Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. ri 1 1 RE DAYS. ? >Y LATIMER * CLEABY, ? ? Auctioneers and Real Estate ?rrtk""V^ _ B 'StkvM cvrs'r Pwnyl'Mi* mh* (BdUth Star OBce Buildings. JRUSTEE SSALE OF valuable improved mfUII US SEVENTH STREET EX TENDED. NEARLY OPPOSITE BUT SOUTH OF HOWARD UNIVERSITY. CONSISTING i F A NEAT TWO STORY FRAME DWELL ISO AND TWO STORY STABLE?LOT 3* BY uiti fit loo. b| Bv iirt??of ? of trust iltN November B, A D. 1379. and dull recorded in L;t.-r N ?. Hi, f -ik? 112, one of the land records for Wash I V *ta c.>anty. in tin- District of Colombia, and by 4.rKtiM?ftM HTtl secured thereby, I will ?"?II, ?- nblk auction. In front of the prsasises, on 5111 KSDlY.the 17th day of April. A D. H73. at A o'clock f. m., all tbat certain piece, parcel, or lot ?l groaad, aituate. lylnt and bfinf in the county of V *-' ingt >n, in said Di*trict, and known w lot ?i nil??1 eighty-two, (4.) in the *nbdivi*i?n ?f Blount Pl-asarit estate, a* made by Wm. P Dde STsdJ -hnW. Wright, and rec.?ded among th* re t rds f. r said connti hi the ollce of fhe coaotv sur * >*r. ?? d lot ha> inga front of ZS feet on the W ?*h Si 2lon ai'd R ?ckvill* turnpike or Seventh street ^??ad, and being of a depth of SM<7-M> feet,c>n?*ln fi - 6.416 75-MO <?iarr Mt, more or Isss, together ? itl? the improvenieut* th?reon. T-rn ? of -tie; One-third in caah. of which $1*10 Moat be raid on aeceptanc- of bid; balance in six, ivelve.and eighteen m nth', with inter ?t at ten y--r ter t per annum, parable s-mi-annually, an 1 to ^ wurethi do'<i <4 purchaser and de?d of trust on ?pt perly - 1.1. C nvej anting and recording at pur ? 'If term* of sale are n-i complied % itH witliin *ix day?> after sal-, the Tru?tee r^rvi I r-d ? to r sell (be property at the riak and c.-st C ?i fai ting purchaser. WM r. HnLTZMAW 'Trn?tee. sM LATIMER A 4'I.E VRY, Af t*. I M It II. WARNER, ' P. ''E?tate Bro?? n<1 A net'"on per, i '2'J 7th ii reft, a>*i Q i . ?t*. r> 3 Tit>TFE'a SALE OF A TMTTEE STORY BRTf'K H';? iE FIFTU STREET SOUTil V I.ST. AT \l < TIoN f B> virtue of a .lee.' f rru?t to Dani"! L E.?; >n ?Tlai.i! tnyself, dat-d Mir' li J9. I-C3. aril J>i!y r ?=- ? rd In LiNer H?. 812. f dio41 on fth--linl ? cords f. r Washington. D. C.,I ?HI -t-ll at p-ildic ? i.. ,t> fr nf of th pretni*ea. to th" highest 1 - I r. !. THURSDAY, the tffiih day of Mvr-h. 173. at 4 o'clock p n .nil tbat part of L >r No. 13, in %iu?r- No -I#, contained within the following y t-? ard b d- It g;m<<n? f-r th? ? tine nt .i p.>:nl ]? ?? fe. r ft i-m 11?. f iitli-a-t . ..rner of L ?t N >. 13, and r m i < th?nce north 17', feet; thene- *,'il to th? I ar l ie i-f ?? d lot; tie ve ? ?nth I7'4 feet, a.,4 J fXr e^.f to the plu-e (,f begiuuiuf. together with t i" pr W iu. iit# tber. ???!. T ri ? Th- am nut f ird b?edne?a aec'i'ed by * : I ?! -h f triiat unp.tu!, o 'th th" e\p..n--a -.f ?ale, ii; r i?h. a-.d the balance v ?i* and twelve m >n'h?, t 1~-wi' M bvad<>edof trtut np>n ihe property ? Id, with interest fr-Ti th- day of ?nle. ??ij - 1 ?'T on acceptance o<bid. If term, of ?il- are n-?t C inpli"d With with'n wreii davrt at!?r ??le, lh? t> be r>-??'ld at the ri?k and C'-at of the de ultipg r!irrha<er. 6 tO. W. STICK NET. Snrrjvii.g Tru't^o. ' fS M^ B H. WARNEE. Aact r. ?^"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED r tUTli! BSDAT. April lO, l3T3,?a>,w hoar ^..d |> Bi '-rder of the Tm?t?. # f' 3i B H WAKXER. An:ti..neer, 1 GKKEN A W ILL1A St?4, Anctioueera, N... 1UU1, northw-^t comer Utlh and D atreeta. JKlfiTEES SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED Ll.AL ?TATE IN S4JI ARE *73, FKoNT 1N<; iiN PENNSYLVANIA AVKNI R, BE 1WEEN 6ih AM? 7 ni STREETS EA9T. f??i \irtneof ade?dcf truat,dated on th* l.ttk fcS'lax rt M >r> h. A. D Wl, mnl duly record*,! m l>ll**l N*?. ifc#8. folio S3, et **?|. t?f the land fee ?? ds ? t V **hitigt.'n conutv. District of C dnmbia, t> .d I y dir> < tion of the p^rli secnr-il thereby, we ? ill ??II at public auction. in front o( the nreniia.'*, C . MONDAY,tb? 14th lav of April. A. I) li'J. at *?o'?l'k p. m.. Lot nnnilM-red fonr,(4,1 in a^mre l '.n.tei rd , .ght biiiidre.1 nid *e\eutv-thre?,cr3.1 in ll.e City . f .Vaehii gton. District of Colombia, ? rh ? lot the impro eiuen'a ih"r->n. ???n-i?|o>j of ||ir"? 1 w Hp< K Honaea. ? will wil one h u-,e, with t' pri? liege,,f the re?t Ternta of aale: One half in ca?h. of which mnat I' ? pa d at sale ob eai h Ii..n*e. th- deferrcl pt?yni"iit* I ? ? made with interest at the rate of ten p r c.-nt | r annul, in tit and t?e|,e ne nth- after <l?\ of p. !e. ard ?? cured b? deed ??! trn?t to the ?ati?fa> ti .n C* th- Tru*lee*,?.r the purrhaaer can pa\ the aii de fr" rut of purchase mou-y in c i?h. at hi* oprj..n. ff mi* to lt? fully compli-,1 with within *i* dava f, tet ? ?|e.?tberwi??- til- Tril?te,a r-*erve therilfht t re?? 11 the propertv . aft-r one w-ek'? the J -k at.d c.?t of flr?t purchaser. All convex an i:ig V piii I... . r'- >???*. F. X DO0I.EY. i _ . SAM L N HILTON, \ Trustee*. _ ' - ? * '? GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auct*. J?Y CKEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers " * No. lOOl, nortbw-at corner luth and D sts. I 5 111 STEES SALE OF V \LUABLE IMPROVTD rLOPEBTY AT AUCTlON-TllRFE sroKY L L-!>?l'?JLJ-,SG w ,TH FRENCH HOOF, ICAST' BETWEEN B AND C M'nTH. By \irtn* of ad^ l of tnut. <1 >\t? -d rn'. r li J-71, in lit^r of thf? /land record* of Waebingt >a county, Dixtrict *1 ? olcmbia, and by dinvtioo of the h dd-r of the 1, te secured therebv, we *111 Sell, at public auction, ?>!. the pr-mises. on THURSDAY. April 17,IC3. at ? o clock p. ni., all that piece of ground in W*?h ivgt. n citv. D. C., known as Lot l-ttered F, in Ches 1-r A Junkin a aubdivi-lon of .?iuare 725. T ni? of *aie. One-third ca?li; balance in one and two years, with interest at the rate oftc-u percent. T"-r annum, payable ?-mi annually,?e< ured by not-? a-.d d??l of tru*t --n the property, to th- *aSMf*Uio* < t th- trn-iees. C?mveyancing and r(< ordiug at pur udwt. If the trrm* ??f -?1? are uot cxiiplitnl With in five day* fr. m the day of* trusteea J serve tw right to reeell the property at the risk ? 1 c at of the defaulting purchaser R. P. DODGE, ' / - . P A. DARNEILLE.v Tr?wt^*. _ s< j GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aoct*. It Y W . L. WALL A CO., " " ? " Marble Building, 9?u "nd *03 Pa. ave., aoath comsr 9th street. 1 TWO STOKY IRAME noUSE, (W^IA1N1BG ten rooms.t)n th street JE?.VTMrV!!,VK ??"?'>? ??"?> , On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. April 16, I*1.? oclock,In fr-.iit of the pr0mi?->, we will ? .:"f Property, being s .uth WHtafLat No. 12. in S<inare tu3. said part of -aid I't haTing a front of ?i f-et -n 8th atr-et. and run ning back feet, and connecting with a thr. ?? f...,t ynvat* alley with the life. tw. le pav.d public alley ll] ?iid oqnarp. ' ^ Tetaie: Oae third caeh; balance |n one and two Teara. secur-d by a de-d of trust On 1 h- pr mas ??f.'y* theexpenaa,* the purchas.r: (100 to be paid down oa the day of aale , ?7 * W. L. WALL A CO., Ancts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Mo. 1001 northwest corner loth and D (to. B> virtue of ad-ed of trust. 1ated on the ij h t*l A-. P- 1*7. and duly tworded in -Liber No 48P, folio 49, et seq., of the Ian1 re rnrda of Wa?hingtoa county. District of Columbia. ?.id b> direction of the party secured th r. by, we ? illsell, at public anctiou, in ftoat of tfce premises rn MONDAY, the 14th diy of April, A D teTt. at ? O clock p. ru., th? aoMt n twenty feet front on S t ?.t.d Street east, by the depth of th* lot, of lot nnm I" r?t four it l, in Siinare nnmlore.1 seven hundr si ?iid thirty (<?>, In tie city of Washington District c* i"i iiui'ia Ternia of tale: One half in cash, of which 9l.tO 2ru*t be paid at aale; the deferred pa\m*uts to be It ade, with interest at th- rate of ten p-r cent per ?iiiicjii. in 6 and 12 nn.ntli* art.-r day of ?ale.ani se cured by deed of trust to the satisfaction of the trus t- -s.or t he purchaser can pav the wV I -amount of pur r> haseuiob. y in cash at hisopti .n. T rms to be fully t rip!- dnita aithui six davs after aale, oth rw *e !?'- trrs'eea re?rve the right to re^-ll the property. ?? er one week s notice, at the ri?k andc ?t .f first J- rih?*?r. All conveyancing at purch ?,?r% -o.t F. X DOOLF.T. I - ^ % SAM L N HILTON. < Tr??e'*. nr A .Is GREEN * WILLIAMS. A?-< li B. H. WARNERT ,.1U - H' *' Estate Broker sn.l Auctioneer, 7 Seventh street, between G au l II. oil o?5rLl.V VALUABLE Brit,r?y*fG S,I>K PENNSYLVANIA east betw een but mdi.u streets A "VrrsV, .Vf?,h",V: *l* m for sale T1 ESDAY. April l?,l<C3,at A>4 o'cL. k ? .parts of ?nh division Lots 24. 3 S)?t s; li Square ?73. fronting about 52 feet on P-iiii<ylva %ta avenue, between Cib and 7th street* east, by a d-pth of ab. ut hu feet, or the Lot will be sold ia two C nerent p- ni. n* Tenn* .? I i?.i ra-h: balance in ft, 12 and IS month* With 7 per cent. inter*?t. sec ured by a de. J of trust A rare chance f.-r a bargain. 9!?*> d wn on day of ?ale. I aS-eoAds I B H. WARNER. A net. B. H. WAENEB, ? .Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 789 7th street, between G aad H. PUBLIC SALE OF bTTi.DINO LOT ON THE I,T *?"T ?EsT, BE TWEKN D AND E STREETS. I ?ill sell on 8AT1RDA Y.April 1 A. 1-T3, at 1 naarter past J o'clock. Dart of lot 21. in *ub "* ^wnfe v?. having a front of 15 feet on 1st jU^.eM.and running back lis leet to a 19 feet Tetjs*: One-half cash; t alanc- la six and twelve ^Paaths. with tatereet. down on .lay of sale ?< pvevanciag at pa;chas< r s cost. __a4-dAd* B. H WARNER. Auct. ^U C T I O N SALE: By xirfns of ade.<dof trust bearing date June 17th, |E().?ul record<d in Liber No. (10, folio <?i, ,,f the lai.d rec oil* ut Waabington county. District of Co lumbia. I will sell, on TUESDAY, th- *?1 day of April, HTJ, at I o'clock p. ?>., in front of the pram 1*?'.at public suction,to the highest bidder,the ona d.div?de,t third part of the house and premise* d*. ?cubed as part of lots N? 4 and 3, ia square No. MP, W I'ldagtcn, D C-. bounded as rdlows ?Begintiing ?t a poti.t an north L street, 40 feet from the south ?a*t c. rwr ..f lot No. 4, running thence west on the Mi ci? L street 2D feet, thenc* north 120 feet, thence *rn?t' south 12U feet to the place of be Tenue of sala: Otte-haif caah: balance in < and IS ?rnths with int. re??, secured by deed of trust oa the property. Allc^nverance at the cost of the pur CttsM. JOSEPH T. STEVENS, Trustee , w . . ?CNCAN8ON. DOWLlNti A CO., ?|2awlda Auctioneer*. A*5fIl,ilU#Ayt..i?i J-TAMbSIN CENTRE M ARRET. WUI be sold at public aoctio?, in ?cti rdaoce with ssctioa 2 of the charter of the 'Washington Market C-napaav. 00 THI'RSDAY, April 17 1873. at 1 o'c|.<k p m.. at the Market, the Tight lo occupy for the remainder of two yean fr< ? July 1. Wl 4 Batcher*' Stands. f Hucksters' Stands. 4 Butter Stands. 5 Bar oa Stands. 3 Miscellaneous Stands. 2 Wlxdasal* How sea, ?ltd aay stands that ha?e beea abandoned by tha ?ceupaarts Alsa at the ?aas* time and place any sUnds owned IT parties who deal re them resold at their sxpsnse, ?bd of which a notice ha* been given ia writing to tke Clerk of tha said Market Coups ny. The annual rental, with terms aad conditions of payment, will fee -tated at tiase and place of aale. M G. EMERY. President Wsahingtoa Market 'Vnipauy. Vt)i..\?Tos D C.t April 4, lsTJ. ad It B V> B1 AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON* OIIIR A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*, So. 1*01, northwest corner loth and D BT BEAUTIFUL BUILDING LOTS OPPOSITE THE CAPITOL GROUNDS, FRONTING ON North b street, between first STREET EAST AND DELAWARE ANINUE, AT AUCTION. ^ On TUESDAY, the 8th day of April next, at ?IpA o'clock p m.,we shall Hell on the premises, No. 4. in 8-iuare No. M. being subdivided into tbr>-e bni Idinir lot*, two having SI feet 1 inch, and the other S3 feet lit)feet deep, with a ftne oide and back alley; making it flrst class improved property, to which we ask the attention of buyer* wi-hingto bnild flr*t-claas residences. Term*: One-third caah, balance 1 and t year* for not>-? bearing 7 per rent interest, and secured by a de?d of trust on the premises. Conveyancing at cost of tlw rutkawr, AlOOdown on each lot at time of sate. GREEN A WILLIAMS, ? 26* Auctioneer*. Y THOS. E. WAGGAMAN. Real Estate Auctioneer, 519 7th street. B VALUABLE IMPROVED LOT ON L. BETWEEN 19th AND ?Oth. NORTH SIDE. 0?i Tl"IlSUAT, April thh, at i <i'cl? k p. m., I shall '.II on the premise*, part of Lot <S, in =a?.inare No. 117, having a front of 27 feet liuch. with adeptli rl'JlH. T?rn?e: One-third caah, of which !|!5 must be paid at sale; balance in monthly payment* of .?3u. glared on pr -p^rt) sold. Conveyancing at rirrhwr> o?st. JOS OA* LER. Executor, al I Rep I THOS E. WAGGAMAN. A nets TO. MORROW. E?\ W . L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer*, 9 N ? Marble Building, N<*. you and ytfi Pennsylvania avenue. PEREMPTORY SALE OF 2-*? SETS OF ELE GAST WALNl'T BRO? ADfc. RKP an.l H \IH CI OTH PABLOR SI ITS: M \RBLE TOP WALNl'T AND PAINTED CHAMBER SUITS; Mlitni'*KI'S, BEPSTE \DS. Bl'KKAlS, WASHsTAWDS. WALNUT AND OAK EX TENSION TABI.ES; TU<'k ICR SP RINOS MATTRESSES; 104) RoLLS OIL-CLOTH; LOT SECOND-HANI* INtiRAlN CARPETS. RE MOVED TO OUR SToRK- E (It CONVE NIENCE OF SALE ON THIRTY and SIXTY T?A*S CRFDIT fS On WEDNESDAY MORNING. April 9. 1873,commencing at 10 o'clock, we w!l "'?ll K9ll>) catal.'ir at ;\u< ;i ti i >< m?. witlnut / \ 1 reserve, on credit? "i -eta Bro"atel!e. R?pand Hair-cloth Parlor Suits.. Walnnt ami Painted Chamber Suit*. Marble-ton TaMe*. Bureaus and B- dsteaj*. Pi.-ces 4-4 Ma'tii l'. * hit'- and check. Ore liuadn-d r>-ll? Oilcloth. two S?wini Machines. Marble top Walnnt and Oak Sideboard*. Wliat-N'd*, Et'-k'ere?. H**t Rack. Walnnt Ward rob.-a, Bookcase, aid Mattnvw*. Lot ?>f Second-hand Furniture, Carpets, Kitchen R nm?ites, Ac. N. B.?We call special attention of buyer* to the above -.ale, a* ev.?ry lot will bo sold peremptorily. Term*: All sums of ?1U0 and under, c >*h. all sums over that annunt a cr.-dit of 60 an 1 90 d ?y*, with n t? with approved seenrity. All person* ?i-bin<? to avail them*?lve* < t the op portunity of <r-'iit?ill report to the auctioneers In f. re the sale. By ordp' of the Trustee. a7 2t W. L. WALL A CO., Anct*. |> Y GREEN * WIL LI AMS7~Anct longer si I * No. 1001, Northwest corner 10th and 1> streets. SALE OF HOrsEnoLlT FURNTTI'RJC, CAR PETS, FEATHERS, HAIR MATTRESSES, PLATED WAKE, CHINA, CROOKKKY, STOVES. Ac., AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 9th in-tar ? , at 10 Ul o'clock a. in . we shall sell at the re* dence of yflk a g. ntleman declibioir hou--k??pine, No I .??* I a | 1 uieiaiia mennc, near 4'.. stree*. opposite 1 the City 11 all, the following hoaseho d goods, v '1. t.r*en Rep and Hair-cloth Parlor Suites, M.n ble-4op Center Table, mirror l>ti k. E:< B- re ami Ornaments and Gilt Frame Mirror, .'i Black Walnut Marble-top Chamber Suit"*. O; k ai.d Painted Cottsge Sets. 2 lil*ck Wtiuut Wardrobes. Painted Wardrobe*, Side and T-apoy Tables. l>siua^k and Lace Curtain-, with Cornice. Feather Pillow*, B dster* and Hair Jlattre*?e-. Cotton-top. Hu*kat)d oth'-r Mattresse*. Hrn??el., Isiiraii., Stair and other Carpe *. Hall Oilcloth ai-d Stuir-rod*. Twelve-foot Walnut E*ten*ion Table anil Chair*. China, Glas* and Crock ry Ware. Wind..n Shailen. Loutig^s and Ottoman*. Cook lag Sti'% es hi I Uten*il?. And a lot of Ki'cheu Requisite*. T'-iHi*: Cap h. ?S-d GBEEN A WILLIAMS, A net* II Y W. T. JOHNSON, Auctioneer. DESIRABLE FURNITURE AT AUCTION. A ON V EDNESDAY, April 9:h, at 10 oVIk Ut a. in.. 1 shall *e)I at auction, without reserve, ?^?fetor a k?entl? man leaving th- city, all the I |nlti;re of his r??idence, *t if?. it03 A street ? *ontheast. in Besll T-rrace R ??-, between 2d at^d ,'?d streets. Capital Hill. The Fnrnitnre i? ?>f the best qnality and nearly new. corsisrine "f a full -Msortiaeut of PARLOR, DINING ROOM, KITCHEN, and CHAMBER FURNITCE, too nnmerons to mention. Terms cash. *7 2t* | Rep.) W. T. JOH NSON Auct. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anct: Mvn>i No. 1001, northwest corner lj.ii and Q sts. B TWO HANDSOME PRIV\TE RESIDENCES, FRONTING ON I STREET NORTH. BE TWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS, W EST, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 9th day of April, [3 I87S. at i o'cl >ck p. m., we *hall aell,on the pre ?*miae*. pa't of Lot numbered two (2>,in s.juare numbered three hnndred aad seventy three (S73>, liavitig two thre?'-storj pr -- I front Houses, containing 10 ris-nis each, with a flue cellar, bath io< in. water, gM-cookiug ranee. Latmbe stoves, Ac.; b?'iiiff hou*es No. V07 and 909, with *ide and l ack alleys. Perwons wishing mediutn-size houses w ill do well to attend the *ale. Terma: One-third cash; balance In 1,13,19 and SI month*, for note* bearing 8 per cent, interest and a< cured by a deed of trust on the premise* sold. All conveyancing at c *?t of purchaser. 9 luu down od each house at time of sale. aS d | Rep.) GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anct*. B* B. H. WARNER, _ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7'?!w 7th street, between O and H streets. PUBLIC BALE OF LOt7>N DISMORE STREET, BETWEEN 9th AND 1?th AND E AND F STREETS SOUTHWEST. SI will sell at public anction, on WEDNES DAY, April 9. 1373. at o'clock p. tu? the south half of Lot 31. in S-iuare JvJ, fronting S8 b-et on Dismore street si>uthwe*t. Tetms: One-third cash; balance in Sand IS months. $30d?wn on acceptance of bid. Conve>anciug at purchaser's coet. *3-dAd* B. H WARNER, Auctioneor. By latimkr a cleary, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers, Sjnthweat corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Scar Office Building*. "TMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SOT TnEAST CORNER OF 9th AND BOL'NDARY STREETS. AT AUCTION , On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. April 9th. '1373,at A o'clock, we shall sell, iu front of the ? ^premise*, the two-story Fram? II >u*n. No. 1944 9th *tr-et, corner of Boundary. Lot 36 feet trout by 75 feet deep. Term*- Ca?h. C >nvevancing at pnrch**er's co*t. a4 dAds LATIMER A CLE\RY, Anct*. BY TI10S. E. WAGGAMAN. Real Estate Auctioneer, 219 7th street. CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT. FINE FRONT 1A? FEET ON MASSACHl'SETTS AVENUE, BETWEEN 14th AND Ifirtl STREETS EAST, /fa On W EDN ESDAY. April 9h,at i o'clock ?Kpp m.. I shall --ell on the premises above men * tion<-d.Lot* 3 and 4, in s.|uare south of 1072. Terms day ofsal< a7 | Rep.j THOS. E W AGO\M AN, Auct. |>Y LATIMER A CLEARY. I > Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*, S uthweat corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th st.. Star Office Building. TRUSFES SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SEVENTH-STREET ROAD. NEARLY OPPOSITE THE SCHI ET /EN PARK. 9 By virtue of a deed of trrj"t, bearing date the tStndayof May, A. D. Itf!, and record**! in Liber No. <*2, at folio 1M. of the LandR <cords of the District of Columbia, and at the request of Die person secured th'-reby, we shall tell in front of the premisoe. on FRIDAY, the Jl?th day of April. Id73, at A o'clock p. in.. Lots numbernl S7, 2S, 39 ana <??!? Mock 9 in T>siu and Bri>wn'? subdivision of Mt. Pleasant.together with the improvements there on, consisting of a nearly new. comfortable frtni" l'welling, with nece*sary out-buildinc*. all in g->od c tiditiou; well of excellent water on the premise*. The B<>ui:dar> and Silver Springs Horse Railroad pa>a the door. T< rms of snle- Amount of indebtedness secure-1 by thrdeedof trust (beiug with interest at lo ner cent, per annum from th? 25<h of May, 1572,1 and expenaea of sate (which will bo made known on day of salt ),will be required In caah; the balance in ? and IS months, to be secured by a deed of trust upon tbe property. ?3U0 down at time of sale. If the terms of sale are not complied with within aeTen days, the property will be resold at the risk and cost of the default Inn purchaser. Conveyancing at pur chaaer'scost. W ATKINS ADDISON,/ GEORGE EARLE. {Trustees. aS dAda LATIMER A CLEARY, Auct*. 1*Y LATIMER A CLEARY, l> Auctioneer* and Real Ratate Brokers, IS uthw est corner Pennsylvania ar?. and Uth street, Star Offise Building. SALE OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTT IN SyUARE.SSt. Pursuant to the act of Congress providing for H Lhe extension of the Capitol Grounds, approved T^y^JL ?.'-4?*' ?**" ?" THURSDAY, April 10,1873. com me net n? at 11 o'clock a. as., the following buildings, embraced in SqiMrs No. *& : Whitney1fc Hotel, corner Delaware avenue and North A street National buck, three stories, with three-story hack building. Noa. 4 and 4 North A street, three stories, attic No. 4 has a three story back huikl ine. wtU be sold together. u' I**?? "td ?. North A street, will b* sold separately. Nos. ni, 133,124 aad IS will he sold In a group; material, wood. Noa. XT ,31,33,36 and SB, B street, will be sold as pa rat el y. Iron Railing front* tab* *oM separately. Terma of sale: Tea per ornt. of the pun h.tae money will be reawtred at the time of sale; the remainder ta he paid within tea daya after such aale. Buildings to be removed within thirty days. sr "rt*ro,c BT ? 1 Broker and Auctioneer, Mo. TB9 7th street, between O aad 1. PUBLIC BALK OF NBAT FRAMM HOUSE ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF O, OR COLFAX ST., BETWEEN lftTM AND l?ru STREETS, No! ? I'will offer for sale, to ths highest bidder, oa FRIDAY AFTIRNOON/AlKn II, W3, at 4* ?'clock, the east 14 (bet i iaohM of Lot ?, la square 134, b> about 140 feet deep to an alley, Im proved by a two-story Frame House of six rooms. Terms of aale: f SUB cash, ami the balance la ?.hl? payments-* ?*. H. waM*?'** aJ rotv AUCTION SALES. B BY JAMES GU'LD Auctioneer, No. 1UI4 Pi-iid?)ivania ?rfau?, SALF Or FLOWKltlNO PLANTS. S On THURSDAY, April 10, at 4 o'clock p. m.. we will aell. at our auction r.mmi, :hetine eo'l?cti?n ?f choice R ??es. 0?rmmiM. tc., ever orered in thi? citv. This sale will I* o .11*1 ?i every Thursday evening, asm ? honr. uri' fur; her notice. JAMS'* GUILD, It < ?t.--r.?e?-r Y (iHfct-N A W ILLIAMo,, No. 1000 Northweet 10th and D streets. SAIB or HOUSEHOLD rURNITC R?!. < \l PKT*. OILCLOTHS-GLASS AND CROCK ERY - M ARK AT AU< T10N #J\ On TUESDAY, th" lAtliday of April, l*/3. \M. c-.p-raein tin at 10 o'cl <ck ?. m., we shall sell. Mm th- resHenre of a ladi dwl'imn hou*?ker p I 1 liuf, No. 6? H street. Mwmb North Capitol and lnt streets noi(h*?e?t, the following nam?d arti ctes? W lii?t R"<Nt? !>d<. Burt an* and S:<le Tables. W a'tint Kr*me L-oo.g... H-clining Chair*, np h -Utered in Green I Walnut C*n -wit Chairman.! Rt ci.rri1. Walnnt Extension Table, Mahogany Marble-top Sideboard. Maible-top Ceu^-T Tabl'. Oak D: t'ng-rootn ^hairs La-i>'s Work Basket, \Vtn-l<w Sliade?, Serines, Painted Bedsteads, Bureari, ail Wash*t and-. l:roH?' l?. Threc-nlv and Ingrain Carpets, Velvet Rue* and D?nr m?l? lfall 0? Jo lot lin and Stair Carpet*. Stair It >.ls an?l Crash lln?k an.! Cott">o-top Mattras'ns. Cooking Range, lleatiu* ard o her s.o> as. Crockery and Class-Aa^e, KitcVn T. rnis cash. GREEN A WILLIAMS a* d Auction-prs. BY GREEN a WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Southeast corner 7tb and D streets. TIM >TEBSSALEOF \ ALUABI E IMPROVED I'KoPHt iV IN SQUARE No. 07.?, NE VK Si. ALoYSlUS CHUB- II. Byvii.ue..f a deed ?>f lro?t,dated April 29'1>, Pr7 A I? 1.,"?, jn<! dnly record d in liber No. 031. ??=* f liouc.i of the land rec-'rds for Mtfa-iiington co.n.ty. D. C., and by the direction of the parry se cured thereby, I will sell at pnidie auction, in fr >nt cftl.e premise*. on M ON D A Y, t h? if1 st day of A ;?ri I. A. It. 1*73, at A oVIock p. tn., all of lois number. I one hundred and twnti seven( liTKuel one bun lr< d ami t w*-M>-eight (1VM) and a p irt of |o, numbered ? lie hundred and twent> -ula?(12>), in Gilbert's r< - i ordtd subdivision of square liuiubvre.. vx hundred H"d seventy-fn e (C5), in the city of Washington, *i'li all the i 111 pro*omenta thereon, cnnsi*iimj of n< aily finished I rick dwatiingson north I ?ir<-et. A f ??t of the i>r 'prtv will be ''\hibitcl at th<- sal?>. T- rni* of ii:?le: One-half in cash, of which 8100 r nsf be paid a? ?al? ujxin each honne a dd: the de t. rrol pa> ni<'nt?to l.einailc in aixand twely.- in iath J.ft'-r dav of sale, with interest at ten per P"l and ?ecured byjleed of trust to the aati-iac tion of the Tiustee. T-rms to be fully conipli 1 with w ithin ilx da>? afier day of sale, othet'M ise the Trnatae re-?r\ea th?' riiiht to rem>|| the prop-rty, aftir one week'a notice, at the risk and cost of first puuiiaxer. All con> evancinit at purcha <t'? c >-t. WM. H. tt AKD, Trustee, a^-.ttaw.vda GRF.EN A WILLI\M^. A-fts. HY LATIMER A CLEABT, Auctioneer* and B<>al Estate Broker* Southwest coruer P-nnsvlrania avenue aud 11th St., Star Office Building. TRFSTEE'S SALE OF AN ENTIRE SiJPARE V,f ?.*?''l*l?. VERY ELIGIBLY 9ITl' \TED, '7,11 IN ONE SyUABE OF CuLlilBIA 1? A 11." A 1 . ?KA By virtue of a dt'ed of tnist to tli? unilersiirn ^Wed, bearuiK da!- the l?t day ?! April, A D. li.'J, ~ and recorded am^ng the land records of this District, in lilier No.682. at folio 3, et te?i., andby direction ot the holder of the doIhi secured thereby, I will fell at pi ltlic auction, on the premises, on S ATCRDAY. th?> 3d day of May A.I). K), at 5 o'clock p. in., all of Niuare numbered nine li'iudr ? I 1 thirty-two, (932.) bounded by north I and K m tete, and 9th and kth streets northeast, contain inc in tie- whole al?-ut 73,138 sqnaro feet. The property will t>e m>1<1 subject to a prior i >?d < t trust, dated October I, le/O. but which by its terms nia> be rrleascd upou the p&yiueut of six coiitb j<t Mjuarefaot. T?tih?: One-tliird caah: th" resiln" in four ecjual pa> ments, at 3, 6.9, ?nd 12 months, with in'er -st from day of sale. P.*ed given and ttu-t tak n. >2:0 to be dep sited when th? pr-p'-rty is striie'k < 'IT. which is to be forfeit-sl tin I-km i> ircliai t c in {.lie* ?ith the terms of sale within live davs after s ile. Conveyancing at purrba-ser's cost. FRKP. W .1 ONES. T n "oAds LATIMER A CLEAKY, A nets. B\ B.H. WARN KR, R< al E-tate Broker and Auctioneer, So. 7 'J9 7tb street. between G aud II sts. 1RI STEE a SALlOr VALFABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE FRONTING ON I ^T^tE^:T NORTH, BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND i-T SIS. EAST. , By virtue of Ave d.-eds of tmst. ba.irinv date [on the tthdav of October, A. I> Is71, a>i I duly 'recorded in Liber No. ?Wt. folio t>, et so j.; Liber ??cl. folio24 et(?-n.; Liber'>33,folio 2/,et --.j.: Lil. -r folio S). et 8C<1., and L ber 64i. folio 32, f t se,t.of the Land R.-cnrd* for W'asbin?jtoii couoty. D. C., I shall sell at put.lie anction. in front of the pre 11 i- ? , on W EDNE>1>AY. the *23dday of April, A. D. H7.i. at .? o'clock p. in., all th'?ser certain piec-s or par cels of ground, situate and lying in said city of ashitieton, and beinj known a?d described as I.< ts uumliered ninety-fonr. (9t.) niite.v five, (??,) li'netjr-six. (96,) ninety seven (97) and niieiy-eiglit, (88.) in Gilbert's recorded sub division of son are numbered six hundred and seventy-five (( E*eh of the above Lots is improved by a line two story Briek II use nearly ready for ix-eupan< y. Terms of sale: One-third ca-h; balance in 0 ami 12 months, with interest from .lay of -ale. -ecured by deed of trust on premi?es fold: 31m to b,- paid on each boll-eat time of sale. If the teim- of -ale are ?' t r< nipli>-d with In five day-, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purcba-ei, by adver.ising three times in the "Eveoiug Mar."' All conveyancing at cost of pnrchaser. WILLIAM B. TODD. Jr., Trn-:ee. "3-eojtds B. II WARNER. Auc*. BY GBKEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers," Northwest corner 01 10th and D street*. TRUSTEES SALE OF A NEW COTTAGE DWELLING ON P STREET, BET WE ENAar it AND 16rn STREETS, NORTHWEST " By virtue of a deed of trnst, dated on the ? | day of November. A. D. I1C2, aud duly recorded , .if**.*0 702. folio 130, Ac., of the land rec ords of W ashington county, D. C., and by direction of the party secured thereby, I will sell at public anction, in front of the premises, on MONDAY, the 1 tb day of April, A. D. 1(371. at 4 ^o'clock p.m.,Lot imnil>ered sixty-eight, (6ft,) in Lane's subdivision of part of Square numbered one hundred and ninety four,( 1M.) fronting lu feet S inches on north P street, * ith a depth of 100 feet, to a ten-foot alley. Terms; One third cash, of which JJ100 ranst be pa??i down fit time of itale; balance in m and twelve month*, with interest at Mven p*r cent., secured by deed of trust on the premises.* All conveyancing at cost of the purchaser. If the above terms are not complied vith within five days after sale, the Trustee will resell at the coat of the defaulting purchaser HAMUBL T. DRUBY, Trustee. Itrmediately after the above sale, we will ssll Lot* 74, 75 and 76, in stmt square, said lots lrouliugii) feet each on 0 street, with a depth of 100 feet. Ttots : One fourth cash: balance in six, twelve and eighteen months, with Interest at seven per cent., secured on the premises. IJSOdownon each Cos** t'n"' 0l Sml?" A" Co?ve>*ncing at purchaser's a3-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. ..*?7F.KABOVIt SAlFIs POSTPONED nnti' MONDA\ , the 14th instant, at the same hour a ;<l lilace. By order of t he Trustee. _ ?* d GBEEN A WILLIAMS,_Anets. C^H.yiCEBY SAL* OF VALDABLE PROPER ^ TY ON M STREET, BETWEEN ?rit AND 7tii STREETS, NORTHWEST. L'nder and by virtue of a decree of the Su tjil preine Conrtofthe District of Columbia, p i*-?d ?**111 Equity cause No. 2.79:5 in s ?i,l C urt. v herein wm. W. Willingsford and wife arecotu p.ainanta, and Truman A. Cook and others are detendaiit- . the und-rsigned, trustees duly appoiate-l in ^aid came, will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, (>n MONP VY, the 21st day or April, A . D. 4ia o'clock p. in., ail that pari of lot sixteen (16) in square four bund red aud forty nine (i)9), in the City of Washington, D. C., beginning ai the northeast corner of th" lot and running ??at tw<-nty-?ue(21) feet; thence south one hundred and twentv-fonr (121) feet: thence east twenty one(21) feet; thence north on* hundred and twenty-fonr< 124) feet to the place of beginning; together with the ntinrovementa thereon,consisting of a thre--story buck honse, frontin-.' twentv-one (21? feet on M strest, known as No. 618. Teims of sale, as prescribed by decree, are; One fourth cash, and th? balance in three e.|iial instal no nts. for which th? notes of the purchaser will be taken, payable at six, twelve, and eighteen months respectively from day of sale, with interest at the rate of eight per cent, per annum, and secured to ti e satisfaction of the trustees. A deposit of *2"0 will lie reqnired at the time of sale. If the terms of sale are not complied with within five days from the dav of sale, the property will be resold at thecost and risk of detaulting purchaser, after, ten days pi tice in any newspaper of the city of Washington All conveyancing at the c?s? of the purchaser. WM. V M \TTINULY/ T ' J>- M F. MORRIS. {Trustees. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001 northwest corner loth and D sts. ? AGNIFICENT WALNUT FRAME PARLOB Sl'lTE, I'PHOLSTERED IN RED PLUSH; HANDSOME WALNUT ETEGERE, MIRROR BACK; BLACK WALNUT BEDSTEAD, SUPE RIOB BLACK WALNUT MABBLE TOP f"BENCH PLATE GLASS BUREAU, WALNUT MARBLE TOP WASHSTAND. GILT FRAME MIRRORS, BLACK WALNUT MABBLE TOP S'Df-BOARD. MIRROR BACK: WALNUT f ANKBEAT CHAIRS AND BOCklRS. ONE CHILD'S COTTAGE SUITE. WITH WARD LOUNGE. WALNUT EXTENSION TABLE AND DINING BOOM CHAIRS. BEFBIGERA T0R8, W1BE SAFES. CHILD'S CARRIAGE. ONE BEWING MACHINE, (WlliCOX A GIBBS;) WALNUT HAT BACK, MIRBOR iiMSS STAIBCABPETS; VlNDOW SHADES.STAIR BOD?: ELEGANT BBUSSELS, INGRAIN AND OTHKB CARPETS; VELVET BUGS, DOOR MATS, CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE, BEATING STOVES, KITCHEN BB4JUI - ll,l:On*THUBSI>AT MORNING, April 10th, 187S, t anmencing at 10 o'clock, we shall sell, at the residence of^ a^ gent I era an declining % I residence of ? gentlem bonsekeeping, No. I49ft Q street, between 14th and Utk streets northwsst, the abovs de ?rribed superior collection of Esraitar*, Ac. Most of the Fnrnitnre wag Hade to order, and in perfect order. Terms cash. aS-d | Rep.l GREEN A WILLIAMS. A nets. ' BY J. *. WABNEB, ??????? Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7*9 7th street, betwoen G andH. PUBLIC SALE OF LOT ON THE BAST SIDE ?"w""0 "u I will s*U mi BATUBDAT, April Utb, 1873, at If paatffveo clock p. m.part of Lot E, iasab ,?4mi ?fsMsr*4M1 hsviM a front of 15 fset ?n 1st street west, and running hack >> aad having afloat on Delaware avonne of It feat ASf techaa. Terms: One-half cash; halan?o4,11 and U months With Interest. ??)) down when tbe property is strnek oB. Conveyancing the tMi*chjMr>Mat. (A dtds B. H. WARNER, Auctioneer. AUCTION SAfiKS. B IT i1 L KCAhbUli? I'O i% LINO ft CO., Atctf.t Corner fch ami D ?reeU north B H^rsKH^T.p EFFECTS OF 1U31 9ru ST., BITWIKS ? AND N STREETS NORTH WEST, AT AUCTION. ? A Ou Til 1'BSD AY MORNING. Anril "*th. Ul rimmnK'nt it II o'cWk, ?c will mII, ?? ?Ml 231 ?<*t northwest, si! it* bone-hold f V |g >ode. consisting <*? 1 Carpets. C 4 tit re 8ets, Bed?1ead?: Wasbstands. Tsties, Grocery, *c.. Ac. Sale positive DUNCaNSON, DOWLINO A CO.. ?8 IR<-Pl AuctiokMre. T OBKlTvaLIAMS. A net inn <en>7 Northwest comer leth >mlD street*. ro?TTiv* sun OF~~rNi*rRi>vm> real FSt\TE ON NORTH CAPITOL STREET. BE TWKKN M AND N STREETS !*ORTH. AT AUCTION. 9 On TIIITSDAY. the ITth ie*ant,at ?S o'clock it. ni.,we snail *e'i.?n *he pr?rn!s *, Lot No. 11. in Square N;? gi'3, being 137 feet J ircl e* frort br 1>I fe?i deep, rrh'ch will be told *11 lojfthcror MtMiTiiM to i u,< ptrtiiatert, 1 erms: Oue-th>rd cash; h?l?uce m i, 12 ai>d u n oiit'us, t?r n?>? bearii g interett. and aecu.ed by a <1 ed of -,r?ft on the premise*. Cot,\e^auci.g at tl?e cost of t!ie prrcuaFi rs. $100 down on the day of * aS d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. Y THOMAS E. WAOGAMAN, Be?l Estate Auctioneer, 51 9 7ih street VERT TALL'A ELK PROPERTY, 411 FIFTH SI REIT NORTHWEST, OPPOMTE JU DICIARY SijrARE. On FRIDAY. April 3 o'clock p. m , I sha'l: ell. on (he semises, the ?li i\e pro jrtv. Will off. r e-. ? wnole. If not sold, "vill o.ler separately. This is en opportunity seldom met with

i this ci.y to obt -in so. d? sirable a pr< ,*>rt/,l?eipg imp-oved by eb-sant house of twenty room*, h.'th r? on'on every fl'M>r; con-mod i-?us s.abie, and large grounds. with cli >'ce shrnbbei/. Tern*: Oue-fifth c.<sh. l<; lance in 1.2,3 an I 1 11 ?r?. decern d pa\nieutr. secirt J ?n prop i ty sotJ. ?s 'J?n at I '.if of sale. "a8-d | Rc?i| THOS. E. WAOGAMAN, Anct. B Y (iKIKN I WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Karthw^t corner loth au<l D itreots. li Tpf?,STonr i fimf& if*"*,"* *< <$'?? **? VliSRWr ?'"t *'* o'clock, v. ni , we shall ?h II. on the pr-'inise*. p.irt L?t No. 0, in Square Ho. 419, Wing a g<*Ht front and m Kt lU) feet deep, with the iniproveim-uts, cius|?tlug of A Frame Dwelling House, N... 1736, uud near the rew northern market. Teime: One third cash, balance In? and li month*, f r n<de? licarins interest, and secured by ? iM of tru?t on the premise*. Conveyancing at th > cost of ttn- purchaser. JliOdown on the day of ?ale. ?? d CiRKKN A WILLIAMS. Anct*. nY D IN CAN SON, DOWLINO A CO., Auct*. C'-rner ?.h and D streets northwest. SALL OF VAI.rABLE BCILDTNO LOTS ON CAPITOI HI I.I.. AT AUCTION. SOn THURSDAY AFTERNOON April 1J. at 9 o'clock, we will sell npoa the i-reni!*-*. ail ??f Lot 1. Stuart- S?>, hav in.' a front of 52 feot ?? (in he-upon north D strert, with a depth of Ht fi*?t np<>ii t!ih ?tree; ea-t. Thi- property i- *itoat"d in one of the must r<i;<idl> improving jyrtinrn .if th<' city, being the northwest corner of 6 hand D st-'. tini, heiwt. T. rrnr One-third ca?h; halanre in 6. 12 and 13 month-, notesbe.irine intereet und secnr<-d by .1e<yl nf tru-t upou the premi-es. 4'<>ti?eyancing. ,*c.. at c ? t nt the purchaser. A deposit of %"?i will be r-> nuired as soon a- Oih nroi?-rty h knocked off '?< DFNCANSON. DuWLING .v CO.. Anct*. I? Y DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CM., An^t*. -* cnrner 9th and D streets u irthwos.. SALE OF VALUABLE riOPERTY ON 1 lTit >TRKET. NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVE gO, ()n WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON,April. l?i, i,:a a' " ? clock, we w ill s?ll, upon the premises, ail "?ot lot It, in square .{S, having a front iif AO feet li |h.p 11th str- i Willi the depi h of lot, w it li .min' ive Ineiil.- upon the same. The above prop?-tt\ t'aitn'vtod np n t!i? we?t of 11th street we<t, betw-fen C str?e. and P litis* l\ a liia, and <nie of tie- nio-t desirable pi" es of property in the city. Term-: One-third cash; balance in <5. 12 an I li months, notes liearme int -re t and. or d b. a d<- 1 i iru-t itp?>ii Ihe premises. ConveyatH in*. Ae.. it l!i?- co. t of the purchaser. A deposit <d will be required as ~.v u a* ?l,? prop. r,\ is knock'-d S _!?_> I'l'XC \ xsiiy num.lM; .t ( p.. Anct*. nY M NCANSON, DOWLINO A CO.. Anct*., S -iithi ast Ci*i h r of ?ih and D streets northwest. TP.I STFF S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY ON ?iu SOUTHWEST, ON THE I>L.VNl? B> virtue of a deed of trust, d,t.ed on th <Sth T.::? day of Jnly, A IV l-<70, atid recorded in Lilwr ?*-*'No. li-jo, folio 21, Ac., of the lanil re<-.irds for V ashingt' n county, I). C., and by direc tion of the |-arty Hecuri-d thereby, I will-ell at public ancti n, in fr-?nt of Ihe premises, nt } nVlock p. ni ,on MO\ l>AY,the Ttli day ? f April, A. D W73, all of Lota numbered four (4)and tive(8)in the recorde<l stib division <d s<|t:ar? n'i'ebi.rt d four hundred and six ty tire. (?V5,) with ail the improvements thereon. Terms of sale: One-half in c.isli, of w hich *liJ0 must be paid at sale, the deferred payments to be maile in six and twelve u.onth*. with iuterest at ten i> r cent, per annum from day of sale?terms to be fully complied with w ithin six days after sale, oth erwlsu the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and cost of first pur. r. All conveyancing a' pur< ha-er's co?r. \\ M H. WARD, Trustee. n>24 eoAdsOUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CO.,Aucta. ?y-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until TUESDAY , April IS. 1<7.'J. a.une hour and place. W M. H WARD, Trustee, a- eoAds DUNCAVSON, DOWLINO A CO., \ucts. 1>Y 1J. H. WARNER, ** ? Real Estate Broker and Auctionesr, No. 7SI9 7th street, between O and 11 sts. PVBLIC SALE OF VERY \ ALUABLE PROP KRTY ON Trit STREET, OPPOSITE U S CMEST0?Fr,rE-A RARE CHANCE To JIRC?A?E ONE OF THE BEST PIECES OF PROPERTY IN WASHINIiTON CITY. . !i! ."?' r ''"? sab-, at public auc.ion, on 1 III RSDAY , April Ifitli, at 6 o'clock p.m., tue followuig-dt- cribed real estate, io wit:? T^ei.iy (4Ai) ft*et front *?n 7tl? street, between F ai?d (? striet* notlhwe-rt, opposiie the Pa'ent Office, c Dimi m nig at a poiut twenty (SO) feet s<mth from the sout..weM corner of 7th and G street* northwest, pud running thenei- south twenty f**et, a:nl thenc *liy the width of twenty feet weut one hundred and two feet and three inches. The eas. four feet by said width is subject to the use of Thomas Bites, his heirs and assigns, for an alley. The alley is ei?ht feet and three inches wide, and is for the u?> of this 1 v, and others. This is a part of 'ots numbered twelve ami thirteen, in square numbered four hundred and flfty |ive, and is improved by a three-siory ami-attic brick building. It is opposite nearly the center of the I atent Office, on 7th street. The title is perfect. Terms of sale are: One-third cash, and balance in six, twelve aud eighteen month*, w ith interest. Con veysnclng at the cost ?.f the purchaser. Deferred payments to be secured by deed of trust o? the premises. In case the terms of sale ?re not complied w iih within live days after the sale, the trustee re serves the right to resell the property a, the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, by advertising three times jn the Evening Star. ?2uudown on ac ceptance of bid. JOHN H. GODDARD, Executor. L. G. HINE. Attorney. fS-eoAds |Rep,AAn*.l B. H. WABNFR, Anct. |>Y LATIMER A CLEART, ? ' Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, S uthwert corner Pennsylvania avenue aud lltb St.. Star Office Building. TRl'STEE'8 SALE OF~AN ELEO\NT AND ? OMMODIOUS PRIVATE RESIDKNi'K. SITU ATED IN THE FASHION ABLE P \ RT <?F ftf.JlTM'J," 3TABL,!<'-1!iD By virtue of a dewl of trust, bearing date the 9th day of February ,1871, aud recorded in Liber No. 640, folio a>, et se.j., one,of the land records for V county, in the District of Columbia, aid at ihe rronest In writing of the party ther?b> se. tired, the subw ribe<- as Trustee w ill <iffi-r for sale on Till R>DAY, the With day of April K3, at the hour of m o clock p. in., all that piece or p.ircei of ground, l\ ing and tK-ing situate in the city of Wash ington, in the District of Columbia, and known and distinguished in the plot or plan of said city a* and being lot "I.''in HarriiaiidOraMtunr's subdivision o| part of s<iuare num!?ere<l one hundred aud sixty uu:r (I&4), said subdivision being recordi-d in the < Hu e of the Surveyor of thecit} of Washington, in liber 1$, folio 101, together with the buildings and improvements thereon, consisting of a large double two-story brick house, with Mansard roof, brick stable, and out-buildings, situate,! at the corner of Connecticut avenue and L street. Terms of sale: Twelve thousand five hundred dol lars in cash; the remainder in equal vearly instal ment* at one and two years, with interi-st. to be as cured by a deed ?f trust on the premisas, or other wise to ihe satisfaction of the party eulitled thereto Conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. If terms of sale are not complied with in one week from day of sale, the Trustee reserves the right to msell at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser A ile|M?it of five hundred dollars will be required at the time of the purchase. RICHARD WALUCH. Trustee. s^ eo^<)s LATIMER & CI.EARY, Anct*. BY LATIMER A CLEART, Auctioneers and Real Eatate Brokers, Soi.thwest corner of Penn. avenue aud 11th streat. Star Office Building. CATALOGUK SALE OF ELEGANT HOUSE HOLD Fl RNITI RE. STERLING SILVER WARE. DIXON A SONS SHEFFIELD PLA TED WARE, CUT AND ENGRAVED GLASS % VB5ii TUESDAY MORNINO, April 1A,187S, at IO o'clock, at the residence of a gentleman leaving for Europe, No. KIM H street, being . . -the southwest corner of H and 21st sts. north west, we shall sell the following elegant Furniture: One Drawing-room Suite, Marie Antoinette style, upholstered in Blue Satin Daaask,containing 13 pieces. Sijierb Mantle Clock, beautifully inlaid; Bonnet Table, elegant Lace Curtains and Cornice. One French Moqnette Carpet, containing about se* - enty-five sards. Three handred ounces of Sterling Silver, male by Tffany, comprising Dessert and Table Forks, D ssert and Table Spoons. Teaspoons, Obseee sc.,op, Butter Knives. S up Ladle, Flat Fork, two Gravy Ladles. Fish Knife and two Sugar Tongs. Dixon A boas' Sheffield Plated Ware, oomprisiag a. ?r i.ti, ?*:-V., - ? ??? I ? axon A sons' stieneid riated Ware, oompristac tv o Round Vegetable Dishes, two Oblong Dishes, Lw??rxtr^ "'i? Shifting Handles, two extra si** ^h'ftinijHandle Makes, "Wait ?f Troy pattern "" Shifting Haudie Dittoes,"Wall of Troy pa fnp rior Plated Ware, Fiue Table CatleryT riort nt and Enyraved Olass Ware. ? a.nnt marble top Bonffet. Ornaments. Superior French China Ware. Walnut Extensiqa Dining Table. * alnnt Cabinet, with Glass front. " alnot Secretary and Bookcase. Elegant Lsnagss. Autique Chairs. ft EManTBlMk Suites. Superior Hair KaUi?is, Fsathar Pillows an* Bolsters. _? , _ ^ Superior Brtiseels and Thtee-niv Carpets. HaJI, Stair CarpH andIV .Iret Bugs. Toilet Ware, Card TnHes, Shadss. Cooking and n*atiag Moves. A Hue aseui taisnt of es?p?r and <<herCooking Cten N^B* ?^or "fnll particulars of this eis?Mrt *ale parties w iak|n^ ta altead will call m the ^octiog r2dr<ua*h*' LATIMTB r CLEART. Aoctt. EVENING STAR. *'TR> W4IMKK TO THK boat*!" rang through the NorUifeet. and. with h?r officer* drawn up in on the quarter-deck and ber commander ?ttnding with a loaded rmlm at Um> ranf wnj, as b?t an might be wer? wared. "Good love,"tald tb i> noble captain. a* his own wile, a bride of three wwks, was pressed into 1 one of the boats; ?'good-bye, mv lore."' and went down with hip riiip. Of the few | of th" Atlantic, tbe captain, who wa* a*ieep in the chart-room, <? one of tbe tirst reported. -| Li uitrille Covr-J'nr. Cocoi-srr Casi'V r*?n Five ? Hennr C?r te'you. of Somerset county. N ?!.. a few day* ? nee met a stranger who wished to purchase dome property, and took him home. During the evening be proponed to make (Mire cocoa-nut CHrtdr, which be did, and tbe family cons-at in;; of live persons, after eating of the "cardy felt <irowt>y ami fell asleep. They did not awtken uiitil the following morning, when the rtrat ger l ad departed ainl with him a gold watch ar?i jewelry valued at f.iOO. ^"Cerebro spiral nicringitia ia terrrhly prev alent in Mime parts ot Kentucky. The circuit court in Paliard comity has been adjourned without a sitting because ot it. B7"Ev?n*v!l!e, Minn., which last vear nsr.l 1t> '-'oral option" to prohibit li ;;ior selling. has I jnst vot d to reverse its dceUien by an over whelming majority. my Ail AW>arv hsnkirjf firm evale t?io l?? requiring two cent stamps on checks. l>y draw mg ibem as sl^ht drains and datii.g tlieni one day behind. rA Koston illmiond dealer a<t?m*'t"d t> Mack-mail a custom* r a. cuxin$ h itn of bring - ir g back a less valnable stone than he had tak* n away lot ? xaniinatkm. my Miss Harrie. Swingle, of Venangocounty. 1'^.. lis* got a verdict lor f^Sdami" .? bec.i'ise she still remains Swindle *f.<ra promi-e tliat the fhuuld become Ml*. Shafer. ??^A voting N<>w Yorker ha? obtained t iren tv-s? ven different card photograph* of " fn 111 re wives'' who are in store for him, obtained from :is ninny different sourceress-s. There is noth ing left for him mow but to join the Mormons. my A Chicago murderer blesses the good quality of tbe whi?ky of that city. The two policemen who had liim in charge stopped to test it. and he quietly walked away, and has not yet sent lilt card to the police head>|i>ar^ers. fc7*"Who built the water-works at Jerusa lem?" was the subject considered at a Fltchhurt; Sunday school, on a recent Sabbath; and soni lodv |'roi?ose<l t<jr the next week. "What salary did they pay the commit doners*"' MARRIED. RKK&LER-JENK1NS. In George'. orn. D C, r>n ?t?- S>1 ii-?tant,by th? R-v. T. D. Valiant. T1IOS .T IMCR8I.FR and Miss ALICE A. JENKINS, t> -tli of Georgetown, P. V. DIED. HKEWSTKR Entered iuio rut. in this citr. on tbi of tbe Htli iliatant, II KXK Y A. BKEU STEK, formerly of Rochester. N Y.,in the 71st ) ear of his age. | Rochester, N. Y.. papers please "Xfter a short rervlce. at * o'clock tlil? evening. a* his late rmiiii nee. 'J'J I :<l <lr*>et, lli? rem si us will ">e taken to Rochester, N. Y..for interment. * BROWN. <?n ihi 7th instant, ot c iii?umptlr>n, CAROLINE liRoivN, wif<j of Jefferson Brown, aged 46 >i*at!>. Relatives and frier <1- of the famitv are r?|n"f ill r un.-ted to attend h^r fni > Isra-I B tl. I *'l"i ch. Wedne-itay. at 3 o'clock p. m. R> si<l uce ltd II street suth'-a-t. 1 OWNEY. On the niornns of thetyh infant. 11 VRAM LEE, younge t sou of TUom*- an 1 M try 1. Dow ne) . Jile rt w.?? little Hyrain's time. hnt gr at ! pan.; T*> re-t in Christ i- u ? lii- gain. \V< must nut think of thi- oik tr? nMe, But prepare t ? i...?-t linn th*re. t\ H - - - 7" " Friend* and aci|naintancei of the fani*lv are re spectfully invited to ?tt-nd liis fne-ral fn*m iiis ?idi-nce, N >. 7 1 1 II street, h 'tw. ?ii 7lii and S' h, to nil rinw evening, at three o'clock. HALL. On Fridav, April ith, after a nhort I'tit f<ai|i!?ul illness, which alie miff?r?l with christian resignation and fortitude, ELIZABETH HALL, beloved wife of William P. H-*ll."f Prince Oeorga county. Mil. f Baltimore and Alexandria papers please copy J An earnest < liri-tiati faithfnl to every trnat a? w le. mo'lier, fri<ml, her well-?p?-nt earthly career has i - i|i ii in njoyful entr.-tuci' into the "rmt" which ?n mainetb fur tin p ople Sf God." FILLMORE. At thr**e o'clock a;m., April 8th, 1S73. aced ?1 mouths. KAMSKY T. FILLMORE, only child of N. E. Marv E Fillm 'e. Ilia funeral will take place m three n'clock p. ni . mi Wednesday (to-nv>rr"w I from the reaidence .if lit" grandfather ,l?>hn H. Tliomps -n, 11 IO 14th "tree! northwest. Vi tends of the family are iuvited to at tend the funeral- " KIN<>. A pnl 7th. at a <inarter of twelve a.m., A1AM1E KlNG,danghterof El win II. and Alhinia E. King, ag?d il \car*t and 9 months. She said, "I'm geing home.'" Her funeral will take place Wednesday at 2 p. ni., from the residence of her father. 13.'41 O slr.-et. Tnefri-nds of the family are respectfully invited to attend YEWELL. On the evening of the6th in-t., after a (hurt hut painful illness of t * ph<*id pneumonia, GISTA\ I B JEWELL, l;?te of Montgomery Coin ty, Md., in the 68,h year ,>f his age. A kind hu-hand,an indulgeut father and a true friend. ''None knew Kim bat to love hiui; none liDDitd him but to praise." Funeral from his late residence, corner 9tb and M streets. Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock p. m. The friends and acquaintance* of th?fauiil> are in vited. UNDERTAKERS. K ItIIAKD r. HARVEY, (Svrrtiiof 10 HAR FJf T t MAHR,) Mo. V34 r Stiist, between Ninth and Tent*. METALLIC BUHIALCASKS AND CASKMtt if triri dricrtpttom, marl-It SHHOUUS, HABITS, I^ICHAHl) ?. BARKER, CABINET MAKER AND UNDERTAKER 61* ELEVENTH 8TKKKT, new F. FCRN1TVRK OF ALL KINU8 MADE AMI REPAIRED. an*-tr w J ILL. 1AM HACBETT, No. 7 3ft 7th Stkibt,Bitwei> 0 asn B dTRim apJR-ly Coflna and Caskets of all kind* PIANOS, Ac. Jr. LUCAS, 114S 7th Street n. w., Timer and . htnutaivr uf Ptanot and Organ*. Ur ders received at Thompson's corner IMti st and N. York ave. ; Getty's, Bridge, neaiHIBIf Coi.gresa, Georgetown; and Mime*', cor. 7th and Pa. av. Pianos and oth?r instruments packeo and nor-' All work guaranteed. mhg-lj r~| 'L'NIMG AND REPAIRING, POLISHING 1 AND VARNISH1NO PIANOS AND, ALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Ai ways receives tbe moat taithfui attention* by G.L. WILD A BRO.,4DO Utb street weet.i noithweet corner of Pennsylvania avenue, over twenty years well known as practical Piano and Musical Instrument Makers. Deal en la Planaa and Musical Instruments generally. mW tr C'L'STAV BUHN, PRACTICAL PIANO I AEH. TUNER AND REPAIRER Of PIANOS AND ORtiANS. Orders re |Bl|| cen ed at BARB'S Jewelry Store, C4V P?.HIir are., and at NAIRN*6 Drug Store, corner tih streai and avenue. f 11-3m gcUOMACKEB A ^PIANOS^^ GBEAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. Taeae tnstmmer.ts, which, on accownt of their ? Ciority ever all others, hava in a few years-?i^^^ one tbe moat popular here, M well aa allBBHH| over tbe country,caa he had now (or tbe fol " 11 lr low ing low prices SOUABX PIANOS frees f 371 to fffl. UPBIOHT PIANOS from AMf to ?7<M. GRAND PIANOS from to fl^7A. Persons who wish to save from 9ltd to 9JOB In yn; lOaii.a IK* lir.s* <ri?tpniw.??>f Ant AM kj\ aa1 chAHiuf the ttv<t iiiftruriicut out, are inriitd to fli1 and compare for themeeli sa. Pianos for rent. P:?oo* exchanged. Tuning snJ Repairing properly attei to. CARL KM HTER. Ag?nt, dM-tr ?S? Pennsylvania ave w ILL1AM BNABB A CO., f? Baltimore, Maktlaitd, GRAND, 8UUARB AND UPRIGHT PLAMOB. Titaee Inatmmenls have be.? Urfore ths sabttS tm forty years, and upon their sacsU?os attained an nupnrcbassd pre-smi which pronounces them unequalled for tbelrl tone, towch, workMMkis and dnrabllttp. Tka bav e been awardsd sixty-Bvs (oli and wlvsr saadah at different fairs over other competitors. All of that] SQUABB PI A BOS havs their nsw and taa?rov?< 0WJ^S^^MMonVwABOS and PIABOS anC ORGANS fro* vartcos wnU-known factories for m* and rent, st _ BBICHBNBAOHV, dedg-tr r\tm? Wtmwmm. ?M 1Mb strsst. BBS ART, -A atAsu., Bospital BOT5&SEfc._ WJSSStV' BMITH ft W 1MB ATT, LUMBER. LUMBER. ?ABOWOOM & SPECIALTY. BILLS OUT TO OBBBB. vnAnm LAWS or THK IMIM CTA1 fUMl mt I*' T*1rd He tat mm ?f th* forty [fiiKnii KArrra? So. M-l?Co?rwrB?. rcsi ic AxnoKorxiM. For pay of clerk In the ortioe of public build in(?tiMl (Tvuku, one thousand four hu r?irrd dwn. Foi messenget in the same office. eight hun dred And fort* iolltr?. For the public gardener, one thousand four nuiKlml hii.I torty dollar*.. For m latMi>t>ape-gardener, one thousand f ;*ht Lundrod dot)ant. For the Ut. ,i?t in charge of the watT-Hosrt* in the Capita*, seven hundred and twenu dol iarv F<?r a fotf!un and laborers employed in the publle -rounds. nineteen tho muU liru bundled h;'<! ninety-:.;x dollars. For tour laborers in the Capitol,two tlaiusanl ciplii hurdrsi and ctghty ?Gm .For (Vaace-keeper. in charge of heaMng-an t aratu* uu hr the oM hall ot the Huutt* ut Ksp t. senietlrca, eight hundred and ?i vt> -four dol lafK. For further keeper at the Prc*ide?t*a House, tttra hundred mhi Imfatt dollar*. For two policenun at tLo President * Hon*e, two thousand six hundred and forty dollar*. For one night-watchman at the Prciul?*nt'? House, aire hiimlml dollar*, aud one u.<Urr, one thousand two bun Ired dollar*. r-T t wo dooi keepersat ?' President"- House. on? thousand two hundred dollar* each. F t t?oil'a? -k. eper* at the bridge tcm*> tbe Faster^ branch ot the Potomur, ana lor i'mI, Oil, ki J lamps, one thousand six hundred .u>! l.t r*. For watchman in Fnmklin square, sevenhnn drnl and twenty doliat*. lei the ]>ei*oii in charge ot the heatiti# xp I ii:ituk ot the l.ibmrt 01 t'on^rrw and other steam-beating apparatus in tbe centra' build ing. eight hundrr-d and stxty-toer dollan. rut five watchmen iu feser\atiou tisira1?cr two. three t)u>ii?an<l six hundr I dollar*. For watchman at I. ncoiu t<|Ur?, tnehin dr<d ami torty do"ars her watehman at I. .favette s?i"*re. i*reu hundr.d and twenty dol'ar*. Frr watehman for circle at intersection o! I' Ivini* avenue and Twenty-fourth ~.rn t. five l.ui drcd and torty dollars. For one bridge-keeper at Chain bruise. seven hundred and twenty dollar*. For watchman i.>r circle at int<v*?*eti?n of Ma^^chiKlt ? and Vermont avenue.-, live buu (tr <1 and forty dollar*. For contingent and incidental expsiisee. two thousand dollar*. ?xerrTtr?. For cemi>en*at:oii of the President of the I nit. d State*, twenty-are thousand dollar*. I 01 compensat'oiiol" the Yne-1'ies <i> ? ? . ac I'mted St.ite*. eight thousand dollar*. For comment ..tion ot secretary 11 *it*ii f it-'nt* for public laiid*, one thousand live huudi d dol lars. For compensation to private secretx-y. three thousand live hundred dollar*, a wist a lit secre tary, two thousand five bundred dollars, two executive clerk* at two thousand three bun dred dollar* each; steward at two thousand dol lars. and messenger at oue thousand two hun dred dollar*, of tbe President of the I'ntt^d States: in all. thirteen thousand eight hundred dollar*. For contingent exj-enses of the Executive Ofhce, including stationery therefor, mi thou sand dolluis. I>tPARTXEKT OF STATE. For compensation of the Secretary of State, tin usand dollar*, two a.?sist*iit secrtta liesot state, at three thousand live hundred dollars eat h; for chiof clerk, two th?wm4 five hundred dollar*; ten clerk* of class four, addi tional compensation to one clerk of cla-* tour as di*i clerk, nine clerks of cla** throe, three clerks of ila-s two. eight delk? of class one. one messenger. one iM?Uut m<w ugei, nii.e laborers, and tour watchmen, in all, *ev < titv-lour thousand eight hundred and twentv uW ir*. For publishing the law? of Cue third *es-toTi ol the Fortr-aeroad <'ongri-*.-iiipwmphiet torui. and in newspa|>ers, fifty thousand dollar*. For proot-reuding. and packing the law* and diHMiDient* for the various legatiors and 0011*11 late^, including boie* and t.~an*i>ortation of the some, three thousand dollar*; for stationery, fuiniture, fixtures, and repairs, five thorn -ild dollar*; tor t>ooks and maps, two thousand live hiindrtd dollars; tor extra clerk hue and copy ing. four thousand dollar*, for contingent ex pense*. namely, rent, fuel, light.-, repairs, and Uii.M'ellantoils exj?eii?*s, thirty-two thousand live hundred dollar*; in all, tony-seven thous and dollar*. TEKAsrsr ?>ErAnT*rxT. Srarftary'* Other.?For comj>eii*atioii of the S?ciliary of the Treasury, eight thousand dol lais; two a>si*laiit secretaries of the Treasury, at thiee thousand tire hundred dollar* each, chief clerk, two thousand two huudrvi dollar*, and three hundred doll ir* additional tor acting as *u|<erinUndent of the bunding; foctjr-niue clerk* of class four, additional coiu|>ensatioii of two hundred dollar* to one clerk of cla** four as uisl>ur*ii:g clerk, thirty clerk*?! clas* three, twenty-six clerk* of clae* two. twenty-seven clei ks of class one; thirty-two female clerks, at nine bundred dollars each; eleven mei??eng?ra, one assistant messenger, and ten laborers, one clei k of class four, and one clerk of clas* oue. to a-, st the chief clerk in superintending the building; one captain of the watch, one thou sand four hundred dollar*; one engineer, one thousand six hundred dollars, one machinist and gas-fitter, one thousand two hundred dol lars; one *torckee|>er, one thousand four huu <lr?d dollar*, sixty watchmen, at seven hundred aud twenty dollars each, and additional to two of said watchmen, acting ^ lieutenant* ot watebjpxi,, two hundred and eiektr Uvllarp each; thirty laborers, at aeren bundreit and tweutT dollars each; one ast>i*umt engineer, at one thousand dollar*; nine firenicn,~at seven In. I'd red and twentv dollars each, uinety char women, at one hundred and eigfatvdollars each; iu all, three hundred and sixty-six thousand three hundred dollars, and for additional clerk* ami additional cofl^iensation to clerks in his office, twenty-two thousand ure hundred dol lars. .V?y-rpiii'M Artkit'ct?In the construction branch ot the Treaeurr: For Supervising Ar chitect, four thousand dollars; assistant super vising architect, two thousand fire hundred dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; pho tographer. two thousand five hundred dollars: two assistant photographers, one at one thou sand six hundred dollars, and one at one thou sand two bundred dollars; two clerks of class lour, four clerks of class three, throe clerks of class one, and one measenger: in all, twenty eight thousand two hundred aud forty dollars. F?r*f Comptroller of the for First Comptroller of the 1 reasury, fire thousand dol lars; chief clerk, two thousand dollar*; ten clerks of clasa four, twelve clerks of cla* three, twelve clerks of clasa two, six clerks of claas one, s?\ eop\ists. at nine hundred dollars each, one messenger, oue assistant messenger an<i three laborers; in all, seventv-aeven thousand three hundred and twenty dollars. Stcimd Comptroller 0/ ike Treasury For Sec ond Comptroller of tbe Treasury, five thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; twelve clerks of class four, twenty clerksor class three, twenty-eight clerks of cla?s two, twent v-one of class one; twelve copyists, at nine hundred dol lars each; one messenger, one assistant messen ger, and two laborers, in all, one hundred aud thirty-eight thousand eight hundred dollars. fi'nauikni'r <jf CwtUimt.?For Commissioner of Customs, three thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars: three clerks of cl*?* four, seven clerks of class three, ten clerk" of clas* two, nine clerks of class one, oue messenger, ai.d one laborer; in all, forty-six thousand tour hundred dollars. Hrrt AutiiU.r?For the First Auditor of the Tnasurv, three thousand do'lar*; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; three clerks of class tonr. ten clarks of class three, ten clerk* of claas two. thirteen clerks of class one, one m?s?ei'|er. one assirtant messenger, and one laborer; in all, tifty-eigbt thousand two hundred and elghtv doilars. Semn4 Auditor?For Second Auditor, three thousand dollar*; chief clerk, two thousaud doilsrs; six clerks of clase four, aud for addi tional to disbursing clerk, two hundred dollars: fitty-four clerks of class three, one burnt red and nine clerks of class two. one hundred clerks ?t class one, one messenger, tire assistant gers, and seven laborers; in all. three hundred aDd eighty-four thousand tour hundred and eighty uollars. Third Auditor?For Third Auditor, three thousand dollars; chief elerk, two thoumnd dollars; fourteen clerks of class four; additional to one clerk of claas four as clerk, two hundred dollars, thirty-two clerk- of ctaa thrce, ninety-two clerks of claas two, fiitv-one clerks of claas one; ten oopyisu, at r'i?e hun dred dollars each; two Mes&engers, three assist ant messengers, and ?even laborers; in all, two bundred and eighty-nine thousand tour hundred 4iMl eight? dollars. >V*rM Auditor?For the Fourth Auditor, three keasaad dollars; chief elerk, two thousand dollars; tve clerks of class four, eighteen clerks of class three, twelve clerks of claw two, ?4tfen clerks of class owe; seven female clerks, at dM hundred dollars each; oae messenger, oae as **taat messenger, and three laborer*: in all, dttifnn U*?Mand kendred ami twenty F?fl!? Auditor, three houaaad dollara; ehief clerk, two thousand do:lars; tour clerks of class tour, eijht clerks of e clsrks of clam two. tweirs clerks et clam owe; ssvsa copyists, at aiae hi dred <* J la aU. two I asi. "*????* ?'* Treaturtr.?For compensation of- the Tr ?rTr. *?"?*? a#?M?t,t trea*?rer tm . UnmM ll*M *'u???md dollar*. caalinf. t?i, IU..W ., . fk5L Matt; mmmmumvt r*?hi*r. |?? r*~* ** *??dred Mlw<. fire clue ? * ..'y?*- *<?Wrt|?m t?a Tiu 11.1 nil ..?>' in *^*o hboohkeeper* ?? ML .;i ,al .1^,1^7 rt;"l*r* each: two ANIer.. ?? ?? . !l^i '' <h?Var? each. oor chief I ^ t'^f- *0>W. two kwixant n-i r'al. * tfW" * f wlotr p.iWn.urU or cla* throe,oteer* rVrl? of r!?#? two. ninr rlrtk.ot . * vto f. maie dark*. at n'ne ka>?<lrT?i ?wc|i g," teen ?**een|er*. fee id *le Ithv r*. *t m-v* nvwrM arwl twcntr dolltn Mck. and *. T,.? f? male laborer*. at too bnndrt.1 and rortj Hol lar* each. in aJ!. nr hundred ami ???chtv tea* th a*.nd lour hundred an t ei-hfy a..liar. /v?. nd-.'. That etgtt tliouaat <1 B>e hundred dollar* ?r?hiirtt ai tn bf r> prmlMl ii th?* ?fwaf the frcaenrer of the laitod Sta?e. a* ti?r dtaereHee ?t thr Secretin of the Trea-trr. ^ Tr?at%*y _ f#r co?pen*atioa th.krgi>tr- of the TW?un Itoar t*ioi??id eilr^i twothowu^ dollar*. I/-..?ool'ar*. ei Lt clerha 35rAl!rt'! ?l"tk*ol . la~thi*e. MWi .?Ir? if* }wo ** ?*?kaof ela-aoae, eight ?s??v?r: israiL^icssi" "???-'?? ??? ' i % ?? ?; v.. F ?r (\ fri <r iM*r <* tt? fwmiy. C<? th<>u*ainl d<d*?t> dr. f'l.l'trelkt. tooth. U.tlw In. haie'lod .'j.Ur. ta.-h* clerks ot da** 'our, fonrt? n , W y; tvHv'- rl,nt"- ?*? rlM too. hrr r<. e erfc*o( r'ai one. tlnrt\ -?hr. e i. m?> cVrk* ? mil Uiw.ri?. *?Mit*w r?n;t.? waWhmer. hi k||, oim* hand red an tacui* ti < ii .nd ai d f got y ri??liat>. I?-caper - ot ?u i ,tl rxairitiit oii> nl ti? f.??tiM. I?m htiil l?Mtik ?iM** |? ii?a, a* | oit?* c:*?? i?ar. fvui thoorat ? ci^Jit bundled UtiillUK ? ' ? m ...w.r./ Jf r,.*,._For C?m iii*-?m..i of IbUTtial lier.nur. ?u iliotoaMd ?i< IUi?. dei ut? r< am- -.H im, tin r tl.?u*?*d ii?e liuiii r? i dol'ara, I ?o d< | mit o?tMiK- M?ncr?, at* thou* n?t ?to.lari> e..cii. r-vrn head* ?T >ii>imoiu>. at two iliouaaiid livr htindr- d do ' ?r> r?< h. tliirtt-Km ch rkt of r<a* lont. lartv-i ,<fct r t-rkrof rU<* tl.r.e. tittv-t?o rlrtk* ol ? 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U<j.e? aid .epaira 011 lurniture. care*, oil-, loth, matting, rucv chair-cover* ami cu-hlor*, rr|.?ir* and U\.ug Of car| < ta, and oth? r mi*oellaneou* article* ot the like character, forty thon*and dolUr*. For coal, arood. lighting the Trea ury build m*. basket*, hook*. *|.ittoon?. drop-light* and tubing, hit*, blank-key*, water-cooler*, tuia bler?. hatchet*, ice-pick*, nii?il-*aek?. match. *ale* and matche*. pitcher*, towel*. trap*,tUor niometcr*. buckeU. dip;?r>, *mw*. ?nd otUnr mi*cullaneou.- item*, flftyr thousand dollar*. 1 To I* ramttmu"/ ] INSURANCE COMPANIES. the CORCORAN FIRE ll|l|A?rC ? (iMpidf, or trk riSTKICT Or COLI'Mbia, Otrnm-ta ir'' In, IJTj. ? ? I orFlr^,"j ,v"? J T. D?EB. S-rivtar) ? _ I'lKKClofc -. W m Orm*. H Clav 8?-wvt, *Jl? A J*""*' J?? L Bart*.?r. J"hb T. L?i mu. Micliaei Or.~t'li, J ,a?> R<il*r _*r?jf i_H a-i^r '? Jhftifc* toil lifb In that wjMgg janTly* Abb i"i inm kh" AfPL* TO THE tiLD ^KAKMLIN l^tl RAM (. lOHPitt 1- ?"AbHIKUTOlTtfc*PASW? omli in1* i?i9 -r*S.h?<Ml?i? of thr K?i,^j B?ak of taa TW ?"?? ??th?? Mo ckJS nJ^tT^l'Tt>limC PordT, Dr j| crodboftd, J. Kcyworth. Jai. O M U jir? n gepnaild, W. ? prH^ H 'tia<\*. ? # 'SiflkLB,. JKff b?J^" -LSiaL' THv.,iY!,,i,tVAS. f;jarKv,T4" or THB DlhTBICT OF OOLCKBI4. OtiUAXirkU A UV OST N, 1BT? CAHB CAPITAL 11 ? .?% Office la PtMpb-Mt Buiid*r?, Mo. OOOH f inal *an.a avrcov. Wu.s?> K rT.UV, Pr?.Id- jt W BAMLEL OMKim ' rr""4**1 . siaacroa.: STS!?Tsrm- t-KriST' LIVERY STABLES. J? -'ML* m Bret^TI 1TT? 1 r* -- ^ _Office. ? illard* hoarding of boran. ' *,lfl1* C*r* ^^ 'Wsai UM Bi wtSi5 COAL AND WOOD. T.?>Al.?iAHt, ? AJfP BTOTB BOB. th* trad* at ,kic* ?? mtl t ? OOiT

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