Newspaper of Evening Star, January 16, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 16, 1862 Page 3
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> r ?? LOCAL NEWS. ??rrr t?-Nottc* ?After baring for many v**ra yr1n'?d tbe ll?t? of letters remaining uneal'ed for In tbe rn?t ott.r- of this city, (under tbe law authortrinwr tbHr pnbllration In the newspaper having th? ta'?'?t c!?c?'at1on within the nsual delivery of tbe oflre,) tbe proprietor of the Stnr taes at icnz'b felt compelled to decline their further Insertion, because of the gre?t space thev have mm# to orrnpv. and of th* f?ct that for montba pa?t he ha* be?n forced to lay over on each rvrMlon. when printing the llata. advertlaement* tbe ' nuertlon of which would have pold at leaat doable m much as U* law allowed him for the l> iettt Itat. In addition to this poeltlve pecuniary loaa by tlftr Insertion alnce thoM lints bate come to be m lanr# aa tbe New York elty letter Hata. they fc?rf entirely?on tbe day oo which tbey w?re " printed-defeated hla purpose of irnklnptbe S'ar alwaya a iMwipcper?news being ita well-known peclalttf. f AMraiMiiiTi To-Niobt. T(t*ATn ?The drama of " The Momentous QooatlAa" and tbe extra varans* " Aamodeua"? M'.m Sna*n Denin l? bo*h. To-morrow night Mr Bland'a benefit, with a preatbill. CHKisTT'a ?A brilliant bill of originalities, embracing eomlc aong?, ballad*, dance* and bur* lewjue The ? Statue Lover" again to-night. ca"?t?*?ray Ball?Tbe matinee ye?te'd*y otrw I IMII" ??M J a* IUOVail'UWU(J(MUWUIII| V uc ball to e*cee? Aqrther erand propr*mme thin evening. with all the now atara and old favorltea In aplrifed performance* AxrirRiATii ?Tenth night of the renowned humortat Dan Rice, and appearanee of ttoe who I" troupe In an entirely w programme. Dent fall of aeetng "them muiea," and tbe trained borara Dan Rlee takea bla benefit, In a rich bill, tomorrow night. Acapimt or Mratc ?Open all day, with a free eo*e?-rt. embracing auectlona from the boat operaa, at 3 o'clock. \ Union Mcaic Hall, comer of Ninth and 0 * pireeta, open every ni^ht with original and aplr| Ited Twfrrmaneea hv VV. a. Chrlatr. Landia, Forb?a, S^rmonr, Master Bobbv. and Ml??e* Hamilton, fcUaworth an<1 St Clair To con4*4 ,xAm w<(K i.T?k? P?l?Ja? n ht a hwj vivrvr wi??a a ur i4 "p vi r uu ii/i', ?? rw. v> uritty aa "Df^orkeeper " Hctchi5?o5 Familt ?Weunderatand 'hat the Hutchlnaon Family have been Invited to?ing to the army on 'the tarred soil" on the P< toaiac thla week They will leave for a #b?r? time to e'.ve the aoldiera a cheering In thv crum of the t'nion> Tbeyaln* to-n'cht at the room? of 'he Young M?n'? chrlt'iaa Aaaoclattrn Cbtmtt?al Corn* ?Yeaterday the rate of the rnlted State* a^t. Jamra E. Dana win waa tried Donawtn la a well known elt't n. and waa formerly In poaae*alon of considerable property, "which be inher'ted through the death cf h!a father. He waa for awhile in buaiaeea here, and _ _ . ?_ _? *.? - - iti rrmioraoie circumatancea A ycunz nan *tlll, he baa a wifeand three children, and hU friend* were aatootahed at hla arreat for the robbery of ,* Mr Joeeph Trarera 1 be evidence waa In aubatance that on the night rl the *?th ult Travera and Dunawln were at aeveral restaurant* Id company. and that tb?y drank ! together aeveral tlmea, that Travera'.va* tight, and Dunawln not very drunk; that thev left a reataurant abont 11 o'clock p m .; tbat Dunawln had a ?'ojt cane In hia hand at tbat time; that tbey bad not proceeded far before Travers wan knocked down by a blow on tbe back of hiahe*d; and that _ wLiie he waa inaenalble bia pock?ta w-re rifled of 1 a vita of money in gold and notes (ttfty or aixty dclbia ) and finally, tbat Dunawln subsequently conf?a?ed being tbe perpetrator of the robbery. ' <ted that be waa drunk at tbe time, and offered 100 to Tr?*er* to compromise tbe matter, became cf'be disgrace which would ntberwlae fall upon his (Dunawln'*) wife and children. The caae waa scbmlted to the jury without argument and after a abort abaence from tbe courtTf-oon they returned with a verdict cf "guilty as Judge Crawford, in sentencing the prisoner, briefly reviewed the evidence against him, and sad it was a singular thing that with pro'erty of hla own and a family a wife and three children under his roof he should be guilty of auch a serlous offence. It was tbe legitimate result, however, of going from restaurant to restaurant and drinking at unseemly hours, a practice which if followed led in moat eases to the felon's cell or to j the gallows. The priaoner was then sentenced to three years confinement at tabor In the penitentiary to take ! from the 16th lnat , (to-day ) Edward Conway, government wagon master, charged with stealing oats and hay from the government was acquitted. Charles Miller, convicted of stealing a pair of second-band panta, of the vaine of 82, from Augustas Frank, was senteifced to 8 months iroL >n son meat la the county Jail, and to pay a line of j J #? ??. _ - _ m ? ? a %jt - - *?- I a we wc 01 juun narpay, ice you'a convicted on Thursday of stealing 240 pairsof gauntleta, <military glove?,) of the value of $140, Mr. Cbarie* H Utermeble, hs counsel, moved for a new trial on tbe ground#? 1st, berauae tbe verdict was agslnst the evidence; 2d, because of evidence discovered slnc'e tbe trial of what tbe age of defendant was, (under fourteen years,) and forothsr reasons .Mr Utermeble a'gued bis motion, and contended that It was Incumbent on tbe District Attorney to prove tbe amenability of the prisoner, and it was not necemry for (be defence to prove bis non-e?e District Attorney Carrtngton argued aga'nst tbe motion; and the boor of adjournment having arrived, and Mr. Norrls desiring to be heard, court adjourned Dvath oy Ma Rodxax, Chis*?Clxbk cy thk m * - o 11 w * ?_ja? ? - ? ? i klAsuiT ?mi uaofn nramao, rnier cieric in Treasury Department, died yesterday morning boat four o'clock of hemorrhage of the lungs. Mr Rodman hu been engaged in various po*itlons In the Treasury for a period of over thirty v?r?, during nine of which he served aa chief clerk HI* health had been poor for some Hrae, and last fall It became necessary to absent himself from his post for a short time In order to recruit his health Some davs since, It wax found * nrcesmry for the Asslstsnt Secretary to seek some rrst from the arduous labors of his offlre, in order to mslotala his health, and Mr Rodmsu relieved him by performing the routine duties of hisofflce. altbongh many of his friends fe"red his physical powers would prove unequal to the task No sooner bad Mr Harrington returned, however, than Mr Rodman succumbed to wbat proved to be a total attack of hemorrhage of the lunffS. which terminated his life In attont thlrtv. 1* hoars. His funeral seryl'-es?Re*. Mr Hall, of Eplpbaay of which church Mr Rodman was a member nd vestryman, 'fllrlatlng?were attended by Secretary Chase at twelve o'clock yesterday, accompanied by the beada of the several bureaus and the employees generally. His remains wers sent by railway to Philadelphia. Focar* Waan Stattoi Casks? B*fort J**tir,? W%itT?Jobs Bray, drunk and disorderly; fined 4 Patrick Lunsy, do; do. gl 94 Mary Ma1<"n*v, contempt of tbe Justice; lectured and disrr.isaed Jas Gregory, larceny; dismissed W B Cameron; fined SI. Jno. Bride, drunk and disorderly: do. 92 Peter Kearns, do ; workLouse 30 days Michael Wall, for beating bis wife; Jail for court. Jam's llogan. drunk and t disorderly; workbou?e 90 days Tboe Dowlan and Jas McKee dmnk, turned over to tbe mlllf tary. Wm Walker, for profanity; locked op one hour la tbe cell Jas Cox, Indecent exposure, do two boors Wm Lvaby. disorderly: dlsi i ^ ? i* * ? " ? ? - nnM. num o?u, ao , nnea 9J M Jno Witfr*. prohnlty; do 91 M Gleaaon, Aronfc and dlaorderly: hn?d S3 Gro Kerrigan and Jar. btrelar, dtaorderly; do M M each: umuU with Intent to kill the policy Jail for court Frank Lathrop, lareany; do. Franklin Rughea, vagrant; workhouM 30 daya. Police ?The Fourth Ward patrolmen yeatorday arrested Geo Delhi for aelllr? liquor to aoldim The ea?o was dlamlaaed by JmtW Barniclo H tte t?, for aellloff on Sunday, vrai fined Ki OA R ffaKUr w? mrrmmMm A Kb n Leacb, charged with the lareear of farnltnre ba>?nglag to Jobs Vogel The c?m wm t?ken b?' for* Justice D?nn, wbtn It appeared from the evidence that the complainant la a Government trama>?r, who haa a wife realdli.g lo the Seventh ^a'd. Kahler la a mualclan, belong!ng to the band of the New York 15th regiment Vogel % dec n red that dnMng hi? abeenee on duty Kahler bad eauaed di Acuity between him and hi* wife, f'poa a recent orcaa on, returning home aaddenlv, b- found Kahler packing hi* (vo^el'a) farnitare lo a wagon to Bore It, and for thla he had him i arrntrd KibVr ?>? committed to Jill. Mar" (irH Oormar, for profanity, waa fined tt 58; and M^rrlrk Myer, for peddling watchea, waa fined 3D W by J oatlce Walter b SvrtBMi Coo*t. January 14. -Not 79 aad 80 Jobn O Woodruff et al , aarvivt.n?, 4c , app^l Janta, n Wn Nclaon et al ; John 6 Woodruff * al , survivor*, 4c .appellant*. va Wm. Nelaoa v al The argument of thia eauss waa continued by Mr Goodman for (be appellant* No* 81 and 8* John 8 Lawrence, appellant, va John Denbreona et al , cLaimauU of the brig L eutenant Admiral Colleahorg, her tackle, 4c.; id Jeha ft. Lawrence, appellant*, va. John L)enhreeo* et al. The wnnmnt of this cauie waa commenced by Mr Donohue for the appellant*, od cooUaued by Mr. Owen for tbe appelleea I iciKowiiMiHUT --The oAcer* of tba MClrcWH?tp i>l. Wuklii(tM,D C.. uketbla dwm *t acknowledging the reoelpt of iM) toUom ( booka, tbo eoatroaitoea n Ml* Mel villa and oibet kadlea, be (MaiiUsi of a library for tbo L tM? at tkt ?lck Aid also beg to preacot tbo alar eer? tbaaka of tbe alrk widlrn for tba kladneaa aod aynipaibv thai prompted tba preaent. rt uut oi i f?r (be tkirty-ttfUi aaalreraary ball of Um i raoklla Fire Company, to-morrow might L - Tab F* all-Pox.? Edittr Star : la the local column* of your Saturday's Issue I aw you make some renr sensible remarks In reference to tfae spread throughout the city of this loatbaome and deadly disease You teem to think that aometblox should be done to prevent Its spread. In this connection It mav be well fo state that la the rftv ftf rin^lnntM orkM - v?i? j - - uioit-pvJl 1* uri unuuji I prevalent, the city authorities?the boards of council and aldermen, with the Mayor?proclaim and have executed auch rigorous laws as this, to wit: " Whereas small-pox Is spreading In our citv, <kc , 1, , mayor of the city of Cincinnati, do demand that whenever it shall be known that an Individual baa contracted the small-pox a yellow flag shall be suspended over the sidewalk In front of the bottle In which the patient lies: thst no person convalescing from small-pox ?h*li be allowed to leave their houae for ? days after the fever has subsided; thst sny Individual found wllfallv disobeying this proclamation ahall be fined S50, or be Imprisoned thirty days; and that policemen ahall act aa detectives, one-half the amount of the fines accruing to their benefit." Should we not have something like it here* A person Is llsble at any moment to coltae In contact on the street*, In the p ?t office, in an auction room, or anv place of public resort, with a convalescing small pox patient, who la In a most glorious condition to assign over to you?a grave. Or, as It is, one runs a great risk In calling at the house of snv friend; for the mstln welcome msy it I- 1 *?-? ? *" c, ? ii iii, ubs una iprn 01 me smallpox; walk In and sea him " Let the Mayor demand the yellow flag, and prohibit the coming on to the streets so toon; and then let the proclamat'on be enforced to the letter, and I opine the disease will gradually disappear. Health. Tit Long Brimi Railroad ?Notwithstanding the snow and sleet. 500 men were at work yesterday preliminary to the construction of a railroad from Washington to Alexandria, over the Lnn? Bridge. There will be a single track, with sufficient tarnnuts to accommodate the camps la Virginia. It Is suppoaed that the road will be la operation In three weeks. By this arrangement It la designed to supply our army from the North without change of cara This morning nearly two hundred laborer* and other* from western New York arrived by the eara, to work upon the road The work tbua far baa been mostly In taking up the oid track upon portlona of the road between tbe Long Bridge and Alexandria, preparatory to relaying It to make connection, without breafc of gauge, with tbe Manaacas Gap roed, over which we have control aa far aa Springfield a'atlon, and tbe Loudon and Hftrupahlre road, upon which we are running eara out aa far aa Fall* Church, towards Leeaburg Gkoioxtown Policb Ca.S*S? Btfort Justin Reavf ?The Metropolitan Police In Georgetown must have had a lively time on Monday, Judging from Sergeant Newman'* report of Tuesday morning, which, among other caaes, conUlna the following Win. Bryan, Wm Drew, and Randolph Robertson, for gambling on Sunday. were fined f5 50 each. S lcer Nelaon, keeper of the house where the gambling was carried on, got off with tbe payment of tbe moderate fine of 16 4V Andrew J. Arr(n?ton rilmrrlMlir i>ah. dnct; %'2 50 Henry Theodore, do.; f$ 7? Jackson Moreland, James Norrls, do ; #2 44 each. Thomas Carrol, obntructing the sidewalk; 91.44. Joaeph Lbrmantrout, keeping his bar open on Unnday; held to a hearing. Thomas M?rrls, a soldier, and Caroline, his better half, were arrested for grand larceny. Thomas waa sent to jail to answer the charge, and Caroline wna held to ball for her appearance. John Hilleary and Wm. Robertson were each fln'd $<5 SO for huckstering without a license. A box of candles waa found'by the police, supposed to have been stolen BoecaCoiN.?There are parties In this city at the prcsen* time who are industriously engaged in circulating a counterfeit gold dollar, the Imtta> 0 ti ?_ * ? n<>n 01 me K'numc oeing tooa, out tbe component parts belnn pewt?r with some other metal, and galvanized Some of these pt*ce* were offered bv a aoldler yasterdiy at the public hou*e of Mr Klllian, on Eleventh street, but Mr K detected the imposition. The soldier had received them at a store on the avenue for change In some purchases be bad made, and on ascertaining them to be bo?*n? returned them. The storekeeper remarked if they were not good he had been taken In for a much larger amount. We presume this gang is the same that has been visiting the camps and changing Treasury notes in the hands of the poor soldiers with this bogus stuff. Look out for them. How is It ?? Editor Star: Will you allow a stranger a few lints In vour valuable piper' I noticed in one of your city papers mention of a dry goods merchant being arrested for refuting to glv* change for a Treasury note to a colored man who wlibed to purchaae a small article I went to the post Aire on the 13th, asking flfty c*n'a worth of post ige stamps, far the payment of which a Treaaury note waa refuted 1 am sure it waa not the want of change,as there waa plenty there. I would like to know if It la right to arr?*t a citizen fnr refualng to return apecle for a Treasury note If the Government ltaelf refuse* to da It? S B S Watch Pkdslxb* ?YesWrday, officer J. F, King arrested Imwc L'mann on suiplcion of steal IU? waicuci. dc?cibi new nivrr uurs were iouua in bit pos*esston Subsequently, Merrick Meyer wii arretted as an accomplice They were taken before J ustlce Donn, when It appeared from the evidence that Meyer and Ulmann were reddling watch** without a license, and the watches found were part of tbelr *tock Justice Donn dismissed the case of larcer.v. and officer Ring transferred hi* prisoners to the Metropolitan police, who took them before Justice Walter, of the Fourth Ward, who fined Meyer $30 and costa for selling without a license, as the principal, and released Ulman. Richard Kelly, the unfortunate little boy who was run over by tbe cara on Maryland avenue some days ago. and wax taken to the Washington Asylum to have bla leg amputated, aa was st ted tn the Star at the time, It now suffering with lock jiw, and It la feared be will not survive over the day Great hopes of hla recovery were entertained until the lock-jaw ensued Some surprise has b*en expressed that the railroad company has not afforded some aid to the unfortunate sufferer from the brofl carelessness of lta employees running can along Maryland avenue. Da. von MoscHzi-iam, the well known oculist and sbrtst, from Cllaton place. New York, is now In Wasblrgton, and has hit consulting rooms at 227 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite WIllard's Hotel, where persons eS cted with deafneaa or Impaired sight can consult htm. Coass, Bunions, Calosltles. Bad Nails, Enlarg-d Joints, and all d'seases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chtropo<4 lat A OA Punnavlvanlt a v?nn* KnfuritAn C/tnr 1*V I V l< II T I Ul| I la wtiwttu I l/UI " and-abalf and Slith street*. Room 24 up stair*. Office hour* from 12 m. to<$ p in. Orders to call at residences promptly attended to. lm* Plbaiaxt Ftjknishid Rooms, with fuel and gas, with or without board, at 415 E street, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boardnrs can be accommodated. lm* lsfoia Rubber Ijoods. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should be without; 75 cents aarh. Rubber Blanket*, for soldiers, SI 25 each. Rubber Ponchos and Blankets combined, 82 50 each. India Rubber Coata, white or black, S2 50 each. India Rubber Legglna SI per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Goods, including Rubber Boots and *hoea, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mala, Under Sheetings for bed* In sickness, , fee., at manufacturer's prices,at H. A Hall's India Robber Warehouse, j08 Pa. av., between ati_4k. a rm* tk. ?a a? a a.m mniaana tenia aireevs. jui<u Thi IasuK Hui Doctob, From Canada, will desert be diseases and tell his patlants tbs nature of tbair complaints or Illness, without receiving any Information from them. No charg* for Consultation or Advico. ova motto We use such Balms as have no atrlfe W 1th Nature or the Laws of Life : \V 1th Blood oar hands we never stain i? VI pvivuu UICU IVOWC MICII Oar Father?whom all goodness fills, Prov.dee tbe mean* to cure all Ilia; The simple Herbs beneath oar foot. Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from tbe dewy L>ea? Theee, these stall speak with touching poorer Of change and health to the. Watkiagtim Buildings, Pa. aesniM, about Jir? mtmuttt walk /ram Brown' i Haul. No charge for Consultation. Ja 10-*w* lUHHlKO On Tharsdav. l?th instant, ia Union Chapel M. Robert fcarle, Sr.. fc^jol thi? city. MM On th* morniac of tha 16th ia'tant, JAMES B. WYFfrf, after a abort bat ftliMilliMii which be bora with obriat an otitnde to tie 44th jew of rwpeotfuliy invitel to attend bis funeral from hie lata reetdenee. o ^??r of 14th aad S atreef, oa ^tarday morning. at 10 o'eirok uletteti are the dead who die ia tb? Lord JaWX.* In Gaorga own, D. O , lttb Inatant. adUr a abort lllneaa, C \TriAKl.NR TJGBk. a mtiva ofTraland, i a pactalT>y all who kaaw her lor bar many BarTuroral Will tnk* platt to a?orrow_ (Friday.) inatanf. at 4 o'clock p. m., from No. 16# WmI at., to wnali bar fnaoda are Invited. t>n tli- I6A but. a ft a ahort bat paiatai tllnata, JO-KPH MKaCH,??edST?a ??'monU?. r> r r*nt vaa and f i?nia ara inT.ted to attand Lit 1 ue kJ. ail o'o.ook Iron U?a ra Id- noa-f )?ia parante, oa Ma at, batwaaa L and M? No, 443. * AMUSEMENTS. M THEATRE IP8 SrPAN DBNIN in Two C*?r*ot*r?. TmI8 EVENiNS the p?rformano? will ooiu~enoi? with the draw* of the MOMENTOUS QUK)?T10N-R*oh?.: Ryl?od,MUe?. Denin. To ooco.ndt with the extra* Bfftni* of ABMODBU&? Car o,<a pa*e> Miaa s?. Deoir. To morrow Ev>rtr<. Mr. Bland'n Bentflt. It* f JiMON Ml'WC HALL.. _ ^ tOK^II O? U AHD Iw Ilf TH ~TIK8T!? Tks Model Saloon of Washington. WILL BK OPEN EVERY EVENING. ID- Look at the names? W. A. Chr aty. John Jandia. K?t? Hamilton, J?nny K'laworth, John Lardia, W. A. Chnaty, Jenny Taworth, Rata Hamilton, John Foib??, John Forbea. Mary ft Clair. Mary St. Clair. Chaa Seymonr. Chan Fetyniour. MASTER BOBBY. [^Everything New, Origin*),and The performance to eonolnde this evening with w ? THK HOP OF FASHION W. A. CARISfY?._. a* the Door Kxkpbe. Adraliaion - 35 oenta. ALFRED ROBERT*, Agent HE\NEY * FURREYV Proprietor!. J a 18 3t 117 ASHINRTHN THKATER! If ? ? 11' MR. Bl<AND taken great p'eaaare tnannounoin? that be ha? made arrangements with the prtnoipal Artists o' tn? ITALIAN OPERA! From the New York Academy of Mono, for 3 GRAND operatic performances. To take p!ao* on MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY, Jancaiy 90, 81 *ND 89, When the following celebrated Artista will appears MIQQ laiRCI I A UIMITT C V ^hTir.UnfniVhidVrnOTiitn Prnnaljonca, m'MF. STRAKO^CH. the fivonte Contr?lto, ert?s%04Uvvir'&r ?.??. HENRY MOLLKNHOUKR^ Th* entire oombin?tion under the mueioal dir?c inn nf CARL ANSEHUTZ. Conductor Academy of Muaio, New York. MONDAY EVENING, Jan. 20th, will be presented Donizetti's celebrate! Comic Opera of DON PASQUALE, w th the following Mar fast: Miss Isabella Hinkley ana role she has performed with imme se ?ucce:s> Norma 3i?nor Brignoli as _ ? Erenrsio lienor Mancusi a? Doo'or Mala testa Sijnor Susini as (his world reoowccd oharao'er) ? Don Pasquale TUESDAY, January 21?Domaetti's new opera, BETLY, and the last aot of FA VORITA. WKDNK8DA V. Jar. 22?Rrtaaini'a chef dVrnvre IL BARBIERE DE 8EV1GL1A. Pricks of Admission. To Parquette ani Dress CircW - 81 Orchester Chairs . ~ Private Boxes . #8 Pit . JO ceote J*wits may be >ecnred for either of the three Opera Nights at Mr Metx^rott's Masio Store, commmioing Saturday morning next,9 o'o'ook. Do>rs open at? ; performance to commence at 8 o'oioofc. ja 1> / 1 EORGE CHKISTY'S VJ OPERA HOUSE. Tbnth Stebkt. Bbtwbrn K 1WD P. Open Ever? Night with GEORGE OHKISSTV 'S MINSTRELS From Broadway Nitf York, Comprising lb of tue Pioxxd Stars op Mixstrxl?t ' The enMre entertainment under the immediate di reotlon of GEORGE CHRISTY, T\* acknowledged Pionetr of Alinttrehy ! This Evening, and e?err evening until further I1UW1UT7, Will rc y I UU UUCTf I V.III IBl J K I rftl afterpieoe entitled THE STATUE LOVER. Jake,(on* of h best oharaot*r*.) -George Christy Other character* by the company. The usual n.eaiire ol feingltg, Dancing, Bur league Opera, &o., so., by the wuole company. Admission?Parquet, 50 cents ; Gallery, 35 cents. _ja 14 J^ING'S AMPHITHEATER. T. King ..........Sole Lessee and Manager C.S?"tt ...? Associate Manager F. Whittaker ? ??...Equestrian Manager J. Prosperi.? ? Musio&l Director SPECIAL. NOTICE ?Owing to?he engagement of the justly renowned Dan Kick the management has been cmpelled to adopt the following regulation in regard to recerved seats: The two front rai res of boxes are to he devoted to lariier. ard cent'^mfn acoompanyi'-r them. and will b^oharged at 75 omts each ; tnej can be secured daily at the box office Persons who have no cixtivicatks will rav themselves trouble and the n.ana<em*nt annnyanoe b? refraining from attempting to take possession of any box marked "This row is Taken." Seoond and most oosi'iv?l? La*t Week of DAN RICE, THE PfOPuF/8 FAVORITE! this irE.V/JVO, d > n rick Will introdnoe Thj Dancino Mobsk. Frank Rosston ! the blind steed, excelsior, jk., Trained and educaied by Dan liioe, will |>erform under his immediate ampioes Dan Rioe will also (per aid of Frank Whittaker) produo* the COMIC MULES! In the position cf Humorist and Conversationalist, Dan Kice w;U escort to the Circle ELOISK, the Child Rider. Aumissioh. Dress Circle ?0 cents. nLii j a * a _i j a* ? _ ? nuuren under rears oiii?^^. vj> oems. Gallery .2*> oents. Reserved Seats .. 75 cents. Colored Boxes. ?5<) cents. Colored Gallery 25 cents. I>oor? open at 7 o'clock; performances will commence at a quarter befo-e 8. OnW-l)NB8DAY, DAYLIGHT DI8FI.AY! DAN RICE'S BENEFIT Will take piace at an earl* p?riod. Jil? KiCHAKD P JON KB. Agent. QANTERBUKY HALL! FIRST PRESENTATION cr TH* GREAT RAVEL PANTOMIME. LE S AMORS D B S ALP ES ! WARD IN HIS 9KKAT Coftt>K VoLAUlK! A Mat'nee every Wediesrfay and Saturday Afternoons at 2 o'olook, for Lidies and Children, with suaiititie*> of presents. A superb 928 Silk Dross. (O * All of the Immense Company at every entertainment jai W IH K Yv A8HINOTON ACADEMY OF M178IC, Pink. Avmci.C'omh !*id?.) No. ?89, Bttipeen <*th and 10t4 tts. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Cono?rt, embracing selection* from the beet ola?sio musio, and the most popular operas? recdered in befer tvle th\n at any oth?r Ameriosn oonoert saloon. th? vnAota?And th?T nnhlin Am 4r*m 1* invit#H. withon' oharg* fur entrance,- may rely upon hiv mc every comfort th'y desire. Inanition to the fineat inoaio in Waahmgt >n, they will obtain, on oall. from the atteutive attendanta, decidedly the beat Refreahmenu for tale m the Federal Metropoiia. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja6-lm Proprietor. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. QCTH ANNIVERSARY UALL t>*J or mi Franklin Fire Company Will be given at onr Hail, on KhII>aY EVENING. 17th ol January, when we ahali be raoat happy to meet the friend* of the Compauy, KDarant*einK that, if oar exertiona oan/^B be of avail to pleaae every oue present. nnth-WA in* ahall be left undone to arrive at that end Tiokeia, aaraitun* * nentieman and ladies, 91. Manxsiu. Grafton Powell, A. 8 Dant, W. H. Beardaloy, J. W. Hutt< n. W. H._Fan"'U|, L. W. Porgay, r. 6. Fokloff, J. M?ddox, Henry Kmc. R E. Mooney Ticket! oau be had of any of the above-named. W. H. FANNING, JaT^.'l 14,15,16 Treasurer. FA8HIONABLK HANGING ACADEMY AT Temperanoe Hall, on the main halDE street, between 9th and loth. Claim ererj JQ Tueaday anil P idar Afternoon and Evening! A'loftbe fashionable Dauoea tauaht. Pn-HM vate olaasea attended to. For circulara, terma, 9lo.. inauire ut \VM H BARNES.atThomaaon'a Genu' rarniahini Store, 3T0 Pa avenne. C. T. BAKNES. delTlm" ProfeMor of Danoinc* I.OVELL, CQJL.I K* A CO. WHOLESALE GROCE&S, 86 Front Street, New York, and 31* K Stroet, Waahingion, I). C., ( near Willard'a Hote.) Having atart*d a branoh of our New York jatabliabm*tt inlthia oity, we invite luiltrt, Qfocm, Rtsiavranti-u's, and Hottl Kfpert, to oall and examine onr atook wnion la well a?aor<e<] and oomprufd of cooda of tne beat <u*iity. We Uka order a for anything In oar line, and exeonte them prompt y ia 18 4t 4fi2 464 Offer their rto^fwiN^tB^AftlMES, GIN8, &588sr& *ne PHILADELPHIA CRkIm ale, in k<K? and bottle., for MTi or haul 7 ?ee The ??blie ie?e?eeel are reelected to give thea a oall and examine their 150 5s5.".'AttB^ 1M ftrtin#N?wYor*fc?Me>UTTKJLn V barrels and trkuu B<>OL BUWkE. ? do DII1KD APPLK8, , Mboxee BA19IN8.

J utt reoetved ana for sale by O. W AN8BLL, ;a r?* No. *4 LouMteoa avetrne. - w J 4 r- I 1 * ifr WANTS. Wantkd-a chambe*maid. DISH WaBRKK and WASH uirl. Apply *t the EbMtt How, if WANTED?At Washigntoa Hon?? a SCRUM BE*? mac pr?f*r'?lj two Ohiurbf rmiidi ar.d OQ6 Nurw, Apply to Mr. HAETZ at th? ofCa? * - - ... J? IP ?' \]L' ANTED??u''?m aipi Sotfiarato know that " they ear b?y CUttP STOVES and TIN WARE cheap of H J. bREGORY. SJ1 P.?m avenna. ja'8 WANTED IMMKDf ATKLY?One food BLACKSMITH and He'per to do hor*e?h ?eing and ironing wagon*, at No. 94 5 7th street. Ja IS ** A YOUNG FOREIGN OFFICER AND Chevalier Ao , wi'hat to make the acquaintance of a Tonnt aocorrpli*h?d lady, with a fortune, with a view to marriage. Ail oorre?pordence mmt be fblly confidential. AddreaaA. C . \V*?l fr'o* Po?t Offlce. jt16 ?' ONE HUNDRED CARPENTERS AND LAb Tf r* will ftrd employment bt applying at No. S3 Eleventh *treet. immediately. ja 15 St* WANTKD IMMEDIATELY-A frK-eui COOK Hood *mm given. Call 413 E at. between 8th and ?th ?U. j> 1?-St* VI/ANTED-A rocd BLACKSMITH, who ? vv derctancc horseshoeing. Call immediately, a* the corner of 4X and M st. Island. ja>6 St* \*7ANTED?A BOY between u and 16 yearso d, " suiok attentive, and intelligent. H? mn?t he abl* to read and write. Apply at the tfur ofBoe oonnter. jalS St VV ANTED?By a young man. who has bad four ? * year*' experience in a irooert store, a SITUATION in tome resp'ct*rle business where he oan make himself useful. Bestjjf reference even. new* more > *J iy Star Offloe. ja 15 21* WA5iJ?P IMMBDTATKLY?TwoooaMtoot * W^tCH MAKEUP. Appiy to J. T. BLACKFORD ft >*f>N.Gforii?to?n j>14-8t* \E7 ANTED? A *ma!l brick HOfTSE within five ? " miruteg' walk of th* Whit? Hu?e : rent not tnex^e d *>'<> per annum. Andrew " P. T>." B >x 230, Poit Office j\ U St* Wanted immediatkly-a nioeir furnith d HOUSE, lor a rnnall fim'lT of adnl'i, f r the rent of which imp'* security will be tiven. Addre?? H C. S., Star Office. J* 14 8t? **7 A K.T1. n A I II < ii . >i UW rt" * MW re OtCWlJ BUU UUll.pOfcDUl ? \J iTl rv n " ai oo?k and to wash, to whom rood w?im and a rood heme will he riven. Apply at No 430 Twelfth street, east si<Je, betweea t* a?d H sts. ja 14-St BO\RD WANTED, in a rerpectab'e pri?ate family wh?re th*re are few or no hoarder*, by a r^nttemai. hi* wife and two children; terms mo?t he moierate a d the accommortatiors rood. Address <bv note) WILLIAM HAMILTON, Willa.-d-' Hotel. jal4 2t? \1J\NTEO?B* a Tone? man. one &FAT in a ' v raw in th? Church <f the Eriphzny. for which * rood prioe wi'l be t.a;J. Address "J Mox No II. ja i3-'f WANTED?Ir a drnr etore.a VOUTH betwa^n lb and 30 years of ar? randid%**s mn?t five satisfactory referero*s as to qnal'fioatinns ?nd cn*!-acT?>r. ? n? pr*i?reno?wri dp gi ven to on? *no ha? h??n encaged in the drnr hnaineae aix or twelve months. Addreaa "A B C,' Wathin?ton City Pott Office. j \ 1 1 m * WANTED IMMEDIATELY, at the U. 8. *v Navy Yard, Wathington* a ncrrhe' of LANDSMKN. dea. tm WANTED?Every person to i"ow that 1 am in th? market, ready to pay caah for ail artioiea in the honRefurnishine lin*. Those leaving trie nitr. or h&vmc a aarDlua. vriil do weil to (&, R. BUCHLY, 42*? Seventh ?t, between Sana H st?., i -ast side,) Dealer in New and Second-hand Fnrmture. no 16 WANTED.?W? are now ccyint SKO<?ND HAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BHD DlNb, lor which vrr are payine the highest oaah prices. Families dechuinj hous^treepiar, or navmj a surplus of furniture, will find it to tneir advautase ti-1: ve u? a *all. HONTZ & GRIFFITH, Je 15-tf No. 369 ?th et? betw. I a;:i K sts. LOSl^AND FOUND. Ij^OUNP?About two weeks a*o, a POCKET r BOOK, containing m^ney. eto. The owner ia re^ueatrd to oome for ward, prove property and pay exp-uses. THOMAS HAR1M, It* Georgetown. in the Rea?rvoir. CAME TO PREMFSKS OF SUBSCRIBER, llth st'eet, between H and -New Vork ev ax'enue, & laree bay HORSE,ou Mondar, L^fl 13th in?t. The owner is req'iesUd to onme"^1 forward, prove property, p\y expenses and take him away. Apply oorner i f >3?h au! H ?tre?ts janlflft* W.M. J. BERKLEY. $OA R KWARD.-Rm away from Page of the House of Representative*, on <rv Tuesday afternoon, between 4 and 5o c1'*, a bay POi>Y. with a long tail, about five"2-^ yars old, had on a fadilie. Bridle and Ha ter A pply to tbe Doorkeeper of the House, or 4 43 Mirth street, ja*16 St* Q C REWAK D ? Strayed last Tuesday night, ? abont 9 o'c ook p. m, one d%r* sorrel c\ _ MARK, and a da'k bay HORSE, aboutTiTH 16 hands, t.oth marked U.S. C..iriTh r'Jp?"Z\ attached to their necks Th* above reward will be given on tneir return to Brown'# lot, near the new Catho 10 Church, between H an' I. ja 16 3'.* WM. BMSBINGTON. & C REWARD.?Straved jesteida* afternoon, 'iP'J about* o'clock, from oorner of Third cv street and Penn. avenue. & dark brownjLXW MARE, with an old carriage. Tne mare^"is lane in the right tore leg; the carriage had an old blanket and buffalo robe in it The above reward will be riven on their return to Union Refactory, oorocr Third st. and Pa. av. ja 16 SI* I .CERTIFY THAT L. W. BUTTS, of Ihe count* of Washington, in the Distriot of Co- JCV_ lumbia, b-cufht before me th* cubson^er. 'iXt* a Justice of the Pease in and for the sa:d""2_V ccunty. this 16th day of January, 1862, as an est^ar, a b ood Bay HUR>E; largesize; switch tail; white rail marks oa each side, nnler saddle girth; left hir.H f .rt vhn*: hrnnrliul with f Ha II r?n tKn left s onlrier; he has the scratches in h>a hind fe^r. Given under my hand. VV. R. STR ATTON, J. P. The above Horse was found by me on 7th street, oorner of E. The owner ia re?iuente1 to prove property and take him away, or he will be Eold to pay charges. L. W. BUTT-"* ja 16 2awl w F tt, near cornar of 8th st ?Cfk REWARD.?Ran away from the farm of '? J*' ths late ?rorge A. M. Turner, near Woodville, 'nnee George's county, on the ffv 6th January instant, NEGRO Mam CHA RL^S, who oa'is hira?el( Ctias. l>ock- Jk ett, about 21 years of age; he is ?er? h *s<ie- TIM . stout and stronc y made. His clothing when he left was a suit of o'.aret colored kertey, hat and a heavy pair of new winter shoes. It i? believed he has attempted t<\ make his way to Washington. We will give ?23 for the aporehensiou of Charles if t*i en in the county, and ?50 if taken out of the fcta'e, in either oase he is to r>? de'ive<-ed to t^e undersigned PHILANDER A. BOWEN, and C C. MAGRL'DKR, ja!5-3t* A dminist'rs of Geo A M. Turner. " C3TOLKN.?On the night of the 13'h from the stable of farah Gannt, between M a^d N atreeta. a ba? HORSE, wi?h large head 2 "l? and neik; heavy mane: and imall a tar in th*"ZX forehead; nne white bind foo:; lieht flanks. A reward of f ii? will be Riven for tne recovery of the aarne, or the apprehension of the thisf. her SARAH X GANNT, mirk. ja 14-3t* Alley <63 loth at., i et. L and M. ? C RE WAR D.-lanaw? from the anbaoriber, on ^a'nrday nitht, the 11th\ dark grey GELDING, between 3 and * ~1? years old, hind feet white, wjth ae* of har ? neaa. Inquire at F. HYDER'S, U 76 Sjeven'h at, between L and M. ia 13 6t* LOST -A SsEAL EING, and a FOX-HEAD SEAL, attached to a ring, witheorneMian set. 35 reward will be given to whoever retarnathe articlea to thia office. de 2 tf RENAIDIX BOLLINGER fc CO 'S OBEAMPAOX2D. I.F.FMAN . K I KKKR A THOM ASS. SOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 DVA.NI Strut, Ja 4-1 m N??w York. |MPORTANT TO LADIES. The mbfenbers have opened the store No. 16 Market Spaoe. av. bet. 8th and 9th at*, m a. fir?t olass U* tod Ftnoj Dress Cap Depot. oonMSUoc in part of Point U'AleDoon. Appiieue, Meeting ana Valenoiennei Lace, suon as Collar*, Sjer -.t, Handkerchief*, Cape*. Fioancicg, Caps, Cape, CoiflVe* and made up roods of the finest cuality, and at New York prices COHEN A DUBSELDORP. f.on) New York. N. B.?All sorts of Laces washed, mended, and done np equal to new, at short notice, da J6 Im* r|' pi anos?pianos?pianos m. 010 iiiunuiii revwrm hmu suppi; octave RoMvood Pianos, amoni them a 3>s^>. very handsome carved one from the eele |MV9I bnited factor* of W^Cnabe A Co., Balti-WiTVfl more, which 1 will sell or rent on very aooommo Jsting terms. A second hand one of 6 octaves also for sale or to rent at my Piano Room, No. 498 Eleven h street, deSft-im* F. C. RICHKNBACH. yo THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON. MRS. M. A. HAMILTON, Na 848 Pennsylvania ave.. between ISth and iSth street*. has just received a new assortment of Hand QH some ttooaets.Ao , and aa she wishes to c.o*e^^ business ia thi* city.she is sow selling at very r-diced prioes. The Ladies will p.ease call and sec her ?ew assortment. Ja 19 eo8t* auartermaster general's oppice. WiuiMTOH Cm, Deo 3B.1MI. The Secretary of War directs that no more horses be bought until all sow belonging to the Government are in aotive eervioe. The attention of all Quarter masters of the Reg alar ana Vo.uuieor Array u aallcd to theabore order from tho SttrMry of War. M. C MK1GS, d??-ooft QuMtfnmur ftwrti uTg. AKVKT Ha? JIST REC fci V ED A thoaaand buehen of 6n?nCHER-^, /?\ RYttTOiX b. OYHTERt?. b/ the Poto-*5fi fm J mac. to bo aorved ku Eat\M>?timerit. on C a' the old pr?o? j j Botwitastaadliif they have ad- ? Taaotc limrU* to fllo pm tmahei. ja IS ?mmrnrnrn? FOR 8ALB AND RENT. FOR HALE?Th* GOOD WILL ud FIXtUlKS of? Cicmr Rlora in a r"od Addraaa Coinmbna, through Ctty Port Oitpa. it* N ELEGANT FRONT ROOM, with Boa-rf, SM be ba<l at No. 484 Thi-?~oth atraat. tklM <lourlrcn6. Terra* 95* per kobUi fcr oia. or *75 | for two faracna. jal?a^ FOR BALE?Two ?oraa of lmprovad LAND, w.thm cn? mile of Baitanlla and soar Eton* iar Ch?p?<; to b* rold b? tha 31 of Prbruarr, IMS For pa^ticalwrn injure ?*f or a<Mraa? THO.MA0 HiCnKN, Beltanlla, Prmoa tieorte'* Md ja 16 3t?' ' Hotel in washinton city fok SALE ?The Proprietor of a Hotel in tfeis city. oontaininc about one hundred rooms, wd doing an excellent bu?ine?s. wishes to disposs of th? same in order to charts his beeine** Persons who oannot command a eim csp.tal of from fi?# to ten thousand do' a s ne?d not app r. J AS. r. MeGUIKF. & CO . ja16-6t Anotmn ard Commission Mero^aat*. PORTION OF A WELL FURNISHED HOUSE FOK RKNT.?The enbsorth?rs a?e authorized to let a portion of a PIRMSBKD HOUSE, in t e immediat* vioici'y of the Poet Office Departmsn , tonapns'ng 1 arte Tenor a&d Chamber, 1)1 irg Room. Kuohea an* Stable. T: e dining ro^m'haaja bas-ment eutranoe, and woiM makea fic* ofioe. Fati'faotory references reqai ed. Arplj to J *8. (J. WoGl IRti & CO., 10th and I) stieets. j%16 6t FURBISHED ROOM8 TO RENT, WITH boeri; in a s1*a?act kcAti< n, rear the Car tol. lB<cue at ftir Oflioe. ]a la 8t* A STORE POR RRNT, AND OOOD WILL FOR SALE, near WiWd#' Hotel. Ir?nire of J AI.KX aNDER. No. #40 Pennsylvania ?r , Wanhintton. i> C J%15?t* A FRONT BftSFMFNT ROOM. svitaMe fo* an offioe. for rent, in a onvenier * looaht? ard piea*am neig&norhood. in 411 Thirteen b ''ft h'twef n (i sld H. Inquire a; id? pitmiwi ja15 3t* LTRN'SHKD ROOM ? For rent a naiidrome y " Fnrniahed !arj* FRONT aeeoi d floor; Cre and gat; -ui'abe foe aingle gentl-mar, m a i?ctlpir.(in and w.f?; at Hi F aireet, h?'wf n Ninth and Tenth. J? 15 ti* A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of fhe City Hotel, (tha <>n'? int a in Hotel r. w open m Al*xand'ia Vi.,I is do irons to rMi>e from buaiueer. &nu ?iil ?elL for a fair p-ioe, the Fl RNITURE. FIX TURKS and GOOD Wi 1. ofthe house. Mjsleatewil te'imiate on the lat of January, 1863. but the p nperty oan no doubt be leaae<1 for a much longer term at a moderate rent Thie Hotel ia n .r-rJoioe, ana haa for mary years done, a !ar*e and prott?b'e kuampae.- t h a*nre of the nndf raif ned to retire from pob'io bu m aa ia the only inducement tu ae!l, aa he oou a not hope to er gage m ote more p'oh'abl*. For te ma and pa'tiou araapply to JA8 A. F.\G' l^H.who ia author's d to n.gotiaie, or to th* urdT?tgned. ial5 tf HAM'I. H1-FLKHOW FW. LM'RM'HF.D ROOMS T?? RENT, with r Hoard.atfto sl?9 <? etr et. between lath and 14*h st-^tg, scar State and Treasury Df partu,euts. j* 14 4** Rooms ro LET-Tworoms.PAHMtR and BEDROOM. Fu'iii*1 #*: vuhin five minu'ea *a:k of the City Hall. F ?> t and Pa'?"t OlEVs. " an *>? obtained b? apfiio'tionat No. 347 5ti street, between H aud 1. Either can be t:*d separately. j* FURMSHED ro 'M?T?ocomfortably fornuh d Koomi, wi'h or without Hoard, at No. 34& on Pi at street east, north side ot the CMpi'oI. in'he rear of the Railroad Bapot, App y on 'lie p-ftr.ista. ja 14-3'* E^AHM FOR SALE ?1 ttiiI ?eil or exoh%n?? f >r V otT property a Farm of J TO area < f land. 12" acres improved. baa? c* in ?o"d,8't"a ed on mt e f om Hie ra'irovl ** Bel'avilie ani twtlve * j ?? f'om Waahmrt n. Pn efiSper acre. Anp'y to U o. H?OH. :<3?* P'nr.av jail 1 ? * I?OK KKNT-Two p!*-a^nt fOOM^, nea-ij i a firat-claca residence in Georgetown, with boa d. To a permanent tenant terir.a wiil be moderate. Apply at 161 \V?#t at, beocte town. de 17 tf \fALUABI.F RKAl. KSTATb F'?K ?'I wo valuable &,.d oomrrwclioiia Brick Hcuaea ofToTWl at private aale. Ore of Inern l.uatad on 5<i?th atreet. Fourth Ward, l<?lwf?n H and I ata , No. 354, co"lainu j 9 room*. inoiuu.rK putior, dining room, # eham&era and akitcber.-3 Kto-iea high. The oth?r dwelling ie on Vaaa. avni", between 6;h and 7th eta., No. 454. Fr-o>th Ward atd contains 10 rooma. inelndine pvlors 6en*n<bera, dining room ar.d kitchen, ana 4 eto-iea hijh. Tbeaedwefiiuga oflered !or M e are fieairabi? a* a !. mm h ra( .p ! * at <*. irol Ima a (nr ari vtta raai^Ar, r>*a " Ui i a - ui Di v>uo? v> iiiiik? "i ' * w?v a vviuvuuwi A so, for fa e. a small two story Frame Honae on First street. Th rd Ward, together with several valuable Building Lota well located. For information o'term* itnui<e at No. 435 Macs avnue.of B EN J. L. BOGAN, Agent la 9-1W TO RKNT?FUK.NISHKD ROOM#, with or without Board, to let at No. 399 Eighteenth street, between F and G street*, near the Trea?ury and War Department*. ja> 7f / \FF1CE FOR RKNT, suitable for payma?t*r, ^ J on a?oond floor of building No iiiO F street, opposite Piymaner General's ofEoe. Applv to C, A. WOOI> ? CO., on th* premises- ja8-lw* C>OR bALE OH EXCHANGE-l.*>0 asrrs r of teiec'ed timber LaNO. in the Nortn West, will be sold or exchanged for property in the City of Washington. The l&nd la well timbered, contains water power, and is a care investment. Audrey "Lxchaaze. box No. 30 Wash: ct n Pout Office. de 19 tm IOFT TO RKN T, aeeond floor *16 K street. J near Wii'.ards'Hote , 22 by i'Ofeat. Icquire.n the store j&13 b'??R R ENT?With or withont Boar<1. k neatl? furnished a.n-1 comfortable SITTING RO<i"Vl and a fine BHD ROOM at*aflhe<i. a* No 450 T-welftn street, eaxt eide. betwo?n G and H ata. The location la one of the moat a';d convenient in Washington. Al?o. the rooms are y rj defirabln. No children in the hou?e. ja'5-?w HANUSOMKLY FL1 KN1SH hi? KOOT.uCFocr uandaon.eiy Knnuahe.i il , ausfiied with ras and water, and convenient . j the ! ats:.t and Po?t Offico Departments,for r?nt. An;'.? at 490K Maasacaiieetts arecue, north aide, between ?th and fc?!t r*t. n?a2J EDUCATIONAL. piANO AND VOCAL MUSIC ! MR{?. F VANS, lata of New York City, wiil be pleaatd t<-> take a few pupil* >n the e'omeoU of Piano and Vooal Music, after the metiiod of tae oe!ebratej teacher and artiat, Madame Anna Ciocis. Tuns. Piano and Vocal Music, per quarter, e?oh. #10 A deduction will be made to pupils taking lessons in both branches. Acply at 470 Ninth street, between M and N. ja!6 S;^ CHKtiAKAY IV8T1 TUTU, 15*i7 and 15*i9 Spacc* St.. Philadelphia. This Institute, oonduoted lor two year* past m me cut or riiniweipnia i>y .maiumk uhsoarat and her niece Madams D'Hirvillt, upon :he ?&me principle* an th-? one in ^ew York, ??fab liihed there in 1814, wiil reopen, after the Chrutm-x holidays, on Monday. January 6tn. Vtth it? usual amplo and complete provinjn for the education ot Young Ladies, under the direction of Madame D'Heiviliy. CircL'ars. and al! rrquisita infouaa tioa, oan be obtained on apjlio&tion to the Pnucipal. j^T-lm JVIOMN AND VIOLONCELLO. OHN K. GOODALL, Professor and IVaoherof the above, tenders hies-rv;ces to the pcb ic. le mi i per lesson. References to any ir.unc an in the city, gevrral of his pupi's *re now the best violin ists in the world. Vi*- Petit Ole Bull, Fred Buckley, fto . fto. Address Kcllman's Hotel. Pa. avenne, n?ar street de81 lni" GEORGETOWN ADYEBT'MTS QEORGETOWN CLOCK DEPOT! J T. Bf ACKFORD A BON are ooni'antlT reo?iTiDg *11 the new styles oi CLOCKS; a farce antortmetit q<>w iu stare A good Watch Maker war tod uninedia'elT 99 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. j 114 St* !\TOW IS THE TIME To get your Winter 1* Clothing at low price*, at 460 7th street. He ll-lm i K> ATTENTION, 8UTLER9. OFFICERS AND SOLM1KK8! A large stock ofCAMP STOVES, manufactnreti and for sale at 331 Pennsylvania avenue, tear Center Market. dell-tf H. J. GREGORY. Xitw CLOAKS. 1^1 AT LOW PRICES' Owing to the unu r ssl ri emuid for C .oaks. we ha* s ji?t reoeived another lane ?uppiy, which liars been pnroli&sed at verr reaooed ynoM, and will oe sold astonishing lew. Our stock of KaNcY ?1L1? and LA 1)1 Ka* DKEftb 6UOU9 is SUU gc od, aau will t* sold at iadocrd prices. M. TAYLOK* CO, ja ll-ec6t gucojssors to Tay or Jt Hutchison. fiOLD AND UNCUKRENT MONKV PUR\T chaaed. t'pcc.e and U. ?. Curiencj Aooooau opened for dejw'sners ril'TKMHOUSE. rANT & CO, Banker*, No. *52 P?nn avenue. ja>-lin n-ar Brown's Hot?l. I) L A('K 81LK VBLVET, Vsryitest Lyons," I> wide, pare all 8il*. f >r Drassa* and Cloaks. Frosted Beaver Uloths, for Ladies'aod Ci? thi, Cmi merM, Vetting*, Ao., at oar proverDi&li, ?. .pKRRy ^ B,UTBKR ja 14 6t P?. av^ndNintn ?tfeL Horses for bale, Of wy description, rv Constantly on band?Loauiaaa T -jp Mg theCenter Msrkfrt- <1s Choice old Havana rum. laDaTtijobci. MINERVA WINE?soeiebratad Spaaus Win, vekmotiu wine?an Italian Win*, maeh uted as a tonio, CHAMPAG NES, CLARETS, CORDLALS, ko., of various brands, B:aL1AN MACAtiON! %nd VERMICILLI. oiler's New \ or* Pat ntCat L'UP PLGAk. For Wlft>f 0.6 DKiAKMtNblA, Importer and D-aier in Havana 9*gars, g? 3u-im no. io uomnifnw w . awwito't RITTENHOCSE, FAHT * CO., 369 Pbithstltamia Atiiii, (war Brovm't HtUl,) 1mm DRAFTS ob all p*ru of tl>? United in lum to ?uit Ofloera and iMai? a. A)?o, I)r?fu 9tCX*2Sit'8SXF'- w"-'^Ik SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, F. M. who ormn it -IImmnmmmmn tbat the opposition to tbf roalriwtlM efOraml Cameron to be the Minister to Raul*, mom* almost wboliy from Senator Trumbull. Phiojul ?Among the recent arrivals at tha Willard Hotel, U Drake do Kay. the to wail known Alde-de-Camp to Oca. MudiMi yet at Newport Newi OUR MILITARY BUDGET maeiiui Bimiir vssvcl It Is understood that Hon C bar lea J. Faulkner is now acting as guide for tba Confederate foreaa under Jackson In their roauraudlng expeditions np through the valley of Virginia, all familiar (electioneering) ground to Hon. C.J F. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH FROM FORTRCM MONRO* BiLTiNoas, Jan . 10 ?Tbe Old Point beat has arrived and brings the following new*: Foktbxm Mokioi, Jan. 15 ?Tbe storm atlll continues, with a high wind and rain. Tbe remainder of tbe Barnalda expedition la ^ detained until the weather moderates Company D, Capt Mclntlre, of tbe Union Coast Guard, ha* been ordered to tbe frlga'e Coogrsaa * News fr Jin Burnatde's fleet Is expected to-morrow A 1% 1% I * AL " f l? <19 W 1% U .*1 M~ L 1% VJ ML Naw Yoaa, Jan. IS?Tbs Ssxonta baa arrived uere from Hamburg, with dates to December 90 She did not tench at Southampton. She brought two complete batteries and a Urge numoer of amall arm 1 From Cair ?The Miuiuipri EiMtH**CHICA90, jJ9 IS ?The following Is a special dispatch to the Journal: CAiao.Jan 15?Gen. Grant and his bark'd on the ateamer Chancellor. this roornlrg, and took the fl-!d at Fort Joff^raon. D'<spatcb< shave been 'ece^vd from the adraaes column, under Gen McClernand, saying It la oo tbe march, and will encamp at Ma> field. K jr. tonight Camp Brauregard la ao n?r Mayfield, that tbr Rebela muat either fl^ht or ran. Gen Grant reviewed tb?* troop* comprising tbe Second Division thta morning and informed them that be should march thirty ml lea by to-morrow monlng Tbe greatest enthusiasm prevails among the troops. COtfGR ESSIONAL. XXVTilth C05l0RE%S_Secend ftNtol, tbc*?dat, january 16. Sk*atb ?a communication wai recel vwd frota the Secretary of War en,bra In# bit reply to tb? resolution of Mr P.iwell a?kln^ fn* detailed lnformation concerning all the l>p? tmenl * contracts msde sn~e 4'U March las', showing that a lark of clerical force bad prevented a due reply to the similar resolution pass*"! list session, and declariijjr that be himself bad not made a s'ngl? contract f-r airv pa pose whatever, end addiug that the heads of the several bureaus of the DepartlOtrtU made tbem all Mr Wilson Introduced bills to amend certain articles of war, aud for the better org&nltation of ai 1 d . iar tavairf iui'm nncucu. Mr Hale offered a resolution declaring (bat Ward H. L*mon, Ma abal of the District of Columbia, by a recent order communicated to tbe Senate, excluding members of tbe Senate from tbe WaKOlngtou jati without ptiaae?, baa been guilty of a breech of the privileges of the Senate, nud of contempt of tbe rightful authority of Utla body, and directing the Secretary of tbe Senate to communicate the resolution to the President; laid over Tbe bill to promote tbee? acy of the dead letter department of the Post Olir mi next pnased Afivr the transaction of some otbef and not important buMnea^, tbe b 11 of Senator Wilson 1b relation to toe arrest of persona claimed to beheld to service or iabor by the miiita-yaad naval authorities was taken up. and debated on Dronosed amendment by Meaara Salisbury.Wil?oii, "frumba 11 and Pearce Horsx ?A bill pfoTidlng for tb? better organization of tbe medical staff of the army, was r?f-rred; alao a joint reaolutlon autLorii'. the Increa*e of tbe clerical force in the War and Nary Department*. A bill providing for furniablng tbe Federal prlaonera in tbe revolted Slates with clothing and other necessary supplies, was passed Mr Rollins, from tbe District Committee, reported a bill amending tbe act incorporating tbe Columbia Institution for tbe deaf, dumb and blind, and making an appropriation for tbe anme; referred to Committee of tbe Wboie .Mr Sed^, from tbe Naral Committee, reported a resolution instr acting tbe committee to mnke lnaulries into tbe boon of labor and ? in the several Navy Yard*; authorizing the committ*-? to tend for person* and pap era, and tc import wLat legislation, 1/ any la Qeceaaary upon the subject; adopted Mr. Blair, of Mo., presented th? memorial of ? nun.ber of colored persona In California, praving Congress to take measure* for their colonicstlon where their color will not be regarded aa a badge of degradation. Referred Mr Loonils, from the Election Committee, reported a reeolutton declaring W E Lehman, of the first congreaeional district of Penasyivaata, not entitled to a sent In 'he House of Representatives, and that Jobn M Butler to, upon which Mr. Loomla proceeded to address the House, when o*tr report closed. LATE LOCAL NEWS Ckimikal Cocbt.?To-day, GeorgeDonaldson, lrdicted for assault and battery on Ferdinand Hauler submitted his case to the court sad wj| lined <6. Barry Plume, a young man, indicted f?r tha larceny of more than #300 from Levais Baldner. was found uuiity. Emanuel differed was then arraigned ch%rgsd with the larceny of a watch valued at S30 from a room-mate, John M. Becker. CtiimL Gdabdbocsi Cases?B*fmrs Juttu* Tknmuisnm John I'enlv drunk: fined lltl Wsa. E'l ??d. d^e-ter; turned over to bta t fleer F. MeHenrv, drank and disorderly; turned over to tberalHtery Chaa Rodler, drunk and prof?oe; fined SI 59 Andrew Wllaon, disorderly eoadaot, do Si ts5; tlx lodgera GrtalBrluia The newt by the steamships Anit^ g'ro* ud Hanaa bad materially strengthened confldenee In peace Conaola abovred great buoyancy, and bad farther advanced about a half percent . and cloatd Arm on Friday, the 3d tnat , at the quotations current before the Trent afiair, and ahowod an atieane* of k alnce the 1st lrst The London Ttroea nyi:-"From the character of the rlae In Coneola on the 3d Inetaat, it la Inferred that the Hausa may have brought adelcea to the GoTornmeat. from Lord Lyoaa, mt mme tm? formation baelng b*ea glean by tbe Cabtae* at Washington that Meaara Maaon aad BIMill would be glean op." The London Herald ears: "Specalafleaa appear to be guided by private Information from American diplomatic circlet " The eeme Journal, la an editorial. ?ava : "It behooves both England and France to cooelder whether the time baa Ml arrived for recognising the Southern Confederacy." The coopone for the Jnnoni? dividends oo the tbe Virginia bond* have been returned by Moon daring Brothrre with tbe aaewor "Ne advieeet* pey.'* Tbe eame answer ie anticipated relative to (be debt! of tbe other Southern States The Cologne G??-tte on the Prumlen note to Washington doee not treat the Trent stair tt*m the print of view of publte right, but urgently rouneeto peace. It mra, sbeofil America rcjart the demands of Eotlaad, the powers will mad a collective sote to vvrnblogtoa o'gtag peace Tbe Tlmee reproduces a letter written b? Mr Seward. In 1838, to Wo> Brown, at Liverpool, la which Mr Sewed repudiates the Idea that tbe American Government could ever be guilty of ee ?4 -d 14. ieitk mm (A ^ EI um m TlOWIIfV ? IV mmMrnm mm wm tin*of war, moory Int?ltd la Aawrteaa ml tlaa In Ub? of pi-ooo. The Tiiu<?, in an editorial oatbaaobjact, tkiafc* It la not an lnopportuoa moment to b t.g tm tbla declaratiwMhemwe ;?rticui* it u En*, tad Journala evidently la eommonleaUoo ?lia tbr * aahlaftoa Sowtnnwul Ttearuc.r roaciode* by eiprraa!n?( hapn far paaea, tot d*c*artao iM tbrcali vlU aooompltab nothing tbs only aouuoa being tbe rtlttM of tbe artoiaria A meeting waa bold at Blrmlacbaaa.oadortbo aooploea of the Mayor, tor tto wia of feoao rialiglno tho frovaraaneot la favor ef artouoUaa la tbo Troatafblt. Aitor verytorbotoot prooaot |ro^e&rrtod^u!airt bc^UM^ put ! tk? BMtlM Mt. Cv?mU, ft. F. la ivmAMOM, ntietpatai Uti JUmIm wK u U| load* 4muU, tat, If Mt, to MLlatat (UQ. and wo?Uta**)uat tntt tm wmt M?4f^ too. tad ?Vf?4 that tbc prjwot vai Mt Mm Hat Ibf Vritetlag ommmbU

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