Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1862 Page 3
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Iljl I 111*1. ? LOCAL -NK>?8. ? _ j u m Amnnm To Ni? <*. ?A (Mil tiMHlMt n' -tK( nrtwttbatandlsg the bad weather Thee banning ?ctrees, Miss Lt.vlle We?tein in the "French Spy" afala this evening; alter which the rrnoeful danwenae, Mlaa Oi'.f a, in e "Tambourine Dance " To conclude with " Betsy Baker." tempting entertainment. WAHiiteToa That is . - A greet bill thla erenine. Clarke, 'he comedian, In four pieces. ' School In an Uproar." J. U. Clarke aa the Fat Bo?, and Mlaa Den In aa Bob Nettles; a new play entitled "Paul Pry In Washington," then Toodlee;"an?i lastlythe"8pectreBridegroom," Mr C. aa Dtckory. CAKTiviriT Hall ?The varied performanc#a at this place rf an>na*ment are deaenredly popalar.^ change o b,u M"! preaanted each ?renin?, ?tth new aonga, dance*, b irlraqaea. eymnaatlca, kc , all by the beat performer . Matinee to-morrow afternoon. Odd Fbllow*' Hall ?San ford'a famoun ?p=ra tronpv, offer gema of tbe opera, drama and comedy, every evening, and tbelr nnrlesqaca art Inimii>hl< Am th?m while von hir? a chance. riMPiXitci Hall ?Prof. Btrnra* Se'eetCotillon Party to-nl((h(. Tickets at the hotels and at Ellis' music store Smithsonian Institution.?Twenty-gfth lecture of the course of the Washington Lecture Association, bv Wit GoodelJ, Esq , of New York. Bubject?" The Constitution for Emancipation, and Emancipation for the Constitution." Claiindon Music* ?Beautiful waiting girls, choice liquors, fragrant cigars, and delicious music. Ob, my: mm ? ? ri . . . m a m ? AtHiweTON mine ii all? i or im iree concert-room In the New York style ever established In this city. M&btlajtd Asncal Cosfikikcb ?This loeisIstlve body of the Methodist ProtntutChurch ended It* deliberation*, after a barmonioosaeeslon of Ave dav? la Cbestertowa, Md , on the 18th instant; and the ministers departed for their various fields of labor for the ersta? year, the lay delegates for their homes The following are the . appointments for the stations la and about the District of Columbia: Congress street, Georgetown. Rev D Evans Reese; Kast Washington Mission, W. W. Reese; a a _ ? a ?r >a _? ?ar a i?r t. a a aei . ?inm sire*i, ? * itnov; wen* ? asaingion mission, T. Remlck; Alexandria station. J7w. Fverl?t; Prince William Circuit, V?., A D- Dick; Howard Circuit, Md . W T Wright,W. H. Hopkins, Frederick City Misaion, G. T. Cochel; Potomac Circuit, to be supplied Of the ministers who have nerved In this localltv the following disposition has been made : Rev. P. Light Wilson goe? to Pipe-creek Circuit; Rev W. T. Dumm to Salem. Philadelphia; Rev J . T AVird. I.lhertv Clrrjilt Re* ? V HaK. lttzell. who* prudence as pa*tor of Potomac Circuit during the past year wan complimented by a special reaolutlon of the Conference, la aaaoclate superintendent of Kent Circuit, Md.; the ex-Prea> 1 Ident. L W. Bate*, waa appointed to West Baltimore Sutton; and Rev Jamea K Nlchola la the I President of the Conference I The delegate* to the General Conference to meet . la Georgetown, D C , In May next,were elected, 1 as follows: Ministers?J. J. Murray, D. D., W Roby, L. W Batea. Francis Waters, D D , Dr. Thos.Slm, u r. nefK.J ?.M??!,inaj KMcholi. , Laymen? Lather Martin, John B. Thomas, i George Vickera, J. W. Richardson, Dan'l Price, J B. Mat" hews, John !*mlth of J, Jos. Llbbey. The Conference adjourned to meet In West Baltimore Station the second Wednesday In Match. ISO. A BOLD Thisf CarTUKss bt a Biavs IKISB G:*l.?Yesterday afternoon, about three o'clock, two aoldiers were seen coming oat of a dwelling at tke southeast corner of E and Second street. One oi them had a bundle under hla overcoat. They were observed by a lady from her window, on the cppoalte side of the street, and ahe suspected from their movements, as tbey turned round the corner towarda F street, that they were thieves, and had something contraband under the overcoat. Quickly stepping over the way. she Informed the lady of the bouse what ahe had seen, when It was soon discovered that an overcoat belonging to the owner of^ the bouse bad ucr-a moicd irom ice passage. i nf two soldiers were Immediately for owed by an Irish girl, who was Hving In the family, anil overtaken In the atreet near a liaaor shop and grocery. The girl chargrd ooe of the rascals, who bad the coat on his back, with stealing it; and attempting to s*txe him, the fellow broke from h?r grasp, and decamping la Ball Ran ffeshton, threw off the stolen overcoat and made hla escape. The girl picked up the coat, and approaching the other aoldler, who bad not ran away with his guilty rAPT r*Am aha m?n#.?n- ** 11 nwumuj ?c tru uiui uy mr couar, i and with the help of a few bystander* carried back tbe fellow and placed him before the lady, who, In the absence of her husband, and there being no patrolman near, allowed tbe man to go at large, after strong protestations of perfect Innocance on bts part, and equally strong promises not to be 1b saeh a scrape and bad flx for the fiiture. Abstract or Qfutii's Policb Rkpobt? From tbe report of the Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police, for the quarter ending January 1, we find tbe whole number of arrests by thltfArr* ft ilH ntr nn?*a K* k. fw)* a# w., ? ?Pt M ?v? ? WW MV VI WBiyu 4,470 were mal**, 500 female*; 1,137 could not rea<*. or write; 1 900 were married, and 3,100 were single. The following disposition baa been made of the above cases ?Committed to jail, 330; dismissed. 1,285; held to security to keep the peace, AO; turned over to the military authorities, 1,102; *ent to the workhouse, 474, and held to ball for court, 157. Fines have been Imposed In 1,372 cases, amounting In all to 98.643 24 , as follows: City of Washington, 96,527 06; city of Georgetown, ?AS3??X; county, Sla* 58; United States, 1.250. ?_ ??v _ _ ? ? ?? ? I HI ntlllTOTOR nAVT fllS lH U059SKIS V> r are pleased to ue that Senator Hale baa made a move In the Senate looking to the Improvement and extension of the worka la the Nin Yard, so that they may be fitted for the manufacture of plates to cover the new Iron-clad s'eamers. Already there is a large stock of machinery at the yard adapted to the worka, and we doubt not. should the move succeed, that the workmen tinder the present efficient commander, Captain Dahlgrea, win do the work In aa uaod a I manner and as s|<e?dlly as at any yard In the roaster. HrneABiAM Cblibratios ?The Hungarian ofBeera and ci Till an a ia Waablngton celebrated, on Wedneaday evening, the annlveraary of tbe Haagarlaa revolution of 1948, and the birthday of Garibaldi. Tbe partyconaiated, among otbera, of Cot. Albert, late of Fremonfaataff; Major Zagonyl. Col. D'Vtasay, Col. Flgyolmeay, Col. Detcby, and Captalna Sarpy, Delnna, andSz&bad Major Ztgoayi pzpreaaea the hope tbat the moment will aoon arrive when all tbe Hungarians wbo want to fl^bt will bare an opportunity to gird on tbe aword for tbe defence of tbe Union. Tbe party, Including a few offlcera wbo bad aerved under uaribaidi and who arrived here a ftw month* ago, ??parated with * hearty hurrah for the Ualon and Hungary r it-ia??d ?The following prisoners were released by the eommlaslon yesterday on giving their written parole to render no aid or comfort to the enemiea In hostility to the government of the United States:?A . J. Flemmlng, J. A English. W. A. Taylor, Snmmerfleld Bail, W.j B Price, i. W. Burke, W N. Browa.S. S. Hough. H C. Field, E J. Snowden, W. Cog an, and John Welch. W The follow!ag were recommitted for farther m consideration H O. Claugbton, Henry Peel. * and E H. Mcknight, all of Alexandria. Tn Hackmkh ard tbi Badsi Law?Bt a recent Set of tbe city cauaells all driver* of backs are required to wear a badge upon their breasts, tr.llcattng thetr boslneaa and tbe number of their coacbea. This law Is eery obnoxious to the driver*. wbo are bard to be brought to compliance with It. and are now seeking Its Immediate repeal. Vesterdsr the time expired In which they were all to be provided with the badge, and this morula* tbe metro n*U tan nali?H.?n ?* ? gaged Tn arresting ttioe* w&o are found qp the Undt without the legal badge. Roibiit amd Aiaaar.?Yeaterday, while Mr. Richard Darnea, of Oeorgetown, waa attending tha government-horae aale in the First Ward, he had hi* pocket picked of about *50 Officer* Norwood and J F King were near, watching a crowd of Ave auapleloua person*. They followed tUem, and arrested John Nelaon and J a* Uanno upon tuaplcioa of being concerned in the robbery. ?' M m ta Wan kwm/rvVA T * 1 ? to j%U for farther bearing. Tbe oflleera captured another, wbo wu taken before Just ice Clark ape* tb? like suspicion. He gave bis name as Morgaa. He was admitted to security tot further bearing. . Tri Ntw Military Paison?Tbe warebooae of M George Waters, la Georgetown, on tbe ranal, near High street brlttee, a strong and snb> -anMslly built edllce, baa been fltted up for tbe rr r?repuon or oar aotaier* triea by court martial aud awaiting sentence or aerying tbelr term* of Imprisonment U tha Central Guardtiouae, which ' too mall to aecoBBodite the number coaSaetf there. , Aiaivis at Carter* wharf (foot of 13# street) atheaaw Charm, Starr, Philadelphia, with 130 oasofeoal for Geo Bogoa; Sarah Jane, McReady, Mme port, with 100 too# of coal for H. Roc hat A liaioa mbbtiko will be held at Falrftu Court Bouse. V* to-morrow the ?d. which will be a4dr?e?-d by Uoa Jobs C. L'oaderwood ud T?? Cibcvit Covbt or Sr. Mut'i Co., Mo., fommeaud Ha enariooa for the March term oa M?oday taet i Marokib OTaTaaa.?Harvey baa received I V *** - *o*def M?aok)a oyatcra. See biaadverttaoI ^ I .. Dsathi 07 9oisiaas.?Tbo following deaths of told ten hare occurred since our Inst roport: Bar te roots Bartlett, 11th Mai bo oleateers, at Wvm Hospital. ? E W. Addl?man, company E,?d reflJneat PennsvlTtnls volunteers, at camp. Philip B. Wilber. company F, Tth Maasachu aetta volunteer*, at Columbian College Hoapltal. 8. A. Newman, company I 24 regiment Kbodc lalard volunteer*, Columbian College Hoapltal. Redmond Morris, company M, 8d UnitedState* Artillery, at Oeneral Hoapltal. Charles Bower*, company 0, l*t United State* Artillery, at General Hospital. . Thomas Burke, 3d regiment New York volunteer*, at Indiana Hospital. _ ^ ( jodd r Bira, company v, tin regimvm nan* ylvanla Cavalry, at camp. ? Prantlgan, company G,Sth regiment New York volunteer*, at camp. T. Kelley, company B, 9th Maaaachoaetta volunteer*. at Union HoW Hoapltal. H. Colo, company C, nth regiment New York volunteer*,at Union Hotel Hoapltal. M Stephen Kennedy, company D, 9iA regiment New york volunteer*. M L Farra, company B, 49th Pennsylvania volunteer*, at Dougla* Hoapttal. John Sullivan, com pas > D, 103d New York olunteera, at Douglas Hospital. H Goo?lrtck, company O, lOlat New Yerk volunteers, it Camp Douglas. Laundress In company C, 2d United States Cavalry, at camp. Albert Goodman, company II, 57th New York regiment, at Indiana Hospital Abraham Bates, company H.Mth New York volunteers, at Seminary Hospital. Sdwln Graves, company D,00th New York volWfeera, at Seminary Hoapltal. P Scbmertzer, company D, Cameron Riles, at ocoiiuvi j Prancla G roafert, 8th Naw York Battery, at Colombian Collage fioepltal. Jamea Dunham, company K, 86th New York volunteers, at camp. Bank Note Rkpokter.?We have received from Feld & Lare, Plttahurg, Pa., publlahera M the National Bank Note Reporter, a copy of their detector and coin chart. Buslneas men who wiah t* aee a aample copy and aubecrlbe for the publication, can do ao by calling on Mean. Gotthelf & Behrend, No. 38? Seventh atreet. It la publlahed mnnfhlw aft aim Hollar wo*r it ta warmlvrnm. mended by the preen for its accuracy and notices of new counterfeits. Worthy or Imitation ? Yesterday a squad of about forty Invalid soldiers were brought from Alexandria to be quartered near tbts city. Several, too feeble to keep up with their camrades, *ave out at Thirteenth street and the Avenue. The Metropolitan Police in that beat conducted them to the atai.on-houae, and made them comI ?!.. .<? ? -- A 1 . ^ luiiouic 111 iuc pativiuiru ? hiiuuvtuvui A nuy In the vicinity provided An excellent sapper for them, to which they did fall justice. Laicint. ? A teamster, named Wolf, while deeping st the house of Mrs. Walker, in Swampoodle, yesterday, had his pockets relieved of f 15 by tw* men, one of whom, named Brown, was arrested this morning by OfBcer Meredith, who recovered S10 from him. Brown was very drunk when arrested, and Justice Ferguson com! mttted him to the lock-up until he gets sober, when he will have an examination. Riliasid.-?Yesterday the oath of allegiance was administered to John H. Cusick, of Baltt. | more, Md , and Ernest Glossner. of Charles county, prisoners at Ohe old Capitol, by Justice i A ?.1__^LA juuiivvu. ouu IUCJT wcic ictowvu ifviu WVUMUV mat. WitKm for Hackseivees ?Jno. McLaughlin and Jamea Herity, hackdrivers, were fined t tbla morning at the Central Guardhouse by Justiea Thompson tl 56 each for not wearing a metallic badge, as required by a lata city ordinance. Centeal Guardhouse Case%?Btfort Justxt* Thompson.?Patk. Bresnahan, Daniel Lynch, Jas. Cullusson, Wm. Taylor and Wm. Allen, drank; tamed over to the military. Eliza Mohaney, do.; i workhouse 60 days Notic* to th* Pciuc.?J. Mortimer, arretted yesterday for robbing a soldier, Is not the One who keeps a grocery store at tbe corner of Tenth street ana Maryland avenue, (Island.) It* What a* amocht of suffering and diseasa among tbe Volunteers would be prevented by tbe free use of Holloway's Pills and Ointment. For Wounds, Sores, and Scurvy tbe Ointment is a certain curs, and for Bowel Complaints, Fevers, Small Pox. Ac tbe Pills are tbe best medicines in uic wviiu. only ? etna per oox or poi. 7<ti A IIW or TBI KANT TESTIMONIAL* VEOM THE CITtZENa or WAiHtNOTON TO DE. TCMBL1TY, THE INDIA* HEBE DOCTOE. FemaU Complaint Curtd. Mr*. C.W. Blakemaa, Lang'* Hotel, Georgetown. Cure of Hern on* Debility. Frederick Rohlrder, F atreet, corner 3d, Island. Scrofula Cured. J. Malooer. corner 4th and II atreeta. Enlargement of the Heart Cured. P. Downs, 343 6th street, Washington, D. C. Scrofula Cured. J D. L&keman, 6th street, No. 439. Consumption Cured. John Clark, Camp Duncan, D C. John C. Day, corner 2d and D straeta. Bad cat* of Jaundice Cured. John Hard, No. 500 Sew York avenue fill Cured. David Dllon. 472 K street Servovs Debility Cur id. John Dooohu, No. 606, corner C and 3d streets. Cured of Chronic Disease. William Sullivan, corner 4)$ and G streets, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D. C. Cured of Debility. Charles Wilson, U 8 Regular Dyspepsia Cured. Ban) Doraey, 20th at and Pennsylvania avenue. Cured of Pimp I* t on the Fact. Jamea Reed, 26th and L streets Ckronic Rktumatiim Cured. M. G Howard, loth street, near Penn. avenue. Nervous Debility. Charles A. Courvetser, Navy Yard. Attkma afttr all tkt Doctort failed. 8. 1. White, No. 253 B street, south side of Capitol. Cancer Cured. J. Blackburn, Georgetown Bad Dreamt with Night Sweats Cured. R. Haunscb, 417 7tb street. Fill Cured. J. J. Kane, C street, between 6th and 7th. The Indian Herb Doctor will describe disease and tell his patients the nature of their complaints or illness, without receiving any information from them. No charge for consultation. Hfl/UI No. 11 W??hlnertftn RnllMlwa PmrmI. anlaareflue, corner 7t& street. mar 'il-lw Opthalmic add Aoral I.htitcti, 937 Pennsylvania avenue (opposite Wlllard's), devoted to toe treatment, medically and surgically of all maladtea of the eye and ear, In charge of Dr. Von Moechzlaker, from Clinton Place, New York. Deafness, Impaired sight, noise* In tbe bead, scientifically treated. 2t Thk Lcnas. A Card ?Dr Hunter will definitely cloee hla office In Washington on Saturday evening, the 29th instant, after which date all persons affile ted with Pulmonary disease can consult him personally or by letter at his office, No. 57 east Twelfth street, near Broadway, New York. His office here will remsln opea for tbe reception of patients sffllcted with Catarrh, Bronchitis, Consumption, and Asthma, no to the erenlnc of Saturday, 29th Instant. 903 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington. ah 30 Piix awd sickukss la produced by the presence of these matters or humors which are retained beyond the time designed. Brandreth's Pills r^ moves these matters or humors, and their uss always relieves, and perseverance infalllblv cures. Ob, that the sick everywhere appreciated the importance of these few lines, how much disssss would be diminished, and the general health of the community Improved. Brandreth'a Pllla are aeld at 33 cents per box, with full directions, at No. 994 Canal street, New York, and at the branch oAce, corner Ninth and E streets, Washington, D C. P. 8. Sutlers supplied by the doxeo. mh 15-lw QC**Y. Why i* it Tbit CuntDoio'i Hah Dim 11 the Beat is til* Worlc? Bmmm eminent oheixnit* my ao! Bnmn it oontaina no MMMtio oonpoinds! dwnn it ran lonier uiu w ornw i BNUN It OytnlM IMtMKMMllf I Bmhn it dooa not ataln tha akin! Bm?im it aoariahea and atranfthaaa tha Hair I Baaaaaa it oorrsota tha bad afaeta of other dyoa! Baeaoao ita praaoaoo oaaaot bo doteotod! Btmmtt is ntvtr /milt! lUailMMIN DJ J, UHlBYAUUKU.e AStOT House. New York. Sold every where, ud allied by all Hur Dreesert. Pnoe ft, 91 SO ud 43 Mr box, aooordinc to eise. No. 1. CmiBTABoao't Hiii PimiTtTira. Is iavaluhie with kla Dye. *a it io>p?rte the ut?oet eoftiw, the most beMU/ei (loes, and treat vitality to the Hiir. Prieem eeote, ? 1, aad 91 per bottle, aooordiRf obw. fe*M,WAF,l? Inu Knrn boose. lad la rubber Sheets for protaetiaf ehlldrai^i bods, that bo family should be without: 73 cents "llabb* Blankets, tor aoldlen, sack. Robber roTbw ul BltakMi ooablned, t* H "*SdU RabbarOoats, white or Mack, t8J?ei*k. India Robber Logins ?1 por pair. And all kinds ef Rubber Goods, Inolodlng Rubber Boots tad Shoes, Robber Stoppers for bottta, Door Matt, Uador Sheetings for bod# la slckae?, he. 4e., *t Mnafeetura% prices, at B.A. Rail's Iadla Robber Warehooso, 5u6 Pa. av., tdisia NUtt ud Twtk Drub. 1 - * ? ?4 ^r-. , y.._ ^ Count. Brnnnm, ba.? naim. kkuui* ioijt* and all 41?? of the feet cured without pala or ineooreiilence to tbepatient. by Dr. Wbite, Burgeon Chiropodiat. 4*1 PennnrlTanin avenue. OSce boura from 9 a. m. to S p. m. All PxanoRa can tad tba beat atock of Clothing, Furnlablng Good*, Tniaka, Hata and Caps, At fUltKl* Ma AtU flaTamnfYi tammf naaa P to *T-#m' ' Tu? no kou vinuunT ass nun Mssi?rm ?For anplenannt and dangerous dleeaeee, uae Helmbold'a Extract Bucbu, which ba? receded the endowment of the moat prominent pbyaloiana In the United Btatea la now oflfered to aMlcted humanity as a certain core for the following dieaaaee ana ahaae of the urinary or aexual organa: General debility, mental and phytlcal depreealon, Imbecility. determination of bl?od to the head. confused Ideas, hv?terla, general Irritability, restlessness and uleeplessae-t at night, Iom of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia, emaciation, low aplrlta, dlsorganlxatlon or paralysis of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, and, in toot, au the concomitants of a nervous and debilitated state of the system. To insure the genuine eut this out. Aak for Helmbold's. Take no other. Cures guaranteed. See advertisement la another column. feb 4-tf DIKDi On the aoth. inatant, after a abort but eainrai lllneaa. infant aon of Jaoob am Cathrine Warner. Little infant, thon haet left We tbr loaa moat deeply feel; 'Tie God who will protect him, Heoaaall oar enrrowe heal! The friend a of the family are invited to attend hia funeral from the reeidenoe of hie earenta, on M atreet, between I and Maa?aohnaette arena e, on Batarday morning at 10 o'o ook- U* Ob the 30th mat, ADA SOPHIA, Med 1 year, l^mopth and 19 davs, jranddauihter of Charlee and Th? friends of the family are invited to attend the laneral on Saturday morniLc at 10 o ciook, from MT L street, between 4th ana tth stmts. It* At Alexandria, Va., on 8vnday morninc '6<h last., after a brief niseis, ELIZABETH TEMPRANCE. wife of John H. Rainer, in the *?th year of her ace. Heare*t mother, thou natt left as. We thy loss mostde?y (eel; Bat 'tis tfod that hath bereft as. lie can all osr sorrows heal! It AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S ATHESEIM. John T. Fo*t> ~~ Proprietor and Manager Triumphant Sneoeee of the new TEMPLB OF THE DRAMA ! THIRD NIGHT O* THE SEASON! Third aepeartnee of the Celebrated Aetreee, MIB3 LUCILLE WESTERN. THIS EVENING. Will bepreeented the Grand Military Dram* of THE FRENCH SPY: ok THE BTORMING OF ALGIERS. 1 Mathilda, 1 H?nn St Alme, J Miss Lnoille Western Wild Arab Boy, \ Tambocrihi Dance .. Mia? Olivia To oonolnde with the faTonte Faroe entitled BETSY BAKER. Admission. Dress Cirole and Pars uette_? M cents Baloony 8?aU?_ ftt <?rone?tr% Seats _ ?.#1 Fair il| Cirole ? 86 cents CANTERBURY HALL! CANTERBURY HALL ! 1 " % TO NI9HT TO-NIOHT The Brilliant N?w Conit?l!aUon of Beautr! PERCIVAL'S IMMENSE COMBINATION! JLfrCQ uir r rr pmrrr Dn luiuu iuiLiicja rvrri/OA, By far the most perfect and beautiful D&oaevie pre??nted to the American poblio. MISS JULIA MORTIMER, The Idealisation of Me ody and Beaaty. MISS LIZZIE FRANCIS, MISS MARY BLAKE, MISS LILLY BRANDON, miss t KAnt 8KUUK, MI88 JULIA RICHMOND THE DELBVANTE BROTHERS, CHARLEY NEIL. BILLY QUINN. It A M * ? nm aw i niun i r? M JEAN CLOSKI, JOHN HEANY. AND NUMEROUS OTHERS. fC^No chance in the AdmiMion Almimon 3ft oenta, OrohMtar Chairs 10 cents. Afternoon Brntmlmmm?m For Ladiee sad FtaMliM, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, at 3 o'elook. Whin * lavish distribution of Elerant Presents la made: Rioh and Coatly Jevelry, Books, Toys. Fanay Artiolea. and ma? nifioant 81<k Dreasea. The Bilk Dreaa vy printed, Wednesday, 13th Instant, to Mia Mary Gibbon*, corner z2d street and Pransylvanla avenue Admission an oenta; Children 10 aants. mh 19 < kUD FELLOWS' HALL! " 8*VK!fTH 9TRBIT. Sanford's Opera Troupe. ONE WMWZ MORS! Thi? ETfnini, NEW BQN09. DANCES, *o. MllAilllt.nAnna Gems of tko Optra, Drama, and Comedy ! Conoludlnf with the most laughable After?ieoe of _ the day, entitled OPEN HOUSE! la which Mre. and Mr. BordweU. Saaford, Hughee, Edmonds, and the Entire Tronpe will appear. jjurmr ine pieoe. a GRAND SKATraa SCENE will be lutroduoed. Doora open at 7; oonunaoeinc quarter to I. Admimiok ? ??3ft Gum 0?chisti*8eat?....40 ckkt? mh 17 ft OATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIBt-ealde to 1 MT Patents, Catalctne of Curiositls* and Government Gardens,atthe stand in Patent Offioe; Kara Antaqaanan Book*; Government Book*; Doonments furnished: Ri%.,rcxKl Reports; Military R* ports; Mernt Patent Office Reports; Cheap Books Furnished to Ped.ars: Miliary Trials; Military Lavs; Army Regulations; Panorama of tbe Coast showing over 3,000 miles; many thousand Cheap Booka. Reoolieot cheap rent. Larce sales, low prioee. Up stairs, oyer Bank of Washington. JaP-ta* ALFRED HUNTER. DROP. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE r DANCIN? ACADEMY, at Temperanoe JR Hall, E treat, between 9th and loth. Ciaaiei JH every Tueeday and Friday?afternoon olau at s, erenlnj oiau at 7. Soiree ;tm; JFriday HA ereninf at o'olook. M uiio hy Prof. Oeo. Arth. Tenperanoe Halt will be let lor ttalla, Parties, fco. Apply ae above. fe 14 2m* DARNUM IS HERE '-On free exhibition, ?ue i D fiaeet atook of Clothing in the oity, at the PtOBlrl Olotbinf fltori. No. AAO tUv?nth at**** opposite Post (lot. S. b.?a: of tbo nbor* ?ood* for ?!* X very k>^ ?rio?. fa Ti-9m 462 N??MEM?HfifS?rS,a,? 464 Jff*r their i^ToFw IN Kg! BRAN bl K8, GINS, iffMo?! Sift OavAilBi TvBAyvyi V ATlUl vuUI/P, 6tC* t for M10 ftt Wholaaaie PnoM. Ther ktti oonatnntlv on htad Iw PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALlu in k*ga and bottl**, for b*ra or f&milr * Tn* Mblioln g*ner*l ar* r* BMt?d to kit* tk*m a oali and twain* th*lr f Undid atook of foods. ?rw ERTHE1MER * COMB Md 4 64 Serentk *trf*, 4* g-la opK. PoKOtk nnit. nil. p*?a irg>bno t Trti.tir?EB5E" wiU Alio, Burners for Coal Lampa. whioh require no okiauMye. Alao, large variety of Lam pa. Ao., pt "SaWim. WM Bud Drw BtoM. 113 Peno. avenue. CTA large and geMral atook Draga. Medioinee, Ao., alwayafreeh and pare at above plaae. mL 14 tv SPRING DRK88 9UOD6.?Many new aad 0 ohotoe thmf a. Alao. onr aaaall fall atook of all klada of Foreign and Dona?tifPry Good a, for the oarreat wanta of '^One'Triee only, marled'in plain ifaree,?k* ae turn 1 aaieia mkltt P*.Ninth itnwt. [UMKT RUBBKK BOOT*^ ItalMC.M M"" EDBBM BO?n AND 3BQE8,

jt&s ?A* JSP 1Bs?. KWgfty^ Hfi ^ 1 LOST ASP FOPlfP. $5 ?oBrrJFs?p|B: oont?jn;tc wnril latttri addreeetd to Hon. Amoe EendaU The aSore reward wi.l he paid In U! one who tbali deliver the roll eatire, at the Telegraph Ogoe. ah 21 Iw CTRAYED?Oo Thuredar moraine. at half K5 past five o'olook. Irom 4th street, be-?V ? twees N and O. a cray HORSE and *?i >3 on, with a No. 191. The finder will be*v*~* raitablr rewarded by retormnc the tame to the above add rata ahfl E. W. MUL1 1N8 in REVVARD-Lcet. m oae of the o?aiylU buaaea, on Peno. avenue or Tth attest, a pur8e. containing aome p*f?ra ana about forty Jollara in gold ana ailver. The inder will be rewarded by leaving the same at the ate* of Meears. GBO. A T. Parker A CO.. Pa. avenae. w gh 81 ?t? J NO. C. MORSKLL. ^TR AYED OK STOLEN?Near the bridge be .i/ITitV " niDfion ana heorterown. rv on tao 17th instant, a dark Drown HORSK, lijk waussabout l.aio lbs.: about 15* hands *.J * saddle and bridle, witn red trimmings onJh o l1,tar,; WI,h th* n**'1 of Ue 3d MaaaaohsMtta Battery strapped on the saddle. Ti e finder will be rewardadby leaving t he horse, equ pmenfs, and m?il with H. O. NO* KS, 504 Nfnth strret, near Pa a*e? a. p martim mh 2' St Cut. Battery Cl Mass.Ar tiller y . rklfTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Covstt or Washikotoh.- I hereby oertify that ex. on this ^nth day of Maroh, 1M2, before tne.^SR tkeaabsenber. a Jaitioe of the Peaoe. 111^*^ and lor i%id oeonty. personally appeared Seorse Geddee, and made oath according to law, that he took up astray on U?l>th4a? Maroh,lM2. a dark DftJ MARK, urnnc in th#i left for* krM: hiuri nn m. rope halter when taken; ?uppo?e J tokllart tmti old. OKOR6K GfcDUKS. gworn and inbaoril'ed before ms this 20th day of M?'0h,lMJ. R W. PKRGUS-ON, J. P. Toe owner of the above named horse is requested to oall at the oflioe of the Metropolitan Police, No. S16 11th etreet, pay charges, and take Ilia property; it will otherwise be e?ld to pay cb?rgea. mh 71 8aw3w LOST- From the oorner of H and 15th atre?U, on Tu*?rfay ereniar, a black and tan^^^-O i ENGLISH TKRRlER.withnarrowredSgpf oollar. A verj handsome reward will be " paid for the doc delivered at the bonce of G?n?r?l moCL.KLL.AN. mt? 20 St r OHT-On the mh lut, a ?wr of GOI.D Li SPECTACLE*. Jn a purpe Ivet oaae, mounted with ?teel and a ateel honk to it rhe finder will be satisfactorily rewarded by leanui it at No. 397 13th street, between F and 6. mh 19-3t* TAKEN UP A8TRAY.-A larce ox, color white and brown; the right ear cutbfT;^??M toe left, a jieoe out oot; with larre ^orns WT The owner is re^nestrd to oorae forward,bk prove property, pay charges, and t?ke him away. W. PttiPPS. mh 19-3t* corner 7th tt..and Honn^ary. f'AKEN FROM THE NORTHERN L1BERJL ty Market Houston Satnrday even-?X ? leg, the 15tb mat., a dark brown H< >R8E oi meaium lie, wuh citizens BAfldle mJOQ bridle; bine blanket nnder the eaddle; do mt'ki reoollected but a soar nnder the fetlook of one bind leg, and soavned; short mine; and heavy built ?10 reward will be paid tor the return of said horse, or information. _ _ WILLIAM PHIPPS, mh 19-3t* Seventh and Bonndary streets. FOB SALE AND RENT. PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS to rent, with board, m a good looation near the Casltol. Those wishing to pay a fair price lor good aeoomnioc'fttions; inquire at Star ottoe. mhSl-tf |?OR RENT?A firnished three story HOUSE r to a private familv. for a period of not less than six months. Referenoes exohang*d. Apply alter 12 m . at 170 K street, near 18th, north side. mh 21 -*t* L'OR SALE-A PORTABLE Bi'ILDlNS, 12 I r V?- ! . 1 I U ? * * ? hi i>, win auiu ivm man n?n oo?I, aa the owner haa bo farther nae for it. Aluo, a new Marine Tent, 10 by 10. Inquire 896 Pa. arenie,1 ,n Clothing Store. It* FOR SALE?Two STORKS on on* of the beat bnaineaa atreela in the oity. Will beaoldat a great btrgain. if applioatton la rraoe soon. For terme. fto. appl? to M H W. KKNilH. Peal Eatate and Stock Broker, 320 E atreet. WaaHngton, D. C. mh 31-St* rpO PET?Two front ROOMS.iup one ataira,) J. with every ooarenietoe for honaekeeping for aamall family. The bed room ia large ard well formatted, and haa a p ano. The other room la well lu-nishetl with dining room and kitchen rrquiait^a. Apply up ataira, 353 C atreet, betwcon *K and 6th. mh 30 St* COR RENT-A furniahed front PARLOR, a" .i,k i?* - - ' ? wiiu ui vuuuuh ouftPi, App<y 1X0. 3145 U street, between l?th and '6th sts. mfa 19 3t* ARARB CHANCE '.?FOR SALE-A large double BRICK HOUSE, containing 11 tooinc. with passage in center; water and gas throughout the bunding ; aiso attached a fine lar-e brick stable with two stall*, with servants' rooms and carriage house attaoned thereto. 'I he above mention'd property is sitaa'e4 on Eleventh street, between L an<l >1 streets north. For terms inauire of 8EOKGK T. LANGLEY, Wooa and Coal Dealt r, oorner Ninth and K sts. mh 18 lw* FOR 8ALE?A two story FRAME DWKLl.ING-HOU8E. UiO Eighth |treet, between M and N, in good order, containing six rooms. Price f 1.300. Apply to LEVI LUOMIB, <3 K St. mh 17 lw poll SALE-Two firs-^laes BILLIARD TAr BLEB, marble s abs, and every arrangement oomplete. Those des'ring the above will study their interest by o&lling immediate!i at the EnrokAAn Unt*l t I * a. * ? 1 ** ^wn iivtcii wiuqi 111 ii sirm aqu fcnoiyiv&dift fcvjr.ufl, mh8-tf TJUfT PUBLISHED. HE New Union 'iameof teceanoc.or Sketches of the Rebellion; iustthe thin* for the family oirole. or to send 'o the Union sodier. Published by JOHN P. CHARLTON. Phi adel?hia- and for sale by JOS SHILLINttTON. mh 19 er3m 4^ at- a"d Fruit and ornamental tk ke?, Tne undersigned respectfully offers an immense stock of K KL'iT TREKS, at r* wi rnrnna thrift; ?row to, and at greatly rMuotd prices, via 40/wn peach trees, b->st varieties. dwarf 8sara, standard Peart, Aprioots Cherries, Pus, Mtanuea, Memoes, Ao ; Oiase Vines, Couoords. Dataware, Cujahoga, Ac ; Hlaokberrier, Raspberries, strawberries, Rhubarb and ABparacua Rfrots, Ao ; Krernreeen. Sr.aie , and Orraraental Tree*; shrubs, K<?s?s. Dahlias,Perennial Phloxes. With all artioles partaining to the Nursery and Seed baaicets, cheap. JOHN HAUL, mh 19 ecSt* Seed Store, 396 7th at., oornar H. FRANKLIN fc CO., OPTICIANS, 44 P?nn'afcT.,<north tide,) bet.13th and llth rti. EYEGLASSES, MARINE AND FIELD 6LASSES. COMPASSES, Ac., of the bMt tulitiM, eonatontlr on h*nd. f? - P"C" SSSfr VINES. CURRANTS,*.. The aabeoriber ofTera for etle hia atook of Peaoh Treea, oontwoinc >0,000 Traai of ohoise varieUee. Also, (,000 Vine* of the Conoord other Graaee; 1S/W Cnrran'a of all varietiet;^10.000 Ltwtoo BlMkberrr. Cattawia?a R&iiMrrT and otber froita, together with a large oolltofion of final? grown Deoiduoni and hvdrgreen 8had? and Ornamental TrMi For pnoei and lnlormation apply to J08HUA PEIRCK, Nurterjaian, mhl}-eo*C* Washington. D. CJ^EAD wlTHp^ECI8|OfNoAND ACT WITH DR. M. VELLN Y'8 PRIVATE HOSPITAL, In tbb Fidriax Block, *- - * " ? ~ ? vrpomt (?? itinerai rosi ama ratent U&ctt, Room 34 dp itiiu, Corner or7th and P its.. Washington, D. c., established for the suppression of quackery. THB ONLY RFOULjR^PHYSlCIAN ADDr. M. Vellny's lonf experience in hospital praotiee warrants him in eajing that heoan oireall disease* of a private nature, or he wi<l forfeit tie nm of five haadred dollars. Call and tee him. No charge for consultation. A perfect*nd radioal eure perfected from one to four day or no o' arge. mh I7 >ro* /^ini.n nun oti ti ob nr\t a? Mill/ OlliVQA V^UUl UIf CUM RE XT1 BANK NOTES .... Wamtid >T JAY COOKE * CO.. Bankkx*, mh 8 ?w Fifteenth atreet. 1 _ HAIR NETTB?HA1R NETT8. ?F V8T Keoeued Mother lot of thou haodaoine doable Chinelle Netta. Alao, a fine aeaortraent of tviAad Bilk and Corded Netta, la all oolora, at th? Trimrain* Store of MRS. LOWE, 897 Va. are.. eoath tide. mh t Gs"LSR^8o?fftffi ^iEFrv""1We offer oitiientaa&a etraager* a taae aaeort of all oolora and tualitiea, etual in make ana fttiah to the beet onatom work. WALL, STKPHK..I! & CO., ?^*-tf'? Tiw^i. ijoi 1 UBT RKPKIVKD AT L. A. BKALL A CU.'B, J No. * ! Seventh, fcotveeo 1 and K streets, a Mf toot of CLO THING, KURRltSHINfl GOODS, TRUNKS. HATS Md CAPS. LA BKALL A CO **?, No 361 seventh street, . bMwiH i and K. u the elaoe to bay roar pOMKONh AND ALL AT L. A. BKALL A Vy CU.'B,No. S61 Seventh street betveenl and ib&sww;aOT?^N1!,H,Me N?r<JlLW ft ft re mi and K atrMU. ink IS * .;>?? * " "* :? r: ? ' 1 GBORGITOW* CORPORATION LAW!. An OBDix&ifct levying a gaa tax ft* the r?ar ! ? Bt it tdmintd by tkt Board ?/ AUUrmtn and B?rd ?/ Chhwm Council of tkt Cerpersfien *f Ofvrgitown, That there nbail be, ami hereby la. !e*te4 a direct apeclal tai of flfton centa on each and every hundred dollars t the laanawl value of reft) and personal property liable Id taxation, aa the aarae ahatl stand valued and aaanaei oo the books of assessment of tbe Corporation now In t tie bands of the constitute a gas light font; and tbe Clerk It hereby directed to keep a separate account of h!a receipts and expenditures ?? ?uw vpcuisi icifiou w appit nn? i?v?ii?w aourr thla tax to pay tbe expense of lighting tbe atreeta of tbe town wltb gas, which hu occurred, or may hereafter be Incurred, and to no other purpoee whatever. [Approved February 15, 19?. A Riiolvtioii In favor of certain peraona. Rttolvtd by tk* Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of tk* Corporation of Ororgttotm, That tbe Clerk pay to the order of E. M. Ltnthtcnm k Co. twenty dollar* and forty-on' cents; tr the order of F. A A. Schnleder eleven dollara and twenty-flve oenta, for branding-Iron* for the u?e of tbe Ioapector oT Salted Provlslona; to W. H Chamberlain five dollara and Mventy-five eenta. aa per bill of December 14. 1961: to tbe order of w: H. Teaser tblrty-alx dollars and sixty cents, as per bill of 6:h February, ISfii; and to Richard Balllnger twenty-three dollar* and eighteen cents, as per bill, to December P, 1WI. Approved February 15, lMi A Rxsolvtioh in relation to the late Collector of A air*. Rtsolvtd by ikt Board of Aldfrtnt* and Board of Common Council of Ike Corporation of litor Tb.t the Kecordrr be lnatruct?>d 'o bring *ult. m the next term of the Circuit Court, ajralnat C. F. Pbekell and bia aaretiea, for all general and racial direct taxea charged ayalnat him on the booka of tbe Corporation. Approved February 15, 1??J. A D /!> l. # - * f*r r?-J * -?* n wauumi i iun ?n mtvt ui . uuup) nan ojbti Rtfolred by tkf Board of A Idem: in and Board of Common Council of Ike Corporation of Georgetown That the Clerk l>e, and be la hereby, authorlz?d to pay to tbe order of YV (iodt-y Ihr turn thirteen dollara and twenty-flve centa, for bill of ire far ntahed to noldiera at Forreat Hall, aa per bill of October 31, 1-61; and to tbe order of l)lckaon & King sixty dollara and thlrty*a?*v?>n c?nt?. for blU of fuel fnrnlabed the Corporation; and to W. F Collin* five dollrtM, for aervlcea aa Surveyor Approved February '22,1*6J. A Resolution relating to tbe market houar Ff solved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown. That the Mayor be, ami he Is hereby, squealed to have plac* d at the north entrance of the market house a llttahiA art fe\r u nthlno mr\A rlaana I lne the market house, and tun nam of<one hundred dollar*, or ao much thereof as may be neceftarv, Is hereby appropriated to pay the expense tbereof Approved February 22, 1862. A Re?olotios In hvor of Wm 11 Fletcher Kerolr+'t by tK* Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Gtorgttoim. Th?t tbe sum of five hundred and slxty-fiVe dollars and eighty cent* Is her*by app-opmted to fcf paid to the order of W. H Fletcber, for work and material furnished on the ntreeta of tbe town, from June 15 to September 23, 1801. Approved February 22, 18?2. A Rkholulion in favor of Richard Balllnger. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of tki Corporation of (itorgttoten. That tbe aum of aeventy-alx dollars and seventyfive eenta be paid to tbe order of Richard Balllnger, In fall of his bill for repairs of pumps to December 31, ISfll. Approved February'2?, 1802. . avi >u? IV1I?I VI utui^C L. - CUCI wood. Resolved by tlu Board of Aldtrmen and Board of Common Council of tke Corporation of Georgetown, That the tine# 1 mpoaed by H Reaver, J P., on George L. Sherwood, be, and they are herehy remitted, provided Mid gaerwood pay the cuat*. Approved February 2:2,1862. QE3&GaTOWa apvkeci MT> r?rw?? GEORGETOWN TAXES FOR 1??U.'J._H Notice l? bereliT ci /cj thai i diinnnm ?f frn per oest. will be allowed on the 'axes of t' current year, if paid o : or Itefore the first of April next. CHAS. i>. WEM'H, mfa 21-2w Collector. g UCKBK1N 8LO VtS! Ramsburg Ml Eberl, 108 H18H Htrmt, heohoetowh. XI. a The only manufacturer* of Gensme BUCKSKl.l MILITARY GAUNTLETS, and i;?TENS in the Diitnot. v >meer?" uftiuiueti oMt to oraer. bockgfcin Drawer* and Sinrtv :a It MA8SLY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAOHHT ALE. We have Just reoeirwd a eupv'T of tr.e aboTe A.?. whioh *# reoommend to be of * very ?LK>rior quality. Persona him to pnrohas*. by making immediate application, oac he famt'bed. AKNV * SHINN. BO * COAL AT 96.30 rri ?,fiuv Mi!*. At YajtD Niar B. axd O. UisroT. tnh 15 tf J. i.ANGPQN A C<> QCU 8KVBNTH 8TRFKT. ODVf BETWEEN I AND K fcVs. 005# CHEAP CASH PTHRK We h?*e ju?t rece:v?vl a ar?* a?iirfrr?ent of Perfumery, roape, and F*no? art:< >iee. tiuod we ( E'er maoh below the market price. at either wholesale or retail. A Lao, In 8tore, two geoond h&ad ttotUte g?U. in excellent oondition. Also. One New Cottwe Ce;, id complete <.>rder, which we will aell oheap for the cash. Also. A larce ansortment 01 MaliotaoT Mid Walnut nrA.-.n. W ???? A/i?m?iu|| vuieow* tr Marble-top Tables, Sofa*. Rocfcers, Hair Seat, Csn? ard Wood t*eat Chairs. Krge varieties and patterns. . . Cottage Union, Japanese and Jenny Linl bedsteads. Walnut and Cherry Leaf Tables. Feather Beds, Mattmsea. *o., *o. A I! at a great saonfioe for cash. Remember the number, 369 Seventh street, between 1 and K streets. mhlTjV BONTZ A GRIFFITH. L^OR A PEW DAYS ONLY.?I have removed r my fine siook of Clothing from oTer Gaits' Jewelry Store to J. H. SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, near F, where I shall offer it at less th%D VL0.6CliD aoit DriflM. for A f?w riRti nnl?. fe27-3m "J. W.'KEfeV. I^EEAT BARGAINS IN CLOTHING,at the VI People's Clothing Store, No. 460 7th ibetL feU-lm WCOAL OIL LAMPS E Are now opening and stia l keep constantly on hand a food soppiy oT Table, Heogiag aad Side LAMPS, CHiMNfcYS, PAHfcR bH Ai>K8, WICKS; also CHINA a<.d GLASS WaRKwhieh we offer to the merohacis ol Washington acd Georgetown at the lower fcaetern prioee. hoping they wtil il?eii a oall. Aleo, Coal Oil oi the beet brands, by the barrel .(warranted j at Baltimore price*. AI so, order* taken for Western Glass Ware. Samples and prioes can be eeen at oar new store, No 4)6 Seventh street, opposite the Pott Offtoe, Washington, L. C. mhlHW HKNRY BAYLEY A CO. |\| R?. EATON, 1*1 PARHIOMSBLS DBTUBMAKBK, Has removed from 4S4 Tenth street to 469 1 Street. Pet? en 8th anil SUh. annth aid*. S T "r??. ior'a dreaaenttini rale by Mra fa. mb Ifr-lm** J^EW WHOLESALE DRY GOODS HOUSE. J. H. HOBLITZKLL * CO. have iaat opened ft lftrce a took Ot DR V GOODS. NOTIONS, Ao., ftt [\o. 347 Weat Baltimore atreet, Ha.timore Tte entire alock ?H purchaaa*.* m September ftcd October iftat, at prioea euabuac them to ? 1 to dealers on suott term* aa will make it the interact of both oity and country merohanU to examma their a took. _icrj heir terma will booaah. fe M-iw* NERVOUS DEBILITY. OR SPERMATORRHEA-A permanent and laatinc CURE for this terrible dioua may ba obtained oi the Advertteer, who haa Loaa oured himaeifftnd. aubeecnently, nandrcda of othera Enoloee one stamp, and address Box 174, Charleetowa. Maaa. mb 6-lni fi O A Li j wniu eaii u iiun av??n ^AtomrOlloe,Nnr Jw; iwuii, o?oiii? fii ^ J. LA NO PON A Of). ^DAMS' KXPKLSB COMPANY. NOTICE OF REM01&,. The delivery oftu of Ui? oom?ur i? rtmorM irum m niro *ireei w im miwm ???? ou u ur??. btwawi M md %\ ?U- <le?rwt/ 1CA8H NOTICE. N Coih?ium ofoir having to pay out for rrerv artooie of goods w patonaee. we are fcroM to rtdiM our buuwu to Cuh exolaerroiy, lor the ti'a L'xoTixsL' mms-KTsra bi>r?' wear, wh .oh are eel,It i at a much lowar rate than uml. wall. 8tfcphh'n8 a co., 3il< Pa. it., between Kk tad mfc iU. Ill f?Bto?. A Rot.1 Hcoal oil-coal oil. A VINO The k*h; of oaeofthe lirgeet Cocl OU coartoMl in ihr C'nited Htatea, we cau eeT co?l OU wholt-wto tad retai,, cheaper img ou be t t? r*??? * a " ' mhU-tw* qotpt It and Tth auf.t. a FINK Mrtmi of TIm- CoIIm^Smmo SECOND EPmrv' THRU OTUM&, r. H. OUR MTUTART BUDGET mo rnmri rc* coast tun vVr teora that no permits are granted for t-adlng purpoees on the Atlantic ros?t?nothing being door to Interfere with the blockade Permits are, however, granted by the Treasury l?epart. ment for internal trade In other direction*, na oar foroee advance into the eo-called Confederate States and re establish the authority of the United % States TUB LATEST BY TELEGRAPH AFFAIR* t'P RIVER. Wihchmtkh, March 8q.?Laat night th? Pro. voct Marshal pounced upon a gan.hllng bouse recently opened here, and arrested four of tho proprietor* acd several officer* The latter wero released on their parole, and the remainder were placed la jail. 1 Litv also captured the appa. ratn<. and other property, aaaounting In raise to live hundred dollar* The theater In operatiou here l? prosperous, tfe* knnaos -l-V s V.W. > WIU(| CIVi J >ll?l ' A portion of Sbtfid ? Teo<nnol?MBce tu returned from s?trau?burg, and r-porta that Jr "kaoa la near Mount J*ck?on [>'ouat Jwkm i U a po?t Tillage of Shenandoah county,, oa the valley turnpike from Stajntoa to Winchester.! Nothing elae of interrat h t tran*p'red since yesterday OPEMir. OF THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO AID POTOMAC AAD WINCHES. TEH RAILROADS. WiKCHEsTKK, March SI ?'General WllUama, Prescott fmith, with othera, oC_?r? of th? Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, reconnoltced the road on Friday to Martlowhur^, and expect that that section will be opened by the !at of April They alan made arrangement* to permtnently open tbe rowmu ana wincbaater road from Harper'* Ftrrv to Wincbeater An inch-and-a half of anow fell lar night, and It U atlli Mowing CONGRESSIONAL lllVllikCO^nRm-HetM itwlti. 1- rida.t. March Senate ?Mr Hale Introduced a bill providing for the equitable settlement of the account*of the o(beers and aailora of the U * frigate Oigrem, and other U S *e*s<.la. the purser* frock* of which have been loat In the war; pasted on motion of Mr. King, the bill for the eatsb llabment of a national foundry was taken up and di*cu s -i by Messrs. Clsrke, King and Wilson Hor*i ? The bill to aecure to certain ole?r? and men actually employed In the Weste n De partment pay, bounty and penalon was ea.led up by Mr. Blair and the Senate's amendments oonenrred in. Mr. Sedgwick, from the Committee on Narai Affair*, reported a bill to aecure-to the pllo*, engineer* and crews of gunboats bounty and pension, with amendments which were concurred in mwxA Ik* Will 4 mm , uiivl IUC Ulil L'anam Mr. Sedgwick alao offered a joint resolution directing the !v*cretary of the Navy U> have the steam ifngste Roanoke iM>n rlad and o'herwla.Improved aaaoon aa po?sible,wbirh una adopted Tbe House then re*olved Itself into Committee of tbe whole and took up tbe Tax but IfTThe Cincinnati Times. In referring to statements wbich have been published to th-* eff^t that Gen Grant had fallen Into disfavor with the Administration, mention* a Ktter juat received from Gen Grant by Lis father, in which the former sava ?"I have been ordered to go p tbe Tenneaaee river and take command of ?n forces, ard shall start Immediately." This, thr Times adds, Is po?Klvt-. and the order is rw Ue ly whet Gen Grant desired lustead ot being superseded, he i? placed in command of one of the most Important expeditions In Gen Halleck's department. C The southern armies hare been in the htblt of charging that the " Yankees" would no*, fight, m and alleging that, althouzh western men might pruv^ dangerous foes, rebels could cat be waipped oy the sons of New England The late so oceans of Gen Burnslde will n.* erlally nanist to dispel thlsdeluslon The' chivalry" are rapldl\ learning how auch stronger Is the pine tree tf aa the palm, no matter In what free State It ws-j nurtured, nor whether It Dr?t took rout amon; down East forests, the Middle States or th? ni?rir.M? West ' " ' Ast Port i* a f*To**.?The Rocky Mountain New* get* off the following It it *tat>?d that a non-couimssloned o(Bc?r of Camp Weld weut out a few night ago to arreat iomt of hit "boys" wno bad slipped off to a dance. On learning thai the offlcer was about to enter and snatch them awav from the gay and festive time going on, onex>r two of 'em were aald to have InsUn'ly disappeared under the extensive hooped aklrts of some of the glrla, and remained undiscovered by the offlcer. Shviby 15 the District or Colcmb'a..?'The Republicans at Washington are as much afraid of trusting the people of the District of Columbia to vote on the slave question as President Buchanan and his cabinet were of trusting the people of Kunsa* a few years a^o. The National Republican la out with ?i* ? ? . ? milling the people to have a voice In the matter^iY<te York Sum. NOTICE "ADArV KirRKM WMriNT ? Tbia Comnsr offer* to tfte Mbllo** UoMaHlef ACt?^i*Cps'[ iorDth? Sftfe ^r.a y nick Pjiralat #f (VISUM. F UU|N, V jlllMK, NtLtt, Mb Iko., ro all paru of theUiuted Plate* Ex?rtc?c# to and from the North and V. eat de part from and arrive la Wm la*ton hr ? JaJly, A.l Kl?rM??.?rt I. eh*.( ?rUf?rw?'MI mU raJ%+bU HMMffri. A!! FaokacM for The BcU'iera eamee at "en* exlt" oar aaeal rales. All Sooda for the Cenfoleratt States" ^aL Artic<ee "Coatra'aad of War" arUTbe OirEiyniaw leaver* Vara at 1, t, ud ? P. m., arrirlns in Waahiacton at A. m. ajfcl *Jt Ex?roaaea leave P.' <ladaia.jaat a, m. ard UP. M* arrivu^ in \V a*u.ii*u>u at MO P. m, and I A.M. rilfTI IMM RlNkiam ? M., irrirlnf in ~\Ciuhiation~?TT A. tt! ud V? kiifMNi lor * ?OLOU Norm ui WM !?? WMbiQfton ?t 7*' A M. SB'i ?jT> P. M. dalr. Special CociraoU for large *nanutiee of Fr?|t.i ?an be made on a??.ioation to thu Oftoe. All ?ood? oalieaTor and denrered frm g!Uk* Birl AdUU' tkX?r*?a Coil raj*. wuusiim, Anut a. im. a?t?-u llfcALKRS IN WATCHES Woili do jrfil to U o? .. and exanuceUt* itook of 8-A j .MYEf.8, WLioh lUey a;e Mllm* *> per o?tt. .o?? U at ui mm WW IB UC Oliy. 10 WUIUftOI. BUMinc. VVATCh MAJKfcKS Will ?rt coiim trovbU ? b? casing on tf. A J. MYBI8 to ycrohase Watoh Material!, Watoh fiiuM, Tool*, aoi Jewellers' JobMng Material!. 10 WMtuagtoB Boildiag. W fcJ. MYKfttt. nana! todaratood UU mC5. eral eea ar? ' *ving represented tnal they are ooaaeoted with tb*lr bouse, ana ee.Ung an inferior artiole, they ta ke this measure in informing the trade tnat they are in no way oonueoted with any h'^te or urents in this oitr. tLJT branch of Boston Boii?-1* Was iicivoo Btuldiflg, Washington. lit L. Tovui. J. M. Towns. J.B. Towns. L. TOWERS ft CO STKAM BOOK AND JOB PRXXTDW KS MUMMBI, OMIT MUSiMk M The attention of the bmaicM* ooauauuty u n jeotlmllT united to the New Book and Jel' PrittlDf KjtabUthinenU whiob ku been fitted 1 ( with prepared u^exeeuie, id ? Mi.a^kotorV^st^if. ewr variety of Printing, Tie: ?f3??' ","M- 0IM"The attention of meir'^ri of Cofcgreea ia eeeeeialr re*aeeted for o?r facilities for printing Bpeeehea, m we ktre the i?iai ite>w eutrer ia the oar. 4e T-U?M f'AMf Kl' RNI^U* E AND TIN WAME OF v mil nw 10 do nw 01 ^"ifjaysMk .,. .cH?RUB'ut"?i^?rH" ,r.b rt-Lir*'. Iro* tt# buitM wkwk k? kM b#es eoi>du<>Uoi, m s^eoi f >r m far ?< m? Urn* itil, n M IHVO tonHiM'hSMt-iio ?b*. Mr. 615,'JKnfc. T. bOKEK *!ii h?v?eu'|r A Lb* *?u>? yutli fliin4#r nouc. Tfc&fikinl far t (?vor?, afcMl ?*?< ? or to n*rtt thur eonlinaaa** nih 17-UW4W* A. BEEMI'LLEK 4 ? 'A*. L'OK FtRSOAS l> MUULkATk ? 0? M r ff NCh.(be ir?u bilk of o*- >u?t ? - ? Eiru^?*i rj bu?ia in il tkc<uft .mu ? m4 a peci*i r%nu r ?uu, wn ??Uot ?u ud K>M?k<rii?i4u> ?? : Ik* iHmttBaii of ifc* o iti ill ?&.>* IIm ?ti?m uklt in* Mta&l oaat. ? u IM dlftj' <t ? ruiY * mhvtulm. ni*l?u rtu.iv.tMMiMkM, .? dP> ? j 'iiflKTaT? " t

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