 SALE.?In vlrtae of a writ nf Lfl. fieri faoiaa, leaned from the o erk's .f tie airoat ooart of tic Lhatnot of Co!unit ,k. for t a ooaniy oi WMnir.ft">n, ud to fflf cirNMQ, I Will M^OM In pubiio aA.e, i< r oa> : . ; <'! i e Wk of Wwb niton, to the eit; of Wuk g|Ui . ATURDAY.tit 25 h day cf April, m?*art. oommenoinc at 0i,'clock a m , tiia [ . <> :: t t < .t aad ohattelf, to-wit- tie? I BImL Ha:r-cloti Po!%?. Wa ait, fK> do Chair*. do, 3 I>o do Arm Cha ra, Wa rut, * Marble top Center ffab.ea, Wa nnt, 1 TaM?try Pa inr < arp-: n UHiir. tt?ix?d and l?ri*d upon at the toodi ar\<l ct.utt* * of Win W. Campbell and wiil bo rod torn ?fy iadleial No let. to Ma? term. IMS ic favor of \\ : r. Fraaier, ik of Philip T. Her--?. WARD H. LAM ON, apl7 dtda U. t*. Martha:. BOARDING. CHtilCK ROOMP, (oommuriicaiinc) wi h Board, can be ha1 At No 7 Indian* avr.a . Ala*. pleasant KO<>N< ?n%? l>? had V*? lat it dwallinj oorner D and Ua stroeU. Afr ? uab^?" I If BOARDING ? Gemlem?r. with or ti'.1 rut the r families,viaiting Phi vie pna on t.HMiieR* or fle&snre, will in<1 tup iwrvr "nn, del t: > (*?< o If Ro'ei jkricea.Mn the moat <Je?ir?Me ioc?'i , No. 120'i ChMBat ?tr*rt, r nv*n?nt to beaut** ml !! th* public pliora v( interest. Per?*ian*u nd trepnent ftp 28 iw BALLS, PARTIES. &c. TPOSTFO N K M *s N TT~ HE COTILLON PARTY of the IM RPJ.VERANCE ENGINE C??.. No. i. w. ch M wutoconerf on Keatcr Monm. th* 2Ut JH iMteot. ia*oatpoctd iin'i Till ftHUA Y. tnr ffm 34tk. ftt tue ?il? ? !. Pe ?cc? hoii' i.j liok HI eta of the tlat will be good for that mint. By order Commit'*e rf Arrarce->ut?. ap.2 8' Wj ESTERN HoSK CO.. No. 1, f? ALWAYS IN THE FIELD The NINTH ?RAND BALL of the \\ eat?r HoaaConptnT.No l.w II be fivec at I-ruk- g% jni HaJl, oorncr of ?th ud I) alreeta, on jPl vaitoti-.i v ?-i Tiokeu ( >n? Dollar. Ui (VmmitiM c/ Arrantemtut*. C. W. Drmrr, V? . a nam^a, T. J. Pa-ker, Thoa MeNaney, J. Poor*, Wm. Gibba. ? 1? 4t? /WHICKERING * l*ON8' PIANO Tl/'NF.R V/ FOR WASHINGTON CITY. V. BECKER vui att^cd proinj!.* to ord?ra eft for him at Mr. John F. Ei lie ' Piaio Wiwi P? b?tw#?n 9th and 10th ?ta A lots exp* rianoe. bd4 the b??t r* f-om aa.ittewii acd the hifhmt mu?iOi! talent viio have tasted thu citr, will eem-e sat *fact:oc to all who will far*>r him with tbeir ord^n. ap21-3t* ? KI rt t * > .? n ? ? - |,*uiA*LDMt* uuuus: Merchant who Ml! any of tha tanona atylea <-f Itdia-??bbar Goods, veil to ci.i or. Mr. H. A. HALL, u he ib cloeing out hia extacaive a toot at leaa than man i> facta'?ra' p:ice* ra'liar tbaa mnoT* iham to ^*T Yoik. The India Ruttar Warrfcoare la at 309 i'a avenue, fcat ww. <?;h aad 10th aU. ap!7-lot PARD PHOTOGRAPHS AND ALBUMS ? V> Weae receiving d*iiy and keep on hand Card Piotnree, of all tr.e aron mart m?n o! the North and f on!h. AUo, the largeat a*?ortmeat c f Fancy rard Picturea, ooptee of climei F.ngrar nt?. Fretch Prin?a. and C?mio Car?i taraa,at WILLIAM P. RICHSTEIN*?. Nation Book t?tore. No. 8T8 Pa. ave.t Waah.njton D. C. as 19-1 w * - r rpo QUARTERMASTERS ins OKA LEAS. *000 Bubtli oats" JOfO B nibe!a CORN, ICO Toaaof PmimTIM"TRY HAY. ? Jaat trr'>?d aa1 fur n e at TAYLORM Wharf, DMT UtCut! Afirdtol. Ct-<'(?tuVD, D C AM'T to A. p. HU it, 399 fkuen^ street, or at th# Wharf. Irom 9 a. m , to < p. m. t??1W 1 HK SU8SCRIBKR HAVING LATELY . * ratnraod f ow the Philade abaand New York trad* ?tlM, oac now offer Boead Bookittfinl ladaoaataU to ail who may aeatr* to porctiw. WILLIAM F. RICHSTKIN, National Book Store, No STSPecc'TlntikaTtDsc, f ap M lw* WMtiinrtca. II. C. EXTRAORDINARY /^V INDUCEMENTS VC{ TO SAVE MONEY. ' 1,000 PAIRS OF BOOTS AND SHOP'S will bo ooeted and read? for mI? at the Old ? v. 1, oorner of 1 acd Seventh ftreet, on aatcrday m?<ralnj the lVth inatant. i mb WBrBiuiee n mt evert body. both IB yriM, it,Bad ?uinty,an3 to give tbe publ.c and id-* what the? rear expect, 1 wi!l msntioa the price* of a few articles. Ladiae'fi a Beer Baitoraaad Pa ?iral?.at ft. and ftl 25, vo<Ikam> > twieo a? inuub. Ladiea' Mco oo %el Kid Ileel 8l ppera from fr oenla, to 91 S5 tbo W com S ipper 1a wort a at ieasl Ladies' flipper a without Heela, 25 and 5" orr.t*. tbe cbeapeet1 ever aaw. Chi.drena' Patten tip Boota at ?> oenta pfr pair. Bohas yoa bivahtm paying s? cei t? for. Aid everything else that can be found in ait other Shoe Store. F. M. MAGRUDKR. ap 18-6t Corner of I and Seventh street. CANT BE BKATI 7" * HE SnhaoriSarB determined to aooommcdate all pereona, either in pleasars or bun ness, havs goes to a large ei penre ib i r^dsrj&r&z sarehaas of Carrtagre, Bnggieaand Bad W==^f? die Horeas, all for tbe aae of the peb ic Kawi.iea wtabiag it, oaa at all tianea procure a nice carriage witb goatie horaea and a good and carefai driver. 1 Ordera B*at to tbe atablea with atreei and n?rol?er trill ho promptly attended u> Charcea aa m derate bb the Umaa will allow. Horeee tshen at livery, J C COOK A CO.. Sixth atreat, one b <<ok aootc of aplt-lB* ^ Pennv avenue. EH. A I. J. <Am2&ORyVib oonaaBBeaoe of lata ftre, have (MMved to a?l len'i? hi?? AVMUia. Il 1 Ork m* A 1MK -* ?? ? ? - *rwm wbu cv%u %! rv%?, WUflT fciif*' r wtff WGaiamia rsfiseaai" T,E Sabaaribar liaTiniM'liadeSSa oontracu with raejonaib e nortr.e n dHltri 11 cow j?epaia<2 to WfllM U? Mbini ol WukiBftoi lad btcrjf ?i with the beat 9at 111? I?*, (wboleeaie ted re . 1 and IHiUtiN a fell tnpjy dunr.i tbe having al vara ia aloM two to tbrae thoae aad taaa Pereraa iMicing out of the c?t? :im tj CI gat that r ai^lm from the Ofte*. vmoti will o>?i2l Us. L. J. M1 DDLKT<?rf. _ Oftca oorner irk aad F ata. SM3U'? er ? M4 I a tract for Mia Tuara ta bat littia aae 10 I*kit im ? aaaat ab??t the eiaoe. aa all who not a?? thiju of til attention know Ut> it ia aa rood* plm for low baalaaai wur ta * aaMagW f. W. DOR SKY. I?W toM> fin?nhaal lata, Waafemjtoa. I tractive Dl<?hAM*. * Waehi&?t-?a and tht War.'TjirtU.attar mm. naarif a-mp'.ate*. ia f fM tor nliat a ofcrcaia, or an arranifroent T iHaiMMfer a ParhHi buhJAT#0"//A4 ta ! 4M Kirruui^H ?THIT, 0. ? CEUinfiMVOf UVDEBTEDM ??. OumrtermtmMiMrt Cktki iirf Fawk. I. ~ 14l!2S?H r?V21 i M CC*W I

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