Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1862 Page 3
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) ? 111 1111 LOCAL NEWS. Notick?After b?vlng for many VM? printed the lists of liters remaining tinrallcd far In the r?~t otllce ??f this city, (under the law authorl?ln2 tbelr publication In the newspaper having the largest circulation within the usual delivery of th?" o?ce.) the proprietor of the 5r?? has at length felt compelled to derline th?lr further Insertion, because of the great space they hare cme to occupy, and of the fact ttat for months raat he ha? been forced to lay over on each cccnsion. when printing the lints, advertisements the insertion of which would have paid at least doable as much as tLe law allowed him lot the letter list In addition to this positive pecuniary loss bv th*i? Insertion since thosa lists nave esSie to be aa larec aa the New York cltv loiter lists, ttaev ha** entirely?on the day on which th?y were printed?defeated his purpose of making the Star alwava a nr<f?pir -news being Ita well-known speciality. R To Ni? i*. Foao's Atbknkom ?This evening will be cffered for the Brst time In this city, Dion Boiirrlcaulfs celebrated American play entitled "Tile Octoroon, or Life In Louisiana," with new scenery, repreaenting views of the Mississippi ri*er, ?te?mer loading at night, trlsl by lynch law, steamer on Ire, Ice., Ac. This serio-comic drama has drawn foil houses wherever performed. CiiiTiiiniT Hall still flourishes, and the beautiful songstress. .diss Julia Mortimer, and graceful dansuese, Miss Millie Fowler, seem to gala in popularity every evening. Perclval has got together a large company of performers, every one excellent In his or her peculiar line, whlcn accounts for the success of the Canterbury. Odd Pillows' H ?ll.?A change of programme every evening, offering the greatest variety of new songs, dancea and burlesques, by the seventeen stsr performers It is worth the price of admission to hesr Kunkel sing the "Old Sexton " ' Pasoa's Hall, (Young Men's Christian Association Rooms ) ?Fair and Festival of the ladies of the First Bantlit Church. Good refreshments. excellent music, and a variety of fancy article*. CiAinuon CowcsxT Hall.?Music gratia, and refreshments every evening, served up by fair waiting girls. All About a. Chtckx*.?a ro w took place on Virginia avenue, near First street, on Thursday morning lust?in which two families took part? growing out of the killing of a chicken. It appeared that Michael Nash and James McDonald are next-door neighbors, and McDonald missing one of hi* chickens, went into Nash's house aha V 4 t .4.. II-- I L I - L t I ll ? At ? uun ui 1waica bc i nu ignamiy denied, bat on looking around, McDonald saw the chfken under the stove,with bis head cut cff. He picked It up off the floor and started out with It, after shaking it lnNa?b'shc? Here it was thought the matter would end; bot Mrs. Nash and Mr*. McDonald (who, by the way, was at the time the mother of a boy scarce 20 hoars old) met on the sidewalk, and after a few words in reference to the chicken, belted Into each other. Naah A seeing that hia wife wms In a fair way of getting whipped, went to her aid; and McDonald, thinking that 14 two on one wasn't fair," went to the rrscue of his wife. After the men beeamc involved, Mrs. Nash entered her house and brought out a plate, which ahe smashed over McDonald's head, and Mrs. McD. in turn proceeded to her domicile and armed herself with a poker, with | _V.S .V - * 1 - - ~ - - win< n inf innrnra 10 mf scene or action anrt used It over Nash's head. The neighbor! became Interested, and the igh! progressed for tome time g longer?each of the party putting in their best; hut at 1-ngth the battle was decided In favor of the McDonald??the Nashes retreating tt> their castle. The McDonalds, however, MToWed on, and atormed thecastle?McDoaild kicking In the panels of the door, and his wife breaking in the window* Bv this time some of the Seventh Ward police made their appearance and arrested Mr. and Mrs Nash and Mr. McDonald (Mrs McDonald, although able to fleht on the commons, had retired to her maternal couch, and was I fiot ahlr tn uralk ?? ?>* ,v? w~ w... ?V .av Viauv/t "I'U IVVK tUCIU UC* fore Justice Strattoii, who lined them f.5 M each Rather a costly chicken, that' The ciarai-atios or Shall Noti? ?Tbe Grand Jury for the County of Washington presented to the Judge of the Criminal Court, on the JtJth nit . a report, in which they atatt* that they have had nnder conalderation the act of Congreac to restrain tbe circulation of ?mall note* aa a currency in this county, which was approved Jnly7, 1?3S, and say that 1 although It la a matter of common notoriety that that taw ia daily violated by a large majority of the business men of the county, yet no complaint has been made to the jury upon which a presentment has been asked I for pissing notes of a lets denomination than 'Ave dollar* '" They apeak of tbe great number of banks having such notes in circulation here, and of the diAculty of distinguishing good notes from those which are worthless They represent the fact that none of the banking or other lnatltat ow of this ccnnty are issuing notes of a less denomination than 'Ave dollars;' and they also represent the dilRculty of enforcing the law when It la violated by a whole community. They therefore earnestly sppeal to the Congress of tbe United State* so to modify tbe act aa to permit either the 14 established banks of the District or the Corporations of Washington and Georgetown, or all of them, to i?*ue and circulate their notes of denominations not lew than one dollar, under proper limitations and restrictions. This, tbeysay, would remove the demoralizing tendency wnicn a daily violation rf a known law must have upon any community, whilst it would also relieve the Grand Jury from an embarrassing duty laid upon them. Folic* Mathes ? Second Precinct? Patrick Lynch, dead drunk; taken to camp. Lieut Rubin, drunk; do Catherine Morrow, do.; taken home. John E Kemp, do ; turned over to the military 0 / Third Preeintt ?Joanna Lewis, disorderly con* duct; flned fl.56 Bridget Cary, drunk; workbouse Richard Bond, assault and battery; ruled l for trial. Wm 8. Twlsa, do ; do l.ouisa Elbert, larceny; dismissed. Bridget Kelley, selling liquor without license; ruled for trial. E. McHenry riding on the pavement; flned 9"i 57. Margaret Dour, selling liquor without license; flned W) Daniel Hill, profanity; flned $1.87 John Gastlng, sleeping in the market; dismissed. r> o o -a? ? * ? f TfiiKt ?neurr naui,lieaiiag I WlKUi dismissed. *Wm McOauley. breaking windows; turned ever to the military. John M. Crate, drunk; dlsmUsed. Barney Carran do.; do, ymt\ Prteimct.?Patrick Raean, drunk and disorderly, taken to the Marine Barracks. John Mc6alieger, do.; dlsmlcsed. Tmtk Prteitut.?L B. Stone, drunk and disorderly; lined f 1.94. Charles English, stealing; dismissed W H. Wyants, do; sent to jail. Michael Nash, disorderly conduct; lined ?5 93. Ellen Nash, do.; do. James McDonald, do ; do. Thomas Riley, disorderly; delivered to the mill Cbikinal Coc*t.?Yesterday afternoon, John Ryan, soldier of the 59th New York regiment, indicted for arson in setting fire to a dwelling house near Tennallytown, owned and occupied by John W. Baynes, was found guilty. The trlsl of Felix Dogan, charged with stealing mouey from Wm. Deunis, was not concluded wnen me coon aajournea. The Grand Jury having closed lis labor* for the present term. immediately after adjournment partook of a bountiful collation provided by Mar* akiil Lamon An abatract of their presentment on the circulation of amall bills Is given In another part of our paper. The Floating Population Svrrnai Bill.? In the Senate yesterday the bill to amend the city charter of Wash Ins ton, so as to extend the privilege of voting In municipal elections to all persona of ill months' residence in the city, who have, like others, paid up the school tax to certain 4ate prior to the election, was taken up. Mr. Grimes remarked that the city councils had adopted a unanimoua protest against this bill; that be dtd not care now about, and that though the committee had in the flrst place agreed upon It, be was not authorized to urge lU passage Messrs. Pomerov and Lane, of Kansas, desired It* passage with the tax requirement stlcken out, so that >here might be entirety free suffrage. Oa motion of Mr. Sherman, of Ohio, the bill was indefinitely postpcn-d *Tr?a?>?ti KYesterday afternoon, a row came ott In fc. atreet, near Fourteenth, at the noted * " rheater Row," and called for the Interference of the metropolitan police. Patrick Gormiey went into Kerrigan'a cake and coffee mIood, ana aome dl Acultr occurring, waa ordered oat by the proprietor. He (Gormiey) refused to go. and W Kerrigan undertook to put him oat. Aflgntenaued, and wa* continued after the partiea were In the atreet. Kerrigan had a coat torn off in the conflict, and Gormiey waa badly beaten about the bead and face. The coae waa taken before Justice Clark, who, la view of the testimony, dlainlaaed Kerrigan, and Informed Gormiey that If thought proper he could make hla complaint to the Grand Jury now In aeaalon Cirtiai Or aaDHorai Caaca?Btfort Jut tut funk ? Jeremiah quick, drunk; workbouae ?U dava. J err* Maker, do ;do. Theodore Lobongh, do j flned II 91. Wm. Morrla,do ; do. Bernard tterebett, drunk and dtaorderly; flndfl KM. W. Martin and Wm Johaaon, drunk; uirMt over to the military. Henry Williams, (col'd) arrested for ste-tllng a ahawl from Mr. Nathaniel Weila. L'poa taking him to the Central Station, Sergt. Sittings aiao recognized the overcoat be had on nathe property of Mr. T. J. D. Fnller. Thin morning the stolen property was folly ldentiged by the owners, and WlUlama was committed to till for ronrt in both raeea. Y SeafiLran on ? Yesterday, oSrers NiHW<?od kud Klu*^ A/fpftM a G^rBil, otmid Cssp.f U ru-piclon of having In hta )'>?u"vm W4icit?a ?toic i from G. W. Bray some taoiitfca ago. Altera thorough investigation of, K^fsm's property he was du in need by Jaattce IWili Death* of ftoLDikaa.?The following deaths of loldlcn ban occurred since oar loot report: Ransler Mctntyre, company E, TGth New York volnateera, at camp. Private Pallet, company D, 3d regiment Herdan's 9harpahootera, at camp A. Y MeLeroy, company E, 10th Indiana volunteers, at Columbian Oolleea. E Burnham, company B,?6th Net* York VolOntcers at camp. OMr? O nur*. rBmnaav t). 107th Pennsylvania Volunteers, at General Hospital, Galea's farm. Charles S. Dean, company P, vTM Massachusetts volunteers, it Seminary Hospital. John Hicks. company K.S'h New York artillery, at Seminary Hospital. Charles H Ramsey.rftrtipany A, 13th New York vd'Untjfcrt, At Circle Hospital. William Baker, company C, Slat New York volunteers, at Columbian College. Geo. Barnum, company F, 50th New York volunteers, at General Hospital, at Fourteenth atreet. Geo. Jones, company?, 96 th New York volunteers, at camp. John Greak, company ?, 1st Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp. Prancia Vunk, company A, 81st New York volun'eera, nt Eruptive Hospital. Henry Nichols, company A, 10th New Jersey, volunteers, at Seminary Hospital. W. Sterry, company K. flSth New York volunteers, at General Hosp tal. Judiciary Square. Aionzo Sister, company B, 13th New York volunteers, at Seminary Hoapita'. John Wherrv, company B, 9th Pennsylvania volunteers, at frnlon Hosnltal Myer Van Anken, company F, 97th New York lunteera, at Columbian College. Henry Marcellioua. company G, 104th Pennsylvania volunteer*, at Patent Office. Second Ward Station Casis?Effort Justice Clark ?Wm. Burkley, assaulting a female; srcu* rlty for court. Isaac Jobes, assaulting a military officer; lined ?3 John Kerrigan, assault and bat* tery on Patrick Gormiey, disrol*sed. Mary P. Hendricks, drunk; dismissed. James Kelly and John Groce, drunk and disorderly: fined each 9 59. VVm Dorsey, drunk; dismissed. This young man was sober at about 7 o'clock last night, and said be had a hundred dollars all in Treasury note*, except one five dcllaf bank note, In hli pocker. He was picked up about midnight so drunk as to be apparently lifeless. He suddenly revived, and resisted the officers, but they tool him to tbe station. This morning he missed bis money, and the circumstance of his sudden revival last night Induced tbe belief that he was drugged and robbed. John Ames, drunk; turned over to the military Chaa. Paylexinsk', disorderly; dismissed. John Flynn, do.; fined S3. Ronawa* Tb am.?This morning, ei ft twohorie Wagon, loaded with straw, wai passing down Seventh street, between the ftorthferh market and the Patent Office, one of the wheel* came off. causing the horse* to take flight and tuA in their flight they ran against a lamp-post at the northeast corner of tha Patent Office, smashing the lamp and partly forcing the lamppost over, and at the name time throwing the driver from the load on to the wagon tongue, where he was kicked on the head by one of the horses. The team then made a short turn, throwing ths wagon and load over on the opposite l pavement. The driver was taken from between the homes, ana was found to be badly Injured He was conveyed to an apothecary shop in the vicinity, where his wounds Wefre afresactl. "the ( team wasTrom the country. ttivt Vabd?The steamers King fhlllp and , Mount Washington are at the wharf The repairs Ion the Cceuer de l.lon are being pushed ahead with all r>OK?ihlf> HUrwIrn hnf it U nrnHahlto ah* I will not be ready for a cruise until tbe latt of the week. Tbe repairs on the machinery of the Yankee having been flnishfd, the left for the lower Potomac yesterday afternoon. The funeral of Mrs. Cash, wife of Cap?. J C. Cash, of the marines, took place from her late residence in tbe yard, this morning, and was largely attended by offl' era of tbe navy and marines, and a numerous concourse of friends and relatives The remains were taken to the depot, and left In tbe 11 o'clock train for Philadelphia PvLica ?The Third Ward police reported the following cases yesterday: J no. II O'Sullivan, cruelty lo dumb animal*; dismissed. F Kagan, huckstering without license; do. Tne Konrth ward pa?roltiien reported John Connor, drunk, turned over to the military, IlenHfelta Banks, (col'd) drunk and disorderly; fined t'2 50. Msrv Connor, selling liquor without license; lined ? *) 94 by Justice Clayton Michael McGlnnls, assault and battery; security for peace by Justice Donn. . ActtDawT.?About six o'clock yesterday afiernoon, a son of Mr I*. Gaasenbelmer, residing on \. street, near Seventh, aged about six years, liad his lex broke, by Its catching in the wheel of a lumber wagon on which he was riding. The little fellow was taken up by th? driver, snd carried to his home. The driver was arrested and taken before Justice Clsyton; but It being shown that he was In no way to blame, he wan dismissed. kuptuxe uciiD.?id auntncr column will be seen the advertisement of Dr J. II. Seeley, of Chicago, 111., who offer* to the public a "hard rubber truaa," which It It stated will effect a radical cure of bernla or ruptur*. This truss ! highly recommended by medical men of the North and Northwest, and those afflicted with rupture would do well to give It a trial. Dr. Seeley can be seen at J. W.Nairn's drug store, corner of Ninth street and the avenue. Chaelks F. Brows, the American humorist, better known as '-Artemul Ward.*' will deliver his celebrated lecture on ? The Children In the Woods," at W11 lard's Hall, on Monday night. Our readers ought to be well acquainted with tbe merits of "Artemns" by this time, and tbe bare announcement of a lecture which has been ko well received In other cltlea will no doubt fill the house. Horace Grrely Presented for Libel.?We hear that the G rand Jury for this county, previous to their adjournment, prevented the proprietor of the New V ork Tribune for libel on the Marshal of the District of Columbia, (Ward Lamon.) contained In the statement In that paper In reference to the management of the Jail of this county. Fourth Ward Station Cases?Before Justice Waller.?Jno. Casey, drunk; locked up live hours. Jno. McMarn, do.; dismissed. Daniel McGlnnls, charge of highway robbery; security #300 for farther hearing. Henry Middleton, drunk; dismissed. John Harrington, do.; do. Andrew Morton, drunk and disorderly; fined S2 58. Da J. H Schence's next visit to Washington Is on Friday, April 11th, at 414 8th St. ap 5-5t* Day Goods.?Nicholas Phelan wishes to call the attention of the public to a fine stock of dry goods and fancy article* of every description, suitable for family use Best calicoes at 1 cents; tringhams at 18# eta.; cottonsat all prices. Corner 3d and East Capitol ats., Capitol Hill. It* Special Stase foe Bull Run Battle-field, via CentrevllU and Fairfax, leaves to-morrow (Sunday) at 12 m., from Hllborn's segar store, above Wlliards'. Fare $6. Round-trip tickets for sale at Wlllarda', Brown's snd National Hotel. It* Chas. J. Mukphy. It Medicine is necessaet, tse Beandeeth's Pills.?They are as pleaaant as a truly effective medicine can be. It la true you may take purga* tlves which will operate without pain, because they take the balsamic parts from the blood, whlrk la UArap than h^lntr waim than having the vital Cold extracted. Beware of thein. Brandreth'a PUla only take bold of those matters which the body, when sick, wants to evacuate. They are tolely an assistant of nature ?nothing more, nothing leaa. They do not force, they merely aaalst; and herein 1a their great value. The man la twice bleased who la ao fortunate aa to be acquainted with thla good and almost perfect gift to man, because he has to a great extent hla body Insured In health by their occasional use. Principal offlce, 294 Canai street. New York. Sold by all the druggtsta, and at the Branch Olre, corner Ninth and E atrreta. Waablngton, 1). C. P. S ? Sutlers supplied by the doxen. apS-lw %. Bt U fwrthtr tiolvM, mil s copy or Utese resolutions be sent to kls family, and alio be Inserted tn the Evening War. 3. Rttolttd, That the members of the Anderson Riles. Com pan r A, meet at their armory at IX o'clock, p. m., on Bundsy, April 6tk, to follow the remains of our late commander to the grave. (Signed,) Third Lieut. G- B. LiracoMB, First Corp W Llisiu, Second Sergf. J. f. Collins, It Committee. natll'l PLiRTiTIO* Bittiii 8. T. 1880 X. II Invigorates, strengthens and purlins tho system, is s perfect tppcUaar, and the moat agreesbie and s*ctua#iv.c In the world. II Is coinposed of the celebrated Callssyn Bark, Roots, Herbs snd pare W Croix Rum: particularly sdspted to delicate female*; cores I)y?pepaia and Weakness, snd la Just the thing for the cbnngss Sold bv all Grocers, Druggists, Hotels and Saiooaa P. H. Una** * Co., np l ce3a? *? 0ra4w?y, Ntw York, t New AbbivaL ?Jtrtf received, beautiful assortment of clothing. All style* of spring caastmere suits, which will be sold low. Call and examine the stock at No 314 Pa avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. sp4-2t? A. 9iee?s Dbop mat the "People's Dollar Store," 43P Pennsylvania avenue, near Four and-a-balf street Examine the splendid assortment of Jewflrv. Silver Plated Ware, and mammoth Gold Pens and "take your choice for one dollar " ap 1 5t* Limb! Lime!! Limb!!!?The subscriber has oo hand one thousand barrels of the best wood bnrflt tilme, which can only be had at bla lime kilns, e havlnir dissolved all connection with anv other place of catabllihment for the aale of Lime, Cement, 4.C., and which will b? aold low for (be caab. [mar 29-tf] Wm.H Gotit. Hialth for tbkSoldikb*.?For one who dlea from the effecta of the ballet, ten perish from damp and expoaure to night air. Small dosea of Holloway'a Pllla taken every other night will correct all disorders of the Liver and Stomach, purify tbe blood, and lnaure aound health to every man. Ooly 83 centa per box. Dr. Whitk, the Chlropodlat, ia a Wonderful operator. HI# method of treating corns, buniona, bad nalla, etc ., Is perfection Itself. Suffer no longer from those terribleevils.but submit their tre atment to the science and skill of Dr. VVhit*, at 4*.tf Pennsylvania avenue, between 4^ and 6th sis. * Thk Indian Hkhb Doctor, From Canada. BK WUS BKFORR IT IS TOO LATS. Call without delay, and see Dr. Tcmbleiy, the Indian Herb Doctor By so doing you will escape the iron grasp of mercury and other bane* ful p< isons. Nay, more, you will become once more In possession of that greatest of all cartkly bless) ng*?Health. I desire your prostrate hearts to lift, Your bleeding wound* to cute, ;md with the treasure of Nature's gift, Relieve the rich and p8or. T le following la a llat of the chrdnlc complafnta which are treated by Dr. Tnmblety with un|?ralleled success: JMseases of the Lunga, Heart, Liver and Throat; Dropsy, Dyapepaia, Fits. St.Vitus's Dance. Rheumatism, Dlseaaeaof the Kidney and Bladder,and all Diseases arising from Impurity of the Blood, such as Scrofula or King's Evil, Erysipelas, St. Anthony's Fire, Cancer, Fever Sorea, of however long standing. Alao, all other complicated chronic complalnta which have baffled the science and skill of calomel doctors. "A good tree is known by its good frulta," and a good physician by his suecewful works. So don't be cast down, be you ever ?o 111, But go and partake of hia superior skill, That never has failed, there are hundreds can tell, Who are brought from death's door, now happy , and well. His chargts are moderate. Mild treatment and good , W1H toon purify the whole maaa of your blood; Malignant diseases he soon shall put down. There are thousands could tell now who lives Is this town. The Indian Herb P?ctor will describe disease* and tell his patients the nature of their comf'laints ?r ill new, without receiving any informalon from them. No charge for consultation. Office, No. il Washington Building, Pennsylvania avenue, corner 7th street. mar 21 lm Iwdia Rpbbir Ooons, India rubber Sheet* for protecting children'! bed1, that no family should b? without ~5 cen'a each. Rubber Blanket*, for soldlera, fl.% cecb. Rubber Poncboa and Blanket* combined, 9'J.ZO each. India RubkerCoata. wblte or black, f-J.Mfoeeh. India Rubiter Legglna *1 per pair. And all klnda nf Rubber Good*, Including Rub ber Bootaand Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottle#, Door Mata, t'nder Sbretlnea for hed^ln alckre**, See.. Ac., at manufacturer* price*,ct f!. A Hall'* India RubWr Warehouse, 5(W Fa. a*., between Ninth and Tenth atreeta. leb 1 -if All riRsom* can find the beat stock of Clothing, Furnishing Good*, Trunka. Hut* and Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, t?-ar Ffe *iT-3m WAHKIKU On the 2<1 loatant, by the Rer. Mr. Bentor, WILLIAM FULLALOVE- of 6?orgetoa?it. to ELIZA.VETH WILSON, of Waahinjton. U. C. DIBIT, On Pridti momma. the 4th inatant. after a lin gering illneia. JAMES BOUDKAN, in th? ?9th tear of hia act. a native of Coiin?? Cork, Ireland, for the laat 12 yeara a resident or Wivahirgton. His frienda and thoae of hia family are reapeotfa It invited to attend hia funeral, from hia latereaid'noe. on Seoond, between B and C a reata, (Capitol Hill,) on Sunday evening ats o'oiook. * Ou thefifi inatant. "foonaumption. ANTHONY R UPPERT. in the26th y-ar or hia aee. The relativea and frienda o. the family are respectfully invited to attend hia luneral, to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at 3 o'c'ock, f-om the r?ai denoe of hia mother. No. 319 Eighth atreet, between L and M atrerta weat * On the 4th of April, CHAR LES EDWIN, eldeat soaof Jamea T.and Rachel M. Trundle, aged 4 years. * ????MM???????MJp?? Anew four horse steam engine and Boner for aaie. made of the moat improved DMtern. For sartioulara it quire of JOHN MoCLELLANl), Msohimat, oorner of Louuiana avenue ?nd loth at. ap 4 3t* / GENERALS AND FIELD OFFICERS ** in need of HIGHLY TRAINED. THOROUGH BRED HORSES, may apply at 4 0J Sixteenth atreet, between I and K atresia, daily, from 8 to 10 a. m or 3 to t p. m. >p 4 3t* BUTTE R ; butter: 3,W0 p >unda Goahen Butter, 50 net* Pennayivarua Giadee Butter, 30 k^ga Cooking Butter. In atore and for sale by D. E. DUTROW, *p 4-9t* No. 480 Eighth at., near Pa. a*. CJENTLEMEN'S SPRING CLOTHING We have juat received a large aaaortment of new ?tyle Baring Clothe, Caanmerea, and Vea inga for our ouatom trade. Alao.a large variety of Spring Overocata, Buaineaa Suit*, and 8iogle Garmenta. to whioh we invite the attention of oar ouatomera WALL, STEPHENS k. CO.. , aa 4 lwif Merchant* Tailora .1 'J'1 Fa., ave. ?Dr. I. B. 8EELEY, Sole Manufacturer of the HARD RUBBER TRUSS, tuuim Rig ft t Qoedyear's Patents. Office for the Radical Cure of Hernia or Rnptare, 186 Clark street, Cbioago, Jliinoie. Thie i RUBS is having a sncoeaa, in the Cmi?o of Kcptvrzs. before unknown in the history of Trnaaea; uniikeall otaera ever uaed in the following reapeots:?It will never mat. (the spring being coated with Hard Rubber,) Cka/e Gall nor BUstsr, wil notalip or move, oan be uaeu in bathing, is always Clsan, and good &s n?w Doee not rren or injurs the Cord, nor overstretch and enlarge tf? opening, but oonstantlv acta to oomsreas ai 1 greatly benefit the worat form of Rupture. Tie same Truaa oan be mtde very stiff or limber aa the oaaemay require. It has been uaed by overSOOt persons In tb? North-west witbin the past two years, and has r?*er failed to give satisfaction in oases of the west form. This Truss is reooramendec and used in prtfertnee to all athert, by all prominent Surgeons in New York City, among whom are Professors Mott. Parker A Carnoohan, al?o in the West by ? ofa. Braina d, Rea, Freer, of Rush Medioal College, Profs. N.S. Davis. E. AflflriiVi I.iimI ITniv?iiit*. linrt WnlnnH nf MTlwi5fcierWT..r^d l5^U Pnnce. of Jm*?? ville, III. This Truaa bM received Medal* over all others in uae, and la guaranteed in every reapeot to be aa repreeent'd. Peraona wiahing thia inatrument can be itted by aen^ing aice.m inohea around Kipa in line or rnptnre, to DK. 1. B. SEKkKY, Manufacturer and Proprietor,Chicago. Ill? Bi'z43IS. DR. 8EELEY will bo at J. W. NAIRN'S Drug Store, corner ot 9th and Pa. avenue, for a few date. Call and exami ne for yourself. ap 4-1 w* ___ |^1 VERPOO L_8 ALT. 3,440 aaoka 6. A. SALT, l,iOO ' Fine do. (branded Marahall A Worthingtoc'a.1 Daily expected per achoonera R. 8 Tar and E'eotrio For aa>e by J, THOB. DAVIS, ap ast* Water atreet. B^rgetown. WH,T' ^et?M VefmonV BllTTBR. SO ban-ela ^and half barrela Noa. 1 and 3 MACKThia day diacharging from achooner Meroy Taylor, and for aale in lota to tail by J. R. BARR A CO., apS-3t? 496 Ninth atreet. A511 ?? JI uws? rwaiaus VAiiiibbO! ' 9fl boxe? Star do. 8*btrrels Prime RICK, M hoxee TOBACCO, And many other notion*. (or sale by J. S BARR * CO.. 496 Ninth street, oci2KE,-,?,..IfcEfc8?5a Old Oyater atwdlNoTioS NuiUibeat, between Dftnd ATMlAi mhlllm' AYKK8 t CO, C-tf {.fflTOSfS AND WA" or ? f AMUSEMENTS FORD'S ATHEH^t^ j;s: 5: S?~ THIS tTEiriso. First Night in Wwhuitcn of the creat American n?T of TDK OCTOROON. Or, Ltf% in Louisiana Statin a a*. .... . faddet l*afc ..... u MeClcak r Mim Graham u . ? .Loll MONDAY. F.DWIN FORREST tin HAMLET. R"X cffioe (i?fn from 9 to I And front 2 t?i o'o.ocl. wb?n ?Mti one be secsred. Awnsfto*. Dreae Circle and Paraaette -..'icente

Baloony Seata . ._ ? Orchestra Beats.. 01 Family Cirole 25 ceiita No extra oharge for reserved aeats. Door?on?n at 7: on'tain riaeeatft. It CHARLKh E. FORD. Trenaurer. ILLA R D 9 ' HALL! Madame Anna Bluhop. TH? WOILD-RNOWMD CA.NTATPUC*, Who.siuoeherappeararoe in the United Mete*, hat irade Ute eirouit of the globe. b?M to anmance ONE GRAND CONCERT. ? WEDNESDAY EVfcNlNG, A?ni9. Madame Anna Hulio* will heaaaiatedbr MR. HOWARD 3EGUIN. The Eminent Baritone. Eleve <tu Co^tervatore Imnft*tal Ha Uiiaiane Mens IIUVV' trm* VI w l<i U*"i - "i I? | GUSTAVE DE SP1K88. The EminentPiamet, (Fopiiof Lutx ? Doori oten at 7^4 ; Concert oomir.eooe At I. Tioketa 91; Oaiiery 90 cente. The tale of ticket*wi.l oommrnoe Saturday morning, April 5, at Kllia'a Mnaic Stoie,wheie eeata m %i be e ecu red withoBt extra oharge. . The irraiid SUinway Piaro ne?d on the oooaaion le farciahed by tV. G. Mettserett, Km. D. C. LARUK, Manager. ?? jpHE CHILDREN IN THE WoOD.i.1 Charles F. Browne, THE GKKATKST AMERICAN HUMORIST, Better known to the pnhlio aa ... .. , . "ARTBMl'8 WAKD." Will deliTer hie oelshrateo Lecture, with the above title, . At WILLAKD'S HALL, On MONDAY EVENIN8, Apnl 1?, IB^. Thia Lecture hu met witt the moat signal rat u-bb iu no* i urit uotwu ?na ino principal cm vb and town* in New Englard. Particulars will bo giren in future advertis??rnent^and circulars. ap 4-d f^LARENDON CONCERT HALL, Vy (unci* CLi?imr>oi? Hotel.) CONCERT EVERY EVENING, FY A PULL BAND! Beautiful Waiting Girls, Good Liquors, Cita's, and ap 2-iw* Everything in the mating line. ODD FELLOWS' HALL, StvtMk St., near tk? Post OJfict, EVERV EVENING DURING THE WEEK : Kunkel's Nightingale Opera Troupe THE LARGEST. MOST VERSATILE AND BEST ORGANISED Company of Minstrels in tkt World Compriaitig SlVKNTKBN or TBB PICK ID STABb OF MlNSTBBLSf, among whom *r? 8EOR8E KUNKKL, HARK V LKHR, NEI.SE SEYMOUR, T. L. FLOYD. THEO. AHKEND. and l'i Others. Adnuaaion 2t oenta. For particulira aee (mall bill a. Doora opsn at 7; onininwie* at R o'clock. ?p 1 fit f Kepablioan ) CANTERBURY HALF.: CANTERBURY HALL : lo rvidence of a COMBINATION OF STARS: the i^pal of which can be rowher? found in th? World ol Amu*?if!?Dts? Of>serv? this Brilliant List of Nantes : ntrvc tnr r rr umir t c t> i'iiuu i'ifliuru riyrr ijciv, /Tf/S3 JULIA MORTIMER, MIS* LIZZIE FRANCIS. Ml98 FRANK LA FOLLE. MISS MARY BLAKE, MIKS LILLY BRANDON, MISS FRANK 8ECOR, MISS JULIA RICHMOND HARRY J. CARTER, DELEVATiTE BROTHERS, DICK PARKER, BILLY tfUINN, JOE CHILDS. MASTKRJOHNNY/ JOHN BEANY, SYLVAS CLARK, JOHN HAMILTON. I Tub Best Okchbster Socth or Philadelphia. IC^No ohacge in the Admission Priogt-TTl Admission 26 cents; OrohWtev CfcP'rs f* cents. Afternoon Rnfrtmnm**t For Ladies and Fftauliee, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, at 2 o'olock, When a lavish distribution of Klec&nt Presents is made: Rich and Cost!; Jewrl'j, Books. Toys, Fanor Artioles.and magnificent Si'k Dresses. A Silk Dress was presented to Mrs Sherm&n, No. AO Prospect street, Georgetown. Admission ? cents ; Children 10 oents. mh 31 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Guide to L Patents, Catalogue of Cariosities and Government Gardens, at the stand in Patent Offloe; Rare Antiquarian Books; Government Books; Documents furnished; Railroad Reports; Military Re Krts; Kurnt Pat^iit Office Reports; Cheap Hook* rnished to Pediars; Trials: Military Lavs; Army Regulations; Panorama or the Coast showing over 2,ffl? miles; many tkousand Cheap Books. Recolieot cheap rent. lArge sales, low prioe*. Up stairs, over Bank of Washington. tatn-3m* AliKRKD HUNTER. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, at Temperanoe 3* Hall, K street, between 9th and loth. Clastes in every Tuesday and Friday?afternoon olass/^B at S, evening class at 7. Soiree evtrj Friday UA evening at 8 o'olook. Musio hy Prof. Geo. Arth. Temperanoe Hali will be let for Balis, Partita, 4c. Apply as above. fa 14 Xm* ASTA0E FOR MANASSAS, f?a Fhir/ax Cfttrt Nous* and. Ceitrivilltf Wili l?a?e Alexandria at 9 o'clock on Mon ay and Tnesday, for air-KBfSCS fax Ooart House only; on Wedne?aaj morning will start for Manassas, and the regular days for leaving Alexandria will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from the S'eamboat Wharf.foot of King street, at 9 o'olock a. m.; returning f>om Manassas on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Fare for the round trip, $5. Seats can be prooured in Washington at Grego ly's Store Store. Pennsylvania avenue, south i de, two doors east of 7th street, or at Sigger'a look acd Periodical Store, No. ISO King street, Alexandria. Va- tnhil lw AGES FOR THE BULL RUN BATTLE ? FI ELD. via Fair/ax and Cm- ? trtDtlU. Leaves every day fron Hilton's Srgar Store, above Wil-H^ReSiS lard's, at 11 m ; returning next afternoon. Fare for round trip, 96. Aooommodation oan be had at Centreville, where tbe stage stoes overnight, stays on Sunaay. Tickets oan be h*a at flilbon c.and at Willard's, Brown's, and the National Hotel Segar Stands. C.J. MURPHY. a?l >t* C~ OYSTERS?OYSTERS. HES# PEAKE Steamed Oyster Saloon. The subscrib< r having oompleted his ?~?v Steamed Oyrter Saloon, ie now ready^jft f J to turn sh to eitisens, strangers, and^2\^Bpr the pul |io generally, with Oysters oooked the new graces of steaming. The ber.t Oysters the Market oan afford. will always b?> on Hand, at the Chesepeake Steam Oyster K&lOOn. Nn.lD.1 <; straet. nmr 7th. a.nri mi! of lh* Pataut Offioe. mhjt-im WM. r. WEBB, Proprietor. ITOR 8ALK.- The advertiaer Km ou quarter * andthree eichth oaakaof fine Old M ADLI K A WINE, whtoh ho will Mil at |l par gallon. The Wine vaa pnrohaaed by the preaent owner from J. Howard MarohTin Madeira, in 1?S7. and ta now 34 yeaia old. aad haa been in the India ehmate 3 yeara. Addreaa'*U. 8. N.," Box 939 city Poat Offioe. 3-3t* yY A8H1NGTON HOOP 8KIHT FACTORY ! WANTBiSo!EfS8^TELY* To maBHtaoture Hoop Skats. Inauire. for larthar partioalara, oorner of Ninth ana D atreeta, third'floor, ap ataira. _ n?h 81 fw? M 8AM8TA0 k. CO. |lfR?. BATON, 1V1 Fmhioj?a?li DuNMiin.. Mm removed from 4S4 Tenth atrael to 4?9 1 treet. betvMn 8th ?nd 9th. eooth aid*. 8. T. T*r lor*?dr?a^ttun nriobr Mw. K. > U-lm* M. w. 4 ?Py,,i?... PrMMttUoi Sword*, BAtorc , P&ihee, Bhoalder WH. whion are offered M lee? than their original M. W. GALT * BRO , Jeweller., J4l P*. enue, wr the Metroeoitlig|, ItoW Brown**) WnUI. FOB HALS AND BEST. rilTDMIfliTL'll Bntiiaa D V%.T si 1AI 1. At a mbitina of the majority ot the original members of the Anderson Rifles Company, Pint B. D C. V., held at Forrest Hall, Friday, April 4th, Lieut. E. Krouse was called to the chair and O F. Collins appointed secretary A committee wu appointed to draft the following preamble and resolutions: Whereas, It hat pleased Almighty God, in bis inlnlte wisdom and goodliest to take from our midst our beloved Captain, whose military and geattemaaly deportment had endeared him to all under his command, we deem It necessary, at >i fitting mark of our reapect to his memory it a toldler and t gentleman to patt the following resolutions: 1. Rtflvtd, That we deeply sympathise with his bereaved fsmllv in the great lost they have sustained, at a kind hatband, father and brother. J I. f\ l?I<JI< J ?JL* IVUU.UD IV ivoi* i m+ ?c-p u r etre't. h??we*n 9th **d l*th f^reoU. in th? ho#?e recently oeonpted b* GenM Fwb'M ind family. 1 he?? room* h*ve all the mode'n c"cvf*ufJ V'M M :*Qt?d on retoontb'o teimi. ?p 3 r' LV>H REN1- A r or withost firc:uirf >en Goo -8 the r?nare between GrOou \oa Mqr?|o?er? eiree'a, afror# gtoddard ifoot, 81 8 l*'1? ? tct, ??>:ton the feniuei np >iU . ^ FOR 3AI.E-TM GOOD WILL and FIX TDRLS' of a ftret fisn A!e ?r.d Li??o> H?w??, near W.'f'nidt' Hotel, the profnotcr about to rolin^uish bu tnei. \ coorl t>n<sifle?? already e? ( tied. Kent low. A^dreoe Bo* 330 Po?? V* FOR SALE OR LXCH ANGK- H?nd?r>rae?r.d comforUTS RESIDENCE in <*?.>rfr???wr., It C-, on t#n? ?troot,no>?*?r of Green: bu 12 rooma. I Pddea kito-en. MntriM, room, fco ; Mr.on freteoed ; <11 n in * room 16 by ft feet; lol * tiy 1JO foot. planted with ererire* nm, Ao . Sua vrronndod wit* lion railing. Cistern in y*rd , iu aud Potoliiii w\tmr lhr?u*h toaie. For further psrtionlsrs call on,or KdrNi mail, C. 3TKIBLING. Georgetown. P. C. M H'* RHOOMS FOB RENT. with or without Board. in a pn?atp family?No. T* Ea?t Capitol et? Canto1 Hill. K^OR KKNT-Or.#'w|*Fl'BM)*HKD ROOM, r baek of Brown'* Hotel. Rent l| 12 per month, i Also, for sale.onn fine MOCKIN<t BIRD- Pno? 85'). In* uu est 3ffl C I'wt, between 6th and 7 h ap2-6t* . _ J FOR RENT?A large and very handsomely furnish*! three stnrr briok DWlJLLIN?, with naok boildini, No. 109 Wnt street, Georgetown, oortMcinr aT> ut tec rowtnv gas fixtures oousplete and water in the yard. Inquire nrxt door west. apt St* Iron RENT-A snail Famished HOCSE. containing four room*, sitcated on U street, between 9th and 10th?No. 4??. ap3 3t? FOR RENT?One neatly furnished ROOM, on seoond floor, with Hoard, in a stno l* private family?No. 40 4 Eishth street, between Q and H. ap a-at* AM DESIRABLE ANU FURNISH Rl> RmiM I saitable for a married coo pie or two single gentlemen, can be obtained. with or without bna"1. on application at No 359 Sixth atrae . rnwr H a?3'8t? FOR ttt.NT-A well furnished f'AKLOR and CHAMBKR, wilii or without Bo*rd. in a peasant neighborhood near ra. avenue. Apply at No. 167 H ?t ap 3 8f |70R R ENT.?A dwsiraHe place in the ooan'r*, r sifuS'ed o" the Wa?hinct>n Branch Kailroa<i, Bladeusburg Turnpike, and 3 miles I om the ?'apitol. It contains a rood Dwelling Honte. with 13 rooms, and Ba<emeut, together w?th out buildings, stable with six atalls, and carriage house:. about 3>*acrei of meadow and pasture land, well watered. The above will be rented for psr ?<?ar. \JLTSII al>A a . n. ... riii'vnnf ?? iii icii? n j?? i ? r> nrvnii? r?'i i^un I ? woald suit for castinc hoav* cudk. For farther pxiMoulftrs, apply at CLAK K ftllLLS? No. 8 >% street. ____ >??-? ROOMS TO LbT? In a most dssirable location, at 448 K lirMt. near 7th, withui a lew minutes walk of Pennsylvania aveDne. th# Po*t Offi^ P&tsnt Offiee. fto The room* wil! be let without roard. One ? c^od office room. tianMemen preferred. Seveai (food t'Mim Uooaea in immediate jrioinity^ ay 1 M* FURNISHER ROOMS* TO RKNT, with lioa'd, in a pleasant looVion near ih*> Capitol. Transient Boarders accommodated. Inquire at Star Office. mh Sl-tl SUMMER RESIDENCE FOR RENT. *r?? ti? "Ulen hlltn FnrnjjD. C., nhewt \'i milt* t'oee UeoitttoiMi, (fuar Mr. Lov$hp)(n'wtk't>--A desirable furnished I>onbie Honse well shaded, fine water. An , with s'sbun*. c&rnac* houses. Ac..4.0. Theaitentim of Members of the <JaM net, Foreitn Ministers a-.u tentleman with fami y is eapecially invited to this advertisement For examination of the premises apply to the rr.&**?wer opon the farm < Mr. James U'Buan.) acd for fur thnr Dartioularaaddre?sCaptain W. A T. MAD DO.ti U *. M . 1M0 Spruce street, I'hiiadelph-a. ?? mcai-ini" tfOR SALK- Tw?flrr #liH? MILLIARD TA 1 BLhS, marble s.a!>a. dad ey"rt ?.r*ii?e??tent oomplete. I nose dwriat the ab"?e w?H study their iute!e?l ;jj callinc immediately at ths Euio p?an Hotel, vomer Ilfh sireot and Penr??.Tania avenue. inb 1 tf 1AWT ANf) FOUfti). |fOtJNI>-At Waah ortoii Art>*ua>, a SUM or I MONEY, which the owner can bate t>y deicril.coK the name and payii;* for this e<lverlttern en t Apply a? CoinmacJiut Oftwi'ioll) e. ap6 ?' I (1ST?On ?th instant. aV>ut I c'o'rjoh. a MINK -J FI'R COLLAR. ?oppo??<J to ha*e he?n lost on Ninth street, coming f ora the Cost Ofhoe A lihei&i f?"*Td will fre civen for its retnrn lo No. 80ft I'er.n avenuet fo?'hsi<ie, tatween 3.h and I th sts. ap > 2t* ? C(t KEWARD.-I will si?e the afM vd reward for the arrest and ooovioliuc of the thi^l or thieves who broke into try faatory oa the mcnt of tne 4th or raornmt of the 6ti April, ?i 1 sto therefrom 3 boxes i*o 6 Candles and a s?*ntit? of Yellow Soap. * t (M* n /iirv/wiaiitp nitL1 ?v t u i/uti r*? 'iy n ti ?C REWARD.-stolen on th? 4th mat, about q??J 6 or 7 o'clock, it the erf Cine, al*rge^^_^\ Newfoundland DOb. Mark at) over; oa when rtoler, a wiae leather collar. ** with a chain five fort lone attached. The above reward will b; given on i t return to KM RICH'S, corner of 11th ? a l*a aveace, a? b it* LOST?On ThureiaT,27th alt-mo, in !lia Kirkwood Hou8% a Corii-lian Seal RING. The finder will be liberal!* reward-d bv retnrmni tha raxe, aa it ia a family rrlic Addrr-a* * B. R A.," Star Office. ?.? *-9t* EfOUN D?On tha 18th March, on <ti<tia>-a iver.ue r near O etreet, ft ^bt MARK. Itipk ft?- fry parentiT iifeleci, whtoh the nwrer o?n ln^e^SR by ?rorint pr< party aid rvjinn ciiwtM. ^* "* DENNIS U. IXKIL. ? p < 3t* No. 4 to. Capitol HiH. IT'STRAY.?Theie c?m? to th^ enooaure of the Ci subtcriber, th:? Apnl 3il. ore Ht iRSE. The owner can have the aair.9 hy proving Ti'ir property, and faying for this adve ti*e **** a meni, and her keesing. tcqmre nt Ingleside, half a mile rorth of Colombia Gol'ege. ap4-3t* ERNEST BLRGOORF. ^TR\V HORSB?Talen up as antra?, near Meridian Kill. ??a tue ?>th ultimo, onej^^ sorrel HORSE, with white b ate in fore Vit h*a^, whioh the owner c^n bate by provicg"** prcptity. piytr i cusrjes, 4c r J. V. COBURN, ap 4 3t* Corner of I3'h acd H eta. FOUND?On the Sl?t of Maroh. 'itar the ?an?J, on Ilth etree\ a T? U\K.containing differett article* The whole will be returned to the owcer by calling at WALKER'S Lumber Yard, corner loth street ana canal. J. CC.IBERTH. a?3 at* LOST?On theSnth ultimo, between Capitol Hill and the oorner of end l> streets,* heavy GOLD KIN&, with agate set. aod mr name plainly eng raved on the inside. The firder will be suitably rewarded on leaving it with me, at theoAoe of Captais Dana, oo.nerG and 331 streets west aH ?t' JAMfeb K. POOLKY LOST?On Tunrsdtr, the 27th ultimo, batweea No 590 Maryland avecne and the Sixth Prosr* i 1- __ - - - - * ? - - ujiotiiu viarva, corner o; smn ana u 'Wi. (( land,) a dark colored FUK TIPPET, one of the loopa broken. A reasonable reward will h? paid lor If return to A)IO Maryland a*. ap ? 8t* STRAYED?From No. 47, Indiania avenue,on Saturday, the i9th mat., a black wLit? COW, with a a.rap around neck. 95 r?ward will be civen to any one^UMB who can (ire information oonoerninc fcer, end more it returned to the honae. ap 1-tf EEWARD-Sloien aboot 13H o'olock in., ^ 1U this moraine, a m'dium sued grey i\ HORSE. w th government saddle blanket; horse had do shoes on; ar.J lame^B^. in left foot; branded U. tf. He vas stolen from front of Mtler'a Restaurant, D st. Any inclination oonoeraiuc him will be reoeived at Mr. Aijler'a. (ap I-if) PHILLIP ZITTLr.. LOST?On Saturday last, between Clacett A May'a Store and the oorner of luth and D eta . a small etruacan SI.EEVE-BL'TTON. A reward ot 01 wilt he paid if left at Mr. ?*m?ec'a, Jeweler. Pa. av. kW rpHE POMCHO TENTS JUST RECEIVED. WA^L. STKPHKNS A CO., No. 344 Pannailvama aveiiuw, have been appointed agent* lor Waahingtoa, and have bow iu fctore l.*e PONCHO'S. oonvertible into Sleeping Tenia, eaapto-1 for the Army. Exploring, and Sport* ing purpoaea, and weigh on.y nine aoiuda, carefully packed m tinall Data, c<<uverneutlT tiauapurtaMs on hoiae baok.or they may be read ly owned on the sbonldera of the men. Price from #6 SO to 9lilt la three gooA Harder Klaaketa,62 by 71 inohea, or three Ponohoaor Cavtlrr Over barman to. acd when united la a Water Proof Teat, 6 by 7fc feet, oonventertly hou?icg three men. WALL, STEPHENS A CO . Agent*. 39'J Peon, avenue, i etween ap ? dlwif ttth and tot* atreeto. I,UUU,UUU CAMP GREASE AMD ROUGH TALLOW WANTED. for whwh th*hifhe*t CMh >rio??i will M jujd,^ the F*bot so?* M*auaotorj, 164 *td 166 Witer itrMt, 6?or|NOTn. D. C. W| W DAWSON k. CO. T?A"? tnrV^*f" Tt' UooA^mVImI HpuTTherel j kit* the exo!u??e rig hi ?na priTiiog* of ?e: lint the am? i* the Dt? riot or Colauibt* to aie*?r?. CAK NfcR A CO., Military tfeidwa, No SO* P*n? eloAniA AJifna* Wfhmtttn I) I' tft ?Wnm All deaiera and patrooa of thia umto* and infamous arttole are reap -otfaily referred. the larje fcuoi ace inrtn to this ?aw Pjur la "* Mo. 11 !?ew Y oirV 805 r*???JLy?i'}L&L'i5VE- 805 o&km r-r <co , HORSE EQUIP.*!KN rt? AND HARNESS tum. mlitakt oa ctv c o?? 9ft t J Hit L, tte oonauuee of !* buktli Co n, mr bare* A. l Muhi, is rt^ae* ad todieobana said isrro and ea? eharce* mereon. o> it will be storad at feu nut %pd uNua MH?' kvB'J i/WUKH, 0$4i I % * ** .. X ? ? "* SECOND EDITION TRRbfc, O'CLOCK, F M ?k * I ? A J f * a * t ? Tf I" MB* i"//* AO'i'VAi TMs HfM't omaioN. W*> DirtttxiKt, l Ad utan' Irtmerars toashmgtcn. Afrilt, 196? l Special Ord*? N? 73 ?Cetoae! dTtaaay, Ga' lbJ*WU Guard. N Y V , and alt tbe oftcer* of Blenkt'*'? Dl*lrton who are new under arreat hereby r?ie*"ed fr:>m ?rre?? and wtll join tbe * reg'meats witho*** deiav ?i.d resume tbttr re cpe^tSve command* Bv order of (be 8eerc"*?T of Wai L T?o**a, Adjutant Wen'l IX -t.tATOB awtir v\c piacc no confidence in tfte *."?y wti per telrgraph, to-day, fro? Fcrtrm Onroe. *1 Irving Ihe preteno* of Ibr Hen Wm EN 6w u. of California, In Richmond Tli K IJi TBMT b Y TSLSGh AFH REPORT Or PROBABLE HE BEL t V %C . I'ATIO!* OK Tf Rem I ft. N*w Yo&i, Aprll5?Ttot N'W V?rk Tlmeicf Wio haa an m, . Aimt nf ffVAt- nnififianr* vuia uii/i 'itu^ uv v - vvt. - -? by Gen iMcklea towarda Fredericksburg. with light skirmish. The statement la made that the rebel* Wf p'' t> ably abandoning Virginia. MORE *EWS FROM DIXIE. We have received a batch of late southern p? pern cootdnlnit touch IntCMilng matter The Richmond ?*fmri> of the Kith ui'. says " Major General Magruder. of me aroiv of the Peainsula, has imvi gt-?7a' or?**?a' * * -r^n. in case any body of them should ro?>et the e?e?c>, and be not be with them, to ' ttmtk ar c*c and furiously "We lenrn that the rneay have almost rntlreh evacuated the vicinity ?f F.vannport. aod ta^vr r* tired from Prince William and Stafford counties generally. The same withdrawal of troops s?ernt to be taking place in the Vailev A iar^e provision train would be necessary to an advance uf their armies through a countrv which hat be?n so tuucti exhauited by the w*r a? Totemai region of Virginia." Tbe following frotu tbe Etujutm Indicate* th** tli^rebelt are prepared to give up It laud >o M? 4i The telegraph tells u? of heavy cannonading at laland No 10. and the lavie undecided We have done well thua far, and we hope for \jriory but should not be surprised If the factlUi*-* of tbe enemy for reinforcing tbelr troops at pleasure hould enable them erentnally I" carry the i?l*a<l nor should we attach mnch coracquenre to lb* fact." riOBT SEAR WIHrHC-TBR -rHir EflCMT C1H? Tbe following ia a copy of a dispatch rece!fM yesterday by Governor Letcher: MrAr!?TOM, MarrU 23?General Jactaon er paged th-rneiiiv, strong, at Baton's Mills, five nillca this aide <yf Wiarkcitci, on Sunday, 4>j o'clock p ni After a severe contest be v*? complied to retrta? with a beavy lo?s of men a*4 offlf-era. Capt Antrum, of Augusta, wn woutided ?nd tak?" prisoner Lleuts Pals and Wilson. of tbe 5th Virginia regiment were killed Capt Batord Is among tb?- missing Major Jackson and Lieu* WH1 ?tm? are alio mlaalng, and suppt-aed to be killed * Our loss was abrit 5<*?. Gen Jackson retreated to Cedar Creek All of our ba;;gage w? saved The enemy are advancing A w. Hiru^ FIGHT MAR W1JICH*?TEB ? FT?.TH&E FAKX1CVLAK8. TbefollfwlPg dinpatcB was received bv Gov. Letcb r: 8TAr."?vo!?, March M ?Gen Jackson * army ? between Mnaut Jackson and Woodstock wpotni condition Cel Ec^0'.1' w-># wounded In the arm. near the shoulder Cap? Robertson and Hollo way are wounded and takan prisoners Lieut Junktn, liiKteed of MaJ. ."*Ck?on. ia coia?iii;One bundr> d and fifty wounded vrived here this rTenlnt; The Yankees fired on ou." l*i{ of truce, and refused to permit ua to bury Ibe ?!-a?d l b' cnemv't loa- ve' y heavy I ficy were r.~!,uiacd and driven from the field twice WINCHK8TKB . A dispatch received bv We-tern Virginia gentlemen, last evening, gl??a addlt.onal particular? of the battle betwwen our forces under Ge? Jsckacn and tbe purmv on Sunday laa: Tbe en# my 'a losa la estimated to be bertween twelve and fifteen hundred In killed and wour ed Tbe loaa fn killed and wounded on our a de t? heavier than waa at first reported, beta*; now ar' down at betwien three hundred and fifty and four hundred Skirmishing *?ine twelve ml lea dutar.t war still iroln? on between the advamrd nlrbet* cf both armlee Amonv the list of casualties ou our side ar* Col. L T Moore, of Wiackthir, killed, Co! Echola, of the 27th Virginia r -viinent, wound-J in tbe arm; Lieut Richard H Lre, of tbe id Vtr ?in.a regiment, wounded; T. H Townf, former elegate to the General Assembly of Virginia, killed Tbe ?d regiment of Virginia volunteers is aald to have lost about 100 men Hergeant Tucker Randolph and aeven private* of Company F were alightly wou'^dcd aud were aiterwards conveyed to Staunton In tbe same engagement Lieut Jack Heath, of the Irish Battalion, was klllM The loss Ci thle young officer must be ewrly felt Lieut. Edward C Cramp, of the Rlcbm?Kl i*harpsLooterv, formerly foreuiau of the Rich mor.a Dispatch, bad two of hi* rib* and an *r?i hrnlran * n tho aima anmnaniMnf a rtat c. a lahan to Siaiaton. Lieut. Crump had h?-?u app-'.nte-I Adjutant to one f t Gen Jackson's regimen's short time prior to the battle. I be Frederick Hall Greys, Capt Clayton 6 Golem id. Jr, were in the action and lost oar man, H L. Francisco.a irrand-soti of the celebrated Peter Francisco of revolutionary farm who was shot through the be?4 with a Peigie* rifle ball. The Confederate War l>ep?rfnjent has Issued an " important order" revoking all leave* of ah sence and furlotigba, no matter from what sourw they may emanate ; and officer* and men ab?*nt from duty, except on surgeon's certificate of dli ability, are required at once lo retnrn to their re pectire command! The Enquirtr aaya: "Hon Win. L. Yancey.teuatoi front Alabama wd late CommUaloner to England, on b*ha.f of the Confederacy, arrived lu the o.ty on Tueedav evening, and took hta amt In the Seaa'e veate. day, after subscribing to tbe accuatcined ojth of ottce." The Savannah Tftte* reporta the ltcdltif; ?I sonic 7,OIK) Ped**rala t*. li?d Bluff, In Scu-.h C&fo Una, aome eight m.lcs froir. ZzTtzzt*. It* Viim aauc - J "Our Informant who tame to thla elty last evening, states that he aaw a Carolina regiment proceeding to Fed Bluff, and that even' preparation had been made to give the Federal* a sultabir receptlon. BlaSton i* but twelve mllea from Red Bluff, and It la important that the railroad between thla cltv and Charleston should be pro tec ted ? LATH JJOCAL NEW* ? ? CtmiNAL Corar?Thla morning. Chtt Bict neyro. wan found guilty of an aaaault The r?e of Jamtc Hick, <~torg?d witi aaling a S10 note, was called up, bat a flaw Wing dia covered In the Indlr.tamt a nolU pt?*rqut wt* entered, and the prisoner remandtd Robert Culberson was found guilty of stealing a bracelet, two pen-knl vea, aud a breast-pin trom Mary Riley A *?IU wmmi? was entered in tb<? raw of Samuel Baker, chawed with the murder of a fe1low soldier, tbe offence havlnc taken ci?r* bt vond the Juriadlctton of the court The case of WW. Blennerhaaaett charged with an aaaault on Lewla Carnal, m then take* up. The Indictment cbwgM Mr B. with bav!r? truck Mr. Carnal, at the WMh n^tou Theater, on the 0th of February 1**; Mr. B conducted the cue In hi* own behalf, and conteooed that he did not approach Mr. Carnal to attack htm. but tha< Mr. C approached him, and that Mr C aonght to bother him becauae be Lad refuaed admisalon to the theater to a certain female Tbeeaaewaa given to the Jury, but a verdict bad act been resnered when our report cloned ???? 0 A Lone Cha?e.?Yeaterdav afternoon two *?< diet*, C bar lew Fayleclnaki and John Flyna were at a new reataurent next to the Franklin fcnfc'ne Hgnar, and on ?oing out Flyna tor aw reawvi began to atone the home bergean* Dowi.n n rf ?ed7or them, bat they nw him and ran. Aa the) Bd near the Seoond Ward nt?ti?n. Ron d?r an I and Patrolman Matttngly Joined tn the chaar. Reed eaaturrd Kaylrstnak 1*1 'W aonlan greand*, nnd Martingly ker' on after Flynn, and Aually captured hhn a'ar the river They were taken bef< re JuaUoe Clark, and the tvJdence thowlDK that Myl?*n?ab> tried l? pr? ve;ii Flyua'a stuck m Ik* kowc, be w41* ml?aed. Flybb WW f met IS la tte Meant low turn* u*et wu ni for <b? clerk at Emrteb'a Earopean Houae m4 be ar> rirtd In time to Identify Flyna aa tbe mi wb< perp Ualed tbe hold roo'*"y a ad a?*aul> and biu??. a,ma Mr W F H?orr. a few day* atu' t, at tu E^ mu H"uat, wbicb w>a aoOcad I tbc tar at t4* tiio*- JoaOce Clark acaai tted Fkar to J ill fix n fartbei beatiig, wbnu tb?- pcfnel r?*i wttiiea*, uuw awtv (rtxb Tbe city, cau b*?ii ig Ki^n4

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