Newspaper of Evening Star, November 6, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 6, 1861 Page 4
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? VMMMM *ii? w^a?i??y??? THE EVENING STAR. 'THE ?1TI ATIOR I Thrre'i a tolendld country going to ae<d A people living In aoreat need, And mlmali running abort of fcrd, Par want of mrani of l?bor , Tbfre'i a bofui Government, made with akill, Hv a leader who alvrava lied with a will, Hhd* aay In bta grave be ia Lying SUll, Our moat cantankerous neighbor! II. Tbere Me gran urowa ctMet and useless port*. A Cabl' awfully out of sorts, A hort of merchant* troubled with "shorts," Wbo?e credit Is i<ettln^ rotten; There are empty warerooma. gloomy and wide. W bera raU and bats and cats abide, In holm and cornera they love to hide, That ought to be crammed with cotton. III. There's a bankrupt treasury dead flat broke, A monatrnui ache me that must end In amoke, Too many for fact, too sad fcr joke, Though the promises all were palmy; Therr's a Mter on every pen and tongue, A dally tissue of lies out-Hung, A navy of plntrs who ought to be huug. Aim! a kllf ltaruml mnllnnns 1 IV. 'Sow, let us look on the other baud, Where bravely her? la the Northern land, A uation of patrlota take* tta stand, Fo: I Union none may sever; However the traltoroua South may rave, W| toTr the liberty WjkillMTnH gave, A u4 tbe Star "'pan^l'd Banner shall proudly wave Above ns forever and ever ' V. There a an arnr hundred* of thousiDda strong, Keadv to man b on the dastard throng, Who leave th? Rlgh* and cleave to th? Wrong, When moat their country needa them ; An army who* weapons are hardly toys, Who can fight as easy as make a noise, An army of regular "bunky boys," And General M<Clbllan leads them ' vr. fo h*aten tbe day when we shall aee A nation reunited and free. Shouting for I'nlon and I.ilierty? * whole nnd regenerate na'inn ; Ti crow and flourish again In peace, When the knavish Rueii tb> ir mischief ccaae, Aa<t the llnios oar>- mere holds tta" leaae Of a happier situation ' [Vanity Fair. The Niw Jsasrv Tragedy ? Ahnost Another Suitid* ?YesU-rdav we gave an account of a Mrs Markaand Mlta Fl*ua, suspected of murdering Pellner. and thesulc.?de of Miss Flann. Tuesday morning morning M'S Marks attempted to de toy beraetf, but without succeeding In her deigns Phe had been closely watched since the suicide of her sister (Vtsa Flann), a woman being stationed In her cell night and day. a Between half-past twelve and one o'clock, in the morning. M'S Murks seated herself on a >r>nn... I r. k.. ?11 -?> - ? ? -- ..< uvi en, o.iu pise'iijc Qfr arms OTtr idc back wrapped heraeif In her shawl. About one o'clock the dior keeper entered her cell, and ob erv, n^r a sm-ili apot of blood on the prlaonet'a haoda he at oriee approached her, and removing her bawl, dtac"*"rrd that ahe had cut the arm lyln/ over the b-ck of the lounge with a araall penknife. The blade of (be knife wai abort and dull, or tbe woman vrouid have undoubtedly t ave injured kervelf fatally A* It la ao danger la apprehended Tbe kntf* It la M2t<p^fc?d ahe concealed henenth b< r undrr clothing when ?Ue waa aearched in tbe tilt! on hciae fi^Tbe Baltimore New* SWi (Secesb? publishes a resolution. wh'-b It alleges i<? to be oftert-d In tb? Episcopal Convention in that city .arraignlag Bishop Wbiuiugharo,for inviting the Tyn^rs and Beecbers of the North,and for favoring tbose engaged In the slaughter and subjugation 01 tbe people of Maryl and A. New Fuse?dome of the Southern pap-rs u??"?t that the Confederacy should dtiard the 0?a>a and Stripes altogether A flag like that osed by K<>?k1us o. when lighting the hattl*-* of freedom la Po and, Is proposed?a plain blua-fltld with a white eagle \KW CLOAKS, NKW SHAWLS, AND il MW PRESS G?>Ol?S, Of modern de*i?n? and tabroe at our prove-hial ? tw priori. with al. other kind* of met! nm *-4 ury Go-da iu a. 1 Uiedepartmtuta of limine* and houaeceepera wants. Alto, oar a?ua fall (took ot ail tb? iea ic? Ptap-e? adapt*! to tiva wanta of Uie mi lion, who*? W?de w? >o' ml. Carpet*. Curtain*, Oilcloths, Raja, Ao . upper fiojra. Out pr*o? only, marked in plain figures, there (ore no purchaser i? d?o*ired. An inspection ? f it ?k *oiio:te?l; it implies no cMi^Uioii to fnii-hata. au parce l lor ut? interior properly picked free of eur^t. _ PERRY k. BROTHER, Peau. are., %nd 9th street, dp3 IBM "Parry Balding." PIANO*, PlANOb. PIANOtS.?N?w Pianoa reoetved errrt we? Pome and look M the MPDrtmect .M KTZF.HOTPS M aaio ilepct, pinwr 1*4 ?? ?n.l K?v?i,th <t. **6 i-tROPiiAN HOTEL, KEPT UY r. ?MKJl/?. at tns corner o( Peun.A.* A saaa .id ii-erenUi street, h&a t^ulnAf (reftUy unproved recently a&d sow oflersAKAfU rraater ibJucen-.eMe for the patronage of otu&er.i and strsor^rt teaa any other pn 61io house in the ? uin woer 01 any ottier hotel on Peon. avenue, tad hi* aocomwodationa Jot permanent ortranalent boardera nnexceytion able. Tbo bar and reataarant arrangements of the |Uny?o Hoteu kara already booon.e very pope laf-betn* all that oan be desired by the rooai im.toaloaa. The proprietor pledgee unremitted attec poo and eon turned liberal axaeoditureato jits aat lafutloe to all, and thoa renewe hia Invitation *? ||1 b> r1*? tk* Rgrntoan Hntal ? ?a)l. d#?-ti ? A ttUA A SCUTUM CLOTHS^* (Water prtoi /V Rfpeiant Cljtha.) for Ladie* and Genta' Autumn and Winter Wiappiaga, varioua ahadee, of tue best a us-utj. With ail otiier kinda of Dry Gooda for current daily wants. On* pnoe only, marked in plain fit area. All pareeia for the interior properly packed, fr?e of otiarae. 1'ERRV A BRO., Pa. avenue and Ninth at. oc a M -'Parry Bonding." BIuLlARDd! BILLIARD:*:1 Cheap Pm< *?. Six Imt w?4 Marble B?d We wi?h to inf no oit and ttracaer* that V* atiii onniime at oar reduced prioes, whioli is one tmH inaa than tfte usual oitr prices, viz: (mofle iifamc'iii'i tames, $ i 7 MILLER A SIMPSON. Atheuauru Bi.'uard Ba'oon, 430 Pa. av. wY eo?* N B O A^T b (Mtlimwur ifnurol'i q*<?, ( WttAmrum CVy. r*ly . Pux* a"5 5*p?ci?ic4T1<v?? for hull* of Rat Boat* for the Western mers ar? on ei!uL>ni<>n at this office, and at oAoea of Quarterrnaatora at pittaburf. Cincinnati, t?t. Louis and A>ton. Boau to be delivered at Cairo. Bida should he pant is <JuarWrm?*ter General of the United Statea ray, at Waatuacton, by lat Au cast, at noon. M C. MKI'td, jw n Brit. Qea'i and Wuarta^Taater ?;?cn. imiuri fAHKK AND ENVELOPES.- T???i ^ ty rfiffsrent ntjlSfl of Note ftod Letter Pftper, witk eaniotM to Views of Wuk>n(V>D in the form of ft Rose, ftud ia Book form; alto, lopftr&te AU tbe D*iy ftid Wewk y Pftfert eon?t?c>lr os kftnd. Her%!d. Times, ft^Trimiue received every Bixht ?t e o'oloct. rwfn from ftli fftrt? of ?h? co?mtr?. bsftdie'i Dims Novel* ?nd Mij Books. 4 freck supply of Book* for svmnier reeding, A Iftrg* Mftortmeat of Jivinil?-Ma!n( Reid'k Boekf, fcoUo Books, Abbott's Histories Ao. A dleoo'.nt of 10 to ? sot oeat. on ft!\ bojr d books PRENCH A RICHSTEIN, Nstirmsl Boofcitow. Ms %v I CAB! NOTICK. N Geasequeaoe of oar kaving to Hr cuti frr ra%^tiO!A of foods we iinjiuss, we are fureetl ece osr business to Cash e*elinj vei y, for tfae pr-srut. We Uftve in store ft very Iftrfe ftssortmesl of READY MM)E CLO'UiIV6 for me? ftad iri Fft. 9recite, between Nk ftixt Mtk it*. |st i into'. Re??h ? maw&s&tV'JSiSrAs!?* ?,...... _mnl[ j^"? *cd vUkUci-of r of *11 kioaa, Flat hC?.Uv .in ac 1 BiiIin. Vieva of WmUbiud Foreign Huuidm, Daily and ? ,Mal pRtiNCH ft RICMTEIN-B Nation* Bookatore. m I "rial ft ?fnh.) 'JT* Pa. ?t(d?* vhieh w# Write all eaeh Mrohaaer* to examine be/or* waai: c their eel*cU"aa WAIX. SrKFHfcNJi ft. CO.. hhi Pa. it., between ?ui aadWth eta. -? n Hoi^'tfwW wl B'inh lem.i .- ? / ' F~OR HKLD tSERVICK.?Haary ttrar ai.<t H ova M'x*d U aukeU, that weij h froaj e to 7 <U ?t pa.r,a v?rt toaroa article . Aieo, In- Ue<i. Crib, and Crflie Bankets, aU aura* ir^e^uA ?. Sheetinge. Pil.ow Cottone, ffa#kl-?, ToweU. ft a. vC rth ali kinds of pry Good a for Uie ftnara' aad ?p?ci*. wauu of r* in i Ilea. Cvp*U, Carta taa, OUeiotts. lma. fta. aaaar fvn * " P?. ftvuwtad Nintu ?t. jail "I'TT Bai.dlCI " WK *'IIL I OVTINUK THK ?ALK OF fh? (rrfct Mr.ttna in Si.k?ol all km'? H?? i? ?'*<* in N?? iiiali fcf i: \ MAkMlllKimfiW r*tJl.Ao ?.-?r ?. pbfUiu*. ? 2v!lt,?1** < t.. u^fM jiNM*. flH*' % DENTISTRY. Dr. CHAALES R BOTELKR, DENTIST, No, 33# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Betwrc L Ninth tod Tenth Street* ?a <0-^)^11. ~ MTKJJTH. LOOMIS, M. D., the investor and KlnlN ofth* MINERal, PLATE TEETH, tends K"oi:? .f at his office n this cityMH Many persons nan wear theee teeth who^*''' ** nhd?( wear others, aud ao person oan wear others who cannot wear these. Persons cahiuc at ray office can be aooommoaatod with any style and prtce of Teeth they may desire; bat to those wno are particular and with the purest, eleaneet, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can produve, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city -No. 339 Pa. avenue, betwaaa Kh and 10th sta. A so, 907 Aroh street, Phi.adel Shia. oo U tf GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to execute any ardara with whtcn the* mar be favored in the PLUMBING, OAS OR STEAM FITV1N9 BUSINESS. rrr Store on fth street, a few doors north of Pa, arfnue, where may be found a comaiete assortment a/ CH a. N DEL1ERS and other AS, STEAM ana WATKR FtXTPRKS ia rrw j ID.i i utn. PL OMB BR AS J) OAS FJTTBR. Has "removed to the oorner of Twelfth ana F ?ts. Bftii preparod to introduce Water and 6as upon the moat favorable terms, tad guaranties entire satisfactionHehas on hand a lot of COOKIN9 and other STOVES, whioh he will sell less than he wishes to set rid of them. no 17 We S FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai y receiving, 9AS FITTURBSof entirel* New Patterns and Des'cns and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore effei d in this market. We invito oitiiens seneral ly tc tall and examine our stook of 6as and VVater Fut ires, oontident that we have the beet selected stook in Washington. A!) Work in the above Tine intristed to ear ears wiii be promptly attended to. MYERS * MoSHAN. Mr Mf .ITS D street. r|(F!CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF ?AS METERS. _ WAs.Hi^eroWj JaJy II, lWt. ni/i jyji 1 o flAAJSA r tfJfaiT, IBM, H'Mably to the proviaiona or the ordinance of the Corporation approved May It, 18g>, the underlined la now prepared,"whenever required in writinj, and on pre payment oi the fee of nfty oenta, to inapect, examine, test, prove, and aacertain the aeon racy of recutration ofany cat meter in oae in thia oity." Every meter, iffo? nd icoorreet, will be oondem ned and another, aeaied and marked aa true, will he eat in i*< place. If proved w be accurate in ita meaauiemratofcaa, it wili beaealea acco~ainfly, anc aga.n pat m position for ace. once No. k 10 Seventh atreet.ciear Odd Fal. w?' Hall.) Open from S a. m., to fa. m. CBAKL.ES W, CUNN1NSBAM. jy U-tf inapeotor and Sealer of ?aa Meters. JJEADWCARTEKJJO^JHE U.S. MARINE QrART*KMA*TKR'S OPflC*. I Washington, September 28,1861. \ ^ t*E*LiT> Protobals,^ r> a<sho'aaaae^arat^ly.wil^ muc .m ai mil irilinn UUM1 I* 0 0.00* OI W dnesday, >th of November n? xi, for fj. m?hiug to the CLitfU ? Marine Corps, durum the year | I?h2 the follownr supplies, t-? be delivered at 'be offi"o of the As i?*a?t Qua termastar of theoorps, fhiladelphiv Fenc3)!v?nia, free of expense to th? Unit d *-?a es 111 suoh quantities as rosr from tune to tune be ordered, viz . CLASS NO. 1. 14 epo vard* of Pfcy Blue Kers'f, all wool, free fn m hair, (M inches wio, to weigh 22 ounces to the yard. tin h?o wonl-d?r>d ) 6.0ni fir ft- Da- k H u? Kersey ill wo il, free from hair, ? mobe* wide, to wewh 22<junaes t? tie yard, (llidlCO W?*ui d*ed.' .Oi*1 rards Dark Blur Tvri'led ' loth, all wool, for rnsfo m ooa's.tIndigo wo^l-dred.iM inehcs wids, to weigh 22 i>ur,o ? ter -a-d. i ^ ISO janls S.;?rl?i Cloth, a! wool, (oochineal 1 uywi ,i ?? i .ciiOe wiue, to weigh 16 outoes per yard. No ii. B <??' tarda of 0 4 D*r* blue Flannel. for overs*ck*,aU wool, (mduo wool dyed,1 M in heswide, to 13 uuuo'-a p-'r yard. 16 000 yards of 3 4 Dark B u? F'annel for ahirU, ?!l wool fiujigo wooi-dyed,) inches wide, to wei * h 8)? on no# < p?r y?i d 13nn Ur?< Uiank?ta, al! wool to weigh fowr pound > eaoh, with lotter* -'U H V " in t> aik. tour iriones long, in the oentor; to be 7 fesi lone and H feet wide, ard fr e from r reaae. ?,?*> pairg of Woolen Socks, tl ree eiies, ?rop er;? rna'eof co->d fleo'js wool, with double and twisted yarn, to wrl h three pounds per doseo pairs, iree irom grwM? Ouh No. 3. ?<?*) yards White i men for Pants, 80 inches de, to weigh 13 ounoes per yard. lo.mjo yards Wht'e i ir.en lor Shirts, 80 inolies wi<1e to wegh 11 onncfs per yard. 16 ?"0 ya-ds canton Flannel for Drawers. 37 ic.hoe wide, to weigh 7 ounce# p*r yard. Clasp No. 4. l ?*i Uniform Caps, o<>rnp!eie<fxoept Pompons.) 1_S>?) Pontpons, rtd worsted, ball shaped, 4 indues in oirrtimf?*renoe. 3.WO t- a?igu0 Caps, (wi'h covers,) to be made of bin* olotii, i- digu wool-dyed. 2joeo 8too* a. i/iAM r*o. ?. 600 c o*a r. ea L'uttrn*.Katie.) 4<?> uroB? >aoker Hut'ons (Eagle.) !(*> ir"?? Vef IK** a.) I.SOo pans \ ow Metal Cresoeats a d Soale Straps 250 ?eui Epaulette Bullion for Sergoa tsand Cor* pora's. 2 orji sen Epan'e*?!? bu' ion for Privates. JO P.?d W-ylft- -i "*ai:hrE. 2r5fw yards of jr>How i'inding. 2^0 yirtJ* of Kfd Co'd 1(0 Swords for ^ergcr-nts 50 !*wo-ds for Musician--. 50 Dririns (t?nor,l oomplete. 50 D mil Joints. iftn Batter D uin Heaf s. 50 S*nare Drum Head a. loo Drum C"rds. 100 set* of Drum Sn?r?t loo Boxwood B" Files.* No. B. 10,000 p&irt Army Boots, f infantry pattern. Class No. 7. 1.2<*> Cartridge B>x?? I 1,200 Kayocei Scahbajds. I,?1" Pwrcu'sion cap Po-iohes lfV* Cartridge Box Baits. 1.200 Hayonet Belts. Waikt BoltR. 1^0 Wiut Plates. I,am Hn?a-t Piates. 2fio Sword Frogs. Cl*v? N?. 9. I*?*' Knsp??t k* Wi H*vcr<-acke. 600 canteens. 6"0 Musket Slings. Clah No. O. For making and trimming the fo'lowinc articles, viz W a to h Coats Serjeants' OorporaV Mnstoians*, and Private?' Uniform ai d F?tisue Coat-*, Woollen ana Liren Peots; FlaunH and Linen Phlrt#, [) a?ers. Flannel Sa^ks; and Red an<J Blue Jack eta for Boy*. The above mentioned artir'e* must conform ?* a'' retpitts, to the sealed sta .da d pa>t"ra< in the offoe of 'he Quft'termasW Vlanu* ? orps Marine i*a racks. V\ Ashint on, i>. C.; A?s stunt (Quarter master, office Maune Corps, 1.&" >prnce struct, Pbi aueipi ia: and at the ?arin<? tttationa, Brooklyn, New V<-rk.and Bosto*.M&ssachnsetts, where tfce* oan b? exansine-l. And whenever the artiolc* named above, or anv portion <>f toem, shall be oons>der<d asnotfoilv conformu.* to sftoiplvs, they wiii be rejected and ?.1- ? ?--- * ' I kit" UWUti V wi 'iu vb ouuna to mrnun others ol therriuired kind at "nee or the ?Jmrtermaster wi'l supply the deficiency at the expense of the con teaot r. Fannent will !>e mauo upon theaocecled delivery lo'tUe wools auant.ti, whioh inay from time to time be ordered. withho din* ten per oeiit from the payuiebt of aooount renderrd under first order, until secsnd order is hi ed, an t ten ffer cent from aoo-?nt rendered utder s?oond order until third oraer is fil ed.aud so on, until contract la completed. Ka-st proposal ninat l>e aooompamed l>y the following guarantee: porm of Tt?e undersigned, .of ??, in the 9tat?ol .and .in the State of , hrreby guarantee that in oaee the foregoing bid of tor ?upplie?, as atwjve described. I* aroepted, he or they will, within ??? ? ??? *? the receiptor theooritract ? the Poet ofliae named, execute the c?>utract lor the wit. i good and mlhoi nt ?ecuriti??;ud m oaae the raid shall fail to enter into oontrao* *? aforesaid, we gnarant?e to mike |<>od the diflVenoo between the offer of the Mid and th*t whioh may beaoo?pte<i. A H, Guarantor. C D, Guarantor. K F, Witness. , 10t)l 1 hereby certify that tht abo\*e named are known to me aa men of property, and ahieto mate good th*ir guars, t??. G. H. To be aigna<1 by the United States Diatriot Jndge, UnueJbtatca Diatriot Attorney or Collsotor. No sroposti will t>e oousldered unless aooompanieu b? the above gaarat)tee. N'ewapap*rs suttii-tiaed to ptiblixh the ahov* will sum tie psp?r oo taiuiug the &rat insertion to this off ee (>r examination. Ti>e bidder's plao ? of business, or manufaotur ing establishment, muat be specifically aiatod in th? proposal., _ ' tm a*<- va 11*1 of artiolea la believed to b* about the quantity of ?Mh a tic e th&t will bo required : dviing tlie fWi bat the iju%rienn%?ter reaervsa . tharirht of ordering a greater or leaa fuauiity, ; chonld tea inUraMa of tha aervioe ra^uire it t>ro^r>a?ia to be esdnraod on tba envelope, "Propoeala for Supaliea for Marine ? orp? for and addre?edtor Major WM H. SLACK, ; Quartermaater M.C.. Waa.-ungton, D. C. ao9B-law4w I HFRKNCH * RI0H97EIN iVR Jaal reeeired a freah anppT* of Not* Pa- . per, Colore.! burUara, raled aud plain, with Knra.of?a to matob Al*o, I-lac PaMr of all kind*, with and witioat Motto**; Envelope* to matok. Pinla and Pocket B<>oka of ararj deacnptioo. A largeaaaortment of Stat-.oner*. New Yvt Papera reooired daily; Payor* from a! paiUo t RICHSTKIN, ?.?< P?i>n aoenna - E XV VO.I .u cli^Vro", ul! i teS&tF ?* "They go rl|h( to (k? Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \OUR OOU?B PURIPY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, amm GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY * SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, j LADIKS ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR 8PALDINQ'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. The; relieve a Cough instantly. They clear the Throat. They five strength and volume to the votoe. They impart a delicioua aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taate. They are made of aimple herba and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who haa a' Cough or a Husky Voioe.or a Had Hreath.or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confections. They will relieve yoa instantly, and you will agree with me that "thev go rivht to the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending publio rreetmgs, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. If von trvnn* I package I am safe in saying that yon will ever af terwarda oonaider them mdiapenaible. You will hud them at the Druggiata and Dealera in Medioinea. PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My signature ia on each paokage. All other* are oounterfeit. A 1'aokagapwill be aent by mail, prepaid, oa re oeipt of Thirty Centa. Address, HENRY C SPALDING, No. 4S CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. CURE ^0. M A MA IMH??1I*- J' ? 5 Meivuuint'dUdCni V<l^ CURE A ^ Jrinfc* * Headache. p ^Pr ^ imi . i By Ui* im of theae Pills the periodic attaoki o lf*r*nu cr Sick H?dth* may be prevented; and I taken at the oommenoement ot an attaok Uaoie utie reuei rrozn pain and siokness wl 11 be obtained. They seldom in removing the Nmmif u4 to whioh female* are *o nbJtoL They ut gentiy spon tbe bowels,?removing Cm H?MM II. For Lit0rmry Mm, Studmts, Detioate Female*, and all persona of stimimnt krnbin, they are valaable as a Luxmti*?, Improving the ? ?**?, giving ton4 and miter to the digestive organs, and re storing the nataral claiUoifcy and strength of the ' whole systvm. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long Investigation and carefully oondncted experiment*, having been in use many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a va*t amount of p*in and suffering rem Headaohe, whether ortgi I Biting In the??r?o?M system or from % derangec | state of the <i?sukA. They are entirely rentable in their composition Md may be taken at all time* with perfect a&fetj without m&king any ohan?e of diet, mmd ik* mb~ km* of any dtttrttabU la/l* rmdmt it wi? u dmtnitttr iktwi to ehtldttn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The cennine have five aignatarea of Henry C Ppaldint oo each Bo*. bold by Drmciiata and all tiier Dealers iu Medi ism. A Uok will be aent by mall prepaid an reeaipt U* PRICE, 11# CENTS. Al! ardara shoald be addressed to HENRY C. 3PALD1NS, 49 Cboas Stbbit, Nbw Yokk. Prtm lkt Mmmtrn? Nmfolk, fa. uetnaiio rills aooomptish the object for whiet they were mad*, via: Care of headaolie in all ik forms. AV?n i4i Bammi+tr. Nmftlk, ft. They have been tested in mere than a tketsas> eases, with entire soooess. fVm lis Vimttrmt, St. CImnI, Mimm. If yon are, or have been troubled w ith the K#*o fcone, send for a box, ( Pills ,> so that yot | may h?ve them In oaee of tii^ttaok. IVsm tk? Wtstsrn K. R. Bmnttu, Ckumtt. Ill. We heartily endorse Mr. Jyaldir*. a?4 his it rivalled Ofhalio Pills. ? lis ? * ..... ?.? rm*m nMf< IV?W (1TUMI, I t Try them ' yon thtt %reaffliotad. ar.d'w* art ?*r that Toor tMtimony ?an ^ mHm alrt*4. oainsron* list that haa rooolTed h?n<lto <tit n< other uiedioine oan >ro?1?a?. Mr*m U? ftmmttU. !**?+. Mr. Spalding wmld Dot oonneat VU uut vlU 4A artir.e he d;d not kmm* to pof*9t rul /+om Ik* A4+*rtinr, A. J. Pills are Mid to he a rnivkikt] effMtive iemedy for the headaobe, ud ?c*ofiii? v*ry best f?r that rery freoent e*n]?laiai Whtel hu rrer been dlMOTrred. t-9m lit St. L+xis flxmrt. Th? >mm(nw desaacd for tke artlala <C**kaii? Pnla) U r??iilT inoeaaint ?mi ik* Kmamwkm Stcr, KamtmA*. ?'?. We are ?a re thai jereom rafferla: with the k*u Mhe, who try tbeiri. will stiftk to ttra. f+*m tkt Ad**tii>*r, Fr*>*i4mu, B. I. Til* iMtimorr in their ffcTor > shore, frea tkt most rrwpectaMe * nartera. frtm tkt IMtly J*w, Umpmr*, K. /. Cet halio i'llls are taking the ?l*?e of all kia4a. y*&m tkt Comtmtreiml Built**, Bo? ten, Mill Said to he Tar7 efRoacion* for the haadxohe. from tk* Commtrtuil, CuutnnaU, Okt*. Buffering hnmanltT can now be relieved. ITT A single bottle of Spalding'* Prepared Glue will save ten time* its ooet annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE' SAVE THE PIECES! Krnvnuv ? - A/iarATVM [7"A Stitch ih Tim 8a ras Niii?."JX As accident* will happen, eren la well renfflPea famines, it k very doairable to hare ao me ct>?a? JuilooaTeDient way for repairing Furnitura. Toya Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED QLUE meets all each emeneaoiee, and no household aa afford to be witkoatil It is always ready, and to the attoklnc point - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Brash aooompaaiea aaoh Bottle. Prla U eento. Addreee HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4S Cedar street. New York. CAUTION. S"., 2KS"" PALPI wr?r**i?A*MP im_/ii ? m Jf I #* ('aJ*"*. and f>*< ' ttrtmtk tc tk? rout 4/ PUB LIC SPEAK GKf its 81NGKRS. Ftrw are ivtrt of the im?orUQO? of oheokinc Cough or "Common Cold'* in it* first itut; that which in the begininc would field to a mila vmt i?. if Dftflftfttiwl innn^tteA^.fK. J '* Tim??'* Brokekiil troeii*." oonUmi-Df derauToent uuredi ntt, allay Paimonary aad Bionohial Irritation. _ "That trouble in my Throat, (foi BROWN 8 whioh the "IVoeJU*" area epeoifio> ? _ ^ _ nan hi made me often a mere whu TROCHES perer.* N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S " 1 reoommaiid their tee to Pv*u? Snum." TROCHES RBV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Great service in anhdvinf Hon<i BROWN'S wiss." REV. DANIEL WISE. VBCtniiEM " AI moat inatant relief in the die treamm labor of breathing pecaiiai BROWN'S W A"E"g?:-A. C. ES9LEST0N. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anytbmi inJnrioaa." OR. A. A H A v KS, BROWN'S CktattJl, Souon. ? A ^ a-i TROCHES honlo7co;Vn.U BIOWN'8 OR. 4. F. B18ELOW, ROCHES " B?n?doi?l in B*o!*rHiTi? BROWN'S DR J'* W- Hifi. TROCHES W,terc0^,?? xoellenl for BROWN'S MK*' " W' WARREN^ I w?or?ni?o|_M BeMfioial When ,00mjelled u nuvuui. speaK, EDn^rinc irom ?^old. q?oWW,a EEV. 8. J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN 8 si. Lnu. VROnm- s " Etr?rTVA.L in removing Hoarse TEUtBKa new acd Irritation of th* Throat, s? BROWN'S common with Srunti and SinaTROCHES Pro' M' CTACYjJPfiJS!SI5fc

BROWN'S . T~0tYeOIr^eColSe.t^rl1 TROCHES " 6reat benefit when token before and after the? prevent BROWN'S Hoarseness. From their past effect, 1 think they will be of permanent adTROCHES Tantaie to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens College, Teen. TROCHES flT-Sold by ail Prunista at TWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX.^31 <s l-l y DR. GODFR EY'9 ANTIDOTE used for the last half contort in the Hospitals of London and I'aris for th* onr.* of Secret Di*tate?, may now be had at 'FHftSl No. 310 Chesr.ut street, sole aeeut for WK/ the United states It coatains no mercury or other minerals, and wi 1 not h^rin the most delioite constitutiox A fpeedy cure, guaranteed and no < hange of diet required. Pu e SI Sent by oxprens 8oid jn Washington br 8. CALVERT FORD, corner 11th street and Pennsylvania avenuo. aep 5- eol? UPHAM'8 HAIR DYE~TO COLORBLACK OR BROWiV .'.'?Only 3"9 cent* a box. Three boxes for one dollar Gray, red or flaxen hair can be oli&ngoo in a few seond* to a j t black or brown, by using L'pham's Liquid Hair Dye, the beet and ohoapest in the world, producing, the inon en' it is Applied, a rich natural appeararo*. Kach Box of LPHAM S HAlK L>\ h warranted to oontain &8 much kair dye a* others seli for one dollar'. *?old by S C. UPHA.M, 3!rt tVh^anut atreet, hi* delphia, aud 8. CALiVfcKT FORD, corner 11 eh atreet a?d Pa. ave. j( sep&-?oly k liUPONT's' S*UGAr 7:oateu hMALE KEGLLATlNG PILLS are trn the very best tn u*e They operate spoedi y aiiti effsotuaily, and being u?ar-c?>ate fir i ore?:e no nausea, up? n the m ist de loati ^ t-1 on ach A tri\l of tte?e Pills will prove tneir superiority over all others, f'rioe On* Dollar a box. t*oid only at l'1'HAM'S, 310 Chrsnut street. Sent by mail to ail part* of the country ia a sealed envelope. Soid In Wa?h!PRto'i >? S. calveht fokd, oorncr 11th street and Pa. a?e. ?ep 6 roly On J H Me!.KAN'S BTREUOTHEMING COSDIAL AND BLOOD PLRIFILH THE GREATEST REMEDY ta lit WORLD, fuili li(tiil!?i ui u?rMfU7*tu??..d?:ter taKiPf. ^ fmaiUMv " 'UUIUaf, ptadaalsf a dallaiati, aiaiUrailaf pirtt, tad Ua Mat lafalllhla taaada fat raaaratlaf Ui luaiaad / ! ?. tad raatarlaf Ua alai, (tf arlaff, aad dakUltalad tavalld i? haalt* aad ttaafUJULMAPTS STRENGTHENING 9QRDIAM Will affaaiaallf a ait ki??? Caaplalat, SytatptU, J?aadlaa, Cajaala ar Bartaai Dablllt?, OUaiiat aftaa Kidaaya, aad all dlratMi artalaf t?a a dlaarAoad kiiai ?i 3vaaitfe. yiptpiU, ri^ara, la ward Pllaa, Aaidltp at Miakaait ai taa ?> ??? . rauaaaa *i ?iaac I* la* Btaa, Wi;S r>n M via at a f la Ut H?td, PalpllaUa* af UiXiiii. r?;:>?u ? Wtlfkt la U? lUBMk, l?u I'liutHi, CkaVlar > llfHiuif Ptallac wktn Urla* dava, DijatM tr T 11 W. M? af u* Ikla tad ;?, Ivuu, U*tid r?'?r?, r&la la Ut lain af Ut Baak, Ckatt, at Bid*, Baddta riaakaa af ??, Btp rixlaa af aplriu, Jrlf ktfal Pruai, bifiai, Baiaaadaaty at any biitiu dlttaaa, Imm at Blatakaa aa Ut Ikla, ud *t?ti aad Afat (at Ckllia ul gaaa| ru A Million B0YTLM8 Iiti ktaa Mid duuf Ul lut all aaaUa, aau la at lama a* kn It fal!*d la (1'Uf tnii* taticfatila*. Vka. lata, will iifti fraa Waakaatt at Dtkilliy vata McUAl'l fTUHtTIIIIIIIICOBDIAfc artil MHjrail a laafiaft taa aaatay a* .attaait tdia a' Ut laaHl- , at* aad ala*at atraaalaa* akaaf* piadattt kj laklaf Ula ' Cardial hi tit dltaaatd, dak'.lluiau, aad uautitd atrtait tytlta, wktUil kitUi ta?a ky titttt, vaak l?y aatwt, at laa^iad ky tlakatai, Ut rtlaia-1 aad aatircaf aiftal atlaa It rtturtd la lit prlnlat fctallk aad ?l*at MAMMJSV TXKSOH81 at aUart. aaattlaaa af taakllHr fiara vkatavav ?im. will tad MahiARi cuuuh t fiam(t ripiitiMif tka tyautt; Ud ill wka U1 iivt la (rnjid tkaatalvaa ky lafrtiu iadi^mu rill {ad la UU Cardial a aarlila tad apa**' r?aaady. TO THE LADIES. MtklAll RTLJIITIItllMI GORDIAHa i?miair* lad apatdr etia fat laalplaat CoMaaaytlta, W kltak, Camattd at ?' ?*!? M*ut*uttaaJ amun>i> ( s*:?a at hfilnun luunn tkintl, FaJltaj ?f ta? 7tat) Slddlaaaa, Filauaj, t?? all d'.taaaat laaldaatia rajatltt. THERE IS SO MISTAKE ABOUT IT hill M IMfti. Ttka iv ataardUf u dirtailaaa. It *111 tlaalait, nnifUta, aad !a?l?arau yak aad uati tka klttB H kaaita ta anal / ?? aaatk iftli. Ur,tj kattia la vimiul ta five HilifiiilM. FOB CHILDREN, U ?Mf lAIXfta ai? aiakla, pair at aSitiad. HtWIill COKSlAb vlll ?&ka tkaa btalUT. fit. akd Pai*y a at a awtn Uy It, lad yam -rill ka iMtlaaM. It la daH?Imu tauka, fAWTION, ItviN a/ dngftau ar daalatt wka aa; Uy ta paiai aaaa faa aaaa ktuai aa aartipanlla uuk, wktak tka* ait k?y aktaa, ky aiylag 1: ti [mat u gaid. A?a'<1 aach aia. Aik (at MrkKAlTi VTftEll*THK)t!MS CO&DlAk, and uka aaiklaa alaa. It la tka aaly nmidy iktl will lanfy tka Blaad ttataafklr aad at tka iani tlma attanfthan tht tyataia. Oat tanya*un-1 ttkan a??ry matntnf faat'nf n a cartita paavaatlTa (ai Cbaiata, Ck1:1a iad Favtr, Talia* Ta ar, at ay rraaalaat 41mm*. It It pat a? la litfa kattiaa. Pr-ta aaly 91 pat Ma, a* (kaun far |i J. . M - LEAP. Iiipniwi *1 u:> Mniii; UH, ntktli'i T*l*?n>* U1 Uilatat. PrUaifal D?mi w (hi tarati af Ttiri ui rt>> ItlHU, It. hHlt, Ma. oLean't Volcanic Oil Liniment, ( but kirjtur m tbb woBkn.) rti Ml7 Mr* aad iiwli tin fu Uumn, Ptl**, Tm in, tvtlUap ud tr?n*klia ?r Call**, Faiatrala, ??ralfU, W?Uniii if u* MsmIm, Cktaalaai laluaniwrj Bk**?iUi*. Bllfaaaa *f tk? Jaiula, Caauatud MmcIm at blfaiatota, Kanaka MTMlkaaht, BrmtaM, Baraim, Fnil Cau. W*und?, Bl**r?, fini Bartt. Cakad Iruii, Bar* S?U?, Bam*, Baald*, Bar* VkMat, at any inlaramatiao a* . aa difartoa* haw utaii ar Wcf lit* di**a*? may i axUud, MckKAHf CEkEBBATBD klMlMKMT fa t ttrula r*m*dy. ThMaaadi af baaaa ktlaf* lit* k**a Mt*d a Ufa af dta waplud* and mm; kj iki ?? *ftkl* luTaliahl* rtnttf j. McLEA^PS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT VUi Mil*** pain * In?I iuituMMuly, and it will alaaa, pmritj ud kaal U* faal**t mm* la as in*r?dikl* *b*rt tla*. run. HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MtWEANI CEkESRATED LIMIUEWT i? ifc< Ml* t&b u4 rtlUMt ttntft far th( (iri ?f p??in, H.lnrhMi?, Wlnd(illi, Icliau, on*t?r*l Lamp*. Ewltt M wtiliarv It MT?r ftUtd ? tua Bl( End, PalltTll, futile, did Euaiaf Inu, *r Iviid;, If pranriy ttplttd. Tm hruii, Bf?ittt, ItnMtii, Crttktd ( It, fttddlt M OUar ill*. C?u, ???, *r Wiult, ll it to lotaillkl* N?id;. i^liudl>?tMludiMiiliWfUlilai?i7 IMUIM. Tkta ttlit iMfi) Wl* tkt bim wittlHt Uil^HU flMd M m. Okt.ln .?pyiT W D?. McktAlt CEkE EAYE9 UllHUlT. ll vlll tut tml J. I. MckEAH, Mi PrifflitN, Onit Tfcifd ui Put tu., St. Uili, M*. ClAlkn BTUTT, n Pi. >t^ Mi* t(til la Wuinj 'M 1,1 T rnilk.*?ii?u*> uH-MWIt QUNBOATS FOE TE? WESTERN RIVERS. QvuTiiKiiTn 6bhkkal'? Offici, I Watkvntion. J tent n.mi c rmorotiLf are invited for constructing Gunboats upon the Western rivers Specifications will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster'a Of&oe at Cmoinnati. Pittsburgh, and at tbia ofhce. Proposals from boat bail- are and engine-build rr alone will be considered. rlana submitted by bidders will be takes into oonsideration. M- C. MKltitf, je 18 Uuartermastar Central United stale r?RIB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS v> and COUNTERPANES.all sues ant. ?uali ties. Bed Comforts, Sheetings. Pillow Liuen? and Cottona, Towels. N apkius, Table Cloths, Tiokincs, Doylies, Ao. All at oar proverbially low pnoes. marked in plain figures. i-??w ootDAri, atruicora, ojournars ud oitueni will inapeot our aiook ?t p)o*??ro. PERRY * BRO., m 71-U Ponn. avnue and >tb at.. w? _ TRAVELING TRUNKS. tMMTosrfSt'BAo* i^'wtuoh WO iri now M'.hag Zi ^^" BSKASSfe I TRAVELLERS' DIBEOTOBY. mthmwuBsae ^ Leading ud mbtrku* fMMBitn it QoMUtovc, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend diaptUahinc their Ml powered ?J^d*-b*Hi iron Steam?hip* M followi: wroittictMnr? Aj!,"?oS: KANGAROO. " " l*h. And every Saturday, at soon, from Pier 44, North n*er. IATKS OF riMUI. Fir it Cabin #7* Do. to London M l>o. to l?*ris Hft Do. to Hambarg * Wwr??~~. ? #30 Do. to London ?.. 94 Do. to ^a'i? 3* Do., to Humbert S6 Passengers forwarded to Ha*r?. Brrinon. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac , at redaoed throneh !ares. Person* wishing to bring oat ?heir friends can buy tickets at low rates. Hor further information apply at the Casta Offioe. JOHN 6. DAL*-, Agent, Id Broadway. H. Y., Or toQ. A. HERRING, Adams Express Baltimore. .rjr? I^INDIVIDUA^, ENTERPRISE fcSSjfcfi EASTER\ AXD WESTERN SHORE STEAMMRS. "KENT," Capt. J H. Ktvu " flONEEK," Capt. W. Normu, Will ran their route* as follows, leavi c Light street, Baltimore, foot ol Camden, at 7 o'clock A. KENT?For Cambridge. Denton and Landing! on Cbopt&nk river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, retornlng every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and West River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning sa i e tfays. PIONEER?For St. M>ohae!'s an<i Eaaton, via Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY,and return the same day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapolis. West River, St. Michael's and Ea> ton, via Mile's River Ferrv, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday by same routeFare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faston Point . >1 80 Fare to St. Michael's and Milea' River ground trip, 01,) 100 Fare to West River, (round trip, 01) ? 1 ? Fare to Annapoli* ground trip7Soefita) 74 MBALS HATHA. IT^Freuht must be prepaid. Wharf and Office, LI6HT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. ? _ NORTHERN BUSPW CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I Caxvbrt i^tATioy, Uatimore. May 18,1K1. ( On and after Sunday. May 19th, IWl.Trains on the NOR 1 HERN I'ENTRAL KAIlWAY arrive and depart a* follot*e. until farther notloe, TRAINS NORTH. i<I -v I L. SI 9 10 A. Hi EXPRESS atljn P. M. HARRI3BURG ACCOMMODATION at P. M. The 8 15 A.M. train connects at Relay Hooae with tram* on the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Ju'.ction with Hanover and Bettaba'f Railr-i%di;at York with York and WncKtariUe Railroad; at Harrsbnrr with Pennsylvania Railroad for all part* of the >Ve*t. alao with Lebannoo Valley Railroad to Ntvi York dxrtti; at Northum herland with L ar.d B. Hailroad for Rincetonand all part* of Wyoominf Vallev^nd attfanbnry with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all part* N'*rthern Pennsylvania and New York. Tlie 3.30 P. M train makes all the above oonneotions except Hanover Rai!rc*d, WriihUville Railroad and the Lebannon Vawey Railroad. Tie 8 P. M tram makes connections with Pennsylvania Railroad for all pa<u of the W?at,and direct connects for New York. TRAINS AHR.ITM. Mai! at6 1"P M.s hxpre a at 7.44 A. M.; Harnebnr* Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tioketa and information inqnire at the Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARR, Bap't. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA ML*arTi FOR new yor'The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia and Trent** Km. road Companies' Line Irons PH1LADKlPHlA TO NEW YO?? K AND WAY PLACh rt, from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENBINOTON DEPOT,will leaveaa lo! lows: At 6 A. M , via Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. Aocom rpodatxon. > AtC A. M , via Cauiden and Jersey City,(N.J. Aoo-smiin-dation.) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Mornir\m M?_ 1 i Attfx A. M , via Kensington .and J?rsey City. (Western Kxsrosa) At 12 H P. M., via Camden isd Amboy, (Aooommodatinn.) At 2 P M.. via Camden And Amboy, (C. aad A. Klt'Wt) At 4>( P M., via Kensington and Jersey City, (Etoiudi fixfron*) At P. M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Seuond Class Ticket.) At 6 P M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening Mail.) At 11* P. M., via Camden and Jersey City. (Southern Mail.) AtsP.M , via Camden and Amboy,(Aooonunodation, freight and passenger, First Class Tioket.) Bscond Class Ticket. Thee f M Mm' Train runs daily. The 11* P. M. Mail, Saturdays excepted For Belvidere, Kaston. Lambertnlie, Flenungtnn. Ac., at 7.10 A. M.; and Oi P- M., from Kmsin/tou. _ t or w ater ?a?, J#troudsburs,Scranton,Wilkeafr&rrc. Montrose, Great Bona, 4.0., at 7.10 A. M.. from K?!iiiin*ton, via Delaware, Laokawanna and Western 't&ilroad. For Mauoh Chunk, Allentown and 7.10 A. M. and SH P. M.. from Kensington de*ot; the 7.10 A. M. li-e oonteoU with the trco leaving taston at 396 P. M. , For Monnt Hollf at and I A- M. and S and 4* P M For Freehold at A. M - and ? P. M. _ For Bristol, Trent?*, ic.. at 7.10 A. M., IX and ^ from Kensiujton, aod 3H P. Ju from Vvalnnt street wharf. For Palmyra Riverton, Deianoo, Beverly. Barlinrton. Floretineoo, Bordentown, 4c., atUJtf.l, t,4HandS)V M- . _ Bic*m?r rrenton Tor if ordentowu. and Intermediate placet, at 3H P. M. from Walnut street wharf. For New York and Way LUnee. leaving Keepington Depot, take tbe oars on Fifth street, above W al mt, half an hour before departure The oars ran int i the depot, and on arrival of train run from thede.K>t. l-ifty pounds of baggage only allowed to eecn pa?s?nger Passengers are prohibited from takini anything as baggage bat their wearing appar*. All baggage over fifty pounds to be paid for *ltra. f i.e eompany limit their responsibility for baccate to one fol ar per pound, and will not be liableT>r any amount beyond one hundred dollars, ezoept by eueoiat oontract. H SAT7.M KR, A teat. FOR THE WEST ANDW1IITB ? > ?g BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and aft?y Mm 16tn, 1M1, the traine will ran u follow*, vie?Leave Camden Station Baltimor?,-M mi,, except Snnday.i at fc. 90 A. M.; Kx&reu daMy at 3. t4 P. M. Both Trains co directly ironrh FOR ALL PARTS OP THE WEST, bOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore and ("if*::., xt take the A.M. Train; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Accommodation Train, lea?inj Piedmont at 5. 40 A. M ;and between Grafton and ParkerabnrB,take the * 3t> A M Train from Baltimore. Tne FREDERICK TRAIN Uavea Baltimore at 4 30 P. M. and Frederick at 6 Sn A. M. ThftLLICOTT'S MILLS I K 4IN leave Baltimore at 6 20 and 9.W A. M. ard 1 45 and A?o P. M.. and Lllioort's Mills at 7.40and 1140 A. M .and 3.41 and 7.00 P. M. For further information, Ticket* of every kind, Ao , apply to J. T. ENGLAND Aieut, at Camden Station, or at the Tioket offloe. W.P.SMITH. Master of Trans portion. L. M. CO'T:. Gen'l Ticket Agent n^^-NtW YOhK. HARLEM AND MflFIinimi ALb.'NV RAlLKdAD JLHAV|>G NEW VORK FOR ALBANY,TROY, NORTH AND WEST. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Convmenoins MuLdni, May 27th, 1MI. For Abfcny?llflO a. m. {kit exprMi train froa Hth street. For Dorer Plains??.-<? p. m stopping At Whit# Plfcins and itatioas north to Doror plains?from ttth street station. (This train will run to Millertoa ew? Saturday eunc.) For Croton Fall*?l:Uk m. stoppini at all station* north of Ford ham from SBth ftreet station. For W hit* Plains?fc?, 4:10 and fcoo p. m. stopping at all nation* from 9Bth street atation. For White Plain*??:)6 p. m. stoppiLf at all station* from W hit* street Mken. For Wllliams Bridte?T*fll:15 a. m. and fcSO p. n. stopping at all stations from JTth stre*t station. Rata rain* will leave? Kiau;?o-w . in. iwi MprMI irMB. ver Plain*?WO a. m. (Thi* train leavee Mil lerton ever; Monday morning at ? a. m.) Croton Fall*?6 p. m. , White Plaint?&!? . 7K? a. m. ?:'0 k. TM p. m. Wiiliam* Bridge?kji,Mla. m.i HW p. in. Sundnr trains will leave 4th Avenue corner 234 treet,for Central Park, Yorkvill*. Hariem and High Bridge e\erj f?w minute*. from M*i a. m. to IMf m. JOHN BURCHILL. Aeet YOKK^NP ERIK RAIL Pa**enger Train* learn via P*voma Ferry and Long lsuck, from foot of Chun1-era tre-1. New York, a* follow*. Tin: 7.00 a. m . BX^RKSaLfor Dunkirk, and Bnflalo, and prinoipal interne ia'e Station*. I??a. m, MAIL, for l>nnkirK. and intermediate StnQoc*?Ttue Train remain* over night at fc;mi rn. and inter mediate Station*. 11 tut. in , ACCOMMODATION.duly,for Port Sta'ion? 4 00 p. m.. WAV, for Mtddletovn, Nevbersk. and Intermediate Station*. B.?> i. nu. NIGHT EXPRESS, daily, for D?nI kirk, Bafluo, Canandatc ua,ai.d ?rinoipa) Statior The Train of Saturday atop- at all Mail Train i Station*, and ranaonh to fcimira. on p.m.. ACCOMMODATION Jor Horaeartlle, and prihaip&. Stations CB 1S, MINOT. 8?'l Svp'l. NATHANIEL MAKHB, Reonm. 1 ONIONS?ONIONS?ONION?. .1 (mm mm ? ? - *vdi MoaiTea oa ooaiicumei* 1,800 i?aot?a Onions. For a&la low. KINO k Bl'KCHELI , ? < <Virw?r FilWftr ? " 0~~\R VERY NICh rtKO<?NI> HANT PIANO for #?. AlaO. al?r|? lock ff Ka en.^ ?? ? Hani ii tt Co.'a and (HeinWM * lon',',5,,'lTWW ' jafct MM raoaired at the Muuo ftu rf of W1 _ W. 0. MKTZfcROTI. | 07" Piumfor rut, nI 1 T__ WOTICB TO T&AVBLB1S. rls^ssums^^T Nmtm) to b?rwinM,oi wiA?'*Mtt 'Mtapt the py Limof iW?*ra o'o ook ?. Hi.. orlmn*diu.l. ??? ,wT tiM WMhlDftOB Tmia, Vl^TiMTM^Mkuirlnl ^aVt?'00 ' M. N rtLlA frwl mmm* rBite&v:i& xt. TIMORK RAILJKiAU SPK1NO AND fVMMBR AMMANUBMMNT. Htud *lt?r TyfcSDA\ fi?y IW.hw^nr Trkina tor PhiiM*>?j>>* will PM*id?t iti-Mt Lrrw<j\ a?uy<e*e?n r?nnaaTa>ae rou?we,yi? M?ffm Trtii *16 li All.. w i? Mm) TrmitjM Ui 4. M.; Evening Mail Ml 4 it o'otock. Ob SuNBAY8??4?5P. M.only. AU tr*4na ooeoeet witk V York tntu except 44ft P. M.tmi oiteur. *^[*Frei?ht Train with H-wpr o?r attieled 1<*TM at 6 P. M . tcpfioi M all fetationa Mvmb Baltimore and Havre de-?reo?. PuaNitri for Delaware and the KmUti fhore oi Maryland will find the aioct expeditioea roata by W|tr AM Colored1Vereona moat fire bond before >b.?r.. WH CRAWFORD, AfMt. n? kaT CKNTl A1. BOl'TK FOE iTHE.^ST. rM HUDSON tjf KK KAIL ft UAL) and JVFW YOKK aCE\TKAL hAlLkOAp.hXfTtn Trtir,lMr, ?w Yrrk o ty df^oti of Hidaon River Railroad aiy. J*uiu!*7? excepted, as follow*: From Chambera atroot Frrm Slat at station. At 7 00 a m At 7 2S a an 1'00 6 00 p m n? " ill a 3 JO p in U6 p Montr, al aad Buffalo Train with letatnt eara, V5? n l a p m Connecting at Albany with tb? N?w York Cm tral Railroad for i*oh?iMctady. R< chaster.!I uoa Baiaria. Rome, and stations on Rons* and Water. town Railnn'- Hgfklo, grmoaae, Niagnm Fi! i, i?uapenet' n Bridge, A barn. Ger.rvn.Cni ncdnigan Trnina in oonnection lenre Bnff& oud ion tie Lnke Shore, Buffalo *r><! i ak* Haron and Grent Western Railrond for Hamilton. Toronto, Detroit, Ckicn?o. Toledo. Milwnukie. Fob Da Lm, Ln Croaee, Mndiaon. fmirra Da Chlea, 6n mm. Danleith, Dnhaqa*. Peoria, Rook lalnod, Muacnbn?, Inwn City. BarUncton. Quircv. Harincfce.d, Alton,St. Loaia, Cairo, Terra Haate, Iraiannpois, touiaville,Cireirna". I a?ton. Colunlua. Cl*re n<1, nodal". point# Wett, Northweet nod South W**L NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Trnira at 1 ro?, with Troy 4 Boaton nnd Rene. A Snraf>ga Pond* for Snmtngt, Whitehall. Rotund. Ourlinitnn. ?!_ Alh?na Bn?? Point, PlatUbnrgh, Ogdenahargh, Montreal, At., Jto (ET Freight Arranjementa by thi* ronte m above, witbort change Cars, froai tbe Dr^oti ta C bam hen and canal (treats, are at all times ea tvorable aa made by oth m Railroad Companies, he (aoilitiea of thia great New York Rrxjte.'o the West commend it to tbe corftdecoe of me.obanta an ' sh'ppers tor promptneea and <1i? patch Paaeer-ter traina. with Smoking and Sleeping ?ars ran in ooanection on tbe N*w York Central oad. For partionlara aa to looal train* and freight ar rangementa, inquire at the depot, 6? Warren at. A. F. SMITH, Superintendent. JT?k U. 8 GOVKRNMKNT LINK TO FORT MONROE AND OL 0 POINT COMPORT. 1 /hvm the lower end i<f I'M1<?N rwkr>ir D. more, weit aido, I'AILY, (Sundava included. I at o'ol' ok V M talinr pas?er.fer? ud fright. and connecting with the Railroad linea. to ard fom Waahirg'oc, D.C., Plu.adeiphia. New York,-Boa ton, York, IIarriaba<Y, Pituburr, Pa, and the Weat, immediately after the arrival of tiia Ivzpraa* Train from New Vck and Philadelphia. The following " the Schedu.e : Rom New York to Kort Monroe and back.. 914 om Philadelph a and hack- Bl* Prom Ba timoreand baok $6. IETPROCURE YOUR TICKKTW-TTl In New the New Jeraey Railroad Oftoe foot of Conrtlard atreet. In Phi ade'phia, at tae Company'a nflkcs, N. W. oort<*r < f Sixth aod Ch?atnnt atreeta, or at Iha D'pot. Broad aod Prime atreau. In BtHintoro. on board the Staamora. fool of Union Dook. HUGH O'CONNER. raiwcter A (eat. ^FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT jfj if AND FALL RIVER. By tao afian<i:d aod aaportor Steam*.? METROPOLIS. EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE.aod STATI? OF MAINE, ofgraai atrcngth and apood, bat particularly adapted to tha navigation of Lone Iaiaixl So nod, running in oobneotion with Uie Fall River a?d Old Colony Rail road, diet&r.oe of W milaa only to Boeton Leave Pier No. 8 North River n?ar the Battery, The Steamer KMI'IRE STATE,Capt Bray ton. Mondaya. WodDeadaya, and Friday a, at 4 o'oloak P. M., tonohinc at Mewjport each war. The Steamer Ca?L Rmw. n? Tueedaya, Tharedaya mm Saturdays, at 4 o'ofook P. M., toacMni it Newport each way. These t*teamera a? fitted with aoaucodioaa atate room*, and every arrangement for the aeean ty and oomfort ol pv aetgera who are afforded by tbia route a nights' reat on l>o*rd, and oa arrival at Fall River prooeed per 9teartix>at Train.reaob ing Boatoc early the follow.r.? morning: or may remain on board until tart ing of the Acoommooa Hon at 8 A. M., by which they nay react Boston aU>nt e.45 A. M. A baggage master is attached to eaeh steamer, who reoeives and tickets the haggage. and aooonapaaiea the tame to iu destination. A steamer ran a in oonneotioo with thia Line be tween Fail River and Providenoe daily, exoept Bandar a. Freight to Boston is forwarded throath with great diapatoh by an fclxpreaa Train, whieli >eavea Fall River everr morning, Panda?a v wiwa ivi *?v?wu Mia ntw ncu,urQ| wmviDf at its deaunation at aboat 11 A M For freitht or paraacc a?p y on board, or at the oftoe on Pier No. 3 North Rirer For atate (MM and ba'tht apply on koard, or if deairao to iMira them in advanoe, to \N M BdRDKN, At't 7n and T1 W*t atreet, N T. jp-k THK REGULAR MAIL LINK ft VIA GROTON. ?rONlN?TON " ^ and PROVlDfcNCK. FOR BOS TON?Inland Ronto?The shortest and Boat (Li rect?Carry the Lastern Mail. The steamer PLN MOUTH ROCK, Ca?L J. C. 6?er, and COMMONWEALTH, Capt 1. W. Williama, in oonneotion with the Momnfton and CrondcDc ^ADd Boa'onand Providence Railroad. Tine New York daily, Bandara exoeated. from Pier No IS Nortt Kiver, att o'aloek P. M^aid Groton atlJO o'clock P. M., or on the arrival of he Mail Tiiun whioh loarea Boston MiJnP. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from New York- < Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. From 6ro- i ton?Tn^ada*. Thoraday ,ard haturoay. The cUMnUNWKAI TH, from New YorkTaerday Tharedar. and A^tardk*. F?? firoiAi ?Monday, Wednesday* aad Fr?ds?. Paseengers from Groton Mr ranroad to Providence and Boston, in the Kxpr?es Man Tra;t. rcaohmg said plaoe in advance of tnoee by other route*, and in ample time lor a'l the early Morning Lines oonecting North and Kast. fat enters that prefer it, remain on board the s'eam*r, enjoy a nights' rest uadtstsrbed break fast if desired, and leave Groton in tuslli A. M. Trsin, oonnecting at Providence with the 1 A M. Train for Boston. Fsre from frovdetjoe to Navport, Fifty oents. A haciace master aooompaniee the Steamer end Train each way. For Passage, Berths. Htats Rooms, or Freight, ssfiy on board the steamer, or at the Freight Office. Pier 18 North River, or at the OKcr o( the Company, No. 1U We?t street.oorner of Cort land street. New York, Feb. 3S, lKi. HUDSON RIVER BATLROADiVQH ??.!Ai'.?ANY f ND TRIIY.CON ?? ;> iv i i r* l? Till 1'KAINB NOKTH And WE6 r, Trwu leave: FromChMa))?:iit.M.Y. f rom >'tb street, bxpreta. 7 and 11 ?. m , 7,25.11 X> a. m., tad S.S6 and SJO and S p m. 6JS p m. Troy and Albany (with 10,, 'Sunday* in aleepiof oar) 10.15 p. m elaoed.) PooghkMpeie tmn6, a 6 2S a. K., and l^CO p. a. m . 1.U p. m Poekakiil train, 4.rt> p ro 4.25 p. n>. S*inc Sili train^.00a in . 9M a. m., and iM and and 4 ? \r.f tjM) m. m I. 8^8 p. in. Ptahkill tr%uuM* p. m lSifi *. 4. F SMITH. tCHWEEIN'l ^ fcilhgatm MWMM M pNMk BCHWBI.IN'8 PILLS tro aura dM&h to Rata tad him. MTtkb*?riB kai r?eelT?4 ?itit?*? from tho Pretioett of to '*rc Collar Dir^cioraof Hoim of R^fu^e PecnarlwKjka, HmriU., mc ( othorPromiLeBtlnatltvtK>La ot Pi tdelpktMj C. 8 JAii, W**L.ntoL.. u C.;BaB Cfctrit? Ho??it?.. New Onm.Lt, LB The ung n&. tcl o&r, bf MOB a! tba WlioiBBBlo Br.d K PX Do??t T5? NortB 8000^ p4ol?kiB,jiad for ial? id tMa oity by p. t b. vuiKt, tortw rt. itmm u< tit m.. u< M I **Bj .Wi'RE^SF BPTKIOUB IMITATIONS. C Rea.eBbtrto aak for rtckweria'a AaaihiUj ^ None ganaice i:ic?d M. Scivnif m? IMaggo F RKNCU ^^(liSTyfcN0^r)B?trM?>>Md? tart* and oomplti* aaaortmAX. of Mi'ittn Boo?a of all kiMds. whiok tuej offer irotn ten to t.flt for oeut. hMow U?a ragalar rHa^ jnoaa.- *eluding: Anew edition of Hardee'e 'nfsrtrj ar.<! F'fl* Tactic*, oomalete, f 1-25 forks' Vi. unteera' NuHi,iW:a, ?1 All* 'a Ootn^MMluiai ot Hfudee a Tauce, Ma SK.VKOT.'azaiX.. o?,.* H&. s Tbotto*. cnaa? u. >6c , . Tie SNilwr'i Guiop, * ?vnijiata n*c?| iin book for the uaaof tne Volnntcr Mil the Hum* Guvrd 2>c Tha Hand Book for tit* U.8. f rat book of uiatrMCioa to lkn'.9.1 ofoa'r? * *" tio*. SSe _ ^A'l-o^ilitory Map oX IM of ^ Floga, RU(*i tod Mad?*a of aw? daafrrt??"** Any of tha fcWova aact b? inoil fro*. FRENCH 4 RICHfTMN. m? > , ?T> ??"'? ? *??* . | F'JffiuWiK'\JSR&32i* 5 } no pbri hii^r i * ve<J " ' , . f a is buytn *dj acl'ipf hnii n->?r * ' ?-h tM.d&i-d, our wU<ir & - >( f :c? ?? ? * 1 ' e ni<rm Tbsfriti. ? . A>i MMIIitUOB Of ?t6ok iNipii?% ! J* * " t? pmtomm. rKitkir -* p*. arena* ud jvu? ?_ m oe U N -Perry Buw tl.

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