Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1862 Page 1
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m .'wm m -i r- 5 rrw1 (ftaitipg ^tar. \r"~. XIX. WASHINGTON, P. C . FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 21, 1862, iY\ 2,809 THE EVEiVHNU STAR rUBUSHED RVERT AFTBRNOOIf, (Bf.NDAY EXCEPTED,> AT i'KS 3TAH UL'ILDi^BA, l#">- tf Pr*?*.*|p{v?Kkl cm Etr?i* H. IT W. t>. WALLAOH. r*fn la package* by carriers ?? Ml peer, or 37 cento per month, to mall subocribwi Ibr price ! 93.50 a year, m mdmiu*; *i for six *1 f*r'three months; and for leas thaa ti?p snaths at the rate at 19 cento a week. 81a > fie copies, ona cant; In wrapper*, two enn. i'f ADvaania^a^Ti shonkl be sent to th? *' ? before 1? o'clock a.; otherwise they may ac? appear until the next day. THE C ASE OF f. H. MARSHAL LAM05. The i'nlted States Marshal for the District of Colombia, Col. Ward H. l,aluon, has been as wuea upon me noor or tne senate with caarges t ending and iuterded to injure birr, as an officer, and bring him into disrepute among hi* fellowcitizen*. For such wrongs no redress or remedy can be obtained by tny legal process. He stands In 'he attitude of a man struck at without being allowed an opportunity to repel the blows. He is e.(titled to be heard; and it is our object to do ?imple jistice to a popular and efficient public otfi^er by the presentation of f.icti in our possession which entirely vindicate him from all the preferred, and exhibit the malignity of tUCl CUlUUil, Thtse charges wer? made by Senators Grimes, of !owj, iinle, of New Hampshire, and Wilaoo, of Massachusetts. With the motives of these > naMri in in;-king this attack we have now notblng to do The first speech of Mr Ha!e in refw rrence to Col. Limon indicated that the purpose wai to strike at Homebody?anybody connected with the adaaiaiatntion who it not -too high or too low," and the Maribal of the District was selected is an initial point, with the hope of eventually bitting a lit'ie higher and a little lower to reach *otne others '' The charges against Col. Lamon can be shown by indisputable facts to be not oniy unjust and unbailed f->r, but absolutely without foundation. Thev were doubtless preferred by Senators on Information thev believed to be correct, but the j;eiji'-?ncn who pronounced them in the Senate chamber are censurable at least for making an assault upon a Federal rfficer without notice of the barge* or atfotdlug him aa opportunity to repel them, and to (how conclusively that they were without a shadow of foundation, and pure fabri tuuu? ui pci?uuai enmity a nil u:a* lvnant envy of bis oi&cial position at the Federal k This assault was begun oa tbe 10th day of Jannary last, by tbe Senator from Iowa, with tbe declaration that a white man bad been committed to the jaii and was unable to ascytain the reason of bis incarceration, and that a session of the Urand J ;ry had intervened but tbe man was still In jail. The Senator added "upon going to the record 1 1 found that an order had been entered in that case, dated oa the 6:h of D^pember. directing that the prisoner should be discharged; yet the order had not be?n carried into execution He should have been sent to the: alms house, which we have providrd,"' Ac. The 41 white mm'' here alluded to }? Robert F. Bealc, whose fol'owiiig tifidavlt will fully eip aia the reason why he remained in ths prison : District of Columbia, 1 Vmhiiigion County, to irit :?I. Robert Beale, a native of Essex county, in the State of Virginia, but for several years 1'ist residing in the Cltv of Washington, do. on mv oath sav, that lome time in July iaat, I wa? committed to the jail In thla county under a fa!s? . harge of larceny, and being unable to p roc n re bail, wa? detain-d until tne Grand Jury met In December lait. I was than Informed tnere was no charge against me, and diacharged from jail bat being then aick, Laving no home or frieuds, or any one to whom 1 could go, and on whom I had any claim, the Marshal permitted me to remain In jail, and I have ever since remained here dependent entirely oa his bounty, but at libsrty to go when and where I please. 1 am still unfit t> go out, aid have no clothing except what has v b^ea furnished bv Mr. Lamon. the Marshal, and other charitable persons. R. F. Bsalk. ^ jbacribed and sworn to by aaid Robert F. Beale. !n the jail of Washington County, D. C., this 10th, February, 1S?2 W*. R. Woodwaiid, Justice of the Peace. Ttis is all sufficient, but we would ask the Senator, \Vh?re is the almshouse 44 ire have provided !" Is there any such Institution in this DU* t.-fct* We are ignorant of its locality. Senator, wu?re Is it * Among other charges against the Marshal, the Senator said : "Mr. Lamon has paid no attention to it (the jiil) until cf late, and now only to make an order prohibiting th? admission of all persons, tic. In all candor, we aak the Senator if the Marshal wns not right In making this order ? The ?afe*y of the prisoners and the public good required it. In the present insecure condition o the jsil, no precaution should be omitted to prevent escapes, and to exclude i.nproper intercourse with prisoners charged with treason, mur ? d' r. and otb?>? crime*. it cannot be assumed that the guard* of the j*il should know every Senator and Member of Congress. At such a time as thia the keepers of the public prison in which are prisoners charged with the highest crimes,should look well to the i^curitr of these criminals. Besides, the military authorities have given orders to the Marshal to allow no one to converse with military prisoners, without a special permit from the Secretary of h War, Secretary of State, the Commanding General, or the Provo*t Marshal, Whea it la remembered that previous to the adoption of the measres of the .Marshal complained of by the Senator, files, saws, knives, chisels and other Implements to aid in escaping from thw jail, bad been fouod in the cella and In the possession of prisoners tte teceasity will be recognised for the prison guards to be furnished with some means of ident.fvi.ijf th penoM wt0 ?"gbt to be admitted to '.the prisoners, and no more appropriate or effective regulation for this purpose could have Kaan Kv t Kp Mftrihlll Witk^ ll ronillrlnn ?rcti u vj ?mv * ? ? ?> iv?|'?:i iu^ every one. without distinction of person*. to procure a pTmit from himself. This regulation Ira regard to the admission of SenMors and members of Congress wa? made for the purpose ?f facilitating their accesa to the public prison, (not to ob-?truot It,) and to enable the guard to recognize '.lie official standing of such visitors It ia Indeed questionable whether int .H4I1US1 waa uui iu nivi in uigno^ IUJS fzception la larvor of {Senator* and Representatives. I ndsr existing circumstances be should require all peraoa whatsoever to procure a permit from himself While the country Is involved in civil war, and the military prisons are in his charge, it may well be doubted if he has any right to give even members of Congress indiscriminately ac' ess to the prison. Ia bis desire to accommodate these public offl-r?f he has assumed a Dower and sranteri nH*<. lege* for which he la liable to censure by the military authorities, and by the public whose interests he Is delegated to protect. Under the existiag state of affairs in this District, having been ?rdered by the military authorities not to permit any one whatever to converse with military prisoners committed to his keeping, the admission of even Senators or Representatives in Congress vanJ.vs htm llaku Ia trial in<l nnnlaKm?n? k? V >M*lltVU * WJ VliV military powers Net long since Charles ismes Faulkner was * mong the prisoners ia this Jail. The Marshal would have been Jnexcusab'e, and even liable to be shot, for allowing even members of Congress to have free acceas and conversation with such a pr scner. Vet thfc Marshal la violently assailed dint Lis removal frotn oAce urged, simply because he require* a certiBcate from some authentic source to enable 'he prison guards to Identify in th? nr'anri n/4 i. ...... ?? r "?* ?v g UB|aatee A* propriety of their admission to free and l ud s:riaiinste intercourse with It* inmaUs Such charge* are frivolous, u*d Col. Lamon tired* no defence from tl^ia, we take it, ia tbe estimation of persons of co imon sense and calm minds. Unlortunatsly for Colonel Lamon, he has g; vet employment to one or two men, whose effort* bave be?o constantly and unscrupulously directed towards ths removal of the Deputy Marshal?Geo X*. PbUllpe?aniverstlly acknowledged lobe one of the bwto Beers of his class In the failed States, s td t gsnUemau who, from long, fclthfsl and efficient service, has won the confidence, not only of the bench and bar of the Supreme Court of the United State* and all the District courts, but oi the entire business community. Coming a stranger Into the cilice of Marshal, Colonel L&mon was eminently rigkt In selecting as hla deputy and confidential friend, for whose acts and emoluments he alone is responsible, one who had proved himself in every way worthy of tbe trust. Mr rnmips, it teems, bad earned tbe enmity of an Individual Ammon Duvall, a subordinate at tbe Jail, who abused the kindness of the Marahal In Riving him employment, and with poorly simulated philanthropy and devotion to Republican party principles, aaaaila Mr. Phillips through the Marshal himaclf. The aHimus of this man's letter is patent upon its facc. The source of the letter is too contemptible to be mode the basis of a grave assault upon a public officer on the floor of the United States Senate. This Mr. Duvall was appointed by Col. Lamon uiiq ui iuc ^iivuu guaiva, upva hid icpir^uiauuu thai be ?u m consistent snd meritorious member of the Republican party. He was soon afterwards removed on account of his relentless villiflcatlon of Deputy Marshal Phillip* Subsequently, upon his voluntary premise to behave blmself more becomingly, and on account of the Alleged suffering ' condition of his family, he was reinstated He was again displaced on account of the conviction cj I Unaukal V> t Ka Vttti) Koah i>niTBiro/f in (K a ... v ur .'lonuai iuai u t uau v\ vu vuj^ w;; v m m ?uc fJT V~ curt "lent of ike arrest of negroes a? fugitive slaves, for the pnrpow of realizing the apprehension fee*. The following la one of n. aerlea of commitment* exh.blted in this counection : "The Marshal of the District of Columbia will receive Into his charge aud custody George Lee ?.-d Henry Lee. (negroes,) kireicitk sent j>tr J. Dutal, chafed with being runaways and no proof : aving been adduced to me that said ne grces are noi runiwdvi. luein loereiorr yn-i win afely keep uutil discharged by due course of law. "Given under my hand and eeal tLis slh dny of August. 1861 (Signed) Tboj. C. Dosjt, J. T." But bere it another similar commitment, enabling this same Individual to clutch fees for arresting fugitive slaves District of Columbia. County of WaiMngton, to icit: To the Marshal of the District of Columbia: Receive into your custody the body of Robert Brooks, herewith ser.t by A Duval, Constable of said county, brought before m?', Charles Walter, one of the Justices of the Peace in and for sold couuty, and charged before me with beI*ig a runaway slave?him therefore safely k?ep ia your nsld custody until be shall be discharged by due course of law, and for ao doing tbla aball be your sufficient warrant. Given under my band and seal tbia 17th day of S j trmber, In the venr of our Lord one thou>and eight hundred and 61. (Signed) I'Hii Walter, J. P. [l. a ] And atill another: " The Marshal of the District of Columbia will receive into hla charge and custody Cecilia Bell acd child?herewith sent per A. Duval?charged with being runaways, no proof having been adduced to me that said negroes are not runaways : them therefore you wllT safely keep until discharged by due course of law Given under my band and seal this 16th day of October, 1861. (Signed) " Thomas C. Dour, J. P., [t. s.]" And yet another. The Marshal of the District of Columbia will receive Into his charge ar d cus'ody George Lee and Henry Lee (negroes), herewith sent per A. Duval, charged with being runaways, and no proof having been adduced to ine that said negroes are not runaways, tb*m therefore you will ?afe keep until discharged by due course of law. "Given under my hand ana seal this Slh day of August, 1061. (Signed) Thomas C. Donw, J. P." To this last commitment we append the release nf fh<> npcrrrp* f.*>pAnrl H?nrv 1 . whlrh will more fully disclose the nature of the transactions in which Mr. A. Duval hag been engaged " The Marshal of the Distriet of Columbia will release Henry Lee and George Lee, negroes, who were committed to jail by me on the Hth day of August. Is6l, charged with being runaways. Them release upon payment of all legal fees. " Given under my hand and seal this 21th day t>f September, l&ttl. (Signed) " Thomas C. Doss, J. P." "Mr Wise: These men were committed In the name of A. Duval. They are willing to pay what Is right. You had better receive his fee." (Signed) " Thomas C. Dokn, J. P." We are assured by Justice Donn that the negroes memionea in meic several commitments were brought to him and committed to prison a* runaways at the request of this **me Duvall, then a prison guard, who now parades bis mock philanthropy and love of Republican party principles In an attack upon the Mar. thai, who dismissed him from office for bis alleged misconduct, not only In arresting negroes for the apprehension fees, but because he believed blm guilty of receiving money from secession prisoners confined in the jail, a* a fee for procuring their release. This is the character of the teatimony upon which all th? charges agai nut Marshal Lamon are based. The reputation of the Marshal as a man and a public functionary is made to'shlne only the brighter by such attempts to asperse and injure him. His assailants should blush at the exposition of tbegroundlessnessof their complaints and their reliance upon such trashy and really contemptible evidence. The reader will naturally inquire why Senator* assan pumic omcers upon me testimony or aucb persona as this Mr. Duvall* We refer him to the following extract from the editorial columns of the Washington Republican for the answer to that question : " Mar*hai. I.a mom as an Exbcdtionkb ? We understand that Marshal Lamon yesterday cnt etr the Lead ?I Mr. Duvill, one of the keepers of the slave pen, or, as it la sometime called the District jail. Mr. Duvall has testified before the Potter Committee, and as he la not disposed to _i i ?? ? * conceal me miquiuea 01 me prison-bouse, It may be annoying to the Marshal to have such a person a out the establishment, especially ax beta opposed to slavery, slave stealing, and slave catching Slavery Isa beautiful Institution?It dies bard, bat It mutt go. and with It, all Ita lovers and snstalners. We hope Senator Wilson will promptly urge the passageof hla "Warden" Bill, so that the Jallcan be iu>?p? clean, and be kept so" a ft HIRTIN6 COTTONS, >pd Cotton. for tad kj ana wurarena wwr, ? run amply or the boat cr&ie?. ncder the marked ^atee Notwith?tandin* thedailr advanoi in frio* of . i .. fentf Pecn. av and Ninth at. COTTAGE SETS! COTTAGE SETS! Ml TjiIt^wr?T Seta jnat reoeived, in Solid Oak, Imitation Oak, Maple, acd Decorated. Wiu. HQVKiioit Marble Toj?.?nd at pncea th*t oa.n i ot fail to ?iv# entire a&tisfeotion >Ir?" 5*11' S1? P*-? .9th and l(?h ?U? i>?-etao ad and ad toon. cl?iuJ'Sp 5 8Io?f Uftlf do , 50 A!?o, a. 1 other ttylea of Lad:ea and' Balmoral ;boots, the cheapestand b?at assortment in Uwoitjr. j7k08ENTH*L. JaT ao Paan. tTenas. betV?n Hh and Itfftla. Ju8T Rtaaivml 'assortment of New Feither*. ( omfnrtahlAa Rlmko. KftttrMMa, md 6?rp?u. "ftrloM ineeln^"to tsssanasm$?tar ASS 7th lUMt, twtveon 6udk. ? Ma>' ?Mt ml*. JVJOTICE.?All ptriON %r? forbidden to omol " ti?U?n u?tyt|tM of*. W. iduu, du*d Dte?nihir N, Ml, Unta katirol dolltri Hrsble spa* ?n=va. jilan#domi TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Frsaa tttnu and St. Thomas. N*w York, Feb. 20 ?The steamer Roanoke bat arrrived from Havana with advice* of the 15th instant. Advices from Nassau to the 8th state that several vessels have arrived there, running the blockade. The steamer Kate sailed on the 30th, with a part of the Gladiator's cargo, probably for New Orleans. Advices from Venezuela show that the civil 1 war continues. A rngDiim revolution nu oroaen oui bi nonduras. President Guardlola bad been assassinated. The troopi joined the Insurgents, Kxcessea were being o mm It ted at Truxillo. 9 . Thomas dates of the iid state that a British commander attempted to take a seamen from an American vessel by force, but the Federal gunboat Iroquois protected the roan, and toe Governor of St Themis notified the British officers that the guns of the fort would aid the Ircquois. The British admiral arrived subsequently, and reprlmanded the commander, and duly apologized to the American consul. Vera Cruz dates to the sth instant state that no advanct has yet been made. Over one thousand sick soldiers were there, besides hundreds at T frier*. Yellow and typhoid fevers bad broken out tV* lio.U.*.* Usl.t II ?"" ? I aiuuu^ lurui. i uv nirA.iaui nnici <mi iutt i u ?inbarkaTion of th? Spanish troops, bat consent that two thousand allied troops attend the negotiations at Orizaba. The allies state that they shall advance during February to Orizaba, and would give battle at Cerro Gordo if opposed. The Mexican papers express the greatest hatred of the Spanin do Four rebel schooners had arrived at Havana frnm \pw Orlp.ini with rnt*nn Rejticingi in the British Pravincei. Cap* Hack. Feb. 18 ?Fifty tlaga, being ail we have got, are fliating to the breeze here In honor of the glorious victory at Fort Doneiaon The aewi gives great satisfaction at ait. Johjis, N F , and here. Gen Buckner to b? Tried for Treason. _ ? _ T?-L. . til t?l ? I _ III? I uovnviLLb, reo. -u.? i ue ijuuisviue journal learn* that .Marshal Merlweather left last evening for Cairo, to bring Gentral Buckner here, under a Federal warrant from Justice Catron, on a charge of trerson. The Proposal to Tax th? (allliru a Mine* San Francisco, Feb 19 ?Resolutions parsed both llouses of the Mate legislature to-day prot?^tin? against the policy of taxing the California mine* by the general government, es proposed by the Secretary of the Interior. Cuit Defenses of .Ms?sachi<*?u? Ho-Tt'5, Feb. 19.?The resolution appropriating f.V>0,000 for the coast defenses of Massachusetts baa b?en pawed by the Legislature, and received the slguature of ths Governor. Com Porter's Mortar Fleet. N'?w York, Feb. 2t).?i?hip Islai d dates to tbe ?th instant atate that five ships of Com. Porter's famous mcrtar-boat fleet arrived there, and two mo*e were spoken oil Havana on the 11th lnst. HORShS WANTED FOR THE U. 8. GUVL' D V Vf t'MT ? ? lu ull ll ?ialii> Proposals for the deliver? in W?ihmgton City of 1,460 CAVALRY and ARTILLERY HORSES, for the U. 9. Government, will be received at the ofiioe of Col..D. H.Ruoker Depot Quarterrr&iter in this oity, until 12 m., on 8ATURDAY, the 2W instant. These horse" will be purchased in lota not ex oeeding 300 eaoh, and no bida will be entertained for a greater number from any one person. No bid will be entertained that ia not endoraed by two reaponaible perrons, who will guarantee that the bidder will oomply with his proposition, if it ahould be accepted. Twenty five daya will be given frcm the opening of the bida, for the oompletion of the delivery of the ho re's. Of the above horses, WW are required for Cavalry and 960 for Artillery. Description of Horses required. Cavalry Hossxs. Prom 15 to 16 hands in height; between 5 and 8 years of age; of dark colors; veil broken to the saddle; compactly built and free from all defects. Artillery fiORftlS. To be from 15X to 16 hands in height; between 5 and8yetrsof age;da?k oolors; free from all defects; well broken to harness and to weigh not less than 11 CO pounds. The horses will be inspected by a board of officers detailed from the regiments requiring them The undersigned reserves the privilege of rejecting eaoh and every bid, should he oonaider the interests of the servloe require it. STEWART VAN VLEIT, ie 12-td Brig. 6en. and Quartermaster. DMtiirore Clipper, Philadelphia Press, New York Herald ata Pittsburg Commero al Journal, wi 1 please copy,til' day,and send bill as above. SEALED PROPOSALS Are invited till the l?th day of Maroh. 1863 at 12 o'clock m., for supplying the U. H. Sub Dep't with 6,000 head of BEEF CATTLE on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Washington City, and each animal to average 1,900 pounds gross weight; no animal admitted whioh weighs less than 1,000 poncds gross. The Cattle to be delivered at suoh timea and in uoneuanniiee a<i the uovernmont msjr require. No Cattle will b* required under this oontraot before the let day of Ap'il, 1862. Heifers and Bollocks not wan red. A bond with food and auffioient security will be repaired. Government reeervee to ltaalf the right to Mr in Trrninrt nnUa No bi^ will be entertained when pat In bv oon tractors who have previously failed to oomply with their oontraets, or where the bidder ia not pretext to respond to his bid. Bids to be directed to Mai- A. BECK WITH. C. 8 , 0. 8. A., Washington. D.C. Com or Bid. 1. A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Government good Beer Cattle on the hoof for per hundred pounds (roes weight. The Catt.e to be delivered at , according to the terns of the enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be welched on the soales, and the weicht so determined to be

nnn.KaI ? good and afl[oient^>ond for the fafullment of the oon tract, and to receive Treasury notes in payment for the Cattle. fe 13 rhEPOT QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, Lr Corhir ElGHTSRNTH AKD G Strbsth. Wmkt Hi ton, D C.t February 19,1862. Sralrd Proposal* for famishing to the Government, at this eoiat, (14 00) one thousand H E ADBO A K 1)3 for the crave ?fdeceaW soldiers, I will ha rAn?i*AH ??? ! ? - - ? - . W- WW <iua VIUWV USUI CUtUIUBJi Maroh lat, 1862. at 12 o'olook noon. Th* board* mast ooalarm la all respects to the folio via< SPECIFICATIONS. The Boaads to b? of ol-ar loouat wood ,/ru from tifvfeM Ion c. (10) ten lnohea wide,UK> one and o Jb iTalf inoli thiok. To be slightly rounded at the top and "chain frr*d" oapne aida, round the top, and down eaoh edge toaduunoeof(l)foot(9)inohM. Planed smooth on ?aoh aide. A ?peoimeu of the style of boarda repaired may ba aeen at taia office. Propoaale ahould ba addreaaed to Col. D H. Kuciu, Quartermaster U. 8. Army. Washington, p. V., and shou d ba plainly, marked Proposals for Head Boarda." D. H. h UCHER, fa 19 dtmar Q. M.and Co" to. pAKAFFlNE C A N D L E 8! MBUUCl'a PATENT PARAFFINS CANDLhS ! Manufactured by tea N?w Vou Piimun Cawdli Co. For Mle m ?aaatttiM to raitparoha ara.bytta 4 ? mmj wv?Wf VI ? JOHNSON * NAGLE, 1189 Pecn. it?bbi, WMkingtoa D. C. )> C 10 Royal. n?*r King it.. Al?*adn?, V*. COIN WANTED! The Highest Priee paid for SOLD AND SILVER! Srsc'.i Fom Kaxi ta Bvki to Svtt. lewis JOHN son * CO., j4 JflllS, FfRjunvtsu Avwn. )i m-U Ooraw InU street, ? OFFICIAL. Treasury department, fiuvht 4, ibm. None* ii BiniT ! <? of the readloeaa of thla Department to redeem the Treasury notea payable la one year from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved Deoember 33d, 1867, and the Treasury notea payable in alxty daya from date, authorized by the act of Congreaa approved 2d March. 1861. Jntereat on Treasury notea of the above Issues will ceoae on the 7th day of April next by terme of those acta respectively fe5-tap7 Department of state, \V ashington, January 25, 1"W. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday) tbe first of next month. Jaa 27-ff WILLIAM H. SEWARD. TT7A3 DEPARTMENT, ' WV** * ^ Jk.nVA.tLJ fl, 1**.' OarERiD, That the War Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operations In th? flsld. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Srnatnn and R vv* Mondaya to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja UK Secretary of War. 3 JO PENNSYLVANIA AVEME. EN1LE DI'PRE. 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MARSHALL ft PAGE, 408 7th at. LOVELL, COLLEt* * CO., 316 R at. L. A. DULLwltt, 388 7th ?t.,?et. G ud H. KDWaRU HALL, 40 LA. artpua. W. A- BROWN, corner F ac433th ?t?. BEN J FKNNKR. 346 1) at.,Iieir 10th. HUNT CLARK A CO., oorfiar K and loth aU. J R. BARR * CO .corner D aiid 9<n ?t?. WM. H. HOOVER, oornsr 5th and I ata. fe 16 Iw JAY COOKE A CO.. BANKBRS, IA1 _ 4 ' A. ? *L O*. i ? i?u ruwnvn oirwi, opposite ireatary Buildings, Washington. In connection with oar Philadelphia Houm we t*ve opened at No. 4*tt Fifteenth street, an cftoe for the transaction of a general Exchange, Co.Tectioc and Baukinc Business. We buy and sell Coin, Unonrrent Money, Stocks and Bonds, (on eommitsipn,) Drafts on American and European olties, receive Deposits, and make Collections upon all accessible points lei-lm JAY COOKK A Cf). ARMY EXPRESS COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK. 41 HOURS. This Coir?ui is prepared to forward all kinds of goods to and from? NEW YORK?Offioe 39 Broad va;, BOSTON?Offioe, T Congress street, and 9 Congress Square, PHILADELPHIA?Offios, 33T Chestnut street, BALTIMORE?Offioe, Camden Station, WASHINGTON-Offioe, 388 Pennsylvania a? , a V OV s at nns - ? - ? - BliOAanURIA-UDOS, IUO KlDf ItrMt. ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE, NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS. AT FAIR KATES lm* TO 8UTLERS AND RESTAURANTS. 100 baakeu ? W? J ?H?VI 4VI CHAMPAGNE , t WINE, for sale oheap try WM. CORWIN HURGY. No. 34T Pennsylvania avenue, 1*1 entraBoe on Hixtti 1 I CARRIAGES. Hare nov on hand a larje and fice atiortm*nt of CARRIAGES, aapenor to any m tb<> jmg market, which lam prepared to eel.GgEKg low for ouh. i'eraona ia want of(oodJK==K= work, will do well to call and exaaune my took before purchasing elsewhere. All T*taira neatly dona, and order* trunut i ?.t I have alto om ?#ri fine oloa* PumI Camif*. Whioh oniin&ilj coat (1 336, bat littlo mod, and wili b* told iov.M Ue owner bM no farther use for It. ANDREW J. JOYCK. ja Sl-lm Corner Mth ud E itreet*. puRTABLE WOODEN TENTS! Tfce nnderuined hp for ealeand will make to order Portable Wooden T?ta, lie, at a very lov prtqe. Theae tente ean be eat r or laaea down in a few mlantee.aadMa beeeea at the eorner of PourteanUi and 6 eta. JOHN A.. JORDAN. /COLORED BORDERED TOWELS, eeleot ?r*'e? and ? lahtiee,Irom low-fnoed and ?e "WjtSTand ampl? stock of all khMs WASHINGTON, 1>. C , JANt ART, 196S. REMOVAL. A. BINIXGER A. CO. IAH n. E M: O VBD TO 819 PENNSYLVANIA AVEHIE, orroMTB WILLARD8' HOTEL. We Invite the attention v? our friend* and Irons to the Onrd tot low: No. 919 rt*N?TL*AN;* Annua, I (offo.'tt* WtUard't Haul,) { The Subscriber*, bavins opened a Branch Establishment In thla City a few month* *loce, and IftAltnor anitnunnom Kn IIKaboI ???*??. ? ?? 1 wj *uv iiwvmi ?i una,;c ready received frofa ha friends and the lovers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other article* la their Hue, have determined pon a continuance and extension of fielr busl nes*. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDH03 (of various age, brands, and district* ) BOURRON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA Rt'.M. GINS, Ac , Alto, aeverel valuable Tonioa, BUtcra, and Ktoinarblca, which are remedies fr>f b^wel romplainta. feT?r and ague, taendaehe, end the like. MA OKI R A, SRKRRY A PORT WINhS, CLARETH, BIRGfNDV, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA 8BGAR3, Of all Vari??ti?? and Price*. FINK NAVV AND OTHER CHEWING TOBAOCO. ALSO, PICILES,8AL'CKS. CHEESE. PRESERVED kc f a. rnkj a r\ r? n ? * Tno u i n rti i.?a int.Aia ajli rntiic, MiiiiMbg, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , &c. The Stock wa particularly selected to ault the wants of Hotel-Kecperc, Sutlers, Restaoratean, *c. They ire lnviUd to visit th* establishment, which la under the direction of Mr Jos. P. Wilsom. Owing to the fact that they import moat of the articles direct, and to their many buslneaa facilities, they are enabled to offer their ?tock Goods at ery low prices. Your obedient aenranta, A. BIN1.1GER Jc CO., mpcrttrt 0/ Foreign B'uui, j, f?. Ja 11-tf NSW VOEX AMD WAtBIIMTOlf. THE BAR EYE AND EAR. N?. 8ST PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE orroMTi WILLARDS IlOTKfi. Oculist and Aurlat. OR F. A. VOFI MOirHZlSKERi From Clinton Plaoe, New Yor*. hu arrived m tk? city and opened hi* nffieea at 33T PENNSYLVANIA AVKNCF.. where he oan be ooaavited on Maladiea of the EYE AND EAR requiring medioal and earcieal treatment. Dr. Von MoecHZUtiR ia the Inventor aad introdaoer into tne medical prao'ioe of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate cam of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. Re la alao author of the lettera f ubliahed in the New York and Philadelphia papera treatint on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIR 1 NO OFCANNON, fe. Dr. Von M. haa tor tne past fourteen yeara devoted hia ap-Joial attention to the TREATMENT OFTHE EYE AND EAR, And poaaeaa*? the teatimoniala ot aome ot the beat known pablic men in the Union, who have t>een moat auooeafnlly treated by hm for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT # HEARING. R E A D. I From Profits or hlnJcvr. Baltimor* 1 **I have thiajday a?*n Miaa^ \V we, her air lit per ivoii; rniurni. i am isppy iu express in7 oodvio tion that br your skiTl and judgment ahe has been saved from the greatest deprivation th\ could have befallen tier?' [From tk* Horn. Senator Futk ) To D*. Voh MmcHziatii: 1 am greatly obliged for the intereat you Lave manifested in m? oase of Deafness, and the skill with waieh you Ilave treated my oase. and I have no doubt that by oarefulob ervanoe vf your direouons, mj hearing will he permanently restored. G . H.l'UGH. [ From John tfl eam, Jr., ton of thi Hon. Jvfft of Ike V. S. Smprtme Co*rt J It ia well knewn to my numerous friends that 1 have been deprived of my hearing for many yeara. 1 am happv to at&te that I have, thanks to l)r. Von Moactiiiaker, entirely recovered. My hearing ia now as acute as ever. JOHN M'LEAN. Jr. For aeveral yeara 1 suffered front daafneea. Dr. Von Morohzisfcer restored inv hea'ina. Ht. Lonia, S?pt. 7,1858. JOSEPH YEATS. Dr. Von Moaohziaker moat au?o*ealaiiy operated on my eyes,and Benefitted mr ai?ht exoeodirxly. GEORGE H. CHENEY. 81. Louia, Sep*- IV, V85B. I Letter from /lev. J. J. Mull on] Dm Von. Mo?chzis*be?Dear Sir -- Amor * thoM who t ave been benefitted by f oar ak litre] treatment, in dueaeea impairing the ?unt,it affurrta mo %reat pleaeare to aart th* testimonial if ray gratitude to the liat of your patient*. My aicht wai so much impaired danni the lui ei|htim montna that 1 ooufd not reoognias ibe feature* of a friOL.. ft&adiiij uw me. I Under lou this acknowledgment of your ui cent akil and aucosaa in the treatment ol joar ohuced and aratefa' friend. T. jTMULI^N, Hector H Patrick'*. The orici&a! of taa a o?e, acd imod'eda mora teatunoniaia, ou be teen at Or. M.'a rooms. ' Patients wiahini their fannl j fhiaician to aoeompany them to witness operation* or for the arjoae of ooasultation are at liberty to urtng them Medioal men wilt bo at all times *a'. xrmed to* Dr. Von M ' oyeratioi.*, and examine some of the inetraraents lie o<ui \ntrodao?*1 for Ut* w n-ei. -* ? wuiauvu VI WfMWIVI* KM AIIW ?U1*n. aj t. fioi& K -3e lnaertod vithoet otuiai fta? p*je ofto? tiouri from 9 ft. m. to 2 p. a ?od from I to *fcbl lm 207 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNPE. VOX EXCELSIOR CRACKKR8? A frMh F a?Miy of F?ri C?l?t4ftUd EzeouMor Crftok ift | Conor Vonpont *r ftfld liu otroot. THI W11RLY STAR. Mf?aui i (TwJfiMPMia*r ? ! > ?h mm*. 4| tn m W kul li tiy n>? It prtttM M H4IT Mnllt. Tnw?4M4, , ta *4mhi. Mpy, pn >m>M????iint<tl M FIm ?opt? fa MpUk... Twnty-|Tf H II laTBrt&bly coital * tU "WMhUftoa * ??' ttet ka* aUf Tks DmUf 9Mr iIimMi m geeertily Uirouckovt ike eeealry. CT'Sti#!*' ?opte (la wrtppcn) ou to p*?> oorca n im ?onnirr, immediately after tta MR* oftbepeper. Prloe?THREE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HMiHIY COWmifTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract B?chm? A Ftit*? mmd Bp*i/U Rtmudf For Pi?of tfc* BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, 1M DROPfeiCAL SWELLINGS. 3hi* Mvdioino increase* the ?o*M of Direction f OCCltei the A I'ORBINT* into healthy action. by vhioh the witut oa csxcaaocs dt^MiUr u ant! a : unn att &al i\lie? km beta ?r? rwtaom. M veil M TAIN A!?D INFLAMMATION. i HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV . For We*kn*M*a AruilBf from Kicmim, H?hiU of DiaaiptUoft. Earl* lrdi?er?tJoa or A:t<*d'i with ik* Fotlm>?t Sfmpttmu: Indisposition to Ki'rMon. Um of Pow*r, Lom of Momor?. Ihffiouity of B-mthinc, W.Nenr?w, Trombllac. Horror of W&kefo i.*m, rtin- A... ViaM D.._ .1-- n--I. * ?^is(i*wb v* * 1 in HIT PSVI | Cr.vcrsa L*?sitad? of ths Muscular t*? ttom. Hot Uands, FisBbmc of thafigAy, of th? Aio, Eruption! on tfce Pm*( PALLID rOVKTIMNCK. Tbess syrnt If a ?w?a to go on, vhioh this medicine rnvtrably remove*, soon follows IMPOTENOY, FATUITV, EPILEPTIC FITS, Jfc oni / wktek tkt Pattmi mojr Eaytrt. Who can ?sy fiat they ar? not frequently fallowed by ri!>U?ls," II IMflA M1TV tan n/\n!ui<u n?ri/?ai fi Iivcanii I Ail IS v'iilct ! ! I I I " ll. Many are ntf th* oau??of their eufferinf, btt honi u .ll coiirni. THK RECORDS of THE INSANE A8VLT.MB Am i ihtKrlnmrkdy P'atki by Cemmwtptitm. m?i txm wprs??* to tei tkvtb of hi lOIIRTlON. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WlTU ORGANIC WEAKNESS. t..e aid of medieib* to etrenathen ait4 Inv;t?rate the Sfateia hteh HELMBOI.D'S EXTRACT HUCHt MMrtaf t* 4*41 ti:il will conriwc* thi must kkftical* FBMA LES- FEMA U:8~ EE MA LEX, UUIf 'St. i in r>t?. r>! mu i.r.. mAiinitii, v? CONTfcMi'LATING MARKIAGeT In Many A?*ction.r Pteultar to Ft main the Extraot Bwciu .a BiieeuaUed by aaT other rem f*it, a? iu Oho-om tw k?u*iUor, lrr<?u aril? i bupp;ei)?0(i ol Gustoin?r? Er*o uM.oL.fc. l-.cer?l?'i or cctirrooi ?i?<? ?'i uir \jvmrn?, Leuoor? ti?a or 'Vhites. Plerilitjr. tod for *11 oompi&ula incident to tho ?*. whether *naiM from liidiBcretiKD. H&l>iU of DiaeipaUot. or ib tha DECLINE OR CHANQE OF LIFE! tXI ITKPTOMa * BO VI. HO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. TtJu no mori Mtrewrf or Oufltumml Mtditxtu /or Unritainnl mmd VMfiriM ihtMiii. 11ELMB0LD 8 EXTRACT BUCKO CVKM SECRET DISEASES ?ll *k*l. A? li??U iu mi. Htvn . Nfp?t at Little or &o thance in Diet; No iucod veiuoooe And no nzfosti??. It oaose* a fre^a'nt desire a^d |itn atreafth to LruuUe, thereby R amoving Obet.-uotior.e. fiemhni ksd Ci*rin( StrifUrM of th( L FtUirt. Allaying t ain and I Bfitminiatii. m fre^aent in the claaa of diaeate*. and cape nag nU Poucnouf, Lhi*+.<uL, and wcm out Mntur. THOVSaKDS VTC9 THGC^kJID* WHO HATE BEEN THE flCllMS OF . QUACKS, and who have paid 4sary/s?? to b? eared in a anert tune, haveioand they were deoetved. ?*id thattha "ponon" hM. by tv<? me of "pctttrftU been dried or in the stem, to brAak oat in ac at (ravatecl form, and FSXHAFG AITMH MA AIAU3, re HELM BO VD15 EXT&A V BVGftV all f fleetioas anc diseases o f Che URINARY ORGAHS, ffktthsr esiBtinc m BULK OR FEMAJLCt from whatever -acre rr1riraUnc and no matter d)? into ITA.IDIRe. Oieeteeeaf taeae OrC%D> r<* nl the ud of a OiIUTN. HHLMBOLD S blTKACl BUCHV 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, K<t > oertain to hare the desired effect la eaiea/er wkUk U it rtctmm T1DM01 or TMU MOBY UirOHSIBLB AMV *? 1?IA>LI CmACTU Willlaeeeinrarj Ute medieiaee. 0I""lc?S.Sr.c,StKu?. *"h rat "fW YS lClANS" FLKASM "NOTICE." ww un "so sbc&bt or "umbdiuts." HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU is oompomd of Bichn, Cabeba and Jam mr Bmtim mooted with treat oar* by a oompetont drofnot PREPARED II* VACUO, BY H. T. HELM BOLD, raotaoal and Analytical Chemist, and Sol* Maaufaotorar of HMLJLBOLD B91NUIKK PKKPARATIOHB AFFIDAVIT. faraoaaii* a?Mar?d oefore mf, %o AUermaa ! the oityoi Fniiadel/hia, H. T. Hsljoold, m beiQf duly awcm. dofh mt. hli prM?rttie::a ooa lAiL no naroouo, qo inereerr, or orner injtrioM drufi, huurc purely vef^abie. 9. T. HELMBOLl*. Sworn and rabeenbed before me, t?u?ie otiay 0 Noveml<*r, UM. WM. P. dlBfifcKD, Aidermns, Ninth at., above Ktoe, roil* rnrsiciAxs in attkhdancx from 8 a. h to 8 f. m. Price 91 ^ kettle, er elx Cer ?. Delivered to ?nr addraes, tec a.-air re? observation. AddroM for Informative in* M B. T. HKLlMBOLI), Ck$*ut, i>or>i. 1M Bomth Tenta ?!., below Oketuu ftote tfEWAKfc OF COVNTK*FEll? AND vytKlXCltLFD DM iLERS who ondetvor tc "of th?ir ova' other''article* ct the refutation - 'taicru t HtlmtoiWi 9?mim Pr$jmrt%m , ' u Mmtrmtt fhu , II M <t - Bold ter 8. B. Wiin, Z. P. iULta. i?n wlllti 8. c. FtU, 1 B. krtvuui, ft. o majo*. d. b. cuu, livhi * kiniMi.j e. mum, wvmiktm u4 tnuoivi, bjjvd aix d?veej9rs MTMMrWHK**. ABM. 10* zelmsold b sakipo onu. vtHtt tUKwi ai mmt M it AJMI AVOID IMFOSiYIOM *1 &r?*V?S Pmmh gf wt^umt tm CMM?? tTSI? ' "

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