Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL INE ?S. t ahvismiht* To nwflt. Foto .ATHiMim ?Mia* Lucille Western lu her wonderful lmpereoaatlo* of Cynthia, tbGlpMT 61rl, lathe startling drama called "The Zlacan; or Tie wim newer* or im rorwi Fancy fence by the popular Miaa Olivia, and the new Ihrce "John Woppe." WaaeiNSTOit Th*at?e.- t*he entire atar <? ? pany in "Hamlet " CANTiaavmr Hall.?A crowded bouae at thla favorite place of amnaetnent laat night to welcome the return of the old fhvorttiea. Tl.e Baltimore and Waahington companlea are a happy cooibi** -? " A?4 ?ilk xvain/i e fimr roiinil ballon, ua were {iricu *iw ? of spplause. Odd Pillows' Hall ?Last week of Sanford's great r.|vra troupe. To-night, "The Rivals." Look out for fun. PAkKta's Hall, {Young Men*' Christian As Fntlnl and Fair, for rebuilding tbe First Baptist Church The very place to spend a pleasant evening, also to apend your money?wisely and well. Clabi*i>o!> Coxcaar Room ?in the full tide of succasa Pretty waiting girls, and "good vittle?-r" n> ?u? Pi.r raru-ti a M?r), o 1 l^i?Boar'i / Aldrrmtn.?K communication waa received from W. T. Dove, Eaq., acting Mavor, enclosing a communication of Warren Weoater. Aaaistant Surgeon l' S A .for E H. Atadle. Surgeon, U. S A., in charge ofthePouglaa Hospital, In Mlnneaota Row, representing the necessity of a aewer from K atrcet, in tbe rear of the hospital, to Tiber creek, and requesting soaie action on the part of the City Councils to hare the eipenae of the aame, also, - commend inr* t Ka nf ta Uial?r.n)ti? at (K* r-rtmor f\ f Siv%,?ivw VI a W ??VI ^'IU^ ?? mv WVI ?vi v? Serond and I streets, referred Tbe petition* of Anthony Ray bold and F.A Rvtber. aakln^ to reut the foot of Seventh street for a w harf, of Job W Auga* and others, asking for taelaylne of a water wain on Seventh street, between Pennsylvania avenue and the canal; and of a lsrge number of hack drivers, praying for the repeal of tbe law renuirtng them to wear badges, (which they call " badge* of suspicion,") were severally referred. Tbe committee on improvements was discharged from further consideration of tbe pell tlonoiJas urutcnett in relation to rret-sweep leg. and of Mr. Cromeline,1n reference to bin improved atreet railway* The resolution in relation to the construction of a jail, Instructing the committee before Congreaa to urge upon tbe Bouse of Representatives thepaarageof an appropriation for the erection oi a ja:i in *ne suouros, was pa*?e<i The solution* from the lower Board, in reference to the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia, were taken up. when the following resolutions were offered fey Mr. Moore, aa a rtibstltate fur the same: Be it rtsolvtd. kt.y That these councils, disclaiming any desire Improperly tinterfere with the business of the National Leglffture, deem it not impertinent, respectfully to express the opin- ' ion that the sentiment of s large majority of the I r#nnlm nf this roraiimnitv li adv?>r*?? tu th#i tin. ' qui fled abolition of slavery in tliis District, at toe present critical juncture in national affairs. J Aud I* it fntiktr retolod, That the joint committee representing the Interests of this Corporation before Congress be, and tbey are hereby, Instructed to urge respectfully upon the members _ m kk..t v. ~ ~ . V. i ... .. m 11 A ?..*i- 1 ui ?UBi uvnviauic uuufj m iur tuunwiuuuuBl t guardians of the interests ?nd rlgLtsof the people 1 of this District, the expediency and the Justice of i so shaping any legislation affecting the African I rare here as to provide just and proper Mfe-.| f iiards against converting this city, located as it ? between two slaveholdlng States, into an isv- i ium for free negroes, a population undesirable in i every American community, and which It has Ueen deemed necetnary to exclude altogether from , uun? >wn nf th*> nnn-?iavehal<iin<r M>(m Mr. Bayly wii la favor of the snbatitute. and aald that, altuaUd aa we are, between two *lavebaldlns Statea, we are likely to be overrun by a population of free negroea Mr. Moore *ald that, so far at the first resolution waa concerned, It only a->?fred a matter of fart, without eipreartag any opinion aa to the congtl i.itlonal.ty or wrwiie or tbe proposed legiaia(ton for lb*1 abolition of alav#ry krr?. He (Mr. ill ) went only aa far as JoLn qulncy Adam*.who wi* called the great apoatle of freedom, who announced that h?- would not vote for the abolition of alavery In this District until the people of the Diatrict and af Maryland should aaaent to It. Mr. Richard* had never heard nor read of John putney Adams announcing any auch sentiments as those quoted by the gentleman The sooner we get rid ot the lnatltatlon of slavery tbe sooner, la bis cpinlou, would we enter upon a career of prosperity. The question of tbe removal of tbe capital baa been ofteu mcoted, and If we desire to quiet tbat agitation let u? aecond tb? f Sorts of c?ogreaa to aoonsb an institution here to which nlae-trntba of the people of the country are opposed. fc>en tbe slaveholders tn tbe District wlU be benefited by the rise In their other property If slavery la abolished In our midst We had better lay tbe subject aside for a week and consider It In tbe meantime, and aee whether we are wllllno to >II<>mc brevif the itibiKt of Ih? rmnval of tbe Federal capital, and Invite capital here. Do uot let ua go to Confess and aay we are willing to have thla dead weight of slavery upon u?. He (Mr. R.) did oat care whether It was popular or not He was In favor cf the abolition of slavery In tbla District, and the sooner tbe better. He moved to postpone the consideration of tbe resolution for one week. Mr. Moore 'aid be only wished to let Congre** know tbe Uct that a majority of oar citizens are apposed to tbe abolitlou of slavery here Mr. Richards doubted if there was such a ma lorltf. He beiieved that a majority of the peopl*ne?e were in favor of ?uch abolition if the (lave owocra were rsmunerattd Mr. Noore Mid tbe qut^'ioii had to be iuet. and he proposed to meet it in tbe least ofienaive shape. He (Mr. M ) Hated that he wa? confident that ioLu ifunov A dauis announced the sentiment* be iiad ascribed to him. Mr. fargeut *atd be be*rd Mr. Adaoa* rxpreaa btiueeif to tut terioe stated by the gcntkiiiau (Mr. Ml Mr. Moore said tbe qut-aUou neit to arlac here, vrii *m of vastly uiorv importance tbau tbe abolition of Matrery. ia iMc free t*tatea, wbere tbe riegreee aw ouly ooc to hundred or a thousand of the white population, I bey can have no trou& i . a. .a a _ a at a a bie, aetr wucic iuc 11 rot* jorui a large proportion ot the population, and further South wfceae tbay outnumber the white race, If thl* pirlt at nmtlclam I* to prevail, we will be lit the mldat of horror* we never dreamt of it will be a question of eauality or extermiuatlou. Tbe race* can never rzlat together aa equal*. .nr. D?yiy ww w ? piMi^uciuciu. Mr. Richards noticed a greet change of opinion here A few month* since when be Introduced resolutions looking toward* the abolition of slavery here, gentlemen argued that It was impolitic to agitate the matter. Now when other resolutions adverse to such abolition are brought in, tbelr minds change, and It la all right to disease It, and act on it. Slaverjr holds tbe two races together Sander that tie, and you will see unantUa romrrwnce at Ancr ~ h7~LIo>4 thought errry Kfutleinan ought to Ui opinion freely and fully oil this aub1-7" He Approved of the substitute otfered by th# ceatteuuji of the Fourth Ward, (Mr Moore ) iie wu id bumble Union man, mud did not YjUt? any thing we caa do here would have tfcT logoeoee in Congress, bat we have a datv wo owe to our constituent*; aad he (Mr L.) believed (b*X tbe abolition of elavery la this Dtstrlot woo 14 be coaaulered u treat ? victory by tbe sscess.oo leaden u tbe overthrow of McClellau's army. He bettovod it woal4 damaK? the I'aloo IM atrengthon theaeeeasioo caiw. Slavery wia merely nomtaol bero, aid won not of ao much injury here aa rap resented by the ge*t lemon, (Mr. Richards.) SUvea were no* employed bare la mechanical, hardly even la laboring operations. They did not come in rompotltloa with free Ubor. It was a mere abstract!os, and he believed it Congrss? conld only pets a law against the '" atinned agitation of this subject, that the border States tbemaelve* would act. A population of ;?j OUt ought t have some say la their own affairs. Mr. Wendell called for the previous question. Tb? question was takaa, tod Mr. MsoK'i i?rn4nicat adopted unanlaMUlf. Thr reaolutlon u aro*a4#4(ih#aubstltat*) tfcrn F*m?-4 I?r Ute fallowing vote: V?n??M?*w* Brown, Wobr?r, Bay If, Fisher, ' 1-lffi, Maar* ao4 WrndeU-7. *i??M??r? R IrKanlf aivd SirmUt Tbe predion* aawltM bavtag cot off all debate. when Mr. ttebrei 'a name waa called be exptalaed b>a rate He waa opposed to aay leglslatloa bero oa tbe aubject, butaiace It had been latrodoced would vote aye. Wbaa Mr Brown's name waa called ha Mid thMt #tm> ik. ihfiaia mi ?Ma? aa bath 14m the aasertloa la the trat resolution wu at IM doubtful Oar coastltuents had not voted a tbe qoestloa, and wr did aot know hew they teed He eoacarred la the aecond resolution; he ashed to he excused from votlag Mr largest sold that be also was doubtful as to the flrat resolutloo, but be believed that a majority of the people of the Diet/let would vote far eoiaaclpetloa If the slave owaers were renaa* rated He oeacerred la the second reaolatloa, bat asked te be escuaed from voting. Mr. LUy4 iMlMi h k?II? en *e iv i ney M a eUoc? to amead, by striking Ht lbt first reaolaUoo; tboy bad aa opportunity to atote tbelr vtowa; they n>l#bt kite modified (beta If tboy w&otod to. but did not do It doao of M bad to toad or toll by our action, aad he wanted (MUaaaea to ahow tbolr band* Mr. Srowa Insisted tbat bo could not vote yes r aay oa a doubtful proposition Mr Moon eallod attention to tbo word " un| qoallfied," which covered tba question of roaia MtKW. jWBIWI WMI IKS twi uw larltjr of oar citlMM are oppoood to the anqhalir *?d ahollUoa wf tUwr la the District Mr. Kicharda aald thai he ** la of the wmbA rvoolutloa, aad waa going to wove to strike oat tho trot, hat tho prevtoaa qocoOoa waa called, tho gag waa applied, aod ho voted ? ao." The hoard rrfaaed to excoae M r Sargoat, Wkl voted '??" with ooaatderablc euij>l?aoU. Mr. Brown stated that after having hi* attention called to the language of the first resolution, he via prepared to vote ' a ye " Resolutions to pry certain claims on tbe Corporation; In reftrremw to awMiilug a tax for the erection of a jail In the city of Washington, to lmSrove Fourteenth street, near It* Intersection with oundary st , and instructing the committee before Congress to nrge upon that body the clean irig 01 me was&ins^on.ciiy canal, recommended by tbe Comalaioner of Public Buildings, were severally pawed. Several resolutions of tbe lower board were referred. Adjourned. Commtm Council*?A communication from VV. T Dove,E?q.. act)?? Mavor durlnv a temporary absence of Mayor Wallach, approving certain bills, (amongst them the bill creating a Secretary of the Board of Health J wai rr ad. Mr Lew In offered a resolution authorizing the Mayor to cause plana and specifications for the construction of water cloaeta in the Cltv Hall to be made,and advertise for propomla lor the work; referred. Also a bill for tbe repair of a bridge over North Canltal street, betwaen N uu) (> atrMt*- referred. The petltlona of Jam? W Watson, for the payment of rent due him for the use of the house uaed by the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company, and of John Caatlgan and otb?rn. for tbe (Trading and graveling of Fifth street, were referred . Mr 9heoherd. from the JiiImii committee. reported a'blll for the payment of the claim of W. K Dent, oat of any money due W. 6. J>yer, I from thl* corporation. The bill of said DaM for work done by hlin. having been erroneously Incorporated In the bill of "W.B. L>yer, and paid to Dyer; pa*?ed. Mr. tilvea, from the >$lalms committee, reported adver>ely on the |*41tlons of Bernard Bovan and Win. II. Laws, for remission of ines. Mr. Morgan alto reported ndveraclv upon the Aldermen's bill, refunding lo Jatnea Wblte the amount of a fine. Tbe commtttcc uai diaciiarged in each eaae. Mr Shepherd, by rooacnt, Introduced * bill authorizing the Mayor to canae a connection ?o b? made of the Corporation and Government Water Maiu:> in Nineteenth and K street*; paaaed. A lan -- - 1 ? t. - -- bao ? ? * i ?. ? t I anorikliiltniiii#! " vt ? IWU'MVII 1 UIV<- I II ^ IK III V? WHIVMW Committee to report an estimate of nece?*ary improvements In t&e Council Chamber; passed. Mr. Morgau, lit const-qunicc of necessary abacace from the city, reque:<tod to bt: dlschnr^td from the committee appoluted to consult with tbe president and directors of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad 'n relation to a railrand through thU city, and wr discharged. Mr .,ewis.from the improvements committee, made a report relative to the Center Market; urhirh wm witVtffrMurti hv PAiiionf The Aldermen's joint resolution aaklntr Congress to reduce tbe price of gas furnished by the Washington (iaslliiht Company from the present rate (93 15) to #*2 .50 per 1,(*K) feet was taken up. Mr. Sbepberd moved to amend by adding? ,l And in caae tbe reduction Is not made on or before May 1, 1802, we do hereby ask the chartering of a new company." Mr. Mohun said he was not sure that Congress had the riuht to reduce the Dries of was He thought tbe surest way would be to ask tbe chartrr for a new company, and let them enter into competition. Mr. Morgan argued In defence of the G;is Company, and stated that under all the dlsadvantage* of tbe year, he thought tbe company entitled to an advance, rather than reduction. We might with propriety ask hereafter for a reduction, but this was not tbe proper time Mr. Edmondston declared bis opposition to all monopolies With regard to the reduction that nau ihtii hjbuf .o i?.i i.j, u wan no reauction in fact. He had kept an account of bia gas expenses, and found them greater under the #3.15 rate than under the 94 per 1,000 feet. Tbe reason be thought waa that tbe Company used the meanest kind of coal, and In order to get alight consumers were forced to let on all the t;as. Mr. Morgan attributed the Inferiority of coal to the fart that the sources from whence they obtained the best^ere In secesh,and they were rut riff frnm lh?t ?nnnl? Mr. Shepherd thought the gas company a great monopoly, and although be bad some very warm friends la that company, hts Ju.y to the public urged the conrte be abould purine. He did not believe the company bad lost so much by the disadvantage* mentioned by Mr Morgan; but be did believe tbe company made 2u j>er cent, more thanitahoald Mr. 8 did not tulnk that me grrai iota compiainea 01 wan in me amount consumed, but In tbe leakage ?f the pipes throughout tbe city. He was utrongly la favor of a new compauy to be put In competition with the existing one Mr. Wllon offered the following resolution as a substitute: K'sotvtd, That the committee on Improvements be, and tbey are hereby Instructed to Inquire Into the expediency of the Corporation asking of Congress power to Issui bond* to the amount of 2GU.UJU. for the purpose of establishing gas works to supply the citizens with gas for nrivab* rnnmnnntlnn * i ? lfaHtincr thi> street lamps. Mr. W., In support of tbe substitute, cited tbe Philadelphia gas works, wbere tbe streets and public buildlugs are ligbTed free of expense, and citizena furnished at frl.iS per 1,000 feet and (be worka yielding a handsome revenue. Mr. Sbcpbera opposed tbe ubslitate ? Dot a practical measure, and argued for tbe private enterprise of our own citizens, and In favor of chartering the company who Have already asked for It, and propose to furnish gas st fM<> per Mr. Shepherd went on to ?peak of tbe superior facilities possessed by tbe city of Philadelphia over the city of Washington, for the manufacture of gas. The substitute of Mr. Wilson w?? rejected? yeas5, cay* 16; and Mr. Shcpb*rd?s amendment J 1... ? c ? ?uvv?cv ?/y jxraw i, nay ?. I be res luttoii u amended pasacd. The Alderinen'a joint resolution ri-rnonatra'ing a?ain>t any change of quallfiratlona of votcra at the etectioua in the city of Washlugton was taken up. Mr. Shepherd moved to amend, but )>eforc bla amendment waa readMi Kdmonaton moved Ibe previoua <;uc?tion, which waa otdcrt-4 by yeaa It, liavaT. Tbc reanllltinn u.'k w r?*?l In * IkttX rau<llti<* X.. ? ?.?- 10 ? ?W ? vw ?v ? >||I|U IVVUtl'^, vy J VQB 1 *'J nays J. uud was passed I I'blf risolutlou protest* against any action by Congress upon the proposition to make stx month*' residence juallntallou Tbc resolution was 1>ul>lbbcd In tbc proceeding* of tbc AJderrocu aflt week ?Kitr-] Tbe Beard adjourned. Tub Will of thi Late Cha?. H Kins, the artist, waa brought into the Orphans' Court on Saturday laat It is very voluminous, with a number of codicils, and a conalderable number of wltne?aes to the same, moat of whom are absent from the city. Those lu the city were examined on Saturday. The estate la aupposed to be worth about S.54J,(iU>. There are lexades amounting to about and the residue Is divided Into four portion*, of which one )a bequeathed to the I IhMni k: D r - - #_ VM*??VW ?JI VI Ml J ) 41 V ?T |/VTI fty 1% . 1 . y UIIC IV ? IC* male hc&ooI In Newport, oue to hi* cousin, lion. George G. King, formerly member of Congre** from Rhode Island, and one to other relatives. The will appoints the cousin above named aud another gentleman executors, but the Utter resigned. Tte court, without acting Anally on the will, granted letters testamentary to Hon Geo. G. King asexecutor on the estate, that gentleman giving security to the amount of &5J.000 for a faithful executon of his trust, himself. Mr. Jona. than beaver and Mr. Henry Barron being the sureties. Mr. King, daring the last few years, has given many valuable works of art to the Redwood Library; and the laat days of his life were spent In arranging soine very old and valuable engravings which he had prevented to the Smithsonian Institution plckbt mc?d?*ses nlak thk chain bridge Y*t ? Last nigbt we nw at the embalming rooms of Pr. Holme*, In Buchlv's establishment, the body of a young man who was murdered last Friday night at the canal lock, near the Chain Bridge; the third who has Allien a victim to the sneaking murderers at that point within a lew week*. Tbla victim waa Geo. Powera, of company P, 59th Regiment N. Y V., one of the be* men In tbe regiment, and moat highly esteemed by hlaoOccrs and comrade* There la bnt one mark of violence on tbe body, brulae over tb? left eye, as If from tbe blow of a alung-aho'. vv bm miaaeo, ?w mtobh wii rouna on me toe* tide, and bla cap In the water. The lock vu dragged awl tbr body recovered. The w?ter was then turned out of the lock by the soldier*, In order to recover the remain* of the other victim*, If poealble; but they were not found. The lock keeper waa the only oae permitted to apftroach thla poat at pleasure, bla bualneaa requlrng bla attei donee there; and we baar that be bac nn ?niolr.lOD. The hodv of Paw. era baa beeo embalmed, and await* the orders of bis rrlend* in New York. He waa remarkable for bis good character and generosity of heart. A Wabbixctoniax Kiixxn at tbi Pka-ribgb i Battls ?Among those who were killed In the late battle at Poa Kidge was Mr. Jas.VY.Worster. ~ ^ -* - ? ?UI. .14 ' 1 sea of l)r ; Kutbenora wwurr, oj uui c?y. I He formerly raided here, bat some two or three rear* alacc be aettled la IUlnul?, sad at the break, lag out of tbe rebellion attached himself to tbe 3d Illinois Cavalry u a private, bat wu toon promoted to a aergeaat major. la tbe battle a can. bob ball struek him, taklag away tbe aide of bla kali, while he wu eBgaaed la untangling th? bo?Ma Iron tbe Ouboque Bsttary, which aerviee be bravely volunteered to perform la tbe fbee of a galling Are. Calling to Lit boy, after be waa hot, be exclaimed " Johnny, oh Johnny, I moat RaLKAass ?Tbe following prlaenera were dlacba/ked by Hilary autLorlty.yeatenUr evMlagi (row tbr o.d "Capitol prlaon,' on thtlr taking the ' oath of obllgauoe not to bear w until regu lwiv discLai^i-d, according to tbe uatgraof war," I the oath MM adminlateted by Juauce Thump. I ea, Tls: Robert Draw, Loudoun county, V*., Arlsllde* C. Lanlrlll. Fairfax, Va ; Arthur Da?ni. Loudoun county, Y^JmbwE. Marpbw, Portsmouth, Va ; and Jonah L Or] to*, Loudet a CWBtT; V?. * ,p <1 */ 'f - , j# ff *1 ff f ? I RBrorn-r or ra B?dim ot Ofttcita Killxd at Bull Rtrw.?On twiw laeta party ooropoeed of Governor Spragoe, Colonel Arnold, hie 'aid, Mr. Walter Coleman, hie eeeretary, Triet1 ram Bargeee, Eeq , Llent Col.8aylee.aad Chap! lain Dennleon, and Pargeou tireely, of the Rhode lalaad Cavalry, accompanied hy two cf the R. I. I ?-I a 1 a t-- 4.1 1.^.. a* Dull I 'WBUICTII wuv uau uvrii wen piiavuii uuu run, went to tbe b^tUe field *t that place, to recover the remains of Colonel Slecnm, Major Ballon and Captain Tower, of the second Rhode Island regiment, wbo were killed at the battle tbere in July last. Tbe two released prisoners had noted the spot where tbe ottcers were burled. Tbe party arrived on 1'riday afternoon at 8ud!? '? fnl HlnritminJ Mai Halloa were buried in tbe yard of the bal ldlng near by, which was uaed aa a hospital on th? day of the battle. Thla building had been destroyed by tbe rsbels. but the grave* were fbund as described. After they had commenced to dig, a negro girl Inquired if they were digging for the uody of Coi. 8locum, and stated that about six weeks altar the battle aome soldiers of a Georgia regiment had dug It up. cut off tbe head and burned the body at the side of the run close by, and taken the coflln away t > bury a dead negro. Her story was corroborated by a white boy and a white man who lived In the neighborhood. On repairing to tbe spot Indicated there was found a pile of ashe* and bones, which were pronounced by the aurgeon to be human. Reiunaiits of the blankets in wbirh tbe body bad been wrapped, and also of a ailk underchirt, were alto found. Tbe ulderablrt was still buttoned at the neck, and bad plecen of flesh adhering to It Col. Klocum had been buried in a box, and Maj Ballou In a coffin. Upon opening the grave* the box was recognized by Mr Richardson, who was present at the ' ' - ? ..J tk.. - _ S l _ ? 1 lOicriuriH, anu mr remains in l\ put iucuuucu by all who knew Col. t*locum aa hit. Tbe Identification wu complete. Upon opening tbe other grave it wu foutia to be empty, allowing that the body dus? upaud burned by the Georgia barbari- ! ana waa thnt of Maj. B., aa they were the only two interred in that yard. Tbe body of Capt Tower waa found near tbe lot; cabin on the battle field. In tbe acarrh for It aii or ecven bodies were hiiined, all of wbicb bad been burled with tbe fare downward?? mark of indignity offered by xuldler.s only to traitor* and (liacitcra Capt. T1 ti vumeitu ururo a a v**vi o I VU*Ui II" "Oil, < fV |UUf ? *jrravcs of many of tbe rebel soldiers on tbe bittle il;ld wan designated by neat marble sialic. H-fore tbe party started, coffins were provided at tbe establishment of Mr. A. Buchiy, on "Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth at*., and when thev returned on Sunday the remain* or the deceased officers were taken to Camp Brlghtwood. where they were received by the '.Id Rhode Island regiment. They were brought to this city yesterday, being escorted as far as the county nam dv me regiment i nev were wien dlrectlv to the establishment of Mr Buchly,where the coffins were casd in zinc, sealed and placed in wooden boxes, for transportation to Providence, R. I., by the early train this morning An effort was made to obtain the remains of Captain Smith; but as he was killed on the retreat, no one could designate the spot where be fell or where he was burled. A guard, consisting of a non-commissioned officer freui each company of the'2d Rhode Island regiment,waafdetallea to accompany the remains, j under the orders of Lieut Col. Steere. ' Official Visit.?a committee of the city counnf llxltlninrp via! (kit rWu xrAmimrA ? rt /4 v/if w* V??Y J?OtV?W?J j B<IU had an interview with Secretary Chan#. A representation was made that It was desirable that the work on the new U. 8 court-house, b?gun on tbe corner of North and Fayette streets, should be continued to tbe completion of the building, and at once. If this could not be don?, tbat the obstructions in tbe streets, in the shape of huge piles of bricks from torn down building*, and tb? stops erected on the beds of tbe streets, should be removed, as they were unsightly and a great annoyance to travel. Secretary Chase received tb*m very courteously, and ?ald that (be requests made were reasonable, and ahonld be attended to Polick.?The Third Ward patrolmen reported tbe following caaes yesterdayKllen Welsh, celling liquor without license; fined f iO $4?hy Justice Clayton. Ma-y Heed, profanity; dot-': ?! ?by Justice Thorn iwon. The Fourth Ward patrol reported?Geo. PnvN, larceny of a trunk; dlnmlssed Cba*. Smith larceny; jail for court?by Justice Donn. Barney McDevltt violating the bark law: dlsmlwd?hy Justice Walter. Sam'l Rabbit, driving through a market; for farther bearing James Redmond, selling liquor on Sunday; tln?d tf}u?by Justice Clayton. Focrtii Waan Ratios Casks?Btf?r* Juttiet Walter. James Horlgan, Wm. McKeuney, Chas. Lyn, Hugh Blakey, Jno Morgan, Michael McLaugblin. Philip Doty, James Curry, O. C. Currlter. J Huater. Jainea Frlel. iimn Million A Talbot. Jamea Meehan, and Tom Galvtn, aoldlera, for varloua minor ofl>ncm ; turned ovri to tbe military. Jame* Costello, stealing a pnlr of boots from T.K Patty; jail for a hearing. Sarah Donatioe, vagrant; dlamlaaeri. Robert Mllea, (col.) drunk and dlaorderly, do. ^arauel Fry, aasault and battery; do. Ax Agio PKseiosiR ?Yeaterday, Mrs Sarah Hurdle, of Montgomery county, Md , vialted thla city for the purpose of receiving her penalon, due wr \i?e service* or net uusoana in itie early wars of the United State*. She is now over ntnetv yean of age; but is apparently aa active as many at forty. She goes the whole figure f?r the Union, as do all who would honor the heroes who fought and blcdfor it. Sixth Wahd Polick Casks?Btfort Jvtiee MM JlaA^A.I... M ...J v ?M ?tnio. vaiiM , UI^VI uci ij, uiic iiiu CUI11 $1 (H. Tboma* IMuiiialll, mult and battery; dluntatcd. llenry llerback aod Charles Short, charged with tealln^ a borne; security for a further biarlng- Mary McDonnell, vagrancyi workbouse ?lav?. Marty Oeavy, tearlnp hl*? reins and being without a bad^e; dl?cnl?'<f on paying coota. I>sath or ta Orpura ? Captain laaac W. /llckie, company 1>, loth New Jersey rej?1men>, died In the camp of the rcjtlincut, near thin city, on Saturday U*t The body wa* eiubalmid by lira M f??rn unJ A 1?< % ? n/4?? ^ i?A aonl rv*? ?-? ! * >v w *' ?i u?iu 4i iv aui" >?' i * 11 v* tviai I rV? ioiuvw'J to the botnc of (be decenacd, in Camden, New Jeraey. Pcccaacd wae formerly editor of tbc C'atndcu Gazette. Thi Barmy K*tatk ?Ji'fort tht Orphans' t'onrty Ju **. rurt'.U ?In the ca#e of lbe report of Mr. Kelly, tb-j auditor,ou tbceic*ptt<>na to the account* of i)r llarvev Llndaley, Bl< d for Lieut. i*ariiey ny uis counsel, W(*>t? winner todDbtld>re, thoac "entlcmen tbla morning aaked for further time To examine tbe report. Tkt-ca*c w sa accordingly pcatponed until Saturday sett. Hrramhg into & UnCK ? Sunday afternoon Lieut Myera, belonging to one of tbe (itrmau regiments, went to me Douse oi ivir. Uoldlnj;, on Fourteenth street, near the beundary, and broke bla way, wbea be was put out by the proprietor, but be afterwards made bis way in again, and was arr< *'ed bvOAcer Wool, who delivered him to the Provost Guard. Sicond Wun Station Casks-w-Btftrt Jwtit* Clark.?Win. Smith and Edw'd Colllas, arrested on kU?plcion of robbing Jam#* Fognrty'a store; dismissed. John Drunk, turned over to the mil Itiry. Thomas Cole, do. John B>souandAu> Kuattne Martin, drank; dismissed (iu?t Drill* clle, obstructing the pavements; do. Paid Orr.?TheD'Epiueull Zouaves, abputJOO In number, were paid < tt yesterday. The greater Krtlon will return home, tbe regiment having en disbanded. Don't vobgit to ? all at People's Dollar Store, 438 Pennsylvania Avenue, near Four and a Half street, ana aelect something from their rMlly magnihoent atoch of Jewelry and Sliver Plated Ware?the choice of which they offer for One Dollar. Dr. Whiti, the Chiropodist, la a wonderful operator. His method of treating corn*, bunions, bad sails, etc , la perfection Itaelf. Heifer no longer from thoae terrlbleevlls.bat submit their treat, ment to the science and sktll of Or. White, at ?2t> Pennsylvania avenue, between 4# and tith si*. # Kyi ard Kak?D?afr*8? ? Oothalmie and Aural Inatltute, In charge of Dr. Von Moacbztaker, ocullat and aurlat?devoted exclualvely to the treatment of all ma lad lea of the Eye and Ear. All aurgtcal operation* required to reetore eight and hearing aclentijcally performed Deafneaa, nolaea In the bead, dlachargta from the ear, moat aucr

Ma fully treated, no matter of how long atandlng. The aucceaa of the lnatltutlon alnce lta eatabltahment can be atteated by the numeroua paraonere> voreu iv ii|u? tuu urtiiu|, w Bbaikbbth's Pill*.?Tbe occasional use of th s nfc Medicine Insure* health aid prevents these sudden attache of slckncss to whicn all are mere or teas subject, such as dysentery, dlarrba, headaches, dutness, bullous aa'dctlons, *c., 4c. Bold at No. 894 Canal street. N Y., and at the Branch Ofice, corner Oth aad & street, Washington, D. C. P. S. Sutlers'supplied by the do* len. nh'A l* What an akovbt of differing and disease arnoug the Voluuteer* would he prevented Uy tbe free um of Holloway't Pill* and Ointment For Wound*, gores, and Ucurty tbe Ointment 1* a certain cure, and for Bowel Complaint*. Fever*, Small Pox. Ice., tbe PUls are tbe be* medicines la tbe world, only *3 cento per box or pot. Ml I mi a Inin 6qom? ladia wbkorSkaeU for protagttM cklldrea't fceda, UiUso family kooMba wtfkrat; 73 ceata "^Rabtecf BUnketo, for soldlm, tl JS Mck. EoMNT PoMkM mi Blankata ooaaklnad, ?! ? "ltila Rtibtar Ooata, wklte or ktaofc, WJt ?ek. India RaMMT U||1H ti per pair. Vva" II kl3 JKhLrr Good-. tnnliul?n? B,,W be" Boots ud Bboe*, Rubbertltoppew foTtotUea, I Dow M*. Under Bheetises for beds la atckneM, ' ST^Tit Brtoea, at H. A.B*W India Rubber WawbonW, 3#b Pa. IT., betwoea . NbKktMTa**"* ?*-? 1 Ts*. Lvmm 4 Card ?Dr. Hunter wttl deflnitely eloM hta o??e In Washington on Satprday evenlnc, thr 29th iMtant, after which dale all persona afflicted with Pulmonary dlaeaae can consult him peraooally or by letter at hla offlee, No 6? east Twelfth atreet, near Broadway, New York. ? If ( nffir* Ka >.i will Aln M rnoitn. ? ? " vv uviv win iT-csiani v|ita iwi mp* ?wr tlon of patients afflicted with Catarrh, Bronchitis, Consumption, and Asthma, no to the evening of Saturday, 3">th In*taut. 406 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington. hSO All riaaons ran 1 nd the beat stock of Clothing, Furnishing Good*. Trunks, Hats and Caps, at Smith's, No. 170 Seventh street, near F. fr ?7-3m " D1BI* On the 44th in?t*nt, st 5 o'olock a. m , Mr. JOHN BARRETT, in th? Mtn jear of hi* a(?, a native of th" County Ker- j, Ireland, bat a resident of tbia Oltf for the i&at 9! *M.ri Mat his soni rest in I6&C9! ' ilia facer*! will takep to* to morrow (WrdnMday I aftera on. at 2X o'olook.from hia reuden the oorner of Second atreet en?t and A ?t<eet nortli. Capitol Hill, where hi? friends ?"d ihoae of the family are reetectfa'ly invited to n'.tend. On the morning of th* 25th initant, of oonauinpUon^ which, he T?or? wjtb_eal?nreaunation. JU mud nurivi"*???w BfcKKtT,intne saw Jfjr of hia Me, elflojt child of John J. and Laura V. P^> rj 0^ Hia funeral will tike plaie from the residence of hia lather, on K atreet to in >rrow at 1 o'o'ock. On 'he 23d inatant. at q art?r of S o'elock, J ES91K, beloved daughter of J. R.and Jane \\ roe? aged 1 rears and 8 montha. To JisaiB. The angel near and nearer oaae. When Jeaaie aiok did lie. Then gentl? fanncu her faded cheek. And pointed to the aky. * The mornir.f shone apon the bed, The Maroh winda blew tree: Tbeaage: moved ua ailvetT vine*. An<l wh!t?er'd,,*Come with m* !** We gathered lonnd ber dyln* bed, With Learta to Twpud \> ay. Aa?l main ware the te?ra ?e abed Whan Jwate weU awav> Np bitter tear* ta 1 the to weepNo *in to be iorgivea? But closed ner iovmt eyes id sleep. To open thein in keeven: * [lute ligeucer.J A DILI Wroi. On tin* J4t& iuttant, after a short but painful illnaaa, ol Ciptlieria, QKOIUK L., ibfsnt acn of Charles C. Mid Amanda E. ColtnrtJ, aged 1 year 7 iiioLtba and 5 days. W a IVBOUUU UVOUIUK ion ? In beauty'e lov?I>cat dyer, A zethyr catr.e it* aweec* to bear I n fragrance to th? akiee ; And tha- thy blooming C ierub smile, To eart;i & mom. at given, Till Virtue olairoed her favorite ohild. And took it up to heaven ! * On the 2tat instant, 1 D\ JANE ESTELLE, daughter ot T. B am K iiabctb E. Turner, ageu 2 years 8 months and 21 days -* i ila'tlmora < ll ??a? ?Ab* 1 II ua?i iuvi w v iiffvi wvfj j At Alexaudria, Va., on Sunday inorntnc ' h mat., after a line! iilaoaa. ELIZABETH TEMPi RANCK. wileof Jotin H. Bailer,in the 50th rear of her ace. I ? I WANTS. C1TANTKD-A SfTlIATION h? m. > TV woman, to cook, waah an<1 iion. in*a emvl faintly. P im leave a note a* thi? office It* WANTED?A GIRL to cook and do central tocMwork. M?at brine good references B. 3. WILLlANi 3:it> Pa. >?<. m WANTED?A 1RL to do general housework, at 335 Eighth street, between K and L,. mh 2? it* ; A MUST ItKKPCnTtltl U KlBaiL'll ivn A<'? w ? uw. m v ?? vij u ti* ? ??H i u ? * \/ roan wan ta a 8 tuation either a* cock or ohambjriDiid. I he beat refeienoea Inauire at No 1. between L and M atreeta, on Ooat aLey. mh 25 It* _ A YOUNG MAN WISHES TO BOARD IN a private family or ?aiet boardiPR 'oute HlMM address lettara *! 4VH" In thurftiui <>f this yipT. aih 25 it* fJL ANTKD- A ?oun* w< m\n wi?hf>a to oMaic a ?? pITUaTION to Jo ohambarwork oraa i%undraaa?chamKrwork preferred. Aridraaa Box No. a Star tjfliee if WANTED?AGENTS to oanvaa regiment* for at*Doil work; can make S3 to $5 par day. A?'y at REDMOND'S Gailory, No- 111 Fran. avaoua. It' v r a tu 'n rt n-_ * - **> ? ? ? ? mi 1 r<Lr?ogfwi ui 'ii* TV Hftbl MAR, v v dated August 2>t. 186U Npymber 16 h, 1861, id December 6th, )>>M A libe-al price ?ill be Mid for rood cosies of the atove. on sp? nation to the S*tarOffice. an 25 St* W7ANTED?A irst-rate COOK, i m\a errftrr i * ? one who bM be?n aoauatomed to oookii.f for a restaurant and hotM. Good r commendation-required, and liosral vagaa given Icqnireat 315 Poan. avenge, at the Uelevan Home. mh Si +t* ROOMS WANTED-I wish toreattwoorrirea Furniahad Roima on the atma floor, :or a email family to keep houae; looation to be within S or4 sauareaot the Fa'ent office Addles*, wt;h re.'?rrno?s. ,4S.." H X #99 Cit* Post Office. mh 85 at* . I YVANTr.I>?A SALESWOMAN, in a faicy ?? atore. Nonen?*fi a?r!y uojMi tfcey have a I erfeot Knowledge ci th* basicees. App y to ADolPH A DLJfcK, 44 Market Spaoe* between >th an-* H b sta mh 25 3t* A WAITER WANTED at the ttoalinf Mettaurant, H47 Peniny vu t avenue?one wto uuder-tantu his business aad can sosie well reo- ' oinujenUeJ: to saoh *ood wages will be given. hhuiip ii.niwtawiy. II" J WANTtl>-A 6ARDKNKR or PARMKK.t i sober and uidaatrioii* men, eituar on ilierfs or to but; a permanent plaoe, if aaittd. Appl* at DOUGLAS*' brttn House, opposite the St?te L>epurtii. at- nth 25 e? Gi* STORE WANTK1). of ?ocd use, on Pennsylvania avenue near Seventh fireet. or on R?*. eutii ?tre?t near the Aveim* The ftdverti-er eeeke to looit" permanent:*, Objse .ion will not be maoe to hia buiicst or refereuoM. Addft*# tfox SM Poet Office. niti2^ >*'* ? 1 ?11 ? WANTKIV?A UKUWBNANCV ina ^ ItJll* cavalry ret unut, by a competent young mau of eevaral monUie exp?rieno* with the beet of reooiniicndatjone. Twe above h-ijhdI wH4?r>e y%iii (or the umti Addrni OHAKLKf WM. i.i "*** lurii m?tioa?i lloiei, wn'hioi on, l? C. mh JMIi* AI.AUV HAVING SOME YEAR** EXPE rieuc* iu ie?olunr tlis u?ual Eotlish hrauolie*. wi?iiM ? -1 rUATION uteaoherina private la.m|U, or wou <i take the entire charge ot two or three uniall children, or oompenion t<?a 'a<M; Iim dm ot.jrotion to |" to ?uj part of tbeoouutry.orto irarel with * faint t. Me?t of refareuoea liven Addr?M ' i. M Gamselowu I*o?t (>??, lor one week, mh ?> U-* _ _ _ UF ANTED TO IENT-A small HOl'9E or i ott?ceoathe HeijLU i?| Georgetown Ajaljr at ??ar Othoe mh 2*3t* > I A \ Pi/ n A tU A H ? i/un .? * * 1/un.iinif.?A nnitiB>I*kDKIl ? n r 11 teeutli street. Also, a UOY, about 15 tears of ace, to make himself severally u?eful. u 24 -tt* WANTED?A Lady to overate on Wheeler A ?? Wi'kio'i Sewint Machine. Also tuine Mil liners. M. WILLUN.336 t?a aveaue. mh *4-3t* UTOKK WANTED, on Seventh street weet. or C5 v.ointy. Any persou hiving a store to rent or lease (or sale m*v near of asureh&ser by addressing a note to W. (i., onoe uf this psyar. m h34 3f OPFICEK'H SERVANT WANTKD-A olean, tidy oolored Bey wanted a* oook and ccnersl servant. Apply toUsp;. OSBORM, Co. A, joth Regiment Penn. Volunteers, Meridian Hill. inh 24-SK* UOARU WANTED.?The advertiser dssires Df r his wife and huesslf, a large room, or siut of rooms on same flnor, with or next above the dining room, with good g*n?roits Loara. Refer enoes exohanged. Address, for three dats, man' scar omoc. mh S4-n* U/ANTED-A FURNISHED HOUt?E, at a " moderate rent, bttweeu Pa. a??aue and K street.and 13th ana tuth. Address, stating rerm?. No 333 I ?t. mh a 8t? W ANTED?About the lit of Aprl, br a mall " family. S or S ROOMS, furnished or ui fornished. suitable for housekeeping. Address, staiiDt prioe and where looated, Box 697 City Post Offioe. Kelereaees given, if r^aired. rab22 at* vy ANT ED, TO_. EX CHAN OK-Valuable S&^SssS^ ~T T " itQARD WANTKD-A jMtlsman vicbea D Board in a ?n*au flunily tkt b? can have th?oomfort* of a homo. Addrtu r, O. Box 7ft, I Bimt ww and looatioa. mh l?-)w* nRY ?OOD SALESMAN WANTKO?OM || w*l! A/nuainl?<< #!? ?Ka aift* w?? W?*M ?? VMJ 15 W U mn of M*- Married man dnH *ot ??plj _ ftmnY k e*o., mh 19 bt P?po. WHM Xc?l 9th >tr?ot. Oil LI) LfcTTEKS VVANTfe.!)?I Will fire from 1 two t? Uo #ol art far L?t'? ri vrittei bj tten'l W MhiD(tun, ud ft ijur pnoa for Oid Le;wrt vnVUn by AmericMs, ErvolatwnarT O#lobritiM. PreudoaU. bener|;e, CoMinodorM, tuiigsa, Doctori. DlvinM, L*v??ra, 4c. AddreM .OtfERT SPRING,Mf NjTweJtth itrMt, Plulidelphift. Rvt Boots tod Ptaphlvu on iim? krow that thojr | * I HS l)BU HIO UWl ITOOK OI ulovnipg, H&U *Ud Caw. at the very lowest r?t?a, it SMITH'S. No. 4 Seventh atreet.belew y. le 27-jjn %17ANTiil>?Kvanr r*f*e? to koq* that Itau M tii# market. ready to p*; t??h for *11 article* g?Tj-*. X> 1* tl luevoi? oww, iur mi 01 L.ivju a ariMmiuiirT Mkfi, wad by oar CoinrnwaMr-in Ckiat. Tha anaMU tfc? vorld. ^ foftwoa ou b* midt Ssss! ? csssE ?.?&;, M51&. LOST iJTO FOUND. ~ P~? iw.nmmu AH???V? oM?fi "?.tTi r ? ?jSg?* R*.WSTVTO MY 8TABLK, ON TUB D 4th of March, a pair of tray HOa*B9.flv^ 7 aud 8 year* old wiUi aaddl?a an 1 kridiaa. l-jt* Tli* owner or owner* are req aMtad to oomft * f 1 forward. p.-ore ?r?p?rty, pay c^arcec. and Uk? then ????, .. .. t. NAILOR, will >>ai- treat. baty?a and 14. 11\ RKWAK l>?The above reward viU be $1U Mid Ur the recowrr of b Nsek e\?_ MORSE. which f.rayed on tkerveia'^c the I4th He J>a1 on a ' ? of Cav&lry weiiti A'y one btriit tb? BMfiMry mft'in*. Hon will pleaae .eare it at thU t Use. rah ? at* LOST?On V'>'adar. S4 h instant, on the ar*au , between 15th etieet ?nd 'he >aUcna! HoM. adi>nb!(KVE 61.4^4 in go <1 irftrne. Th'iuler will te h?nIfone y r?w?' "?d by ewiuj it at room No 3. utooud ll^or, Post 0?39 Dpfari?.e..t. mh 3t* OQ REWARO?Lo*t or mis tid, on the 24th wO day of March, '*6i, in romi m* rcinde through th* o't*. a bundl* of PaPKH8. obtaining ?"V(?Ta' Pom or? Note*, ar.d Fi Fa*? 'I he above levari wil'b?p*id acd no question* aaked if ielt at my dwelling. J? ShPHF KKLI.Y County fSotntab , on 8tb tr?-t mh 25-fU" het 1 ?nd New York av . No 361. LOpT?On Saturttn* ;&?t, between C ?K?*tt k. May'i 5*'or? anil the oorn?r nf loth asd L> ?tt . a amah ttruistri .^KVE-BL'TTON. A roward of 91 win be pud t! left at Mr. Semken'*, Jow^Iat, *v' u'!l 8< STRAYED OB STOLEN?From tie Soldiera' R?'t, near the dent, a light bar g\ MA ME. about 4 years old. ?belonging T .t* ?!,? t t r* *- - ? * ? - iuo iniiiasici ? i/epMiiriPBl,/ WHO MoCiellen saddle. The t it cf the bridle baJeuii. tUe tetters A I. C.. in brew. A libera; rev?nj jn l beiMid for her retu-n to the uAm of Col. R "CM K.R. (quarterlull er, corner M:ti and G streets. mli?4 Iw ( OUT OUT FOR UUR?i l,ARS.-.\ Mr* ti j entered u< hoese, 344 Mitth street ktwMD 3 sud J o'clock on 5?uc<lay morniLg, Ma-oil 2W, by nn'ookm* a door from the oetside, which had a k?y :n the look on tie inside. He raised tkto9{h the house ondi?oo?ere?t. depositing Ins Ikh>it as lie oolieoted it In tiie dn-icc wit., until be ?s i'ered the ohaiuber of a lady wi.e-e a dim gas . i?It t w?? biro UK- rm awuiti at fswii-ic mm at t,i? c&i t letter, aud cried out. "who's tb?re, wint ia wautinc." He tnrbtd to her *i d mi J. "keep ai eut," ai: J left When the had ?!arm?<i the house the thiel *?i < tt lie picke : si' the pockets an J got acme iuu dred dollar* in gold aad silver aud Tre%sury rotas, with other va uat> es of silver. Th? most vaiuaVe thing to ine which he tat k was the Geneva soid hunting wa'oh <f my s>r, Lieut. J. B. Smith, which was rpsoned from the bu.ning ship * Con frets,' %nd brought to 510 after mi son had been killed. It fcal a i> ack silk guard attaohed to which were several little eharms, a coral watch key in the form of a pistol, a little hrart. sold on one side a: a ilssi with hair on th? other sido. a email no? " vol*- lki < < u4i | auu ft v 11 & 11 IUT6T Wft |?!0, The \aSj had a ?? of the robber. and dehim aa a yonnr man of ordinary hight, litht hair, no hair on the ftoe. with dark ctothfo. 1 will ?i*e a larte reward for t: e reoover? of the wa-ch and tricKeU. mh 84 tf JOSEPH BM'TH, RKWARD ?Stolen, en Sunday uight, U't about 11 o'oioek, s UAY.MARK.CV-_ with aaddlr aud bridle. ?ta- in forehead, and one white lore foot If tee hor?e iih turned to the owner, at Dr. Hnrr'e, on E ?t-eet, r\? \ -v to-*(twu ?vii kuu >viui iuv nuvc r<-ward ^rill M gi*ec. mh 84-lw* DM1STRICT OF COLl'MHIA. Countt or Washington ? I hereby oertifr thatJtv on this 2?th dar of Maroh, 18S2, before the aubaoriber. a Jait oe of the Peao*. and for btid county, peraocally appeared f>eorge Geddce.and made oath according to law, that he took up aatray on th? 12th da* March, 1862. a dark l>ay MARK, tprunr in the left fore kree; bad on a rope halter when taken; *uppo*ed to be 4 o' u years old. GKORGK GKDOKS. Sworn and subaottl *d t>*fo.e i?e thieii?Ui day of Maroh,lfljti r h. W. FKKSLipON, J. P. us uwuer ui me ?nov? oarnei horse is reuue?t?d to o&ll s? ire olfioe of the Metropolitan Polioe No. 5 lb 11th street, p&y otifcrgev and U*e bis property; it will otherwise t.e cold to p*y charge? mh 21 2awSw FOH 8ALFAND RENT. | IORNSKD HOTKI. F oR mkni?> j Will,??' Ok ii 1 Fixture* lor M>;doinc atood hnsio<*f>a. 1 Fa avenue, t<eiwe?n :othandi>tb ;reet. mh2S-3t* FURNISHED ROJMS TO KENT, with r board, in a pl??Bant ocation near th? Capito . Pernr.anei t and t aaM?ut l>oarti?rt aooouimodaud. laiiir* at Srar Olfio?. mh 25-tf l/OR RENT?A larje loir 1(017 1 RICK r DWbLI'INti HOUSE. oonttini"K ten room* aid kitchen, with tia and w*t?r throarhout. ?itu m ~A . - ' * ^ - * - - * -u iu uue in ine nn??5i pnns ot in* oi'y. Farmtare r,ew R^ct fcr h< u^e ?Ld larmture ,fiof> ??r month ; or, f referred,the hoase will he rest'd obe<p ?iid th? furr.iture ?oid at rewocaUa mci, Addreee "1. B Star Olfia*. rah 85 St* PokTfo n of a wfj.l furnished HOUSK FOR RENT.?The ?atMnt>er? are avthona-Kt to let a portion of a PI RNISHKD Hl'USE, in the iminsdi&te vicinit* ofth?P/??* Offioe Department, comprint lar<e parlor and f tiamber, room, kitchen, and stable. The dumg r<? >m k as a basement aatranoe and would mike a fine offije. Sat w factory reference required, Appl* tj J AS. C. McGUIRE & CO., oorrer lftth and D ata. mh 25-fl* L'UK RBNT?By the week or month, ft PARr LOHacd CHAMDKR, <oonneet??J > 5 feet from the sidewalk, v#rr neatly furnished, with a piazaa on th# south front. A'to, by the 28th or Slst two Chambers, or & Parlor an-1 Chambar, on aeoond floor, very neatly furcuh'd ; La* a rerauca on tba math font; Icotti <n *e-y pleasant aiid healthy, and bnt a few Tarda eaat cf the pubh* parka n*ar the P<-??ideij.'? H<m*eaud onuibaa line to the Capitol?4b0 New Vork Heme, near 14th at. ;nhH tf ()R RKNT-A new two atory and )>aeeinent a. grwt OWr.L!<l^te HUI St, INO. $0 Proapeot vtreet, caatain'L* 8 rooms: |:u ar.n failure* in ike Itouae, aud Mdraut at tUe kitchen dcor,tli in (Mtiriaiet t order, l'o a *o??d tenant *U? rent reaaonable. Apply to 1). ENGLISH* 13*9 Pro?peot?t. wih 32 Iw I/OH JIENT?To a private faii.ily, a well (or17 utsVed, rucniy and oomlTtaole HOUSE, in one of t'e mott d?*irable looatfrna lc the oit?. Rent $fi?r month, for tUe prompt pavniABt of wiiioh nati*f*at<>rj security will required, will uo* t>e ret.t*<i for a boarding h^u?e. Addre?? "X V Z," Star <.lho?. inh Zi W li'OK KKJST-A fii-nitLed I lire? a^ry HOUSfc 1 in ? private fauiti*. f??r a period of not le?? ti-fcu tlx mooll b. Refereuoea 'ioJiai cM- Apply alter 12 in . at 170 K Btreet, near 18th, iwitb side. Hih ai-Cf Am RARK OH ? NOK '.? h'OR SALE-A tarKe dovb.e WRiCK IIOL'SK,ooutainisa 11 now, with id oer.ter; wa'er anl |i> tliroaibout the baildiug ; as > attached a fiue lau* bnok ttab.e with two atal's, with servant*' roou aud car riace Louie attached thereto. 'I he above men tion d property in fitnate.) on Kieventb atreet between L an 1 M ?reels Lorth K<>r term* lueuire of GKOKUb T. LANOLKY, Woou aud \!o?l Dealer. corner NiLth and K ?t?. ti.u i? i? Fr?OR SAI.B-A two story FKAMK DWKLL' 1NG HOUSE. '2.10 Kuhth street, between M Md N, tn guoc order, oontaimur ?ix rooms. Prioe $13j0. Apply to LEVI LOOM18, *3 Ket. nth 17 lw FOR 8AL.E?two firs -ola?s BILLIARD TA BLE?, marble sabs. and every acsnjeir.ett oompleie. Tttose fles'.nuK the above will study tfieir intereat hi caiiinc immediately at the European Hotel, eorner lltu street and Pennsylvania avnaa. uli a-if Wfinninnn A uu^u\juiv/nn ai/vCiAl ffli? nrW??N OTICK -LICKXSES -All Mmu L_5 whota lioauae* from tbe Corporation of Georgetown ax#ire on the Sat lnatant are h?rat>jr notified promptly to >enew the earn*; orherwiae they aabiect themselves to a fine, and tba law ia oorapuaorj us in the proper oifioers to enforoa said fine Bg^inat ajl delinquents. No farther notioa will be given. mhy aawt?pio WM. LAIRD. ClartU |y%" 6EOR6KTOWN TAXK8 FOR !*??. IkS r?onoe is hereby firen that a die?ount of tea per oent. will be allowed on the 'um ?ft>e ounent year, it paid o j or before the ti^et of JLeril nexK. CHA8. D. WSLt H. mh 2l-2w ieotor. HOR^-K AND COAL SCALES FOB 8ALKA food Draft Horte a.eo pair of Mo ?v -haiid Coai Sea e?, for aaie oheap for oaaii, C. MYk.RS ?gbti. /w7\ Oltio* and Yard Water stroot, ?^S4-lw G?ort?owa gycianw e l o v k si Ramaburg Jl Ebert, 104 OieB Bttin, GEOKQETOWJi, ?), O, I^iTiSiriKSv'" &flfcrte".2 MiTTIiNS in the Dittriot. Oflofti' Ganntieu maae to order. RnAhrahrin flr???rf *nH ftkirfa u M PHILADELPHIA /ShAVUHT ALS. w# have jut rcoaivMa ???lr ! th? imn Am, wbich w*r*eo(r.ifipQdtokeor?T?rT nparior tuilty. PtTsoni Viahtox to ?*roh*??. by aling isMa fi m n>. ? 7 VWIIVIUVB. R!AU ACT "1TH i/tt. aLd Vutto^i^ro*' r** pr. M. veUnT i long tiMriMMlihoapitel ?metio* w?rraaU (urn to aajinc tkM bacao o?r? all , duNiM of % >riT?t# natare, or d* vi'i lortott tbo urn of fiv? Mildred dollar*, _ , , Call and H? Lin. No AUarga for oomalUt'on. , foriactand ladioal aura porfactod fromoa?tofov oay* or no o w|i. ?Ji M-w J GEN'M'?!Sg.8o?^YaetEWA""- ? t - - ? ? ? ? ? SECOND EDITION^ OUR MILITARY BUDQKT Military Jhftritt / Wm?ktufttm > Cttf, D. C . March Ji>, l<?g J Sprclal Order. No. II -rKilnct ] II. Until farther order* in* boati or vmrli will be allowed to ?i?tt Meant Vernon TW PrfcToot Marabal will aelze and bold nay boats or veoaeLa wblcb may attempt to leave for tbat destination. By command of Major General Wad?worth Th?o. Talbot, Am t Adj't Gen'l TBUI tPfll BATTBBT. Thr.u> aroti' rl iia irauilntiri with Ik# IamIIIv belWe that within the last two days the tipper (rebel) battery at Inland No lw ha* b-en completely submerged by a rlae of tba rtver If aa, the titration of the rebels there la thai made much more desperate. COL. VKLIC, of New York,!? Military Governor of Aiaxan Aria, and baa entered on bia dutUa. THE LATEST HY TELEGRAPHFOREIH* *K*I. THE LONDON TIMES ANP PARI? PATR1A GETTING THEIR EYE? OPEN TO TME FACT OF UNION VIC TORIES. ? THEY COUNSELj; COMPROMISE " PLOTS AGAINST TUb LIFE OF THL fcMI'bRoK NAPOLfcON ? SPAIN RbFlTSES TO RLCKlVfc THK SOUTHERN COMMISSIONERS, [Special Telegram lo Tbe Sur ] M.... *' ~" ** i-?v? I oak, raarcu 'A>.?xue steamer :>?va Hcotia. from Liverpool I ith and Londonderry tb? IHb. arrived at Portland tbia morning. Tbe political news la unimportant Tbe Times has another article on the favorable opportunity for negotiation between tbe North and South Under tbe recent success of tbe former, cotton has declined a half penny. Consols ?3Ss93Jt.>o:?, March 14.?The Paris Patrle assarts that a no'-mbf r of the English Cabin#* recently declared to a deputation from the manufacturing districts that, according to Information from Washington, an amicable separation North sod Itnnlli will hk> >!.> .k.-> "" - 1 " .????j??auc iiajui 4 u nr. I dp i)Mfl OI the treaty to be that renneawe, Mtwoud and Kentucky return to the Union; the two Republics to have no land customs line; search for sloven to be prohibited In all States, and slavery to dlaap pcai in hUii*y >rail The Tuscarora tud Sumter were still at Gibraltar on tbe Ttb. Tbe Times has an article against a 'eviaiaa of maritime law, and argue* that If England giro* up the right to capture merchant ahlpa, abe would surrender the only arm wbtch *be baa, and lose all ahr baa s>in?d The Timet think* the Federal vlctotlea will lead to separation and peace. In France, the ordinary eipenaea far the year are e*tlmated at seventeen hundred and twenty nine millions franc*. Receipts eAlmaied aUteea million* exce** of this Bourae drooping, 69.M. it la rumored that the i.ngitab Government La* notified the French F.mperor of the andden de Darture from London of thw m?n inniinu<r tbe Or?lni plot, auapected of harboring deeigne agalnat the Kmperor Tbe police are on the alert Tbe Confederate Conmlaaloner Ro*b. ban arrived at Madrid. Tte Government refused to rereivr him. LATBHT. LoHDowcttKT?The Tiroea' city article, aaya the fanda opened jri?^rtl~v with an Improvement of an eighth. There was a tempary relapoe, but price* were maintained at cloae of bualnear? i maiiKuuni in ABirnrm iiocil irr rHViriM, pending anotner arrival. IMPORTANT FRQ1I THE >OlTH. JEFF. DAViy NEW CABINET. THE REBELS ADMIT A HEAVY LOSS IN THE SKIRMISH WITH GEN. S*TONKMAN SEAR WARRENTON JCNC TION. 8EVENT*-SEVEN LOUDOUN UNIONISM THROWN INTO PRjSON AT RICHMOND. [Special Teiepraiu to Tbe Star ] Baltixoki, March 25, (from Portrea Noirot March 21 >?A flag of truce went to Norfolk today, but brought no newt Aaalttant Secretary of War Scott leaves kef* tb'? evening for W' aablngton. The wind is N. W , with aigna of rata. The following la frotn the Norfolk Day Book of tb!a morning : "R'oimumi, March 21 ?The Hogae of Kep> rcaeutaUvt* have adoped a rcoolatioo to apply a rukp4l<>n a# Ik* a# -??.?. 4 p ui >i?h v( tuv ^iviiivc vi ?ut v^'hwii^caii mmi cv aid and relieve tbe Confederate troops now la tbe hand* of tbe eneniv as prisoners.'* 'Heavy relufonemeu 18 at Old Point We Icaru that fourleeu (.learners arrived at Old Point on fuitday last, crowded with troops supposed to be for the Burnstde eipedlttou *- Richmond, Marrb ?3.?President Davis cab? % t ~ - - f?L. U 4- ^ * *t no hot i^tii aunocu. 1 uc rrniw consrvQN IDV appviutuienta this morning, a* follow* ?Secretary of State? J. P Benjamin, of La Secretary of War?Geo \V Randolph of Va. Secretary of tbe Navy?S. R. M?liory,of La. Secretary af tbe Treamry?C. G. MeKHBla^er. of 8.0. Attorney Ueueral?Thos. H. Witt?, Pootanaater General Reagan, of Texas "New troop* are pouring la. Six or seven new regiments arrived in tkis neighborhood on Boaday, via our railroads." ' President Davis bsadeclared martial law over tbecouatles of Eliiabeth City. York, Warwick, Gloucester and Mathews " An acceant Is given la the Day Book of an ea. gagaasent aear Warrenton Station, oa tbe Oraace and Alexsndrla railroad, oa Saturday mi loot week Three hundred Confederate cavalry, und er conjiaacd of Gen. Stuart, were attacked by flee hundred Yankee cavalry Perty of the latter were reported killed, and one hundred takes prtaonera. The rebel are aald to have loot etx killed and a hand red and eighty wo ended Th# lil f?Am tK# I * mm "Seventy seven cltlzroa of lioodoon county were sent to Richmond en the Central can en Thursday ntgbt last, and committed to one of toe military prlsona." LATF FROM Bl'R.IMOI't F.XPBIMriOll A MOVEMENT AGAINST WASHINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA. ? THE REBEL STEAMER NASHVILLE REPORTED TAKEN BY l?l'R TROOPS. [Specltl Telegram to Tbe Star J \ Vah UimI. <X <?V. r Pea body, from Newbera oa the 5id, tU Riltom, Sunday, has arrived bare. An expedltioa to WaafclBftoa, N. C., bad atarted. It con stated of several gnA beats aad the Maaa. 24th Reg't. The expedltioa to Beaafert had aot reported hark iTMnl Ika mn*nm (k? t?inir NaahitlU by our blockadlof Cm>? aa aba laft tbe place oo tbe approach of our troop*. Tbla about tbe NaabTiUa la probably Incorrect. COTTGRBSSIOhAL TenD4f, Marebtf. Siuie.?Tbe joist raaotatloa to tiaaaCar tbo Miperlatoodeocr of tbe work m tbo wbatliaof tbe Capitol betiding from tbe War DoportBMat to tbe Interior Department waa taken np, aad waa dlacoaaed by Mr. PeaHaiw ualMt It, iai Kmm. Bala aaa Pooa* br ia^ ?ni Hovib ?Mr Mftwiek mM Inn It Ui frMB the Speaker'* UUe Hemic bill for tbojreUef v d1 tbe (Acer* ta4 crew ef fti Mgain Cengr* ?n4 CnmberUit4, iM other ftii, which wob f Tho PocUte R*UrW bill wm pi^m* until rfTb? 9RS5 t'nii ?r* foTwHiwOO UN rub) > Tx* V

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