Newspaper of Evening Star, June 3, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 3, 1864 Page 1
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V-25. XXIII. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY. JUNE 3. 1864. N2. 8,515: amusements. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC ^CANTERBURY HALL.I AND HAL L)CANT*R3U?* HALL,\ IHEATIa 10I7TBI1** ATX3TTB, ?... ft.... ?/ EOJS&SSUf W...1U Fmrt*? w j pt?ATiP? gtngo Manage*. MORE NOV EI. TV I MORE NOVELTY! MORE NOVELTYJ Hew Attractions. A Nov ?{{. New Attraction-. C? ANewB . K.? inmtfcM. wt. FrNI * ?" ?"'? MOR* MORA FUN ! FUN1 ?P TWO NEW PIECES ^88?S?il?L., , itejastte" * iktsrte A &"btble F?rc^T0.N1^Hr. N#*r? Bar,esque TO nIgIiI JSSftJiSJsSJftlRiJf; THE FLYING M1LLERITB. Billy Wert u Jake _ N*omi Porter as Pete Billy Weft as Jake Naomi Porter as Pete Bill v West ax Jake Naomi Porter ap Pete 0* THE DBVIL AMONG TUB DARKIES. oJ; THE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIES. On, THE DEVIL AMONG THE BARhltS. THE MANAGER S ASSISTANT. THE MANAGER'S ASSISTANT, the manager s assistant. as Toby Cavana^h as Manager Mulligan as Toby T Cavanaxh as Manager Mulligan as Toby Cavansgh as Manager S On, tory'S MISHAPS. Or, toby'S mish APS. Or, toby'S MISHAPS. Second week of M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLB MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, The ere at Tbe great Tight Rope E Tight-Rope Performer. Performer. M'LLK MARIETTA RAVEL, ? M'LLB MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL. Wbo will also appear in TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, TWO SPLENDID BALLETS", TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, Solo Dances, Beautiful TaMeanr, 8olo Dances, R Beautiful Tableaux, Solo Dsn<-e?, Beautiful Tableaux, Supported by MONS. BAPTI8TAN, mons BAPTISTAN, mons. BAPTISTAN, ASD THE RON7. AN I B allet TROUPE. RON/.ANI BALLET TROUPE, RONZANI BALLET TROUPE, Grace and Beauty Each a Solo Dans^nse Grore and Beauty B Each a Solo Danseous Grace and Beauty Each a Solri Dnns?>eus M SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. SIXTEEN LOVKI-Y YOUNG LADIES. john MULLIGAN, john MULLIGAN", john MULLIGAN, W. P. WilUams, J. J. Donrherty, W. B. Williania, TJ J. J. Dougherty, W. B. Williams, J.J. Dougherty, billy west, billy west, LILLY WEST. 15 NEW acts, NEW ACTS, NEW ACTS, . Newiongs, New Burlesques, New Songs, 2% New Burlesques, NewSonss, New Burlesques, NEW BANJO SOLOS, NEW BANJO SOLOS, NKW BANJO SOLOS, MISS CARRIE GARDNER, MISS CARRIE G ARDNER, MISS CARRIE GARDNER. Miss Naomi Porter, Miss Jenny Forrest, Mies Naomi Porter, Y Miss Jenny Forrest. Miss Naomi Porter. Miss Jenny Forrest. M188 ESTET.LE F.jRREST, MIPS E8TELLE FORREST. MISS BSTELI.E FORREST. First wetk of the side splittin?:>arce, entitled THE FLYING MILLERITE! OR, TKB DEVIL AMONG THE DARK1BS ! Jacob Billy West Pete. ? Miss Naomi Porter Old Squintum? J. J. Dougherty Mr. Pillirarlic ? J. DeForrest Mrs Squintum H. W. Williams Louis*. Miss Emma Sonell JOHN MULLIGAN in his Latigl'able Character of TOBY TURTLE Id I've funny Afterriece of THE MANAGER'S ASSISTANT! TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, TWO magnificent BALLETS, TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, A delightful OLIO OP SONGS. SONGS, SONtiS, SONGS, DANCES, DANCES, DANCES. DANCES, extravaganzas, EXTRAVAGANZAS, Ac. Ac. Ac. Embracing the strength of the ENTIRE GREAT VARIETY COMPANY, ENTIRE GBFAT VARIETY COMPANY, ENTIRE (.REAT VARIETY COMPANY, numbering over Fifty Performers. .?> r . ' ? | ; Change n the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night. Admission 90 ? Or?he?tra ___ go Private Boxes, holding six persons." "" gW Door* open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. family matinee Saturday afternoon AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladies 2A cents; Children 10 cents. In preparation, and will shortly be produced, A NEW sensation DRAMA I written expressly for this establishment, by a popular Dramatist, anl founded upon incidents which have transpired within the city. Due no tice of its first representation will be givw. Bargains in millinery AND children' 8FANCY HATS, AT TBI NEW YORK ESTABLISHMENT, Wo. 4 Market Space, second door from 9th street. Having a !srge and extensive Stock of Coods, and desirous ot reducing it before the close of the Mason, the prices will be marked down much below their original value. Ladies will now have the opportunity of pur cha>-ii:g an elegant, stylish Bonnet for tha same prtce they would pay for an inferior one else ThVitock is complete, with every novelty of the season. my l7-?w* WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO INFORM HIS friends trd the public that he haa oa band a Variety of large and beautiful style of Monuments, B?*ad Pton*s ard all kinds of Marble worked to ?rdtr, atd .a thankfnl for past favors and hopes to ??licit a ikare cf '.heir patronage. Penn. av?cc.e, fret**** 4U it4 4M1 ?ti. JBtld-eojm* LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 1864. OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IN TH1 PAP1B HAYING THX LARGEST CIRCULATION. W9" Free Delivery of Letters by Cartier* at the residences of owners may be secured by observing the following Rules : 1. Direct letters plainly to the street and number of the house. , 2. Head letters with the writer's full address, in cluding street and number, and request auswers to be addressed accordingly. 3. Letters to strangers or transient visitors in a town or city, whose special address may be un known, should be marked in lower left hand corner with the word " Transient." 4. Place the postage stamp on the upper right band corner, and leave space between the stamp and direction for post-marking without interfering with the writing. Aiequest for the return of a letter to the writer ?f unclaimed within thirty days, or less, written or firinted. with the writer's full address across the eft band end of the envelope, face side, will be complied with at usual prepaid rate of postage, payable when delivered to writer. LADIES' LIST. ArlingtonMollie Giliett Raohel Nelson Mrs Jas AfnoldGertrude Garland Julia Nourse Emma L Adams ClAra Gordihell Miss Nor is Catharine An.iivine B J ML Neal Mary Adams Laura GillismRebeccaSNelson Mrs Ja<A Aciton Hell Golden Ann Osmond MrsA A Aikin Mrs W J Good spend Anna Perchke Itutha Anderson Mary Gilbert Mrs E T Paige Mrs M B Armstrong Greenwood Al- Porter Mrs E A Maria _ meda Potut Miss SII L AdamsPrigcillaLtJovau Mary P Pierce Anna Armstrong Cath Gannon M Ade- Piatt Miss M J Brown Maria laide Piatt Mrs Geo Black RebeccaA GassawayAnna? Peter Roberter Bally Arrv Grant Cynthia J l'atton Mrs Geo BloomarRebeccaGaflord Mrs J R Peddicord Miss Hois Frances M Geuitia RE Bell Mary G ray Mrs Proctor Cath Brown Mary J Garvey Mrs Perkins Frank Bower RebeccaC Graves Emma Potwis Hattie Bailey Emma Howard Rosa _ Palmer Mrs Brat/. Elizabeth Hermen Sophia Penberger Mary Baker Mrs Chat Howes Mrs M W L Benton Mrs A T Heart Priscilla Porter Fanny C Bland Anna Hoyt Nellie i Phelps Jenny Barnons Minnie Hodge Maggie-3 Phillips Lucinda BensonMrsEW-2Hi>w e Kate _ # Pettit Elizabeth Bradwell Laura nunter Lavinia Pierce Miss A J Buell Mr-1 Marst HowardFannyM Person MrsLiner linker Julia HarriaCharlotteQuin Carolice Butler Mary Hawley Mrs Col hie? Mary Barry Sally J R Ritter Jenny BlossomMisN 11 HarrisonMrsIlIlKiifjjs Hannth Bowers Rebecca Handy Mi^s Uainond Mrs Faker Roth A Shepuic Ray Barbara Bryant Mary _ Hamilton Sarah Ross Marcelina Batching Lizzie Hatkins Lncv L Rogers Mary l?arker Mrs J F nannon Cynthia Russell Mrs M J Rrwoke Maria W C Randall Myra Boyle Anna Harper Sarah Russell Melinda Borlend Marv A Henry Sarah Rolette Louise-2 Brisco Harriet Hyatt Maggie Randolph Alice Brown Marv C Harris Lucy Rodgers Nellie Beton Martha HanmanMuryJ Robarts Bianca Butler Mary A HartunsCath Reed Mary L Beckley Anna Hnggins8srah Roiget Mary Becket Mary Higgins Marion Rickson Lucy Batcher Rosy K Beardon Anne Babcock Libby Herbert Maria Smith Mary G Butler Elizabeth Hopkins.Emma Stone Callie BorerMissH.irmHoagson Carrie Swerson Maggie Bennet Fehy Hir?t Mrs A Smith Ruth Brown Lurania Heudley Miss Smeed Qlari-a Butler Mary A Hen rick Laura Smith RosettaS Beache Mrs Hasson Anna Hw?n Mr- M 8 BarleyMrsOet ve Hammond Julia Snead M Auatine Carpenter Mrs HelyeuMissBedr.Snee.d Mrs M J MH nerbertTheo- Shares Anna O'afk MrsAlfdM do?ia 'I Speer Nellie Clein Annie L Hopper Sarah SpraguellattieM t lark Julia R C Harvey Mrs SirnnsMrsG'lesC ( lark Elizabeth Hurbet Lizzie Smith MrsChasF Clark Mrs Ap- llirk.s Emily Shear Maggie pletc>n P Hamilton Mrs straubs Caroline Cl),rl< Annie J*s StewartllarrietE Clark Mrs M J Jackson Lizzie I?8teiger Hannah Cull Mrs F M Jackson Vliee Stevens Mrs H K Cook Airness Johnson Mis#W gtoddard Mary B Codney Mary Ja<-kt-on Mary P Snider Mary C Copper Rebec&M Johnson Mrs Sweetland Mrs CummitcsLow ? CaptThsSJ K A Crocker Mrs Jacobs Ilellen E Stanley Lizzie Wm C JohnsonLavinfa SpencerMrsCh as Conrad Mary L Justin Carrie C Sefre<lt Mary Chapman Jos'ne Jackson Eliza Snookman Mar* C?r-on Hattie Johnson Mary E Stevens Mrs Hy* Cahill Honnora Javiu Martha Somewell Sarah Cary Bridget Keech Kate _ Scanlon Ellen Colbert Ellen Kirkland Lizzie Sullivan Anna E Collins MrsM II Kihble Mrs Stevens Jane Cleil Ma/. H P Blender Schu maker Mary Collins Looisa Kniirht Caroline Storkie Mis.s Casey Maggie Kurtz. MifS A M St Clair Amanda Cadwslladtr KmehtHrs Smith Annie Snllie Kepler Eliza , Stuart Sophia ClairvilleKnteY Kiuley J A Sweeny Mrs < he-tneyMrsJa-Lloyd Mrs EE' St fftinon Mary Clark Mrs Logan Mary Sexton Eliza Georgie P Lucy Margaret StanleyAiUelia K Ca-ey Sarah 1 ee Lizzy Shougnis? Brdgt CarterElizabetli Lynch Sarah Smith Mrs A C< nant Ellen Lloyd Joanna Stuard Anna Cook Mary A Lambert Mrs J Steward Loantia Coke KHen Loomis MrsSilasgnyder Caroline Or risan Sarah ? action Mr? Ja-- Straten Miss 8 Coleman Mrs Lint< a Maria Sinallwood Cath Henrv Linton Miss Sparlin Mrs Cleary Mary Amaada J Tompkins Laura Clark Fa?ny Lewis Lneinaa Taylor Hattie Cclbnrt Fli/bth Light Jennie Thomas Eli/.s Cooke Mr* E Lytle Mary A TurrerMaryF Corchrane Anna LinkinsJennieF, Thomas Laura M Lee Margaret Taylor L>dna A Caseey Lula A Lyor.s Mary Taylor Mrs P W Colevobn Mary 1 ee Harriet Turner Lucretia Carroll Louisa MooreGertrude Turner Mary A Davenport Lib- MillarlMrsJasWTPnrner jr Mrs hie L McCosky Margt Win Davis Bosa Murphy Mary Thompson Dean M?ry E Moore Harriet Minuie Dade Elizabeth Miles Emma Thompson Susan D'uiuMriRB Mart Susan Trem per Nettie Diebl Mrs MurphyOathrrfe Thomas Louisa Henrv W Martin Sarah Thomson Mrs R Dodge Miss S H MitchellMif sBE Thompson J as E DaCosta MrsT DMoseby Julia Triplett Louisa Durlap Mr- Miller Ann M Taylor Mrs Mary Duval Mary Morris Mrs M L'tz Ellen Die-on Mary Moreland Edith Upperman Dunnigan Brdgt H< rrell Hellen 8 Marion T!ayt( nCarolneAMallon Lizzie A Underwood Liz I'oiand Lucelia Meant Rose ^ Davis Jenny Mason Ra chel E Van Wagner Dusclass Saiah Miller Ellen F.liz.a-2 Duley Mattie _ Jlarcone MrsF B Yoelker Cath Douoghue Katie Mendell Ellen A West Caroline Douglass Lottie Mulvey Betty M'illiains Kllen-2 Dorsey Mary Mulford Mrs Welsh N Jane I'ouglass Lottie Cha* 2 Ward Matilda H Diener Mary Miller Leonard WrayMary DiHi w Margaret Martins Jane F Webb Sarah Engard F.lizabth McNeil A guess Webster MariaM Eustice Martha McNaughton Washington Eshelman Mrs Mrs Dave ? KateL Abram McNeil Mrs M:E Williams Anna Edwards Mary McPherson Mrs WarnellTilla EmeringMiss Jno Walker Mrs Delia MeDonnell Cath Artimicia A Elliott Mrs McDouuieBi ttie Wooley Mrs M R Fi?k Culisla A McLean Ella L Whitiuiore Mary Fuss Jennv McAnultfMaryAWorthirigton Fisk ^IrsC B McBrown Miss Blanche Fox Annie McKnabhWidowWevmouth Mrs Forbes Nellie S McIntyreEli/.bh C M FletcherBai baraMcCatfrey Fun- Williams Kate Foster Nattie nieM Wilson Annie R Fountain Jos'ne 3Ia> arte Madame Williarns Lucia Fo.-terllenrietta M< Williams Williams Carrie Foi-rest Lizzie Miss Clem W?lbert Julia Febray Carrie Miller Martfca B Wilkinson Miss FaruuehrMaryA McGuire Mary M H Farley Aunie McCook Julia E Wright Mary J FarnhamMrsAMMiller Ellen Woodjard Mrs Fletcher Mrs Ma L'eoElizabeth Wallass Louisa Fisher Letba E Morfort Maria White Kate Field Mrs Moeler Kate White Martha Gales Mary Mitchell KUea E Wil'iams Anna 6reen Charlotte Mitchell Mr* William* Rebeca (ireenldaM Thou WeidnerRebecca Gro?n Mrs S S Myers Mrs Amos Wavne Sarah A Gant Elizabeth McArtonBridget Watson Nellie Green Nellie Moore Martha X 15 Gantt Rosa MeKoy Mary Young Josiah B Giraird Mrs Molton Mary Young Mrs Louis Missouri ' Marstella Eli/a MigC?LLASi.0C!j.?Mrs. M. A. Y.; Miss M. R. T. GENTLEMEN'S LIST Jk. Allen Dr A B Ash Earl L AJey Jerome Austin Dr A G Ammerman G Alvord Jno Augusta Dr A T Althouse G H Aldon Jno R Auntin AS Armstrong Capt Adams Nel?on Arnold Sgt A F Geo A Andrews N Arnold A K AppGeoW-2 AsburyS AbertChas Austin Henry Ackhart S D-2 Andrson C A Andrews J D Aldrich 8 R Armocost C Albert Jno AkehurstThos A>kese Capt Alexander Ja? Anderson Thos Asbbeld E AgerJno Ambrose Wm T Allen E B ArinbrusterJCM Atburger W C Beveiidg, Rev Brush Geo E Bo wen L w. x Bowers Geo W Brown L D v Beane <>eo Bowser Levi a u Brutingham G Bradley p ,r,r. /nA H, Bunnell Capt M w 1 ?>lb*'rt Be nnett Geo W BlaukingsUop M kinn a Syrne U"rhert Brady M J feUlCrA Binh'lfe &b/CptM 5SSA 0Pt XP filltkHrr1 H U Brown Nick Rkck^fA? Batls^ofH H SiaM'c N B^wn A Blake Hon HO BrndstreetNC Becaonan A B BradshawCptJ J Bernard N M Bebv A . Bryan JasH fti.t-i ^<> Burhignam A ByrouJa* BarnesO^iver Baber Sgt A L BortonJos Birry^ Pat ' Bauer A Butler Jno F Bender Prosner Beall B M Bradley Isaac Bargheimer p Barrk Baier '"9. Broderick p ?> Brown A Co Bullow J J BoyceBH-a" Bell C C Bamford Capt J Browne Rich 1 Baker Capt Boyer J W Brawn Reuben Burgess Clark BagroltJas Blaisdell S Borden Chas W By-tte Jno Bowles Dr 3 W B!r>ekChas E Baley Jos Barrows Saml F^bana Cha^ Be-km an J H B-igl>ee SC Baker CB BoskeyJay Babcock 8 S Brutn Lt C T Bender Jo? Barrett DyS Boehm C Batim Chan Bthrens C F Brunner Chas Berger C H Bowen Dr C Brooks Chas O Baker Calven Brown Christ a Bowers J Bigelow Jas Brumagin J W Branscomb Jos Barber Jno J Boston Jas Barton Jno Butler 8no A Baylos Jno Brown Capt C II BrioXman Jno Bnrrell DR ! BeemCpt D ?-4 Brower D R Bogart E W Bortel E S Baker E Brady Jno Brown J as W Beattie Jno S Been Jacob Blake J C-2 Burt Ja?-2 BrOoker?*tEH-2Brown Jas Bartlett E 8 Bfcrker 8 Barrett E S Blanchard M A Busturick t 31 BakefFM Baker t H Babcock F Brotne GOW Balwin G W Brigs* I D Bruce Jos > Brown Cpt JW BogpsJno W Beck J BricksJno H Boss J G-jr Bard Jm W Bell Jno T Bates J no Burgess Cpt G J Benton K W Co<?ter A Chamberlain A L-2 Coolldge A Capron A 8 demons A B Cklwell Alex Cumming HonH Colton Rev 0 Clark Charley CotaChas CoinweU C H CochraneC C Chapman C i'' Collison C 8-2 Caddish C C CoeC B Case Chas P Cole Counsellor CochraneCptCC Church C B Cash Chan Crosby Chas Coyld Chas Connor Chas Connelly D A Curtin Danl Champion D Cowel D P 2 Callaghan D Cosgro Edwd Coles JE B Corning E D Cooper E J Copt land E W Cobnrn F-2 CrawfordCptFE Caifon F 51 Chiton Frank ChuVchill G A Cook Geo W Colburn G W Clapp Ceo Cahelms G T)nnlap A P Dodee A Donaley A J Drake Abram T Darliig A Dullengfr Al>m Dagnnelli B Dirky Capt Dubois (JapCB-2 Duloney Caleb Dirkson C DeRrhen C Denier Dr Dickson Cap DJ Drew E P Downing- Edwd Dooley i' X Donovan Freak Durland G B Denick Geo Downey G W Dwage (<ho Be Buy Geo Deckfii G?o DeGraffH F Du vail H C Dolrcy Jno DtiganJohn Dyar Jos Edwar.d A jr Ellis Alfred Ktltr Calvin Enunennan E Fde'in Edwd II Eye Ephrain Emery Frank Elliott Lt F M Ed gar Cap GP-2 Eurney Dr Geo Fmi-rt (ieo . Emerson Geo F'orningtqn A Fort A inert Frrrinrton A Fay Arnold C 1 riedlander A Kotffer A 2 Fri lvnbrjl B IJ Ford Capt Chas Frayer O C-2 Foster Chas Feny C Fox Chas A Fra-er Daiil Fly nil Duel Fetbean D 1' T^letcner F. F Fowler F F Fo!>W X Geo W Frilzinger G-2 Grander A It I U\ C -V (jennet* A (lewman A tit?fs B Grant B Glass Lt Chss 8 (iiliivrsleve C E Gould C II GillHUan CbftvD Gilbert Cba- YV Gould C M C.asst D W Goodw in E 8 Goodrich E-3 Garrett E W Gover Lt E B Gieenloes Ed (iruge Edwd P (lullford Lt EW (inatorex F II Gollabam G Glorius Geo G radufrat & Dreyfus-2 Grunbergll Gai nett KevlIII Hitkock Alf Hopkins A J Hale Alon/o Hilbert Amnion Hastings A C Hewes Aaron liases Alon/.o Ileaton Adam llarbon B F Hrivninjr B F Ileaton Adam Harrisorl Chs B Hiutwell Col Ileogy C A Haruing COtto Hurdley Chas II Hat-kins ChasW Hu# Chas J Harnill Chas R Hyatt Chas C Hunter Cloud Holden C H Famberg Chas Harris CN Ronnll C R Hate Chas tytbe 4 Co i'lison Dennis ecker Danl Henderson D P Hickman D H Hastings Dr Hobbs Dilman Heifces D C IIalley Edwd S Hadley E A lit nt E R Howell K N Hasting* F M-l Hol(er F Heyer Francis Ha%ens F Hall Geo H . Hunter Grizzin \ Lester Aaron Ingram Dr A Johnson Uhas-2 J( huson Danl Jackson DanlJ P?teejohn Dr Jouins M W J acobs Frost Jaqueti Dr GP-2 Jacobs Hyarn Kelly A1od?o Kelley Andw Knox A Keizie A King Chas teunedy David ellogg D Krieger F J Kator Gso Krebi 8er* H Kraekoff llenrr Lfidge A L LovelandCapt A M J Lawson Alex Lain* C W Lindsey D P Looney D Lombard Dennis Lendril Dennis Landvoit D W Lewis David Loughlin David Losey Baton Brlce Thos W Barrett T H Burns Thos C Butler T P Bell T Bowers Lt ColTS Bennett Capt TT Beacby Crias Barbifre Siir V P Beandt^ V ?5t Co Baum Wti Baily W S Bell Win Bayley W A-2 Builer Wm Babcoek W F Blossom W A Bryant W H Bootey W W 1 Balkam W 1! Bowdish W F BArtlette W R Blauvert W C Barton Wait Baker Walter Biioier Wm W Bennett Win W Boftth Dr Z 8-3 Cooke M Camp RevDrNW Cahill N CroffN J Colby Lt Col WT Caisey Dr N R Colgrove CptOR ColiinK P McD-2 Connell Pat Carr Philip Call Rev P C Clark Prentisi Cameron Robt Country Robt Cl?n<;an R L Conm r Capt 8 W Comfort 8 G Carney 8 Curtis T A Chilton Hon S Cameron Hon 8 Carney Gov T-.'i Cochlin T Crege T N Cleyn T CampbellHonT 2 Colliii-! T B Croos Thos Champion Thos Conditt Rtv UW (Jodiiam W Casey Win M Chandler Wm Champlln W E Colton Wm Carrick W 8 Castleman W B Clapp W N Clark Wilson Clark Wm A Craft Wm 11 Clark W H Clark W D Cnssb&ntGeo Carson Henry Chapman H X Carr H L Cockill H W Cnnninghim H Coons H 2 CowperthwaitH Chandler J E Carter Jno W Chamber* Jos OlancyJno t Campbell Jno C Conner Jas Clemens Hon J Conroy JasB Cannan J 8 Campbell Jos Curran Jno P Cushin? J M ClementsJ T Cowan J no U Conkey J B Corkran J P Cramb ett J Caldwell Jno Carroll Irving Collins Jno Chapman Jno Conroy Jas B Carney Jas Clemens Jere Connnt J E Callan Jno Clark J B Clark Capt J B Clark J W T Carns J It Cummins Dr LC Canfwell L 8 Cnppia L Churhill Sc. Co Crane Corpl M X> Denniion & Israel Davis Jno A Durham Jos Dunbar John Dujrlass John Donnelly John Davis J no n Davis John R Dudley Jessie E Douglas Capt TE Duvall Maurice Danis M W-2 Dunleavev M Dee ring P 2 Dillon Fatk Dohins Patk Davison Robt Devoe Rev 8 T Draper Saml Dollan John Dou^lasB Joy Davidson J Duffey John Ds ^en J no A DoudsJohn Dey John T Delong Tbos-2 Duval T H Dunham T S Devine Th<>s Delou^ Thos E Dittwiline Theo Drew Thos-2 DowningLtColL Domey Vernon Dilley Luther Domn Wm Daley L Du val L C Dunn Levi Doy L ,i BeUrot Mr Doolittle M C Danfinx:h Mkhl Dalbeck M J Ifelany Lt M Duffin M D JED El ma Horace . Eilwards Jno 8 Enert J Doutrlas-iCiipW II Denbv Wythe Dougherty W O Bain'-s Wm Downing W W IhSsny Wm Donlvan Wm Duryea Wm D Dolling Wm Edmons Robt C iivan-i R W Eil arerton 8 2 K??n Jc'.m Kgjiufyix 8anii ElishJame^ EvansBD KatileJnoP ' Knglish Thos Ei-ieli lraac E>te.s Thos W Ebenbaok J G Edwards Thos Ewhand Jas 8 Eichbelty Win FUlinssficld Jno Einmecbten Wm ElliionDrOT Elines W Edey P F Erklns Capt. WII J*" Fountain G G Funoell Geo C Frazer Geo Flvnn John M Fisk Col J?>hn Fesk Jno F Fredericks W Fox Re\ L R Falknt-r (ieo Foust Geo W Felbtn Henry Foster J L Frank Ji-sse Freeman John Forst J Fnley John Fowler Ja-i J Ft-reuson J P Furey ('apt J V Fes-endenHonJ Farliin J Fiegle Jessey I'ranke J A G Gilford lraR (ioodrow John G'-ams Jos (i reonwell J (i ibson Jno F (iarret Jno II Groesback J Go ml y Lt J )l FacUe Lewis F- nnel! M Fedwalil Mr ?< Flint M D I 'itch O J Fairchild I' B Foster Lt P jr Francis S C Ford T II Frar.ier Wm 1" KKnijr:m Wm Fa Ik Wm B French Wm Freeman Col WII Fish Wm Oambove P Green 1' M Gugea Pulaski Casskin Rii hd (ireeuhow It J Graham Riclul Crey ltich'l Grilorn Rol>t < i ilroore HonJA Gordon 8 M Grason John (i I inner Jos (i usyler Ja? (ieary Jno V Cuyli-r Col Jno GoqJno L (irsff John 2 (tall Capt Jas Green J A Green Joshua Giles J R Green J no W > Gales John 2,. Gait John George John George L B Ginsta Michl A n ITa'l Geo J Harris Geo liaalon Geo Hilton Geo E Hastings Geo T llavnfs Geo T Hilloaan G G Holland H E Hopkins II L Hunt Henry Hollingsworth Henry W Ilendri?son II Hartford Henry Heard Simms Hayden Jos L Haiily 8 T Hartman John HallettSaml Harris Jc*< C Hoddock J A Harris Jas C-2 (! ilbert S M Graham Saml Grab&m 8aml D Giles A Taylor G raham T (iridley Tb<?e M Carrisn TKo? A Garrigan t C-S <ioo? Thos Gilljngs Win Geot'ge Wm Green W A Gooldridge Wm GourlavWin D Gilder Wm G urley Wm H Gurney Z T Hunter Saml Iteming Major Hunter Mathetv Hadeu Mathcw Harrington M A lleyniaon M Hitlden O Hughes Pbiliis lladson Pre?lep Hndson J W Hulliiiand Patk Howell R L Hunter Robt F Hftrbtt Setli T Harrison 8 R Hartung 8 Huptin Jacob R Hinkly Silas N Hey wood J R lllndes A, Son Heflin Jno Harrimon J W Hal inwell Jno lluxley J Mead Hunnicutt J W Hillyer J M Hubbard J H Holland Jas Harris Jos-2 liarinuu L A Bro Hemming waySG Harrod Floder Harris Thos ll Hannot Victor Harry Wm Hoflbftuer II Hamilton WmC Hopkins Win Humphrey YV Hall Wm T HnrlenburghJBHarvey Wm M lie&ney John Hyde Josiah 11 Hyer8 Jno D Heun Jacob Xurd Judaon B Hyde Josish Harp Jno D Hodgei James HoffJoseph Hohenatiue 8 Hall LW Hetjk^Levi G JobnsonHenry June Ht-nrv JenniuesH W Ives Henry Ingalsbe ti H Johnson Isaac Jeanings Dr J Johnsen Jacob J tinea J oa _ Junes Ma J J P R R"1im Henry Kitler Jno tteinan J Kimble J C Keller Jackson Kolb JasH Kemp Jas Keen Jones R Kretf Jno Kranskofl Leo Kent Mr Li Lewis H A Littell Jas Lemon JHH Lawrence Jno P LuskeyJno T LawrenceCptJV Lyons Jno A Laut- rback J -3 Lomasney J Loftus Jas Lucas Ignatius Leathers Jno G Littell J A Co-3 Humphres Wmll Hal leu W alter Harl Wm lloverville WL-5 llolstesd Wm G Hooker Wm K Iluntly Wm V HoiliKWm llamelton Wm C Hatfy Wm Hagan Wm Ilaiss Willis D Jones Ma] L J-2 JacksonL Johnson R Ingram Beth II Joaea Saml Johnson Thos James Saml R Johnson Vincent Ishmuel Win 8 Jennings Wm Ksrn N 0 Kearns Rol>t Kaue Richl Kerst Saml Kennedy Thos S King Thos Klein Valentin? King Victor Kentfield W R Keating Wm Kallien Wm Otto Lilt J L?neJ W L<iwry M R LaVafaSig Ly^ton Michl Lynch N W Earned Oti< Lalountain P Lamalon Patk Lynch Patrick Lewis Re lben Lake R H Leathers 8am 1 Leech Eli Lindsey E W Landon K H Lasselle Frank Lerew Geo F 2 Lewis Geo C Lancaster Geo Loomis II W Lenahan Jno Lutman J M Latti n Jao O Linton Dr 3 D Langley Jno F Lane Col J G Lee J A J Mead Amos P Muesinger A Montgomery Mai A McCoy Prof A McKenna And McLaren Alex .McLean A A 3 Matlack A J 2 McNett Aionzo May Alex , MilleganRevAM M.-S'ash II A Mason ALU McConrey II Moore Abbott Merithew A McCue Bernard McCaun Bern'tl McCracken B Mart in Lt Benj Mean B*nsom MackieC M Moore C F M McClain Geo Miller G W Milbur Geo R Melott Geo Moses Geo S W May Geo Moore II F Metzgar &. Iloff heimer Merreil II 8-2 Maynon II A Ment Henry Moncrief Ilarry Merick Peter Lemon Sarnl Latham T (1 Landron Drias Lew hart Wm H Lately W 8 Laskey W W Loring Wm Miller Jno D More J Martin Killean Morris Capt L HonLW Morris L R Murphy L B McEwen Lee MoCorn Day id Maloey Mich Marlaste*ter M Munson Miles McDerraot M Mumorod Mr McAlmy H M McDermott Jno Morrasy John Masion Jaa Meyer John Martin J as McDonough J Mudge Adjt C E Monkur Jno M Morrison Capt Murphy Jas McDonnell Jno McKnight Jno Moise Cha" A Martin C II Miller Chas G Mitchell Chas Miller Chas R Miller Chas M M'-Quillett Capt Moody Jas Martin Dr Misson Jas Miller David J Mathews Jno Martin David W Miller Isiah Mahony David Merriani J E Myers P G B Ma.Fiar Peter Miwhiih P Murohy Pat Middleton R Miller Riley McCorkell Rev R McLea*ic R 11 Montfftmery R J Mora K 8 Morrow Robt McPherson Jno Martin Robt Merett John Morgan Jas Murphy Jno J Miller David Munn D W Mefford D M-3 Mclntyre D McCann I) K McLaughlan D Mclntyre D A Marnard Jno McKay JE Martin Jno T Mo rant Jno Murray L C McGeeJohn McBinley J W McNantonCapD McDonnell Jno Medley D P McCue Dr Ed McCrisken E Mumby E MarklergC A Murphy Ed Mayer Dr E R Myers Hon Eli Murpby Lt E McKimm J no McGinnis Jno McAlister J 8 McDonald Jas McGinley Jhs McManus Jas McPherson J S McCardle J Maston Jas McPherson E W McOabeJas McKee Geo Newton A E Newbut A Norii A Nourse A W Nolan B Noyea Capt C 0 Nangle E A Nally Ewd N ixon E E Nortan E H X ichols E A Newton Frank O?O O'Conner AustinOderkirk 11 D ?"Neil Anthony ObrienJohn McCarthy J 2* Noble Frank .Norton Geo Nokes Geo Nelson H K Norton II J \ orris J P Neal Jno T Noble Jas Nonrse J no Ne^rton Jno J NorsJ W Nawlan M Oreutt Albert 0'Grady B \V O'Neal D O'lell (ieo Olcott II L i LTtJeil Ja< B Onsely Jno Quaid Jas (iulliman Jno Macken/.ie 9 A Majors Judge S Mills 8am A Millard Squire Mitchell Thos McKay Thos Mlchell Thos 2 McEl right Dr T Mustiu Thos McGrath Tim Mitchell Thos A Msrtin T J Millard V W McClan<? Wm Mount/. Win Maxwell Win Miller W W Marshal) W F Millenor MS.M9 Miller Wir U Myers CaplWin-2 Miller Wm MillerWilliam>n McCord Win McPherson W 8 McOheaney W R Newberu P?,bt North R Nijrdine C"! R H JVorrisS 8 NorrLs T Y Nash Thos Neyhart Win L Nesbit Dr W-2 Norrip Wni F Nelssn Wm Newiunn W R Newell Wm A Osderick J 2 Old Joseph O'Brien Patk 0"Sullivan T D QUinn T R Oskins Willie A 1* Price Hiram Portey H L Painter John Porter J l'rader Jos Penny Jas Pickel Albert Palnifrr A J Pope Angell Palmer A II Pom-l Clias A Pashall C J Philiips C B Phillips Chas A Porter Da\ id Payn<" D S Pratt Deao-2 Pe*w E ? Parkliurst E S Parker Lt E M Price Edinond E Pope J H Prentice Col Ed Price John Price Surg E Pratt Capt J Putnam Prank Pierced A Phillips Frank Paul G?o W-V! Peirce Geo W ParrisGeo W Pinno Ret Pray Dr O M Parker P L Parny Richd E Pendleton R F __ Phelps Steph A Phillips Capt J C Pappino 8 2 Pettil John D ParsonsSoIomon PattSrson Com Parker J F Pratt Rev J G Peak John A Price Jas W Peck John Paul K A Thos II Porter !>r T J Peifer Theo PeltiDgfr Wm Powsrs Wm H PartridKe Wm Pasho Win A Patterson Wm Parker Wm Parsons Luther Polar W Pippler Louis Purnell Win Pet?*rs Leander Poor Capt L A Parker Capt G O PittinoB LC 2 I'utnam G C Pattengiil Rer Phillips Wm Parker Win H Paige Capt W W i'rice Wm T Petcrman W F Plats W Porter Geo W Mr Pope G N Pickham N C Pote II F Paton 5Iichai l XV Richards A-2 Remington H J Russell A Mid Rotbchilds A Rogers II W tlleton Ri ot B C R?-mpi"l 11 llrily Mark Ranez Lt C Reet> rIT RTibflon Oscar Roberts Clias Wiggin? Henry Hodgers Pat. Roys Carlos C RyaoJobn Rick<-tt" Robt Boppel Conrad Bobbins 3 M Kockett It W Riley D Ruton Jno M Hpily Pfter Robinson Dan RoilpathJas Ribbeck Dr R Ri ssDan coL'd )-21ticbar<iM>n J F Rodman S W Rayner Capt D RobinsonCapJM Rockwell S 8 2 Rig^tnbaugh D Richard Jno G -'2 Ross T Huge A DubbertRicker Jno W Robeson E J Rice Eliliu Rodrick E A Rfidgers Edw Bosenbjinm Ed Ric<> F W Ramsey Fra nk Reiley Frank Keen Gideon 8 Iteniston Geo SMiriver \ F Stewart Andw Sfeiii \ W Stevens A W Stein A W-2 ^chIllt/e A iMiiall Arthur Slew art Aiidw Sbeno A G Siuiinon8 A 1-' Smith A R Smith Addison SN-per Aluthar Swan A E Schodd A 'Smith A B Sherman A H SheldoD Andw Sharp ess 1! F ?nviler B P Simmer C J Sineed C T Sernr C A Ryon Jno Robinson J C Record Dr J Rawling^J A Rush John 2 Reed Jno J D Ridgewav Jno Ranch Levi H Roche Mich Rossini Fer Bilton Horace ?ha\v H 1 Shearer Henry Simplin H W Smeysh H Sharter Henry .Si.-kel II G Sinitb 11 H Siou?jr Hem y Salaine H Smith II B Sanders Hiraiu Sell fl T v6mifh Ifenry SwopeHenry Missions H C SlocakerJ II t*a\ see J A Sterling J A S.'inert Jno M Sherman Jas Slgler J W ShaanesK Jno R.-ddy T 8-3 Rood C&Pt T P Russeli W R RonzT Wm Reed W H Hussain Wnj Ros< W W . Ryley Wm Koa<'h Tin Kstnlell T .< P Stanley tihai lie Soper Jos ? Stuft^l C W Shepard Isasc Stsnley Charlie Skellev JnoM St" \ ens C A SVieppard J E . St&ward Chas Straining Jun SeatonCW Staples J L Stewart D 8pangler Jacob Ssinuel D Siglar J W -2 Smith D A Stewart Jas Shafer Danl Sampson Jno Sylvester David SftngworthyJ L SsmmesT F StoweDJ SiglerJW Stevens TII Stalky Luth'-r Shoughnessy >1 StMt"ag??nti M Shade M F S:h'oss.\ A Swart/. Otto Sa ;;e <) G Snyder P R Shaver I'etsr Sellar-^ P>-ter Sulivan Patk Spikes Kobt Scotte R B Stuart Robe >niith R K Spencer K I! N Shipman S Strickland 8 Sherman S Smith S W Spencer S A Stiarritts S F Smith S R Sharer S M 'Stanford S X Htorrow S \ Segrnvea Sauil Stanley Jas Shoemaker T F ; Seward T Studs X E Semmer Theo Sheller T K Stineford E C >alter E Sterling F. Softord E M Snyder Edwd Sherwood Ira .-trawbridse I Sdbin J V H Shaffner J F Scooel J M Sunderland E M SchoenhofJ Sowers E SavajreJtsN Steele F Spangler J W ShsbseFT Soper Jos Sargent F R Severs Jas E SlaghtJssC Smith Jas R StuneerGA Smith Jno Z Stowel Geo SlreitJnoL Sinclair G W SratzJno Smith G Stelle Jas C SengerQ StoneJasM 8s?wick Geo Steele J A Simmons G C Scott Jno W T Twinning AlexC Test J no H Thomas Andw Thayer Jacob ThurberCsptBP Tborntou Jas Thomas L M ThorpsCapJa^ Tierney Ed J Thompson J J Thornton Prank Thompson Jas Thomas Geo M W (col'd) Tnttle Harvey N Tominey J M ThoroasHH ACo Thompson J F Thurston HMD Terry Capt J K hompson II A Taylot Joseph Townsend H C Thacker Lloyd Taylor JoshuaT ft Co Thompson Jos Timothy M Taylor Capt J W Tochey Mich J Thornton F J Sugart T Short Thos Spicer Thos B Saramels T J Smith Wm B Sayre W Sinclair Wm Stsrlinsr Wm Stiwart Wm H Stephenson W J Slocnm W Stratten Win Sitnmes W Spain Wm H Shaino W m Swords W it Smith Win Small W W Teller Nicholas Tiltnon Henry Tobin Pat ThorpsCapJasM Taylor R B Thompson J A T^n^le Lt Com Terrett W N Taylor WTMD Thompson W H Tucker Wm-2 Townley Wm ?omlinson W W horn W J Thornley Thos Thayer 8 W M D Cntworth J B Urban Amos 8 Venable Chas Ullinan Capt Vanerman J W Willson Albert Wr ght Alex 11 White Alfred Waisk Anthony West Arthur 1 Witherell A Walken AKin Wool son Benj Wait Benj W*i-<I ChasH Willett Chas Wei?onsale 0 Williams Chss-2 Whitney C D Wilder MaiCN Williams C'hn>H Wingard Maj C William* Ca<!> West C C Waireuer Danl WHtcroftDB Waters David S We'ton E P Wsigart Emil Wing Edvrd Watson Elisha Welter E VT-2 Wise E:tilth Wheeler E A Wiiliains Edwd W?'bb Eras"-" K Warren Fred Thomas Morgan U?"V Vandorf Jno Van Biaekoleu Vanvorder Noah W H Vanderpoel Dr Vallance W H 80 Yeagre D A Van Camp Serg Weed Henry C Wooden Henry Wundur II S W^ntzel H G Wilson Harry Wise Lt H A Ward Ilenry Webster H ? Weir H B Williams H 8 Worcester Capt H P Winter HenryS Watson Harry Warren Rev HW Williams J T W arnt*r J no Whiting Jno II ? Wallace Jno A Walton Jno D-2 Wilson Jacob Wilson Dr J C . Whipple 0?tJ Wilkinson I W W ilk ins JnoL Williams J K Worthin?ton JC Wvchoff JOgden Wright Ira William-; Jos Whitby Jas Westwell Jno Wi'ftns Jno Wiles Mnj.)as Wagner Louis Wood L A Wergntan L M Winter L M Winans N H-2 Wilson Napoleon Woodman N W Wheeler O WhitnetO C 2 Wilkin*'Perrf" Wright PC Williamson RH Williams Robt J Washburn 8 Wells 8 B .Williams Smnl J Walker Thos Wooil Thos t Wall Col Win ' Wand Wm Wright Wni Wertenbakei- W E 4 Wallace Wm Wallace W XI Warren W L Walker Capt WH Wilkin Hon W Ws.shington Wia Warner Wm Wrieht G W Wayer Cart J Walker W H r WoodardGeo W?d JciC W L Whitby CaptGM Wade Ja* L Hell* Walter Wood G L Wright J a- W hite W m W Wise f apt G D 2 Wright Jo* Wilson W D Willhelm G W Wright J B Wine Will West Col G W Ward J R Whitemore Zach Y-Z Yeag^rCC York Hiram C Youn; Wm MISCELLANEOUS ?Editor of Now Nation; The State* Union; Metropolitan Mechanics Institute; Sib 8h; Aiynuer; Nepos; R. P.; D L. O. It 8AYLE8 J . BOWEN, Postmaster. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER, TlBTH STKBBT, AB0T1 PSJIHSTLV AMI A AVISOS. THE COOLEST and BEST VENTILATED PLACE OF PUBLIC AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY. THIS EVENING, June 3, First night of the new Comedy now playing in New York and London, with treat success,entitled A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP. Mr. Bagshott?.. % Mr. Geo. Berks Appearance of the favorite comedian. MR. B. G. ROGERS. AS FELIX OX/ALL AG HAN, in the Irish Comedy of HIS LAST LEGS. To-morrow, by an arrangement with the Mana *#r,a FAREWELL BENEFIT rill be given to MR. B. G. ROGERS. Monday, first night of the engagement of the popular Comedian, _ MR. J. S. CLARKE, who will appear as Dromio of Syracuse, in SHAKSPEARE'S COMEDY OJT ERRORS, supported by the tavorite actress. MISS ALICE GRAY, and other popular favorites. GROVER'S THEATER. PBilNSTLTASIA AT., SKAH WlLLABD'8 HoTSL. Lbojiard Gkovxk. Director THE COOLEST THEATER IN AMERICA. VEN TILATED BY OVER 100 WINDOWS. ICE WATER FOR THE AUDIEXCE! Last night but one of the GRAND OPERA. Last appearance ofABLpoRMEg^ the renowned Basso Proiundo. THI8 i Friday) EVENING, June 3. Von Weber's greBt master-work, DER FREISCHO CZ, DER FRE1SCHUTZ. Grand Oper t. lour acts, the celebrated INCANTATION SCENE being given in a separate act. Special.?'"Der Freischutz'' attracted the two greatest houses < f the entire season in Boston, anri \va> one of the chiefest causes of the great success of Mr. Grover's season of Grand Opera in that city. This opera is so infrequently performed in Italian that those accustomed only to I'alian Opera are not fully acquainted witli its immense celebrity and rare musical beauties. "D< r Freischutz"' was performed over three hundred times in the city ?f London in (ierman, the only language and school of opera which properly renders it. Its grand in strumentation and exquisite melodies make it, for all time, the pet of the Continental Academies, where, with the greatest preparation, it is pro duced every year. CARL FORMES. in his celebrated character of CASPER, THE RANGER. his last appearance. Signora Frederici, her greatest role, as Agathe M. Tbeo. Hnbelmannas? Max M'lle Pauline Canissa as .Annchen M. Heinrich Steinecke as.. ? . ... Ottocar M. Anton Graffo as.~.. ...... Hermit M. Lehman as^^_ .Cuno M. Henzler as..... ..?..Zamiel M. Kronfeld as? Killian Bridesmaids, Foresters, Musicians, Apparitions, &c. In act third, the celebrated INCANTATION SCENE. Goblins, Sprites, Demons; the Phantom Hunt, Casting the Magic Bullets. CARL ANSCHUTZ Conductor of the Opera SATURDAY, June 4, last night of Grand Opera. By repeated requests, HERR JOSEPH HERMANNS in his great lyric assumption ol MEPHISTOPUELES. F A u's T . MONDAY. June fi. MISS CHARLOTTE THOMPSON and the Dramatic Company. GEORGETOWN ADVERMTS T GEORGETOWN, D. C.. May 24, 1?964 HE Undersigned Grocers and Dry Goods Mer chants do hereby asree to close our respective places of business at 71Z p. m. from .Tune 1st to September 1st, 1&84, except SATURDAY, in order to afford our employees a portion of time for re creation. (, w & ^ W. S. MATTHEWS. JOHN J. BOG UK, <*EOROE W ORME, D. JACKSON. W R. HURDLE, LEWIS BROOKS, F. T. MILBURN. A. J. RATCLIFFB A CO., GEORGE UPPERMAN, T. A. CARROLL. A. P. OFFUTT & CO., W. H ERNEST, J. F. KELLY, MAYFIBLD & BROWN, EDWARD IT. BROWN. SMOOT & BURROUGHS, K. S. ROSENTHAL, EDWARD MYERS. my25 3w* THE PRESIDENTIAL CONVENTION, P. REILLY. F.LDOX HALL, 7- FA YETTK STREET (Neai: Bakspm'8 City Hotet..) BALTIMORE, Has at disposal a SUIT OF ROOMS, consisting of a krse Parlor, five well ventilated communi cating Chambers, which he will let to a party of gentlemen daring the approaching session of the Convention. Comfortable dining-rooms adjein the parlor.and the bill of fare comprised the best the market affords. The location Wiua central, near the principal hotels and the City Pass?nger Railway, is most desirable. Early application should be made. my 3t>-eo3t A LLOW ME TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO NERY" and FANCY GOODS which havef Just arrived and ready for your inspection..,, I can state without boasting that I have tbe handsomest stock ol' FLOWERS ever imported, which, looking at them, will convince; English Straw Bonnets from S3.50 to S-15t and tnose beautiful Pamillas, as white as the driven snow; a fine stock of Back Combs and new styles of Fan*. Having been for so many years in the wholesale business in New York, render my facilities to offer you anv goods in my line beyond competition. M'ME PRINCE, my 23-lm* tig Market Space. P MUSICAL. ? ROF. ESPCTA Would respectfully inform the public that he isnow prepared to give lessons in Vocal and Instrumental Music. Having retired from hia other professional business, be iB now able to devote the whole of hia time to instruction in music to all those who may le pleased to patronize him. Prof. Esputa's method is the same as is taught in Europe?that is, while he makes good performers of his pupils he makes good musicians of them also; so that any one who may receive instructions from him may acquire that knowledge of oausic aswillmaks them com petent for teachers or professional musicians. Prof. Esputa is now forming classes and all who desire to enter must apply early, as the number is limited. For terms apply to Prof. JOHN X8PUTA, No. 513 8th street east. Navy Yord. N. B. Thecars* s Prof. Esputa's residence eve ry six minutes during the day. my 27-fin* KIDWILL & HENDERSON, I No.'367 D 8tb**t, wear Ni*nr. Respectfully inform their friends and the public generally that they have now in store a well se lected assortment of _ WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, which they are prepared to sell at the lowest cash prices. Work done at short notice in the city or country by experienced workmen. Remember the place. No. 367 D street, near 9th, Franklin Hall Building. apgl-tf inORPOBATION OF WASHINGTON SIX PER C CENT. WATER STOCK. The subscribers have <<n sale Corporation of Washington Six Per Cent. Quarterly Water Stock, in sums of one hundred dollars or upwards. The entire amount of this stock is limited to $15(1,oou, for which the revenue from water rents (now amounting to about $ 18,000 per annum) is pledged, iu addition to the faith of the city, making one of the best secured stocks in the country. JAMES C. McGUIRE A CO.. my9 eolm Auction and Commission Merchants PAPBBHANQING8, r" I would most respectfully inform my customers ?eoeivini PAPER and the public in general that I am now receiving my spring rtoek of American and French PAPER ?ANG1NG8. consisting of the finest French Gilt apera, suitable for parlors, dining rooms, chaia bYam^lso'in receipt of a large assortment of Gilt Cornice, Gilt Window Shades and Picture Cord aIAll persons wishing to purchase will de well to look for themselves before buying elsewhere; a? I have the largest assortment or the above goods in the city. JOHN ALEXANDER. my>-eo?m [Intel.] No. 340 Pa- avenue. ?g0 PAPERHANGINGS. A selected and varied stock of Tine, am and Tirol cut'" ? ? S81 ? THE ADVANCE ON RICHMOND. The Position ?n Tuesday-A Fight on the Old Church Road?Our Farce* Vicieri ??*?Beauregard aud Breckinridge with Lee. [Correspondence Philadelphia Inquirer.| HEADyUartfrp Ahmv or thk Potomac, nkarSaukm Church, <?vj a. m, May 31.?I rent an incomplete dispatch yesterday, in which 1 endeavored to give the readers ol the Inquirer some general idea ol tbe peculiar for mation of out line of battle. The line is, how ever changed this morning to the extent ot 'Warren having moved down aboat a mile 111 the direction of Mechanics vllie, and Burn-id* coming in to fill the gap between him and Han cock It must be borne in mind that Rich nond Is on our left, and the Rebel right flank, and it will be seen why this movement of War ren excited considerable apprehension in the Rebel Councils, which manifested itealt in very heavy skirmishing yesterday afternoon and" late into the evening along Warren's fronc with lighter demonstrations on otir centre It did not, however interfere in the least with the movement of Warren. The position of Sheridan, with two divisions of cavalry, Gregg's and Torbert's, to the left of and a little 111 advauce of Warren, by which be threatened to enter Richmond before them in case of a battle and reverse on their present; lino, was also a source of much uneasiness to the rebels, and yesterday afternoon they en deavored to rectify it. A brigade of Swell's inlantry, aided by all their available cavalry and two batteries, made a vigorous attack on Si eridan's line about three o'clock, but our valiant cavalry met them bravely, and by dark Sfendan had iiot only repulsed them, but had driven them full two miles beyond the Old Church rcod. Our loss in this affair was not over sixty or seventy, while the rebels loetover one bundled killed and wounded and three hundred taken prisoner*). This morning tbe skirmishing is aboutas yes terday; if any different it is more general alon? the line, as if the .enemy were endeavoring to ascertain Mif exact position. Warren's move ment. begun yesterday, haabM? accomplished, and Burnside is in position between him and Hancock, the Sixth Corps, General Wright, having the right of our lines. Prisoners persist in asserting that Lee is sick, in Richmond, and that Ewell is in command ot the Rebel army. What truth there majr be la this is hard to say. There is no doubt, however, that the Rebel authorities mean a desperat* delense of Richmond. Our movement on the James has loosened Beauregard, and hi' for -e is on our front as well as tbe Division of Breck inridge. In addition to this, every man in Ricti mond capable of carrying a mn?ket has been put into the ranks and crowded into the lines before us. With all their rein ior cements it is probable that the Rebel army here has an ac tual fighting strength of one hundred thousand men. Genernl Smith at White House. Wtiiite House, Va., noon, May 31.?This landing was safely secured late in the after noon of yesterday, as a base of supply for the Army of the Potomac, by the landing of a por tion of Baldy Smith's command, all of winch has been withdrawn from Bermuda Hundred, and is now in process ol arrival and disem barkation here, from whence it proceeds to torn Giant eighteen miles distant, by excellent; roads. Port Royal has been abandoned, and Cap tain Pitkin, tbe Depot Quartermaster, has al ready arrived here and set to work wit'i his accustomed energy. There is now here or in transit up the York River, to arrive before day light to-morrow, fnll ten day-' rations and forage for the armies operating on this line. The^docks have yet to be built, so that landing stores and troops are exceedingly tedious, but; this will be remedied by to-morrow. Briga dier General Abercrombie i? in command ot this post, but up to this hour has not arrived from Port Royal. Tbe one hundred day men will garrison this vicinity, one regiment, the One-bundred-aa<l thirty.second Ohio, having just arrived on the steamer .fohn Brooks. A portion of Gregg's division ot cavalry i? this morning being posted to cover the roads from here to the front, and by night communi cation will be luily established. The Battle of Mouday Evening? Hancock: Drives the Enemy from their Rit?ie*pits? I The Rebels Attempt to Surprise Hun at ' ftight aud meet with a Bloody R^piiUf? ! I n ton Li ue* ?<? jipral l> A<l vanced on Tiie? i day Alorniug?Rebel Admission of De feat. [Special Dispatch to New York Time-.] Grn'l Grant's Headquarters, Monday Night, May 30, 8.30 p. m.?Our lines have ad vanced and moved to-day. The enemy resiit < ed the movement but feebly till about three hours ajco, when he suddenly threw a strong force along and on both sides of the Meghan icsville road, upon Crawford's division ot Warren's corps and forced it back siightly. Rebel prisoners give information that the force was a reconnoissance made by Rhodes's divis ion of Ewell's corps, with two brigadescf cav alry, sent out to feel our position. As soon as Warren was apprised of this movement of the eremy, he sent reintorcements to that part, of his line, whose timely arrival prevented the enemy irom turning his flank. The engage ment was severe and lasted nearly an nour. r? suiting in the discomfiture of the rebels, who v. ere driven back in disorder, and left most o? their dead and wounded and a number ol pris orers in our bands. Warren's line remains where it was at noon. The enemy's cavalry force engatred in this reconnoissance advanced ficm Mechanicsville by a road nearly parallel with iliat taken by their infantry, and one and a half miles to the east Old Church Tavern cross-roads was held by Torbett's division of our cavalry. It was about; two miles from the Pamnnkey. The rebels drove in our pickets at this point, and presse I up to the mam line. The first charge by Tor bett's men routed them, and they retired m confusion, leaving about a hundred killed and wounded on the field. They were pursued about two miles, to the vicinity of Cold Har bor. Our loss was two otficers and five men killed, and three officers and seven men wound ed. As soon as word was brought to Gen. Meade of the enemy's attack on Warren's left, he ordered an :ul\ ance of tbe whole line to re lieve him. Gen. Hancock alone received the order before dark, and he drove tbe cn?mr from their first line of rltle.pits, which he still holds. Onr loss was small. We captured about one hundred prisoners Tuesday. May 31, lo a. m.?The rebel papers of yesterday claim that Fitzhugh Let* and Hampton met the whole of our cavalry corps in Saturday evening's fight. In fact we had only Gregg's divison and one of Torbef's brig ades engaged. They admit a defeat and a loss ol one thousand, and that they were obliged to leave their nead and wounded in our hands. They own to a loss of one hundred aad six'y four in the Sixth South Carolina alone. A* midnight last night the enemy attempted to surprise Hancock, and threw a heavy force upon him. They were repulsed after a. sharp fight, and left four or five hundred pris oners in onr hands. It will be remembered lie was occupying their rifle-pits, from whic.h he drove them just at dark last evening. Duriiig the night it was determined to advance th<* whole line as far as Hancock's front, and the movement began soon after daylight. It is still going on. There is considerable firing ol mns ketry and artillery, and the enemy is evidently making some resistance. As yet there are no indications of a general engagement. Lee's army holds a naturally strong position which he has strengthened by steady work* during ihe last few days, on the north bank o? tbe Chickahominy. We are threatening his right, but he does not show any signs of giv ing up his position, and is apparently as ready to resume the offensive as he was while on the North Anna. It is considered certain that Breckinridge has joined Lee with his forces, and prisoners say Beauregard is joining him. William S*rsTON. COKGRE88IOWAL. Ik the Senateyesterday? ? Mr. Lane, of Kaasas, wished that the sense of the Senate should be taken on adjourning over from Saturday until Wednesday. Voices.?What for ? Mr. Lane.?To enable Senators to attend the Baltimore Convention. In tbe evening session? The joint resolution tendering the thanks ot Congress to Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Ba.ley, acting engineer 19th army corps, was called up by Mr. Doolittle, and, after the adoption oC an amei}dment,oflered by Mr. Grimes, stnk ng out the clause authorizing * gold medal to bo struck, the joint resolution was adopted. Mr. Trumbull introduced a bill m relat odl to the pay and emoluments ol attorneys i mI clerks In tbe Supreme Court of the District oC Columbia, which was referred The bill to empower tbe Superannna edt Fund Society of the Maryland Annual Confer ence to hold property in the District of Colum bia, under the will of the late Wm. Doughty, v as passed. Tn? House? jit the evening session took up the Senate'* amendments to the bill to provide a home for friendless women and children, and referred them to the committee on tbe District of Col - umbia, The House passed the Senate bill, granting an honorable discbarge to firemen and coal beavers the same as is granted to seamen. ?y a injy recently laened cards for a sup per party, and had "No Butter" prigted on then. Charles Kean, the English actor, wSo m now in Australia, is coming to the United States.

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