Newspaper of Evening Star, October 23, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 23, 1861 Page 2
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?h .III '1LE F.\ EMN<; STAR. 1 - < # ? mm WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY OcUhff 83, iMU Or* Fbivhd* at the ?arion? military campa and | poaitlona will rorfrr a fa??r by ketplng ?a ported a* to awwnfliti nod afffclra in their iclnltira ! Il?? IR?rili| Prrii, Tto* ^Imf Higtnctr, for a leader tbfa morning, qootrt (without qnotM<r.n marks) the Stmr'i account of the action up rirrt The JUpwblteo* u\i ?<^me oopleaaant thing* do<j< id? mitu'g'nctr id connection witb a statement that the latter paper baa got a new leaae of lite by (be allowance at t be Treaeurv of a claim | of opvkrdi of forty thonasnd dollar* connected wltb the printing of the American State Paper*," Claim repudiated by Gen. Dtx when Secretary The Mrpubltcan *ay* a courtcoaa word for ColSeat on. but add* : 'That gentleman, however, la very little benefitted by the public plunder by which tbe establishment baa been gorged for ao many year* That anorea to other*, who uao hi* name. A mora allppenr concern does not exlat In the cauntrr. It la not alx montba ago, that It recommended the *orrender to the rebel* of every Southern port at! 11 held by the nation, and deprecated the invasion of the aocred *oll of Virginia aa tbe graatoot of Crimea and folllea. It la peraiatently f ro aiavery, oecauae 11a patron* are aiavenoiarr*. and la obeequloua to everybody in power, of whatever complexion " The Republican la evidently a good deal bothered and obfuacated about thla forty-thouaanddellar bualneaa ; ao mueh ?o that, like the Iriahman la the play. It flnda It neceanary to Inquire, " la thia to day, or yeaterday, or to-morrow?" At leaat we judge ao from a succeeding paragraph, where the editor goca on to wy: " At thia preeent writing (nine o'clock laat evening), we have," Ac. It km a in* or Col. Baker?All resldenta of th? Piflflf rnflit at nrtont in (h* r(tv ir? to assemble at tbe rooma of Gen. J. W. Denver, 486 Twelfth street, (Klnj>'sGallrry,) tbi?, Wednesday, afternoon at 5 o'clock, p. m , for the purpoae of adopting such measures as may be deemed accessary In relation to the remain* of Col. E. D. Biker. ' Thk Allesid Tmkatkxiss Niws rioM Ecmort?The advices in the morning paper* per the latest European steamer, Indicating an Eng llah and French governmental combination to force a triumph for tbe Southern conspiracy, it is evident to us, are not worth a pinch of anult. A Uk^.k _ J f -? ?-* - Jiiiuvugu puwru H Cf iacnc? 01 mieniiona Of the French and Kngllah Governmenta, they amount only to efforta of French Chamber* of Commerce?aubjecta of King Cotton in France, ?nd of the Skipping Umtttt?hiu subject In England, to force a policy upon their reapective Government* The truth la, the lateat official advice* received by our Government here tell a very different atory?leading, ss they do, to the coocluaion that the United State* have nothing whatever to ap P'?hend on that score JIT" VVe have good new* from 8outhes*t Missouri,?In tbo defeat of the rebel Jtff Thompson, ? at, or near Frederlckton. The enemy'* low 1* Hid to be "severe,"' though In that respect, no particulars are given A prominent rebel leader, named Lowe, who with Jeff. Thompson, ha* been carrying on a sort of guerilla warfare, for some tim? past, in that part of the State, Isamong the killed. The Cnion forces engaged, were dsawa chiefly from Cairo The dispatches do no* nay wuciufi *r bj" oniainra possession 01 Frederick ton,?bat, presuming that such is the c**(. the advantage ) an Important one,?a* tbe own la not only the capital of the county, but ts *0 situated as to command the Girardeau and CoIambus Railroad. ffTWt are Indebted to ?hllllngton Odeon Building, for early copies of Harper's Magazine mad the Atlantic Monthly for November, both furnishing capital reading. Th* FrmnaL of "Fathse Wiidit."-The fnneral of tbe founder of the Independent Order at Odd Fullevs tn the Halted ? Tknmu Wilder, Pa** Grand fclre and Patriarch, took plac? yesterday morning In Baltimore, and was attended by large numbers of the membership? thlrty-l?e Subordinate Lodges, six Encampments, the Grand Lodge and Grand Encampment of Maryland, and tbe Grand Ledge of the United Plates, being In tbe procession, with delegations from the District of Columbia, New York, and Michigan. Several Groves of the Order of Druids, of which tbe deceased was a member, also joined In the funeral obsequies. The Sun At an early hour In the morning the body wm filaced in a mapntflcrnt burial <-aae. and placed named lately in front of the cha'r of tbe Grand 811*, In tbe hall of the Grand Lodge Tfce burial eaae was a inagnlflcent affair, having noneof tbe appearance of a cotlln. It waa of mabogany, cot red with black clotb, and of eqnal width at tbe enda. It waa aupplied with a double top, one of which conaiated of platea of The outer top waa beautifully finished with white allk drawn la r*fi to the centre, where waa a ailver nl?t? bearing the following inscription: "Thomas Wlldey. died October 19, in the 81st >ear of his age " The Inside of the case was lined with quilted silk On eech side of the exterior were three massive silver plated bandies, between which, and at each end. were the three link* denoting "Friendship, Love and Truth." Two bwvy silver plated mouldings bound the bottom nd centre, while from the lid kun? a heavy sllvtr w?fe: - ai eigni o ciock uje orana Loage Deia a meetlag la aaotber apartment. and at the tame time the tall wbesa the body lay In state waa thrown Kfor the accommodation of those who del to take a laat look at one wboae name had become almost as a bouaehold word In *?er v part of this broad continent. As toon aa the doora were opened hundreds of people gathered on the street without, and aa many aa could, including a large namber of ladiea, took a laat look at the remain*. t r?a o'clock Grand Master J no C Smith announced that tbe appointed time bad arrived to begin the obaeqales, and requested that all be | wbiw. m tire u'uik ui a lew minuiCT Hie urge kali waa tiled U, 1U utmost capacity. Tbe aeveral lodge* aad eacampmente having been assigned their positions tn tbe programme of procession, Rev E R Hera. Grand Chaplain, then roae and read tbe 14tb chapter of tbe Book of Job, and a Krtlon of tbe l&tta chapter of tbe First KplsUe of a! to tbe Cnrlnthlana For tbe baae of bla remark* he aelectrd tbe I4tb veree of tbe chapter read from Job, aa follows: 44 If a man die, shall he live again*" In the coarae of bis rcmarka tbe revrread chaplala spoke of tbe part tbe decraaed had taken tn tbe laetltntlon of tbe order of Odd Fft! 1 nnatiin tkrnnuh wKam li*a#snm*???ii?? thoMftnd* of widows and orphan* bad caaae to ttaak God that be bad been raised op for aucb work. The work* of charity of the order were kls BMuMinii, and tbe happy wtdowa and erptaws hi* beet memorial* At the close of tbe add roe prayer was offered, alter which tbe lid of tbe caee waa closed ar d tbe tmmIm at tbe venerable Father of Odd Fellow, hip were that oat from mortal *lfht The body ?M then removed, and tbe line of procession formed, and marched from tbe Hall to Mttoan afreet, and_ i hence tbroujj h ItUliwM, i/uriii, jom ua BciTitm atreets to GntB Mil Cfwttrr, lod to the Odd Fellow*' lot. There the uau&l rrremontee of Odd Follows* bar lei were performed by the Chaplain. Before the clew of (be eierclaes at the grave a rata aot la, aad aa the ohaeqalea wore concluded the llae of pracaatoo wu again formed and m->eed directly down Greenmouat avenue, Forect, Enaor aad Gay atreet to the Hall, where It waa Throughout the whole llae of proceaalon tha atdewalka were thronged with people, aad a marked devrra of rraoerl waa nalrf in th? mm. Ion by all cImm* of aociety. " Th Blockadc or mi Potomac aud thb Waiiimtu Bailboad.?Slmuiuneoualv with ttoe reported cloaing of the Potomac rlwby th* C?nWfrii? boUenee. the Baltimore and Ohio Bailrnad Cost pan. rrethrd a government notli eattea la the rCoct that ta conecqoeoce of the battrry blockade, ail lb? available rolllag atock , mt the rompany would bo rrqaired to bo coucen (rated at tbe Baltimore termlnoa of tba Waablng. ton braaeb railroad At tbeaame time It waa ro pmu uui ariwren lorry Md Illy tmmIi, loaded I wiik freight, u4 stopped at the mouth of tbo Po> | toflur, bad been ordered to Locoat Polat; In thin ' eJtjr, to dlacharge their eargan. Mace the nillag ef the flotilla from Annapolie bo farther order* k*re hero received ft*a the government, and Ita aaOcipetad rfleet, ft Is thought, hae changed the deaigaa ef the government la to toanafmttuut Ita chaaael of communication betweea the North aad Ike Capital ?Bmlt Sum try The L?edoa ? aiDonc* that the eea- I |>ul??ry clmlag ef the UMetraa la Leaf la la future | "**>?*?? to (to MW?m. "I B I II ) OCR MILIT4IIT BUDGET. Hta iquartert, Army of Ike Potomac,) Washington, Oct 22, JMl f /vof WCMVTW* VTBCT?, iTV. ?!! Tbe Major General Commanding wtto atncere Borrow annouocea to thf Army of tbe Potomac, | tbe death of Colonel Edward D. Baker, who fell ' gloriously In battle, on tbe evening of Monday, the '21et October, 1WJ1, near Leesburg, Virginia Tbe gallant dead baa many titles to honor At , tbe time of hla death he was a member of the . United States Senate for Oregon, and It Is no IntnallrA onw snr vlvnr tn uv that nnr ftf fthfl mnflt eloquent voice* In that lllustrloua body has been silenced by bia fall. Aa a patriot, zealous for the honor and Interests of bta adopted country, he haa been dialingulabed In two wars, and has now sealed with his blood his devotion to the national lag. Cnt off In the fnlneas of his powers as a n anil in tKa rAiifM ftf hrilllint mrMir m soldier, while the country mourn* his losa, his brother* In arma will env^ while they lament hla fate. He died aa a soldier would wlah to die, amid the shock of battle, by voice and example animating hla men to brave deeds The remains of the deceased will be interred In this city with the honors due to hia rank, and tbe funeral arrangement* will be ordered by Brigadier General Silas Casey. A* an appropriate mark of respect to tbe memory of the deceased, tbe usual badge of military mourning will be worn for tbe period of thirty days by the officers of the Brigade lately under his command. % By command of Major General McClellan. 8. Williams, Ass't Adj't Gen'l. " t hi latb colonel bakkr . The remains of the late gallant Col. K D Baker have not yet reached Washington They are to U. a _ ...: J .. f 1*T ( _a oe wini 10 iov nsnrncc ui majur ^ . n ruu, n\ the corner of Fourteenth and H streets?No 383. Wc learn incidentally that hla body wax pierced with alx balla, either of which would probably have been tatnl; thus (bowing that his person on tbe field was a shining mark, indeed. On leaving his quarters at his friend, Major Webb's, for the field of his death, he remarked to that gentleman that be expected to be In action In less than forty-eight hours, and felt that be should lose his life; closing tbe conversation with a request that Major W. should send for bis t>ody If his precentment proved true. FROM UP TH* RIVER. The latest intelligence from the Union army in Virginia, oppo*i?e Leesburg, received by the War Department up to the hour at which the first edition of to-day's Star goes to press, conveys Intelligence of Gen. McClellan'a arrival there at 8 p. no. yesterday, finding all quiet, and the com manda of Gen. Stone and Banks in excellent con dition and line positions on the southern or western side of the river. Had the enemy again ventured to attack them the fart would doubtleas have been known here by telegraph. GESKRAL LANDER . On the advent of the news of the fall of Colonel Baker, General Lander was Immediately ordered to the scene of his death, being at that time here making arrangements to proceed to hit new command higher up the Potomac. Yesterday, while engaged in reconnoiterlng, be received a rebel hot in the calf of his leg We hear that the wound Is not llkelv to trouble him much, ^owever. THE IN EMT The disunion troops that attacked the force of Gen. Stone that had croased the river up to 9 a. m. on the day before yesterday outnumbered it live to one. That they were ererely punished rnd completely foiled ts evident in the fact that while so greatly outnumbering ours thsy failed to be able to drive them pell mell Into the river, which wss the evident design of Gen. Kvans. (VISION UNIDALI, C I W. There is an evident mistake in the report published in the Baltimore Sun of Monday, the 'Jlst, that Surgeon Philip Lanodale had been sent to fnrt I sfairfftU for ^itlnvaltv tn th? ITnlnn Hr VI liUiay v J J *? * uv uuivii. A/I Lansdale, wb?o last beard from, waa some twelve thousand miles from home, and bis letters contained nothing but the most loyal sentlmen's. There has probably been some confusion of names in this case. VimGIWtAWS I!f ARMS FOR THE UNION. WVitern Virginia baa now In the Arid, and organized and equipped ready to take the field for tbree yeara, on the receipt of tbe requlalte arms, clothing "fd equipments, the following troopa. Vlx : 3,U>0 cavalry, 8 Infantry, 500 artiMery? total 1*2 ?IU rh<?e are all in addition to tbe original three montba men lately in tervlte make full 15,000 troopa ao far rained by Weatern Virginia for tbe cauae of the Union. thk enemy in ock front. t'p to last night the enemy was not in force In our immediate front nearer to Washington than Centrevllle All their troops had been withdrawn from Fairfax Court Houae and Fairfax station, except mere picket guards gons to tri pbout Yesterday afternoon Gen. McClellan, actnm. pan led by a atngle aid, went up the Potomac lo the scene of Gen Stone's gallant affair of the day before yesterday. He had not returned to his headauarters here ud to noon to-dav . W COL CB4IL1I OtAHiM The rumor mentioned In veaterdav'a Star of the alleged accidental death of Col. Charlea Graham, of SU-klea'a brigade, provea to be untrue He ta well, and la doing duty on a general court martial at Good Hope. ?KBTCH or TBS LATK COL BAKBK. Col. K. D Baker, who fell at the bend of bia command while charging upon the enemy, near Leeaburg, waa an old Phlladelphian and of Qua Eer origin, his ancestors were English Friends. Colonel Baker himself was born In England, but wss brought to Philadelphia when an Infant, where he and a younger brother were left orphans soon after their arrival. This calamity left them no rcaource but to work their way through the world with tbelr own bands For a while young Baker worked aa a hand-loom wearer in a small manufacturing establishment near Thirteenth and ttoath streets, where the loom upon which be la. bored laatill standing It la likely, now, to become an objcct of Interest Before he reached aaanhood be paid some attention to the stud* ?? the law, and left Philadelphia for the Great West HI* purse fee!aK light, he and the younger brother crowed the Aliegbanlrs and went through Ohio and Indiana, all the way on foot, until they reached the Wabash river, which they descended in a canoe, and at laat found themselves upon the broad prairie* of Illinois In this State Colonel Baker took up the study of the law In a regular ? - * * way, ana ?oon a?ar lor nimseir a name, even it the bar of Sprlngleld, where be met?comet line* as colleague* and sometime* aa adversaries?both the deceased Douglas and President Lincoln Colonel Baker was a representative In Congress from Illinois dnrlng the years 1840 snd 1847, and was subsequently Senator for the new State of Oregoa. His military career shows that this Is not his Irst campaign, for we Ind that la May, 1046. he was colonel of the fourth regiment of twelve months' Illinois volaatears In the Mexican war, and commanded the brigade of Gen. Shields after his fhll. He was well distinguished In the battle of Cerro Qordo. Ha received his discharge in May, 1847. In military capacity be was not agaiB known until tht present troubles commenced, whan at tbe monster meeting In Union , square be asceodad tbe principal platform and boldly announced that 1/ be eoold get only a few followers be would as boldly go forth and battle lor tbe Union. Bow tbe wards of tbe wbltobatrad Senator told upon tbe loyal r tt.zens oi tbe Nortb tisae bas already proven. He organized p II fnar *~ HLMkl nn/l is a? ti? Wbrt oftnd i brigadier, a&d rvn a major gmeraUbip, be lefiMod both, preferring to be at tbr LMil of lb* regiment be Iu4 or^auicd. an J, although aelli(| I* tbla battle aa general, be waa luiply i be coImmI of I be Firat California reglmtat vjjleb nwM ftow New Y?ct city, > .m. ??nr a ... .a w i TT n T i > BAiMa Tbe following Is the official report cf I,lent. Harrell of tb? reconnolnsance wbich develops the new batteries of the enemy at Msttblas Point U. 9 Steamm Ujiion, i Off Aoqula Creek, Ort 21, 1861 J Sir : 1 learned laatnight through a trusty channel, that a battery at Matthias Point was ready to open Art Although I placed full confidence In the statement, I determined to wait until this morning to verify It. I a*nttheM Rescue" down, I with orders to Lieut Magaw to keep n sharp lookout upon the point Shortly before sundown this I evening. I heard firing in that direction, and immediately dispatched the Kcacue to ascertain what It meant. She met a schooner clone to the Toint, and was informed by the captain that the Freeborn and Island Belle fired into the bushes, and the Are was Immediately returned by the rebel! Several shots were exchanged, when the ateamera retired below the point My Informant stated last night that the artillery consisted of eighteen guns. Aa soon aa 1 received the Information last night, 1 ordered all veaaels below the Point, and I believe there arc but two achoonera at this time above the place. Your obedient a-rvant, A. D Haxrell. Lieut. Com. Capt. Craven, Ac. !I?VT YAKD. The Harriet Lane went down the river again yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock. The Pusey yesterday afternoon brought up to the yard the sterner Hugh Jenkina, which waa sunk by collision with the Robert Leflle. Ten feet In length of the bow of the Hugh Jenkins was cut entirely off, and she sunk In three mln. utes after she was run Into shoal water. The Pusey went down on Sunday morning, and by Monday night had built a bulkhead across the brcach in the Jenkins and pumped her out. The wor*t part was in pnlllng her off the mud. To raise a sunken steamer in two days Is a feat not often performed. The Y inkee (gunboat) ran the blockade dav before yesterday, and brought to the Harriet l-ane the newa In relation to the additional batterlea a* Matthias Point. The Union, the Ice boat, and the Satellite are between the Matthla* Point and Shipping Point batteries Two or three pungys, with oysters, have run the blockade within the last two days. Tb? captain of the Pusov uvi t? ?? * ! ?? channel near the Maryland (bore, opposite Shipping Point, and that it la navigable by vetsels drawing eight feet. Several of the vessels which have run the blockade came by this route under the ahore, and escaped notice. From the Blockade orr Charleston?a valuabl* Prix? taken while attempting to run the Blockade ?The Secretary of the Navy has received the following letter from Flag Officer Uoldtborougb, dated ship minnesota. ) Hampton Roads. Oct 21. > Sir : By the Vandalia, which arrived here last night, I am Informed by Captain Mariton. of the Roanok4 that the merchant ahlp Thoa Wataon, one of those to which you called my attention a abort time since, win burnt to the water'* edge on the l.')th Inat., while laying aground on Stony k.. vi ? ? nt<i, "j wui uiucuuing Ti sieii on cunrieiton. It was In attempting to get into Charleston despite of the blockade and the pursuit of our crullers that sne ran on this reef No arms were among her cargo It was made of silt, blankets and flannels, and a few oth?-r things She had various national flags on board, among them a Confederate flag. Respectfully, your ob't servant, L. M Goldsborough, Flap Officer To Hon. Gideon Wells, Secretary of the Navy. A Philadelphia dispatch has the following In relation to the same affair: " A letter received from on board the steam gunboat Flag, of the blockading squadron off Charleston harbor, states that on the l?th tn?t ?v.? bip Thomas Watson, from Liverpool, whilst attempting to run the blockade with a cargo of army supplies for the rebels, wss pursued by the steamer Mag, and the ship run ashore. The rrew escaped in tbe boats to the shore, but the nblp was boarded, and a large amount of flannel and blankets was taken out, after which she was burnt." An Expected Battle in the Sssthcsst The St. Louis Democrat of tbe 18th has the fallowing: r rfinont la prenalng vigorously forward, and bv this time ha* probably cro**< d the Otage In awlft purtuit of Price On Wednesday a portion of Htjrel'a division had already made the passage of that river, and the Major General had reached lta bank at Warsaw, in Benton county Slgel'a cavalry bad kirmlabed with one of the enemy'a mounted partieaand taken three prlaonera He had po*?e*aion of the Pomme de Terre river, with infantry and artillery, and with hla main body may be .by thia time In the vicinity of Price'* army, which I* reported to have made a stand about forty-five miles s >u?hwest of Warsaw, In Cedar county. Fremont h?d received Information leading him to conclude that Price I* about tn r?t? hi* steps to the Owge, and there give battle. This accord* with the statement* that have heretofore reached ?*. to the purport that Price'* movement touthward wa* for the purpose of joining hi* force* with McCulloch'* and then meeting Fremont One of the?e statement* wn*. that the Intended junction would take place on or about the2()th Inst., at Sac river. It Is quite probable that the designed union of the rebel armies has already tik#n , , ?. be*n baatrnrd by the celerity of Fremont'* marrh, ai.d that tbe rebela are moving northward In tbe hope of disputing our paasage of tbe Oaage. For thts they will be too late, and their attempt cannot be pera^ated in without bringing them Into a poaltlon where a fight will be unavoidable, and their defeat a* Inevitable Tbe separate ronunanda of Fremont, Pope, 81gel, Sturgla. Lane, McKlnatry. and Hunter, were all to converge at Waraaw Slgel la In the van, and from him we ahall nrnhnhiv ?m k*?? ,_i - , , ? ""F1" tant nrwi Price Is Mid to be about receiving a number of rifled cannon by way of White river. Thla Incident Is well authenticated, and is of value aa indicating that Price Intenda to make a stand and give battle. Everything suggests that a grand ana declalveconflict is Eminent In Mia sourl, and (bat the victory will be ours Happily there Is nothing to nccaalon a suspicion that Fremont baa In any regpect underrated hie adveraarv It Is only to b<e feared that the latter will still avoid a battle The St Loult Republican, of Sunday, hat the following dispatch: Camp M< Kinstr y, near SYBArrm. Mo , > Saturday Night, October 19, 1861. S A portion of theao much-needed transportation arrived late laat night and early this morning, which fact prevented Geo McKlnstry's division from leaving this poat to-day, but. It )a?tated, they will take their departure to-morrow without fall. Much of the transportation la ?tlll due, and, It la hoped, all that waa ordered .and la neceaaary, will reach here In time to facilitate our movemanta from the out*et. a* - ir? * ucn mtniniiry i? more anxious than ever to get off, since be hu been apprised of the position of Gen. Stgel below the Osage, and the near approach of the enemy. A battle can hardly be deferred bevond the next two week*, tf to lone; and, from all accounts received through secession sources, it is believed the rebel* design taking a final stand at the Osage, and doing their utmost to win a victory over the Federal troops Day before yesterday (Thursday) Fremont was still st Warsaw, expecting, and making every preparation for a general engagement. The rebels under Sterling Price have been running three mills, south oflbe Osage, night snd dsy, and have largely increaaed their supply of flour, of which they were nearly destitute It is reported that the rebels attach the greatest Importance to the next battle; believing, if they t ? a* a* ? 1 * " win 11, si boun ana jetrrraon City will fall lntf> their hands; bat that, If they lose It, their offensive operations mutt cease In Mtaaourt. 1 learn that Sterling Price, after be had crossed the Osage, and was designing to go Into Arksn?as, received letter* from McCulloch, Hardee, Polk, and Buckner, declaring he must make a stand and fight a deaperste battle; that the moral effect of leaving the State open to Fremont would be more disastrous thsn s defeat, and that It would never answer U> permit Fremont to Invade Arkansas, as be would then be enabled to carry everything before him, attack and take M ampuls, and sn destroy the prestige of the Southern Confederacy It appears to be tbe opinion, and justly enough, of tbe rebel leaders, that tbelr cause cannot endure one signal defeat; that such aa event would totally demoralize tbe Secession troops, aad give tbe Union men throughout tbe Soatk a hope, sn energy and courage that would reader Ibem uncontrollable In future. 117" Mr Robert Heller, (Palmer) well kaowa In YV Mb In 2 ton, an artlet of greet yeraatlllty, who la a remarkable prestidigitator and a good planlat, baa recently been astonishing tbe people at Cincinnati with a serious of organ performance* el Dr Boynton'i Cbarcb One of tbe newspapers aaye tbe effect was that at? 'eorruacatlona of chain Mghtelng lashing from must re (bunder-clouds during i atom,"and adds "tbnn which nothing la more sublime In net ore." Wa lenrn bona the MM paper that It la Praftssor Heller'a lateatlaa to settJe In cinclni?tt and establish >n Actdexny I | % 9 INTERESTING FRO>1 THE SOUTH The ConrtnitATU Getting Discoce*ged ? "IjNBASISKSS AMD DllTBCtT" FeLT IS RltilD TO TIltIR leapbee?"mctterihos AND COMn,AINTl " about TBB appointment of ClV Li i a km. to htoo -? ? u??u was ? a r* ub " southcbn items [Special ditpatch to the Charleston Courier ] Richmond. Oct. 10 ?Major Edward Mnwry and other officer! of Wise's Legion have arrived here It Is the opinion here that Roeecran* retired in consequence of toe danger of bavins bis supplies cut off. He will probably fortify himself on the other side of the Gaulev. and return on the defensive during the winter. No further i immediate fighting 1* anticipate in \\ extern V.rglnla. Gen. Wise is rather better. Mo*ii.k, Oct. 10?A special dispatch to the Mobile Advertiser and Register of the9tb, from Pensacola, aavs that Lirut. Slaughter, bearer of a flsg of truce, has been released Waiter Truggle was eas'er, and la In the Ladles' Hospital, recelvIng every attention Gen. Bragg, It Is said, witnessed the fltfht from his headquarters, and waa much pleated with the movementa and rcault. Augosta, Oct. 8?The Charleston Darters of this morning report that the schooner reported on Monday as a prize of the Federals, was taken at anchor off' Stone Bar. The battery on the bar flred at the Federal steamer, but ?he was too distant for the ahots to reach her. The Federalist* sent four of their boats with armed crews, and took the achooner DCltATTOJt or THK Wil.

All the indications point to a long war. At one time we bad hoped that the dash?the ?<?* of our volunteers unrestrained, but simply guided by able Generals?would have planted our bannera, before frost, in the heart of the enemv'n country and conquered an honorable peace But a different policy has obtained We of the South, who were to attack, have adopted a system of defence, and. so far, have uniformly awaited the advance of tbe foe. This may be the aafer policy; but we have never been able to appreciate it. Our conviction la that a victorious advance into tbe eneI my's country is the only road to a lasting and I honorable peace. We must light, and we must I conquer, before we can make a treaty If we cannot do (hit, we must submit to the fate of tha weaker party. The enemy have dominion over ! the sea; he can asaall us at almost innumerable points; he can plunder our coasta and penetrate our rivers. He is supreme in tbe Chesapeake bay; he commands the Potomac; he has poasea inn r.f 1U? ?- ? ? -*- -- .. ..... juuv, ui iiviiuwriurn ? irgiDia, ana it contending for Missouri and Kentucky. While be tbreatem our whole coast, be mav assallus et any point of our extended frontier. This whole lituation roust be altered before we can have peace on any terms compatible with honor and safety We have never heard of any plan augmented for eflectlng this desirable alteration short of carrying the war Into the enemy's country. While we stand on the defen?ive, and the enemy i* intrenched on this side of the Potomac, It Is impossible for us to destroy his supremacy at sea or prevent his predatory Incursions on our roast. We are subjected to all the disadvantages of a defensive war of Indefinite duration or to a peace dictated by the enemy. The possibility of our success is not within range of accident To pre ?rni our nuojugauon or examination It all we can hone for We have no skill In strategy, and know nothing of tbe meant at the command of our tienerals; but If this it all that is left to us, we had a* well be looking out for terms of submission, and tbe sooner tbe better. An endless war which affords no opportunity for either victory or revenge Is a bootless undertaking. The southern people who have offered themselves and their all for the prosecution of this war, and who have repos?d implicit confidence in the men entrusted with its conduct, bave looked for something better It 1? not to be disguised tbata sense of uneasiness and distrust ? nMaaib "? n j -..implanting that generous conf1d?nre A suspicion ( gaining ground that all the advantages of our position nave not been profited bv as ttaev might nave been; that the war has not been proeecuUd with the vigor and energy demanded by the emergency. We hear muttering* and complaint*, apart from thoneconnerted with the quartermaster, commissary and medical department*. growing out of the appointment of so many civilians to high commands Many of these appointments have tilled the country with <-pprehen?loniof some great disaster ?Richmond Whig. f-^-attkntion. co. -a." national Lk glakd battalion :-The rem'*r monthly meeting of tin Corps wi 1 he held at Hotomse Hull, corner of 11 ih st. and Mart land av., on 'rn.uiiRkiiiv <ri. - - -1 w ..j vrs* ?% W H \ M 11UI BUB J / E< * ^11 lilll, ftl T>| o'o'ock. Prompt attetdanoe ia required. By order ol the Lieut. Commanding. oo3S-8t* (Yy* NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGELk3 The Regular Courae of L?"tur?? in this Institution will commence on MONDAY. ?th, at 3 o'olock p m . at the College Buildings, ?treet, between 11th and 12th. For farther information apply to J.tO C. RI1,EV, M. D.. Dean. ttn _*? 433 Mth at., hetwown F *?.d O. I rVy? REGISTER'S OFF.CK. j OcTOBgB tt'i. 1M61. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Notioe is hereo* given that lioentea given to tavern*, retailers of *pirituoua ard fermen'ed liqu ts. wines and oordials to grocetiea.flr* goods, hardware, medicine*, pe furriery, watones a d jewelry, lumber, wood and coal, oommim?n mer chan s; a so, to keeper* of haoknej carnage* and <innibu*es, bit iarc tab'es. ten-pin alley* and con feo ionary, and for hawking a:.r! peddling, and dealer* in old iron, bras*, oopptr. ia , will expire on Monday, the 4th day or November next, andth?t said llC *n*e* must ho r?n?w?^ ? ?u.. *L: ..'.wwwu %m - hi 10 UUiUC WIiniB ten darn after that time. SAMUEL E DOUGLASS, oo 28 Mt^Nov. Register. rrC^THE UNION PRAYER MEETING J_3 will b? holiien EVER Y DAY this week in the Enfli?h Lutheran Chnroh, oornerof H and 11th U.,ooiniiienoinc at half past 4 o'olook p. in . to t>? continued one hour only* <>o 7 3in || DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN J " POLICE ?The Hoard of Polioe Commissioners liavnn taken the house 316 Eleventh st., all business oonn?cted wi'h the Polioe of theoitr will be transan'ed at that A general complaint bo??fc will he opened, and oitnens are re ^ nested to oall and enter an* cmplaints they may have to make ol any matter raIa'inc to the polioe or health of the aity eTJ W B. WEBB. Superintendent iTy COMPANY "A," U. BT~ENGINKKRS.I H Fifty intelligent and able bodied mechanic* wul be enlisted to fill this Company to the ma* imum fixeo by law?ISO inen. Inauire at No. 94U 6 street Pay from 9)3 to fs4 per month, beside* food and olothing. an 17 tf PRURNSIDE'S URE OLD MONON?*HKLA RVK W H I 8 K Y. Hotels. Dealers and '-'amiliee ibh imI ?>t the Pole STOCKDALE k. CO , oc 23 3'd.^3w* 331 Walnut st.. Phi'a trlphia. AG E VTLE.Y1 \N havint a fine Stable aart careful a tendant. desires to take ore or two or three Horses ?ith his own, to be exoelle?U? oared for. Also, Lodnngs for a gentleman and servant Inquire of KO>ENTHAL- 1 > Market Space It* I^OUNT OA VOUR'-* SYSTEM of WRITING, v/ for Sfi?a on the Warpath rn Genera's in the Army Th* most Irautiful a-d w mdenul ystem ever published. Practical for wntint all latitude*. Ad-res* dnc:o^in* one dollar) D. R. NEl-SON, Washington, ?>. C. oc23 1w* Raisins, prunks. dates, ao. 125 boxes Hinch RAISINS, WoxesPHDNES, SO frai'a DATES 25 barrels . R1E0 APPLE*, 5 barrels CR \N BERRIES. 3<<?drums F Gi U> o% Vi 6\jr r A N t9. pe'c,lfc8' Juat reoeived and for ?a!? by oo33 ?-6t miikkay a SEMME8. Butter, cheesk, a0. SO kaga ohoio-> butter. IS^hoxea CHEESK, S,onn lbs* CODFISH. 2,'onlba. HAKE F|HH, ano boxaaScaled HKRRINGS. 50 barreU New MA< kkrkl, 10 l*rreU Naw ICKi.ES. j uai rea i vea ana lor sa e DT oo?-eo<}t MURRAY k, BEMME8. POTATO^, SUPERIOR QUALITY, FOR * SALE in balk or barrels, oo board schooner Dahlia, at Riley's Wharf, foot of lith ?t. Asplj to Messrs 8. AT. PARKER A, CO.. 343 and 344 Pa avenue, or to the Captain on board. Also, as above, a few tons first quality Hay. oo SS St* ORANGE COUNTY CONDENSED MILK.? V/ It is highly reeoinmended by Physioians, Ship Masters and I'tavelers. Insnrei a sw?e', pure ar tiole for any length of lime Never bsoomts cheesy, and euarantied o keep in any olimate. \rr For aale at faoto y prices. KING A HUHCHELL, oo 22 Corner l*??n m and Vermont a*. JU5T ARRIVED, di eot from an Eastern Ano tion Hons*. SO bales oheap CAM PtoT. Also,300 BKOHTEaDM, which were bought low for cash and will be sold at a small advanoe Together with a large assortment of Housekeeping Artioies Furniture Dealer.496 Seventh el. oc 22-lm* be'wrep ft and H eta. TAILORING Et?rAB( 1 id all it* bra ohea. by. JOHN .i> BUCHKN "ERG, No. 399 oorner Thtr teenth and H at*. Geut'emen'a and Boy*' II C othej oat to order Having made arrange- ! menu with a akillful 9Uam Scourer. 1 te- * prepared to exeoate all ordera ia thia line, a< well aa Mending, in the moat aatiaCaetoTT manner. ooM-twf IN CLOAKS, SHAWLS. AND OTHER Wravpinga for Aataaui and Winter, sew, atjl tab and novel thing* opened to day. ' Tbe whole of the above at oar troverbiallv low ur" ' -*?' to?K#sw Mii (k Peaa. avenae^andj a_itrMl,n ? 7 , NOTIOK TO SUTLKRSi . . c^x,bi."" ftrtdtaara 3 y - I SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL Publxtlud m cmtffmiif with <* riitlvliM / tkt Stmut* tf July IS, 1M1 At VtMnU IfNfHW M ? llrid, MINM FWmrl? and Fifth tttttit, Watkirngton, Oct 19. lat Excalalor.......... 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 3d do 1 id do do 1 MfchNew Wk Vol ... 1 4th do do 1 'Ad do do ... S 8th do do 3 94th do do.... 3 Stockton's Michigan '?)th do do.... 1 Independent Vol ... 4 36th do do.... 1 7th Wisconsin 1 43d do do.... a Ut Kentucky Cavalry. 1 45th do dn.... a 1st Newt ork Cavalry. 1 1st Massachusetts Vol.. I Cair.eroa Dragoons ... 1 10th do do... 3 2d U 8 Cavalry 1 18th do dc... 1 6th do do (b) 1 19th do do... 1 1st Pena. Independent id Vermont do(?) 1 Rifles 1 4th do do... ? lstN.Jer?*yCittalrT(r) 1 5th do do... 1 19th Indiana Vol.4 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 6 1st l?.8 Artillery.... I 4th do do.. I 1st Rhode Island Vol. l Ath do do.. 1 4th do do., a 8th do do.. 9 5th do dn.. | ajd do do.. 1 2dNew HampshlreVol a 96th do do.. 1 3d do do 1 27th do do.. 1 4th Maine Vol....7l4) \ 30th do do.. 1 ? 50 h do do.. 1 ToUl 71 5th New Jmmj Vol... l ( ) One officer. (ft) One officer, (c) One officer. (d) One officer. At S'minarf Hospital, Gtorgttoien, Oct. 16 'id I'. S*. Infantrr 3 9th Pmb Volnnt'nrHlli 2d Maine Volunteers . 4 10th do do 3 Stb do do 1 26'b do do 1 'id Vermont Volunteers I 33d do do 7 31 do do....12 42d do do...... 4 9th Msssachusets Vol.. 1 1st do Artillery... 6 19th do do .. 1 1st do Rifles 4 14th New York Vol... 9 4th do Ctvalry.... 1 21*t do do.(a) 1 Kentucky Cavalry.... 2 24th do do.... 2 19th Indians Vol...(c) 6 29th do do.... 2 l?t Michigan Vol 3 33d do do.... 3 3d do do...(d) 2 35th do do.... 1 4th do do...(?)14 36th do do.... 1 Stockton's Michigan 41th do do.... 1 Independent Vol ... 1 Uarlbnldl Guards 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.f/) 3 Mrarrt 1 5th do do/... 5 Tammany 2 6th do do.... 4 Kxcrlnior Brigade.... 2 1st Minnesota Vol .... 1 lit New Jersey Vol... 1 Teamatera. Q. M. D .. 2 3d Penn. Volunteer!. 1 8th do do 1 Total 130 fa) One officer (6) One officer. (c) One officer, (d) One officer. (?) Five officers. (/) One officer At General Hospital. Union Hotel, corner Bridge and Washington streets. Georretotrn. (let IR lit Long Island Vol . 1 6th Maine Volunteers. 1 2d NewYorkVol 2 3d NewHampsblreVol 1 13th do do 2 2d Vermontvolunteera 7 14th do do 5 3d do do 10 17th do do 1 9th Maancfauaetta Vol. 1 18th do do 1 New Jersey Cavalry.. t 22d do do 2 1st Michigan Vol .... 1 23d do do 1 2d do do 3 33d do do 3 3d do do 4 35th do do 2 4th do do 5 loth do Mozart.. 1 2d Wisconsin do 5 43d do Vol 2 6th do do 1 50th do do I 21st Indiana do 1 79th do do 5 1st California do 10 3d Penn. Volunteers. 2 2d do do t 4th do do 1 1st Minnesota do 1 nn ao ao eistnrkton'a Michigan ?th do do 4| Independent Vol... 3 l'2?h do do 41Kentucky Cavalry.... 4 '26th do do 11 Baxter's Fire Zouaves 1 2?th do do *2 Mott'a Battery 1 35th do do 1 5th U. ? Artillery.... 1 Ut do Artillery.... 5 Teamster* 2 3d do Cavalry 1 '2d Maine Volunteer* . 4 Total 130 At Hospital at Columbian Colltgt, Watkingtom, Oct 18 J ft. IT 9 r> wm 1... 1 IOJ M I ?r-i I ,.u v . u. v/BTBti j . i j ?U w rfCiwrj v vi* J 2d Maine Volunteer*. 213d do do.... 8 3d do do 2 5th do do ... 2 5th do do 4 7?h do do.... 2 9th do do 2 1st renn Artillery.... 5 10th Massachusetts Vol 10 3d do Csvalry 1 14th do do. 3 3d do Volunteers.. 4 19th do do. 1 8th do do 10 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 10th do do 6 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 12th do do 7 Wt New York Cavalry 1 13th do do S 3d do do... 1 31st d? do 5 I )A An VaI "1 i** ?? J w %j w/u uu uu W llth do do 1 Ktb do do 1 18th do do 1 I at Michigan Cavalry. 1 2?d do do 3 1st do VoirT... S 83d do do 4 id do do 3 25th do do 3 4th do *do 8 34d do do 1 7th do do 1 2* <J? ^0 8 8th do do 17 35th do do 2 Stockton's Mich Vol.. 5 36th do do 1 5th Wlaronsln Vol... 5 37th do do 6 ?th do do.... s 43d do do l 7th do do.... 1 Slckl^neade, N Y. a I at Minnesota Vol S Tammany N Y. Vol.. ! lOih inHi.n. Gar>baldl do do .. 1 37th do do 1 i)e Kalb do do.. 1 DC Volnntwa 9 Berdan'aPharpahootera 1 lat California Vol....< 9 lit U 8 Cbaa*eura ... 2 Lincoln Cavalry 7 Total 915 1 at N ew J eraey Caval r* 21 At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, ' Oct 18 latU.t* Cavalry 2 lat Pennsylvania Rlfl-a 9 5th do do 1 27th do Vol.. 1 lit do Artillery .... 4 33d do do. . 1 2d do do 9 2.5th New York Vol .. 3 3d do do 5|4Ut do do... 1 4th do do 1 4th, McCall'a dlvWUn 7 5th dfl a? ? ? ??....... i ? n ucunni vol.... 1 lit do Infantry 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 2d do do 2 ? 3d ^lo do 1 Total 48 8th do do 1 Sick remaining in the Hospital fm Eruptir* Diseases, at Kalorama. Oct. 18. 3d Infantry 2 47th PennaylvanlaVol 1 Hh Maine Volunteers. 2 8th Michigan Vol 9 31st New York Vol... 1 1st do Cavalry.26 31th do do.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... I 4ftth do do.... 1 7th do do. ...17 3d Excelsior 7 1st Minnesota Vol.... 1 Cameron Rifles I 1st Indiana Cavalry... 1 Harris l.ljjbt Cavalry. I II.S Chaaaeurs 1 1st New JersevCavalrv 7 i?th Indian* v?i o l?t Pennsylvania Vol . 1 6th ao do.. I Total 104 40th do do.. 1 At Qtntral Hospital, AUxandrxa, Oct 18. id Artillery, U S A . 2 4th Maine 9 15tb New York I 5th do 1 > (6th do 27 1st New Jersey 1 17th do 19 5th do (?) 4 18th do 5 32d Pennsylvania 3 25th do S 45th do...< 6 26th do 5 j Lincoln Cavalry ? Z7ib do (")H l?t Minnesota..' 1 3lat do 8 *Jd Vermont 1 32d do 14 3d Mlcblgaa 1 37th do *2 Cameron Rifle*. 3 38th do 8 Teain?t?rs 2 10th * do 13 ?!)th do 1 Total 184 3d M&luc * 12 ( ) One Lieutenant. (?) One Lieutenant. E- Washington paper* pleaae copy and send to tbe War Department. oet S3?3t T?? AUCTION NOTICE HIS Attention of th? f?b!ic li TWHciUklli nailed to tbe extensive sal* of Drr Good*. Hosier* Cloth, Caaeimeras. Shawls, Cloaks. Maati 1m! p>?is 60.His. Jfcc., co., to b? sold at ths stce of r! ?r'o? To morrow (Wednesday) Moreins, at9K o'cloek, and ointinoint daily until the whou stook is disposed of. The good* will tM aold withoit mint. No oatponem?nt on aoooant of the vMtk?r. ti.. s^ar&?|1srot,..?.. oc 22-tf MONTZ k. GRIFFITH Auctioneer*. W military goods. K Oj?n thia mornini ft lftrge MaortsMnt of Military Good*, oontiitins or *wimn Epas lets, Shoalder Straps,ud all other 0??*r?" BfJon([ini? for STerr trad* ia the Amy and Navy. These co<vis are of recent importation, entire y new and of eaperior quality. Order* for Presentation Swords, Ao-jpromptly exeosted. M. W.GAI.T * BRO., Jewelers, 344 Pa. avanne, oc22-3t Four doors west of Brown's Hotel. PERSONS NEEDING BUACK GOODS are solioitod to inspeot oar tares and eomplsts took of all the standard fabnes for mourning apMura^, with all tks minor re^sisitss for psrsoas U As inspection of atook implies no oblifatioa to MOna pnoe only, marked ia plain ft tares. Carpets, Oiloloths.CartsIaVlf^tti? ? j?~~ ,*?!?IfKST oca ? Hwtt (t * QUA A8CUTUM CLOTH8"( WiUr ,r< of I A R^llMt ClotSV) fcr uStM M4 eaaU1 Aiiuii mmd WinUr Wn^iiii, vartou imm, ?$& !! 'oSiir'kiBda of Dry ?oodia for earrmt ? in en and marbkili^^ ^ ^ 'mi (m?ui am*) pi, sv^fcs&ejrjt*^ 0?8 K N?w Irot i?ii?u|. - ? - 4 i v AUCTION HALKS. Br *? KN 4 WILLIAM*. A?clliimu uutBDBl".i) AND im H En F I'HTTl'HK ?=K=MME?.fiSS5 SSKKSS&tra.?. Tlblw. CnkidiRT Ll'id,Co(tU*.Uli r>Utf C ock,CktBft,Gla?a*-i C t?k?{Wai?*' t?j.wa^.ttsaju33u?? Ob* HTkMl rtiilo'i C? n*c?, ??4 Mating. I Caokiac. mm Baraiat awl otfcar Stem, Witk ft foofl'ot ofKitoliM Rrqaiaitr*. CmI m4 Cokt, ^ And mart otk*r artia'w, wbuh ttdita lumi aar j to anatn'rat*. T"?* WILLIaMP, Am*. By i.C. MoGL'IRK * CO., AaoUuBMra. CUIINITL'KK Aiir HOl'BEHOLD EfrKCT* r at Ptblic A?erion ?OaTURSPAY MORNINb. vc*>t>*r i"*h. ml <co?k,at tii? raaidanea of the lata Mn. Jali* *a*f. On E rtr^t. Mw**i, lotk and F.larrntk ?'raata. I ahaJl mm t?? virtaa of anordarfrom tka kocoraMa orphan'* Court for Waahmtton oounir. D- C* all tk? Farmtara and EB >Ot*, C"B pr IHB(Kzoellmt RoMvooj Piano Forta.Bto0i.and Covar, Handsome Rowwood ?<f*, ani Arm Chair*. fini*had in 6ra*a aad Gold b-'??atei?o. Pair of ciecant Fiecekaate Mantel Minora. Marb'a top Can tar Tab>a. Wkatn >!, ^alnnt Hair apriix ftaat Parlor Chaira, Valval and Bruaaala Ca<ptta, Oilolo'k and Stair Carp?ta. flilt Window 9h*dra. ?jornio>a. and Fixtnraa. HftOdiOn i Silk (TortAinv. I.tnt C . rttma. Plash Lcn&x*. M*ho?an? Secretary at.4 iookcaae. Slab* and Bracket*. B obd Hat Tree, Mantel Ornament*. Vmm, Mandaomeoo l*o:ion ofSaelia. Haadtom* Green ar.d Gold Marble-top Cotta?e Mahocanr French Bedstead*, Bireaaa aad Waakstand*. 8cp?rior Feather Beds, Bo1 star*, and Pillow*, Cor ?d Hair Mattreae**, V B ankets Comfcv U, Connterpane*. Several whole aieoes of snpenor Irish Lin*'-, for Sheeting, Towel*, N'avkias, Ac , Solid Stiver 'lea Set, Water Pitcher. Gobi***, Spoon*, Fark*. F:sh Knive*. Sacar aad Malt Bp-ore, Ac., Mah cut * deSoard with Marble-top, Do Diriog ud otfor Table*. Together with many other article* of Hoiwkwf inc t.ffeo cot neoeaaa>y to ennmrrate. T? ia?: 151 and irdrr. ti a? raw a oredit of 3> da?a, for eat af?ctorily CMoti?4 aoiea, bear ir (interest. LL'CY a. WHESLFR. Adm<niatra'r>x. oca J. C MeGUIRK A CO . ApcU By WALLA BAHNAftO. Aaeti >arera. ?T?RU8TEE'S BALE OK A VERV V4LU1 ABLI Imppavbb Fr?t**p* PacpiBM <V SIVENTM Steiit?On MONDAY AFTER I UN. November the 25th at 4 o*ol?ck, by virtae of a deed of trmt. reo >rd?d in Liber J . A- S., No. lit, folio* 498 to #rn. in r*?ordi ni Waahingtcn #? ant*. 0 C , I will ? U ia front of the prem era. pw of Lota No 1 aad S, in ?*?are No. tu, lioat id* 25 feet 7 m-he* on 7th rtreet w< at, between 1 and K atreeta north, and rannieg book iTI fee* <1 inohea, to an allej, and :mptoved by a $oo4 till*) etory Brick 8u>eaid Terma made k .own on the day of the aala. De-d of oonvejanoe to be laadeat the expense of the parohaaoc. If the terma of the eale are not eompiied With within ono week thereafter, then the pioperty will be resold at the purchaser's espenee. by the Trae*ee giving thr-e day a aotira by one pablioa 10a ta the "Evening Star .* D M. LAURENCB Trastae ooa-lf WALLA BAKNAWD AsoU. ma n roiia'< o rn l?i>-?iu tii vup n win ui i?l fieri tMiu raa?d T'om the Cierk'a Office oj the Ciroa't Court of the District of Colaaatxa and to we Hirreted, I will ??xet>se to enblio sals, for CaaL.jn front of lie Bank of W Mkiritoi. on TUESDAY. the 28d day of October instant, son menoing at 9 o'eloek a at, the following good a and ebattel>, to wit, *1|: Marble-top Dreatiag Ha reau ; Mantel Clock ; lot MnUl Ornament* ; French P a'e Mantel t?laa?; Cane seat ard Pane? Chaira; Bednteada. Bedding. and Mattraaaaa ; Glaaa and Cbi'a Ware; 1 Globe; lot BlankaU. Mather Beds. Bolatem and Pillowa; lot Pictaraa; lot Bmssela Carpet; 1 Piano and Cot#t; lot Bltada, 1 Chamber: 1 Mahogany Glaaa; Oiloloth. ko.,-a?? at 12 o'olock, 1 will tell, under aa>d fieri faclaa. lot of Oak i amber, at tba Cane Factory of Jaaaae Crntch*tt. seised and lened aeon a> 'he gooda aed cnattela of Jame< Cratohett, aad will ha void to .. a a - i_ _ r ? - * <. } Jinioiwiiin. i 10 jin?ry i?rm, immo, in favor of Wella A Millar ft. Jame* Cra'obett. W. 8ELDI- V oo 11 -ta L*te U b. MarabaJ D. C. C7"THE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED antil 8ATUR DA V . tt>* i<*h mat., ram? boar aad jl-<a, n oonaaqneno? of lha rain. W. 8 ELD EN, ?<? 28 g^ba U. 8 Marahal D. C. BtCREEN A WILLIAM*. Aaeboaaara. BAILIFF'S t*ALK OF HOIJ8EHOLD AND -.A'lf"*.* 4*. ArcTion.?On THURSDAY, tba 2?'h iriUnt, I ?ha.. aall all' n'ftllMk A. VII h* ti'laa nn AP^ar nf f'latraia ~ ? www mm ... wm ? ?' VH "I ?WI VI ? irvi ?IU l?>l uonae rent, at the rMi ?r? of Itibella Walla, oa the roath etd? of Peonaj vuia avenue, between 10th ud 11th atreet* (tha 11m vil rieaicnate tha honaa j a good aaaorUnent of Farnitara. va una 8<>Ca. taring ?e?t Chair* tad Rookar, Marble top Centra, Card and other Tablea. Boreas and 8 Ma. Cottage Seta. Cane Seat Chairr, (.OttftfA &nd uthftr KfWlltAAiil WirHrnKM anH Waahataada, Window Curtaiua, Parlor and Chamber Carpota, F??th?r Bwli. BaddiDi and Mattra>a Clock,lot of Oiloloth, Toilet Seta and Pim Tabl**, Cooking and other 8tore*, Wltd man j other arUolaa whloh we deem uumn aar? to en n me-at ajecie R. B HUGH?*, Ba Uf. oo21 -3t GRKKN A WILLIAMS. Aaotf. LBt WALL A HARN ARB, Aict otMri, AKfiK PALP. OP WKLL IF.PT HOUSEHOLD Pr*mir*? ?On THL'RSDA Y MORN1NH, *?th iHt.. at in o'clock, w will aeli at tb? retidence No. 360 C at., >?t*m ani fcth ??.. a larjea aortaantof Hoaaehold anj Ki tehee Paraitnre.oona atinc of? Ma^orany Sofia and Chaira. Large number of Carpeta, _ _ r,xiBE?tor utaing and oth*r Pahie*. Boolou*. Hureaas WardroK??. Hedsteiula. Hair and Phonic Mifrtuti, Blanket*, Comfort*. an-1 otbnr UoiloiDg, Oi cloth, AN <uh?t?n f?, and Toilet Seta, L*o? and other Curta ?a, and Cornioea, A tare asaortmert of Wood aad Coal 8tore#, A tci nni, Fenders. Ac . Ac. J*0 ^ ^^ | f oe U WALL M BABNAJLP, AhU. J. C. MoGLIRK * CO? Anetioaeera. SUPERIOR RO-EWIMID C A S F. PIANO Fobtb. Fligart Rmiwood BiortmilCTBtBD P Alio a FriKlTfll, FlKMCM PLATB Mibbob*. Carpet* arc Hoiiiiold F.rricr* 6BKKBALLT-Oa TUESDAY MO?M?lG,Oil<;, her 24d, at ll? o'clacfc, at taa iarje re#tdrio?* on H street, opposite >*fa?ette ?*u\re. recently ooou riad h> the Chi um .Minster, we ahali aali all the Furoitare aad KTao't. oomprlaiai? Very aoparior Roaewood Caae Piano Forte, by Chiakanag, Rait of eiacaat Ro'ewo^ Criaraon BroealBlia ('nvikrwl P&plnr Varnilai* ??f 5 l*r?? Hcfas, 3 Arm Chairs, Md a Parlor cV?i r. ^ perior Gilt Gas Chandsher aw) Gu K i'hn, 8bi| of Walnut Plssh oo?*rrd Pari r Fare iter*. Hwdsome l?a*y Chair*, Loances aad ??ney Chairs, Ross wood Mar Ms top Tables, Walnst Whatnot a. Sopeocr H osewood ? ?isUiy aad Hook ease, a dsoi- s Fierch flats Gilt-frame Mirrors, Lftdr's Walnut itooretory, J?p%mm Cabins', J* au nt Extension Dim?c Tabls ?id*r*i*rd. Din a* Chairs, Bids Tablss, Plato Warmer, Chin*. Gum at.d Cracker*. T?.k,? kxoahaat Bra???la and Tf>raa jly Carpeti. CurMtl Oi olot??, Matt I DC. Wairut French and J 'any bind Badateada, Do. Ditaainc aad Plata Birwu. Wardrobea, Waohataoda, Tnilot 8ota, fnp^rior Car>d Hair Mattraiao*. Blaokota. Bclatara and Pillowa, Sa.aada and Conforta, | Hi*h-poat arid Oottaca BMataaiTa. Can? aaat Chaira. Ro?k?ra, Arm Chair*. Refmarator, 8tovaa, Kitchen Ltanaila, k o . Ajb. Tof?tktr with many artiolaa of HoaaoboM Far*.. co? oaiy d (Repub) Aaet'onaora. cy THE ABOVE SALE 18 UNAVOIDABLY poitponfC antil MONDAY, oet. ?*th. aaaae hoar kndrao.. J.C koGHRKACO., oo >1 ?odfcda A action?ri RUCTION 8ALE8 IN PHILADELPHIA. wa. K SMITH, Pwiriilftiwiir, 0* ClMBit at., el>?T* ttk RKilu aaleeTUEfcDAY ud SftTUBDAY at If a mu fiat Tabla aad Pocket Catlery. Hkidnr*. Fenoy b<HKU Boaea, Orte, Bnikw, ft* . ft.*. For*ifn tod I ommUc ? iom aad U?aow. iota *r*rr Tbaratfay Moraine * tS-la* I BLANKETS AND FLANNELS. HA Vgoa haada larja ***ort??at *TWk"?. Red H aad Yellow Fkauala. fceary Caao trr F aoaele, Joey Plana* a in itaM ooJota, Hn. itton aad other food makea of Canton Flaai?#l?. 39*iaoath ?<W) Pa. ?t,%?U uint mU.. oc tl-<t New IroB Bail4t?gJU.r KM^D 2JOB* lbs Ftwk ttfWM. ? ma* Hw as b??h?i? CMnti 1,800 oan??Fr*ih*P*aoh??, Pin 4^1m,Tom. alar&Srw^m. sro box** m Sooteh Harring WhUe Apples, prjmt HitMr ud tfv*M nan mw.goeM !\BU.*o <x r-^t H>f K >T.. cssst?;?. SSWSSalB MJi^SiSis m. snsssiT-*m ! 25iH9??9*Sifei

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