Newspaper of Evening Star, May 5, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 5, 1862 Page 2
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P> NING STAR. V.'ASXI:NQTON- CITY: MON A\ M1V 190i IT/" Heading flatter on every page. See outfor lnteieatlrjr telegraphic and other matter. tTT"n,c.ach TUM Mil 1? printed on tb? luteal ?fc am pre** in ?onth ef Baltimore, lt? edition ? ?c l^ce ta tc r " dre It tc be put to pr*aa p.t an mif : Adrmtuvunti, tbcrrtfore, !>fc?':!4 ?* rut In k*1nr* It r'clwk w ; ?th?n?1s* they nD'y not nfijcnr nnMI tbe next <*ny. Voivit ?? ?? an^? ? ~.?iv .? ? m * * r ? Tht IntttUr+ntrr *ay? of tberebel "akrdadd'.e'' from VorVlown: Thh evacuation, accompanied byctrcumataucca of auth prrclptlrtlon, r? flec's thp highest honor <>n thf epgicf^rlng (kill brought tob?arbyOen. MrCielUn on tie fortlflctiion* of the meiriv. ?*>mp?-lMni? tbe to abandon. w!thon? a blow. tb? defence of p< *lt'.ona deliberately selected by t heme Ires and strengthened by the labora of ni4nv month*. A triumph so nigral ta rendered bW.dlew only by the superior military science ?h!ch li the present caie ba? accomplished wba', with depositions le*a complete, It might hire cost a great sacrifl~?of I!f?? to attain. The AffsUicss upon the*?me topic talk*about *tn??g expressions of ''Joy aod indignation ' being heir*! In a'! circle*. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. WHERE HAVE THEY OONF. The auddennen* of the evacuation of Yorktown, with the abandonment of tbe'.r heavy gun*, tuuch munition, Imnente quantities of military ?tore?, tenU, bagRage, Ac , mnkea it certain to hi that the rebel* Will hardly ?t?p running ?> ?ng a* they Und the way open, rearward, for their flight. Some of the abolition bstera of (ien. McClellan <?rc trjing to frighten the weak-nerved with a report thst they are on the way to F?ederick?burg ! < >f course petting up this foolish story la Intended simply *a a last lick at Gen. McClellan. It certainly amount* to nothing more. It wmi e?id?*nt that th* rebel* are sltnplv trying 'o git otl by midden and precipitous flight. t*< uin?s>d aa their army 1?, and \ uraued so cloae1> t'V th- army of tuf IVtonnc ns they are being pursued, they cannot turn and ti^ht seriously. W e bt i i'.ve that by th!a t. ine thousands of them are nrlaouem. and lrnnaiiti-riililp nnrlmn of nil* ? -? v ? ?" 1roop?? pr- b'tdr of 30 (AH) at least?are many mile* in their rtar That i?, between them and Richmond, b? in^ vi lthin 30 mile* of that capita'. Oar anticipation la thit the main body of McClt-Uan'* army will jre? to Richmood quite a* Mi 1 ?. a lio fnsin i? ?. 9 41 mI?.. - " ?-** ? ? ?? >uv una J iur ujii'^ ir uvif, it uu* t. o inacb ene?m?-ered with the prisoners and military plunder they may tike on the way. A MOST IMPORTANT EVKNT. The determination of the Uovernm;nt at onrc to op?n the port of New Orleacs and lomr other lately blockaded "Uthern port* to the commerce ? ! tu?- world?announf ed elsuwbere in tbe Star t? day?mutt at once entirely change the current cT European commercial Influences upon our civil w*r It cannot fa'l to hi%e 'be ttne^t conceivable effect a-011 cur national lnterrtU In l'nu'e?n<i England, e.s It wilt throw upon lh? t > i .i 'It-IE selves all the odium cf longer ke?pln>$ their eollon from the foreign fa Uriel Our re?/ ; victories .an<t tbi? "order In rounril" to. j^tl-r, mu*-t result In ?endin2, promptly, a cok<*ldcrable supply of cotton to Europe. V 8 STEAMER SUSqi EllANNA. Tte fo lowlni? are lh^ c,fllref? of fhr ir h t'.eamer gu?quchanna, which ve^el has arrived Jtk Fortress Monroe from Port Royal, 8. C., and la now attached to Flug Officer Gold>borou?h's *qu<?*dron : Captrlu, Jamra l< Urdorr; Lieut and F.xerutlveOS-er; At ting Maatera, G. B Livingston, A I. B Z<*refe, William I, Churchill, lx>ula , Surgeon, J?*. Beale; Paymaster, Washington Irving; Captain of Marine*, P. F. Fenda!!; A?fil?Ur,t ^ur^eon, Henry C. Nelson; Chief Erglcetr, (irorge f*ewcll. NAVY YARD. The cutter Miami anlved yeaterday morning from tbr K^ppauannock, bringing up !*t- retarlt-a t cwerd, Sfatton and Cbas* who Went down on I r!day nivh*. The Sattelite caute up la?t nl(jbt i r a n* w boiler srd "th' r repairs. A new boiler w.t 'r-e'rcd fi?in Baltimore Ihia morning f>r tfce Vt'vandsnk. Tin: GUNS CAPTURKD. Tte totil immbtr of guua In poattlon captured by thr Army of Ibe Potoinnc In the Reb?-i worka at Yeikt?w.( nnd <?iouce*ter, ia iii?.r* than 1W ? ni'iiy being v?*ry h'-avy, rilled, ar.d of tLe fiiTat <!?.*?-rl;.tion. AMI03BP. Stcend Division D f. Militia, ) April*J9, 1M>J. J General () den, No 2. Clonrl fcmby,ca Senior Flrld "fleer of the Urlgidf, Is Vtnponrlly awl^nrd to the ctinmind cf the Inai Brigade cf thla Division, and will. without delay, i*nue the neceaaary orders fir muater. Bvordrr of Major General Geo. C. Thoman, Geo. C. Whiiim, Major and A. 1). C. Italia* Opera a *d Gott?chalk ?The three operatic and inatruruental performances by Graa'* lUUu Opera Company, from the Mew York Arademy of Mutic, ar.d the great p'ani?t Gotts i bulk, vk111 take plare on Wednesday, Thursday, and Grover's (New National) Theater Tht appearance of the celebrated contralto, M'me D'Angri, lathe new feature of Ihla combination of mualral celebrities. M'me D'Angri Is. with tfce exception of Alboni, the greatest living contralto, and the rendition of the difficult to* of Leonora In Favorlta has recslvtd from the New York and Bos-oil preta the highest pralae. The Grau Opera Company Includes, besides M'me D'Angri and Gottachalk, Brlgnoll, Mancusl, A..r 41a Utialnl ?n<4 lltmai \f Ae.. Tk.? ? /l 1 iiv, wHiki. ?HU 1*1 ua .UVUB i HC Vituc^wa will W under tte direction of Sig. Muzlo, thv director of the New Vtrk and Havana Opera. Ttc programme consists of a grand (jotWcbalk concert, ts?Uted by the artists of the Opera Comj :ny. and tbe last ac: of Kavorlta, with M'uie i 'Argrl. Il.-lgnoll, end fusJnl In the principal rein. r*nU and boxes can be secured at Mr. Metzsroil's Music Store, and the price of admission ai.d particulars can be seen In the amusement colli ma FisascIaL.?New York pap?r? of Saturday say the reaction ?a tie ?t ck market expended ilaelf yr ?tcrday, and the to-day baa been one of (be most excited we have ever wltue?aed. The caserne** to buy txUrnded throughout the eat,re lUt, and tbe advance eatabllahtd ranged from to '? M! c*?t There It xviiirjitlv an* nf IIuaI^. due (prr.ulatlve movementa commencing, In which tbf public are taking a lar^e intrrett We quote from closing talcs: U. S. 6'a, 1881, trilateral, WV coupon*, WtjalOO; U. 8. A'*, 1- 1,'sWM, 7 jo Treasury note*, 102\aimone y r certificate*, ; Illioota eoapona, 1:79, M); Illinois war loan, 1*6, Indiana 5'a, S3; Michigan 6'?, J I; Tennessee ?' , &X Virginia 6's, 00; North Carolina ft's, 67*67%, Missouri* St \ nil, American gv:?, lM%. I'ottal Klin BlTWIM tib UllITKD states am Nova Scotia ?on after the 1st of June next, ail Mters mailtd in the United States and sddr>asedto Nova Scotia, will be required to be j repaid by U. S. postage itampt at the existing rates. IIHcIl: Ten rrntn from all SlalaMM ?*' ever "> (JOU tuilea the frontier Use, and fifteen cents f?r greater distances. All letter received trjsu .Nova dcotio hfter d?te, will cone fatly prepa d, aud aie to be delivered without further cLarge. I'aaso.vAL ?Gen BcroggtandCol. I). Ullmaa, V- S A, ?re at the National. Jjrrd sparks, the hlatortaa, and wile; Baron W tdtl JirUberg, of Pru?tit, Major Gen MeCall, G n Vwla and Geo. Ward 11. Burnett, are at WiWord*' A flivif ttPoiLSP.?Tbrr* lata* Iff atatlag ttat ta^rf U b?t a kbaduw ot j #. n.t^ll *>n f Kr ai <k/ m in ?(?rnUlidA 1 m M La i i L laUrcvcbtlou ud a propcKtl iiulitio? W]U> cite rctetfi etc. II 1 I UTE NEWS BY TELEURAHH. ^ HIGHLY INTERESTING FROW RICHWONO. ? JrfT Darli' Viro Coachman Escapes (o JlcOowell'i Arm). Hl? Statement of IK1 Plate of Things In Official Circlet* There* Jeff Packed 1 p and Ready to Rnn. U k.. ~ U _ ? #?AaM H?M nu? vmu-uu nfirciuu uvui ?<? 11 anwi UitIi quarrel* Milh Him. Ilf Thonrht Hrrf h Wnii'fi hr f.irkrd "W ~ ~ ~ at lorktoun. A Strong Inlon Sentiment n veloplnc Itself In Rlcbmond. The Rebel Leaders Hope to he Able to Luritn? from llrelnla ulfli their Arm?, Ac. Th? following telegram was received at the War Department to-c!ay, from Fredericksburg, Va : FmDKBiCKftflma. May .5 ?A colored man came in to-day from the other aide of tL- Rippabannock r'ver,a:id repre*ented hlmvl/aa J< IT lmi*' coacbmsn. From an examination of bim, it la probably ao. lie repeat* scrap* of conversation overheard by him whilst driving Mr. and Mr?. Davis In the carriage, and between Mr. Davla and loose wao camf to ??? nun. Mr. I>ivls and (Je<i. J. E Jobnion bad dome Le&ted dl?cu*aloa* about tbe latter'? retreat from Manassas; Mr. Davis disapproving of it, and ordering a stand to be made at Hordnnavtlle, which Johnnnn drrlln?d to d-*, and fll'-red to resign, and was even lndi?p^s**d to go Vorktown. Mrs. Davla s*id*be thought this very bid i.i him to he unwllltoir to go and help (ion Mi ruder The ros^hmin ovrlieurd the conversation between Johnaon and Davla'* wife; tbe former mv log If he had not left Manawa when be d'd, that McClellan would have come out a^alnat him and cu* him nil to plecca. Mr? Davi? read an article In the Richmond ?.ramiH'r to her busbind, saying that It was part of the Yankee plana tLnt General* Hanks and McDowell were to farm a jincMoa In I.c.ulsi or Caroline county, and mnva it/iwn on ft rhmmH lit via rf rii^rtr*><l t\i*t be thongbt that wan not io, but that bl* Generals would Uke care of tb?-iu. He overheard a conversion between Da*!* and Dr Gwln, former I' S Senator fr<m California Davit nald that be bad icnt Gen. J. H Anderson frctn North Carolina to resist the march rf the Frdrrali from Fredericksburg, and to delay Ibein long enough for him to tbe probable result of the rort.'st b?*'o*e Yorkto*rn; so that If that was likely t? be unsucr -tsiul, be would have time to extricate hi* army from the Peninsula and ^et them Into KIcLmond and cut of Virginia; tbit, otherwise. they would all be caught. The coachmen represents thnf M rs. pavl* said the Confd*racy wan about played out; that If New Orletn* was really tskrn, ah'' had no Jorger any Interest In the matt' r; as all she had wan there; that It wa? a great pity th?*y had ever ?tt? tupttd to Lold Virginia, ar.d the othrr noncotton-growing states Tn*t xbe Mid to Mr-. I). R Jone?, (d<tu^Lt? r of Colonel J Ti>ylnr, C. I*. Cornntiuary of tSubfllatrnc*,) who wan very .? ?T#?I !A ll'tiOPU !'? ??? HW?IWVI? ?? W'/ ? ? " "S, f ? u? 1C ?Ul. U<i* UIIV ol h?T rLlidrrn, not t > n've her?>elf nny trouble but only to ?tay where ?he Wi<?, and wh'n the Vankeei tame lo Richmond she could go. He ays Mr. and Mr? Davis hav?- all their books, clothing and p'rt.irea park'-d up read'/ to move off, that there it ranch ou'ipnkfn I'nlon feellne In Ulchmcnd; that Laving been a waiter in a hotel, be kcowa all the Colon m< n of th? place; and that the Yankee* ere look, d for with moi h pleaaure?more by the wliitei than even the coiortd people. Confederate mon<?y, he siya. 1* not taken when It can be avoided. Mr?. Davla hera?lf waa ref-: ed wben ahe ott'i red a te.i d >l!ar Confederate note, which *hr did In payment for something purchasci Many 01 ise nicumona peip:-> wi?u m* i nion tr?ojM? to com?, a* t>iey sre half ?t-uved out. The bank and Government property is all packed up for Danville, N C. (ien Johnston did not think they would succeed a? Y'orktcwn. He overheard ofiiccrs say If they failed at Yorktown aiid New Orleans thev would leave Virginia YORUTOWn I.VACtTATED! ? ? Th* Fntire l.lne ( Dr(rnf>, with a I.argr "Number of *.iiih. much Airsniii lliliun u lid t rui|' { :n 111 uir rtd- j rritl Pos?e??ton?Klouif'KKiUoOfiliplfil ! hy I nion Traop* ? 4irn. >lc? lellan ? U'> nit hia Cavalry ? Artillery in Pursuit ?The frederal (>unl>oai? .>1? v r up York Hiver. The following diip itches were received at the War Department yesterday: F'iktkh" Monro*. M*y 4.?Yorktnwn was evacuated last dig tit. Our treopa no>.\? iircupv ilie enemy'* works. The enemy left a largo amount of camp equipage tnd gun*, which they could not deatroy, for fear of belnij fern. IllAlyU 4BTER? Army < r T H K PoTOMAC, f May 4th. ?. m \ Hon. K. Ai. Stanton, Pecr.-tary of War: We have the ramparti of the enemy. We Lavp bU it una,ammunition, camp equipage, \c., and bold th* entire line of bW w?fk?, which llie enpiaevra report at beta" veryatron*. 1 bave thrown all my ravalrv and horae artillery In pu ?uit, auppnrted by infantry. I move Franklin, and nmu'h more a? I cin traonport by waler, up to West l'olut to day. No time iball be lost Tbe gunbcats have gone np York river. I omitted to state that (jlouceater l? also in our powwion. 1 ahull puah the?nemy to the wail. (J. B McClkllas, Major General. (Special Telegram to Th- Star J Camp bavokk ^ okitowv, May j - -The enemy have abandoned Yorktown In aucU haste t* to leave tffleern' ba^a^e, nnu furniture, an.munition. and a lar^e cumber of gun*, tenta, Ac , 4c. Our fia^ at a<inrl?e floated over Yorktown. The army Is cn the heel of the enemy, who, deserter* aiy, were over one huud.ei thousand strong 1 consider thl? a moat important aucctrta in J* remit upon the country and army. [ Army Correspondence of the Associated I'reos.] HK*rvffSHTXK4 Apmt iip thk ? otomat, May 4. 20 o'clock. A. M.? fhli morninu at nVlnrW your correspondent ha<l th? pleasure of entering the enemy's works at \ orktown. which the rear of their army desrrted four hour* before. Kverytbink; wan found to b* !n rather confusion, ss tli^ugh ttey lrft In ureat h**te Between forty aud fifty- pieces of heavy artillc.y have hern lelt In their works, after being spiked, together with lir^e amount of ammunKlon, medical stores, camp equipage, tents and private property of their ofllcers Ar.egrowho was left in the town*!at-? that the rebels threw a large amount of ordnance toreatnto the river to prevent it* falling Into our band*. Several deserter* hive succeeded In running Into our line*. One of them, a very lntelllg< nt man, from New York, who had been connected with the ordnance department ever alnce tbe work* at Yorktown were constructed, sta'e* that the rebel* evacuated the place owing to the near approacn of our parallel* covertng ibe Immense Beige works of men. That ihey feared tbe yuvmui iw umuu guuuoan no me iori river and Jamea river, by meana of which their communication with the outer world would be cutoff The nrder waa given to evacuate by Grn John on on Tburodav, to commence the following morning, wblrh w.u arrord;njrly done. Gen. Magruder la aald to have moat atr-nuoualy oppoaed tbe me.-aur#, stating that if they could not whip tbe Federal! here, there waa no other nlirc in Vlri/lnl? ?h?r? Uim />miM U? In the pretence of his men that this vru so, and they vociferously cheered him. lie became mucb I excited and completely lost control or blmaeif. Gen Robert L. L*?, commander-in-chief, ari rlvrd at Yorktown on \V?doe?day, and mtnu'ely i examined (be works <>f MrClellan, wLt n be l? suppovd 11 have recommenced tin abandon?.*nc of ibr wt>rb*. derating r???ui initen^ub Tue dcM-rtris alt -?ifree I'? *ta'Jnif that tb?l< Uo..p? Wf-rr ittr :r. ;rh d?'morsllrut it'nd i/Wdmdlibflltrrini WU*U ttf ordrr to rrtcil WM Iliads, (Ley all anMctpairti having an r ?( tli!? i?!at. Tbe d rrtrra also a^rca in nyluK tDst tbe rebel* bad a force of iw.uMi men on tln> I ***t %' TVl Kt-IJLSI 1 " = peninsula, together with some 400 nieces of field artillery. From tbe beat Information received, they hsve fallen back to Cblcksbomlny creek, beyond Wll. llamaburg, where they are expected to make a tnl. *U > tll.Ll _ 0 it uiumiiiiriT mn mc u VI IDC tDCDf w" coming known, tbe troop* were ordered Under arms, and are now In mot on from tbe right una left wingtof tbe army. A large force, under G??. Stoneman? conalatlnir of cavalry, erhllery an<* Infantry?are tn the advance, and will probably come up with tbe rear of tii?* *i>*a>v hrfnr? If they ihoald remain near WllUaauburg Our gunboat* have pur d jbove Yorktown, and are shelling tbe shore on tb?tr wav up Following the gunboat* i? a large steamer and transport* loaded with troi'pa, who will effect a Landing above. It !a said ttat Magrudpr aatd he wn? -not afraid of MrClellnn, KLmwsi. ?iid If he could not sueceasfu'ly H^bt Uitu here u<* roiud do 11 nowhere. Only one n.;n was left iu Yorktown, aad he waa a negro. Gen. Jaoieaon and Col. Samuel Black were the first to enter the enemy'* main work*. TKe n^l.. I ?..? ? 1 " ?-"? uv -ail jr v asuaiiy -uai ini u i rri| >* I Of Killing of two ni'-n and tb?> wounding of thr^e by the ** ploaloii ?>f u conce-aWd ?heil wltbln tbe fnemy'a work* Tbeir n?me*area* follow*. Tbey belong to company A, 10?h New York:? Killed. George McFarlr.nd and Mlrl.nol MrlWmot; wonnded, ??rg<?ant J mica Smith, F.edprlckS&lckand Lau? rern e Huroa Tho work* are vrry extensive, and fbow that they were dval^aed by scientific engineers. LkHK An otfl lal renort iui?t maJt> tn ?tiOVi*? that tb?* fiietnv l^ft seventy-one gun* 00 works at Gloucester Point. The rrduance atorci were alto lef. Auoit r deaorter Las inet come in, and report* ti nt Jeflcracn Davla cjine with Gt.' on Wednesday las', and afW a consultation with l,ee and the most prominent offleera, al' were xyreed to the evacuation except ? ?atnl Magruder. < nptnre of Geaeral Jahoaon's D<||i(e. Hkaci^caktkkn Army Potomac, May4?p. m. It l?t ceMatn that the rebel* received reinforce menu riy Bramwifrom KHlmoi.d oa Tbursd&y, (nit did not disembark thrm Th?* enemy's tro?>p? ar?" badly demoralized, and they e?lbftd ) injitoms of mutiny on account of the retreat. Inside the fortification* and all along the Wllll-.maburir rosd on which they are ret eating tfcey have burled toriiedoes and percussion shells, which are occasionally ?xplndu.g a .d injuring person*. ti-r.eral Joseph Johnson's bsggageLas justbeen c?"'u.-ed L> IS Lithrope, army telegraph opritor, has ?>< n mortally wounded by the explosion of a tr?rp?*do. Another torpedo, attached to n l:j-ln~b ill'11, has jj*t been discovered in tbe telegraph olMce. THK LATEST. The Kvnruntian ?r ' ' . . _ p* >?/ n ' ? jurmr/iMC r?J7 StwtlVi Point on a Krconnoissanrr. 1'ohiiih* .V??\roe, May t, p m.?The news re. here till* inorntntr of the rvacuat'.ou of Yorktowu took emtbodyiif lurprld'. Forinlnf H iv? we h?.v?* had rvldeiK t- < f the '.ntention nf the t :i? t? v, hut the # v|ifence wan not utronu enough to limine ijel iff. <?n the arrival of tt"? itew? here It quickly c lr -olnted on imr through the Ueei, and the^reat st errIt-merit was manifested. [ FCOSD M?PATCH J FoRTRFUS M(MRoK. Alav 1. 4.10 n m ?T? . _ f , - , ? ? a ?* v Mwriime mndc her appeirance beyond riewaH's Point a! 1 o'clock tblt afternoon. Sbe stopped <'J the Point, arid up to the present hour, 4 o'clock, ha* not changed h?*r io it>o:i. She 1* not attended by any other gunboatt,as usual, and It *a sup. pf -ed It I* not her Intention to visit in to day. Tbe Monitor :tiul other vets'-la cf oar naval tl? *? are till In r<- idla .-ss fur a-' on onahort notice, ai.d all hand* are hoplu^ M e will roine down. The siipp'>*?cl dealkii ?f the rnciny la to endeavor t" prevent any expedition from polnjj up the Jamra river to cut ott tbo retreat from \ orkt iwn, Throe d**crters rvrrlvcd here this morning In a rebul s.-hooner, Lnd report tbe evacuation of Mulberry Maul and Jamtslown early yesterday n.ornlcj;. T# Be i?.v:banye<i. Cairo, May - ?The Memphis Argus of Saturday contains n disrate I from Corlntb. "tating ! tbat dispatches had (u*t been r? eiveii there tfc.t <ii*nrrai tsuckner and Col r.t 1 llo-er ii<*!>? are to b? exchanged for <? n?-ral I'rrntlM S'id Captain Mr Mi> ha-l, Chl' f (if General .-mi Mi's stafl. im'imsr cihi'c i. a k fkom the s*tate i?ffaktmant! vk to tka de with ti1k socth. The following two important circulars lit**- been addressed to the foreign Minister*, announcing the reopening of communication with southern localities reconquered fiom the Insurgents: I)frarmist or S r ate, Washington. .May i*lr: I ba*e 11j?" honor to at;ite for your information that tbe mails are cow allowed to pas? to and from New < trieans and other place* whirh having heretofore Veen neiT'-t! hu li,ni?o?in _ ? f ?" >'V?, uo?c a'nre been recovered, and ar? now re-accupled by land and naval forws < f the t'nHed State* ltUp'o;> r. h >w?ver, to a 1 that a inlllta'v survelllaiK e ia maintained over auch mail* bo far ai ?be ^ov?rnment Hilda It nece-airy for the public aa'etv | 1 am, air, your obedient servant, I William H Seward. Departm**<t o? State,Washington, May Sir : I have the 1 otior to ?tate, for lite Information of your fiovernment, that a Collector h-a been ij>|> ':nted by the Freildvnt for N?w I organs, nriri tbe nfc ?iary nrcpnration* ar?* I)? ln4 in idc to modify (be blockade far a> to j p milt lltnlii d ihlpmnits to be nif>d<? to and from j it at and one or ratrr other |>orU wblch arr now rlI by tl;e bicrknde, at tlmrg and up m con- j dit!on?, wLlch wiil be made known by proclamation. 1 ain, ?lr, your obedient aervant, William H. Seward. MKKTING OF K 15PUIII.IOAN1*. ard I ' $ al' in J'wor <1 dURtxiiii-,r tho policy o/ th? A in niBtr&t .in, .ii'ho th VVftrd, *i I b? hol.l If liff limt loiullnnri ?- 1' IMI7U > ? row m?'i iiivi( cf?rr ' It'll etf.? n-d Marjl%i>?' *vnu) oil T' K?D\Y KV t ^ I NO. M . at 7^ i.'cl' ok in -it ry-?P?A;?' '? NTI!?M THIIll) WAKO- literikjf v ill he* ir.e-tM" ??i ?h? Uoooa*1iti >a U?u n v . erf <f the Third Ward, ( nrcipuotiva ofoid p?'ty ii ei ) at 'ine,r?n,n Hvi * :< 1 UK^IIAV ? VKNIMj. Mar Gth, 7X c'olook. Prompt *t tend mo? 1 dr?ireJ. in i St* ry-=p?I.O O.I\-GUANDL01)GK Th?cffi era 1^5 &'id in^iiil'TK oi i|i?? K \V (irv d < 011*3 are r*qu?*lej t<? meat it O d Kf'l iw*' Hall.i t i ?!r' (t N*vy U'dlni'lO MORROW (Tuesday) MD'tM N O. t 8 ( 'clooir. prfiarat'-i y to at euiMnc the < f f O.Jamss d. I'lrNi.iGTOW.lato of Union Ludico.No H. It JOPN T. BANr,3.r? (Y"5F?1.0 O. F?Tli? and mimt> r* of 11? UNION I OliGK. n. II, areh?reb? nolifT .1 to *t ?h?ir hall, 3th ?tre?', (tvavj Yfl'd.) TO MOKRO\y (Tur-da?). MOHNI^O. at ? -oinc*. m aii i' ? tno I >ner*< of our lit* b'ot' or. P. U. Jams* l>. FiN.llwr.To>-. AIfinlmr? of niatsr Lodges are fraternal j in\'itod to unit? with u*. It* liMHIij'' HHDW "j. H-0 Sep ><>TI ' I-iMinn* of ths Fifth Wn d, V vrt'o npprove the war policy ot Mi* Admin titration,and u *.-tppu verf tiin ti?keta!re?d? noin in%l-d in mid vra*' for \ dciuaii. C'ounoi^mfo, &.C., I ut i lh?riri?? wtlfc'?t < i rtnr/int cf ?>?r/y, (i ? requ ptfld to meet at \Vard'? l?u Idinr. con er of 2d rrrtend Pn.%v.,on WKI>NK8l)AV fcVKM ^O.Mi 7'h in*iitnr at'H <"? ork,'o rominate ivmlidates to 1* anpported at tha enauuiR eleotion for Ma?<* a:id iy ouikjIi H. li Frpneh, Tho? Fortvener, H'onek. W II Ba'd'in, W H_\Vjyl aoe, ?d'w Ha|dw:n. joon is oana&t. I- HoiUlandon. Win. M. K lif, E. G. < hiunb*ri| K. ' . Hteveua, Al'red Rioharda, H Ba'dwm. Geo. F. Guick Bft ' ) 3'* J*a H. DurhamY^r*c,^-L'MSIA HALL. May w. HOT-At a kj< m??!|.iic ?>< ;b9 ColnmbiA Fir? Co<r.pai:y. the fol'owinc r?weadj|? *d. W*rrtat: In the ir fir.ato w domof Omn* Proviour .at.- a> d ftCfimd J'reedent, Tiiom** MrOatTit baa teen aoddenlT taken from ur ri Mat Ai d wim eiiuur lata brother waanol'8* eid to na by hia maijr noltia ana itiaa (ban hiafearleaa,aud outapojeji aaacs of Loceaty,aid jutt of. Ktiolvtd, That va far??e? *o tha fami!w of ihe aoasMed . ar fce?rt-eit eyuopathy and uon4ol*?o?. I in this their rudden Lerev?i merit, ard wh(lk pointinc o Hun. who a one u trn r the oom'orter of ?h" I widow and orpv-ft.; we a*k to aangle or ?ri?f ! wit i beira, for wo truly feel the lou of a friend and broiher. huoir.d, Th*t aa a Ua Itnony of reipeot that the liou'e an-) h?li of the C napany be draped in i m um nit for ihe ?paee ot !*?< * iixjn. Ktsolria furtntr, That the foregoing reno'ntion* be printed In tha dan* p%t>e.e of ti e city, and a I copy iicne.l ly tbe o#o?;i of tbt < ompaty, be tracemitted to the ftnrly of 'he deceased ANDREW P. MoKKNNA, m 5-3t* Pao'y Co iimbia ICntine Qonipae*. rr?*AN AUJul'KNKD MKKTINO OP THE >l H Unoonditiooal IJn'on votera of the Sixth Ward will be held at Fe-iowV Ha?l. Na*y Yard, on MONwaY KVHNINO, Ma* 6th. atB o'olock, for the purpose of makinx amn??mM>a lor tna ooininc Mmuolpal alaotloo ~ "" 7b 8 8t* rra-THK NKXT REGUL4R MONTBLY < LS mootinc of tha Board of Trustee# of Pibito 8'hoola will m h#ld in tha Al<l?r?nf<i,'? Room. ?:ity Hall, on TUESDAY Att'KRNOON. May WM. B.PATTOW. ?... jk.S? t o'o oct, for .ha pnrpoto of uoii)inatH>j isuvulktM for * itT UoUbCiU. and aprnatii* mi 'o toe .Ma?or?!tr All Nat-onal r>ew?ocr%t#,and thoaf oppoaod to Abnliu .f>.?in. ar> invito w aUaad. in S *l"_ ,'Vr-F.Vl H \ uNE'S 1 VTB?KHT- TO THM >1 - CtTTTXrtH. t TflAXaKHS. AM* SOU bit ' I have ^.1 r-o? *ad a very larea aad tina Shaotftnant <4 Hpr:-r CiOthinc. which I aai r,H*rir# m.t i*t>r uinuaJ !<*? 4-?*? ? J "A ** " tcill trait,opjoVite J?ou 'OSoi'Mir f."f?J7-J* I i 4 ? r - ? %= 5 <1 ti - 4 ^ *V ^ SI f 0 IA CHRK0R IOU BOX US EB?li?h IHi'f CHEE8E, very See. For >ie by m Ml'WK A V h HKMVKS. TH"EK 8UPERIOR PAOD' K H'?k?E8 for e*!?. AI<K?.cD--UTLtE'-WAGON C\ Amji jUSCHOFlKLD' 8*bi?, Nr. ?S?TJ3PI and 890 ?. it ,?on,k of Wuhirda' Hotel. HoriM Uk?>n at liTM-r. rn ft ** DAIR OF EiCKLLBNT CARRUOF, HOR*B9 FOR s*A LP ?Th? ?aNr?'it?r? on ??l# * fin* pair of frwy CARRIAGE HoRHI't*, rftirod ia Vermoiit vh:e*i they will *fU a txvrain. wi?-Pt JAg. C M*9LMBK k CO . Ano'? CT#? C'At'HWAKKK'*. ROCKET'S I.FATHER Ol.-?TB, RU5*?IA 1 IIU' K is . tii 12 ya'ri pi^oa, at (5o?ita per j> d, lor Caah only. For *a ? ty in .S eo.'w '|tg?nhl .K?HN R. KLVAN8. NOTICK.?Ail p??r?on?*re vartrfd a?aimttrn?t- i inf! any ? *< no account ?>f lt? und^mcne'1 wilHvot a ?nt:*n <irH?>r, aa the? WiU octbeao oountaule for any 4*M o*h*riria? " tfijtad. JOH^ V. PEPPER. mi ll Mr*. JOHN 1?. V^PUM, \ ^ CARD TO THE PROFESSION. Mra HELEN MV7.ZX. bfln* ?l>out 'o rafir# frc m ataje. < ffjrs h?-r larj* aud ?a iiitb'* vvd* rob? for aalA, mttre or id lot* to ?nit AdM c%t <>n t > t e niMia wciaeiiiaU 7 to Mrs. >1, a; Pctui. iivsnu*. in ft 21* WE R.RSPKCTFULLY CALL THE AT I <lnHnn <?f <?ur < i *? .f ?.l V. ? ?1 ? * ? - . ? i ?u. ?.. '?uu uiu fun ic vu war MORROW MOMNi^O. At 10 o'o ?Kkat 304 Pa near tte Natlo?al Ho'el, of "i?t7 8 l?fr W?f>, Kwn'li Mirroraaud mperiur H^utelioiJ ana K"nhen t urnitnr* It W a I.I, A HARNAR 0. Auoti 1 HE LATEST NEWS < ia that New York Papera are r?w Kem? no'?l at out? I tiree Cent* ??r eo?? at the NEW 8 and PERIODICAL ?TORh,3T9 F troet, tetwe? n nth and 9 ii ?l>. A so. o n-taLtW on hand, a ohcioe lot of TOD*'-' 0 and 8KGAR8 C^7"Come one com* all, *o Cheap 8'ore.

herafiDlijr the number?379 F ?treft tn -qnare weat of t? e Pu^tOfie*; '"?t S 3t* UUPBKIUR CA KM I AGES FOR , fi t ? r\n t*a? _ niMinr, Juat reo?!V*<l a lot of llie a^ovs artieea, of Superior ftyie iktil P.uiab, and (liia and Caba, at all pnoov AI">,th>TcrT RKFRIOF.R ATOR in n?e, and Water Cootera?Fiameicd Iron Linini?Stone Jara, Ao C?okiug Stov^aand R?r*ra, a full aiiep J. W. H. HAKflOVKR. mi la Woven'h i?t . n*ar Ha *?e ' ? NOTI<'K. ? HE Copartierah'p heretofore ^xistinj ucder the nirn^ anl atrle of AR"?t \ !*H:NX,ia fhia dar durulred by mutual eo-aent. au o'mibi aaaioat - " - mw mm nrm wjii vt snieJ I t H. A Shinn. Thoee iudehteit tn the inte fiirn are rrquetNvi to nuke pijuientto him. \j. VV ARNY, k. a. fell INN. G corf?tow'n. R Q.. M 1?t n>frj. NOTIOK. ?Tii? untl-'r?i{R'"d will cuntiuue the (tattling Mid AitencT ho?in^?? at Uo f''d to iner t a oi>utinuano? of the liberv p?tr0.!V{0 heretofore bMtowen upon the late firm m 5 Im F A 3P1NN. Or J II McLEAVS STRENGTHENING COKDIAL AND BLOOD PURIVIKR! I TM% hi b xv- th - n; v. yr vo XWB ?."oKDI *L. 0-i's.ilf ?|f \w luiely an in?a' i wii . t^LJM ?1* ' I** remedy 1'ir^^^HBl 4 rer'ivanr.c r. d "!i!s;'!dd?.e Wtr ,?kie^. p?i'v! 8jr*to;n, p Mfyi"* ao 1 onno'.iin; t'> ? Hi >?<1 re? orr < the n<5'<, ?*ifr#nn; ir.vaiiu to H i ':'i onrt SitntthTHSRS 18 SO MISTAKE ABOl'T IT i* Wilt uurn I iv?r uompiaint, lJy?pep?t*. Di*r f m, ?>*f8T)t?>rT. Hm l?oh*, D?prr?iin?n f?rSpirit*. Fvrand Atua. Inw?rd le.rr. Hvl Ur^ath. or an? iluw ? f ta? Litm. m?niac? or Mo went. ir^oe^t 'ni^n. do jou ?iitt % > t>? Hcait'y, 2*tr<> ft &Q't VlCOroQB ' ' irjn j.n lios, Jo jnu wv.t fh? Bloom of H?B!th ??> Im >ui;t t" T'?<r cho*K? ?fan ?th? i *< at orce *rol c?t iVrLtan'* St>e*ri*mtnr C?r<t\a! ani Rlord t'u-i' iT. l>i? ay ?o? a ni' Hiei t; it ! w*rr*ot?i ?.. gi?o ?&Usiac'io i I: wtli corn 6*1 y dii?>aeeol tli* r. n. W <inV o- li I \i .tim,?it(*tr tcte*l M( .-tn'.Ml jD, 1'%'i' K ?f tile Womt'. Hl'MinfV, r ?n? 'I f 6t? r.r sine fr<nn Chrnuio o: ftervoaa I?-i i itf, it i?tn ji.ralli' ? ^rm-'ly. FOR CHTLDREJI. Do ymi VKi.t tout.-* ett".rir>tv. Mny Children to t>? H'% thT.ytron* ?-ill giro tl"?n M L**n' <"o?rfit/,<B'etli6<3ireotion? on ?%r>n l>?ul# i it u <i? ioious to t*k?. fT r" <ir:A T " f *1 " ? r vr -? mi **?*u btiij irorDinr fikoiirg. i? n rur? fio?#r ive &K*in?t t'hilln v.d Fever, Yellow F'vor, Cho>n -.ra.iy pr?v&iliot; <ji>??e IH/" 'actio*! fliwartof Drugfiitu&r,d P*&iers wit, iniy try to pvin npon too * temie oi l)i*t?ra or i?h'ch tl'ey/-?n t'Uf ehetp ) Uw p*H< k it i* i ii*'- ? ceo J. Th* rn *re?Ten me m <*k f>nou<n to ?ie*! pvt of r>? r?m* ro Jnb the'r viL* outioii?. AVO d ?U ill lOf.lRJUl PiK?tk" ?u-l ll.fl.r vlllUDOCB oornpourdj A?K for Ur. J h. >1cL?a'i'i? Strer.|tiif uitis <' r -J > a ? ; <t HI' o1 1'urif, ?r Tnkn nothii f eiiv It is t* o on.y remedy tr st wi ll*or:f?T?^.rHtotrt thornux I \ vA *t th? ?%m? tnilitnman?liw) - <> - ? .n , . ? * n ? ??'? w III' i O UI i i- r at u? n L.?r*? #1 ftr bu'.flc "T ?>t 1 "t1" i l"' 9? DR. J. H McI.> ' A ,N. ? Pm p i?tor. Coruir aliird and Pin- it*., St. L jiiU. Mo. D U MeLEAN'S I'M VERSA L PILLS, For Livt* Complaint, BH'. ouSnf**, H^a-i'itke, fc. There hai nev?rber.aari/t?r/te m?JI nn? <>ff<?'Od r* t?.?. mi. i . ? *?* k. - * IV %i,.. r r * J ?ll? "? ? ? KiVCN f( ClillfO 6&lifl&C 3* MeL"i* * f'n?rer.'il Fills. lieingeu.i e>y vt?i?-t?!>!e ihf? ara pMf-ot'r in Mu-nt aud -ai. t>? taknr, i > tiio moat t -uJ? r 11, yrt prompt and puwerul in r?mn?:iij all Ui.<<>ue ore'iors, acH or Imparl, Kftrd viaitoi f-om the t<totrv3h In fact, ?I*t arc ih? ors.y H:'? that i nu ii b? u. fH' ii ma ariou.i Jistricts 't hey pros. c* no tiripi' I. Sit kuw or I'tin n the p.- mvh or Uo?p!?, itioJsb run aotiveaad ica chin< in th?tr op'iatifta tiomotmi h?a:tby ?oor?tiocs of the Li M'I K<fn*?y? Who \ri'l tuler (,i>m ti: iuuin?<i, Hriutwn* ard Ko?l Stomach. wunn so onrBp?riBMT 0*1 ?>? O K. ; them o;r.?:ani y cu Un .<1; (in o o?e, takes m k-unii.miT tr-*"nt iiours, days, aid moutha of an<u?ir. A?* for Dr. J M. MRLn&'i Ui.tver?ai Pi!!a Tale o otl??r l eini c atrd, they a^e aatel?i* I'riofl oily 25 cent* p?r box am cau be eeut l?y mail to a?iy t>art i>f the i n'te I Sia'e*. J f| Mol KA N, Sol* Proprietor. Co u?r Third and l'in? ?te.. S'. Lotia, Mo. DII. J II McLKAN S VULCANIC OIL LIN- j IMKNT, I TK*. h?it External in the World for Man or Beait. I I houfarda ofhumai beinta hrvs i wn mv A ? I it;* of tiecrepituie and iniatry b? the iiwnf thi? invnlvib.o Lui.inent- It vill relieve faint moat matanfaneo;niy, and it vi l olaanae. purify and brai the f?ol*it for# in an inoredibio ihoit time. BicLfn'i Volcanic Oil lintrntni willroiieve th" ir<>u lnvete ate oa?*? of Khrnmttiain. Oou', vr Nraraixia For fara!y*i?, Co-trac ed Meic!?i, Htlfjeaoor Weakneaa id tin Joint-, Muvslator Li?anifnt?, it wilt never fail two apriu&iinna w;K oo. o rora Tli.oat, Haa-iaohe or fca aone For Ituira.or ^oilda.or any Pain it i? an Infallible roiiioir. Try it. and you will find i an indefeasible remedr K**p it aarays on hand. I'lantar*. Kariue<a,or an? onahavini; oh*.rre of koiaaa, will aava m >n?y br nunc vnl. MBIOOU LMUMM. it ma ?p??dy an.l infallible oure for <3?lle. ?pra'n?. ctaaf<>?, hwemog. Lame ne*r,ro.e?. Wounds. Somtoi.e*, ur any external mseace. Try It and tou w II be convinced. DR. J II MoufcAN, Hose Proprietor, . tSL Louts, Mo. m 5 6m C. 8TOTT, Agent,Wat: Ingto ,D. c. C^! CEMENT! ^SHfT; -/.f li rf7?\T<"' ? cargo of Fruh Cement, which will be aold low, at my lime kiln. .? > St W H. BODKV. A LOT Or SUPERIOR RYKRTKaw rn JTX a?l? ia i*?t? to suit purchaser*. .'?16 nth at-, near Loog Kridtci, or lu^ ?t 479 nth atrest, up "ms'y* 8. W. K HANDY. Iftft JUST KKCE1VBI) lOU lH'ZBN Mors of Fina I.1NMN HAN UK h RCHI KFtti at IS* couta. worths eta. At the Baltimore Bartnp,?<2r?^.nth ?t^et \ X1IE BB#T Vuri uMHHBy ;?RABOl^. I Can be had ^aN?burgb a??R9 j _ - oiiuujvro narfHD Store* " 9 2t 31* eevtoth rtrt* . j^OTIOE TO LBATBBR DEALKHS. Wo have removed oar atook *o Na. S? Loalnaoa 9th and 10th ?tr#*u, whtrt ma/ bt mVuV!' ^J'iiSWSA *?r*ral MBortawat of HAR and BUO(? L?* A rHGK< Alto, tht juikcal oa?h pnot paid for Biota. mS ?? J. E- BRI88BV h CO. DKRSONS D/S81ROU8 OF FUR Haming a light CARKIAGh 8 wcniu do wtU,. jnfcB. f? f'Yf a ?alt. aa I hart on hand * feJPBJtcfr lot Wbith 1 Will >*11 law tn ' pairing ofkll Kiada prompt!y attend*] to m 3 ?f ROflKRT a GRAHAM, Pm 3 6t Ooaohmak*r, Mh I'rMt Oil BOHTON ! HEeULAM I.INBI .{*" of PM>iJ%>&?&*{S.'toa, Al?*?ndria ami b?<>rr?towa Jtarinc &o% . n. ?r? ?rfpvr'd to forward t th? ahrtvB port vith diapatoh evert week 3BaC 2weJf-Mf io.r?,Mt bri? Uoi?raU<n, Crow '.mji#',i? now iccaiTirg he;*ht for Uoatoa, ar.-l will ailafeoat in?C A,?"w a BARTLKY It BnOm iB>4t OOnJ 101 Wtwrt. Ueor(?tAva. riait-KlBH-FIBg! ? ~ * UK < yrporatien I-i?b Wh*rf it now locate! at i tha loot or KlavanUi atiMt, 1R1 VV Uarf.) whi>ra tl" Kub?o o?-r. t? aappltad Vltk Pith ud Ball 3a? [MtiMKMOB. ?rlf?V :iVi' Ui * i 'I ? OFFICIAL NOTICE. Htidqnartrtt Promt MattkaTt OjRr*. ) waimimtor, mif], t*itt ) Pane* will, hereafter. Dot le reqnlrM for the ! shipment of sutler*' Horn (liquor* needed) to I point* not connected with the army o[ Major I timcnl Ma?l?ll>a Br ofder< Msjnr W. E t>o?TBk. Protwl UltMbal C. E Ro?:?cs, Adjutant may 3-1 w BALLS, PARTIES, kc. SrKWAKT HOLIANI) CI I1 B . /.V THF UhLU AOAin TMni*mt)*n ??I th? Hnlmd Cleb t?ke ire*t id mncucoiuf ?o their lr;eisd? gX M>d tbe iuMio Ui*! tlitj wi 1 |i*t JB their ci'i 'h I.RANU HA L Hall od Mt?NI>\V.May 12Ui. P?rUcDlAr?Wk in t?itu-? atTen .rein*rt?. > ? 3 1- O. O. F. ? R A F K3 T [v AL,' L*? To t>? hrla ?t Odd Fillow*' Hall, 7th *tr?et, On MONDAY EVKNIN0. Mm 5 b, 1*3, FOH THE BENEFIT OF THE LIBRARY. Th# Oo?ni?Mtt?# r| Afr?cfemeriti w?*?1d rwtp^otfui|> inform the ?o'1 in frini d? that the fit raid l,rv** ard will b? held ?tth??^v* h% 1 on MONDAY KVKNIM.Iu V for which tttnoat cnrvpiote arram?m*?iU bare beei nid? lorthe o->:u'irit and p!d*-iire >( Utoso WUj favor them with th?ir ?<<i?ip*'jr. The Ku'ertainment will commerce at ?*o'?ek With aUr&nrt Promenade Oonoert by F. f ro#?#rl'? bus I and. at y o'c'ock a ?nort \<J4ie*? ill !> da!irer?1 br 'lie Grand The Concert will be coctmiM*! until ! o'o'^k, when the *Hk!onn wih b? taken in b? the fl-* r tnanacara f<?r the eojorrae&t oi ttes* ion4 i>I tii? ^KtturM ol tha daroe. Ticket* ONK HOLLAP vln.itticr a ce*it!e itimi ac<l lad:e?; t > be < (ti.? r-mmitteea cf tue d fr?-eBt Lodges ?-<! Kncarripment*. * ap V St FX KT'M V K COMMITTF. A (iKAMl a IS Nl'AL KXHIRITION MA". r\. HALL wii' t?ki? ?'noe ?t T>**-p?rar..-? ?4 Ball, Kat .oaTHt-.?IIA\ NISUT. M*y fi. D&uoidc Iit F of. frriit fr?>m thr?-? a I - c li? I W!>H o'clock '.'liiNi wbioh \?t !."ur the a> 'irnc? wi 1 co>itiruc ?(i* rfati<W? for t'n? i iffct Pnf. *n??rc?> A'n <1 it for th? ocrrion. Tick ? 9< a K?nt>rnan ?n4lttii?a. sp j? 7t* F. R. LA?;PK ILL CIVK A MAY FESTIVAL At TEMP KHM'iCK llAll., Oa THCKJDAV. MAY S'b, 1*1. F. It. LAHIIV. hM thu hnnnr of th. lviiet ad 1 one : of W asb niton and nrmitv that he wp! nve a Grand Feativainth* \ho.e p a"? ind firm np 2S t(|*# WANTS. WANTFD IMMKdTaTRLV?Fnor or Cr* to*4 M I t L I N K. K H. Apply ?t M R . BLAU 4<l| Seven'* ft. b?tw H and I H* W A NTKP-A^l a joon* ri'l. %r ?*atn>tra?? nnd dre#?maVer in a fatr.i'f. l'anir?N<? 4?7'2thet. l>?tw?er. F a*d O It* Want kd?mt a re??act*bla worr*n, a situation * chambermaid, waiter or nnrra. fan eoire wa'i rec mmrr'led. Cl j at No II* 2J1 *tr?et, f.e wen Laid M. It* IVANTKU-A |?o4 jonr.-*?ir*n HARi'KR a ?? "t-ad* ;n*n. Cood w?(*i givt-n. ard?t?a?y #nr'c;i>e.t Ir.qui- '( KiiWA^D EM'il'T*, N%v* VR'h ?t Whit* prafcrrad m * S:* WANTED-Ore firat cm w> ite WAITER. On* w n?? BO r . *'x??t U Ap?t? at >ew > r* I tt?L( Ko?>nta, 4? 4 !???entb ?t..orr ? ite I'ost Ofticf. It* Wl 11 r < t A i n c< .? i ? ? - ? i>n 'j niniiri wno"M it I Mfrniir ai (1 KrcJL I s*. w?i t a f ac? Ivtrc.ant>?'Wotk or homework. I ^ I'O F itrtet, b?lw?o 12 h and 15 h, op ?t ?i"s. m s 2 ' AKK^PKCTAULK filBL WISRhS MTUat on to d)c! a r l:p-worfct newini or fine wwhl ni .or tin I ?-? nnrrr, or travel with a la<t *. G <>rd oily rrlt rer.o?? r% i bojiven. Adinri R"t 17 8ta' ft.*. It* 4 YOUNG MAN in desirous of obtaining a ia.'i .u in a g :in<B'ssioi. house or ?u>r*. a? sa'Miitaa, iir>< kk???er rr nartnrr R*fprcno?s <?f innni?'-r?ion?rttotoretnh*(ivf. A?1 ra?? MK I1K.XKV ftL'lHKJt, P Meuit U?us?, W?>hinct?n m 6 3f WANTED-Ht a 1*1*. who ku b?4 vera' ?rar? ex?#nen** in te%onnc. an-i can ?? ? <1 reureii.Aa. a StTI'A H?N at teacher n a eountry *ch <?> f*r is a faimiv in the c un trr. A-iiifai*"To^chtr," liaily ttta'OPoo. ick'oii. 1). C. m 6-1'A ^ Im M'ANTK1>-Kt'r? l,,!y to Ikow (hit I c?a no " <l?ra? ? ?: in W *?hint ;n in Fr'r.ol: *V.>rkin? (Vlu-rt. i t. iw I'flsr |W groan, ot ?h? ft nil t hr&rrl ?.? ?oo?? '</>**??41? ... w- - w? ?s-u?WWi'Illil I'tll %TlTt r>*al ?-r<nc!i o t'oti. Call at the new stamping Depot ISo 'J"0 5e?e> th Mre<?t. between I. *nj M >>. Hi <" " Y-?e* i..l ?:cevM fur >&ie. on tit* 6'ieat Wlu?!:n. in & 3t V*. ANTK1)?w HKEMMAKKBH.M No ' * V 4 1 I ft et 'f 1."*' 'R'li. _ m V3t* ti'AM I 1' - A V. C? *.N to d>ieu ral t.oiM" Tr.rk ; tli? h she . w%te* *i??n ; mutt ooino we!! rer * r <uire V* efxtu *t . betw *?n Q Hid H. m 3 8t* WANTf I) r?? H KM'-Ht a p-nr.aurn'. totatt. a sma I llOt'f K of 4 to 6 r?omi. lift* w?\tt D?rt of th* l , i . II<1T Ma ''O* ?*.?- ?--? w j . ??w, w 9 t w?fc* ru?v ? m 3 St* WA N TKl) -A SITUATION, bJ ft mrM'?nle (ir'.to^) 0::Vlt'.?rwork &!ld I'WIBf. or to esuiPt .u w%?bi2t. Call &t oorti?.' ot K &c<l Z2 ' tr.%r m >-?t* \ 8 i MTVIl ? r-A ? a ?# i ??"**?# Frcu^ffl UT1 UriDCQn T>*r?tl ** out pri-pprit worth USMO *r.j taWVman or iMj havinc tinner to loae wi l pi as a* <in??ot > B V.JJA ftt > \ >t;R. C>t? P. o. Biii C?i?hKK WANTED ? A yoaiic man of rood a' dreaa. of n 3?"xc?*pt < ni.a'Sot-r. ?|j<i baa ad expert^-. c? tn a?*l tot (tor.rts, an i who : wi'l r.g to tiki, in?j tira'of a n'tmMon <n a h"u?atnrni?i.inr i ? aUdrea?;ng uiv.r-j relereice*) Poat oifcc? Box 6f hi. iri .1 ;t* HOU??K WANTKD?A d?arat>ie uniirt A hru?e In in;* weat eni of th? toai ?near Lafay8*u\r? prtforreU /.itdr??*a, atatitic looaitoc. dracrip i <n i f fcouaa. t?rms, 4o., MK M KLLh>, B'0?n'a Hn'ol LODU1NU" R KQITIRKD? Wact*?. Fur&iat a1 f? nn?r a ran r 1 1. h a r .l f * ?... .. <*uw i ??. IVT ?soa;ifnnn, *113, ohi'.'l %c<i ?er.*j t. f-t4?.e Ioa&Uoc. of room*. ?rtoy. . ?o "l?." U^x Z*i_ I*. O. ml 3t* ANTKD TO KENT-A HOl?*K of fiod? r??e b!?-. in ? v er, he*w*e-; Ft. atid i,4irlti K ?t^M J wuwe^t) 13th *r?d )9 h ?t? Aiiii'fj j L. HlL<iAKD,Coi?t Mirv?y tMBo# iu 2-?f WAtNTt.l>? Kvery p^rton to knov that t in the market, rr&dr t?? r?j cas'i for ?li 4rU?!?s tn the hons^fu-ainanr ln?. Thoae lk* CltT, ur t*Tln* * MirjlttS, will do well to o?:I. ItUCHL. V , 4*^ wL, b?ffeo 0 and U I?ut tide,) IkVsr in Now ud Second bard t'uimtcre. ?io U ** WANTKI)?To Mil. lieao?-?L>riNUa. 5fl?> b*ir?i? und hail bartela of A!e evert w-?k ; a to .the same ol liwr, lor tM B'.Uimiir* Hwerii JOH t iiAYNUH* Aier.t. Corr>er of Slat and O ?t?. Orderain the Poit Olfiee will bo GA.ied for at ? a. o z p. y> 7-In." V|/ANTKI>?To hvro every one krow that tier vv oan hn?J the be*t ??ock of Ototbitc. H?ta and Uaaa, BX the ver j ioweat -hm.mHMITH'k, No. <60 aevectli a;re*t, oeluw K. fa T>-?n WANTFD.-VV* u* ?n* bifEt 8KOONPTV HA.Nil n<KNITVE ? SFoV f.?ir.<1 IIKU Pl.NU, Tor wcioli we ace the mrbeei tuh prioer. Kamiliei deolljunt ho?sekee?ir-<, *r a asrplua of fcrfcitare, will ?a?l it t? tMir iniMai *? ?9?ii. _ i_ BU> 17. * GRIFFITH, iatt-tf Ns. SM Ith it. b?tv.f ud R ita. 486 NEWJBTOC.L 486 INTKRIOR ADORNMENTS Ja?t r^je-rpJ & ouoioa aelaotion ofosv ud d?alrabe sty 1m. PA FKR HANGINGS. From th* rich and ornat?. to the unit chut* ud imp'* patterci appropriate f?r Fariora,, Dininc Room*, and ?'hambora. FIR b BOARD PRINTS,STATUES, CENTER PIECES. Ac New D*aigna, warrant?*] Gold Baada, Imitation Gold, and Common. WINDOW SHADES. Window Shvlea of any r**air?d atr'a or aiae, , pr?a to order., boll. MSB and Bla? Bnaa? Hoi una* dj we jara or i??? e Into OVAL P1CTUKK FRAMWJ. , (warranted to be nwiod with gold leaf ) The handeomeat ud lar?**t assortment is the Qjitriet, from e b*tn e,aaffcoU?r j in I e coaatrv A^ M*ortnNt Dark >flood Prat e , witi % b< at' fu i vari'tr of imail siaed Oral and Card ! Vieite Pram'*, of Foreign and Do meat is manolao 'tare. Paeaepatouts.fco. l'l Tt'K.X OOaD ANO TAS8KL8. Different eizee and colon, Piotnre Rings, Na'le, ^^orshaiing exoluaive'y for otih, theaboreroode (aooordtu* to ttae?r quality.I will be dtr? ee<iolat a* low rate* aa the? oan ba purohaard u* la the Diatriot. No war-presentation made to ?* ? uraers ior rapsmancini or Window hbadesejeeated by expe.ierced mrtpM, in eity or oountry. a o*li is lotted from thoeo B/edint th' above roods, 'l erins cash. J. NLARKRlTt?K. Remember the r.u later, No 4JS# Be youth St., a doors above ?-dd FelJowa' Bail; aad the terms, Caeh for ? ood sad labor ? 2-1 mi.* aOLACK AND COLORED 81LKS*-Now sap D pi tee. speo al barrens arm Drees tfoods offered to-day, with oar uanal stoniof Drj yooae (rore-m eoi Domeetio) reeafred forteneral family wants. One priee only, marfcod (a pain fi<area. rKRRV * BRO., at? <t Penn. arenae aadtth ?trr sC Mall f i?o?o ? ? IWI O U UIV 9TABLK UJL Jinks M comir tf C at%4 Sixth $ti.% a2*?Es, carbiaSKS; $OF aa* NO TOP ttl 691Bd, for kira, tale exohinia,or ^ Urn at livery by the day. vmI or monvh, oa rf aaoaafct# torm*. A c?? lot ]Hl of KoraM, Carn&(6? atd IlUKt>e? ju?t if IP r?e?iv*d and for klr? P*r?o i? always bo aoou . 'Rented with Horw?aa4 Bag|in, rithar ?u?ut?i? or tnjla. mMW AhtiKBT BKLL, Agam CAYUGA COUNTV Ua^M amo ? ? - mm auWIiVf.HT" I I Tvo toua,t*tul?/,i?ioy tod mcQ. oa oon*UL.a?nt I And tor ait* lev bj - . L i AL.LKN ?OODftID?K. I n. *. MnwiUud i?u. | HtWTli 4 -4*1 I J .. 1 . JL? AUCTION BALBB. Pr WALL* BARNARD. Aaottoa^ra T?RUt*TKK*F BM.ti or VALlABLK I* 1 riovii> Riu t-?T?ik at Apotit* ?Hr *lfll? ol 14?or?* t(tM 0?trt n| tt>? Ihrti o? of Col??t?<ft far tb* c nutr of \V??nir ftor:. fitting M *Co?rt*rCliAm-?vj.?l%t*d ?fcl <f J*'uKi, ifcfi.T K. C MorfW. w It Ml!, OB HI ON OA \ . IM Ma of Mat. 1?J. ki 4 ii'oUKik ? t? # .? * - Room* or Wall * . * ,?c. eor Ml oil ra M vmk *T?Ob? Wd Nintti nrfft, )a the o.t* of * *?htn( 'or, tt.e focowtvtf d**enr>cti Kh fcVvftt* Bam# ?. Lot* i, 9 to J |o, m Su?-o \v Mi. ?. i hoM) iota front On team F *?.<i *.? Flrat atroot wwt IS4 *?,1 ,w h Mj 1 Of ?te ?J W t ar? fCW* COOtf 1 ?Ut li^Ur** vhioh will * aoM Mpvitf. I Will UMS Mil,M lit* IIB* Ml ?,f "tnsr. Dortli ?<f S?u%ra Vi .'1' in a t<iiar? \r t><>aiid<*i by l?ell*?rf ???aa?, Virfini* ? &? , Ha f hu m I w*at, f damiOi t- atiMO. 1 -J wjU.Lu?'n * '.** ?*? a*<na *:*?. P?.t%r. N?. ?4. Th> a?-J*r?> ia ?. >?f north l? atr**. r,i?mn ?rW **,1, norm ?; am -I. M? r???t j(1 *?'. ?nC i? ftl4 otit IB nitMii ioU. WUoli Wl I f?? sold I Vill ttifn Wl, at th* >?frf f'???. Lot Nn V it % f*tusr? Hi, at the oorcer of Df t*krf av.r.uo tod ?OtK ?? Ititet All oi t > forecoirj K'Mi Kf?t' l? nt?at*d m th? city ?f Wattungtoa, U. C.,ar.?i will to w>.<2 tinier M. f i i.i aa Th* t*rm? of l**** mIw wi'I N?: On* third o??t.. bftlsnoe rn fix. tw*.v*,?!i'l oijtWr moa'h* D? WreJ f#??n?jt* to \*+r interact, ?od I* on-*-* by t>i? p?ioti???r or ?i trhn?wi' n. te*. * d?.?r?<:C to tu? sal.e tctiuo d t!;? I IC.O N"HtiAN. Trn*t??. ftp lMtaw* <1* >\ ft ' t. it * K >i A H U. Aao'i Jty J. 0. MoHtlKK * t'O. Aao'iow*rr. F^XI>LI>NT MA'^'V MC* H<?lCK t ?i i.t Mti ti'li '( Arrtwm ?Ob TI.'W* IkA V a.nB VI v - o 2ock. W#. ? ? I ?t III* r. A-mrt of * JTCtf ir?B l?mo? 11 fi"m ll? Cll?.R*No. 344 Ilti#.. \ * L ??.?1 W * fin* : i?t lou4 I- nutti!, Ul ?borttim'' in u?* eor:?.?tiEl of? Wuaii H*u CHilk fu, H< ofcora. % J !* ? f I . _ . . Waisvt.''?ntr?, and M*hof%r? T?? IM. Waltvt W n*tnut. On* ??*t * *?Uoi * taiM. Mtbdfk'f I i(ark( laant'.??*wd Lonni*. i,ic* I ? l.'jhi G*? CUn<1-lirrs. , Miinif' !* *. *P'i ? oth. B nf k,i, i'lrlor. ?D(J SU* t ir nt?, <>t r ?>?<!?' m<1r, H?;l I t'oUiMi kimI Hu't MtlUturi, Iron Child't Crib and Hi d !m?, Child*' K cetera, ?u i T*t>.e t M % I * ( Aim rftt Nut kf>r m.. H I '?. * t * V M%'.< Sid*b?aril. W?:n?t x Til ! . ?>?k< e rturii Dimr* Ch?irt, Ol1<I BftoJ ?? * S?i, r*. ?? Mi.tud Crotkfrr V\ aftotl Tt>> Cat e j, Rf'nrutii.Wtlfri'o It, i???boc%ly I.?%(0'O>r( J?t>* t'ookiPf M >% *i<i Kit' hea Ko^uiRittf, ft o. 'tutu* c*ih. widn I. C. M06UIHK * ro,, Aift? Br WAI.i * HlK'V'KD. Au*tu>n*?<a. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE ? F I Li*t Krimini, Silver W?ii, Ikimh PL?T? MIIIOI*, ifcnn S*rB. *II? othkr li< t - RvLi K ntiM FviRitni -on TUfcSt ?ta? Mh MM. omm nci?>? ?? ?*u o'o ook. 1 ?tll !?> tuiii* ?i!-cU ol lion** No. mi i rumj vcii.i >?ta> ln r in - ??i u? nt v , evmpmiog? Three npiecdM Pi'TCT Pitchara. e oat Hilrer **iTer? ? a?t?>r? biwi i K rivet ted Fa ? th*r }?il?er Wa'e, Pair French I' at* Mlrror?.5? Ij Si. Twii MtiinK Covered I e'.e i-iriM two tohi, \Va cut y turn. Wa cut Mart, a top and o*her 9i<lebo?rdt, Marble ?rp Centre an<"! oth*r Ta'?ie? an<! Cow*. , Fits eejant Rrjt Cu!t?..n?, r ltn'ta.acd Cornioea. On* elegant Mahoranv Fxteraion Tab ?, 14 feet. Parlor, A rm atui Dicmc C .aira, Tabi? Linen. I- repob CIdo?, Clari Ware, lutl Tal e CutWrf. Chafing and M-at Uni?, 0 Tapecti?. Km**eii, anU cth*r Carpete, Nuia. ?d4 onolf>'te, He?j?tea<:?. Car e<i Hair an'1 Plmok Mattreeaea. Hi Walnut Marble-top W aat?tan<is ai'i I .*tur??. Wardr b*?.? m? ?fatCk*ir?, Iron t*a'e, TilU?>' A MoF*' ntc't. Two Rpfr:t*rator?. Hat Kfc k, #a? FiX'urM. ??t? >i|?r.or Oooktcg Ptov?, K tohen*. With toaur ?'ti#r artiolaa not nocwaary to wain rat*. Terni?ea?b.' X. HAY, Adirialitrator. ap?> WALL A UARNARD. 4aot?. FVTUKh DATS. Br WALL ft BARNlRl). A tioOMra, Crrrnrr South nit /'a. mw itmd Ximtk utttti SILK ?.F TUK .MTOCK OF THK NATIONAL H? T?l. Liveilt, f?LI *!*!>* M* M at A?rric.?i -4/ii BATI'RO^V WORNI>tf, 1' ih miitni, at II o'o ? ct. v? vitl Mil M the N? n< n*i H ote! I iv?tt. ? ud h xch*n*? r. 6lh r??M ( "tw-I < , i *.ai r. (.vent* ?ad C ?t. ' , |t.>? *i,t ? ?tock of M"tar*. Carpel" ft Tiionn?, 0"m>-i?iDC # bead of rood Family tod Carriac Hottm. IS icht Open * d T f V. aeon*. in Close ?r.-1 t .>*r r?rri%f rm, W ?e?a J)<?? li|*? autf Hincle KtroNi, Ul.. - ?? oiaukVUI' G?? HO The Natioutl * ct?l Oiut<>b?? > A'?o,tbe9ood Will and Leaee of KtaKa. T?rra?c%th. I m 5-<1 RAHNAKO. Au?t?. lit J- C. MoUUIKK A CO . AnoUooeera. (THANK H<>L>K AMU L??T IN THK Ki?*T Wiid Vo? i?al* ? "n WKDNLj*OAV. Ma* 7th. at S o'clock, <>b tti? p 't.iim we .ail ? I ot Pin as. m tqqa>e No. 1"".Jror.tin* 61 lo?t7 nnjnth hetvMo L &'<* M etieota. rsi nint b*oa lUfeet "> ;nohee to a jn faai t i'f. toi'ic wit* ti e impiov4meoti,c ofatwoe?or? ? - ? r r?mn 11 u*?. T?tm? : Hm tbifd the rMiainder in an an I twelve with iLlereai. aeoured ty * dred of trait ? n the >r m'wt. mad J C. frct?* IR K A CO . AnoU Uj 6KKLNA. WILLIAMS. AaetioMora. rpRUBTKK'8 MAL>K OF THKKE T">RY 1 buck HOCII ixu lot oh i itiiit at A rrnr* ?-4 ?? w ch v i o .. ? * - - ? ' ii.. v*j? , "rv' ^ wi? a?i uiy ri J. *.' 4,1 I'/H ?'f the frranrt. t: 5 o clock p Di b? firtn? of % i rf t?ctt to tt fcBBrtmdate the ;?*i d*T of F?ar??'?. ?? *** rBoordM ib lihtr J. A P.. ran w. fo io? I.f i. V?.M * reoodt for the omnt? #ii . in tne D.atrict o[ Columbia. tr.? wllovfnr BSBI#<1 proMrtr, uibc bob mile cjt? of \S aahinrtin. It. the Uiat'ic; B.'or<-aa<\ \e : *> rar? of l,o| i urb?rH fou'Wn (14.1 in tqaa<e thioo hundred ant eeaentr four, (*?? I g JT'V* H? 'U'Pror^ir.orite, which are an **o?!lei.t oiwk no.;ee, wi I back bnUclinc.wnT and U*. o<t!'*iiiicj: twe re good ?b<i e??u?enient y arracte i rooma. I' hia pr<>p?rt? front* ot> the a utu aid* of voith I. 9th an<? l"th atreeu waat Tarmi: or* fourth caab: the balance in HI, tw? v*. and etc te*ri month a. All ooB\eyancin( at the o jat of the parchaaer. WSa. H. 'VAKO. T-naUe. ml ?o%ta GUKKNA WILLIAMS Auct?._ |?XKCU I'ilK'iH SAUL-A ra u?We FARM, Li ooutaiMDg a -out <* wrM *n<i S6 pe~oh*a mare or ifae. in the Ut*triot el Cjiiiu ia By virtue of the tover veated in mo a? ex-ouU>r of tn? a?t anil and teet\m*i<t of Alexander IS j no we. cmau^. I wul offer for aale, on th?- pe-ni-B* on THI/R* DAY,?th<ayof SuVlo-k p. tn. that t*??i- I t int ana n?o? ?"m? located IS ?i ' from tfcnrs* towa, D- C. Umc on M?? wt nd* r.f lnf? turnpike Ptulibi: to Rookvilla, and tOjotting Mr. U. Ooniller'B oc Ui* ?o-tti aid* anJ H. Lufli rouch aitd W I). Murootk, Em* . en th* T*rma of ml*: On* third ca?h <w?# thin, til BoL.tb?, and tn? t-a anc? tw*lr* no- tha Deferred pa*m^o't V* b? aeourad hf a < ?! o treat on u>e K^r(T* All outi'-iriuicini at tt>? rirK??vf Will a!<o be aol<l et tli-*a ?e tlwi* Uief*rao<ai ?rop? t>, oonaiatici of 1 hora*. lanuuf ut?ua..a, lotol l? ik? * MM-IQl* *" JOHN D*VID?ON. GEORGETOWN ADVisJirMlB I J^- NUieANCK NOTICE. Nitoi'i Orrir*, ? , G?orf*towii, O C., Mm f>. IK2 \ AM vraona within lh? <?>r?or?ta limita of thia Town will b* *i otto. daiirf tba mMI wntk. I Ml mo: /. *rw*tdt, to in 1M ?tr*? tp, in fror.t of thwr reapoouve rNi.uoN, all uhM, ovat?r tcila, Mid tosurr.aiatiTa of auoh o 1TV refuaa I m?tt?r ? may bo 11 jarioui to lha fablie bf* th in hot waitb?r, vkiok wnl tt?o be remc-red h? U>* --TUh *? ik v7 tfcat Un,<' " H"om will b? r?cairrd, withoat d? aj. to tmbot* ail mofa bi'Mfroin tb?r rnmtm.ttiliMr o?dmkum>. Thu u""m ? ?* HENRY ADDISON. Mayor. LABaADCj/lfflf ^ NEWFOUND a-. . ? liMMI !m 2? 2*' I"1*"4 <" J2 22 Nowfgtod and c<> 2 2? **'? L*Nrm.3or do 5f ?""? do Jo 1 Wwt rJ,1^ No M.o*?r?:. h yijyg*^ g% otooivw. i.?iher rum, I* ' -.y? Mo? fcddy. apd fjr u ? ib ioU to mt , P A . f?V~ ' ?" tt* "C#t ^*0r1lb # * "??* D VOKlKl m a. n>.<>. 1 - ? ? ? . v u v f not RamibBrt A Ebert, I ! ? ri?i 8run. _ 1 Dmwwi nxl hh.rt?. J? I <OMfflSMaBaHu?. I ~ 1 _ 8 8RKATSACR1P1CK: KLL1NB off ar ??r Mot m cw oti'l. 1*??? *' ct . WM'SfciSPHiS- *V: U Oil Ifl Ul I tWr?M? nan kmit. 'ttru I ma ?J?<< latti m. ?O?Q> m ir* | fI(3QL2',l CO?KALL,?s4t> .V r',*p*I>0 MdSUtoMr.* CUi liii.Nb.kt ? U>?oon?rotfc and tfc ?t?, TtM|U<fiiir U?M ?" ? ?f art B P'othirar w !! t*~ ?* ,1,4,1 t#u? * ? ??* ft uxl ?l nnii'uj rut ? !LA",* WROTH KM 4 trim... a 4 tt? mU right u wk-2 iaWBi8j!ra!aal j

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