Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1873 Page 1
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V41?N-. 6.245. WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20. 1873. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR ftktl'hetf Dally, Sundays except*** AT TIIE STAR BV1LDTN0S, rrgB?;huU Avfonf, cor. lllb St., 121 ITCTO PTAR irWSFAPEB WWMl $. jr. WW.ll.V.V, ?**??*. ? TH* EVENING STAk it serr?<1 by carrier* to ttWrwUtll'Wt at TMtiiT? rm wtEi.or Fomrv f.n C*^t- fif* m^xth. Copies at the coan**r Two Cevm each. Bj mai?three months, <1At: fj Months. s J.W; on# year, $i. IB* WEIELY ST AR?PaM:sh-d Friday-*' a, ?frar ?" ?"* ? '? *--?*- -II I) ?c r*r*r tent l?>n?er than paid f ?r. I/- B*t-? of adrertisinr furnished ?n LADIES' GOOP& 801 IMPORTASf, 801 AaotBer larjre M ef th- j? h*~fl>ome JACOJTET ASP NVNSOOK HAMBURG KDt. |>*GS ASD FLOl'NClNtS f< cei*e?i th>? ils) at DAVIV, fc?l M \EKET SPVCE, (' 'B?r1h it ti H STAM PjXG depot, *>1T Sevimh Strkft, Oppsit- Patent Office. SMsrjJ ORTE1 aA/ 3SS MISS MrCORM It K, 1*9. 9?Gt P-nnfy rami Arrmut ? ?f Sfmn). U In receipt .fa flue ??e..nn at of IMPORTED fc<iOPS, liuu Mi*a Gedtiev, of K- w Y >rt. R cep lon Room* fwr&.-r!) at 71) Ulhst. Mb: MlM HALTED NOUVRAUTES. PARTS. .o.ts aK" """"??? ,al _ I'LOHKRS. rEATHER*. LACES.Ac ? Ti . *?*i,h!rijt'"n au<l vicinity ar? re ?pectfnllv iDTitnl to call iixl fxamiue (o<4i b 'fore IvchaiiMfbMhtt*. f13-ly JELLING OFVI ? SELLING OFF! AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, th" entire stock CP THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 4 41 ^?Ten?h stiv-t, near K. n.*t7-tr BO HUMBUG. ? LKZHiau * C0H Mis; oat entire stock of MILLINERY AND FANCT GOODS, M and below cost. 707 Market Space, B b?-*weet, 7th aril ith streets northwest. |KPCRTER OF HUMAN HAIR. GRAND BARGAINS AT MA1>A.ME ESTHER'S, ?It Uu strut, ftruni tior from li nrttt. R-n-w.t.r the uatre a: d snpiber. Cheap Curls (?tuut-9. 4 liimTi? :./?. BrHKia, Priff., Frizr.-itee, of tb< Call a_?l see our new stock b?f.-re pur cbaeK.K elsewhere. decll-tr ??| Al'IA? " ~~ ~ Ld KUENi'H STARCH ENAMEL Is the b<*M ?itwlr in tL^' w. rl I f. .r 'i''111^ up Liner* m II ? beautiful ?!>?? to the fabric For sale I t all Grocers. BIRBUAM Jt CO.. Ifannfactnren, 160 W est L uit>ar>l street, jaaUly F?!tmjr?,|(nUii4. BANKERS. | t . UKuUHL V U. T * u-,U ? BROKER. X>v.vj? P rma. a*e., K . m i, Washington, D. C. bp?ij?i attenth D,-i\.n to i: T?-?tm?T'? ?i-'rnritir? InMt?-? .ittei.ti..n t-. - ruriti'i i. \< ofT.-re,|.?? pn.-'^a *bu h ?iili pa>, hi t" U ptr t?*i?t. in aniounrs an.l f ^ r" reliable,pr.-lit ?c?iswf??i5Sr *tt <,ver> R-[. r? t?j p-rmi??i. n to L-wis J hii?On A C . ?' ? D K lly, E.4., Cashier ?I' 'i\i i> /n Bit U x-h ui?ton, D.C.: ' I Br^,hea.I, s-. ( I C -I!er, WashJn* t'VL ' i.WwamOark.E-j .Architect U.S. Cap. "?' W ?-lni gt. r. D C. marl7 ia? 'I Bt AaTI'?N.\L BANK OF THE REPUBLIC ^ f?f 7tb axkI D dtrft*tiJ ^ OPEB FROM 10 A M TOJ p. M *"fl7 'y CHA8. BBAI>LET, CmhW. (;ermam a>if.rm an bavikgs ba^e, " ? No. aift SSVUIIH ?l?E?T, Orrviu* uu foit'jpKt Lhnxriment. ?3opeu ^ 10HN H" ft F Mi ?TH| ?? Ntia. SKS. iHii, r. aooT Late Coi r lutcraal Eov., Buffalo, N. F 15AN K INg HOrSE OF ?MI IEK * ROOT. i?lb PENNSY LVANIA AVENUB, lOpp. site WUlarvl - H tel.) ^ AsUlNUTOB.D. 0. i1!*?1"8' aliowed on business accoinU. Bg-y-ar X?S??JS Tfc" ,?Vv,s<'? A,D -N-' l?? KdmjiVmI. mnriB, F.I? ??'H,ii,t"?Tsr-,VfMI8T. CENT, on btui&4i iccoiuti from daieofdepmlt. ' Ihposit beariiic < and 4 per cent. HAS anywhere. HAS BLANCH Oft Fit,Ed m all large towns and if" ?' and 3 n'hw. st ? ? *an* aMtrs S ?. m. to 4p. m. -V,**? , Saturday nieht<? from ?S to ? o cJfca, to receiy dep'^taoniy. Call at the B.tnk or ^ ^ Charter *od By-law*. jH-ly JAT C OOE E A C U., wcfisrge w ?N BITZ Pr^^nt, a. EPERLT, V. Prest, icvi^T 1 SULT,aM: 'C K PliEBTlSS.Cadh r ii|I r1!2r^ and IB81.K CIBCILAR LETTERS of CREDIT for o\7&7"Y*^ ? fVl * ** JA? M^L^D- '"^>v g \\ A*H 1 "fiTOJI HI* KAVI.16S BAU lorntr 71* mta an-1 Laut-uama *tt '%*m' FATS ? PER CENT INTEREST on DEPOSIT. Iiterest comm. nces from date of deposits cma U **;<1 drawn at will. *T^tf J- A. RCFF. Treasurer Rpriuf Opening. Olii CUSTOM DEPARTMENT. WE INVITE AN INSPECTION of OCR CHOICE SELECTION or WUOLBNS FOR GENTLEMEN S EARLT SPRING WEAR. OL Ji ^ACUITIES KiK UiritiU A f hK H( T tlT ANU HHST CLASS WfthhMA.S S>H1F Ah A I'MSL KrAiShU. FASHIONABLE TAILORS, li Co?*?? or T Til a 3D D 8t?. '|'he rapidity *asb with which fa^ru,ri? to persons anaccastontcd Lis WWU^operaU ,Ma"K?S!Sl.VH bul Dr. ihm bin suitabi. .a ZL lo" eat. ere. ln #?t cmre, tb..n*b the feet bet c* as^TT'J!n^M,* ??.rf*c? +mrw, luoufu (Of Wl DrlUf MdtO OOftMjkiilU -T . ?c??<?; ?*Hy with ereo"ii.C^J ?51 '??ss, aad WMm ? peraona think tw!. *ooum? of Um, coat fort, and health ta aa^L ^^^th.^iiLi,hl/*,fodl,,; * ?V?we" k?"'n> &jfy!5s?s.BrasrK ,h= !?; '? jStJ>r Whit. -b Bstab ^ WhlW a- naaoUelt? d aa a dressing fi Iboae come fro* BISSlOD fn? "! ?' water, s- ld hlvan haib POWERFUL OPERA 0LASSES. COM BIN ATIOB SPECTACLES OPTJCLAM, ' WMl Spectacle procter * OAKBLBM ? OAKsnBsr^$ - - r? sap?gM-r'.'*' F"""" ?t^ilun.r ' ?o. 1M7 fismTLtiJiu Anna.1 SPECIAL NOTICES. The prrirnt urrrr iftHI bns thor- nchly t?-*ted the virtnes of Mrs. JmM' Cough Mixture?thc??aii<la of bottles having been ns?-d with certain Itn trial hM been Hi nt thorough. A mere cold or c ?ngh or th? ant aggra vated r??r> it ha* cured with e<inal ?ncc?M. It in m-t i bjectinnaHe ro the taste, and ran therefore be readily u?edf>rcliildreu and persons who object to n.uiseating mixtures, particula-ly an its doses ar -n.all and every doee contains the |-rm of an alti mate cure. Its value in advanced [(.-on or thof verging on cor.?nr.ip:t .n mnst not be nnArmtirndtil. Xui *uch it haa entirely cared, even cast-* of ac hn< wledged consumption. While it doe* notcnre,it gTealh relieves, and a large nuinb-r of these nnf r ?nnatss now ???? it for the great relief it afford* th. iu. For a Cc ld. Cough, Influenza, Bronchitis, tew, or an* affection of the throat or you can a*- nothing more reliable. Prices?large size *1: *mall, SO cts. F..r sale onl by ARTHffc NaT^ANS, Drnjgist, ?w-tr C -ruer 2*1 and D iire^ts uorthwe^t. C??tl?n. LEA A PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE 9ACCE Bryor* a if* cantionml to avoir) the nmiieron* Conn terfeits and Imitationsoffered for sale JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS. New ?r>rfc, octU 2awly Agents for the United States. A Card. A Clergyman, while residing In Soath America, tm ?MMMl, discovered a safe and simple reme-1) [or the core of Nervous Weakaees, Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Beniinal Organ*, and the whole train of disorders brought on by baneful and ricious habita. Great cambers hare been cured by -his noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to beu?fi the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe for preparing and using this medicine, in a sealed wvelop.-. to any one who needs it, Frtt af Cfiar??. Addreaa, JOSEPH fc. 1NMAN, ? . Station D, Bibls Home, margly New fork City. AMUSEMENTS. Wall;* sew opera house, JOHN T. FOUD Proprietor and Manag-r _ AT 8UCC E 8S OP THE GBASD OtlLIMl OPEK4. T111S ( H EDNKSDAY ) EVENING, March 36, * lotow^rhjw mjn*^Opera, W ith the following favorite Artists: Miss Emiaa H"*?.>n, Mrs /. l<ia S gum, Mr. Brook h-is* B w [??r. Mr. EdwardI Seguin, Mr. Gnrtavus Hall, Mr ? horus and Orchestra. Jfifi J i; Musical Director. *-B? ?? 1 GIRL. F KID vY B,refit of Mrs ZELDA SEGUIN, Verdi's tragic GALA M.vnNEK SATURDAY?GRAND S-ats re**rv?d, *1 SO and SI. Admission, 7S cents To oe 'ia-' a' theQp^ra H n-e and Ellis Music S'ore^ I^-NTKRTAINMENT AND HOP bv the M P rgl l(lS^X?V.rI.C ASSOC IATION, at ODD !. r s HALL, Navy Yard, ou-th<- 2Sh ! -IF? t n>25 2t* imXSTEIX PAKK^LL CO>t KHT. LINCOLN HALL, SATlEtAY EVENING, MARCH J'J, IT ? o'clock . Rl BENSTS1N will,on this occasion, play R LAST AND FAREWELL APPEARANCE, in a uew and mo*t attractive programme, of HENRY ,hinZ P'tnwf; I EN I AM hKI, tUe worU-reiiuwucil Vio linist ; M! > S s'w v VLT ?? Ih IV- Jl,\r ' London ? pran >; w >3. L. KEMBIKLlNsKI, Accompanist. R"ser* e?l Seat*, 52^S.*i" of seat- c< nunc nee* Wed nesday, March y>. at Metzerott A" Co. * Mun'c St. re Stenma> , Puii.. iik-,1 at Rut>en*teiuConcert. ni2i-g; YV'ASHIMOTOM THEATER tOMIUUI 'Eleventh street, south Pennsylvania avenue ) (AJj lUM.g the rear of Harvey a RcMaarant.) AN 1 * L*RIL0*B'NATION OF TALENT UREAT AOt.REGATION OF STARS. Engagement of the grvat versatile arti*ts, u vv * *A?A? AND EDWARDS, ***?. Jamea 8. Edwards?Sensation Act ?r*, E'lliOr**" Perf Tmer*. Ch uigi* Artists, C .niic Vo ralist*. PnrWs^u Orator*, Iu-!lru3? Utaiists, lijslj Dutch. Yankee and Negro Di.tlectiel,, ?iV.i vcr-atile perfomer? on I vve?Vri*rr li if1*' l:"'v ??? original Mr. FRED S ? n his beantifnl pyramid act. < ntinu. ns sncce** ,,f th<^ii?rming POLLY D \ LY. the acknowledgH.1 u.,2Tn of Vocalist*. Mm.. ALEXANDER BLANDOWSKI'S New Pal ef Troupe, fully angmented with ten new faces Si.vteen hanasom" ladies in two eraud original l>a! Uon, H. ng K"mg ' ?ad b?llet d'a THE KIRALFY SISTERS, T. . _ . Enieline and Katie. i>^'^ fn''rV Burbank, Pat Rwy, Jam"* l-r filT'i n Buckley. Hattie Halting*, A i?li Gr<,liani, Lanra HarnsoDj Emma Harrison, N. Hi o !i sV' a NoveltT ComDHny B?<let Treap- H the t? ,t bill. f tl% .'w' s"^rl' K r,l'nVvU SI>NES,DA.Y ??> ? SATURDAY. Rni?v?? 1 March 18, ]>*reHrll Rut-tit of PAT KU, RIY m24 tf ??JSJ'tfiV- )"*,V tTH 8l.| AT f 7th Markritfr^a TSo. 439 7th itret-t, between D auJ 1 street* eiffht OM VeUowV Hall. * Engravings. Chromos^ *c. shades' Pap"i Hangings. Wu,,i?w ijy?' flci?rr' ; P?ctar?- Coras aoj T*m ?^eSVis^cash'' DiBtrict Please remember Name Mid Number. Jel ly* AV* V/ V>8^,rr weTrino AP ^^AREL can be sold to the very beat advantage oi iddrwiincor cillinf ?n JPSTH ? t . ?!? D street, between fth ud 7th d*. w botes by mail promptly attended to. Cash paid, flj I bl?D GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, OOPPKR Eft . " b-?nght at fair price* for a Aew York 'bouse' ?onsehoid Furnit ure bought and sold Notes by mail BALLS, Ac. pOSTPOXE.MEXT ! ON ACCOUNT OF THE IN* LEMENi.Y op THE WEATHER, THE UNION BALL OF THK REPUBLICAN STATE ASSOCIATIONS IS POSTPONED UNTIL TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 1. n 25 A M. f'LAPP. Chairman of ronwni.'tee. ^RA.\I)(1IARITV BALL. " r . .. ?TH* SECOND ANNUAL BALL for the Benefit of THE CHILDRENS HOSPITAL will be given, under the au-pice* of the Directors of that institation. in MASONIC TEMPLE,on the E>l?AY,the 15'h of April iirxt Tickets, admitting a getitk-uiau and lady, A3 00 each. n 17-tl [I'liron R p. A Snnlay papers ropv.] LECTOREa I'-HE TOWER LBCTI-KKS -The first lecture ?f M the Course instituted under the Toner Fund to e irourage "The Discovery of New Truths'' for ? The Advaacement of Medicine " will be delivered J:4, / J J* OA?DH ABD, M D , at Mariui's Hall, l?l I ?. street northwest, on FRIDAY, March M h, a' Ho clack p. ni. Subject of th? lecture- "THI STRUCTURE OF CANCEROUS TUMORS and ibe MANNER IN WHICH ADJACENT PARTS ARE INVADED." The medical jSSSJlon ^id Ig others intereet^d In Kientiflc atndies are iavitsd to d ^ HENRY ni2? 3t ? President of Board of Trustees. t Rep. ,t Chron.l |)RIS8 SHIRTS. Sis PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE YOKE SHIRTS, ready-made, for 9M.M. Six PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE TORS SHIRTS, made to order, at #18, ftt. or ?M. LOCK WOOD, MCFTt * TlUfft, W PENNSYLVANIA AVENUS. LADIES UND ERG ABM MITTS. I? do*en LADIES COTTON SKIRTS at m cent* sack. I? dozen LADIES COTTON CHSMISKS at ? cents tach. ?? doten LADIES C0TT0M DRAWERS at a eeats each. in* doted LADIES MIGHT DRESSES at 91. S AT LOCK WOO*, Hum ft TAYLOR'S, Smtr ??? PENNSYLVANIA A YEN UK. URODHEAD * CO., D ISM F street, bay and sell, WeMh. at the lowset market pricea. ? all scd examine their stock. maril-Sm R"* XMOVAL?GEORGE HOLTMAN has reeved fiiai W3 Peaaaylvania avenue to 497 Pena sy I vanib avenae, where lie will continae the ROOT and SHOE boaineaa, and offers 'real indncenents to sfiiag trade. tnU-lm EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Internal Revenue The receipts from the source to-day were aiso.212 <V2. Senator Boctwcll will make a "out'iern trip with his family after ilic adjournment of Ih? Senate. Chiek ExamuR Wx. H. Shcxr,U. S. N., has l>et 11 ordered to the New York nary yard to sneered Chief Engineer Wood, who has been promoted to the head of the Bureau of Steam Engineering. Mr. J. V. Chtlton, of Warrenton, Vs., ha* b> en appointed a temporary clerk in the De partment of Justice, and not "district attorney for Virginia.'' or "confidential secretary to the Attorney General," as has been stated in sev eral paper*. Mb. W. L. Hi nt, of Illinois, has been ap pointed assistant superintendent of the railway mail service at Sl,ti00 per year and f.t per diem, vice J. McOrath, who has resigned to accept the position of superintendent in the Chicago post offide. The Sfnate passed a resolution to-day to adjourn tine Ait at 4 o'clock this afternoon, and Messrs. Anthony, Morton and easterly were a ppointed a committee to notify the President <t that fact. The Senate then went in execn 11 ve session to act upon the nominations pcud ing. Senator Patterson's Statement.?The K? nate, this afternoon, agreed to allow Mr. Patterson to submit his statement in reference to the credit mobilier charges, to be priuted with the report ot the special committee on that subject, but not in the Congressional X'iord. Naval Ori>err?Medical Inspector Edward Shippen is ordered to the Philadelphia navy jard, and Surgeon J. II. Clark to the naval icndervous, New York. I.ieut.-Commander 'I lirodore F. Kane is detached from ordnance duty at the Washington navv-yard, and ordered to rejK>rt to Admiral Porter for duty. At tjie White Hoi-he Vice-President Wil son, Senators Patterson, Clayton, Logan, Ste venson (h v.), Gordon, Lewis, Chandler, Bout vtell. Wright, Robertson, and Buckingham, nnd Representatives Piatt. Stowell, and Sener had interviews with the President tins morn ing. Thireis the best ai thoritt for contra dieting all reports sent from here to the effect that Secretary Richardson's appointment to the Treasury is only temporary in character. There lias n* ver been any intention oh the Secretary"? part of retiring from the Treasury to go into private business Button Gin'* Social. Senators Brownlow, Cameron, Davis. Kd mui.ds, Flanagan, Hamilton, of Texas, Ham ilton, of Maryland, Hamlin, .Johnston, Pratt und Wad h igh have already left the city, ani St narnrs Gilbert, Merrimon and Wright lcav? to-night. A fewSenators will remain here sev eral days, but most of them will have left h?sn tor their homes by to-morrow night. The ? kneral fauesoir and ticket aoeits' convention resumed its session at V o'clock this morning, and again proceeded to consider the subject rates and commissions. At abont 1 o'clock p. iu. a set of rates and coin missions were adopted and the invention then alter adopting a resolution of tlisnks to Mr. J F. Cake, proprietor of Willard's Hotel, tor courtesies extended, adjourned tine die. Gen. Lkoortt, Commissioner of Patents, has no present intention of resigning to prac tice law. The rumor telegraphed from this city that he intended to resign probably origin ated in the fact that he was recently <viiuiUe-i to practice before the Vnlted States Siiprem Court. This circumstance, Gen. L. says, was partially accidental, and had no special ence to liis present position. Having some imjluts on the subject, the commissioner of internal revenue has requested the Secretary of the Treasury to refer to the Attorney General for an opinion, the question whether, under the revenue laws, which pro vide that the numl>er of collection districts shall not exceed the number of Congressional dis triets, he would have any right to creat" an additional collection district in Virginia by dividing the fifth district of that state. Senate Confirmations.?'The Senate iu executive session yesterday confirmed a num ber of nominations, among them th? fol lowing naval promotions Lieut. Comm inder <ieo. f?. Stevens to be commander;. Capt. John M. 11. Clits to be commodore; Comiutndcr Stephen B. Luce to be captain; Lieut. Com mander B. P. Smith to be commander; Com mander L. Davis to l?e captain; Capt. Andrew Ilryson to be commodore; and several others of lesser rank. ? "Winter Linoerinu, \sfcc?The signal otlice, at 7.35 this morning, reports snow at the follow ing stations Buffalo,%. Y.; Burlington, Vt.; LUicago, Detroit, Mich.; Grand Haven. Mich ; Indianapolis, Lynchburg, Va.; Pittsburg, Pa.; Sangun. Can., and Toronto. Can. Rain at Bal timore, <?swego, N. Y., and Rochester, N. V. Tiie lowest temperature is reported from Breck enridge, Minn., the thermometer being 13 l> - low zero; at St. Louis, tero, St. Paul, 8-; Chi cago. 15 ; Duluth. Minn., 8 : Milwaukee. Wis., 1- . and Omaha. Neb.. 8?; all above zero. Ekolish OrERA?A large audience, on>:d ering the raiu storm, assembled at Wall's Opera House last night to hear Wallace's pleading opera, "Marltaua," sung by the company now Informing there. President Grant and daugh ter occupied a private box. The pefformauce was, as a whole, satisfactory, Miss Emma How sen making quite a favorable impression as "Marltana," singing and acting her role w?tU ease and spirit. Mrs. Sepiiin was charm ug. as usual, In "Lazarillo." Mr. Eugene Clarke's "Don Csi'sar" was a pleasing surprise to miiiv. a- they did not expect he would either s ng <?r act the role in so acceptable a manner. Tue part requires a good tenor, and he filled th * bill. Mr. John Clarke's "Don .lose" was also good. The chorusscs were weak. "M artha" to-nig!it. Brisbane's Pneumatic Tcbr In the S n ate, this morning, Mr. Anthony offered a rosj In'ion directing the Secretary of the Interior to inquire, and report at the next session, why the pneumatic tube to connect the capitol and gov ei nment priming office has not been completed, how much money has been extended on it, and all tue facts connected therewith. A full de scription of the pneumatic tube, and how it is constructed, has been published in The Stab. It will be remembered that it is composed of strips of ltoard. which it ap|>ears are not of suf ficient strength to bear the pressure of the earth above when the tube is buried deep, as it is near C street north. At this point it is some twelve feet under ground, and the great weight of the earth on it has caused it to flatten so that the sphere to contain the packages cannot pass beyond that point. Mr. Brisbane went to New York some time ago, to devise means to remedy the defects, and announces that he will be able to make the tube perfect. Nothing has been done for some time toward* curing the evil, and many are of the opinion that it can never be made successful. Senator Clayton Exonbratid?In the Senate yesterday after ear report closed the case of Senator Clayton was discussed by Messrs. Wright and others. The question being then on the resolution of the committee exonerating Mr. Clayton from the charges against him, Mr. Morrill (Vt.) said he had not sufficiently exam ined the testimony to justify him in giving an expression of opinion. Messrs. Saulsburv, Ces ser It, Stevenson, Tliurman, Ransom, Kelly and Stockton all said they should refrain from voting in this matter because of want of oppor tunity to give the examination aeeessary for a correct judgment. Mr. Carpenter said for onoe be was with the democratic partv [laughter], snd must abstain from voting for the sam-> rea son as given by the Senators who had just voted. The resolution was then passed as fol lows: Yeas?M?ssr?. Alcorn, Allison. Ames, Anthony, H >reiuan, Boatwsll, Chandler, Conover, Cri.-in, Dsmr, rsrry (Conn.), Ferry <Mieb.), Frsliiigliujr sen, Hitehexck, Uo*e. Iiigsll-, J >n< 4, L'wi?. Lo gan. Mi'eboll. Morrill |M?.), Morton, Purt?ra->n, Pratt, Bsntssy, Roberts'"!, S?r?<>nt , Scott .Sh-riiiau, Btewsrt; West. H indoo), and Wrijih!?38. Nats?M -ssr*. C-?per, Davis, ft >Hth Gor don, Merruaen and N?rw<s)d?4. Messrs. Conkling. Morrill (Vt.), Fcnton, Seliurx and Hamilton (Texas), who were pres ent, abstained from, voting. Mr. C'svton was charged with having, while governor of Arkansas, used corrupt m-.-ans t> secure bis election to the I'uittd States Senate. The OITTSTAEDING LEGAL TENDE is at the c'ose Of business at the Treasury t?-d:?y amounted to *15#.6<:7.*'7, which show? % reduc tion of SMX),000 since yesterday. The CorET of Claims?on account of the Hintss of Judge Knott, of the Court of Claims, and the Inability of Judge Peck to sit on the bench, the court Las adjourned over till next Monday. ? <*ochisf, Ihe notorious Apache chief, has gore on a reservation at Sulphur Springs, Arizona, with one thousand of his band, and it is thought he has abandoned the war path, at least temporarily. Nomination* by tiik President?The President sent the following nominations to the Senate to-day: Otis Clapp, collector of internal revenue 4th district of Massachusetts. ... ^ _ J'ottmGtteri.?John B. Smith, Dover, Pa.; Wm (I. Stewart, Tallahassee. Fla.; E. E.Ful ler, Taunton, Mass.: Stephen H. Brown, Woon ?ocket Kails, H. I.; L. Q. Ames, Mount Morris, N. Y.; Tboh. Canow, Smyrna. Del.; H. P. Cleveland, Shelbyvllle, Tenn.; Hy. D. Shatter, Canton, Ohio. The Kelly-Axes C. M. Bonds?Treasurer Spinner has not yet received any reply from Oakes Ames, to whom he forwarded the 91,000 in bonds of the credit mobilier, which were turned over to him by Representative Kelly. The bonds were sent to Ann-soil the 15th Inst., with a request that he would so endorse them as to make them convertible, in order that they might be covered into the treasury. The ques tion which naturally arises is does Mr. Ames intend to coin pi v with Gen. Spinner's request or hold on to the bonds, which he repeatedly said belonged to Mr. Kelly. Editor Stat.: Permit me to mention a dis tinction that is also a difference. While some of the committee clerks, who are correspon dents, have preserved independence enough to denounce the "salary steal, and refuse to take the fifteen per cent, Increase provided in the law, (see this morning's Kr/iublican,) the mana ging editor of that paper see'ms to have been in fluenced by his clerkship to the extent of de fending the whole swindle from beginning to end, ami consistently takes jthe share of the 'swag" falling to himself. One of the Independents. The FARRAfilT Claims.?It will be recol lected that some months since the claim of Ad miral Farragut and lii9 officers and men for prize money for the destruction of the rebe* vessels at the capture of New OMoans during the rebellion, was referred to arbitrators Messrs. 11. W. Paine, of Boslon, G. V. Fox, for merly Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and Titos. J. |)ui ant, of this city. To-day the arbi trators tiled their report, awarding the sum of #268,000. They found that on the rebel vessels there were 1,:143 men, and they allow to the claimants f'JW for each man engaged on the enemy's boats. Secretary Roukson to re Secretary of Wai: pro tem.?The question as to whether, under existing laws, General Sherman couid l?e acting Secretary of War, or secretary pro tem., during the absence of Secretary Itetknap, who leaves to-morrow on an in: nection tour, in com pany with General Sheridan, of the military posts of the department of Missouri, having arisen, the matter was submitted to the Attor ney General for a decision, and ho has decided that under an act of Congress approved in 1<T0, no officer of the aruiy can hold any civil posi tion. and that in ease he does so, he forthwith ceases to be an officer of the ariny. Under the circumstances, therefore, General Sherman <loes not quit#* see the advisability of serving as Secretary of War for a few weeks at the cost of forfeiting his present high rank as General ot' the Army, ami the President has design:it>il Secretary Robeson to act as Secretary of War during the absence of General Belknap. Senate Confirmations?The Senate, in executive session to-day, coniirmed the follow ing noiiii'.&tu-.ns; Cheney R. Pronty, collector customs Salnria, Texas; John A. Campbell, governor of Wyo ming territory; Geo. W. Ingalls, of 111., agent ot the Pi-Ute Indians, southeast Nevada; E. S. Hammond, of N. J., agent for the Colorado river agency, Arizona; J. A. Tonner, superin tendent Indian aftairs. Arizona; John M. Rice, professor mathematics in the navy. I'ublic Land OjK< >rt James R. I-aftery, re ceiver, Danlanelle, Ark.; John| M. Farland, receiver. Detroit, Mica.; Jas. A. Sommervilie, receiver. Mobile, Ala.; James A. Slirighley, register, Darelenelle, Aik. Collntcrt ht'*r.tol Kercnvf.?Otis Clapp, 4th Mass.: Alonzo B. Carroll, 3*1 Mo.; Jas. R. Hay dcn. Washington territory; Frank White. Ttli disfiict Ind . 15. B. Eggleston, 2d district Miss., and a number of postmasters. Improvements on the Senate Side op the Catitol.?The members of the Senate com mittee on public buildings and grounds will remain here a few days after adjournment for the pur]?ose of a consultation as to what hu proveihents shall be made to the Senate wing of the Capitol during the recess. In some of the committee rooms tire-places will be opened to perfect ventilation, and contracts will be made to continue the fresco work according to designs. Mr. Brumidi, who has made a great many of the pictures in the committee room is here for a consultation with the committee, and this summer will finish the pictures in the reception room, a full description of which a;> peared in The Stab sometime ago. The ele vator on the Senate side, authorised at the 1 i?t session, wHl be constructed immediately It will probably be located near the nort'. st corner, in the splice now occupied by the ig^m of Jhe committee on manufactures, t'ormTlv the official re|>orters' room, at the head of the passage on the west side ot' the chamber. Tlie Xev?tiHtiens with tlie H??does. OFFICIAL REPORT OF GEN. CANBY. The following dispatch has been received at the headquarteis of the ai my: Van Bremer's Ranche, ) Modoc Country, March 24, J Col. H*. D. Whipple, Adjutant General, llend ijumrUrt of the Army, Washington, I). C.: Accompanied by Col. Gillem. 1 had an un-it istactorv interview with Captain Jack yesterday afternoon in the neighborhood of his camp. Tue result confirmed the impression previously re ported, that the war faction is still predominant. Captain Jack's demeanor was that of a mm under duress and afraid to exlijbit his real feel ings. Important questions were evaded or not answered at all. The substance of all that could be eliciteel from him was that he did not want to tight: that the lav* bed was a bad place; and that be wanted to go to his home on Lost river. He wanted all of the sol diers moved out of the country; if anybody wanted to talk to him they must come to his camp, and it anything was to be done for him, it must be done there. The meeting of yester day was in part accidental, as I had not intend ed to communicate with Capt. Jack until the troops were in their new positions; but the con ference was invited by the Indiaus, and was accepted as first arranged. Capt. Jack and Sconchin John, the second chief, were to have met Col. Gillem and myself, but when we reached the place we found that the war fac tion had substituted their leader for Sconchin, no doubt for the pur|>ose of watching Capt Jack, and seeing that he did not commit him self. to their prejudice. The troops are no* moving into their positions, and when thethare reached them, communication may again ba opened with the Modocs, with the hope of bet ter results. Ed. R. Canbt, Brig. Gen., commanding. The horse railroad companies in Bos'on bad to call upon the state police to protect th-i horse-shoers who have taken the place of strikers in their shops. ??Models."?The London society for the sup pression of vice has seised a lot of "model*" belonging to the museums of Anatomy, and will appeal to the magistrates for their destruction. Hair?More than one hundred thousand pounds of human hair were imported into Marseilles In 1W2, principally from China. VThe Iowa woman suffrage association is bankrupt. lET Cider is made to order by Connecticut apothecaries. f/~A deaf and dumb man is stomping Ken tucky as a candidate tor the legislature. tOTA horse-thief in Wisconsin was lately ac quitted on the ground of "mental imbecility." gT-The last defaulter is a young woman who got away with ?50 of her grandmother's money. tar An epidemic or measles Is spreading through the north western states, claiming an unusual uumber of victims. WTK Kenton, Ky? widow, aged fortv-five, lately tried her third venture in the person of a bridegroom of nineteen. IVThe most wholesome beef sausages that can be purchased in London are made from horseflesh and soaked bread. 0'EKir.VB tonm iaiiox. OH:rial Papers KretUrd at the Jail. Reading of the PrrolJrnO Warrant. How the PrlHouer Reeelved the Sew*. To-day the commutation papers in tbe case of Charles H. O'Brien, (convicted somttini'' since ol' the murder of Samuel H. Cunningham at Green Spring* pavilion, near Georgetown, on the 1Mb of July last, and sentenced to be executed on the liMhot" February, the execution of which sentence wa? by respite of the Presi dent post {toned until Friday next, March 28th,? was received at the jail. It hoe now been over a week since the prisoner was first apprized 01 the favorable action of the President, but st> 1 ng have the papers been hanging fire that the prisoner at times became quite anxious, and yesterday his relatives, too. were desponding Rev. Father Wigett called yesterday afternoon, and assured him that tbe pa|<ern would be fortlicoirng at the proper time, and this assurance entered him and his frienils up for a time. This morning, finding that tlie paper* had not yet come O'Brien lost some of his tisua cheerfulness, but Gen. Crocker having learned that during tiie course of the day they would surely be on hand informed him, and his spirit* at once revived again. At 1% o'clock Mr. E. B. French, pardon clerk, and Mr. Williamson,of the Department of .Justice, appeared at the jail with the papers and they were shown into the warden's office. In a few minutes they, with General Crocker and Deputy Kuss. went to O'Brien's cell aim found him sitting down, quietly awaiting the arrival of the paper. General Crocker intro duced them.and Mr. Frenehsa'U: "Mr. O'Brien 1 have brought the President's warrant coin muting yeur sentence," w hich he proceeded to read, as follows : THE PRESIDENT S WARRANT. I'lytte* S. Grant, PTtiity nt of the Cmit'd Sttf'l? Tr. all tc'iom thete presents ikal\ come greeting Whereas on the jyth day of November, 1872, in the Supreme Court of tne District of Colum bia, one Charles M. O'Brien was convicted of murder and was sentenced to suffer death bv hanging; and whereas a very large number ot citizens of the District of Columbia petition for the commutation of his sentence to imprison ment for life; and whereas it Is alleged that the a?'t of killing wits committed ill asudicn passion, and not with premeditation; and wherea* doubts seem to exist upon that subject; Now, therefore, be it known that I.UIvsses S. Grant, President of the United States ol America, in consideration of the premises, and divers other good and sufficient reasons nv thereunto moving, do commute the sentence of said Charles H. O'Brien to imprisonment at hard labor in the penitentiary at Albany, New York, for ibeterm of his natural life; ana direct the execution thereof accordingly. In testimony whereof 1 have hereunto signed my name, and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at tbe city of Washington, this twentv fourtli day of March, in the year "o! lSv,L iOur Lord one thousand eight hundred l" ' seventy-three, and of the Indepen dence of the United States the ninety seventh. U. S. Grant. By the President: Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State. HOW THE PRIWISER RECEIVE!* THE NEW*. O'Brien sto<*l quietly holding tlx* gate while the paier was being read, a:id at the close Mr. French asked, "Do you accept the commuta tion?" O'Brien replied. "Yes, sir, I do," but in rather a low voice. The party then cougrat ulatcd him and withdrew. It is probable that the prisoner will not be sent to the Albany penitentiary until a batch of prisoners is made up for that destination. The Dlatrlet Indebtedness. lXTLREST-EEARIJfO CERTIFICATES TO BE I? SUED. To-dav. Gov. Cooke visited the Columbia buildings on 4^ street, and was in conference with Col. Magruder and W.A.Cook. On leaving the building he held a brief conversation with a group of contractors, during which ho statetl that the District authorities had been disap pointed in their efforts to obtain the full amount of appropriations from Congress necessary to meet tbv wants fff the creditor?, and under the pressure it had bein deemed advisable to issue certificates of indebtedness in denominations to suit contractors for the unpaid balances due tlicm, which would be receivable for s]?ceial taxes, and will be negotiable, so that the money can be obtained on them. Property on the line of improved streets is held for the payment ol these certificate!,, and in case of failure to paj in a given time, interest-bearing certificates will be given to the holders. This seemed to be satisfactory to the contractors addressed, ard in reply to the question as to when they would be issued, the Governor baid they were now pre paring them. The Brooklyn Murder Mystery. HO LIGHT ON THE TBAOIDV VET. The murder of Goodrich, in Brooklyn, Is yet a mystery. It Is stated that the building of the row of brownstone fronts on l>eGraw street, Brooklyn, Involved the supposed murdered in an heavily in debt, and that ne was not wealthv *?? was at first sup|>osed. It appears the so-called bloody shirt found in the house where the mur der was committed had nc bloodstains whatever on it, and no buttons torn off, but was sim;>!y soiled. The chief of (tolice of Brooklyn s'ifl holds to the theory that Goodrich commit -d suicide. and that the cause was financial euib ?r rassment. A LOUD CALL POR THE MTSSINO WO MA!*. On the other hand, the newspapers una li mously scout the suicide theory, and think t!ie itolice will prove about as efficient in unravel ing the mysterv as they were in the Rogers an 1 Nathans inurdtrs. The Herald sajs: "It hi* been sufficiently developed that the decea- -I could not have inflicted the wounds, and, iu d - fault of proof that they were the work of r n? hers who did not hesitate to murder, strong ?"!?*? picion has fixed upon a woman who has disap peared and is alleged to have been the mistr. ss of the deceased. Four da3's have now claps-l and the detectives have so tar failed to lay tln ir hands upon this woman. She must have been known to many others beside the dead man. Her relations with him have doubtless been a matter of knowledge to at least a tew. Some time before the murder she wrote a letter to one of his friends in which not onlv the criu n il rela'ion, but the result?a child?is alluded to The woman found that HE WAS ABOt T TO DISCARD HER, and was growing desperate. It is highly prol? able, then, that she made other confidence and verbal ones^on the matter. It is believed that hers was the woman's voice heard calling for assistance on a night in February l ^t. These shadowy ?hinps are not l?y anvm- tiis conclusive p-tof that >h killed him, but they are enough to make her production a necessity. Circumstances point to her as being the o ily person who can throw light on the deed. De pending upon her arrest appears to lie the proof of WHO MURDERED CHARLES "OODSICH. We do not ask the detectives to give up any of their grand theories; that would be too mien for detectives as they are at present consti tuted. We demand, howevei, that the best in telligence the detective force can command be brought to bear in bunting down this woman without delay. Her description slioukl be wide ly published, together with her name and ?'j;h nieces of her history as have been brough' to light. Every day allowed to transpire with I'lis woman unarrested, tends, in a degree that ex perience leads us to dread, to place the w ? de story among the failures of the itolice and he triumphs of crime. Thi FqrmocTiAL Storm?At 4JT p. m. yesterday heavy snow at Davenport. Or i id Haven, Milwaukee, Saugeeu, PhiUdelp'da, Alpena, St. Lonis, Leavenworth, and Keok ik; sleeting at Chicago, Rochester, and To! io; light rain at Portland (Oregon), Lyncht. :rg, Port Stanley, Cape May, Namville, and In<* ;n apolls; threatening weather at Boston, M it romery, New London, Portland, Cleve: .1, Wilmington, Knoxville, Cincinnati, Bar:, r ton, Oswego, and Buffalo. Eight Inches of , ,w have fallen In Chicago, and the storm still r red last night with a strong north east gale blo.> Some of tbe street railroads have been ^ pelled to suspend travel. The 9 p. m. tra i >n the Michigan Central railroad did not g at on account of Stbsidt Scawdal is Miasissirri ? 'ue Mississippi bouse of representatives, by con currence of both political pasties, passed ir* olution yesterday approving tbe action of the committee appointed to investigate the conviot of Attorney General Morris In reference to the issuance of state warrants under tbe rail, .wd sulxMy law. Tbe report of tbe oommittee was to tbe effect that the action of tbe Attorney Gereral bad riven occasion for unpleasant sus picion, and affixed a taint to his nit and repu tation as an officer. ITln Richland, Louisiana, when one man kills another they acquit tbe survivor, but re quire him to give bonds to answer the charge of carrying concealed weapons. *7"Mrs. McOlynn, of Omaha, attempted to commit suicide by cutting her throat. She was so mad when the physician sewed it up for her that she stack ? knife la him, and It Is cxp:-ted he will die. ~ EXECUTIVE SESSION OF THE SENATE Wepxebdat, March 2S. In the atseuce of the I'r.sident the Hon. Matthew C?rw'nter on mot on of Mt. Mvrtuu elecled President / r? trm of the Senate, ami the Secretary ?;?? ilinckJ to notify tlie President of tbe tact. riorodiD electoral ohax?s*. Mr. Morton ofiercd a resolution authorizing the committee on privilege* and election* In the persnit ol their inquiry during the recess as to :he best method ol electing the President and Vice President. to hold their st as ions at Wash ington or el?ewher*. and that actual personal eiiienMK ol the meml>ersof the comu,:ttee shall he l aid from the contingent fuud of the Senate. Adopted. AFTER THE KAILtOAM. Mr. Wind?>iu asked to take up his resolution instructing the select committee on transnorta tion route* to the seaboard to inquire into the refusal of the railroad companies to carry postal car* alter April 1st, and whether any legislation is necessary to protect the interest* of the gov ernment and the people in this connect on. Mr. Windomin urging action on his resolu tion said it * as stated that the milroad compa nies had notified the Postmaster General that they would not run these postal cars any longer, notwithstanding Congress at the last sew-ion had increased the compensation lor this service l.v ?500,000. Mr. Morrill <Vt. said the railroad*ha.I formed a combination to dictate to the government in this matter, and he hoped there would be no objection to the resolution. The resolution wb then passed unanimously. A FT ? It THE PJC^rMATIC Tl* H?. Mr. Anthonvoffereda resolution directing the Secretary of the Interior to re|?ort at the neat session the reason why the pneumatic tube to connect the Capitol with the Government Print ing Office has not been completed, how much money has been expended on the same, and all the tacts connected therewith, Mr. Antbonv said there was only a hole at the north end of the Capitol to show that anv thing had been dene in this matter, and he would like to know whether there was money enough left to fill it up. The re?olution was then adopted. REV. DR. BKWMAX. Mr. Morton called up the resolution of Mr. Cameron to reconsider the election of Itev. l>r. Newman as chaplain, and the motion was lost. Mr. W'itdoui called up his resolution author izing the select comm:ttee on tran-q?ortation routes to the seaooard to investigate during the recess the subject of interior lines, and to re port upon the same at the next session. Mr. Windom made some remarks tn opposi tion to the exactions of the railroads, aud the resolution was then passed. THE MISSISSIPPI LEVEES. Mr. Alcorn called np his resolution author iring the committee on the levee* <K" the Miasls sippT to sit during the recess at Washington or elsewhere. Mr. Ferry (Conn.) objected to giving this authority, and raised ihe point of order against the resolution. Mr. Chandler insisted that nothing practical could come out of this subject, and opjKMed giv ing the authority. Alter further" discussson, the point of order w as overruled by to 19, and the resolution was then adopted. THE CASK <">r SFMATOR PATTKR't*. On motion of Mr. Morrill (Me.), it was ordered that the statement of ex-Senator Patterson, ol Sew Hampshire, be received and placed on file and printed, together with the report of the committee appointed to investigate the charges against him. ANorituvirr sixe pie. Mr. Anthony submitted a resolution tnat the Senate adjourn tine die at four p. m. this day. Agree*! to. On motion of Mr. Anthony, a committee ap pointed, consisting of Messrs. Anthony. Mor ton and Casserly. to wait upon the President, inform him the Senate was ready to .adjourn, atid inquire if he had any further communica tions to make. The Senate then, at 1.40 p. m., went into ex ecutive session. ? . - ImiVlEWISe A CorXTERFKITE*.?Deputy United States Mar?lial X. H. Creager, ot this cit\ , had an adventure yesterday with a noto rious counterteiter at Barton, Allegany countv, which he has no desire to have related with out some very material variations. Armed with a warrant, he went to Barton to arrest Wallace, one of the gang of counterfeiters recently cap tured In Plil lad el phi a. Arriving at Wallace's house he took him into custody, neglecting, however, to put irons on him, as he had been instructed to do. The prisoner asked perm ? siuii to go into his rwui; aud th - obliging officer granted hi? request, but took the precaution to go w .th him. Wallace opened a drawer, took out a heavy pistol, and forthwith began l?eating Mr. Creager over the head, who defended him self as well as he could. A gentleman who ac companied Mr. Creager to the house, bearing the fracas, rushed into the room, and seeing the condition of affairs drew his pistol and fired, wounding Wallace in the arm. He then deMstod from the attack, and jumping through the win dow, made his escape. The mountainous region ahout Barton is not so favorable for the capture of fugitive counterfeiters, so Wallace made his escape and Creager returned to Baltimore by the Cincinnati express, which arrived at Cam den Station last night some live or six hours behind time. He received some heavy blow*, but fortunately none of them fractured the skull,?Baltimore Am'ri,;an. 36tk. Elofemkxt of a Colored Mas ivith a Whitk Won ax A special dispatch to the New York Times from Kaieigh. X. C., says: On Friday evening last this community was startled by a rci>ort that a highly-respectable whit lady about seventeen years old, had left her home near Mason, Warren county; aud elop I with a negro. The couple left homo on Thurs day morning. and reached here that evening. The evening follow ing the enraged lather arri ved, and, ascertaining where the couple were, accompanied bv a young mau, a descent was made upon the house. The negro succeeded in making his'esrajie. Tbe daughter was taken hack home. The family is highly respected in Warren county, and the names are withheld at the request oi friends. The immediate rela tives or the young lady are deeply mortified at the <li-giacelu'i occ u t re nee, w hi Vtliejyo u ng ladv is said to exhibit no feeling of sorrow, and de sires to live with her colored lover. Had the negro been caught Judge Lynch would have beeu called into requisition. St ED for Liuel isv a Catholic Priest Rev. T. A.Martin, a Catholic priest at Eucli I, Ohio, has sued the Cleveland Leader and a cor resjondent lor libel, claiming 95,000 damage*. The cause of tbe action is based n|<on assertions contained in a communication in the I^eader to the effect that Father Martin told a widow that her husband was in purgatory, but for ten dol lars he (the priest) would pray him out; that the widow not having the money the priest said he would wait a reasonable time, provided it was secured by a responsible party. Labor Difficulties?In Illinois the prac tice of using violence in the settlement of trade disputes has been made the subject of severe legislation. A law has just been signed by the governor which declares that for anv one to use violence or intimidation to influence the ac tion of employers or ealloyed in the adjust ment of their industrial relations, is a misde meanor punishable by a fine of *100, and for any one to combine with others for such a pur pose is a misdemeanor punishable by MOO Hue or six months' imprisonment. Bismarck dosT like Kbpiblic*?Dis patches from Madrid say It ia reported there that Bismarck refuses to advise tbe recognition of tbe Spanish republic, declaring that It does not represent tbe true will of tbe assembly, which yielded to the pressure of tbe minnn- in proclaiming it. It is also rumored that the Austrian and Russian governments have In timated that they withhold recognition on similar grounds. Choked to Death bv a Scarf?Kugene Morfiti, living in Danville, Conn., a smart and intelligent lad, about 14 years of age, met with and accident of Friday last. He was leaning against tbe door- chasing and dipped, and, a? he nil the scarf around his neck caught la tbe door catch, choking him to death. Iiofse to Kill ait Mas Tbe remit of a pest-mortem examination is regarded M showing pretty conclusively that tbe tale James 7 Thomas, of North Kingstown, R. LTdtod of i, three hundred ana ninety-four grains sf nitrate of potease being found in tbe dtiTa to Fire a Coloud C?c?c?. The Norfolk (la.) Journal reports (tot an at tempt was made bv some incendiary to destroy tbe Colored Baptist church, en Buto street, li that city, on Sunday night. The ' fortunately, was not snccemfnl in sign. Khiva mcst come dowjt?The 8t Peters burg Goios declares that the only iesne of the expedition to Khiva mast be the oomnlete ami unconditional submission of the Khivate to Russian sway. Abothe* Coal. Oil Victim?Elisabeth Tomlinson, living at 25 North Seventh street. Philadelphia, was fatally burned by the exi.U ? of a coal oil lamp yesterday. TELEGRAMS TO TEE STAB. This AfterBvoaV DUratchcs. JSSOCUl'EU l'MKS* HKPOBTS. l?rk S?lr?, M-it rut'. V<U,Mwd C. Th'w. ath r ?rainy mid Mfl* . mm tin -tin t# tit ?hi*i ktvfiT slip pry Mmy accidents tare occ..rr?.d to j-oop.e ! r? rr falling. ?T? **fnir s?u.p. The p Crcscent < Ht, ?>i the AtlaaUa Sti amsh'p On i *i-y. *u **la yntctiUjr at im t' 'it ior #0?.ow?. ?M ir .HI 0"OD?:^1I Wr>MlTN CLUW MER HM I TATH>*. It I|>MIrt U?; ???? vl *??*? tod Uj ii> p'.icatid in t)? OvtolrlcL mmdt r La* We* ao thv chief ol jH.lKf of Hrookhu. aid icoM b< rself to be a rr*t?edible ?or kin* woman, ?Imm1M Mime work for the m ?r>Jere?1 Man. The h jrt. ry n labtt to the other ? umau w null un ?vlved. A MAX AND WIFE ATT IVTT SrtCIPK TO t? r*M rovunv. .luliu* Fnde and wile, of Jamaica. IjMI( Ihtiid.owiiif to their alter poverty. o|>ene v? iiu> tu th* hat h ot thei- Itp and aiin* \<*tei ?lay, pr? frrrint death to >twatk?> Physiol* ?ur ?ec^e<1 in wtiayiwg the flow of blood, but bo h will probably >lle. BCKl < i>L?K VIEW or TH CfBAX IHFU* - Tl<?? Artctilo Zaiuhrana. a mewl** ot the ?'*'? i > Onngre**. haa arrived here, and report* 'he >? Mirfrntu a* having an abundance of arm?. ? t *rt in good spirit*. Tl>cy are making ??< <? v progress in the ra?krt department. a id ? I vi r\ soon cobk'I the HyMiatdi to who! \ a draw from that departm. nt. /xmbrad* ?* It left the island in an o|?n boat. TWO TRAAKMU 1* a TKMMtKT H 1 Bridget McSIk nan, found dead m at. ??? ?' liouie Frulky ai|ht oaStawaell street, i >e? to hare been ntimUnd by another * . rmn<> ? McNamee in a brutal. drunken by th? latter fracturing the former'# *1 ' a bottle. A child was barned to d Ml. Mime teuement Loux on the same night. Stnui FKAS" I* THAI*. It has not l>een d? nnitelv decided 1 > - i I rani to an asvlnm. Hi- ?>') yeetordai * ? ? should quieth submit if the outlay* '? ?- <t tt-mpted. trusting to th) people to wrong. He a>l<M: "Ul th?m >Io tin , George Francis Train *11 still live." l i'VIRMUM BOXIta Tiin. There were thirteen oiler* of bund* '..?v. hmoulding to al>out at froi 11575. A halt uiilliou was taken at fi ? to 114*0. THE ?r***TOJI CO A I. ?At.E One hundred thousand ton* of coai v ' ! to-day, a>- follows ? Lump, 5,<i00 t- *n 04.17 steamer lumj>. W^Mtow, li grate, 30.000 tow. from M.TO to 0" ? 15.000 ton#, from ?4.,Vi to atox ?? ton*, trom 05.01'% to *5.17 %, chest n i , ?? toil?, from ?4.17 \ to 04. jn. I."*lfDon, March M.?Dispatches from ' ? 1 I ?*y Senor Caatolar, minister e< toreigi. i t* and General Aco?ta, minister of M {?rohably retire from the Spanmh Cat* ? ? alM> ?tate?l that a generMl minister rtl ? immiueut. The garrison at Karcelona i# .: ? meeting, and the officern are |>owcrlo>- t? a restoration of discipline. A hand of C-. lian entcre?1 the town of Kif<o1l, iu tho pro\ of Gerona. ami in committing many eccea> Ihe Ballroa4H arlNthe Jene> tec - latare. "fncKTox, March ?;.- A wippleirnt to Saddie Hirer railroad bill, |ta>wed by 1?oCh '' House ami Senate, ami oent to the govern waii reconaldtred br the Senate, ami a mowi, ?ent for ite return, nut the Houx ret um d to i ?lucst ft* retnru by 1*! to 39. The action of t!i ? Senate I" vaid to be canned by a doire ot m > n0|"0li?U to kill tlie bill. ? The Najder Murder. Bkthikhiw, Pa., March ?The jury in the Snyder murder ca*?- have rendered a ver dict that became to hie death by an cffiimon ot Mood on the brain, cauaed by injurie? received at the haIld^ ot a j>ersfcn or pcr^ou* unknown. A 4 Ml Oil MiiNer Reiaf latesilgatM. Phipapelphia, Mar.'h >.-Tfce Coroner ?i> in\e?itigating the circumstance* attending tlie <leath ot Mr*. F.lisabetli TomlitiMtu, caused by the e*plo*ion of a coal oil last night. The Haii.roap Wab is Ohio?There i? a *matU town in Ohio, aome lit teen or twenty mile* front Lilierty. called Vienna. mikI a branch road hae l?eeii construct.-d between these two point*. Over tliis littlei'iece of tr.u'k the railroad king* are fighting. The mu UI rot I seem* to have been sold to a larger one called Ihe Achtabula, VoungK^own ami PiU#t>arg rail road. There ? >< some di*pute al?out the tran? ler, w hich endfd in a suit in e<iuity. I'he pur r'la.-er held on to the small ta:lroad by virtue of a writ of injunction for Mime month*, but the restraining writ enpired on Monday at i p. hi., and iorthwitb the original owner* ap peared, accompanied by t?o or three hundn <1 aimed men. arid took violent po**c*?i<>n of all the train* and roll in* stock. The other liar'y U'U*gra|>lied to Pitubur^ for an>i?tatn,?'. an i it is rei-orted that a ninciil train left that city yesteiday. carrying reinforcements to the it of war. ' Later" advice* lead us to hope that there will be no blood shed. It is *aid that Thomas A. Scott U the friend of the Ashtabula P*??i Qi etr Hgkach of Pro*i?e Ca?e ?Helena Muses complained todudge Van Vorst.of tlie snjierior court, at New Vork, on MoikUv, that on the sth ult., at a party which she cave ill honor of the occasion, and which cost her Abraham Cohen promised to marry heron The last day of tlie month. Helena at 'once l?eg?u to prepare for the happy day, and in the prep aration ex|?eud "d over *150; but though *he ?*t through the whole of the day in bridal costume, and surrounded by her friends. Mr. Cohen fai'"?? to put in an appearance; wherefore She ?uesfor breach of promise, valuing the damage to her feelings at OIO.MMI. On Helena's complaint Judge Van Vornt granted an order of arrest, on which Cohen wa? taken into custody by one ol Judson Jarvte'depnties, and lock<d up m the county pri*?n iu default of 01,OM bail. The prisoner, who Is onlr 1" year*obi. awear> he does not know the compiaiuaut at all. never saw b r in all his life; moreover, she failed to recngir /.e him in company with the deputy sheriff in the cc urt-rvooa. A Stwona* Atx-iPCWT?A very singular ac cident which resulted in Uie death of an un known man, occurred yestwday afternoon about 7 o'clock, on the track ot the Htirliu^^n ami Quincy railroad, near Athtaatf avenue. The man was walking ou the track against the riml. with his bat pulled over his eyes to *bi< Id his lace. Near Aahlami avenue an'empty boa car had been left atanding by a parsing train about an hour belt re the accident occurred. When the man was within altout ten feet of it a furious gust ot wind started it toward him at a great rate. His hat prevented him |froui see ing it. and without a moment's warning strn.-k him. dashing his brain* out, ami killing h:m instantly. The coldsion almost ?topi* d the car, while the man was knocked back live feet or more, so that he fell out of the way of the car. ?Chicago TriUmmf. HWfc. Vir.uiM* State Skuat^i- Kuincii.-Oii Sunday night, while Senator Tlioiu*?. ot F.i.r Ux. and Senator Kixey. ol Fauquier, w re sleeping souislly iu their rooms at the Ex change Hotel, some smak-thief entered and stole from Mr. Thomas oo5 in money, ami from Mr. Kixey a gold watch and chain, for which had paid 0270, and *17 in money. Mr. Kixey bad in bispocketpook a nnmlter ot bomls to the value ot several thousaml dollars, but the ro^ue was gooel enough to toss back the t?ook.?itb these in them, as he left tlie room. -ral other persi>ns, in both the Kxclianjp- ami ISal lard House, had their rooms entered the saute night, but they fortnnatcl.v awoke, or were awake, when the rogue pret<-nted to have coaae in by mistake?Aft<A?e ?<-' M *i<;. PH'KDEK OF THE BaKK OF EEOLAED Formers?The post office authorities in New Vork yesterday turned over to Nathaniel darvia, Jr., receiver appointed by the Sui>reme Court, the packages, valued at ?I7,<nm, whicMiad been lying in the post oltice addressed to Bktwell, one of the alleged Bank of England lorgera. Other package* of bonds addreased directly to Duncan. Sherman & Co. are expected, and will be attached as soon ss they eome into the bands of the Una. George MacUanahl, one of the alleged forgers, was brought before Commis sioner Gutman In New York veatenlay after noon, and an adjournment of the case for two weeks was granted for the preparation of er? r the bank, and the accused ws? re 10 the CMtody ?I the l ulled state* Mat?Othnrtae H<weman ^yiJ*r-oysaaggirlof Uf w rottersriHe. New dener. ? vouiig girfeT gf toen, reeertly married Ash^??ry >?i-ley, M elderly fart er ef Oneidn, in Sew Vork, but as Wi W UK knot w? Ued she and begged the minister to autie It. He replied that btmU not ?.em(My do ao, and the gM crttd bitterly. Farley sudaasorad to rnaaali her, bnt she poshed htm away, and turned her head from him. She refused on any aceouut to live with him. and returned to her father'* house, while Farley went home to Oneida. Far J ~ aooil r " fray acVfr.ja'juassi reiurmsb his taim hssa ?with him, hut CfdJ^do.n* ~ - ua BIW. DUE t?et or I ill.Ill* J settlement and refurnishing were i i?>ted ??i.. botk. ? threat .ns a suit to compel his wife to reeide in his house. tor According to a M kawuri nai>er. there is* man In ttmtmZto ea tali he hTu goT^tis knees to scratch hiahsad. _S^"Only six out of the eighty s-bolas* lu th<? Dubuque high school were aW to write Ui? Lord's Prayer correctly from memory. ^ f^Mlm Stoker, a yoaug lady of Pi.jaa, Ohio, fell dead of disease ot the heart ta*t Sunday while oa her way to he baprtssil by imm-raioa. taring on spiritaalisfn In England, lie aad* Me the l ulled states St picmfe?r L

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