Newspaper of Evening Star, 23 Nisan 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 23 Nisan 1862 Page 3
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Ml LOCAL NEWS. None*.?Mr A W. Barns.the managing a^oot of the Stnr't circulation In Georgetown, wfll hereafter alio net as tbo Slat's advertising agent there. Ary Georgetown advertisements Mi *t Dt fi B Barnard'a, corner of Hlcb and Bridge streets, or with 6. Crandell, No. I<i8 Bridge atreet. will meet with prompt attention. Akiiivi'iti To-nI6UT* Fobd's Athisicm.?Mr. Porreat appear* tonight aa 44 Macbeth," In ?hak*peara's great trag'dv nf that name. Ail plav go*ra unite In landing Mr Forreat'a presentation of this great character a* taking rack with his "Lear," 44 Richelieu" and > Hamlet." The beautiful ac'rets and popular favorite. Miss Atheba, take* the part of ' Lady Macbeth. The play of 41 The Octoroon" was performed with thrilling effect at the Atheneuro last nl^ht 6ft?vaa'a rh?at ir ?Manager Grovcr'a opening last night was certalrly a very handsome &ff?'r. The bouae was crowded In every part, and the unlveraa'ly rxpressed opinion was delight wl'b both the theater and the acting- Mr. Grover*s ccmpvnv I* selected from the beat now on the s'a^e, and Is probably ai brilliant a comedy enmbinatien is ever appeared upon any atsge. Mr. !*e'chell Is Burton revived; Mlsa Hough, tte favorite of Lsur* Kane's, is pronounced the best toubrttt* and Yankee comedienne on the stage; while Mrs Gormen's 4< old women" cannot, It is said, betxceilrd. Besides these are the beautiful and ac~omplUh*d Misses Parker and Gimber, and such well-known perfarmor* as Messrs Tilton. Fhilins. Bokee, Mel-Jruin This is the anni versav of tb* birth of the '? Ba:d of Avon," and to-night Mr. Tllton will recite tha " Seven Ages of M*n " " Married Life" and '* The Toodl'-s" will be presented, with Seteheil in two of his beat characters. Miss Hough will slog her great comic souk, " Jcs'sh's Courtship," as sung by her in New York '.heaters for three hundred consecutive nights Oct) Fellow?' Hall.?Manager Kunkelgave another of his plfaalng entertainments to a large audience last nigbt The entire company will appear this even!n;j in a new bill of burleeqoes, acta. ?ong*. dsncra, Ac. Ttls troupe has won niu h annlaim* from the nnhltr. and we havr no doubt will continue to do ao. Cantisbttrt ?Mi?s Duval's sweet songsand finished musical education; Miss Fowler'a terp*ichorlan feats; and Frank grower's originality, continue to attract large audiences at the Canterbury This afternoon there will be a Matinee for ladies and cbiidrr n, and to-night there will be a fine entertainment Ladies' Faib.?The fair of the young ladiea of St Peer's Sunday School, at the hall ot the Columbia Engine-house, will be cloatd to-day and to-niuht, on account < f the engine-bouse being used in connection with the funeral services of Mr. McOrath, but will re-open to morrow. We trust lb*- laudnble efforts of the young ladies will be crowned with siuct-cs. Tb?v hare a fine i display cf attractions in their f-ir, and an evening may be spent here most satisfactorily. Isfasi AstlI'M ?The Sister* of Charity are 1 holding a fair thla week at this asylum, on Vermont avenue, near H street. This institution depends for support entirely upon the benevolence Ik. W I M (A. _V1 A .1 . A_ t vi mc puot;c, ua m onjwi ikid; me temporal and tp ritual welfare of lofaut children abandoned by their natural protectors, we hope all will feel an interest in It and do a good act, while th"y partake of a rational eojoy&eut. t Baltimdie Anncal Cosfsrinck or tuk ArKICam M E ClIcacH ?Fourth Diy't Stfuon ? Conference met Tuesday morulng as per adjournment, liichop P:yae In the chair. Rellg'.nu* Mtvitct were conducted by Re* W. H Williams. The religious characters of the members were examined, and found to stand, except Isaac Ken dill, wbo wu represt nttd as having left hl? field of labor, and refusing to comply with the law* of the church M. F. Sluby moved, thst In view of the Information received r#-spectli>g Kaac Kendall, that h? br expelled from the connection, carricd laaac W. Brown, who had b??en expelled by qoarterly meeting conference of the Havre-detirace circuit, presented an appeal to the Conferrace, which was red A. W. Way man n?vcd to entertain the appeal, which ww argued Mr. Brown then stated the grounds of hla appeal John J Herbert defended the action of the quarterly conference ?t some length. On motion of A. W Wayman, the decision of the q i irterly meeting conference was reversed, and r>e wa< restored to his former standing. A. W. Wavman presented the report of the apecial committee appointed the previousseesiou, hot he said he could not defetd the report of his committee, because ltdid not embody the features looking to a final settlement of the perplexed question. At the in7i7Mttfln of Rlitinn Ik* rcnnti w-.s arr.end-d so as to read. "We recommend the calling of an extra Oeneral Conference " Thin amendment was voted down, and the report was adopted. Her James Mitchell, of the Indiana Conference of the M. Fi. Church, and Rev. J B. Newman, of tb* New York Conference, were Introduced by Bishop Payne. The Conference tben adjourned. AfUr which the Literary Society of tbe Conference met to make arrangements for their annlversny, which la to take place cne afternoon this ? week. The society off^ra a premium of seven dollars for the best essay on th<? life of Rev. Dr. Adam Clark. J. M Brown and A. VV. Way man are tbe con'esUnta for tbe premium. Tbe society offers live dollars for the heat essay on the ilfe of Rev Ch-wlc* Weslsy. The poet preachers. N. F.Wuby and II M. Turner, are the contestants. Bask Ball Riv:ti5<> ?4Mnc? leaden ball ban been assuming an entire monopoly In the sffktrs of men, the noble and Invigorating game of bate ball, In common with almost every other aport, baa been almost entirely Ignored. Many of the high priest-' and elders who advocated the lastltut on h?re In Its palmy days (but just a yeirago) have unceremonlonslf vanished the scene, and are now playing at ball In Jeff's kingdom to the tone of Dixie The boys of the " National" are makng preparations to pttck In again. The committees have reorganized, nines being got ready, and their ground (that of the old Potomac, who, by the way, In return for similar compliments, whipped the National once or twice) Is to be ixed In proper trim preparatory to the spring campaign Our old friend Geo. Illbbs is on hand, as ready and willing at ever, so Is Gorman, and Dooley, and French, and tW Doctor, none having forgotten how *o handle the bat. The boys bold forth three times a week, and will be happy to see t If lr fri^ndl An anv nrrasUn # Raw at thk Navt Ya*d Bsidob ? At a late hour on Saturday night, as Mr Thnmai Jenkins, who resides over tbe haatvru Hranch wu returnlog home In h.s wwoo, be was bailed l?y tbe guard at tbe bridge who asked If h? bad nothing contraband, and on looking into tbe wa^on discovered a bw'tle of the "O be joyful," which the sergeant ordered him to destroy. Jenkins very reluctantly acceded to tbe request and smashed tbe bottle on the wheel of tb^ wagon, the pieces flying about In tbe road. The sergeant of the guard ordered him to pick up the piece* and throw them la the branch, and an altercation ensued between Jenkins and tbe guard, durlag which an ax-handle was brought into requisition and used over Jenkins, and be was pretty badly hurt not being able to ccrne to the city and lodge complaint as )et. If tbis statement be correct, the guard upon the bridge will need overhauling by their oA:;rt. I Uau II *nin)a _l? ?? ?*-- V of Party's raw, aaar Um corner of btcood street m4 tbs sveaae, two tinmus ret'.de with their Mr. <tnd Mrs. CithiM live on tbe lower floor, and Mr. and Mrs John beinbarth on the second floor. It seema that tbe Cornier have to pay nearly all tbe real, and that tbe women are prooe to qu*rrel about It. and In a quarrel on Monday Mrsi Catbman struck Mra. Detnbarlh, who had her arraa'ed and put under security to keep the peace. Detnbarth ceoae heme about aoadown, Terv drank, and learning what had been going on, became exasperated, aad with an axe broke up the rain barrels, tube, 4c , of the women, and Mra. Cathman had blm up oa the charge of mallcioua mischief. He waa taken bole re Justice Ferguson. when be instated n??. the caee going to"court, and wis held lo ball "for hit af pear slice Tbo'cbl* bit wis* W bits akd .Bi-at v ?On Mwoday a Hibernian damsel osrnrd Mary Moore, bad Uer oral door neighbor. Ana Hall, a colored girt, arrested on tbe charge of using threats towards her Ann was arrested and tahea before Justice Clayton where she proved that all the threats made was by saying that Mary conld be a better girl, asd this charge was d Ism Used; but Mary evinced a disposition to prosecute Ana, aad made a new charge agalast her of swearing oa the street; to Lb Is charge of swearing Ana plead gatlty, but cealended that It was done ta ber own yard. She was d least seed on this charge alto, and left the oflce Mary was sadly alieapooiated aad went a war vowln* that she would Lave bar lied i?. ? CoHTiRBSTAl. Orana Hovac?In consequence of the failure of ?e veal of Ibe pec/or inert to aitlve la MM, UM managers are compelled to anuouoco a po*tponemeut until to morrow etealag, everything will b? la readiness. Among oikr perform?rs tnuoonced for the opening ue Miss MUli* Rom. UU of ftavd'a Troupe, u4 Cbarley Flet her, the great YhWi comedian. Hoits Rscovaaaa ?Charley Flnaacan'a hates (wbtel wj? taken- from bu aack oae night last week, while Uvuot a ' bolder,") was aeot ho ue to blm a day or two alree?it having been tafceu by three soldiers of a caralry regiment P?a*oiat -8 Alboieda a ad F Parragt, (J. S. of Colombia, are at the National. Cot. MAnlltt Virglala cavalry, Is at JlUfcwo?da'. f Boot Kkoviud ?The body of Mr. Thomas McGrath who wss drowned few week* since off Port Tobacco Creek, br being knocked overboard la a collision between a steamer sod the achooner he waa In, in au:oant of which waa *- ?-? a a_ av- ?? ? puuumeu in toe oior m \uc imir, ww iwu?? jvw tftdif morning about three-foarths of a mile from wbere he fell overboard. A boat wu atnl down for the corpse yesterday afternoon, aad It Is expected up this afternoon. Tbe City Coonclla. Knights Templar, Colombia Fire Company, and other orgaalsatlons, of which he waa an esteemed member, will bold meetfngs to-night to make arrangements for the funeral. BaaaiTM In?On Sunday morning, a boot half-past three o'clock, three men named Edward Keeth, James Brown, and James Rooaey, who were on a regular bender, went to the lager-beer saloon of Mr. Wernllck, on the Navy Yard, and attempted to get In, but being refused admiral on at ao early an hour, they commenced to break in the doors and window* with stones. W hlle they were thus engaged Officers Frailer and Luaby cam* alone and arrested them, and after conaldera hie difficulty got them to the ninth precinct a atton, where they were Ined each S10 03 by Justice Call. A Dbvukbh Bran.?Yesterday morning, a young man named Francla Harrlaon, who waa very much Intoxicated, Jumped upon a cavalry homo which was tied at the Poat Office by a aoldier, and rode off with the animal. He waa several times throwa, and once the horse fell and rolled on him. Thla morning be waa taken out of the Fourth Ward Station, where be waa plaoed by patrolman Leach, and nid a hearing before Justice Walter. The jaatiee decided to commit mm u> j*n, in aeiauu 01 Dau ior a lunnrr bearing. PtaMTino Allkt Aoai.x ?Michael Guard?, e soldier, went Into Mag W beet ley's den with SI5 in bis pecket, and while there was robbed of the money by two prostitutes?Frances Buyer and Eliza Barry. Repenting, when his money was (tone, be demanded it again, and upon refusal called in the police. The women were arrested and taken before Jostice Stratton, who committed the two girls to tbe workhouse as common prostitutes, and Mag Wheatley returned tbe money to tbe soldier. Ob?teccti5g thi Sidewalks.?Yesterday, Mr A. J. Sheldon was arrested for obstructing the sidewalks by backing a wagon upon It, ana traa fined 91 56 bv Justice Clark. It haa been a cause or much complaint, especially by ladles, that they are frequently forced into the carriageway by obstructions of the character mentioned above. Merchants and others should be careful to aee that their employees do not violate the law, and the police to see that for every offence they are punished. A Nuisarc*.?'The frequent passage of wagons and artillery over Hast Capitol street nas cut it up In srrh a manner that laro* ilniishi am formed. which become receptacle* for water, which produce* an Intolerable (tench. Especially la this the cue between Second and Third atreeta. The hole there la eo deep that wagona will not go through It, and aeek the pavement, to the annoyance of those residing In the neighborhood. We hope the natter will be remedied by thoae whose duty It la to look after auch things. Almost a Firi ?At an early hour on Tueaday morning Officera Lusby and Frasier discovered a bright light in th? primary school-house occupied by Mra Clarke, on Eleventh street east, near M, south. The officers got In through the window and found the stove to be red hot, and the furniture near by apparently ready to burst Into flames. The officers put out the lire In the stove, and likely aaved the houae from destruction. Dismissed ?Martin King was arrested yesterday upon a charge of stealing fl<? from Catherine Donovan, and was taken before Justice Clayton for hearing. The evidence was purely circumstantial, showing only fiat the money was gone from the owner, and thst the prisoner was seen behind the counter In the complainant's shop, lie was dismissed. Honorably Acqvittbd. ? Yesterday, bmma Clark, who was arrested on Sunday upon the charge of robbing a man named George Smith of slity dollars, at a house In the Second Ward, and was held to security for a hearing, appeared before Justice Walter for trial. The justice was not satisfied from the teatlmony that the accused took or received the money, but suspected It might he In ether hands, and fully acquitted the accused. Slavs* Rivusins Fbbkcom ?An old cltlsen of this District refuses to accept from Government any compensation for hia slave*, on the ground that It would be " compounding a felony;" but called them together and atated to them that they were free. Tney, however, positively refused to leave him; and the old relatlona of master and servant are continued aa before Akbivid at Carter's wharf (foot of 13% street,) schooners Iris. Owens, from Philadelphia, with 127 tons of co?t for James Fraser; Pandora, Coswar, same port, with coal for Messrs. Fenwick A Htewarf, Somerset. Hlllman, from Salisbury, Md, with lumber and shingles for Wm McLean. Dead ?Mr. Daniel Morlarty,who was struck In the face and knocked down by Dennis Callahan on Sunday, the 6th Instant?as stated In the Star at the time?died at his rentdence last week, from Injuries received at the time, his skull being fractured by the fell. ClSTftAL GrAVDHOUSB CJutitc* Clark ?R. M. Painter, John M. Percberon, Win. Davis, Jos. Rodgers. John Joneaand Jno. Smith, soldier*, drunk and disorderly: turned oyer to tbe military. James Gray and Thos.Iago, drunk; qmhimn Fovsth Win Station C*?i?? Before' Justice WaCt'r ?Henry Blsker, drunk and Indecency; lined SI 58. John Brown, drank and vagrancy; do .S3 58. Wm. Callen, do. Col. W. Grundiu, do. 91 58. Francla Harrlaon, horse stealing; jail for a farther bearing. Thk W. H. hmnoh mentioned In Monday's Star aa being arretted for diaorderlr conduct, la not Wm. H. Harrison, 552 Stb street, Island. * I,ovias or tbimii will find tbe flneit assortment of Opera Glasses at tbe optical establishment of Messrs. Franklin & Co .211 Pennsylvania avenue, between l'2'.b and 13tb streets, at tbe lowest eastern price*. It Co*ns, *tc.?Those afflicted with these trouble* som* things, whether bard or soft; also those troubled with Bunlous, Callosities, club and Ingrowing toe-nails, can find grest relief and aatUnetory benefit by applying to Dr. G. White, 124 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4 and 6th streets, Boom 7, second floor. Attbntion Soldi***!?Protect your health; no aenMble man will leave the City without a supply of Hoilowav's Pills k. Ointment. For Wounds. Bruiaea, Sore , Keren and dyaentery, thaee medicine are the beat in the wrorld Every Engliah and French aokdler uaea them. Only &> eta. per Box or Pot. W5 From thkhikh and responsible position of the civer of the subjoined Testimonial, Dr. Volt MoscHztaxta la induced to publlah the aame : Ma yr'i Ojflee, Gtorgtfw a, April 19, 15W. This la to atate that, my bearing having been much impaired for aome yeara paat, I placed myaclf under the profeaaional treatment of Dr. Von MoacbzUker. After a few weeks of his care, I experienced a very perceptible Improvement, and at this time my bearing Is a?. ^ood as it has neen at any Ume within my recollection. H. Addison, Mayor. Dr. Von Moecbzlaker, Oculist and Aurtst, gives his entire attention to the treatment of the Eve Ear. OOce Pennsylvania svenoe. ap!tl-3t* Am rxaaon wlahlng to procure a loan af a few deltara on aattstectory aecurlty, can do so by calling at 456 Eleventh St., between G and H. aplt India Btuii Goods. We advise all our readers (aa we know they are obliged to purchase the above named goods) to embrace the present opportunity as Mr. H. A. Hall lateads La make a change la his business, and will sell his extensive stock of Rubber Goods at maaafacturer's prices, and no family should miss this opportunity to supply themselves For Instance, Mr. Hallwill sell Men's Rubber Overshoes and Sandals for 80 cents per pair, and Ladies' Overs and Sandals for 60 centa per pair: India Robber Bed Protected for Children's Beda (an article that no fhally should be without) __ a r/v a? a a a _ _ . _? a* - - ?_a-a- - vmy ju ccoh, lor mi aiyi, m ine inaia nuoDer Ware bo um, No. 906 Pennsylvania a?e., between Mb ud 10th streets, Washington, D. C. ap It-tf Ouii'i Plantation Bittkbi. 8. T. 1680 X. It Invigorates, strengthens and purlies the ?ystna, is a perfect appetiser, and tbe meet agreeable and efltectnal tonic In tbe world. It is composed of the celebrated Calissya Buk, Roots, Herbs and pare St. Croix Ram; particularly adapted to delicate females; cores Dytpepsla and Weakness, and 1* Jut tbe thing for tbe changes Bold by all Grocers, Druggists, Hotels and Saloons P. H. Uuii k, Co.. ap I eo3m* SOS Broadway, New York. man, _ AJt-WI14pw,n?d mdujnn. * Ot? tis 20t? in*?a tiTia^of kit u*. H? 4J*d kMFTi twbli% |H Mwwi^ti or bU 3*vtug^JWMMCkrfU. mo?n? 'nli o??*loit>fJrjS* rfbvro p!%T?ct>r" ? t ???-S?5-S?-S? ' * v ' ? < " , ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIALS. A PEW OF TBB MANY TESTIMONIALS FROM THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON TO DR. TUMBLETY, THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR. DipltubU umiIim of Btdf and Mind. I wss slmoat dn4 with pain In tot cheat, tack, ahouldera, aide ud head; was debilitated that I could acarcelv walk. Mr mind wan continually melancholy and gloomy; but were It not for Dr. Tumblety'a aklll and hta remedies, I would have been deed before this. 1 am new completely cured. Tbomas Guvvin, P etreet, between 15th sad Hth, Washington, D. C. Erysipelas Cur id. I)a. Tvmblbtt?Veur kerb remedies are the paragon of all that Is great In medlelne. They have cured me after being given up to die of eryalpelaa. Mra. Emma. Kbbhall. Fairfax county, Vs. Curt / Cough*, Pain ? Uu Brtast, Dptptpsia, with groat Wtaknttt. Thla la to r?rtlfw that 1 have been tronblM with th? ibow-umeid complaint* for several yean. I tried some of our most eminent physicians In Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown, bnt received no relief. I was persuaded to try Dr.' * Tumblety, and In a wry abort time hla herb medicines cored me. Jambs H Bkall, Blacksmith Shop, Navy Yard. Dytpipiia and Livir Complaint Curid. Charles W. Harman, Metropolitan Police, Washington, D. C. Curt of an Ulctrattd Sari Lit toitA tevtn Kolit. Dx. Tomblktt?1 have been using your herb medicines to cure? bad leg. with seven running sores, of several years standing, which the doctors thought Incurable, and amputation was regarded as the only ultimate relief. I can now walk as well as ever. I am cured. S. C. Pakjuih, Seventh street, Park Hotel, Waahlngton. Consumption Curid. Mr?. Edward T. Tuplpett, Navy Yard, Third treet, between M and N. . 8cnrvy Gmrid (a riff bad can.) Jas. W. Larkln, Government Printing Oflcr. Washington, April 9,1693. Blindmss Cvrtit. This Is to certify that I have been blind for two years, and by the aid or Dr. Tnmblety'i treatment I can walk all over Washington without a guide. Mrs. McDowsll, Seventh street, island. To tkt Li&iti. My wife has been afflicted with a disease peculiar to her sex, for three yc?r*. Had tried Y&rlous physicians without any benefit. Dr. Tumblety has curcd her. \V. Trcxaa. Alexandria, Va. Cun4. A vegetable course of treatment presented by Dr. Tumblety baa cured me of Conaamptlon. Josbmi eaaaimb, Brigade Wagon Maater, 19th tweet, Wuhlngton, D. U. Dittos* / (At Throat. Francis Bcala, Esq.,leader of Lhe U. 8, Marine Band, Navy-Yard. Scrofula Curid To all afflicted with Scrofula. Try Dr. Turnbkty, the Indian Herb Doctor. J. E. HfTCHlNSOPf, Patent Ufflce. Rtv. J. Curtis Cured. I would recommend all who are troubled with General Debility. Dyapepala, Ac., Ac., to try Dr. Tomblety, who naa cured m?. Rev. J. CirBTta, Baltimore, Md. Cariitr Curtd. r\m / M t&il MM Mllfit A# l/i i uinvic\f ubo vuicu my wuv V| DY his herb remedies. J. Cirix, New Fairfax Seminary, Va. Sort Eftt Cur id. P. Maher, Bridge street, Navy-Yard. Prolapsus Uteri. Dr. Tumblety's Herb Medicine hu cared my wife of the above-mentioned disease. CAPT. ClRillNSHiM. Georgetown, D. C. Fiti Curtd. Fits brought on by Weakness, Dyspepsia, Cottlveness, Night Dreams, Ac., k.c. Jamxs DITII, Alexandria, Va. Largt Tumor Rtmovtd. James King, G street, Washington, D. C., had a large tumor of a cancerous nature removed from his head without resorting to the barbarous practice of cutting with a knife, as Is usual In such Ftmal* Complaint Cmtd. Mr*. C. W. Blake man, Lang'a Hotel, Georgetown. Curt nf iVirtwi Dtbxiitf. Frederick Rohleder, F street, oorner of 3d, Island. Scrofula Curtd. J. Maloney, corner 4th and H streets. Enlargtmtnt of tJU Htart Curti. r. Downs, 343 tfth street, Washington, O. C. Scrofula Curtd. J. D Lakeman, Sixth street, No. 439. Consumption Curtd. J. Laird, watchman. United States Capitol. John Clark, ump Duncan, V. U. John C. Day, corner Second and D streets. Bad Cast of Jatmdice Cwrid. John Hard, No. 500 New York avenue. Fits Cur id. David Dllen, 473 F street. Nervous Dtbilitf Curtd. John Denoho, No. 506, corner C and 3d streets. Charles A. Coarvelaer, Navy Yard. Cttrtd of Chromic William Bnlllvan, corner Four-and-a-hall and 0 streets, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D. C. - Cwrtd of DtbtlUf. vmiot witaon, u. o. ftcguiar. Dftftftim Cmrtd. Ben J Done>, Twentieth street, below Peaa y Wan It venue. ' 'i Cmrtd of fimfltt m tht Met. Junes Reed, Twenty-sixth sad L streets. Ckronie Bhtumttirm Cmrtd. I M 6 Howard, Tenth street, seat reaasylvaala i avenae. [Aitkma afttr all tkt Dtcttrt Fhiltd 8. J. White, No. ta 8 street, smith side of Capitol. ( Cmrurr Cmrtd. J. Black ham, Georgetown. B*d Drums mritk Night Swei/j Cmrtd. II. Hsansch, 417 Seventh street. fill Cmrtd. J. J. Kaae, 0 street, between *U sad 7th. TAB INDIAN HBftB DOCTOR tare of iMt mubUIiVi of lUiMLVttiti iMdTla|uy titeMtlM froa li*m. if? Char ft for Contulfhom or Advie i. ^mmmmm _ uflci, no. 11 Waoklagtoa Building*, Penuyl. nWMT 7j> u3w* I ?? WANTS. eal Bt>ra, Pa. itw?, a?ar 3i?t >y B-?' WaN1ED-A half-crown COLORED OIRt. V* Mon?tom?d to hoaatwork Apply at *17 Delaware a>en?a. near the Car'tol. H* WANTED-By a ;m?I man,a SITUATION M waiter in ft rMttarftnt, where be will make hlmwlf general!* aeefi. Good reference! jiron. Addree "T. 8.." Ptar t)C? It* WANTKC-Bt a ruHoUb'.e joang womi, a " SITUATION aeehambermaid.oT where*** ?b make heieelf Kenerally asrfvl. Ap?ly No. 7 7 fifth *t. Qeorte'own. It* \U ANTKO?BOARD AND ROOM, br ft m?n " wife; will fa'ala* own room. Addreia, tating term* sad looation, Box S04 Poat Office. II* ll/ANTED-A SITUATION, bf a middle aged ** woman who eaac >ok( wa*h, iron.or do ft?y kind of ebambarwork. Apply on 1, *eooad door from 81?t ?t.. ?onU> *de. It* WANTKD-A good COACH TRIMMER, at * No 346 D *treet. WAlTSR 4t KARMANN'S _>P ? 8t Can jag* Fiotory. WANTRD-Bt a ret pec table girl, a SIT U A~~

? TluN ft? chambermaid, or to ae?i*t in warning and ironing, or plain needle work, or to travel with a family. Addree* letter* "A ?>," 400 joth itr??t. l)?tween G and H If W AJ?P~B^a reipec table German woman, a ? oi l ua i ivn ? cDamoernr aia or to do |(a r?l homework. Arpy42SlPth street, between t and F, _ M ? n? MR 9FDDEB. 1X7 ANT ED?'Two food GIRLS? one to do eham " berwork. and one to nurse an? wait on t?b'e. To snoh, if well reoommende?t,rood wmm will ! paid. Arp'y this evening at 329 New York at., between 9th and 10th ats. It* HOUSE WANTED?Wented to purchase a Dwelling Hojae rorth of Pa a?*nu?. in some realrshls looality. containing from 8 to 12 rooms, for whioh a fhir price tw eitk will be paid. A out tag e preferred. Adireaa lor on* week, with fall psrUoulan,price, &o ."House," 306 FSunailva niaav. a?3??t* FAMILY HORSE WANTED-Ths sd*ert!S?r * will exchange afa-nllr Horse 12 ;ears old, cf unsurpassed diapcaition, but slow. Tor one of saally safe ?o\!:t; s, not less than 16 hands high, nor more than 6 jet. s old, stylish and fkst; or wilt purchase suoh an one, payable in valuable land on Lake Superior, Address, through Poet Offioe, "Michigan." ap33 3t WANTED-At the Billiard Saloon OOrner Pa. * avenue and Uth s'reet, a YOUNG MAN hetwsen 16anrt 22. white or oolored. ap 32-St* WANTED TO KKNT-A small HOUSE, or two or three anfarnished Rooms in a private family, for th? purpose of housekeeping Address Star Offi'*. sp22 2t? AN EXPERIENCED LADY Wishfs a p'aoe as nurse in a reapsotable family, to attend d?r ing ard after confinement. Good references given. For p*rt;oa;ara address 392 F atreet, between 10th and! 1th. apa??t? WJANTED?A WOMAN to do washing and ?" ironing, and make herse'f generally useful, | > pplv at 44* 13th st.. he?w??n G and H. ap>l nriMTvn * ?? ??<> ? ' mi m *av?* ww jwum-Jiliru Jk AiliUlit", I III" I m diately, at No. 478 Ninth atreet, between ' Dud K. ap ?-3<* H. RIBNET7.KI. A HOUSE WANTED by a pernanrni tenant. R?nt not to exoeeri th'ee or four hand red dollars. It inuat be neat and ooirfortab <?, a?-d )n a pleaaantand healthy neighborhood,ard within 3n mmntea' walk of the Naval Obrervatoiy. Addresa "M. P.,' at the feUr offioa ap l!> at* \J|/ANTED?To enaace a iim'ltinac oi good v v baainesit ability ana (amiliar wrlii Waa'ucgton City, to attend ti vorne out door boaiara*. Apply to JOHNSON. FRY & CO., 47? feven'b at. a?i9 1w? OI(W\ -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN <9 1UU. an and take the wholesale ageror, in every Bute, for ail of Lloyd's Gre^t Military Maps, uaed by our Comm&nclM-in Caief. The oheapeat map* tn the world. A fortune can be made on theee maN iu each State. S.WJKiOooptea of one of my mapa have already be?naold. Alaoamanto co to California, England and Cuba. Aiert*. aiao WRntsH in mm i? ? -? ??4 ? - - ?u? m ufoif rf|iio?ui IU oir ftrmy. 5ond for oiroul&rs. mh< tmaTl 184 Brnaowar. few vPrk. VVANTKU-To have every on* know t&at they " o?n find the best stock of Clothing, Hats and Cass. at the, very lowest rates, at SMITH'*. No. 460 Seventh street, below F. fp 77 ?m VV ANTi.D? Every person to Know that I am m " " u( market, readr to pay o&ah for all artioles In the hou?efnrr,:?hicc line. Tnose leafing tbe oitj,or having a avflu, will do wsli to oall. R. UUCHLY, 498 fSevffcta at., betwesnB and H atr, (eaat aid*,) Dealer is New and Seoond hand Fcraitare. ng l? tf WANTED.?We are now birinc SECONDHAND FURNITURE, 8TOVfiB and BEDD1N?, for which we are paying the highest eash prices. Families declining boateteepmz, or having a aarplua of rarnitare, will find it to tnsir ad Tan tact to gira u a oaJl. ?-? h*. .iBSg&fcSflgnBu \*7 ANTED?To aell, henoeforward, 2<*> harreia " and half barrels of Ale everr weak; alao .the same of Beer, tor the Baltimore Brewery. JOHN SAYNOR. Arent, _ Corner of tlst and O ?ts. Orders in the Post OAoo will be oailed for at 9 a. no. an c 2 p. m. ap 7-lia" LOST AND FOUND. TT'STRAY.?Cam# to the far? of Mrs. Einly Ha BeaU, nor.h of Boundary s?r?et and ta+rck the Capital, on Or neir the 28th of Maioh.VMr" alargertu COW, which the owner oanAaJ?M h'Ti??y.r0Tinf 'rcper,y *nd psyini m>(uh' CTRAYED OR STOLEN?OnJiD'h instant, a S3 chestnut HOB BE, blind in one e?e; fcv white fac: white lege; tali and mare oat T'.'T ace 10 to ll. Any perron returning him to *** THOMAS SHtA. 30 a -.treet south, between lit and *t. Capitol Hill, will be liberally iew*rued. ap?8 3t* rl~<AKEN UP?Onthejnth inttant, a white and JL black BOW, under keel in the ear. The owcer la re*seated to oome for-TVS'" ward, prove property, pay ohargea, andal^ibM takeheravs). J. C G.TOOMBft, Corner N and South Capitol ate., ap ?l 3t* Inland. ?Q 60 REWARD? Foraounoh ofKEVB.lost O it between Willards' and 4X atreet, or in an omnibus on Saturday. The finder will pleaee to leave thMn at BUTLER'S restaurant, Hih at., oppaait* Willarda' Hotel, and get the reward. ap 2i at* OCA REWARD?For the apprehension (and qJ>tJU delivery to meat BladenaDurc, Maryl&od.or reoured in any jail ?n Maryland, a? CW that I get him,) of NEGRO MAN, Sylvester fN Lrlea, late the propsrty of Henry H. War- VI rinr, deoeaaed, of Prinoe George'a ooraty, Md. Sylvester is of copper oorapleaioo; of atoat statue; about six feet hicu; and of pleasing oountenanoe when spoken to. fie is well Known in Waahi-|t;noity,and ia no doubt larkinf in that place or its vicinity. 1 will five the at>ove reward no matter where taken. DIONVSIUS SHERIFF, ap 15 lm* Ext'r of H. H. Warring, deceased. ..I, .. 6 SECRET DISEASES! SECRET DISEASES! O SAMARITAN'S GIPT! SAMARITAN'S GIFT! The Most Certain Remedy Ever Used. UV? ?? ? x ov? pi/iiut? aoro ior MKCRKT DISEASES, GONORRHOEA. GLEET. STRICTURES, ?co. Contain! no Mineral, no Balaam. no Merooiy. Ociy ten fills to be taken to effect a onre. They are entirely gebib e. bavin* no amell nor any nnpleaaanttaate.and will not .n any way injure the atomaeh or bowele of the mo?t delicate. Caret in from two to fonr days, and reoent oaaea in"twenty-foar hoara " Freparod by a graduate of the University of Fennayl vania, one ot the moat eminent Dootora and Chemiata of the proaent day. SAMARITAN'S GIFT Will o?ra any oaae in from two to four day a, and reoent oaaea fn TWENTY FOUR HODRS! No txfiurt. n j trtuble, no ektUMt wtattvtr. Let tkote who have detpairad oj fMtiag eared, or whe have been gorged with Balaam Copavia or SStfafffAM-B SIFT. rent by mail in a plain envelop?. SAMnH?^%vNPDEwfK^icK8' ? 8%f2LEvDl&V?VR Herataa loiittraoaro?no Meronry?do Poiaon? bsttho Jalcoaof Rocta and Harba _ oombmed. Tbu form of tha diaeaee m&kea ita appearanoe in oree on the org ana of generation. or tta?y may oooar ?n other parte of the body, whieh happrua moatly on tba groins, and vary often aa nicer a of ue month, tettera, ipoU.oariea and nodea of the bon?a, to. fco- Ant and all of theee ayaptoma will aooo yield to tha BAMARiYAN'i nOOT ANO HERB JUICES. ^8?t by ejipraaa. Pnoo 91a tfettla, or t> bottlea " SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. t aav ai.'iSwhdM.i?ki. po^ PwP&t CALVBrr FO*D,?onier lith and JTV^Ea?oN. S? South Eighth aUaat.^PhilaBEAUTIFUI^TA^T^TULLE: AND FOR THE MAY BALLS AND PAAT1KS, in the SU ok of Conaigo?d Go:da from tk? lmf$? Imptttmt Hous* in Aiw Yfk wiii ba found aome of the noneetand moat eifgant Drawee, anitabtf MM V ttcirrv i ? e a wn w* r arr arn TIES. er? offered tar MM in ikia ?ity. TlMMgMdSW?*?U*ElMC4MtgM, WIUM mitcSutUrM' *** *a*VMit* Tnaadaca to "Ki'tiw in Nit York ktn mlmtti th* 155m"*?HMSUV?5?U teaalr?iiittAT' ss M%**s;3r?'.,wrowr r&*<t?g M ir Mil, u UM ohotoMt patUfU Will MM b? MUetl JU4 Pi.*rS^.^i\Sl}9UtU, 1 I J.': %(tS ' * ? ' ^41 FOB 8ALK AND KENT. l^OR RKNT--A wali faraiih?d, ?m\ll UUU8K, I OB 2l*t ?tr??\ OOID?r of B. r?0?BlJT 0<*Cdpiad t'T Ca?t Card, O p. A. l?ct ??6 p?r fconUi Inquired Capt BOYLK,ooiMr of M( ?U??U. f\E8IRABL(k ROOMS FOR FAMILIES I* and iMt Mnn. bow TWtnt vlth 379 C itr??t, oorner of tK ; or.? of thi raoit ilmant oo*tion? in <h? oity, for ^rioBi istaadiaf to remain to Washington dariag in? manner. apg ?t? I70R RKNT-A (Irat-clnai fi KURftlHHKU I HOUSE, cobtainicg all lb? molrt impro*?m ar ? 1^*>i?p*ll* ! on? ftna?w ft ka IPils U> * tm Ul rw M . V'VUNMil IWSM7M MOW ??y VJ?J K 9 rooms) an elegant raloon, parlor arfl lari* atry chambers; a bnok ?tah>. ft will be ran'ad to* private familT.lor 4 or6 month? 8''on?f. l?o?>e Ion ?tvan i?t of May. Add en 8- E DBox a?T City Poet Office. ?f B ?' FfOK RKNT-A tvoatorv BRICK HOU8K. aeuth w?t oornor O acd l*th a'.reat* foaaeseion ciT?n on the lft of May. Apply U& 6a? it, flaortttoarn >|aif ? A RARE CBANCR ALVABLK PISCK OF PROPERTY FOR bvooo Peaa. arena*. betveaa 4k and *j atraeta, oath aid*, with incrorwnonta two email fame house*. fronting on i'psh aran**, ta Lot No. *, 8<uare A. 2M?et, runnmc back to an alley mfmt S i ooPet, (rqv?r? tmi S.W ) Far farther information applr t? Jt'SEPH F. KKLLY, Atect, on s'j> at'oot No 361, between i and New korkar. a>? ?w? C'OR- RENT?A neatly farsuhad HOUSE cub A taiains 8 rooms, three aqaarea Iron the War Peasrimest. 6aa and water in tLa bcnae. I nan ire uno lBwron'fli'i H?fw?. sp?'.-3t* ABN 8U1T UP FURNISHED ROi <MS, with al tke modern improvt m?ti requisite for comfort and oonvmienoe, oath ro>?, .? ,*> 40* <th ?t.near City Hal) aptl 3t? FOR RENT?A comfortably ftrnishel three fory WRICK Ilol'BK, containing 7 rooma. with |M 'brocthcat. witter in kitohen?with front. da ar1 h\c* yard-No. 443 Twe fth st, between 6 and H, id*. * p *!-3t*_ T|U RENT?A famished H^U4b oortainins 6 reemt will he recteo to a good tenant for #eo per n ustti. payable in advarre A fkmi.y wthont ?h>ldrea pre.erred Apply at WALL STlsPHE>'B k (Hi, S'ii Pa avenye, bet w??n 9th and WthsU. The honse is situated on 11 *t, between 4* h acd 8th, north side. ap >1 3'.* I?OR SALE CHEAf-A very prrt T. nearly a new. medium used HOUSE,brown front, in the mutt desirable part of the e ty, with mini diate pos-.esimn Also a hist'Dme Prcpvly of ltanres, jast oa the oity lire. A!ip, a *c etdid Hotel Property, and vacant Lots. ParUe< taking reAl esta'e to eel I will do tfl to eal: on the subscriber?office on l$th at. nezt Kicci tt Co.'a Bank. W>1 lw- H^SRY L- Rlt-frR. Attorney. r-'OUNTRY R1SIDHNCE FOR SALE, or Vv exobanse for a house m th? city, one mre front the oity limit*, unrivalod for health. rore water and horticultural improvements, fiood b<nidings.wi>k IX acres of land. Apply to Prof. CHARLKS G. PAGE. Patent Offloe as I" 6t EHJR RENT-Oue FURNISHED ROOM, wi h r gaasnd t-oard. in a eiivate fairiy, on seaond floor, *th. between 0 and H streett. No. 409. ap n-4t? . FOR RENT?A furnished fonr-stcry BRICK DWELLING,:n a pleasactand healtliTsl part of the olty, with fine large obambers and pailors, bath room supplied witn hydrant wa'er,and gsa throughout; a oamage-house and stable attached. This is a deetr&ble rejidero* for an M. C. or Government eirp'oyee in either one of the Depart meats. losuire at 3T3 Eleventh etreel, between K an* L. from ft to 6 p. m. nail FHQR XALK-lwofin' olaaa BILLIARD TA RLES, n,arble f aba. and every arrangement complete. Ttsnae dsairujg the above wt.i atisly their intereal t>y calling immediately at the I.aro pev> Hotel, turner 11th aireetand Fennayivaiaa av>'E<ie. mh 8-tf SB U AIMER RESIDENCE FOR RF.NT. iron tk* "Men hlltn Farr*J' D. U., about 1)4 milt? tiKvt (itorgttiyyvn. (n?ar Mr. Lo*tkbor<m*k,'i)-A deairable nirnieUel Uouble House wall ahaded, hue water, fto . with atabimg, carnage-houae*, fto.,fce. TheaUertton of Membera of the Cabinet. Foreim Mimaiera. ar>d gentlemen with fann y ia eapeoiaily invited to thii advertiaemuit For examination of the preiiiiaea apply to the manager rpon the farm (Mr. Jamea O'Bnan.) and for ij> th*r eartioulara addreaa Captain w. A T MADDOX, U ti. M , 1U40 Sprnoe atrest. Fhiladeipli a, Fa. mh31-1m* GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'M'ia OH 100 000 BUSHELS F STONE *HELL and GAS LIME, for Agricultural paraorea; alao, all kinda of MILL atj.l HRAIN PKFD BALED HAY, MEAL. FLOUR, and POTATOES, No. 1*0 Bridge at, Georgetown. _ap!8jw K1RKLAND ft DOWUNG. |j V UKBK i N W L O V ? B I Ramibnrg k. Ebert, 103 H.?h h7111t, OEORUKTOVrN. D. ft Thecal; manufactnrere of 6*naiae BUCKSKIN CLOVES, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, MITTENS In the Diet riot. Officers' 6aantieta mvle to ordtr, Bonkik'n Prawert airl BhirU ta *1 JVIASSEY. COLLINS * CO.'E 1>I PHILADELPHIA VHA WBHT ALB. We fca*e Jnst received a raepiy ol theabove A I*, which *f reoouuneod to be ofa very superior <btitty. Pereoni wishing to purchaae, t>y making iaanediate applioatica, K3 befnrviahed, ARjNV * PHINN, u UTTER HOUSE. NEW GOJHEN BTTTER Eow reoeivlrg dni'y. Batter of all graoea oonttantly ia lor?, and forjale at tit* loweet Market rate*. h* D. K. DUTROW, No. 430 kiehth etreet, ap 18-13t* near I'a. avenue. ^ P II I N O STYLES PAPERHAN9INWS. FIRE BOARDS, WINDOW SHADES. Attention ia r*qneettd to the new end beaatifal itock of the above tioode wtuoh I am n>v receiving. They nave nean carcfully eeleotedanu purchased at tbe iovmI prioeeior oath.and I eLailcff?r mperior tndnoeraeru to thoee ia want u?oa the ujbc fenn*. l Dare aia j a rcx-d atoot of Piotur* Cords, Loope and Teaaeis,*ha-Je Cord a.d Trimminga m i va netr oieolcra _ Lounge* Aiattr'sats and P.'low* of every dc orution kept on hand and made to order. Pap-rhancioc and Upho aterv work done prompt iy at low pricea. Matting Ja.d ty a oompetact workman. Aa 1 find there lascme mitappieiienaioa cn the part oi the patlio. 1 wiab to *?a?e diatioo'ly tfcat 1 am co longer in bsaineaa with B P Frank la, but am alone endeavjnng to biuid up a buaineaa at 460 9th etrxtt, Lear t. ap 19 ^miw L J ROTHBOC*. pKOPOiALS FOR BTJCAMKK9. Navy DipaitmisTi April 16.1P62 PaoroaaLa will be reoei.ed by thia Department, by mail or telegraph, to the 30th instant, at noon, Witt c?neral apeoffioationa and plana, for the construction ol o-.e or mare, up to four, Iron Gunboats for the Mississippi river and Ga.f eervioe, with two turret* cn the plat of the Enoaaon Turret, for the 11-itch cues, the tl iekceaaol the Iron of which to be e'cht inches ; the aides to bs plated with iron ol tnree inones th;oknfa? in one or two layera to extend two and oce-haJf feet below ths load line. 1 he vessels to he act less than t2n feet in length and 56 feet breadth, and not ty draw over six feet of water loaded ready for s*r7ioe To be prop* 11*4 by sorews, to ecaare a apeed through the water of ClDA Iriioii or a*A. rnilm mp Kamp wilt state trie prioe an-J ttni* of oompi rtion',"r~iy 17 it BHK, SURE AND COME TO THE BEST piatm to >? ? ?o*r Clothing?No. 460 Sevrota ??O v f? Yl-Xm 486 CiRAVuBffi'SUpi,s 486 Card Photographs ic v&hmt. including eopies oj Choice Pictures. Alto CARD VISIT Hand OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, the largest estorttnert, from the beet aansfaotory In the oountry .for cash, at J. M AKKRITER'8, No. 486 berenife street, fa U doors thon od4 k? p?i' Hall. INCH HEAVY t>D COTTON DUCK, trine* Heavy Cotton Dunk. n 4 Hmit ffrnwn Cotton St.osting, ? ?. 10 4 aad12-4 Hleaohed Cotton (sheeting, 4 4 Bleached Sn'rtings, _ 4 4 Drown Bhirtings. . With a central stock of Domes t'o Dry Soots, all at the lowest rr>oes for oash WM. R. RILEY * BRO., No. Central Stores, Between 7th mad 8th streets, ap 15 l*t ospo. Center Market. TRAVELLING TRUNKS to t>e fosnd iBMaija Krjiwrsftus floes, Csrpet Begs, A.O., whioh we are now M.ling at very low prioes. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 1a?U " ISlTPena. avnae. ENDV8 FORTIFICATION; field and Krai j peat London; ?2 75 Flan and elevation of Vaaban's First Syaftin London; 62oeoU Mo1e?n Systef of Fortifisati on. London; f28S L\..? a * I) .-jlc a. ? I - uina rust ciinoiui r wniDMixB. uvauui, 9117. Kimbai'a Conatruoilonol F.eid Works. London, #2 2S. _ Yu!?'e Foruftoftttofi. Lowk>?; t)M _ Jebh on A*Uck Hd D^mmoI ompotU, Mi Ml gLOAt^BBAW^ AM, *"NE SHAWLS. tHAWW, CUOA?^?%?IS, OOOOS. MANTL&Si A l*r?? MsertaMt bow ia tad %mm aappitM Irocn U? Nanh atd Eft daily. On* ?no? only, mar ka> ia mjoa ftgarw. n^5r~ ?' ^SK^Su'' tAi ri.NV. AiM>tu>MmrtaMtoruiLCLOTH? kkff ? ?lit# of ' A >UpJL .Vi/i inJ'i. 4 4? { I SECOND. EDITION. . THE EE O'CLOCK, f. M OCR MILITARY BUDOHT Unit HON TOIKTOWW. Wf hare Information per telegraph Iron before Yorktown late aa op to aunriae thla raoru. ir.g. At that tim? til ?? quiet there Oar troop* were then hard at work wl'h the labor of the campaign. We promt#? the Simr't reader i at tr ring newa from mat qutrtn sot 1<?| heaoe. We refrain from publishing much that we krow of orrutrencea there and of mattrra in proapee'. that we iaay not aid the enemy by m*klne rerelatior.a that mlxht be of aerrloe to them. ri?vo?T M&aaaAL roa iiniPDau Col. Gregory, of the Plat Pennsylvania Regiment, haa been appointed Provoat Marahal of Aleiaadria. In plate of Coloael Vlrila, and ertera upou fe.a dutlea to day. COWZRKfiHrnrtAL. nxrilth COW?REM-?aeaa< Saaalaa. WssxxaxuT, April SI Sanarc.?Mr. Trambnll pretexted a petition from oneW.C. Jewatt for a ? defenalre. atard till pnllnr at Yorktown, Ac , to aecore a reeerer lorce of 450 000 men." Mr T. alao repor>d from the Jndlrlary Committ or a btll !n relation tithe pay of the HratSenP?nMifntkt1^?? from MlntiMrtii' nataeH Mr. Hale eff'ered a resolution Instruc'lag the Military CoramittK tf? Inqul'e whether any General in the army before York town baa exMb'ted blrnaelf drunk In the face of the en?ttie. and tf any m-esure* hare been taken for the trial and punishment of audi officer Mr Haleadvornted the adoption of thts resnltitlon, Incidentally stating tbat It we* charged that a general officer of that army h? d b*en ao drunk In an engagement (the's Mill i.?ht) aa to fall off his horse. Mr. Wllaon ata'.ed the cfflcer referred t* to be Anting Major General W F. J*mHh. and ?lso advocated the adoption cX the resolution. K'solu; tlon adopted. The bill for the reeoyn'flan of the republics of Haytl ard Liberia wa* then taken up and waa edvocated by Mr Sumner. Hots*.?The bill for the relief of the owner*, officers and crew of the Danish bark Jorgeit I/1rentzeo, illegally selx:d by our blockading squedron, wa* passed. Mr. RIair. from the Military Committee, reported a bill authorizing the appe Intme'it of a board to examine coaat and harbor defence* The consideration of the Confiscation bill, on which the previous qneatlon had been demand-d at the time of the adjournment yesterday, waa resumed Hon Horace Maynurd, having returned from a visit to his borne In Tennessee, appeared In Lla seat this mornii g LATE LOCAL NEWS El*CTI0*0? VzsTITMKN 4TTRIKITT C'HeR' n An Anirnaud Coni*'t ? To Pray m nor le P*?y^ TV Xom-Prtytt Trmtr.f!komi ? R?r. Mr. Spit ir /' Ht'cined?l*ast Monday the correlation of Trinity Church met for the pirpose cf electing foul vestrymen for th-ensuinp year, and a;tbcugh (ko MI sa tvna A t . A i an im I ltrmls (V>? rrettirstnr* tuc mmm v?i itiiik. ? u _r s < .1 ?w, ur ?,ai u*. s 1 ^ wii larger tbaa ever before upon a?lmiUr?ccatfon. The great Fyle qnestlon w:?? tap for dpcf?So?i. and on the Issue of the election d?pend?d the point whether Mr. J* should V rJ?tV.!i*d in h's noo-dellvery of the BUhop Whittingbamljnl-n. succer>en-thankseiving-prayer. or whether th? protesting vestrymen should be upheld. Thf matting was aa'na%t< d and lr.terrst'ng, but the discussion vrw not bitte'or o!Tmslv?. and many who had disapproved of Mr i*ylf'* coni** In the matter at Issue, complimented him as a faithful and useful pester. The fact that Bishop Whlttlngbara rerommended the aettl*ment of the dl Acuity without the dismissal of Mr. 8vie. had no l ttie weight, doubtless At all events, when the election ismt* on, the non-prayers swept the board Messrs Z. C. Robblns, ? Chipman, \V B. Todd and Or Brodbead, of the Vestry last year were dropped from the llat, ard' Mesar*. O. D. Hanson. Josrph in^le, Benjamin B ?U and Jos M. Torbert, were elected In their places Th* Veatry has the right to call the pastor, and It ts now considered certain that Re*. Mr. Syle will be regularly called to the charge. In another part of to-day> paper will be found some interesting correspondence la relation to this Truliy Church Imbroglio. L Tnu R'vll?Dimnt* t? l*? Etcape from Dn w>ai*f'The late heavy raina have had the effect to produce quite a freshet In the l'otomac. Yesterday the wa'rr wag very high and the current rapid, bringing down immense quant! tiea of drift wood from the upp r river. .Winy men and boys were employed la catching the wood, laying In auppllee cf fuel for future ?i?e. The current fca4 but little etT-rt upon th?br:dg?j but an occurrence yeMerday hna again stepped the travel over the brldg* Abut half putt eleven o'clock yesterday the steamer Lady Washington started from Georgetown to go down the river. The attendants at tbe drawer immediately began to open tbe way for her; but tb<- stfE.roer approached so rapidly that before the drawer was fairly opened she came in contact with It,completely wrecking tbe drawer. wMch fell lain tbe water, and It la thought seriously damaged tbe pier abutment. This Injury ia much more serious than tbe former Injury, and It is thought tb-re weeks wKl be required to put the bridge in Ita former condition. Tberc la a belief that tne si lot was to blame, and that an Investigation of the case will be made to-day by the Department. Yesterday a amali boy, who was fishing at tbe bridge, fell Into the river and was carried i?way rapidly by the current. Peraons sround called to the crew of a schooner lying In the stream, aud they instantly manual a boat and aet out for the boy, but the current waa ao awlfi that he was carried several hundred yards before they reached him. They pulled him out nearly drowned and dreadfully frightened. To-day the current la very rapid, but not ?o much ao aa yesterday. Accmair* at thi Ak?kkal ?8ome of the combustible matter In the room for preparing fu?es, at tbe Arsenal, accidentally became ignited yea inuty piicinooii, imuPii'g tu ca^iuviuuf wuitu seriously burnt and Injured live or six persons, but It ia hoped none fatally. The injured parties Were conveyed to the hospital. Amoo^ tlioac Injured are three youths, named L>esa>oud, Vernon and John Adams. the first two realding on the (aland and tbe latter near the Navy \ ard. Their Injuries are coaflned to their f*ces &ad hands, which are very much burnt. Wasts Attention ? At the corner of Eighth and E streets, near the Navv-Yard, there la a large hole, which la dangerous for horses to cross. A horse attached to a wagon came near having his leg broke there yesterday afternoon, and hardly a day passes but a horse stumbles In It. Tte commissioner should at olcc attend to this matter, as an accident may occur by which the city will become liable to pay a sum large enough for the repairing of all the streets. Akbavltkd.?Lnl night, about e o'clock, two negro men, who were telling oysters at tbe NavyYard, were assaulted In coming out of a house by three soldiers,who, after uxlne toem pretty rough, ran off wiUt tbelr bats. One of tbe soldiers, numwl Lemuel Kid well, was arretted by off ce? Humphrey, but no evidence being at band be was dismissed. Fr^smaL ?i Mkt. Taleot.?The funeral wrrlcesof this off cer will be held in Bt Al?v?lns Church, to-morrow, at IS o'clock, and will be Terr Imposing. Mcztrt's Requiem Maas will te performed by tbe choir of tbe church, aalsted by members of esveral of the city choirs. 6kcoho Wa*dStation Cases? b'/ott juttir* C ar* ?John Henry, drank; dtsml*?*d . K W. Ludlow, drunk and disorderly; turned over te the ml'Itary. June* Brady, do ; lined ?3 ? Prevoit Mmrshml%t Ojflct, > WaQuieten. D C.. A rill 22 1 < Special Order, No. 7*. Auonymout communication# will not be recogn'zad at tfceae Beadquartare. CootplainU of ejtlzeoa of depredation committed by aoldlera. iom: be accompanied with proper alguaturaa, elating reeldeoce of eanplalaaau Br order. JdaJor W. E. DoaUr, Provoet Marebal C*a? E. Roamac*. Adjn'ant TV Corpo?tf?n? ioT Afclr'Ii. mgrn IwWl al Ihalant iif li !? i> I i ili.u.i. ili?l al>?in tMraWtemn (watf piled viU Fufc ?u J e*:? ??i 1 ujli?iw?a. jg >? ?w ANVf?f iu? tEPmtiKilATUIlHiaMfrMtAr|? fj| tlrM UI^MS ^ 01 ^-j5 - ! 41 >?*?

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