Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1862 Page 4
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KV ^TmT sta K. TOSTAL INCIDENT. A young man from the rural district went to the po*f office the other day with a bank-note f?r a dollar's worth o( stamp? He wait told that paper money w>? not received. He went lor Spanish 'quarters We don't receive them now," said the attendant, "/or more than twenty centa apiece ' The coflfttryman thought Uncle hiam mighty "particular, o he went and obtained dollar'* ^ftrth of copper* N^w,'' Mid he on returning to the office, auJ laying down hi< pile on the window of the ?1*1i??-rv *4 f riiAn.4 I oba ..aif vnn n Tbe man inside looked at the display of cop perc, and ceolly replied: 'We never take more than three cents in tapper at one time?it is not a legal tender above that sum." The countryman looked at the composed official for the space of a minute without Stirling. and then belched out: "Look here, you?ain't you almighty kind * : particular, for fellows backed up in such a jail as this ere' You don't take only three ? ent* of.copper at a time, hey? Well, then, * pose yr>u give me three cents worth of stamps anvhow." the official aery politely cut him off a single stamp, and passed it out. for which tbe countryman laid down three cents. He was about tc pass away, when the latter cried out: "Look here, you! That ere's one time. New g'pose you give me three cents worth more on 'etn Uncl?, Sam i clerk was not slow in discover? mg that he had caught a Tartar. He turned lack '.o the window, and asked H >w many coppers have you got " Well, only about ninety-seven of 'em. I had a hundred when I begun." " Pm.^ them in," was the gruff reply. ' Pass out your stamps fust, and then I will; but I reckon you won't ketch me again." r>The stamps were parsed out and the coppers handed over over, when the countryman went off. saying : " S'p;*e because a fellow holds office under 1'ncle Sam he thinks he is smarter'n all creati>n; but I guess they larn't something that time." Secession Gams Bioeic.? The following nnmtd cities and towns have been taken from tbe ?army since the commencement of the present vf ar: fclizabeth City, N. C. Springfield, Alo. t.a -r.Ton, in. u. Kastpott, Miss. Wteton%.N C. Columbus, Ky. Sowiln? lire^n, Ky. Lee*burg, Va. Psintville, Kv- Savannah, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Brunswick, Ga. riarksville, Tenn. Fernandlna, Fit. Columbia, Tenn. 9*n Augustine, Fla. Dover, Tenn. Jacksonville Fla. Fayeiteville. Ark. Manassas, Va. HeotonvlUe, Ark. Centreville, Va. Mirtinsburjj, Va. t?t Mary's, Ga. Lrelown, Va. Uerrrville, Ga. 'jovettavlllp. Va \Vlnrf?!?r Va Smlthvllle, Va. 'Jccoquan, Va. Bolivar, Va. Windsor. Va. 'harle?town, Va New Madrid, Mo Harper's Fer?v, Va 1'olnt Pleasant, Mo. Biij Bethel. Va. Hickman. Ky. Parn, Tenu Newbern, N C. Huttoiaville, Va. Braufort, N r. ('tin Keys, Fla. Morehead City, N. C. Florence. Ala. The following rebel fort? and fortiBcations have also been raptured since the 1st of January Tort Johnson, Va. Bowlinp Green fortlBca KM Peauregard, Va ttons, Ky. I' r? Evans. Va Mill Spring lortillraI' ^' ? Pt Battery. Va Mors. Ky. . '.pp'.ng Ft Bat't-rv.Vs K<r?"?kc Island llatb.rtes C<v- krll Ft Battpry,Va Elizabeth City Batteries, Ffit Clinch, Fla. N C. K rt Hemy, tap Fertlfl'-aMous at St SI i*on uonelDon. Tenn. uions, Oi. V??rt*?t Matk.Fla Fortiflcatlona^at Manas For. barren, Fla "assort Mocwn, V C Batteries at AqulaCreek, ?>l'.ia?bu* fort'fica'a.Ky. Va. Tbe Ffltrsl reverse* have b*en in New Mex> > ilooe, wbtrc Ibe Confederates have occuy'.fc. three or four evacuated military polnta and tflWRI. Mrs* K. Pol*.?A Nashvilleecrreaponde t of tfc- Lafavttt* (Ind ) Journal aavs: Mrs. Polk !s aar.ldious In fc'*r attention* to the ttat sick m the fcoapite'v devoting a large portion of Lf tinwm vUitlag cur tick and furnlahlng th-m with everything that would In the least contrib iletulkHimnifnil ? ~ " * -?. >,-.iVi>uiJun'ic?'ca ftiaa* dam to riduaen will not to unrewarded, mid will ever be tindlv remtnnbereed by the recipients. S< ei? a> Omsibc*?Fat woman with fat baby: ?ret inFrench gentleman : "Impowbl?\ madam " (To driver) "You're full, *lr.'" Driver. 14 You re a fool yourself. Squeete In there " <* A newspaper says the peculiarity of the Merrimac a batttry, la in having her ram-parta under water. Ospkoal NOTICE. N AND AFTER TUESDAY, APRIL 1, l tf-.a tmi&? ou tit? Baltimore and Ohio Raili -au oor.maBC* raa?.tr,fc dai.y, Sundays excepted, ? taia rating at 7 40 a. >1 , and connecting at Wa?b?rcton Junction with isail tram for an j * rta of i4j? Weat. via Parker*bar{ or Wheeling. 1'hrQesn Uck'ta told and t>accar* ohMkMt ~w7 p7 smith, Va?t<*r of T.'&u*purtaUoa iialtinore and Ohio Kai:rw&d. ap 1 du pLNSION office, Jrai 6tb. 1nl TO ALL WHOMlT MAY CO/irRMt. Asp icatirvi !,?nr| t?w irsae under the aot of S.?d Jnne. l*j'. f?>r th* reifgue of the Land Warrant -1e?crih?.l herein, which arealle*edio hare f>eoa oil or destroyed, noticei? herebjr eiv*n, at the <]&t? foi!owiujc the description <>f (NV'h W?rra. t.a u*w t'eruioato, of like teuor, will be ta scd. if no valid objection altoa!d theu appear. N<?. S3 ST*. for 16" aore?, i?eu:d under the aot of M\ c ?v>, in the name of Hesekiah Smith, and JBue?!t>, 1857?April ft, 1882. >o.87.934. tor 16.) acrea. lacaol under the act of Maro :? Si, 18'Ji, in the n?m( of Jacob Brader, and wm <rantej Au(ii?t ?9th. 1856?May 3d. 1W2. No. 0.t22. lor 12" acres, imued under the aat of Maroh.lSW, in the name oj Charlotte widow of W ?.;-?? o >, anc was {ranted JaEaary 36,185-i? Mn 17,MR. L*:jv. Warrant CertiUc*t?,"No. 75.147,for 16"' acres, i %ci 1317.) n favor of Fatriok Urady. Private of Company K. iA Krj't U. b. iafa'itry, beanngdate 3.M uereubw.1*M?June ?4,1W2. JOrfKPH M. BARRRTT. mh O Ivw Coirmi?gioner 500,000 rooN^~ HOl.bH TALLOW and ARMV cictie WANTED. fri w ,irh the hijheet price will be pat i M the Na t?f%p %nd Cardie ?\orka, Green atieet and Ca.:aJ. OeoTtetowa, 1). C. nih 19-lm C. D JEWELL. Proprietor. ~ CrVRE-CORNU?BUrflOTfS. ",IR. !*KKl>RiAT, tiirieon Chiropodiat.froni I Pan*, beta to inform tou that he oao effect a ? t rfin veCnrnaand ?ani?na, without pain, ao * nat ttie e??oe ?<an be worn immediately af?er the senator., wilbout toeonveinence. Ai*o ramorea >V mu %c?l other atipertioona tteeh frnin the handa, ?b?t thep will appear imall aad delicate. No. If ? >)% paar City Hall. Chasaee moderate. 177" Refera to the doetora of WaaUutton t?nera mh ? tf a u. v. mw>D' I * (>f.ireo?tv<DC,at)d ha*alwa?a on hand, ? iuii ? -*p ? of all aha moat celebrated Jv vs ? H'lifcrt . MW<uaulv.irM in Bat- Ctt bvitaorAwJ i\riAm?r:o*. both inGotd^MI He also keepaa laraa atoek of fi!ne JKWKLRY of the uioat deairable stylee a?t with I>!*fl O'1a, Emerald*. Robtea and ail other 6*u.i> >!? -? alao niftnufaetnnn; all kind a of 80!id Hia: -iar J Silver Ware, and keopa Sworda, Revolvera, J*?ora Bella az?i Haaliea. Bowie Km vet, Raaora. Sciaeora. Sold, Sliver and Steal Speot* uIm. ac-i a treat variety of other thinsa uauaf y kect in a Jeve rv Store, ana all at the very loweat trie*. No. 33* Pa. avvnur, between fth and 10th tre^u. fa i?-tf "fTrII, gtepbeas JlCo., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, Amo Daaiaaa m sJHOIW, CASHES, BELTS, f.f AVLLTS. SHOULDER STRAPS, AUNTLETS, ?LO VES.Jke. A c. ??*t variety of % HSADY MADE CLOTHIM, At Pueae. vf ALL. STEPHENS & CO.. rea&aylvania am??- hwa? 1 }a a k. R<s?ub.l ?th indintfc iU. MWr ANU A ni-Mt ofioioo Msortinsnt. at our proverbial^ lo v trio?, ??i * rnoe onlj. tLeaoteal oaih atauUa-d value, Bi& ksdiit plain iiarea. PI RK.V * BROTHER, ir* * ft Pa. ivum and Ninth it L ?* A f KW I'A Y8 ONLY.?I oar* removed uit fine ock of ClctniM frtn over fcaita' J? Wiiri ^uu to J-JL BMl I H .".No. 4*>0 *e?ocfa tirtct, Ltmr F. wter* i Ma., otfer it at j?m 0 " #*Aji wlooa. lot a fej> daj NbRVfHJS PFBTL1TY, OR 8P1RM tflipi HfRt ?A pen-iatrr.t atidUit i **' IKfii tUM u,*| '4 1 :&?? ? : tae ?l.? a* <i-ua ?HI?? lltMIMlilln luulrciil ?i ?Ui *??? '?" ** " ar^' j I' alitzt AKD brotbbh'8 NEW TORK PTOr k\\ fcfc fSfEitf k ppf fcj: fpppp aaa va mf. |fckh pp aaaaaaa ll V ?? A A ? * ? * *-* *-* ri AA A * Lli _ ft AA AA LLLfcLL IeEeIIIe m \\\ /# m /# xxxxxx xxxxxX XXXXXX Js j|| jS xxx \xx m \jcx xS xxx fcfc ipisii A AAA .1. EE A \ A A A LL EE AA AA LL EEEK AV AA LL EEEE AAA AAA A A _,L EE A A A A LL EE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE sormcK AMBER ALB, PORTER, ANU EXTRA BROWN STOl'T, In IV%oU, Half, <*??i Qu&rltr Ctikt, RRRWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY, AaL M m. m v _ m. m, a m i?u siret^ Diiweeo i ui ua cm AMnnii, NKW YORK. frtt dg?? jbKA * rcEHini' 0HJ3UTU Worcestershire Sauce. Pr?M?u?9d by ?5 EXTRACT ONMOI89EVR8 ?l ?f * L?*er from * ? b? tha if Mtiiel tttntl im? -OUT .OOD JV *'M"~ flr a TV fiu Brtiktr AVCE," pSglMS at Worc*at?r. uU iiilioib ) U> Mliillfl" ^uiiFFiiuo.^o " fell La# * P?rvnv If^SSwg/7 im that their Smut* E" highly e*te<nn?d icaia, ana is, in VARIETY opinion, th? moet m,By".'. 7t.1v.fble, a? vol! u OF man sSfrwsaS''n?ir.oilwholesome ur wish. ?ggl^Sa?c<thatr?nisde." the above SAUCE is not ooIt the bmt and moat !#?IU1 coitrrxetT known, bnt the mo?t Economist*' M a few droM in Soup, Gram* or With Fisk, and oold Joints, But Stfk, 6??<> fe., impart ?r exquisite test, whioh unprincipled Sauce mansfactureri care La Tain endeavored to twiiai*. On the Br$?kfnst, LuneKton, Vinntr, or Supptr TW>U, a oruet oonUinlne " LEA A PERKINS' WORCESTKRSHJRE H4UCE" i? indisjensahl?. To appreciate Mi? trtrlUnt (nnitiiu of this 4thi?o?? preparation it is opIt neooesart to purchase a mail bottle of th? ttnvmt, of a respectable grocer crdeaer, as niMiy Hottl and Rtsiaurunt proprietors seldom place the Fnn Sau?e b?for? their caenta, r.?t substitute a teuume Coitl* filled with a jpwrtow* mixture. For sale by tfrrxisr* and F>mt?r"rii everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A HONS, txtof iS'fMri Mi MM -ilfMl, iVw York. Wholesale A tent* for the Uni*?d f fates. A Stock alw*Te in store.?A l*o orders received for direct shipment* from t'.iiflar.'l. \, J- btwnt of Ctumtrfiiis *?4 sep J-lyter> EVERY PERSON'S INTERKST ?That fine I stock of Clothing for Faie over 6a!ts' Jewelry Store ib now offered at lens than wholesale eru?**. at SMI i'H'd, iNo. *60 t-e v-~u'.h atreet. opposite Poet Oific fa T?-*'" 'phf fi:opi.h S ci.othing st<?rk, rvo. 1 460 seventh at. Aiwajaahea-1! New arrival f f *.<' ? !<. .'! the Bty>? of Clothmr, at No. *60 S-vs.?tL atraot, noar F. f?27 3m 1^'OR l.ti?A hneat'?oa of Clotainj, Furnish r ics tt"OU", i'i U'j*?, Ha'i an?l Caps, at whole ale prK.o?. at :\.v 4*0 seventh street, oppoaile Poat O&ce. la & 3m C^KNT'S Fnrmahim Gr>o<1*. Trunks. Cl0thlDf? Trrniti, Hat* and Cap*, all at Northern price*, at the People's Clothing ?uire. No. 460 7th atra t. SHIRTS. SHlitT^. SHIRTS!?Juat received l<?do?fn Shirta, whioh we offer at old prioea, at SMITH'S. No. 460 S?venth at. fe 27-?m f JFHAMJSHAIR DY? '.-TO COLOR BLACK >ji* finott/* ;uniy a? chu& box. i'luh boxes for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair oan he ohacced :n a few seconds to a W blaok or orown, by using Upliarn's Liquid Hsir Dye, the best ud cheapest in the world, producing, the moment it is applied, a rich natural appearance. Each Cox of UFHAM'S HAIR DYE is warranted to oontam as much *?tr dyt as others sell for <ms iolisrl bold by 8. C. UPH AM, 403 Chestut street, Philadelphia, and CALVERT FORI), oorner 11th street and Pa. mve.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK A Co., Drmtiftt. sepfr-eoty UK. i>ll PUNT'S BbtoAR-COATEi> FEMALE RKSULATING P1LL8 Read trie folio wing unsolicited enoomi-Bj^ ims: V? "1 cannot commend th*m too highly." ra "They are the beet hem/vie Pilie extant." "1 hare used them with complete suocess." "Would cot be withoat them upon any oonsideritios," "They operate speedily and effectively." Pnoe 01. Sent by mail- Sold by 8. C. UP HAM, 403 Chesnut street, Philadelphia, and in Wash luivou dj r? v. rutiii.core* lith street md Pft. a?enne.; m Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * CO.. Drniiiits. noW-eoly DHR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE GONORRK(E\ in six diya. No change of d'i?t resuircvi. It ia an Er.g-^^|Vfc liah bpooino oi sixty-tore ?ears atani iciJBpk and will not harm me most delrrate ocn-^^V it.:ation. It contains no mintrnif, Prion P| 1. Sold bv^.C. WHAM, 403 M?nint street, hiUtfelehii, and in Waaiung!ca by S. C. KURD, corner lit:: street ar. l l'a.a>e, in Aiexaudrta, by HK.NR V COOK & C'V. Drnitista. bo 8B bo!t ("? HALMORAL BOOTS. TOAT Tipped Double sols Balmoral ?1 K> Calf Kid ao ao do 92 00 81oTe Calf do *210 Also, ail other styles 0' Ladies and Missee' Balmoral Boo*s, the cheap ?t and beat assortment in the city. J. ROSENTHAL. f.o. 16 Market Spaoe. 1?T so Peas, avenue, betw^n 8th and ftth sta. W W I I III raa ?* a ? ~ 1.... t i ulishk]), HL New I'mon Gameof t?oM?ion,or Sketchee ol the Rebellion; ju?t the thin* for the family oirele. or to ?end ?o the IJoiuneo dier. Pubinhed h? JOHN 1'. CHARLTON, Philadelphia. and for ' bf JOS 8H1ULINSTON, mh 19-eojin 4^ gt. and Pa. avewue. T NOTICE. "k Copartnership beretofor# existing between F***t and Thomas D. Dar.ikil has been dissolved. AUpsreojs indebted to the said brm will please ti< aettle their aoooonte with Louie F. Peir?, who will alio ?et.?l? with th* creditora of tho firm _ _rah 17 iawaw I.OU18 ? '. 1'KBKV. r^ENUINE ttAHDKN AND FLOWKR t?KEDS. JOHN SAI'L o? la the attention of market gardener", farmer*, anil other* to hia large and carefmij aelacted ??>ok o( Garden Seed which have lean selected from the boat krower in Kngiand, Frauoe and German\, with cuoit arUolea of aolneatio growth as are in uauai demand, vis; Kitr* Kariy and Champion I ea?; Premium Flat Duton Cabbage; Blood Tarn * Beet; Beana, ParaniMt Carro(e. Celery. Jfcc. rlower Sted, an extent it* eoUeotion, auitaele for aitjr iatituoe in the Union; a varietiea, ael?ted reran? latitude, for 91. Hia experienoe of o*er an jnara aa a practical aeed crower la the l>*at th*? ?ii ?r? ---- aeenrate. and of the mont Etnaine deeonption. JOHN fAl'L, Seed Store, nih 1* ttteo* 398 Seventh at., oori>er H. MHaltim*>b. M&roh '3th, 19?i. R. RICHARD H. ttKlKHTH, Jr , Wing retired Irom the boeineaa wtnoh he has been ooodaotlof, m a*ent fir at for ?ome time put, we bee leave to adviae the peblie thai Mr. GtSOKOE T. LOK fcR will have oharge of the aame nnttl further notioe. Thaokfnl for paat favors, we shall endeavor to merit th?ir oontinuanoe. nih 17-taw4w? A. ShKML'LLER A SONS. 'JH1K AMERICAN^ TKLKGRA1'H COM Hftvini rerojened and re fitted a BRANCH OF F.I C K in WiLLaass* HotBl. this oomyaov is praptred toaooommocate tneaueata of that house, and the publ;o, with every Telecraf hie faoility. CommauJcatn)a direct with BAM1MORE, Utilr i npi ant. .YORK. ana ?11 Telecraphio Station* in the loyal SMm, e^1KAimh a-lm gepTnt-ndeat. W8PR1N6 VVRAfPINSS. E Have Just received a luit and beautilui assortment of Wrmmii, in all ti:e varied sty lee of this Mason, all of whieiwe offer at our usual lew prioes. M. TAYLOR k CO., (formerly Taylor * Huto>.i?oa,) mh ti eo?t No 4'J Cen'er Market Space I7RUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES. *9.r The uniBrsitned lespecUuily offsrs an immense staot of FRUIT TREES, o(very vigorous, thrifty growth, a ad at greatly raducfd pncee, vi* moo P.?*ch usee, bset varieties. ao.ix-o cwirf P?ars, BumJard Pears, Aprv>?te Chnrriee, Ftta, Nectarines, <??ince?, 40 iGrare Vises.Co;.oorda. Oelaware^ Cny&h??s, me ; Blankoerriee. Rase uwnica, KnwD?ir:*i, FKnterb and AM?iuti Kiota, A? ; trerjiwen. 8Mt|, ud OrpuwntM X:o??; ehruri,Bo?#? DVii??.Perennial PbioXM. vVtftj all article* part&inmf to *b* Nirmy and 9e?d"bm:Re??, Jl)RN HMJI,. ink 19 ??tt* ?;?*? I'teM, 396 ?(h at ,ou<u?r M cjavt Voju >v.m;n your wife, ok 11???d THE GREAT AMKRlOAfl REMEDIES," ] Known m HELMBOLD'9 GBHUIME PREPARATION, rii: HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHO,? " . " SARSAP ARILL A ? IMPROVED ROSE WASH HELMBOLD 3 GENUINE PREPARATION. ' HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" ( COMPO UND VL UID EXTRACT B UCH U. A Poaitiveand Remedy For Pieeaaee of U.c flLADDER, KIDflEYS, BKAVKL. atd DHOP9ICAL DWELLINGS. j Thie MHioiae toorea^ei the power of Digestion, and exoites the AB8ORDENT8 into healthy aotion, by which tho WATERY OR CALCAREOUS depositions, and all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS aie reduced, aa well as PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, aod la food for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. 4 u pi Mum n's: kit hut h vrurr. For WnknMMH Aminjc from Exoe?*es, Habit# of DinipatiOB* tearlr indiscretion or Abnae, Atttndtd with tk* fohounn* 8vmflvms:? Indisposition to Ejertiou, Loss ol Power, I Was of Memory, Diifiou'ty of Breathing, eak Nerves. Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision, Pain IB the Back. Universal Lassitude of the Mmoulu System, not Hands, Flnshinc or the Body Dryneas of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoe PALLID COUNTENANCE, Theae symptoms allowed to gn on, vhioh thia medicine invanab, moves, aoon follows IMPOTENCY, FA1JITY. EPILEPTIC FIT8, in one of whioh the patient may expire. Who oan say that they are not frequently followe<M>T those "DIREFUL DISEASES." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPION." Many are nware of the oauee of their raffennf BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. And tht Melancholy Dtaths by Consumption, BKAR A MFLK WlTNSSi TO THB TRUTH OF THIS AMIITTOR. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED 1 WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Re^uiree tho aid ot medicine , to strengthen and Invigorate the Syttem. Which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU in variably dots. t . A TRIAL WILL C02VVINCR THE MOST 8KVFT1C4L. FEMA LBS- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In many Affections peculiar to Femalts, the Extract Buehu la nnfquiUled br anr other remedy, in Cliloria or Retention, Irregularity) I*?!ue-ii or Surpretaion of Cnetomary Kvaon- < &tiona, Uloer?t*d or Scirrhous state of the Uterua. Lenoorrbn:* or White*. Sterility, and for all coniplaiat* incident to ihe *sx. whetner ariaing from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHAN6E OF LIFE. fITMPTOM* ABOVK. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Till ti? *?* R?mam. M cuflias*KT MRDICINKp ri>H PMPLIASANT AND DAPOBBCrS MIUMM. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU (ORIS SECRET DISEASES In nil ?h?ir stages, At little kipen?e, Little or no change in Diet, No inconvenience. An* no Fxpusurt, It caiiies ? frequent desre and gives strength to I'rinAte. tli?reh? retnovio* ohttrncLimia. 1'reTentini; and Curing Btrictnrea o/lhe I'rethra. A layiDg Pun and Inflammation. ?? lre?uentin theolaanof diaeaafta, an<1 expelling all rtmen'mf, D.ttaH'l and w1'* out Matter. THOUSANDS vroit TH??C?AI*P* WHO HAVE BEEN THK VICTIMS Oh QUACKS, and vho have paid hbavt rut* to be oared in a short time, have fonod tliey were deceived. and that the "POISON" haa. bj the naeof 'rowiir ex ast*in&*i*i??" been dried up in tlie aratem, to break out in an aggravated form, and rERHATS AFTER MARKIAOE. I Uu HilmboloV Extract Bcohc for all aflections and disease* of the URINARY ORGANS, Whether existing in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oanse originating, and no natter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diseases of these Organs require the aid of* DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACTBUCHU IS THE < GREAT DIURETIC, ^nd is oertam to have tne desired effeot is all iteases FOR WHICR IT IS RECOMMENDED. BLOOD!BLOOD!BLOOD! lleltnbo/d's Highly Cone*ntrated Compound FLUID EXTRACT 8AR8APARILLA, SYPHILIS. This is is an affection of the blood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS. LININGS OF THE NDRK. una. throat. windpipe AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES, Makinc tU appearance in the form of ULCERS. Helmbold'a Extract Sarsapanlla, ruri&e* the Blood, and removet aJl Soalx Eruptions of the Skin, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It beinf prepared expreaely lor tiua hhi of oomplaintt, it* Blood Purifying Properties are preserved to a greater extent tbaoanr other preparation of Sarsapanlla, LTt'l l#cm mo D???J 1 I O Al/O JS wAati, ; An excellent Lotion for DiMHM of a Byphilitio Nature, and m an injection in 1>iiwih of tke Urinary Organs arising from itabits of Dissipation, used in oouneotion with tke Extracts Buehu or ttaraaparula. in auoh Diaeasee ae recommended. Evident* of tk* mott ttliabU and rtspomiblt ciar?(ir will attcmpanv Ik* medic intJ. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. ?e*? lo 2? Men' ttmmdtmt. WITH Namis XNOW.1 TO SCIENCE AND FAME. For Medioal Froprieliee of BUCHO.aee Die ppr.aatory of the United Stale*. I BeePiofeesor DEWEE'S valuable works ou the PtaoUoe of Physio. See remarks made by the late celebrated Dr. l'HYSICK. Philadelphia. See remarka made by Dr. KPHRAIM MoDOW ELL. a oelebrated Pbysiotan and Member of the Royal College of Snrgeons, lrelatd, ind published in the Transactions of the Ring ane

Queen's Journal. Bee Meuio-r Chirurginal Review, ?? BENJAMIN TRAV14R8, Fallow of Royal Col! (? ot Surg eona. See moat of the lata Standard wotka on Madiaina. Extract Buohi, SI 00 ear bottle, or tlx for #600. Extract Saraapanlla, 91 oo par bottle, or aui for AM. Improved Roee Waah. fio par bottle, or aix for 3 so. Or, half docea of aaon tor flioo, wkioh w ;! be aafieient to care the moat obatinate eaaee, U dl reabona are adhered to. Delivwed 10 any Addreee, aeon rely paokea from o beer ration. DESCRIBE SYMPTO^S^ ALL COMMUOaraa Guaranteed! Adnee Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. itAssrMj beiDt daly a worn, doth aay. hi a praaarationa eon ?l 1 BO U "kk" ' ? ??? vwi wi viuoi lajanoii TW"S?fc UELMBOLD. Bworn and tubMnbed befot* jnjsthu Sd day of Sov?at?T. MnT WM. P ?I BBKKi). Aldcrmaa. iota BtrMt,aboro Km*. Philadelphia. Addreti lettart for informaUoa in ocafidoBM to ] Depot, MUS8HS2k?i?*2& Phil*. I BEWARE or COVXTMBFMITS AND UNPRINCIPLED D&ALBRS, Who radMTOr to diftpoee "or tiki owiTud 'OTHU iBTIClUM TBI ftSFVTATlON ATTAIIflB Br H-ifibold'. Im>roT?S"KZrWLk. Soldby ALLDR VQQISTS XTMRTWHMM.M. ARK PQR HBLMBOLim TAKE NO OTBKK. 1 ?'Ul cut I lie MnittMMMtUdMrf lor 11, 1 AMU A VO^J) ANP KXPO ? 0 iMFOETA VT TO FAMILIES. ymi-. * -J' ? y ,. w * I ^ MITMIAFm, HtlTKLA, ? j- ' VTLBMi OKOCKRK, AND OTHER* WILU1N TVCKER'O v ' I CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL &BOCERY WAREHOUSE, 34* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 18* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, H?i*g bun pnrehMitd / Bankrupt Mirth*mi %d otktri. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquors, Wines, Cigar*, a FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, PINE. U NION C1GAR9.: C RACKJuRS, BOSTON. K ETCH UTS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AIMNS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICESI Extra Brown Sugar...,, 9 cents per pound tarvit* aM?*. >iuic cents p6f pound Pine Green Tea 50 cents per ponnd Fair Black Tea 50 cents per pound Extra Coffee... ...20 cents per pound Bood Coffee 10 cents per pound Wax Candle* 33 cents per ponnd Malaga Raisin* ..15 cents per pound Codfish. 6 cents per pound Imported Cigars 50 cents per 101 Havana Cigars..... .....SI to S3 per l'<0 Almondi 12 cents per pound Salt centa per bag Good Butter......... ..16 ccnta ocr pound F.itra Butter M c< nt per pound Fine Wlnea SI per bottle Whiskey ..25 to 50 ccnta per bottle All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and aee to yourarif. TUCKF.R'S, 1& I'EnnaviwaU A?r?a*. WILLIAM TUHK?!I CHIAF flRIM.KRT WAftUWKIR, 3ti* PENNSYLVANIA ATRNlIb, 3il? PENNSYLVANIA AVfcNUK. OKOOEFltKR AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Hattnf hitn fUfthmiei *f FnmJnufi Mf r**n'? nn4 ?**?'?. Btuait Refined Sugar* fro?r ? ?? L" r?? r^und Extra Fine Green Ten 7S ? ? Good Green Tea............30 ?' ? Extra Fine Blaek Tea 73 ?? Good Black ret ...W " Old Java Coffee..... Jit " < flAai ? WWV? " lt Erery thing else In proportion. REMEMBER, tf CltRt*. 39* Pk-NMSVLVANlK AVEPVB VIOISA'B, 1MPENNPYLVAMA ATEMV* WmiMiti. IMPORTANT TO FAklLHCR RWitra ANTS, HOTELS, GKOCfcfiS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TlCUft'l CHEAP WHOLESALE AND KTAIfc GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 391 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, }9i PENNSYLVANIA AVKNDK GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICE", . * 4 Hcvtftf Htn P**tkm4 9f B**ktvpt MmtAanu md eiktfi. 4 T V C K E M B TUCKER'S WU?^B?AXI AND 1BTA1L Qroceriet, Liquor*, Clgar?, Winei,6o FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, fvn urrjL&KS. T KA8, FINK. V NION CIGARS. C RACKERg, BOSTON. K KTOHUPS, IMPORTED. K XTRA COFPKE8. R AI81N8, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! \ ?* 4* . * A Kf ' * - ft IB t r V > Alt nnflVdKia ww mm an a uv^AA'O CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, IS* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 384 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. I. H. WATTS'? VOLUHUIR TOBACCO. GROCERIES AT HALF TEE USUAL PRICES, Efiwg Um B?*ki Uft Mwthtmu HSfci* -..iTTTT) . f AM MI MB MR, Jf&rV FUCKER'S, SB# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE r?OKBE>?,ll* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUt rttM - "" "l*" J'KA V KLLBRri' M RECTORY. BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD r U i v A r n p l?n n ? ? * x at a j? v jj v? r v v n o . On and atte a W'KPt*nDAT, April *, ISM, Till P4S!>EN*?m TIA'N* Flt?H1 WA?HIN6TON, BALTIMORE, AND THE W IST Will ran m foi.cvi Ftt t Arrilt mmd Vtrwi fr?? Wmikimtum IMiijy li< w??A. m ttro m For PHIf,Ai>KLPHlA M<1 NEW YORK !,*%*? W MhincM'.i at *a %. m , H ?<1 5?. m For ANNAPOLIS- L??*? \VMhin?tnn at t.v* a jn &v*' "> on p uj. For FKI-DKKICK-Lfave Wa?hinctos at 7 ?> a. m. act 3 '?> p. in H?* AL,l.P( 1NTSWE8T, a Ani fcr llsrp^r'a F*rn Martm?liurt ani Winchester, leave Waabiaftoa at7.?fl a. m. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. L*ave Nev Vrrkat7& m.; Pbtlade'rhia 11 .J* a. m.; Baltimore 3p. m. Arrive at Wa?roBftoi?* p. m. Leave New Vo'fc at f p m ; FhtladaViia losnp. ra , Baltimore 1 ?" a. iu. Arr.r? at Waehinfion b 2" ?. m. Lwit* Now '? <"kMH p. ?n ; I'hi ai!e<pi'>% 33"*. m , Baltimore 7 ?o a. m. Arrive at Waahin?toa ? 2j a m. L?'''*l Aooornn Tram* Baltimore at 1?a. m an", ft?" p w. for Wachington; arrive there at 12 a. in. aud 7 W p m. On bundayt at ?.?> and 7 ?n a. m. on'y from Baltimore. No Annapolia or Frederiofc connection# on ?unday. PasMrcer Tr.\:ns leav;nt Wathiniton at 7 40 a. m. and 5 (>0 p m., aid Baltimore at 7 40 a.m. and 510 p.m.,make < irect oonnecticna fcr Annapc'.u at th* Junction. Toe 7.49 a. a. ooaneeta at Relay tut rimiiiii nn|;vT(iovQ. HirpSr'l l"~?ITy. Mlftinabarc. Winor.ester, WkMlni, Fartertbsrg, ?o..*xcspt i?va Anr.apoin for Baltmore acd Wut1 nrton st 6 5" a. m. and 3.40 p in. raaaenter Train* leavicc Washington at 6Ma. m. '1 a m. and 5 p. m? and Baltimore at 4 9* and 7.4* a m , ar.d 3 5) p. m . will ttof omit at Annajtclu Junction Way i'aaaeocera must take the Accommodation Trams On!*. W. P. SMITH, _ap 2 Master of Trarsportation, Bait. 1864] THE [1969 PenniylT&nia Central Railroad, shhi (with its conneotiona) IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! t BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGB FROM BALTIMORE! THUIS DA.TIT T SAIN* VKOSf ' PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Two of lh?rr. nuking fl.Ot* COWS ICTIOIM AT UAKKI'BTH with tr*in? on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, nnd forming Tilli GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE FROM * WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all points in t)>? vvfut, north-w?6t sid so?th-wb?t. KTI't Tlironjfj Tifhoti,app t at tha OS* > the Northern l>ntral Kail Ro?d Company, 0?!rerl Station, Haiti mots. Hj}Uvdid Sfrnnng Cars on all Night Tratru Sntot tug Saloon Cars on all Tratru. FKOW WASHINGTON. l'??Mntfr? wi" tak* th" * a. m. and 6 p. m. trains. ?"i?uu in Hfttumor* at TV a. m. awl ft U p. m?iiw?o<? )? o..tin~<r'(in<< ars mv1* with trains os tue Not then. Central It. H ..and arrive m Harris uif i p. in. una i.i j a m .mere oonoMtin^ w;t" ttij* trair,! nr< tho l'csn?Ti*?ci% Centra K*ii?"a: for &!: p*rta of the areat. PRBIBHTH. H? th i> ronU. freicht* of all deaorptiona wn ha ff?rw*Kl??'? ton':.! ff!R a-.t point on the Raiiroari* nf O! to. Kentucky, Indian*, Illitwia, Wieoonatn, Iowa. or Min i.nn,' v l^ailrond dntrt. Thel'enoaj vatuaC Antral Kail road alao oooiiMti at Pittaht'T with s?>-am?n". I>y which Goodicu h* forwarded to anr port on tfic Ohio, Wiickininm, Kentucky. 'Oi iw".OtimKarlnrd. i Uinota, Nih irsippi, Wiicooeiii. Mi*ao;iri. kftnaaa, Arkanaaa. an.i Pwi K ir?r?. am! at Cl?v?land, Saaiduaky ana Cbica?n w:th to all Ni>r:liw*at*rr, Lakea Morctiai ta ao<l taipprfa rnUuatisi tn? iranaporUtiou of tl. Urate hi totl:a Oompar-T.can r*ij with eorStf'Miao on a transit. THE HATEt* ??K F R S1611 r to and from anj mmrri in tl a Y*J?'?- ? - ? ^ ? *? .. ? ; ii~ f r-ai;:?n?ui? v'?*iiitw Uvlr-'b'l, ?? *1 *11 iwm? ?.? /mror+bit mt mr. iknrfid t>\ tlhtr Htt.rcnd Comynnit*. flX'Bf ferl/.v, *.< to iiA'k ruk?[M"TiA I'SOT* * i K. H." M.NflRAV, A KCONS, Freight A jet'*, No. *1 North Btrcot, Wt.more. I.MCCH i-KWS . i*u;cr r.t't. Altnon*, Pa I*. L?. R:)UPT. 6?'t T:ok? Att. Puiad?l?bia. H.T! HM|J f'J\,6-r.'i Freight Agent, Phils ilei?h'.a. M 4-dlr J^OhTI'LHN CENTRAL RAILWAY. n< SkfH:t. thut +H- Bin Rnutfram B*IMv.crt to tkt WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST, iRBSIKLa WJffTBB. SCHEDULE. Csaiwx or Tim. Ob hc after ?UN0A Y.Mth NotwbIw, I'uwi ter Tr?in? wiil a nre and drp?rt rrun Calrart station m foliovf : T&A.1HI NOKTH L* 171 Maii at *.3" a. m. Buffalo Expr?ts 3 f. m. rarkton Aooommod?l:on i f. m. i'iUsturi a <1 iiarnsNurg hxprce* f Jt p. mTeaius 8orth Arkivb Bark tor A < ?*>-, modation at > a. m. ofla'o Expre?e ?.an a. m. i'itiBl'Drc a?.u Jar<isbvic Lxrrtfi 11, n. ftl ai. t.3'i p. ie. The* I t. m. train fmm with the ?.2?> *. in. trair. from BaftimoreTbr tbe W?) aid f.<r Untitle. Kmira. Rochester, D?nfcirk, ("tr.vivii u? a-.iU Ni?s&r? Falle, and for New Yort city. The 21 *. m. tram frona Waahiogtan ccnnecti with tn? J ?, w. i ?.m fr?"n Baltimore to Wert, North at U fti'M?.wetland i;im'.r?and Bofla!oaa4 Rooheni-r. Th? * p. 'ti. tram fr?>m Waehiutton oonceota wtU the 6.1'?. in. trair, from Baltimore for I'ittecarr Hsnmlnrt Mid the WmI arid i? adirect oennee tioc for !,*'naron. Lsclcn A ;?nUtwn and Nea York via Central Ra.road ol New Jersey, Tr> this route lor New Yort. fET' Tke only train laavinf Baltimare on Sandaj u.the 2 f. m tram, lor H&rrtannrj, I'ittoburg, Ctl eaco and th~ We?t. The only uair arrmnjjn Baltimore on Sundai | la the a. m. train. J AS. C CLARK K. DO I* . - SttMrintAniimi TKtmrK TO TRAVEL*:*?, lit t'etiniar*: 09;>*r?[ fc&vi&c ?>ri?red iki mtil e-rric* l -r?c*r Washington, - ? . Baltimore. and Old F?irl fcv??3r?.? MmfM'tc b* wiinv!. on %i<i Modom. irst&r.l. thp Uny Line of otramtri wui ie*?* Ua tt;,iojc LV t.t< Y DAY <eio?ftttcn daj>frcn? heir ?h*if. foot o< I'mon Dock. at ?H e'co?~k f. m., *?r uni;.ed:wit ?'?*? th<? a the Washington i'raui. vkioa v\ aafcmcio* IUo'oloot f. ip. nr-U M. W. KALU?. Prwt NOTICE. ?ada.>IS t:irnjSSSrS^^^ oners to tbe pcbiie " l'ne*nalle? r?r.u?-i?5f*Tor the Safe *MQniok pivpatcii of H<*ary Frei|hu,P&<uum, VaiaablM, Money, *?. *o., to all fftru of theOnlt^! Statee. KXfrMM tr and torn tnr No. th and WMl part from and arrive ta Wiuu -t wrc tw.c? dally, AII Bimmm M? in CW? 9i tmnrimud mm* r?iwii4 Mew^ntPrs. All F?okv?t? for Tke Poldiors oarriPC it "(in ?ALr" cur aires'. rates. A . xJt for the ao-atlta! "Confederate Prekw* ?cd Ml Arueles M Contra i*ad of War" vtli toe ?IM Oar Exp*rt?e? leave New York at 1. A, aad P. M., amrirt tn Washington at I A. M. ud Ml P Mi wwisffis-nrtuvv si < let** Bftitiinore at AM A. M.mmIIP. Mm irrirlcx ic witahtegioa at A. M ud Ut uirK?*? for all voiata North and W?rt Inn sb UANWIMCTOAY. ? * Imni 8MB- wuk'mt*, ?,*. mmmMBaner^^ \ ' -.rsrsa Jr* ' 3?l&f?je&.' L?i*h3r\BVTK?"* ?ta M to ( nWKRassSD ?. *" ??. I S | ?/ '* K'HRItvi rc. it) *?K <WMto,f f<*4? rr. rr-r fimn* n > , Um'la rt?B ALk UIPtUPKP or fMPKVPICMOB. APfl.V IMIRKPlAmLY. 4 wahraftmh. of nn ckakhb. in ruoM out to nro patf. Wnk?N?' Mlatl, Mimmi" *! < < ?? ? *?t? >< la4<t?i . tiirnr* pWf M?p?, ?? ??*J rv?w?lliy, ????i !!???. Ur^Mt, I nfMM ?' u*m, L?? Ifnii, W t*? Im'v t<~"+ni. fnaMnfa Pi?mi ' k|ti MiIimm. Okwm ?f ?> U, TM*U M III . l|)CtM?l f * 4* ? ? ? ?< T?rr-?'t r?;?ar4*r? ?rwr,gfr?w ? *luf Babiia af ?*? > arrf Dmu*?'"* I'ttl mdM M?w>|i <? 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Mlttp; fraai rraMBttt, at f ikiM< at taddta Mklt, kMkwItM* viik ha^aau klatkiaf. tiuoiit tantuiaaa vlik itrtaft iti ti Kiad, tin tvrad wa?t till}. TAKE rXETICOLAA NOTICE. f?tt# Man u? it Han vka kiti ti)artd ikiattKM ay a attain preen** ia4?if*4 la vktt aiar t?a kakit fra?*tntfy fMrntd fitD **il taawpamaca. aa at acfcaai. !> tfacta af vklak tra alfktly hit i??a wba? aalaap, u>4 if twtti. mmIw Mrtun IbimAI*. u4 4Nutri Wtk bu< u4 ??dr, akaaid Kff ly laaaAMal*. TVaaa u? aaroa af tha mI u< MkutM; tfitu (MmU aaarl? kaktta af ra*tK, *11: Warknaaa ' tfct Back a?4 raka. Kin* in Ua Maad, OwMaa af fcfhi, kaM a' MaaaaiU Pawai, Pa I pi mi? af ua Ion, Dyafaaiy. Ranxa n i a? klluy, Otntfiaut af tha Dif aa;:?a Fat turn, Satani iklii'j, Byirptama ( Canaan:euan. ka MlKTiLLT.?The ftufi! aCaeu an Ua bM in mU m ka <iiadid-Uai af Mamarr, GaafMiaa ' Idata, Da?ra?a>? af ftpinta, Knl TataMiofi, itinua a! Iaua^( 4alf-Dwirajt. !.? ? af talumdi, Ttiridny. aia, ua iwi #f vka a?ia HUT JV? PIIILITT -tbaudaPI ?um tka aaaaa af Uat* 4ac.:nlaf aaalU, Uaiof Uali n^aa, k,'?? tag .aak.paia, oai??aa ax4 aacutal, kaau>( a M>r<l? Huuia ik?r. Ua ayaa, taafb < tymyl?i af laiiia^DISEASES Or JMFKVDElfCM. ffkaa tka af?da4 ted iiapradan: T?U r? rplKim lata a kaa takikaa ua aaada at U'a paiafai dlaaaaa. It taaaAM kappaaa that an iil-fciaa4 < dm af abair a ar dra*4 al C aaaaarv Jatan kin frao implying la :baaa vita, fiarr acaciuan taa raapacukilitp, ?aa alar,a ka*rva&4 t>?. la fal.a trva Ua ku?4a af ifaaaai- and daatgnlnf paaimdara. wka. .btapaMa af iu?f, lllk kit pacan'ary cvkatrxca, kaap ? tnllaf aatk inai aatiU, at aa iaa| aa vaa millaat faa tar ka akUlnad, aad U daap&Jr !at<a kur. v1:k rwuiad katlU ta atjrk a?ai a.a railing 4iaappa'.nt.~?ut; aa ay Ua wit af that daafly palaaa Maftary??aatao tea <aaa;i:ttMBi! arr-aiawi af tkia larrlkla dlaaaaa, aack aa A4a?tkaaaa< Ua Baan.Tkraai. 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The attei.Uvn ot i.iemi>er? of Com rem is e?pe oiaLy requested tor our facilities tor priabac Speeches, aa we bar* the la*tut stMiti power in the cut. rfe 7 lawman HA it STORK. V* No. 943 i'a. av.,mi, 1*y? arb \?*b btb. fMBFCHSKY, tr. UlA;0.*.CURfAf% i?K HALF WieS, FRI/.KTTFti. Aa. A fill Moot i'war* et: n?a<ie to order at the ahnrfil aatoa*. Hair Work repaired or exebaae*4. w. Hb> Oted la th? natana mm , > tt * yo MILITARY omOKHtf ANDOTHKM. BATCHXLOR'S BtfrVJlit HAIR ?T1. T!.* nm in th? ffMid, Tkt Omit ?*hmkl* mmd limrml?t H*u X>?i BoW bj ft'I nrartlata: ftli*\ ftt Bui FMcnt MedioicfPter*. ?p. t*?tsnt 0*c*,eoi. F * nfc. M?ir Mora, Mf Pwt'ft ?? ?, ?*? i^tiM ofta law W Mf hid, if d?wr?i r?"i* T Pi Bftre.ft* H. i ftif 0roft4wft? ? N, T. oft l-Q WALL, PTKrHKNP * C\i , Tf $93 FlNNHTLVATI! A Aviltl, M1LI Y A >U? A V A t? ^ Voo^^Lli" ? ft-tf wa vrran ru MILJTAK1 ".11.N i?rt? H MvortoMct of 6RK% ana BLUE FLANNEL. OVJ^-BfilRTB, WHITE 8HIRTB. 1>?A>*: KK3. CAMP BLANKETS'. HALF HQfE.&e.. hich we ibrite a.l out pi'rohAMra to axAnuA* b?or*?AktBf tvir *T?oti-n . ANE VERY NICE ROSEWOOD CH1CKv/ enag Piano tod one Ow t> for aala cneaa, oc aoooraraodatini terms Alao.uBBBI .* if a??orUuatl ofBUinvay *8oee*sndMilTl Rat*?, B?.coi. A Co.'a PiAnoa, at Dm Ma?ic 8 tor* of W. BTMETRKHOTt mh 1* bjasgSSEs^SAM ?* * i.pi?! i/i iuvuitiiuooiKi *t i'i joroM to r*d?o? oirbuium to Cuk exo??ire.y, (or Ur 57?is*iK3* s^srcinsrsrs sssa^vsa^kiwsiivsr' QOWH?, OOLl>a, H OA* BE> ESS. U OQMPOOND aiJAr OF SUM ARABIC. Tkia IIIIBK MH tOMi&r Re nod j dm boon ap loag kjwvaaMMUcuTet; nMd u*t idom person* nave booomefinuUtr ilh its extntortflMU7 eftoaoy. It NI NW *1 ?n 1 *KS58Tkw5e- 10 **u * b*M ** STiowJ D*KM Mmt now *a4 iS&fiZX'A OpeTrioe osir. IrteT';iu ?1*il ftfvrm, ?*? m mtu ra.wm ma iput ????'' -< ? ? Ooe priM ou*r routed in ?lwi. f ?nre? PKlllf ft Hf . __ ih M ? P? v* and hi ut* PTr$"s ??irtiti*u. ?(! ? ' *? >np?.' der?. Vhir*?, *???* . H?l? * ?i ? . ? , M g*UTM'8,? No. ?M ID tirAet. 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