Newspaper of Evening Star, April 7, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 7, 1862 Page 4
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E V I \ i \ ia ST A K~ -?AFFAIRS IX flKOROETOWN rifi'fMimri of TK? Star. ?'K?*asT0W!?, April 5, l2^. V n n>.rtir,? o/ the city Countlla laat evening, e rf-. 'vili'R ?o pay tbe rial ma of Win. Forayth ?nd I H G- Hcbneldcr, pawed both Board*-. R r?i 1' 11 1 Arb anr>rn?in> I, .?m mm A * it ~ I'Brtu iff ioc B<-ard of Aldermen cf W aahlngton, !n reference to the abolition of slavery In tta* District, and providing a c^mmittc to act wltb a like n?ltter of the city of Washington, to urge Conrrt? fo provide proper safe-guards against eonv??nlnA' tbla District Into an asylum for free ne^ro*-*, was passed by the Board of Aldermen In the Board of Common Council, a communlration wa? received from the Mayor,calling attention to the bad condition of the roads and streeta, and suggesting tbe appointment of a committee to cot.fer with him on the aubject. Referred The committee on grievances was discharged from further cr moderation of the petition of Cbas. Spranklin, praying remission of a line. The resolutions in relation to the abolition of slavery In tbe District of Columbia (mentioned above) were laid on the table by a vote of 6 to 5. ?*e?eral of thoae voting to lay tke resolution* on the table, so voted because t bey considered that ?r.y municipal legislation on tne subject would havr no weight with Congress, as baa been demonstrated by tbe action of the United States Senate after the remonstrance of the Corporation ofWuhiagton. HOUSEHOLD RECIPE* STEAMED BROW!* BREAD Take two quart! of sweet skim milk, one tablespoonful of saleratas, one of salt, half a cup of molasses; put in equal qaantitiea of rye and Indian meal until the dough is as stiff as can be conveniently stirred with spoon, then put it in two two-naart tins. Place sticks across tbe bottom of the kettle to keep tbe water from the bread; place one of the tins on these, and the other in a tin steamer placed on the top of the same kettle, and let it steam three haurs. Care should be taken to keep the water boiling while the bread is cooking. When done, pat it in a warm oven long enough to dry the top of it, not bake it. Yeast oaa be u?ed instead of saleratus, if any prefer it; but the bread most rise well before patting it in the kettle. * BITCKtV HEAT CAKES. Stir buckwheat flour into lukewarm water ; it will take nearly a quart of flour to a pint of water, ad J a small eupful of yeast; set it to rise over night, if wiahed for breakfast; leave plenty of room in the vessel containing it, or it will overrun; if it should be sour in the morning, add soda until it is sweet ;*these cakes should not stand after baking so as to sweat, as that destroys the crispneas, which should be a part of their excellence: they should be served when taken from the griddle. Use part of the last baiter to rise the next, when you hare them daily. TO HARP*.1* TAI.LOW. Mrs. <?age, in the Field Notes, gives the fol lowing hints on hardening pot skimmings, so as to make them into candles:?Boil in dean, soft water for two ?r three hours, then cool, and when fully cold, take all the under sediment from the cake, and boil it again till it is takita elaaii on J k a - i A ?A ill ? J v???i, auvk u?m< ouuuiu ii 01111 oeea hardening, add aium and saltpeter to the water, in the proportion of one pound of eteh to twelve pounds of tallow Dissolve these in the water first, add the tallow, and boil the water nearly eat, stirring the tallow welt while boillog, to t&ix them. TO CCHI MFTHBRIA A gentleman who has administered the following remedy for diptheria, informs ug that it has always proved effectual in affording speedy relief Take a common tobacco pipe, (new) place a live coal within the bowl, drop a little tar upon the coal, and let the patient draw ?moke into the mouth and discharge it through the nostrils. The remedy is safe and simple, and should be tried whenever ocoadon may require Many valuable lives may be ?av~ed, our informant confidently believos, by prompt treatment as abo ?* .?Hallo well Gazette MCSH C&KBS. A correspondent of the Qermantown Telegraph furnishes the following as the way to maVa Anra.maa ? U?u r>. i uim^vviu ui??i juuuiww*live. OI iuuru as ioe styles them Suppoee you have had for rapper the night baiore a tureen of good mush, made by stirncg Indian meal inte water slowly, and boil ft thereafter well for three hours. In the morning for breakfast, with say two quart* of the mush left from supper, (for a family of six,) stir into it three pints of warm milk; beat well two e#gs and add. with half a teaspeonful of soda; then with a dash of wheat flour in your fingers add to the batter to make the cakes adhere, stir all well and baka in cakes upon a hot griddle, and send to the table in parties of six. There sever yet, Mr. Editor, has been seen the ohild or grown person upon my premises who failed to do ample justice to these mush eakes They are in (net the only perfect cooked griddle cake eTer made, for the reason that the material thereof is cooked the night .k n... -? iu iuc uiuou. xuv/ arty ponwujr healthy, therefore. There ia a twinkle in the eye of our little on?a when mush ia announced f r aapper. knowing well as they do that it foretells mush cakee for breakfast next morn* *?gON AND Mannast. APRIL 1, 1863, the tnuna on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroaa oommeaoe running daily, Sunday? excepted, laaviog Una a'ation at 7.40 a. M , and oonneotmr Kt WMhictton Jonotion with mail train for all par la of the Weat. via Parker* burg or Whee.;nf, Through tickets gold and batt&ge^ohe^ked^ Maater of Transportation Baltimore'and dhio Raiiroad. ap l dtf 500,000 roUNUS ROUGH TALLOW and ARMY GREABE WANTED. for which the hif hMt price will be paid at the National Soap and Candle A ork*. Green street and Canal, Georgetown, D C. mh 19-lm C. B- JE WELL. Proprietor. C UR K-COR NS-B UNIONS. IVf R. PfcKDRlAT, Surgeon Chiropodist, from l"l Paris, t egs to inform yoa that he oan e ffec'.Bal'.y remove Corns and Bunions without pain, so that the shot* oan be worn immediately after the operation, witnoal lnoonvenienoe. Also removes \V *rU and other superfluous flesh from the han'ls, e they will appear small aad delicate. No. If ? > s?reet. near Cut Ha:!. chvtm m<vi?? *?? f77~ Refers w the doe car* of Waahugton i?ur>. f mb >-tf ' HOTS A>L> SHOK8 TO SUIT THE T1M UK, We ire tow manufacturing alt kinds of BU0T8 end CHOES, and constantly receiving ig^n '<rplr of earlern mads work of "very de- Ml ? riftion, madeaxpreeeiy to order, and will W ] *oid at a mueh lower frioe than has bean* pVk heretofore charted in this eity for anioh inferior art:oi?*. Persons in wast of Boots and Shoes of eastern er city made work, will always ftnd a good assort ment in store and at the lowest? noes. Give na a ca<.. GRIFFIN * BRO., 314 Pennsylvania avenae. 1 ^U.U. UUUi) ?* Cckstai^^^^Mcs,ant! has always on hand, a full snrr^^^^^Bkbe most celebrated Jtv WA facta red in Kag-fltt laed, Swits'r'aiiM^iPlerica. both in So <^BK ami Silver eases. ftw keeps a large stock ol fctne Jh WELK Y of the most desirable styles set with Diam n<ia, Eine.-aias, Rabies and ail other Geius. lie is a'.so n.u.ufacuinni all kinds of Solid Standard Silver Wa.e, and keeps Sword*. Revolvers, Sword Belts and Sashes, Bowie Kruvae, Raaors. Seis*ors, Void, Silver and Steel Speota ele?. and a great variety of other things asaaily - ,u ? .'cif < t ncre, mi a'i at tne very lovest prtea. No. 339 ?"a. avecne, between 9th and l?th vtr* u. fa l?-tf Hall, StrpheuA. ., MILITARY AND NAVAL A? h R C H A N T TAILORS, Ann Duim m ewORDS, HASHES. BELTS. ti'AULETB. SHOULDER STRAPS, 9A L NTLETS, 0LOVES,**. Arc every variety o! HEADY HADE CLOTHIN9, A? Ruwruu Piim. WALL,STEPHENS * CO.. Paaasylvayia avwu, between tali [l?u).4 1?wb.j KhtttlWUlU. siu ???K?1B{B1WKMIP"T ANn A m wt ofcotoe aaoortmeot. M oar proverbially ok1<. tha o*ah l/i'R A FfcW l>AY( ONLY.?I hav* romovod r my iM ?.ook of ClotkuM fro? ?VI-?fJu Jew. rj tUora lo J. H. frMl I H S, No. 4?>0 8?? cti? ibMt, iMi F, wftor# I ?baJ! offor it at i?M Vr'ff ?"*? ' '7. '&-?nr. NUVO|I? DEBILITY. OR SfKBMM"<>RRH?KA ?A Mnsftoont and l*?t i .'l #,i H K i?f Una terriM# iliiNto ma? i? ct''&.u?J t?l Ike Advertiser, who Iim littf* omn. iuuaoJfftiid, uoae^tootif, uuudreda ul otk ftod MdfM. MZTB m BROTBBR'S NEW YORK |TOr a\\ fch . fpSilfi pf PPp ii\\ '' II Pfrfr^ aV V. i la* pf- aIaaaaa ,l ; . tf .V tttthb iliEEEt xxx. xxx xxxxxx xx fWx x&xlKx jffim illll aaaaa If: fiiEIEE a aaa ee aaaaa jl EE . a a aa 'j eebe aa aa l j ekee aaaaaaa A ll i i aY *A EEtfcfctfe fiHEIIK strrmoK AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, In molt, H*lf, **d Qnmrttr CmsJti, brbwed from the choicest BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. brewery. ISth StM?t,bitw?eB TIM ud 8th Atiiim, new york. fe TT-dtjP L R a M f KRRINI' Worcestershire sauce. Proaeineed by flB EXTRACT ?ONMOIS3EfR8 B af a Letter firom a te b? the VI Mtduul GmiUmm .^HL. >4 Madraa -QUfcT OOD^k A ICE." itWoroMtor. U<a?li?bleto gjgS ? ren -v ? v ^alS3t* n*i that their Smnet EVE*.* yklflffljJ is highly eateemed ? ^3*^1 in India, and ia, in VARIETY myoaimon, the moat 0% palatable, aa veil aa rtv niRB ovtiie inoat wholeaoraa VF WBH. ^Jgps^i thatramade." The above 8A UCE ia not only the ?a?T and moat ref f la* cgnsimiitt known, bat the moat EiomomU*t' ? a few droM in S*mr, 0rm*v> or with PUk. i and oold Joints, Bttf St**k, Sa?M, impart a.- exquisite seat, whioh Sanoe manifacturera have in vain endeavored to miiau. On the Ertakfmn, Lwmekton, Dimntr, or Tthli, a orsrt containing "LEA it PERR1N8' WORCESTERSHIRE 8AVCE" u indiepeneable. To appreciate the trttlimt f??littn of tht* Htlitimt preparation it ia only neoeaaary to pirohaa* a small hot tie of the iiiivmi, of a reapeotable |rooer or ilea er. u many Hofl ami Rtstmwrm*t pro prietora a*idom place tha Pmrt Sauoa before their gneats, int eahatitutea tannine Bottlt filled with a trurtoui mixture. For aaie by Hrooera and Frnitarera everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN & 8ON8. Wmim Stwri *d 14(4 ttrut, Ntw York, 8*>!? Wholesale Acenta for the Uniied State*. A stock alwaya in etore.?Alao order* reoeived for direct ehipmenta from En?Iand. JTT i?/ t'?w?Mr/?ii mmd IwHtiim.-fll epS-ly.eo If VERY PERSON'S INTEREST-That fine J atnck of Clothing for aale over Oalta' Jewelry Store ia now offered at leaa than wholesale price*, at ?M! rH'S. No. 460 Seventh a tree t, oapoalte Poat Offioe- re TT-*-~ T'HK PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No, 4 410 Seventh ai. Alwayaahead! New arrival oi serine ?ioods, &: '.he latest stylea or Clothing, at No. 460 Seventh street. near P. fetl ta 1/OR SALfc?A Lin ?t<?ck of Clothing. Furnish r in* Goods, Trunks, Hats an?l Caps, at whole n!?fnom.?tNo. 460 SOTenth street, opposite Poet Ottce. fe W 3m C* KNTS Famishing Hoods, Trunks, Clothing, i Trunks, Hat* and Caps, all at Northern prices, at the People's Clothing s?u>re. No. 460 7th atre t. SHIRTS. SHIRTS. SHIRTS!?Just reoeived l<o doien dhirts. whioh we offer at old prioes, at BMITH't*. No. 4#? Xoveoth st. fe 7> tm ( TPHAM'8 HAIR DYE!- TO COLOR BLACK U OR BROWfrn-Ovii 3S oentsabox. Three boxes for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair oan be chanted in a f?w seconds to a Jet black or brown, by using Upham's Liquid Hair Dye, the best and oheapest in the world, produolng, the moment tt '* natural appearance. Eaoh Box of OpHAM'S HAIR DYE is warranted to oontain as mach A at* 4v? M othe-? sell for on* ioUmr! Sold by 8. C. UPHAM. 403 Chesnut street, Philadelphia, and 8. CALVERT FORD, oorner 11th street ana Pa. are.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK A Co., Druggists. sop Keoly I1R. . DUFONT'S * BUBAR-COATED FE L? MALE KESULATINe PILLS Read the following unsolicited enooml-^VV am* s "I cannot ooimnend ?hem ?oo highly." W.t* "They are the beat temale Pills extant." "1 have need them with oomplete suooeea." "Would not be without them apon any oonetder"They operate seeedily and effectively." Pnoe #1. Sent bTmail. Sold by 8. C. UPHAM, 403 Cbesnut street,Philadelphia, and m Washington by S.C. FORlJ, oorner 11th street ?Dd Pa. avonae.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * CO.. Druggists. noM-eoly lift,GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE U 6O?i0RKH<J?A in six days. Mo^^^ changeo! diet repaired. It is an Kcg-^HMt lish of sixty-five years etanclng^BMB^ and will not harm the most delicate oon-^^^^^ ititation. It oontairs no mt*trait, Pnoe R. Sold byS.C. UPHAM, 403 ihesnat street, lladelahia, and in Washington byS.C. FORD, oorner nth street and Pa. are.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK tc CO.. Drascists. itoX-eoW G BALMORAL BOOTS. I OAT Tipped Doable- sole Balmoral fl fO Calf Kid do do <lo ?3 00 love Calf do is <0 Alio, all other atylea of Ladiee and Miaeea' Ba mora Boota.tbecheapeatand beat aaaortment in the city. J. ROSENTHAL, Mo. 16 Market Space, ja 7 eo Pwin. avenae, between 8th and *th ate. TJUST PUBLISHED. HE New Union Game of Peoeaaion,or Sketohee of the Rebellion; jaattbe thins for the family oirtie,pr to send <o the L'nionao dier. Publiahed by OHN P. CHARLTON. Phuadelehie. and for aaieby JOS SHILLING TON. inh 19 eo3m at. and Pa. aveeoe. T* * NOTICE. HE Coaartnerahip heretofore exiatini between fI? II- 1 f.. n n -- ? mwi? i r Mm biiu m ni*Jt u- 1/AKRUL ON bMi dissolved. All persons indebted to toe said Kn vj.Il ?!?&?? to settle their aooonnu with vis P. Perry, who will also settle with the creditors of the firm mh I7 2?w3w LOUIS F. PEKRY. f^KNUlNK GARDEN U AND FLOWER SEEDS. JOHN 8AUL ealls the attention of market gardeners, farmer*, and others to his large and carefully seleoted stock of Garden f*eH which have been seleoted from the best growers in Km land. Franoe and Germany, with snoh artiolee of drones tie growth as are in usual demand, via : Extra Early and Champion peas; Premium Flat Dutch Cabbage; Blood Turn's Beet; Beans, Farsnipe, Carrots. Celery. Ac. Flower Seed, an extensive collection, suitable for asy latitude in the Union; 2? varieties, seieted for any latttnae, for 91His expenenoe of over 30 rsars asapraetioal seed grower is the best guarantee that all are pure, accurate, and of the most genaine desorisuon. JOHN SAUL. Heed "Store, mh la 6teo* Sttto Seventh at., oorver H. MDaltihvii. March iSth.lKl. R. RICHARD. H. ttRlFFl TH, Jr . having retired from the buaineaa whioh he hM been oondnotlLf, m aient for na for ?omettine raat. we bet ie?ve to advise the publio that Mr.eEOKSE T. LOKEK will have charge of the aamennii. farther notioe. Thankful for paat favors, we shall endeavor to merit their oontiouanoe. mh 17-Uw4w? A. BKEMULLER A PONS. rpHK AMERiCAN^^T^ELEflRAPH COMHaving re-ojMoed and re fitted a BRANCH OFFICE in Willakm' Ujm. this oomtanv is prepared to aooommodate the neat* or that house, and the publio, with evfcry Telegra?hto fu>iuty. (^AlAMW HMA#t AM At w i iiiwmwHWWUPVI W I?U baltimore. pd ladelphia^ y and all Telegraphic Statione is tha loyal SMn. GENERAL anpenptendecL W spring WRAPPINGS. R Ui? jut received a lares aad baaatifal aaeortment of Wrappioga, in ell the varied etylee Of this MMB, an of which we offer at oar aaaaJ law prioea. JljAYlor a co., rah n eodt No is Canter Market Space. I7RUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREKS, Acvr The u naoreigned raepeotinlly offer aa iaaraenae ataok or PRUIT TR E KS, of very vigor one, thrifty growth. and at greatly rednoad prioee, na ?M? Peach traee, beat varieties. W.B00 dwarf Delaware, Cayahoga, As; Blaofcbarn?JTTm? berrtta, Strawborne*, Rhubarb and Atpartgas Roots, Aa ; Kvergreeen, Snaie, aid Ornament*. Traae; fehrube,Ruiee.D?faliaa,f>erenmai Phlox**. With all artio,?? pertaining to the N green aid See4 baaioeta,oneap JOHN SAUl., inh it eo?t* Seed Store. 39?7th at .oornar M. Have "you taken your wife, or daughter, or friend. to the great Fair, now bafiftri kLV ram,* THE en EAT "AMERICAN REMEDIES," Known u HELMBOLD'S OIHUUTE PBEPAKlTIOWfl, rim: HELMBOLD'S SITXACT "BUCHU," " 8ARSAP ARILJ -A ?' JMPRorso nOSK WASH. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. - HJOHL r CON CENTRA TED" COMPO UND FL VID EXTRACTB VCHV. A Positive and Bpeo fii Remedy For Dieeaeee of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medioiae inoreete* the poVer of Digeatiop, and exoftes the ABSORBENTS into healthy notion, by vbieh the WATERY OR CALCAREOUS depositions, end nil UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS are reduoed. as veil ns PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and is good for MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU, For Weaknesses Arising from Exoesses, Habits of Dissipation, Karl* Indiscretion or Abnss. Antndtd with Symptoms?? Indiapoaition to Eiertlon, Low ol Power, Wa?H!gsf ofTss5*.sf: Horror of DiMM, _ . Wafcefulpaa*. pimnNi ol Vision. Pun ID th# Mok, univeraal Laaaitude of the Mtumlw Syaten, Hot Hand*, Fluahina of the Body* Dryneea of the SkiD, Emotions on the Faoe' PALLID COUNTENANCE, Theaeaymptoma, if allowed to goon, wtaioh tbia medioine invariably removea, aoon lollowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC PITB, in on* of vhioh the patient may expire. Who canaay that they are sot frequently followed by thoae "DIREFUL DI8E\SES," INSANITY AND CONSUMPION." Many are aware of the oanee of their nflaring, BUT NONE WILL CON FEB#. THE RECORDS OP THE INSANE ASYLUMS. And lAi Mtlanckolv Dtatkt by Consumption. BIAR AMFLB WITHliB TO THI THCT1I OF THIS aaaiKtion. THE CONSTITUTION ONUli Ar r CUTISU WITH ORGANIC WEAKNEW, Re^uirM the aid of meAioine to atrengthen ac<I Invigorate the Hyitem. Wkuh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV in variably Hots. A TRIAL WILL CONVINCK TBI MOIT RKlPTir&L. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLDOR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In many Affections peculiar to Ptmaltf, the Extract Bnohn la nnf? nailed br any other remedy, at in Chloria or Retention, Irregularity. P?mfttlne?a or Suppreaaion of Coatomary Kvaouationa, Uloerated or Soirrhona atate of the IJtema, Leaeorrhrca or Whitea. Storility, and for all complaint* Incident to the sex. whether anaing from Indiacretion, Habits of Dissipation, or tn the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. 911 SYMPTOMS ABOVE, NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Taib no don Balsam. Msbccrt,or nnriiiaANT mrdicuirs rot thpl*A?ANT AND DABaBBOTS MBBABBS. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV CVBBS bECRET DISEASES la all their r*tage?. At little Expense. Little or no ohanie in Diet, No inoonvemenee, And no Jzffmt. Itoanses a fr^oent desre and gives strength to Urinate, thereby removing ob?truotion?. Preventing and Caring BtrlotnreB of the Urethra. A laring Pun and Inflammation. so frequent in theo.assof dieeaeee, and expelling all Peucntmi. Distattd and wt? out Uitt?r. tbovbandt c pon trots abm WtiU MAre, QtJACKsl vr and who have eaid hiavt ruito be eared in a ahort time, have found they were deeeived. and that the,4POIi*ON" haa. by the naeof rownrn ASTainuBRTB." been dried up in the ryatem. to break oat in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. (Jai Hblmbold'b Exiract Bcchc for all affeobona and diaeaeea of the URINARY ORG Ays, Whether exiating in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oauae originating, and no natter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diaeaeea of theee Organa reqnire the aid of a DIURETIC. HELMBVLD'S H.ATHALT B UCHU IS THB GREAT DIURETIC, ^nd i* certain to have us desired effect ia all FOR WHICH IT IS RECOMMENDED. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! Hel mi old's Highly Concentrated Compound FLUID EXTRACT BAR8APARILLA, SYPHILIS. This la ia as affeotlon of the blood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS, LININGS OF THE NOSE, EARS, THROAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MVCOUS SURFACES, Making its appearanoe m the form of ULCBR8. Helmbold's Extract Sareapanlla, Purifies the Blood, and removes all Scaly Ernptiooa of the Skin, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It beiac prepared expressly for this class of complaints, its Blood Parifymc Properties are preserved to a greater extent than any other preparation of Marsasanila. HMLMBOLD'S HOSE WASH, tn exoellent Lotion for DImmm of a 87?hilitio Mure, and m an inaction iq Dimmm or the rinary ( r^soaamlncfrom UkbiUof OiMipatlon, need in oonneotion with the Extraete Baehn or tfereaparula. in euoh Dieeaeee aa reoom mended. Bvidtmc* tk* me if rtliablt tmd ttipontihU tkmrmtttr will mctonpti?v tkt mtdicinis. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From I to 3Qy?ert' ttmmJims, With Nivu irowr to SCIENCE AND FAME. For Medical Eroprietiee of BUCHV, aee Die penaatory of the United State*. See Frofeeeor DEWEE'B valuable worka on the Practice of Phytic. See remarka made by the late celebrated Dr. PIIYSICR. Philadelphia. See remarka made by Dr. KPHftAJM Me DOWkLL, a eelebrated Phytic ten aodMwnber of the Royal College of Bargeonj, Irelatd. and published In the TraaeaoUoaa of the flag mm Queen'a Journal. 8m Medioo-Chirnrgiojd Review, anbliahed by

BENJAMIN TRAVERS, Fellow of Royal College ot Sargeona. Sea moat of the late Standard woi ka an Madietna. 6 60. Improved Roee Wash, to par bottle, or alx fbr Or, half dosea ofaaoh for t!2 00, wkiok will ba an Solent to onre tie moat obetinate eaeaa, if di reeuona are adhered to. Delivered to any Addraea, aeourely pecked from obeervation. DESCRIBE ALL COMMOCnrea 6 aaranteed! Adviea Gratia! t a pn nAtfi?? b?mc amir nronTiotn mt. Ida praaarfttiona oobtaia no larootlo. no atntn;. or ottw UJarioaa ??*" HKUtBOLO. AddrMalattanforiafonaatioaiaaoaMaaooto Dnoc lWJSP?kfc-? PkllO. MMWAMM OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED PMl.MW, Who aaiMW to 41wm "of tuu owii* ul otaem'* A^TicLsa oa t?? aanrrAttoa attaikbp By HMfibold's flajaiaa fiwriWfc ? M <SJtVT*Ol Bold by ALL DR VQ9I8T8 MVMMTWSMMM. BE FOE BKLMBOLDTi. TASK NO OTEEE. C?i out tt>? ftdv*rtiMm?nt tad Mai for It, AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND KXPO mk** 4 * / 1 .. IMPOETAJIT TO FAM 1 LIX8, UITAUIAHTI, HOTELS, CILKMi GROCERS, A NO OTHERS. WILLIAM TOClli'l CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER? WAREHOUSE, 19ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, SSft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, ifcvtftf i<M fmtkmud / Bamkmpt Mtrckanti amd otktri. V VCK El 'P TUCKER'S Oroeeriet, Liquors,Wines, Cigtrt, Ac FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAB, FINE. U NION CIGARS.; C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AI81N8, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! Extra Brown Sugar 9 cent* per pound I White 9ugar...., ..12 cent* per pound Fine Green Tm. 00 cents per pound Fair Black Tea SO cento per pound Extra Coffee 90 eenti per pound Good'Coffes ........ 10 cents per pound Wax Candle* ...35 centa per pound ' Malaga Raisins... 15 centa per pound Codfish... 6 cento per pound Imported Cigars.. ..50 cento per 109 Havana Cigars 91 to 93 per M? Almonds 12 cento per pound 8alt 20 cento per bag Good Butter..................Irt cento per pound Extra Butter...... ..20cent per pound Fine Wines 91 per bottle Whiskey ..25 to 50 cento per bottle All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and sec for yourself. TUCIKft'P, 335 Pean*yl*?rta Atom. WILLIAM TU51EEH CHEAP GRVCERT WA1RNODI1, IU PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 39# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GKOOERIE8 AT HALt THE USUAL PRICES, hitti?? tot* pmtk?4 / Btmkrrvil MircAsuli m4 Hktrt. Stnart ' Reined Sugars from 0 to Li eta per pound Extra Pine Green Tea ?S " " Good Green Tea 50 < ? Extra Pine Black Tea.....73 ? ? Good Black Tea SO " ? Old Java Coffee 20 " < Good Cofte 10 " ?? Every thing else la proportloa. RE MEMBER, * TICKER'S, St* PENNSYLVANIA A TEN VI TICKER'S, IM PENNSYLVANIA ATKMWC Waaaiaovoa. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TCCUK'I cheap wholesale and hetaia GROCERY WAREHOUSE, im Pennsylvania avenve, ms pennsylvania avenve. QROOERIE8 At HALF THE USUAL PRICKS, Hmm| N?? r*rtk**U ef BuJbntpt Mmtkcntt *n4 0lhtri. f VCtKRI'l TUCKER'S W???t?4LI AH? 1IT4IL Groceries Liquor* Cigars, Winsi.fto FOR FAMILIES, FOR SOTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, FINK. U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUP8, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R A1SIN8, MALAGA. READ OUM PRICES READ OUR PRICES! S WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP OROCBRT WAREHOUSE, St* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE IN PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. H. WATTS'? yOLUHTKKft TOBACCO. GROCERIES AT HALF TIB USUAL PRICKS, o* J . 4 riu REMSMBXH, TUCKER>8,SU PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE V?OEEE*,BM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE I'Ka VKLLKRS' DiKKQTOKY. , BALTIMORE * OHIO RAILROADCHANGE Of HOURS. O* AKB AFTER WlMIIDil , Af III. t, lf*g, ' ! riMIMII T?AT|M HTWHH WASHINHTON, BALTIKIORt, A PI II THE WIIT Will ran m follow* : Fin /> ?/? TYstw* Arrtn *i a*H D?r"*i frem Wmtkttuscn Datl* dwnna tkt vwk, mmd IW9 en kimd*??. For PHILADELPHIA aad NEW YORKLeave Washington at*a m.,7.??a. ia , II a m. and VoJ ANNAPOLIS?Laave Washington at T.?o a. m and 5 on p m. For FREDERICK?Leave Washington at 7 ? a. in. and 3 3o p. m. , , FOk all points west, And for Harper's Ferr*. Martmsbsrg and Winchester, leax-a Washington at 7.?'> a. in. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. Leave New York at ? a'm., Philadelphia 11.3" a. m.; Baltimore 3 SO p. bj. Arrive at Washington 5 ?0 ''LmtcNi* York at 6 9 m.; Philadelphia le ? p. mj, Baltimore 4 90 a. m. Arrive at Waahiagton Lntc Nov York at 11 p. m ; Piuiade>hia 3 V ft. 1 m ; Bft.timor* 7.40 a. ou Arrive at Washington IX* m. I Local Accommodation Trains Inti Baltimore i at 10 a.m. ana SW p.m. for Washington: am?t i there at 12 a. m. and 7 oo p. m. On Sundays at 4.30 and 7 40 a. m <?niy from B\lti- ; more. No Annapolis or Frederick coanectiona , on Monday. I PuiMtti Trains leaving Washington at 7 40 a. m. and 5 W p. m..and Baltimore at 7 40 a.m. ar?l 510 p.m.,mike nreot connections for Annapolia < at the Junction. The 7.40 a. m. connects at Relay i for Frederick. Hagerstown. Harper's Kerry. Mar- i tinsbnrg, Winchester., Parteraburg, Ao.. except Sundays. Trams leave A nnapolia for Baltimore and Wash inrton at 6 so a. m. and 3.40 p. m. Passenger Trams leaving Washington at 6 oo a. I m. U a.m. and 5 p. rr... and Baltimore at 4 30 and 7.40 a 171 . snd a SI 1. n will 1am ? )? ?i 1 1 1 * ^ ?? ? ? ? - f* ?~ ? wwmmm WW wr *\V?y# I'Msenieri mmt take the Actommodmtin T\ai**?n! p. W. P. SMITH, _MJ M>?t?r of Trar??o nation, Bait. 1663] THE [1S6? Penniylvania CentrU Railroad, (with iU ooonect.oni) IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THK WESTERN CITIES SFEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND f t 8 EE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED TRROU6B FROM BALTIMORE! THEIR T1AT1.T **0* PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Two of tkeni making CX09I CONNBCTIO!** AT IARUIIVU with trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAP, and forminc THE CREAT CENTRAL ROUTE ?UM WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all pomti in th? Wl?T. NoaTH-W*?T 4.J?D BOVTH W**T. IE^ For Tiironth Tiok?t?.?Ml7 at ttt "io? at II,a Nn,il.).,n n..? ! " " v wr-iu vruimi l\*ll RUVU \J\*Wf4m pany, Calvert station, Baltimore, Spl**"ii4 Sleeping Cart on all tligkt Trmtm Smoitn$ Scioon liars on ail Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. r???#nt?r? vi ii tAk* the* a. ro. anl b p.m. trains, j arriTini in Baltimore at 7.*n a. m. and f it p. m.. neiecioe* oomaotion* are made with tram* on tr?e Northern Central R. R ?ai*d arrive in Harris | J*"at 1 p. in. and 1.1$ a. in .there connecting w>tc trie train* on the Penney IvaaiA Centra Railroad fo? all parte of the weak _ _ . ? RKIGHTS. Br tin* room, freight* of ail description* oan he forwarder to ari from any point on the Railroad* of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Iltinom, Wis^oMin, Iowa, or Missouri, <ftr#ef. < ThePancey "*nlaCentral Railroadals* connect* Cl'ta^nrf with Fteaniers, by whioh Good* can v-vj mi wmuvu iu ?tit pors on ?ne t'lWj iuuaamcaci. Kentucky, Tanneries. C?unberlaud, Iuioou. Mm iraipj?i, vS laconim, Miss<-uri, Kacaa*. Arkir.ww. aM Rod Rivet*, ana at Cleveland, t^Bidaeky an<! , Uhio*co with oVMinirt to e'l North western Lakee I Merohftnte and thip???a *ntruat,r.j the transportation of their Fright tothia Company, can re?y with oor dene? cn ita ?a*edy transit. THE R ATM <>F FREIGHT to and from an Mint id la* Went, by the ponnaylvania Ontra Railroad. at# si mil m?m* as fmr<*m*l4 m$ mr> t4*Tfi4 'if ctk'T H*ilrr*4 ILr Be rartionlar to mark eackagea ** via ran* C aura at. R R." MAfiRAW A K(H)N?. Freight Agenta. No. *0 North street, Baltimore. ENOCH LEWIS. fien'I Suaermt't, Altoona, Pa k. L. IIOUPT, 8en'i Ticket Af't. Philadelehta. . H HOUSTON, e-nT 1 reitht Agent, Phi la delahia. Ja 4-dly MORTHRRN CENTRAL RAILWAY. Tkt Sktrtut. Q*uk*$t mn-i Btfi Hom*4 from E*lti mart to lii ? TVE.. RTH ANDNORTHWEn. WJNTKR SCHEDULE. Cbimi or Tim. ObmiS ?fl?r SUNDAY. Mtk N???nl*r, rum iw Traine jrili arrlTe and depart 7ram CalYart Statlcc aa fallcira : Thjl'm Npjtb Lwti Mail at ?.* a. m. Nnfialo Expreaa f. m. Parkton Accommodation 4 ?. m. Pittabarf and Harriabur? birrMiljr p. mT*a;n? Socth Aaaivs Parkton Aooommod&tios at 8 a. m. Ballalo Ezpreti 830 a. raf itubnic and Harnabari Expreea t p. a. Mali jo p. in. Vh? a. m. tram from Waahicrton aonnaeta 1 with the tjv a. m. train from Baltimore lor tha Wm: and for Buffalo. Elmira, Rochester, Dnckirk, Canadaisna and Niagara Paha, and for Naw York oity. The 21 a. m. t-ain from Washington eocneets with the Is. m. tram from Baltimore to Wert. North and N orthwest aad ts.nura and Boflalo aM RooheiMr. The* p. m.train from Washington oonnect* Witt ] tawnj. m. train from Baltimore for PitUnnri arnsburg aad the West and ia a direct oonneo lion for Lebanon. Earton Allentown aad New I Xork via Cehtral Railroad of New Jersey. In it route for New York. IT^The oaly train leaving Baitlmare on Bandaj i la.tfie 3 a. m. tra.c. for flarriaburg, Pittabcrg, Chf oaco end th- Weit The only Wain arrmngjin Baltimore on BunOai ia the S JO a. m. train. J Aft. C. CLARKE, no M iy Sapor intend eat T^m NOTICE VO TRAVELERS. BE Postmaster Cetera, having ordered th? E service oetwoen Wash in* ton, __ iniore.and Old Point iFortres?^^4^B? iroel to bo resumed, on and day,thej"th instant, the Bar Line of steamer* Will Imlw* ItRilimnrA l-'VICBV OA V da?) from their wharf, foot o? Union book, at ik e'eteek p. m., or im;ne<1iateir after the arrival o' th* Washington Trt.ii, which :?tm Waehinrto* at SH n'oioci p. m. ni*-tl M. N. FALLS, Pr?1. NOTICE. 5 "ADAMS* 1'IPREU COMFANT" J hi. Ooibmoi offer# to u>e pablie" i'mulM rantaces1' for the fiafe end Qfuok Diapatoh ef Hmtj FreuhU, Paocacee. ValaaNee, Mosey, ki. Ao.. to ail parte of i United State*. hxfressos to and f.oro the North and Weet 4a arTfrpiaand arrive Hi Wubitf.oc twice dal If. jUl Ba|rwee are l? ?harge of mu m imttid mmd 1 JhU jPaekZ^s'fo^The Beidiari earrtee at 'in alp" oar osaa1 rater. All floods for the so-called "Confederate States" end all Articles - Oontrabaad ef War" will he , Wr'fiere^ leara Now York at U aad p. I p., arrlrfm in W ash m ton at ? . M. aad Ml MP rest ?s leave Philadelphia at t.M A. M- and nTTj|?amtiai is Waehinrtonat 'txTrMM* M 4Jt A. M. ud P. Mi, ?rriTlD? is WMkin*tom ttli.EudUI 'Kiiumi for All roinU North and WMhinitoD at i*P aTm. and Sjf PTm. 4%nj. 8 fecial ror.tracUforTarf# ?nant;tia? frrfllcfcl w^., !V(lS&Sm'?a"m c'g? MM VOPHAJTb flB Hi Ixmi r? v?f h ANUfArmnr. I tnoti"inw, Wura>w>,>t, '-.swsassffitfi&sxur** M?b?n ! ?y'n?^my itoaliwtor^yarnj?1w M"?"' rma*? *a?i meeein eincr whm. t fcHrtw LeMterVed Drew Truki mtUa U swtw.K.isrtfr- "-rafl t)iktin?Ri L O * RPiriTU, f?l I4? ?WII ri'MM, 'rt*4f Mi M4 Kfmi?. KM??*t I4? W?il4, FOB ALL PlSKASKPJir lMr**Vfc?CS. AJtr *0 WALSK PEl irjrr rttttfiT ATI'LY IMMKDIA?.LY. I MM WiKRAfiTKn, OK ftn 1/r FK'>M OtfW TO riro n* *JS Waikaajaaf t*? Bill, tfdniM, AfaatfaM?f ift* ti?i?T? mm* BiMii f>iaa**r(a?. i"p* ?r*l 0aMI<j, Imnmiii, C* mim >f Idait, Up puu*, Pi(r*?*tM? tf Inn, fMte ritrXinf*. P"W?W^ ??(?? Ai4<lr>?, Phhh af ik? aad, Baaa a* AlM' wt a? ktt ? >???<? l?aaa TarnUa Piaaadara ??-?u f ft?>? *!. it; btiu ml TOm^fal nrf IWtwn hi*. *? ?M?k M>nu|< Imrikta, ?ad iMtnf Ml M; u4 KM. roc no MF.rt Bapaalillj wM >IM?I l?? <u ? ( WHtfj fill, * 1 draadf?l ud 4aatrvcti*a MK| ur.mir ? u ?UBil7 piM Mwrdl tl > mrf Mm * Mat iiak*4 Mlaau aa4 batliiaat laiaUaai. vKa aufhi auaiviaa U'l aiaucil l?liM| >aami viik iki iha- l?rt ml at*. iiihi at ntiiwa?MU; Ika liviLf rra, Bar aa vttk *11 aaalCtaa* MAURIAVE IUIIII f *?? !, at T?n| Maa aa?MaftUh| ?w rlua, Mi| a vara ml feftttai vaalaaaa, atfult daktitty, linraluM, U, aMtUr Uiii a vba himaan asdar Ua aara ml Pt. I. say raHg?taajj aaaida lajUa kaaar at a pit ?a?aa lid MaUllt.1 my ipw felt mil u phy*i?ta% OFFICE Ift. r SVVTH FXSDKRJCK ST. ' * ?w? |?l*| h*? ItksMN WNt. t h* ton fMI >* Mrati. fulMtwtkMna Mat lUiwkti kitun Mat k* fiU tad M?kUa * tua# DR JOHNSTON, MmMI ( Lkl LJ? { #?< ita mitt/ Ua mm a'nuoant (.itiiifii la Ua 1.M kuiaa, iM Ua nttui yan af *bwi Ui ku kite if to i la Ika MOiUUaf fcaaadaa, hm, Riilada.pkia aod iiM*k?r?, Mi afaatad Hni af Ua bmi aatanlahloj uru tkti ?m I'M lM?m; many umMiI vitk ni(?( la IM a aad ul at* wki? aalaap; mu iirntnHt, kiM alarm a 4 at aaddaa a*aa?>, kuklllaaai viU (raqaaul klMkia(, auaadad tananao via tiiufi tat af aau>d, vara atiad Mldlatau. TAKE FARTICWLAR IfOTTCM Taaaj Mac u< Rkin ?lt btti In farad ibamaa *aa ay a aaataaa praauaa Indalfad la wtaa ilaaa?a kaMt fracaaatty ha am ad fraai a *11 iiif maaii, a* at athaai, ua afatu af vktak ua aifk'Jy fell a?ao vkaa aalaap, and tf aat farad, raedara marnafa Impaankla, aad daatfara had alad aaa kadr, ahaaid apply lacmadiatair. Tkaaa ara aama af Ua pad aad aaalaaaba.y aVaau aradaaad ?? aula kakfta af jilt, via i af Ua ttak aad UaW, raina In Ua *?, Unutaaa af ttiffct. kaaa af M?aa?*l ftaar, Palpitatiaa af ua Baart, Dyapapay. Mamai imta klillT, Oar>a|aaaau af Ua I>ifaat>?a riaaUaa, ttoaaj ak'my, yn.ptaana af Cinaaaaaiiaaa. Ac DTiLlf-Tka faarfal afacu an Ua kM ara aaak la ka draadad?Laaa af Mamwy, CaalMaarfMau, Dapraaaiaa af BfMlU, E?il farakadtcra, l>amaa af Bactaty, ia ' Wairaat, kaaa af aiitada, Timidity, at*., ara aaa< af Ua a*ila ptadaaid. RIITOli DBBlLITT.?Tkaoaaadi aaa aaa)U|a*kula Ua aaaaa af tkau daalintaf kaahk, Uair nfat, kacaalag ?hI, pala. tar^ata aad aaiaciatad, fraTiaf a aafilai ikHWUia akHt Ua ayaa, aatfl ar aymptaaaa af aaaaaaap* DISEASES OF IMPRVDENCE Wfeac tka vag-aidad aad [ fatdaai vaonafflaaMN lada ka ku takakaa U>a aaada af U-a paiafil Uaaaaa. H Caa aflaa kappa oa Uat aa Ul-tMiad aanaaafiakanaaa draad af diaaarary datara hie fraaa ?pfltia| ta wbaaa aha, baa adacauaa aad raapacuMlity, aaa alaoa kafriand km la falia lata Ua aaada af tfnaraot and daair^tnf pratandara, arka. laaaapakla af aann#, tick kia pataniary aaaauaca, kaaa tun trliaf aaU aftar Matt, ar aa laa( aa ta* amailaat *aa 4?a ka ak urn, in input iit'i no wii? rmi-.ta ha&luk M aM to ui nUu( 4ia*ppairi??nt; u k; it* if tkal Iwfi; Cm*~m?wmtj?hum Um MuatitavanJ ipcjuai tf Ikli Mi iitiut, mk h ilieHmtfUl an. Anu, ImI, tia, to., mmgitmtmm vttk nyiditt, nil 4mu piu i w Ut dr**4f?r nl<rU|t fcy mb4u.( kiau ikai mmU?rut4 immi? tnm rkaat kNni a* raiataa. DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY TOR ORGANH f w* m mm ?r r* c n i k' r> i u ??r\?? ? wjo Mjicoa u i a tit. i. By ikt* tmi u( IbmuiI nmaif Uiin af Ik* '( ? U* *p**4Uy *a?*d u? ral! flpi itaitfif rtWHiti ?' Itl M iirtn* u< diMDutii, rt? k*4 .? ? ail My*, H'l Mm r*M*?*<l. All lapi?aMM *? MurUf*. rkyaiaal M IHH taaaaiIIwiihi, Un ?' rmrwiln htii, Intm Irnukfllw, rttskllif **4 WmImh m Butira** rf Ik* MM but* U*< ip?*diiy nn4. ENDORSE Mk NT Of 1 HE TRESS. TBI Hi'T T|**U*>* MM) at Mi* tMUtvtlM vltkta Ik* lut MTntlM r??f*, **4 tka ? * ** iBftnaal * ( la I ap*riti?* parfrr*i4 kt D*. JakaaMa, tkamii ky ta* mmin af tk* paptr* iti ?! *tk*r lint uO*u a? vktak ka** appi?r*4 i?tl* i?4 tfiu kafiri ik* nkiH, k?r.dtt kit *iu<it| ii * fi*|iwMi *f ikanii** aal ni|K MUty. t* * ta??*?t puimi la tk* ??i*ta4. ?ti it-lp y-N BOMKVfHNC NfcW ttlr rnt," "WM A' **1 'rr#*^'4 O V Sf Mr oVT AM fcO 1? ik* Rfc?ll and *hor???!jlf Co of* (fiv ?ap?r>r u k r*??i in hm mmwu. mt /mimi ?*M M mtii OAII to4 *M. Vhk tnderaiiuM iwyiotfelly iLfcma hi*fri?4a Lb th? District, ?n<1 visitor* tol^o city, thM kelim refttt**. tia old tea kmtliiemt^i in noft th*ro?ck, %t? hu mm own j>to ?rr*nr"irerU f? fanueh OYflTfcKS IB ui ktrw??ud io ?.7?ukj?uiT. 4?*,U>?ft'r? onathnokm perdAj. t,t)0 to I.W exca of PpicoJ ?nd Fr?U r et *p duly?mcj l.?rc?:cs' j M?te4. finuihM n U.8 ahoiibt th" *?pbo! or b*rr*!. Panma ynahtc* to h?v? OtHoti Nrn??h?tf r?cvl?rl* thro*(ti the w,ni*r. at R&itimor* prioea, vithoot 1-fcr of fBi.arp. aho?M ?aii *n4 Wr*n*em?nt? M oooe. F'?imt, Urn*, kMiion*7 |?W 0} Mnhu:ni cf re,*, u 1 nirn.ah ae Artici# M?i to tfco e?lrbr?l?d L't'iirr.or* emN:abm?nta. fti jrieoa j;rt u io*. ? ^ ? fO.miBM. GAnn*4 M?u, Ix?ratrr?, S*rair,**. C?m. Stmw*>?>Tno#, Toe*toea, PJrf Fool, Tripo, fee. Jko..*?. Ai*o., c&taap, Sum, Brr-adr PaaaKm A la* ? - ? ?** * ? a > ? VMM UQ r mil 1-lBC. fitUm, Terrain*, Freeh LobeWrm, Cod, Ha.but. fct, Id Itct. every u. i f for aale is the Northern market* alwaya op hand, at roaaonable prloee. Hotels anil families mipViwl w.tfc Oretars, delivered wit i*v.\eharje to any part of the in MHon. u the bomt is eeet wiUi the ora?r. Mf eetahiiehiaentie oyer. fro? t a. m. to 11 at aunt, every cay, exoeyt Ssaday, wLen 1 o.oee at lo r>'?to?k a. m. tf T. M. HARVKT. ' HIS It* TO ttlVK NOTICE. That the eub 1 eortber hath obtweec from the Ort^iane' Court of Wa*luE(U>a County, in the i)ietnot of Columbia. <ettert testamentary on the e?re< na. eeta e of Alexander Burrowe, late of Wnetiinfioa County aforesaid, deceased. All pereMie hanax olaimaaraiist the said dee aeed are hereby warned to exhibit the ea?e, with the Toaeheti thereof, to Uw tubeoriber, on or before the fifteenth d*y of Maron next. t;.pj nay otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the aaid eetate. Given under nay hac.d thie fiftieth da* of March. low. JUKI* DAVIDSON. mn n lawSir* Eaecntor. U Towix*. J. M. Towni, J. B. Towiu. Cm TOWERS k. CO., BTKAM BOOK AND JOB P BINTIN G ESTABLISHMENT. Oemtf Ltmxtxeum* mmm mmd Sixtk si. The attention of the biatneea community it re apec'iu!'.t invited to the New Book aid Job Printing Eatabltshment, yrhieh bu been fitted op wiU new material, in the moe? oocnplat* manner. ia mow prepared to exeeete, in a aatiafaotory at Tie, every variety of Printing, via: Booka. Speeches. Pamphlets, Cards, Circulars, 3'Jt>ra' Blanks, fto .Ac. The attention of rr.err.t>ert of Congress is eapeoiaLy resueatetl for oar faci'.itiea for punting Speeches, as we :.sve the ltt*?i ste&ir. power it the city. deT*law?? f^IBBB' KA1R STORE, No. SltifA. iv.. in. l)m mi ltn in, -Iti U!!PhSsM^Fv% aiwaya on hai \ or n.a.e to arcer at the shortest Uee. Hair Work repaired or eienarged. m. B.--l?saiea' Hair Dyad ta Ue meat natami 'I^U MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. EATCHXLOR'S GMTIVIHE HAIR BTM. The Brat in the WorM. Hi Gnl* fiiMk ?ut HmrmUn Hm%t Din Iwm, fr ttwtt*jj*. Igmjaw f>.r?>??t HMitim store, ep Iwel ulo#,?er, r ft tu, U4 M liW'i Bur Store, S4t I'ecn'ft avenaa, where Ladles oan have It afelied, J rnirr-81 Bartuae ec i late m Broadway) IT T. oa ? if WALL. STEPHENS * CO, w NilmnsviTft>. AND H KA?Y^fjLDK CL"f?) ER^, ANDhi^im^s%ioNoU.NfLt-m*-tf U/K Ot-FER TO MILITARY MEN a (arte " aeeortmeci ofGREY ana BLUF FLANNEL OVER fllfiRTS, WHITE SHIRTS, DRAWw*h wa^n^ite a F *7*ureh*aecatee&Laaa beforemahiac U?*ir eafeeii 'D . _ WAEL. 81 E^MNS * CO.. I B H9 Pv 'iW? tru* wit e?e rtNE VERY NICE ROSEWOOD CH1CKUjwim Paw ana aaa 6?bf*r eaia l?ne uwrtniKt of fttei"dV*VS~So na1 1? i y^vwgAa'.tfr'-'-" * M"w.rr I _ CASH NOTICE. in Coimimm* 0(4Mr hftricr to ptr ewh for Cm *rf arUaia oI good? * BBrohue. we tr? forced roduo* ?u buiiMU to Cuk exo oeiraiy, for the rfcfraf Ss?B!MxrK?a tx>? ww, wfeufcart J'Un Mtjaa ea lowv nu? ttuuulb. WALL. 8Tk>H KN8 * CO_ Fk H. t*twton Kk tad l?fc ata. ?? n?ui.?K?n * rH>V?BB, OOLOr. HOA^t>L88. *?. 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