Newspaper of Evening Star, November 6, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 6, 1861 Page 3
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^ _ I LOCAL NEWS. CT-Tbwifh tu Stab to printed on the totest iVitn fwi In w? owtfc of Baltimore, tta edition U m lirfrf m to require It to be pat to prut it ta early hoar: Adv*ni*^*nit, therefore, should be eat la before It o'clock ; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Paocasvisea or tsi Citt Cornel La, N'oramber t.?Board / A dtrmsn ?In conaequence of pork on of tbe furniture from the Infirmary baring been pUoed In th? Alderman'a chamber at the dtf Ball, tba board met last arming, at the uaual boar, la the Mayor'a OSes. Tba Prratdent (Mr. Dove) being abeent, the VJee-President (Mr. Brown) preaidcd. Communication* from tbe Mayor notifying tba boards of bla approval of oertaln acta, and nomloattag Dr R C Croggaa aa phyalelan to tbe poor la the Seventh Ward; Mr. Boawall aa apothecary ta furnish medicines to the poor In tbe Seventn Ward; George Foanaus bt aa acaveager for the 3d dlatrlet of tba Third Ward; and Wm Smith aa acaveoger la tb? Sixth Ward (Instead of the 9evnth Ward, aa erroneously nominated at the last meeting of the board) were severally read and r?#erTed Aa act for the relief of Wm Bills k Bro. waa pasad An act authorising the Mayor to appoint corporation constable*, which came back from the Beerd of Common Council at the laat meeting, with several amendments, and waa again referred te the police committee, waa reported by that committee. The committee recommended non concurrence l?* aman/I man? nf tka InWAr RnarH wKlrh changed the name of the force to tha ' CorporaMod Police;" alto in the amendment changing the salaries from 9480 per annum to 9200 per annua, and"l0 per cent on fees, Ac ; and on the question belug taken both amendments were rejected. The committee recommended the adoption of the two other amendment*, and they were concurred la The first of these authorizes the appointment of a chief of the force, to be paid MR per annnm, and to have an oflce at the City Hall, and make feperta of the operation* of the force, Ac. i be second makes it the duty of the Police Magistrates to make and return to the chief of the corporation force copies of thetr dockets In cor po ration cmw An act appropriating *9.000 for tka purchase of 8,000 feet of hoae, was passed. Mr. Sargent moved a reconsideration of the the vote by which, at the last meeting of tha board, the nomination of Frederick D Stuart, &a a Trustee of the Public Schools, hsd been rejected, aa he (Mr Sargent) waa satisfied that great tnjuaUce bad fceen done tbat gentleman He was Informed here at tbe last meeting of the board tfcaX Mr Stuart waa nearly all h la time at Klom an'a restaurant. Hi (Mr. Sargent) bad known Mr. Stuart twenty years, and never knew him to be a drinking man, and since bis rejection by this uwmra many nignif rtiptcuDir gentlemen Dave beeo active In bia behalf, and apeak In tbe hlgheat termaofatm. Mr. Lloyd aald be had known Mr. Stuart far fifteen yara, and no matter what were tbe atttinmeata of other gentlemen In the Board of School Tniataea, none were aopenor to him. Be waa ever? way qualified: had held tbe higheetpetition In the gift of the Odd Fellowa of thia District, and there waa hardly a little child a', the Odd Fellowa' reunlooa who did not love and reapect Frederick D Stuart. When be (Mr L ) on hla *lck Ijed read of the rejection of the gentlemen It occasioned him mortification and surprise, and be would drfy any member of this board to say anything against toe character of Mr Stuart, or tbat he was not tbe equal of any gentleman in thlb board or tbe board of School Trustees. Mr Moore said It was not usual to discuss these matters la open board He would not oppose tbe reconsideration if the nomination was referred back to the committee. Mr Lloyd said he would oppose any reference. Mr Moore was averse to these proceedings on ^ snap judgment If tbe gentleman (Mr Stuart) bore as high a character as is represented here, there ought to be no objection to the reference There were only d members out of 14 here, and it was not fair to urire the matter to-nti/ht 1 -*t it go back to the committee, and let them report Mr Lloyd was not In favor of the reference, because be wanted prompt justice done; and he had reason to believe that tdere were some operation* la reference to the gentleman (Mr. tftuart) not altogether proper nor right. Mr. B rod head aaked, " On the part of the committee Mr Lloyd aald, on the part of someone. To refer it now, would be to say that there waa tome ground for the rejection; and he (Mr. L ) did not nmlate to say that there was no ground whatever, and be challenged any member of this board, or any one, to aay that Mr Suart waa unfit for the positlou By an almost unanlmoua vote he was rejected; the fact had been spread before the pub tic mroogn tbe paper* ; and to refer the matter would be to give currency to tile Idea cf bit unfitnea If hi* accuser ta bere present, let blm rlae and state what bta objections are. Mr Sargent aaid that tbe committee had made no adverse report, but the* were told that Mr. tMuart was toe often at Klaman's; that be was guilty of tippling. He (Mr. Sargent) believed that the charge was untrue As the Board had done an act of injustice, be for one desired to do joatlce promptly. Mr. Moore ?44 Am i tbe one who made the ckargea against Mr. Stuart?" Mr. Sargent?44No, sir; and I believetbe gentleman who did bad been miainformed, and that If be was present be would vote for tbe reconsideration, and for cobftrmine tbe nomination." Mr. Moore aaid be asked because be knew he Wnnld o#t (K? o 9 mA i t It ? w* K?it ??? 1 ? _?? .w^. vcvvk v? it, m hc uau a prrwnai difference with Mr. Stuart, and bad not been on tood tern.* with blio for aome time, he bad nown Mr 9 15 yeara,aud never ?aw blm intoxicated; but be (Mr. Moore) bad aeen Mr. Stuart ?nt?r KUxuan* frequently Mr. Sargent aald ne bad letter bere from Chaa. Kloman, atatlag that Mr. Stuart vraa not there freq neatly. Mr. Moore Mid be did not mean to aay that Mr. Stuart lived there There were reaaona known to hlmaelf wby be ibougbt it beat to reier ibe nomination, and bia desire waa not the mult of per WImm* vaiuiif. U C U1U DOI IQIOK IQ T. 0\Diri pfOD* erly qualifted for a trustee of public school* He was lepeatedly at the pi ice named, and be (Mr. Moore) bad aeen hi in ibere often. Wby, 11 tbe matter waa so clear, should gentlemen decline to have it examined into? If it waa bis (Mr M.'s) friend be would desire It. i^e (Mr. M ) w^uld ?to for tbe reconsideration, and thus make it unanimous If tbe matter waa referred. He didn't desire to do Mr. Stuart any barm, bat did not think him a proper man for the position. Mr. Lloyd was Aylng tba It waa a surprising fact that the gentleman frqm the Fourth Ward and Mr Stuart being associated together in tbe order of Odd fellows? When Mr. Moore Interrupted, sod said he had ststed nothing a boat Odd Follows, and desired to make an explanation. Mr. Lloyd continued, and said bo had been an Odd Fellow, and wu somewhat familiar wltn the connotation, k.c., and proceoded to apeak of Mr. Stuart's high standing la the order and the position bo had nei<L, and of tbo promptness of ute Society in expelling members guilty of Intemperance. and yet a brotner member Is charged by tne gentleman with nu-ria* a drluking place near the ofllce of the National Intelligencer. Mr Moore ?"1 said as 1 passed to snd from tea I sometimes saw him there " Mr. Lloyd.?"S*w him eater a drinking place to lanch probably, or get a glass of ale " Mr. Sargent said that Mr Stuart said be sometimes went to Klomaa's for oyster* or a glass of ale. Mr. LM said he had sometimes takes a vim of tic there with him, sad wu equally guilty, and If Mr. Stuart was unfit to be aebool trustee on that accoaat, be (Mr L ) wu oalt to hold his cat here He didn't know what object the gentle?a from the Fourth Ward could bare In? Mr. Vleore rem quickly, and said be would not allow the geatlemaa to go on aad put words In bis mouth ae did not utter. Mr. Lloyd.?"! will repeat the gentleman's eiact words, aad he shant get out of It by Indignation or aaytblag eiee." Mr. LJovd was going on to repeat about Mr. Stuart beiag aeea too often eaterlng KIonian's, *e: wbea? Mr. Moore roee again and repeated,circumstantially, what he had said, aad aoaduded by saving he coo Id not, Independent of any personal relet lone, new or next Monday night, sustain Mr. Stu artMr. Lloyd spoke of ' Faith, Hooeaad Charltr." u4 tto bUpttou of Odd Fellows, and again repeated the chary*. Mr. Moore ? Tdid not uy that." Mr. Lloyd?" What did you say then'' Mr. Moore eeld that every other gentleman understood It la the discussion which earned Mr. Moor* admitted that ho sometime* went to Kloman'a for oyster*, hot did not drink al*. Mr. Lloyd.?Because, then, a gentleman goes to Kl Oman's for ale and oyster*, ho la unfit to b*a Mr. Moor* mid he did not gie* that as a reason, b?t he had reaaoos he thoaght good. Because he (Mr. Moore) wae a printer, be was not, therefore, t for a pulpit Mr. Lloyd mid there was no cbnrg* In the world again* Mr. ftsart; ho was a high-minded, honorable gentleman The ramnra, the reports, were fain*, aud he hoped the board woulataks action at oM*. Mr 8?um had known Mr. Btaart aa a vary worthy g*al>tnaa lor maay yon, bat bad been told that ba mad* (lowal kit headquarter* He waa aaw satiated taat ha waa mlstoiormed, bat ww coaWat to let the matter to till ant Monday. Mr Brodhead Mid ba bad bran called oa by mm of taa big heat staadla* la relation to the mau?r, tad waa aow satiated tba board had done *??!, aad were bound, aa aa art of justice, not to r?for thr aaattrr, bat to art at once. ^Mr Btcaard* made similar atatewMtkia and took Mr Flahor had kaowa Mr. Staart for twaaty TMit, never taw htm Intoxicated, and believed him to be very faithful, and that be would make a Rood truatee; but, aa Mr 9taarf*a friend, M thought the matter had bettor be referred. The motion to reconalder ? carried unanimously; and after further dlacusalon Mr Kuart'a frlenda yielded, and the nomination w?a ceffrred buck to tte committee Ommfe* Council ?The petition of Catharine Hudson for remission of a line was referred to the claims committee. Mr. Callan presented a Joint reaolntlon request ing me joini commiwt 10 repre?cuj iuo mirmu of the Corporation before Congress to uk of that body such an amendment of the? city charter, or the passage of an act that will authorise the Clr? cult Court by summary process to settle and determine all questions wben dftputea may arise in the election of Mayor, fceglkter. and all officers of the Corporation, axcept the A!d*rmen snd Council, elected by the suffrage of the people; laid on the table J Mr Peake, from the elections committee, reCrted in tbe case of the contest of Grafton Powell the seat In the Second Ward delegation occupied by Geo T. Raub that they had examined all tbe evidence that had been brought before them, and found that Grow* T Raub had received the greatest number of vet?* cut, and recommend that be be declared elected. On motion of Mr >CaUan, tbe report waa laid on tbe table and made tbe apeclal order for Monday ne*t. ' Mr Murtagh, ftotb tbe acboola committee, reported the Aldermen's bill making appropriation for the contingent and other expense* of the public achoola for the fiacal year ending Jane, 186*2; passed Mr. Mulloy offered a joint resolution approving the a?t of tbe Mayor In tendering to the sick and wounded soldiera, removed from the Infirmary during tbe destruction of tbat bnildlng, tbe use of tbe rooms In tbe City Hail; adopted unanlmnnilv Bills from the Aldermen ? Joint resolution f ranting to Adam*'* Express Company the privlegacf Ming temporarily a wooden building r?ctptf by them on reservation No. 11, was passed ; ? joint resolution authorizing the Register to gfMit a weekly license to King A S-ott for equestrian exhibitions, was pa*?rd;sbill for the repairing of the Center Market House, with the Aldermen's amendment requiring that the work shall be done by contract, was taken up, and the Aldermen's amendment was concurred In; a joint resolution appointing a Joint committee to wait on the Secretary of Wsr in relation to certain s reets, was referred to the Improvement committee ; the bill to authorize the appointment of corporation constables, with several amendment* by the Aldermen, was taken up These amendments Change the title of the officers from police to corDoratlon constablea : the title of aerireant to chief: and make* separate section of that giving authority for hl? appointment; and these were all concurred In. The amendment making the salary #480 per annum for the constables was rejected, and a committer, of conference Tom the Aldermen was ordered to Be asked. Th. bill authorising the purchase of hose was referred to the Are department committee. Mr. Mohun offered a resolution requesting the committee before Congress to ask an extension of the tunnel in Pennsylvania avenue at Second street; adopted. Mr. Raub, from claims committee, reported a bill for the relief of Thompson Shied, remitting a fine upon his payment of costs a Mr. bdmontton moved to amend by femitting the fne and costs; adopted?and the bill as amended passed Adjourned Dbowskd?Ye?terday afternoon, Mr. Michael Downey, a worthy labottng man residing In what la called Llmeflcx Alley, In tha Seventh Ward, went to the Potomac to catch some drift wood He was accompanied by hit little son, a boy of nine years, who. while nis father was at work, was playing about the bank with another little fellow of about the same age. B v some mischance little Downey fell into the stream and wa*drowned bef-re aid could be given him, and bis bodv was carried away by the current. The distress of the parents may be better Imagined than expressed. Cxstral Guardhorsb Casks ?Before Justice C.ark ?Adam Slater, jcol'd,) vagrant; work Dou?f ou nays. uavia rerguson,ao ; dismissed Jamn M Tayman, alias John Drunk, drunk; turned oyer to the mllltrry. John do. Joe Smith, disorderly and profanity; fined S3.06 John Phillips, disorderly; do SI 94 Plummer Dick, alias Wm Plummer, (col'd.) stealing a forty gallon cask of brandy; committed to jail. David Bell, ffgbtlng; fined SI 94 Win. Danton, do ; do SI 44. Frank Swift, fighting; security for further hearing. Mark Evans, profanity; fined Si 94 Assault and Bjlttkrt ?Herman Lang was arretted by Patrolman Leach for a<*ault and battery on Patrick Croghan, cutting his bead with a pop bottle Lang drives a wagon for Amy Ac Shlnn, of Georgetown, and went to Marshall's restaurant on bualneas. where the complainant Isa bar-keeper. Some word* grew out of their business transaction, and Lang struck Croghan on the bead with a pop bottle. Lang was sent to jail by Justice Donn, and the wagon and contents were J sent to Georgetown. Th* High Watii ?Lul night at ten o'clock the water was very high In the canal?aa high as it was at any time during the day yesterday, with a swift current. This morning, tbe water bad fallen, and the resident* near tbe canal on Louisiana avenue and B streets were again enabled to avail themselves of tbe pavements, and to use the usual modes of Ingress to their dwellings. Thbatix -To-night Mlas Denln appears as "Lucretla Borgia ? Tbe comic field Is peculiarly ber walk, but that she can perform deeper parts we have already seen Her dark eygs, fine figure, and rich voice in fact well fit her for a Tragedy Queen, and tbe public will feel no little desire to pee her In the part she assume* to-night Mr. Brink appears as "Oennarro," and Mr. G. B. Rogers a* "Jeppo." - Thi Mktbopolitak Policb Coumiiiionirs had a special meeting yesterday, and adopted a uniform for the force, consisting of blue coats and pants and caps. The permanent police force will be commissioned on Thursday next It Is not likely that msny changes will be made During the f'W months the temporary frrre has been in operation they have made about 3,900 arrests. Suicide or a Soldi** ?A private in the Sixth New Jersey Regiment was found dead In a spring near his camp (Meridian Hill) on Saturday. He had been sick and In low spirits for some time, and the day before had told his Orderly Sergeant that it was his Intention to makf away with himself. Odd Pillows' Hall ?The Campbell's continue their series of remarkable successes at Odd Fellows' Hall, having kept the spirit ofthe thing up with unabated vigor for some thirteen weeks. They have a new star or two per night, and this, with their variation of programme nightly, is doubtless the secret of the success. Ciicob ?The love of our people for wellconducted equestrian entertainments waa shown last night bv the immense crowd which filled the arena and overflowed at the entrances to King's great clrrns. The performances were of an order to elicit abouta of applauae through the evening. tn.nlirht m. crr*?ai hill ibhpmi t? b? ? Moon's fviciLL Deops.?We can commend this article to the public aa tbe moat agreeable and mo?t effective remedy for cough*, colda, bronchitis and croop ever ottered to the public. Sold at hia drag atore, 113 Pennsylvania avenue weal. Attention la called to th? notice elsewhere of the great auction aale of dry goods, army ahtrta, drawera. Ac , to oommence In Baltimore Thuraday morning. WaiTtavaaT, 434 Pa. av , la furnlahlng likenesses of prominent men, Including Gens. Scott, McClelland, (from recent sitting,) Butler, Banks, Fremont, Anderaon, Wool and others Every description of Ukeneaaea, from miniature t? lifealae See hia card photographs for aending In letter* oc 31-eolm* W b Amcbx it Voldlt, there are no other medlotnra to re lable, eBeotnal, and convenient, u H?llctc+r't Pxlts amd (Hntmfnt?a way a ready for nae 1 b*y are invaluable to the tfoldier exposed to woenda, eoree, ftvera, and bowel oomplatnta. They aever fail. Only 25 oenta per box or pot. DO 4 lw _______ Caution ?1 hereby oaation the pereon who haa be?n uti d( my patent Carpet stretcher to abstain from the further nee of the tarns, aa I am determ tned to enfo'oe th law againat him. 2:* B. Blac. 0 at. bet. 14th and 15th sta. Ihdia Kubbsk Blaskktb. Note it your T.m> to Bny. 5Rehber B ank <u,7 feet long, 4 foot wide, at (2.?A eaoh, Mob Kabber Blankets,6 feet long. 3 feet wide, at 1^00,Ratb?r Blankets and Ponoho oombinod, for | ? 4 MO& At the Indt* Rubber Wurtkouu, 309 Pa avenne, between 9tu nod loih ?t?. bo l-tf CoHRi.-Tki eaddra ohanc ec of oar oltmate art ouroea of Puimommrt, BrmcJkial and Attkmmtit Aftction*. Experience havinf proved that aimpln rauodiM often act ipnedilr and oartaialy when taken m the early atacea or the dieeaee,reoonrae ehould at onoa m had to * Brtwn's Bronchi*! JV#e*ii," or Lesenfee, lat the Cold, Goi|k, or Irritation of taa Throat be ever ao alff ht, aa by this casta* them effectual for elaaria* and etrenrtkeuinf the Toio Sea adTcrUacaaeat. dal-ly fen on? daalrinx penniea Till alwayi tad than or Axofciutt? M the Star Q*Woe counter. tf Notic*.?Bawara of eoaaterteiU aad, anannci,Wiari ?rufae.rorinv tn diainM nf ihoir .>?n indothTr artto M on the r?p motion ottoinod by HtlmbiWi Extrti Eucku,% pooitivo and ?p?cific rMBAdy for di*?OMO of the ti iMm. Kidney*, tfroro>. D'BWi>0.1*0^ *o. lit for Bolkbold'?. njwMftMr. Boo WnrtiNmat u uouw mi* WANTS. M/ANTED-A WOMAN to oook, vuh ud " iron for ft mftl! family. Inquire at No. 4?ft Nmt York nv , between 14th sad 1SU> >t?. It* WANTED-By ft reejeoUble wom*n, ft SITU " ATION ft? eo^k. Go<*1 reference ruin be given, if repaired. Address Box 6, Stftr no 5-It* _______ WANTEI>-By ft reepeotable yonng K'ri.n STT0ATION u Oook. wftuher. ftnd ironer. or chambsr" aid Reference oan bi given, if repaired Addreae B^l & Star Oftu It* A GOOD WATCHMAKER, baring heftn la the I\ bnaineaa <br six y?r?, wiehea to *?t a ST rUATION. Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 336 Pa avenue. no 5 WANTED-One or two FURNISHED " ROOMS- for a gentleman and lady, (with Board for the lady only); where there are no nth?r hoarders preferred, adireaa "F. G. J.," at this offioe. no 5-8t* W7ANTED-A SITUATION as houaekeeper, " by a tady who it thoroughly oompetent in all Pa bracoh** Woa'd be willing to anperintend and and market for a meaa of gentlemen. Apply at thia ofhoe It* WANTED-A good COOK, WASHER and IRONER. None need apply w thout good reoommendationa, at #6* New Jersey av . between R find I! eta. south. Caaitol Hill. Call between 9 and It* m. ^ It* FURNISHKD ROOM, for a " sirale featlnman, in a private hou*?, if poa aib'e. with board?not too far from Pa. avenue, a^d between 6M1 and 13th ntn. Refere cea given. Plea?e add rem "H. B.," 320 Pa avenoe. no 5 WANTKD-1 SUTLERSHIP ? A gentleman. with ample meana and capacity, wiibea aSatlership with aome regiment on the Potoraao Hs no objection to purchase our the *t-?ok of a oreaTt sutler. Address "A. 8.," Room 180 Willards' Hotel. no 6 3t* Furnished rooms wanted, with OUT BOAR IV-A far^e, well furnished Room with Red Noon) attached ; moat he convenient to Departments, easy of anoess. pleasantly located, fitted with cm. and ,of moderate price. Addreas "North." at this office. no 6-St* WANTED-A SITUATION as waiter, bv a man who understands hi* business thoroughly. in a boarding house or restaurant. Oood reference given. Pleas* address "A. B ." Kox 7, S'ar Office, and it will bs moat attentively attended to. no 5 It* A GENTLEMAN, with capital, (food business oapnoitv, extended V5<uaintance in Washington, and who can furnish be?t references for intrgntv, good standing, k.desires to connect himself with some established and respeotaMe business house; or would nurohaoe the atook. Grocery preferred. Address "G. A. W.," Star Offioe. no S 3t? WANTKD?A good PASTRY COOK. ENGINEER to takecharce ofa steam boiler. Apply at Clarendon Hotel. ho 4 2t* 111' ANTED?A Y"UTH. well reoommended, to " aaaiit in a d?ntiat'a laboratory, and atadv the profeaaton Aeply to R B. DONALDSON, Dent'?t. No. 97fi Pa. avenge. no 4-St* WANTED-Forty ahle-bodied LABORERS,at the foot of Sixth at, lali^d Par *25 per month and Boer*. AppW to D BURROWS, Mat tirgly'a Wh%rf, foot of Sixth at. no 4-2t WANTED.?An intereat in a a p?ra<in who can fnrniah the ne/>eaaar? m?an?, ?nd tr-amato haul. Apply on 2i a tret t, in rear of 334 Pa. ave. no 4-3t* CH!RNI8Hi?D ROOMSAND BOARD Wanted, r by a sentleman and his fbr the winter, in a renteel private family in the oity. Address, within next3da*s, Box 740 Post Offioe, with name, looatiop. and terms do 4-2t* WANTED?Br an apothecary of 8 years'expe rience, a SITUATION as prescription clerk. Address "Drug Clerk," thu office. no 2 3t* WANTED-A GIRT, of about 12 years of age, " (orphan preferred,) to aooompans * famiw to California. Apply to A. J. F. PHELAN, No. 4*7 Tenth st no 2-'.w* WANTED-Two or three rood COAT MAKI'RS, for whioh I wiil psy the city prices. B. VAND'?ME. Merchsnt Tailor. No. 43?> Seventh at . hetvnnn P anil fi ?t* . ooDoaite Patent Office, nol lw* TO SUTLERS.? Kn energeMc merchant, with snffioient capital, desires to purchase th? stock and bnsiress of a Regimental Sutlir. Address "Bu?ine*s," at the offic? of this paoer. oo 31-lm W ANTED-lO,(-OOlbs old HORSESHOES and " S-;RAP IR?>n in smfcll or large quantities, for whioh one oent per ponnd will be said. JOHN H. El.VANS, ooZ>-2w (Republican) 309 Pa. averse. WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the Washington Brewer? having oommenced brewing for the winter season, they can get Fresh Grams every day at 4 o'clock, at in cents per bushel. Call, one ana all. O. COLINEAU, oo 10 im' Cor K and Twenty-seventh sts. f'UTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEJ PUKVS K- I'fi 11Q |)i nvAnim Mil WAITED- TAILORS, TAILORS -50 Tail or ~v oompetent to work on military foods. Apply G. ROLF, at Wall. Stephens k Co.'b. se25 WANTED.?We v? no,r bu7'?A SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BED DING, for which we aro paying the highest each prioes. Families deolininc housekeeping, or having a *urplus of fnrniture, will find it to their advantage to give as a "all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Je 13-tf No. 369 Hh at., betw. 1 ana K sts. WANTED." FOR THK CASH?All kinds of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to eall immediately. R. BUCH LY, je 3 48* Seventh, between G and H its. LOST AND FOUND. CTRAYEO OR 8TOI KN-On the 5th of Ootoher, from the corner of nor*h B ami 9th street east, a dark brown buffalo r-ow.xpkif^ with white ?poU ?n her forenead. ?5 re- fi % ward will be paid for her return to the above named pla_e (no5 St*) JOHN HI)W?RI) I?9TRA V.?Fount trespassing on my premise*, A on Monday, Nov. 4th. a small bay fry HORSK. Theowner is requested to oomo ~L->W forward, arove property, pay charge*, ar.d^^* take him away. H. K. SMITH. K* B?orget<iwn Haithta. ?in REWAR O.?Strayed or stolen, from in <3? I " front of B. F. Moraell'a store, on jcv t Louuana avenue, on the 2<i lot, a light "wn roan HORSE, attaohed to a aquere top^^"oarnage. The horae ia about 16 harda high, a little* sprung in the right fore lee- The above reward will he paid tor the left at J?.a. Shreeve's table, Seventh at., between H and 1 eta. no 4 3 * J. E. BEALL. REWARD.?Strayed awar, on Tueadav, if Oct. Jftth, three COW--two black butfaloea, and one r-d and white apeokied, lUr with large orooked horna. Tlio above re-^Ui? ward will be paid to the finder, or findera. on returning them to the Government Printing Office, no g-3t* AM>RK W'GLEaSON. CAME TO MY PR KMISFS, on the 28th Oct., a brindle buff lo COW, with a white a pot oia her foiehead T'1* owner ia re jPuf* quested to some forward, prove property, paj otargea, and take her away." M. Mf'RPHY. do 3 3t* Poundary at, between 7th and 8th. BOARDING. TWO OR THREE PERSONS CAN BE aooommcdated with BOaRD at 190 1 atreet. nixth aide, fronting Pa avenue, between 30th and 2lat ?U. Single gentlemen preferred. oaSO-lw* FOR SALE AND RENT. For RKNT-A BRICK HOUSE,on K atreet, between 15th and 16K ata., No. 8ft?. ooitainirg ii moms, viiri ioi attaonea. f or terms apply to WM.O. HUMPHREY, Room No. 49,1st fl .or. General P-'at Office Department. it* RUOM9 FOR RRNT-Threeorfourortmfortable Furniahed Roomi, convenient tc the Pat ct and Foat Office Departments. App'y at No. 418 Eighth at., betveen G and H, east aide. no 4 St* Furnished house for rent.-asmall house pleasantly located and oomfortably furnished, will be rented for 6 montha to a daairable person Location within a few minutes' walk of the War Department Further information can be had fir applying at 4T4 Seventh at, up staira, Room No 9, between the honraof9 and 3. Agency of the Exoelnior Markirg Plate Co no 4-st* [BURNISHED ROOMS-Well furnished Rooms r for rent b? day, week or month, in houses Nus. 479 and 47T Thirteenth at., three doora from Pa. avenue and midway betveen Willarda'and Kirkwooda' Hotels. rp l aw* L AH M run MALE, or Kxohanne Tor City Property. situated in Sommervill county N. Jersey, oontainiEf f? aces in a high state of cultivation, good dwolilnc house, with all neoessary out buildings, good wtVr power, fine orohard, and well-feno?d,2S miles from Central Railroad, (6 daily train*,) S mile* from Plainfinld.and 30 miles from Jersey C ty . For further particulars inquire of? W. BKAV, Jeweler, 51b Seventh st, opposite Intelijgenoer Office. oo 25 lm* HANDSOMELY FURNISHED KOOMS11 Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with (as and water, and oonvenient to the Patert and Poet Office Departments, for rent. Apply at Massachusetts avenue, north side, between 4th and Mh su. man EDUCATIONAL. WASHINGTON AN D^EOROETOWN FEA Boakdins and Day School, ar. <en r* .. l a . l i m* a _ raw a. < .

if*. Ui rit, ??mw Bin ana n* in,, if ai?in[ion , sua Aft. 151 VT?j? ?l , Georgetown. The duties of thia lnatitution were resumed in September. Ciroulara mar oe obtained at the book stores, or by addremnK the I'nnoiaal. ee ai-eoti M. J. HaKEOVER. W NOTICE. , _ E Bee leave to oall the attention of OBoera of the Army to oar very extensive assort _ meat of ail olaaees of EQ UJ rMEN T8, and "?4| p?peoially to an article of Mi.itary Blue Cloth and Doeskin Caeetmere, whioh we IW warrant will retain its coior. On assert- "" ment of Sworda, Sashes, Belts, Gauntlet?. Army Caae(indigo dja), superior Flannel Shirts, Leggings, Bwoid Knota, Gold and l eather uufiaa, Shoulder Straps, and devioes ol a 1 descr i| tiot a, ia now ooruslete.and we a^e wall satisfied that an z~? *"1s rascroe M-i* Merchant Tailors, No. 406 Pa. av. J OEOBOETOWN. Corrufond*ne4 / Tkt Star. Gbobgbtowh, Not. 5,1961. The freshet 1b the Upper Potomac meeting at this point high tides, coined by tb? late easterly wlndf, raised the river unnsnalljr high, and considerable damage was done by the overflow of the wharves and warehouses. Water street was literally itater street, and boot* at considerable caparltv mlfht have navigated it. Water In some of the warehouse* was four, feet over the ground floor Our merchants and business men had hand* actively employed on Saturday and Sunday in securing wood fcna lumber on the wharves. Ana removing perishable stores from the warehouses, but In spite of these pfecautlons s&reat portion of our already scanty supply of wood b*? wen swept off. Mr. J A Grimes is fald to be (he heavieat loser in this way. It is ststed that Mr J Thos Davis has lost several hundred sacks of salt In the cellsr of his warehouse, and that the Government has lost several thousand dollars worth of atores (bread, 4c ,) at the Western Wharves, which were entirely submerged. There is one compensation, and that Is that many poor families have securea enough drir. wood io reep mem comfortable through the winter, and enough pumpklni to keep them In pled daring the same period. Nearly a dozen dead bodies (of aoldlera) floated paat here yes'erday. and of these some Ave or six were recovered and burled. The w?ter is now subsiding. A regiment of cavalr/ passed through here yesterday, to cross the river at the Chatn Bridge?the Long Bridge being Impassable. The wisdom of Government In granting the extension of the Chain Bridge over the flats was proved ye?terday; for, otherwise, communication with the Virginia shore would have been cut off, except through the footwalk over the Aqueduct. The Government ferry was useless, on account of the currenf In the river. The metropolitan police here are making war on the canines, and every cur without a collar and corporation medal on his neck has to sutler the death penalty. Your legislators might adopt our dog law, to the advantage of your cur-curaed citizen*. See Tenney'a advertlaement of groceries, In Georgetown column. GEORGETOWN ADYER'TMTS LISTOF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE, GEORGETOWN, D C , Fer the Niath ending Octeber 31, 1961. Peraoaa applying for lettera in the following liat will plea*e *\y the* are advertiaed; otherwiae they may not receive them. LAD1E8' LIST. Af h ton Mix Hattie Grimea Mra Aont EOjIe Harriet Abbott Mr* M A Gray Mrs Drucilaa Parker Mirj ? A?ntora mri t unc*t> m irg.ret Itoysn wirs B Adams Mr* * Grsaees Mra Kit* Ratcliff Mri C Ayton Mri Susan Hall Mra Jan* C 3 Ridtlie Miss E A Anderson Mil* 8 E Hurley Julia Reid Miu Martha Burke Mri Marg't Hove Rebecca Ricard Miee Marg't Bernard Mra Householder Mra B Rollins Sctannah Burdette Mary E Hill Sarah A 3 Sienley Carrie Barker Richel A Hoover Mra Sarah FSmith Charlotte Balinger Mra V Hick* Mra Martha Shorter Mra LA R Colborn Mis* A V Johnson Ml** J Spatr* Mi** Mary Croaeoo Mrs Cath Jackson Miss Kalis Smith Mrs ? Copperthwaile MrsKiauan* Miss M Biabbs Miss Mar^H f anny King Mr* Li**i* Silence Mrs R CaTeoaogh Murg't Kaufman Miss L 8mart Msrtha A Cams Miss Maggie Kappel Mrs HannahSullivan Sarah Cooney Samoletta Lynch Mary A 3 Thomas Miss M B Cramer Mil* A M l.ambie Mm Amitl Thonii* Mr* H C Dlmarquet Mi** M Lanhain Mil M A Theben Mia* Emma Davit Mr* Harriet Lovenall Mi** G Terrett Carrie Doimdroo C Ann Lehler Mrs Lint Tracey Mra M A Evan* Emily J Medler Mra H A Thorns* Mra Anns French Ml** AddleMartin Mi** ? Warner I.etna* Fuatuo Mis* E Morton Mi** E William* Mi** M Foley Mr* Johanna O'Neal Miss F 3 Walker Mra M A Fitsgarald Mi** M SUIiver Mra R 2 Whiting Mr* J O Fetter* Sarah Ogle Haunah Wis* Mrs Elitabelh Grare* Mrs J M 2 GENTLEMEN'S LIST. AyneiCaptRB Green Frank Moon W H Ackerman Wm Griavold H May Wm E Allen Wm Gallagher Capt H Mcelnaner Wm Ami;Wnl Goaain Jae K-J Moriarty Thoe Atkiuson 8 P Guthrie Jno J McFarland Robt A?erill Stephen W Glann J no B McDowell Win AnaellGeorfe Grumble Jainee Miller Capt W B Albright Win C Gregory Jae H MaMn Jno ? Arbig-art * Bobb GallaherLuke Marroti Jae Biltmp E E Green Lewia Meepau Ballaudaoo Alonto Gathrie L S Nicbolaoa Mr Bellove Alfred Galvio Jno Noble Lt J R P Brodt Abram Gov era Robt Noma Geo Bilger B T-2 Garrett Ralph-3 Neville Saml Bjinea Lt B Grtr Sewafl C Nandin Chaa Buck Lt B 8 Gliadon 8 H Orden W m Brown Cbauncey Gtrrtr W K Oaborn Luke-8 Broita Chu l Harrington Denote OrneLtJO Boyle Capi Hall A A-2 Oeborn Henry B Bridley Hnrh Hunt B f Oppenheimer E 8 fitrdoa Danl Haack Clem* Oieter David Brenner Edwd F Herman Conrad O'Neal Capt Barbor D M Hyatt C 8 O'Brien Juo Burnett Edwin H Harper Chae O'Hetr Michl Batea Ellie-4 Harrla Chaa E O'Leary Pat'k ButtaGeoT HoleoryWmD Peabod* Lt A W Buckner George Humphrey Dr P?irce 1. B BakerGH Hurn Fredk H PeteraCornelius 2 Blunt H W Helma Frjokiiu-S Packhurat Jno 8 Brrnv Heater Hunter Geo Purbeck Jno H Brittain Joseph Hardener Geo E Parker Mr Blotter Jonaa HmIj H G Bucbbirimi Jofaa Hamilton Henry Pajne \\ ir C By met John Han Hugh M PrattCapt W A Blioej James Henderson Jis 2 Pomeroj Walter B Brown Jerrr HappntI John Peacock Albert Brown Jaa P Hamgan Jas Qjimby Frank J Booth Jlo W Haas Geo Roilmsoii Alonio-2 Ba ton Jas J Harvey Garrett ? Rnison Andre But rer Jacob Hunt Ju 8 Robertson A P But er Rob'. Houeer Ju H Rheem Edward B Brehnel Saml Huntington Jai C Rahn Geo Bramble Cspt Thoe Heckmau Junes Rogers Greenabnrj Byrnes Timothy Harlan Jaa R<;uoldi H A Babcock Win H Hind* John H R-iee Jao Bailey Wm Hoover Jao Robiasoo R M BingeWmH Heal; Matbew-2 Roaa Joo Bowu T W Hauua Nathaniel Robinson Jae] Cannemon Jno Harris Philo B-i Robinson J D Carer Jacob M Hilt P H Robertson J 11 I n U D ... I A vhiiciuu jm-4 niu-u rcirr *vi?? ^ ? Carter Juo-U Hiuft.boone S RuthJaaM# Carrol James Henaley Thoa W S Roth rock Juo W-2 C&llio James HanlandWmC RojersJooC-S Coarrore John HickaWmH Rogers Luthar CofTiiAmei Jones Cap! 1 D Ruptrt L Caldwell J Joyce Chaa H Roth Loreni Cries H W Ionian Christian Rhodes Henry CaettesFM Johnaon Chaa Rhindou Owen Cloulinf O 8 Jones D?id F Read Siml M Collins Francis Johnaon Frank Rankle R A Camay Kdward Jamy Francia H Lickcta Col W Cark Chaa Ingeraon J W Robb W A Coleius Chas-S Jouea Capi J Ruaaell N R Cochran Ben] F Jones John C 8waatt Andraw-3 Couner Andrew Johnaon Lewis Strong Ben) Carr Alexander Johns Mr Sloan Benj Crouch A B Jojcs Patrick 8te?eneW C Com.ell Michael Jeiiaena Peter 8 8hiw Clarauc* B Calahan Michael Johnson H C Sowner Conrad Cohen M Kora Capt Chaa C Stenart Dexter 8 Carileer M M Kleiagmidt Carl Selcom Adolpnus Caller Robt Kreutifeldt A Smith David P Crawford J H Kalay Lt E Bchewermau Danl Couuoley Thoe-J Krouae Lt K-8 8pr.ii.kle David Crowley Wm Kallar Fredk 8ul.iran Danl ( " I _ . _ U7 . I K.rl.l V VAm.mrA Bhinn M. . . A Cutkbort Wm Kimety laaack 8 Snyder Pat'k Ir* Crow Wm P Kelly J?a Sheell Fred De.lin M H Knou J T Smith Frank A. DotlinrWm KoightJuoG Short Francis Donnelly Win Kiony Juo Spencer Gun W Dugan Tho?-2 Knight Jno T BouleGeoWi Keitli Renel Shropoline Israel R Dekuight 8?iul KoirkiSinnnt C Shipp Jo* D?lj Patrick Konkel Cyrus Bt;u Jno R Duoegan Patrick KiagViucent 8b el born Capt J Dodd Mr Laytoti D J Sampson Tbos Dimbar L L Lloyd Edward Sheeu Jeremiah Davtea George LuerkelFrederick-28tewart Jno O Dale Juo Lewis George Scranton J L Doyle Jno Lou; Juo Strobls J C De?.tuport Jas LaneJaunes ShattockJoa Doaoghoe Jai Lake John 8teigauf Karl Deau J D Lloyd Josiah Small Joi-j Denmil John Leonard Jas-3 Sherwood Le wis Dunneu John Lyonch Jas Smith NichoUs-3 n.D in. a.. i.. v - l. m._:_ a_i- m. i/?pcurDUiia ouig u i^rnsn maniu ouilVUI I not Daley John J Liverfood M H-3 Bheppard Joel P DuiiUid Lanpua Philip Sohnell Wrn Dim J W Leach Thoe Scott Walter Dwialdaou Juo A Leach Tim Symoie Wa. Dwyer H M Lewie Timothy SprtjueWm J David Geo Le'ihe?r W W Savage Wm Davie David H-4 Lyman Wm Scherer Fredk Davie Chat W LockwoodCaptWm Thorp EUeoeter Deidd Che Lather Wm Tallcott Chat Q E.irly Jno-4 Maith Wm-8 Tucker Edwd Elevelee Sarol N Machmer E K Tomptoii Geo Euditott Capt L Miller DH Taylor Lewie E*lon Solon Montgomery David Thomaa L A Bro Elliott Capt W H Mitchell Chat W -5 Thoe U 8 Geo Ent Capt W H Maruo Capt Thacher Oliver Elleworth W D Mirai.da A Ion to C Thyeou P H Pluinary Byron Moryer Amanda Toieey Capt P W-2 Franke B M Millejae Turner Win H Pairchild C li Murphy Jaa Ltiler Peter 8 KHire raid H M i Mc White Maeter J White A Franklin H W Mamie Jeeaie WeehburnChaeM-8 Panly Jae W McManue John W tot worth Chat Pieher Lt J W McCabe Jat-? Wiiliame E Penluaou John Mtmanthalar JobanWau O L PojJobn Moor* Joo WirlmrGeo Prick A Harn Mackeuer J K Watkina Gao S Faan John McCain Jno Will Lt Farjuaoo Joe Millar Jaa Wood Jno W Ktj Juo C McMaona Jaa WendelJnoH Puvialla Michael McNaiuea Jaa WigtnaJasP Purnace Louia Moran Jaa Whelan Joo Perneuer Lcwia Ma rone t Jno White Jno MeJ Poatar Michalj Millar Edward White Maater Jno Plahertr Miehal Moon Chaa Whippla MoieiT Pari la Miahal Murorig Capt Aro?< Weerton Pbilliu Parria Oraamoa Morna Geo W ildar Rufua L Prunk Oicar W McKaa Gao Whitmore I Cooper Pinuegan Patrick MarehGeoO-3 Wilson 8 T Pranci* Robt McCall Ma) Gao WiU.m Stephen R Parringloo Sacnl MouruLewiaJ Walei S.iui-2 Purnaaa Waab'n McGoeern Pai'k-8 Whita J M Pallova W J McBea Uaborn Warnee s E Greenleaf Dr , Morriaon Purka Williaraa Smith B-4 Gartner A H M.lone Patrick Wonan Win W-H Gurhain A 8 Mil la Robt Williama Wm P Glbaon Hou C Miller Robt R Wllktaon Wm Gilptathcr Danl-3 McColloogh Ju-3 Wilik Win Good Danl Morltjr Mr Zimmerman Wra H Green E<lwd H-3 Multr Ju M Zimmeriiuu Uie Good EUn Metier LtHC ZeilUnoT Gilleiiuo C Merrell H L MISCELLANEOUS ?Camp Gaiatt; M J. 4. ID- All Latter* (exoept " Soldiera' Letter*") must, ia vary liut&noe, h* prep aid. Wot 5 It HENItV ADDISON, P. M. 5HHDS. PRIME ORLEANS SUGAR. SO bua K 10, Maraoaibo and Java Coffee, 20 bbl*. No*. I.SandSMaokerel, 60 d rem* Fin, 150 *mI* Fine and 6. A. Mfttt. For aale by do 8 ? W. H. TENNEY. i nnn LB8 nbw hulled I ,WV HUvtW UK AT i "f KK ^*y!siStod~ **"' ijsrats^&s'iKi*. ^sassa, uifc^asr?fin bozaa N?w York ChMM, For Ml* by ooM-il W. H. TKNNBY. TELEGRAPHIC INEW? The War la Mtaaamri IXCIT**IHT AT ?r*I5??I*LD BKtATiri TO T>* bkfobtkd motii oram raiMoar St. Loci*, Nor 4 ?A special dispatch frptn 9prlngfl-ld to the St Lout* Republican ufi there 1* much excitement caused by the report* relative to Gen Freroonf* ospenalon. Nothing ha* been Icvc? Wtu iiuia TTUUin^WD cvcarminv U1V TT* ports, and a number of oficers declare tbep will mlgn If Oen Frsmont la removed, or will iaslat upon cresting him Dictator Id the Southwest, Independent of the administration, the course of which Is bitterly denounced for 111 vacillating pollcv. The re be la killed In the battle of Sprlsgleld are asld to number 127. The cauae of the cannonading at Ssrcozle la still unexplained. whs ska so uts OP peick?lahi attacks his ssas gtasd St. Loch, Not 2 ?The following ta from the correspondence of the 8t Louis Democrat: Chahltos CoC!*tt,0"I 30 ?Judge MeNeunt, prominent cttlien of this county, reached home ?esterday direct from the headquarters of Gen 'rice. He left the rebel camp a^Neoaho, Newton county, on Wednesday, the 22d, where Oen. Price and Ben McCullough bad united their forces, making an army of about thirty thousand mea. * Oen. Price had received a large supply of clothing medicine, 4c , snd some arms His rifled I cannon has not reached htm, but were expeeted to do so on Sunday night, under the charge of Gen. George K Clark, who had aent meaaengera forward to Indicate hia approach. The Ijegtalature waa in ae?ion at Neoaho, but lack four of a quorum. Thta deficiency waa expected anon to be made up by the arrival of aereral of the membera, when It waa believed they would confirm Clalb. Jackaon declaration of independence. Gen. Price g)v?-a out that he will atand at Neoabo and vlr* Gen Pt?nnnl hattl* h? expeota ea?ily to defeat, and then march on 9t Louis and make bla winter quarter* In Central M iraonr< Jirrmo!i Citt, Not. 3?A acout, who arrived here yesterday report* at headquarters that he left Price on Sunday lact, at Neoaho, with 13,000 of hi* own men, and 6,000 Indiana under Gen. McCullough They have no intention of making a stand In Mlsaourl McCullougb had himself gone to Fayettevllle. Ark., to change the direction of the rebel reinforcement* to Camp Walker, Ark , Instead of Mlaaouri, where Price will join him Geil I.anp la tnnth nf Prfo? ?n<4 ham mmnt in Gen Fremont for reinforcements A large mounted force haa gone to the aid of Gen Lane, who bu bad a skirmish with l'rice'a rear guard, but tbe result was not known. Important frsm Western Virginia. A BATTLE AT 6AULKT BRIDGB? RESULT ROT knows Cincinnati. Nov 4 ?A special dispatch to the Gazette, dated Galllopolis. 2d Instant, aays tbe Confedrea'ea under Gen Flovd opened on Gen Rcaecrans' forces yesterday morning, from two Paints opposite Gaulev Bridge and Camp Tompin? Tbe telegraph office, with tbe Quartermaster's store, were no doubt destroyed, and when our Informant left Gauley yesterday tbe enemy's shells were alined at the Ferry boats and bu tidings. The enemy bas some heavy guns, and a large body of Infantry. Floyd's forces opposite camp Tompkins were not Urs than four thousand. How many he had at Gauley bridge, four miles this aide, is not j known Telegraphic communication by the Kinawha line bas been Interrupted, and the particular* of the battle are unknown. There hat been no communicatlon by telegraph with Gen. Rosecrans' headquarters since Friday. The operator at Camp Tompklna at that time reported fighting at Gaulev, but gave no particular*?immediately afterward* the line broke. LATER FROM GACLIY BRIDGE?TMK BATTLE a TILL 1H PRIORESS?OKI. ROdECRASS KNDBAV9RIK9 TO SDRROU.IJ) FLOYD. Ciwci!iati, Nov 4?A report from Gauley Bridge to Saturday evening reports tbat Flovd had rut a road around the hill where Gen. Rosecram waa encamped, and waa sbelllng the camp, but Rosecracx returned the flr? and silenced two of the rebel batteries Ha had also sent a force up a new road to attack Floyd In the rear, and would. It was thought, completely surround him. No Federals bad been killed up to the last ac count* from the camp. The Interruption of the telegraph line was caused by the operator leaving at the commencement of the fight, and in returning the wagon was upset and the Instrument destroyed The enemy sunk the ferryboat by a shot, but she was afterwards raised and put In use again. Terrible Shipwreck?Lass of the Ship Mar* ltana with TwcstyieTes LItm Boston, Nov 3?A heavy northeast gale commenced nt 9 o'clock last night, lasting ten hours A great quantity of rain fell. The noon tide today overflowed several of the wharves, doing considerable damage to gooda, Ac , stowed In the cellars 80 high a tide has not been known for several years. We learn of the following The bark* N. Coggawell. of Providence, Hamblln. from Malaga, for Beaton, struck on Scltuate beacb.and will prove a total lots. Tbe crew were asved. The ahlp Marl tana, W11 Hairs, of Providence, from Liverpool for Boaton, with a cargo of coal, wool, and cotton, a?ruck at midnight on Egg rocks, near Boston Light, the aea making a clean breach over her. At 3 a. m. cut away the main ai d mtzenrnaau and stove one boat; launched the other boat, but she atove alongside. Five of tbe crew then succeeded In getting on the rocks At 8 a m.the ship went to pieces, and seven of tbe passenger* and crew reached the rocka on a piece of the poop. Twenty seven persons were drowned At noon to-day the weather cleared up, and the twelve seamen were discovered clinging to Kjnj Rook* The life-boat was launched, and Hull and tbey were taken off. Not a vestige of the ship remained |rm < literal*. San Fbajicisco, Nov. 1 ?Arrived ship Boston Light, from New York, with the loss of one hundred tons of her cargo, thrown overboard In a storm r.ff Cape Horn. Theit^nmor n.t. V,.. D ma, with f 1,000.000 In treaaure Sbe carries 14 army officers, 500 aoldlera, and 800 passengera The treaaure shipments are amall, on account of large remittance* In treasury note* and drafta The ship Neptune's Car baa been libelled, beint party owned by a party In Alabama Five volunteer companies have sailed for Oregon. The bouae plasterers of ?an Francisco have struck for an increase of pay,which has been conceded, and they now receive live dollars per day. The dates from Hong Kong are to Sept I9tb. The Kmperor of China's death occurred on the 22d of August. Farther (rem Earspe. CAPTAIN SXMMKS, 0? TBI FiaATX SCMT**, fcEatVKD AT LIVSKPUOL. Qcibkc, Nov. 4.?The steamer Jura, from Liverpool, with advices of tbs 21th ult., ui arrived. uapiain amines, or me privateer sumtrf, Lad reached Liverpool In the steamer Edlnburg It ?u expected that the Bank of France would almost immediately adopt bo me new meaaurea to palliate the existing financial crisis. The accouchment of the Empress of Austria is expected about the commencement of February. It Is the general Imprraalon that the recognition of the kingdom of Italy will be the basis of the reconstruction of the Austrian Cabinet. The War in Keatacky. OCCUPATION or raiSTOMSUKG BT TBI chios win M at*ville, Not. 4 ?General Nelaon took Preaten burg (in Eastern Kentucky) on Saturday without reaTstance, the rebela falling back some six mllM IKiau W*aa maW!?<r * New Yark Bank Itatneii. N*w Yotk, Not. 4 ?The weekly statrmeit of the city banks shows a decrease of S3,9(7 000 in loons, and 9939,000 In specie, an Increase of *166 000 in circulation, and a decrease of (3,783,000 In deposits BOOK,STATIONERY AND FANCY STORE FOR SALE ?An established Store in Georcetown. D C., dome a first-rate basinets, is bow of ferod for ul*. It n i ?tnr? w*ll mUn !>i* i ant]era' auppliea. Terma made r?aaonahle. Application for the aame oan be addreaaed to 'U.," OeorieU) wn. D C. oo y-eolw* on BOXES BUNCH RA181N3, OU 50<> I ha. Bordeaux Alwonda, 6 oaaka Currants. SO drama hit, Citron, Palm Nata, and Pilbarta. For sale by oo?-6t W. H. TKNNEV. BB^LS. SUPERIOR OLD BOURBON WH181 quarter pipe pnre Caatello Brandy. SO t>bia. CM Wbiaky. 90 * Rectified Whiaky, Holland Gin, Port, Madairaand SMrry Wiaaa. Km aale by OO U at W H TKMNKV M*""- WSMm ^Sra*? r- ' OmiQB B??otA?oi !? ?*. U8T fKOEIV&D% IsEYYVsm vniTinv JUL/l 1 THREE O'CLOCK T. M Coiivl TO QBKMC. Oirtw L. Ofcflto, at Philadelphia, bu, w? lsara, b??a ayfrikM Consul to Quebec. rtrrtf wrrrTiDr ? rr r%M JSPT" w Viv i'i i Hi i yi n i i?v A kITlIW TO IOIMW To-morrow foreaooa tbe HgillMlt dl iMu of General Fits John Porter la apMtai to b* reviewed by General MoClellaa aad bit ata* A H?W M1LITA1T aoaPITAL. We are glad to learn that tbla foreaoM Ik* Government engaged the wboU at Mlaaeaota raw?the splendid maniloM of tba lata gwabi Douglas, Senator R tee, J oka C. Braektarldfa. and Mr. Corbla?for military boapltal purpoaaa Their coat of erection waa about lUDna. ?l elusive of tbe value of tbe square oo wbtcb thrf land?perhaps tbl rty tho a?? nd dollars The real paid bjr tbe Oovrr anient Is at tbe rat* of a boot aevrn thousand dollars per aaeosa for tbe wbole All of them are bountifully supplied with heating apparatus, bathing rooms, eqaedoct water, Ac. Tbey are tb* brat buildings for the parpoar, we take It, In tbe District of Colombia LATE LOCAL NEW3. Two Steam Fibs Enemas, witb Cob p&xiis to Won tiui, Oimn to Wimimotoh.?II afford* a* more pleasure tku we can expraas to be able to announce that to day, In Cabinet Council, it wae ordered that two strain fire engines. with eiperlraoed companies to work them, be at once brought hither from the .North?from Philadelphia. prataMy. Our fellow cltlaena of the Federal Mrtro polls owe a debt of gratitude, Indeed, to Prcaldeat Lincoln and his cpnttttntional advlaars (Or etcIng to thla determination Hoa?x iw th* Ditcb.?Yesterday afternoon, while a driver was attempting to paaa the narrow allp between the pile of iron bedateads at the corner of Tenth and O atreeta and a trench made for carrying a gas or water pipe to adjacent property, with hla wagon and te iro. one of his horses Al l Into the trench, and was so jammed la the narrow cat mat becoaia not extricate blmaeir la a very abort time twenty peraona were giving dlrsctloon bow to get him oat. aod everyone^ way waa the right wav; bat none succeeded, until two of tbrre a?out aoldiera and laboring men Jumped Into the ditch and by main atrength turned 'tie animal upon hia feet, wben be eaaily got out unhort. Death* or Soldibbs?The following soidlera died yesterday: John Walaer, company D, Twenty-sevsotb Pennsylvania, at Roach's mills F. Somrra, company U, Twentg-thlrd Pennsylvania; Blaaiua Smith, company E, Thirtyflftb Pennsylvania; Kimball Wood, company r*. Fiftieth New York; Jacob Aakey, Fifth Pennsylvania R C , and Charles A. Thompson, company B, Twelfth Pennaylvania reserve corps, la the camps C. A Uartlett, company H, Fifth Vermont, at the Seminary. WlEDISO AT THE CHCBCH Of TBB EflFBABT.? Tbla morning, at 11 o'clock, a very large company waa assembled at the Church of the Epiphany to witn>es the nuptlala of Lieut John M WUw f U. 8 A , and >Hsa Augusta B. Waller. At the hour named the body of the church was weU tiled, the audience Including a large represents tion of the oificera of the Army and navy roe were performed by the Rr? Dr Hall, rector cf Epiphany Church, and upon their conclu?lon the happy couple received the felicltattoo* of their large circle of friends and acquaintances No Litis Lotr,?Vea.eiday it waa feared that an old lady, Mrs Huaaev. who waa admitted to the Infirmary a ahort time ago by the Ccralialoner of Public Bulldinga, had perished la tba flames in the destruction of the Infirmary building yesterday morning. We were glad to leara, from peraons connected with the laatltntloa, that M^i H was removed from the building to the basement of the City Hall, where ahe was found properly cared for by kind-hearted residents la the building; ao that it la now certain that ao ona perished In the flamea. LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. FROM FORTRFSS MONROE. PARTICULARS CONCERNING * ? FLEET. Tur Tortnoa or tul' rvrwv unvivn a uu lawi u vr *' w ? ? ? w * SOUTH THE MOVEMENT INTENDED. DOUBTLESS, TO MEET THE NAVAL EXPEDITION. LATE FROM RICHMOND. BEAUREGARD RESIGNED HIS POSITION ! Baltimore, Nov i.?The steamer from Old Point, which arrived tbla morning, bring* the following intelligence: Fortress Monies, No*. 4 ?'The steamer B?l* vldere, one of the nnval expedition, laden with boraea and storra, returned her* on Monday noon. It ia reported that ahe waa separated from the fleet In the storm of Friday, and a portion of her worka being stove, and the veaaei ao roughly handled, ahe was compelled to return. Twelve of the boraes were killed. Thoan on boftrd knnur nothlntf as to the rMt of the ImI About 3 o'clock tbli afternoon tbeatoamer Modticllo, of tbe blockading aquadron off Savannah, arrived bere and reported tbat abe pawed tbe wbole expedition moving along finely, on Saturday nigbt, wltbin 30 milea of Bnll bay. Tbe i{orm at tbat time bad nearly abated, and ofiwra bad no doubt tbat tbe expedition entered Bull a Bay early on Sunday morning, and landed wltbin twenty-lire mile* of Charleston. Tkla point of coaat waa but allgbtly fortified. A Norfolk paper of Monday aaya, "Tbe destination of tbe expedition la known to be Port Royal, tbe entrance to whlcb la eixty mile* aoutb of Bull's Bay." No leaa than alxty contraband* came Into tbe fort-eaa and vessels be re on Monday. They report that many troops have been withdrawn from Big Bethel, Yorktown, and the viclnlte of Norfolk, bat It wss not known whither they have gone. Theae contrabands were picked np In boots sad dug-outs One had 34 In It. Passengers by s flag of truce say that no information hod bet-n received there relative to the upeditloa st 10 a. m on Monday. The Day Book mentions s rumor that General Beauregard has resigned, and also publishes a dispatch from Richmond mentioning s similar report as there prevailing Buffalo robes FijR SALE. Wholesale aod Retail at EM ILK DC 'RE*?. oc ao-Ht Pa. avoans BLANKETS, COMFORTS. SHbKTlNRS. lowels. Napkin*. Doylies, aod other Dry lii.nffa fi?r lh? VAnti <if f.nnsaka ^sara sad naiiliAa On* price only, marked 1 a tlaia if s roe tCJJJ.U.utf.U., c. .??.VV.Vd""sfeofc pitUi USALO KO? cA1Tl1( on MiLIO PlOfOi^ferm/jlM U) t^? e?rMBment 4,W? Herf CaUie on tfc? Hoof. ir? i? vitodjM ifth day of Novambar, .Ml, ?t IS o'oiook M. TW (Jul* to bed* it red in WaUuBfton ottr.oa tfea St'th day of Novembr, iMl, or a- eooo tberea/Uc m the O Ttruiwt mr oireot. Ta* mm taka d.rectod to Lioit. S.G tiKERR, A C ^ U. ^ A ? G^traat, Washington oity, 1MIWW rf**3bal? Pmoro?i u arc also iavlted till tka lau day of November, 1M ,at I o'coel ? ?-. (???p;y n? the Soveruaont 4 MO Bead of ??dOM3a on tho hoof, TheOattle to bo delivarad ?tl?rubar?, Pa., oa tho 9Kh of No?iabw Ml. or as k>ob IkarMfwr *i the Oovtrnatnl au dirMt Tkt bid* to t* dir#cUd to Lint. P B BA K *Ol L, A. c Biuit Ptcrouu ti* iavttatf till U? lAU ?f Cutllto Mor:;v*r?d ntkcHU Ikf (M '* r U?2,or M aoua tkwuUt m U* flui wm hi 4ir*ct. m ltuar Vor*.OwkMkiri,or SHajS'^ 3MSal - A B , m BIB. I. A U. do btrtbi irA^A ? . ^iIM. ^ ?u #? ralSel

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