Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1862 Page 4
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EVENING STAK. HATF/S ft III'RET. Tbe sunlight l? beautiful, mother, And iwrrtlv the Dnwfri bloom t??-dav ; Ai d birds In the branch's cf tbe hawthorn Are cjroHoc ever so gay; And down by ihr rook in the inradow Th? til! tlr.nlr* bv with a onr: ~ r r / ----- - ? Air", tnotb< r, 1 too Lave been aln^iu^ Tbe on rrlest ail the day long. I.aatnight i was Weeping, dear mother, Last liiqht | w-t? weeping alone; The world was so dark and so dreary, My heart tt cff"vlr heavy *a stone. I thought ?-f tbe lonely and loveless? And lonely and loveleas waa I! 1e ?n acaroe tell why It waa, mother, But, oh ' 1 wrs willing to d'.e' La?t night I waa weeping, d?*ar mother, Hut Willie r?me down by the gate, And whl*pered,k-Come*>ut In the moonlight, I've something to say to you, Kate.'* t'h. mother! to him I am dearer Than all the wide world htslde, II ? told mo V) out in the moonlight? He called me his darling, bis bride ! ire -ow I wiM path*-? me roan To tvrlnr in my long braided balr; And \V illle will come in the evening, And ?m!ie when be sees me ao tair; And rut in the moonlight we'll wander. And down by the old hawthorn tree On, mother' 1 wonder If any Were eyer so happy as we' "- w Fine Celery. too.. -? T-ege'able. ihoblj Every ore who gro?-. * the rtrj 1?e*t I make an effort to hare them o? V|"?ccbca, . quality. One (pod celery plant, well wcrUp, and of a fine nutty flarop.MJ worth Bn,. ' Jor aft than a doicn poor plants. To all ama- | teurs who wi.-h to srow fine celery, either for I <onsumption or exhibition, we coDimend tbfl I following: To PnoDrcK Vetit Fihb Cil*rt ?nitherio I bare only treated of this vegetable so as to produce an ordinarily good sample, and in a " ay that will pay the market-gardener; bat if it be desirable to have extra quality end the largest size, some difference should be made in tbe culture. Celery will feed freely J on very rich manures ii judiciously applied, but not otherwise; and the best time to use | such is during active growth, and after the 1 createst heat of summer is past. There is no j difficulty in obtaining bends of eight to ten pound? weight, and in some instances even i more, if the following directions be adopted : Kai?o the plants, and plant out a? before directed, with the exception of the treaches, which should be opened wider, and about half t! much more well-rotted manure added. When h trifle advanced in size, and growing fast, place a few inches of fresh "maidon ' j enrth alongside of the stalk ; and if there ii a h<?g pen at hand, procure a quantity of the I Urminings and slush, fresh a3 it is, convey it to jour row-^f celery, ani after raiding a small ridge ou si le and away a short distance from ihe plants alone the row, p? ur it on the surface. T^ke care that thi* docs not come too rear the stalk*, t it will most assuredly rot them . and do ne t mutilate tbe roots, or they will be destroyed. I>? n<.t apply this or any other strong manure during h<?t weather, or the luxuriance will not bear the sun's rays, and the leave, will blLtcr. A wet time is the bes? for this kirn! of application; and in the abieuce of frequent raic?, use water very freely. If hog draining* are not to bo had, a 1 l.iif f/nial cnKiton^n f? 11 n*r. h ill draining*, or guano dir-.>lve l in wafer at Lhe Tata of fifteeu gallons to one pound. If the !><>g wa h be u*ed, one application will be ?n--ugh but of the other?, a repetition every three or f ?ur days for three weeks will bo nectary. The after-soiling may procred as helore advised, with the exception that if deferred I -nger ;he weight will be greater. It may be thought that this is a strong dose; but wc must recollect that it is only applied rvh":i growth is most active, and the plants under favorable circumstances as to temperature ; and most vegetables will flourish at this period with manure of so rich a nature as to kill them at other times. It is for a want of knowledge on this very point, that so much mi!<ct.ief is frequently done in this way. What is here advised has often been done in my own rir*rtfa?e. when wish ins? to obtain extra<>rdina rv r^Ptand ban answered the purposes for which it wa? intended. The following criteria will ebow what a first rate head of celery is, and bow it ought to apI'ear on the exhibition table. The weight may e from six to teD pounds. It should be taken up wirb the roots preserved, ?*nd cleanly washed. Tae external form should correspond in length to girth?not short and thick, nor long a. d ?lender. The base immediately above the roots on^ht to be nicely rounded?not bulged, nor split; the stalks tolid, brittle, straight, perpendicular to tho base, with the leaflets confined tc the upper part, leaving the stem clear bfei?w. The blanehir^ should extend in the .;?:ond inner row of stalks up to the leaves, and tt> the ba^c of the outer ones; all inside of this ou-iht to be clear and eatable, and proceed in the mtddle nearly to the top of the leave*; the whole available substanco for ua? being j about one-hall the entire bulk. There ought not to be any spots or freckles of any kind on any part, nor the least sponginess or hollowness. If a white variety, the bleaching should be per fee. ly white; and if a red, of a clear -whitish-pink, shading off to white in the heart. bach is a first rate head of celery; and I hone ~ that more attention will begin to be paid at exhibitions to a better standard of excellence in vegetables, for there is yet much room for improvement. 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( Ar ?r*a a A *?*t *r* ??!? > "" _ a ? ? - ? - ---? - - ? .. 1 will flMIt -f.n-n? ny *<*:? t*for? '!htk*r' *,-? t? t;?Mer? if ia oUier iV;^. Mrri?i *a>i Jncka at4l U rJer. *r?Mi *n4 at ?h??i sotl0?, ?fr*?Of olArrr to ?LT'>irl t>i lt> * *9T%e*9Wh. frttLAiesitadm. MMB8 8.TOPHAM. 4 -?.n3? MAiR BTORK, 1 V . -i* fA. 11th AN?Ifra 3M. . if? W-JS * f?t? CV :.* -i.w to ?ra?r alike nhoiUm ?%'?*. a?lr W?r* wnflliMtM, >. 2iir JhW il *! awil nittrt kM>>: MW ! npo MILITARY OFFICERS JWD OTHERS. BATCH*LOR'S VMNV1NM SUA ?TX. *ka I'm* ! ISa WMU. n: 0nh? Mtluuu urf'amm'j Hmr Dt* Ium At itt'i Mlir Sir*, 4?5 fftjB'* 6vsbs?, fcSiftr* ' y. , SWtfUjii. ' \ rHE roNcno TENTI \ . ENTIRELY WITER-rHOOr. ' Isvested Named by Horace 11. Day. Weight 7 Taundk. It ) thrpr> cood Rubber Blankets, on Linrn, f?J bv 71 Inches. II la three Ponchos or Cavalry over-garments? each weighing, complete*, two peimds. The whole, 'when united, makes tbls a couwcnieot Tent for three persons on a inarch. MannWturrd ai d sold, wholesale, by the Inventor /ltaetory, corner Sid ?Ucct and 3d avcnur, New York Retail priee, Water-proofed with Rubber, f 10. Larjje discount wholesale. Retail price, Water proofed with Enamel Paint, $15.50. Without Maker'* name, none genuine. (Patent applied for ) WALL, STEPHENS ?t CO , Agents, 3^"J Pennsylvania avenue, Washington. The following Testimonial* will show how thia valuable contrlv-iuce In viewed and compared with all the other articles designed to take l"s place. One two horse team will transport enough of these Tents for a Regiment. For sale and orders received as above. C> Mr V*., H'miiivarters ttk rem. Cu-ilry, March 22, ISe'i. H. Day. fcr<i ,o HSC. van vli?t. Ih'S Kecimsnt ha? had in nse the hren painted Pocho Tents abontone month, and finds every reason fo speak hishiy of th?m. Wo oannot imagine anyt'iin* in thai' :ftos that eonld give mure v 1 ntiafi nti aim \V a n a ** n a a A t K Am a m .r|lT-| rmi 'U> ? T *? JiBi-O QC^j J * II^HJ j?3 ICIIIS) and we a!bo find them m excellent shelter Irom ?torm while on ma'oh. In ?hort, we wonld cot wmh to he without them. A E Griff'h, Lieot Col; Maiir Pencnct Hnor; ChM Arrownmuh, C?pt Oo B; C ? Smith, " *Pt Co H; Austin N Cooler. To I; P Kee v. r,?ot Cowl'c Co O; Samuel Wileon, ?**l * ; Andrew Crsv?n, ?'spt Oomd'g t.'fty? "khvt,'si I,irnt'*o M: Jno Co M; T**? fv To V; Cha? J WioksmW Jacobs, :a .v*w?. "*T WisUr, C*pt Co D; Htn. ,*?P* Co K; /** *? v Venn C&v; J^hn iinert 0 Kno?, '-'ler, 1st J.irat H Fne*. i ;? '? Wh: r !*? B; W A ?Vfli Rei.-ert Oldhsir., let Lieeto. ''nfivss, CorTw CWt OoFt ijeut Chris K . ? H, Co ?.?th Pa C??; N ffj&2uVo 5? 8th Pa; Lieut I/ew?_Fi"hbla?l?Ce E. . ^ rvfl CU'tUJ (If?, r I ?Mt ?? I have tue aniole re:errei ?o in toe , rorffjomr certificate. and also nn? cf the a*rw rind watar-proniec with In-^ia rubber ine^a-l of Ihe enamel tr paint referred to While I think hifh> of theoMfira!, J deej? that coated with thin now made I.t Mr Day. who a*rarea me he is ?b?inventor <>f this pon ho Tent." ia a perfect a*d inva'mble contrivanc tor a moving ?rmy. 1 mas: ocrdially re^P^-nd it* reneral adoption. JAVK? ** LWDLI*, Co!ocfl Third Artill'sC-W V Vol. Camp n**h Albaardria. Virginia* H**t<!U<itterx2d ?tamr tiegim-n', March 18, lFtf. Air. Huaarz H Oat or tfeu. Vas Vlkit: M? regi.went have hsU the Linen l'.iutd Ponoho Tent in use about tfire^ uior;thfi, ai A on the whole have riven good t*.option. Th??tfle and eat tern i? as rooa as c sr. i>e. wi< u*n 1 premr firam?ts to button*. Tiie aitici* ik row h?m b# :M men as ten's?it h%j b*en **ed rn siclcet duty, givir.g satisfaction. The r<*'rt !n ''me cmm crack*, and hei.ce unJer nonn eironmitsaces they are not whol'y wst.*r proof; th?uth i.:f the low srire. the iinHfem and co:;v?Ei*no?f, I. .-leem the Po.ioh" Teiit < i .Mr. I)sy inT*lu*b'e,&utf c^tH not <'0 without tb?m o i any eonsi:orf* n?, . Ch** W Koh^rts. Col. Cnmntsr.dinf; Paniel lisp'din. it; licree V.xrtse* t.ieutCo1: l.bvia f Mirt?t% Adjt; W 55 Midgett, L.i?nt founl'e Co ft; F <' Kr.s?. Oapt ?v> it: K a I7atn?f ?, t'spt Co H; A < li.viiti, Assistant s-nre?*oii; Saui'l \V lloikiit,<ju'ttermastsr 2-1 Miiue; i'^ni i??' B Mor'isn, i-'.'jrteoa 21 M'-iw; W I) lt?snti 11 l.ieuff oil; Geo II Brown, Lieu' OH; A. C. Wbi'oomh. let hers'tCoH; J VV * ;a:?n, First Lieut Co I; F. * MerriH. Capt Go C} Thomas Foster, 21 Lieut Co L. Fourth *'icht?A!* Rr?iM?ST. Ki'dsis, Man k |8,1162. Mr. II. II. Day or Gen. Van Vl.sit: Pear t*?r : Vv e hivp u?ed I >..?> Patnst l,i/J?n P<"rhosW?x7i, in*.rto to bo oonveited mtoTeits, and f..?.ii.i thrm 'he most pm feet thing in aH re sp 'cts, eioepl thai tic water p >ofinc in inauyrvf t A n i? I in *?s?r f 'I Imina I?v .M1 ! > liiit r#<rim?nt have t>e?n r*cha> tivl f >r rmdier htanke'8. The in ad are nn y lt?r it Aii had thf? I'oncho i*, it in pieJV?irr<i l<? tl.n i *w rot'l^r ivai.ketx for wlunh the? w*re M?hiu,t<^< ???r men would gladiy change hack for tr>?o!d I'oachoa. But on' indent vt is thai ll tli? Concho l'ont w?>r?? madr of gr od rurl>fr. *ani?? pailorr a* the l.ipen Pa>ntel,and p.otccted on the surface, i! wi n d i.s j;i?t th? thing wanted. We are in:oi rrrnl the pries ol ?he Fainled I'onoho Tent of Mr. Pit i* Siwi raob without po!m. In conrlutinn ?r? frar kiv aay we oonaider them ampl? worth ih? J VV Chid*. Lieut oi Coiud't 4th Mich Vo!; Jaiue* it Cole, Major 4'n Atich Vol; J A Gordon. Lier.t Cowl'i Co I; J W ll.vli l.ieutCo 1); E S Ualdwic. Lieut Co ?; N Stoddard, l ieut Co I; C B l'araoca, Lieut Coind g Co E. r N Mam, Li^iit; AOl anisop, l.eut, M \V Chspin. ?'apt Co K; Samur M ?<* !*, ("apt 4 . i . * vi i) - - ?>? a .?l ? - i *1 * ?? i>, A iiui?? v t *? i\ i'-r. r?l ion Win K dirks, Su-gf<>n ?th Mich Vol; H T A.teUmtUf, A**'t Adj't f???n 2-1 ilryMJ, I J I'orlor'e Divn; O ?* <'<ft Conxl'r Ok H; Oeors? fpi i!nc, ?'*? <'o !.?!!? R'-e Mich, l> 1> .Untt.3, Cajt Co O; 4Ui Kes M V. Jlcedquartrr? Si riv-straitd J??e/?wr>?/, Prnn T'oluHtttis> Mart k ?.*>, VvJ. Wi concur 111 the fore*om; r#w>rn>merdatioT>. mamcel VV. f I.ACK, Ccionc! Con w>win s E etimflBt. J. w. ^WFlTZiRCol.6d K-?e Vol. J. S. Browi*. A<?ju!&uibJ4 rtnii. Vol. Camr Maecy. Yhoinu. Iltad'iHarttrs cf&t t'u Ca c, vtarrx a.186 2. To Mf. H. il Diver Brt(.6ra Va:i Vliii: Our re*un*i.t is v?>rf niuiii pl^wd vita !>*?'? Liucn l'.vLted l*oiiol'> I tuU. We i>iir*e.v*s hftve tinted them thc-yiiRfiiy, aid can sp^fik in hi?h pr&iisofthJir un la our' p'uiun thera m Qo m tide o( tris de clpion ?ia'l"i n?i>reo? nvooiont nn<i ro we!! adspt^d to the various purpoets which our*'tui. re^u>-ot.?-rrs deiriifd. J F !*eai, A^j'i; l<>8 U HrRuox, Capt Co Mi Ab?l'-Vritni, Ut Lifut Co J\J; George John < n, C?pt Oo F; Jos K Lcdje, >?t Lieut; T I' Ruaso.l, ?'*?t to L; WfnU9il Cat*. Capt Co L; T H ^herw'KKl. J,mat to I.; Wm J Gary, ("apt Coin i'f Co D; li A1 Martin, Capt ?;oindt Co K; Hdw 3 Jones, I nptComd'g ( o C; Kolit ut l.i. iitOoC: vvm H Price, lit Liect. AdQ M; Alca J Wood burn, Capt Co H; Thoa H icwn.CaptCo B; Walters Newhail, 1st Lieut Co 6If th? u.atena was tubbarjs'oth. I woii'd oocour in lbs above. wm w, Avxiuin Co.oi.ei Third P. V. C. 1 fttree \nth theCoionel CoirmMnine E*"K?T >J. PpMftr, Msi.Com First Bat. Third i*a Cav. I n'.iinrniili nnnnur in Iha . v .. ......J ? 'M- ? "R ' "W VI 1 bill 'jaVU| #xor#tasto the m%iariil of wiuoh the t*nt? are m&de, wbieh should be robber. 8 M."wm, L'eut Col. Th'd T?. C?t. H*ADQCiRTIRS PoRTTtx'3 DIVISION. * la-i/ir California < Vi > Plcrck, 1862. In the ^?\rel' *> prft???'? division f ff? )'<* Hi.!, Virjini*. t?? Fauf.vx Court tlouae. M.J Irtftil thena* -o thia pUo?, tho I'cboho blieitor T'nt. manufactured by Mr. 1 &y,acd u*ci Dy several of tho recunen'a iu iheir In vou&o, ?.tiH<Lgh mauy of them defective, in <H>n?trtef*U(>a if the mill ex p*n? thir.h #S 5?,? inor? thfiu pud lor ih'niielteg Curiutc '.he loveiceot of the pictfeiv Tie i?v?" iik tin !?i find triem than th* French "leut d'Ahi." ih?y Rro tiio ntnr !<>r cor..{oif ana ounveU'etM when pi'o'i-HJ lor the nuniier of a?ft a.ioted f> theiu. T> *y kave an i>dvaata*e ovor-the ' Test a'Abri" wbe?. tr?t, ftt, t!io? ?,!? .> hsivior, while .lie "Tent d'Abri, ' fthaori>iuj luoietur*, *r? not nuly more bty when packed wet, bnt are lilthl?to mildew I he S'*3, hilitnen, chenpties*.and ulili tw tt* Ih.i A /4a*1<?.Ma j.?*. m ?V..1-4 ? J i.? I. ? ?* ? *' ? k ? Iivr?l*?l?ir "li<" . dliU f'U i'i ii t* trado ! "? *r,i?nre without pfe'lfct rr nrnokirn, ju irij opinion, mike it i*valnfci.|?? to any fcruif n>n?inr. *i. Muatiiths. Lt. at*! Adjt to Gen F. J. Sorter, Cow g 1)it. To Hi itd U. i?tv. Wehavo rxmaiued your Tea*. d'Abri, invtnou thill Linff Clofil. lilhtir CO*t#.i with Knlikr mm. poMtiou. The i^opl'nc of it to rho pj,-pt?c of a t'onouo 14 moitadtnirab e.aad ia v e w of th?ii|htom ?rd .inncth a- <1 wver r*p?llm* ?u% itr.and ot our leoc" witti artia;?*. <x-n*ider your "l'AKhnTml" tb* t>#*t oo;,.; ivanoe ? have y#t m>?ii f>?. l>iv<>uaoin* ai,d ?* ot ti.o army on inaro i without ttuU. w m ii. lit Lieutenant .d i:.fa.r.; y. Coin's Co. T. W. WiUtR. Oa?t.3i fnfAntry. Cnmiuaii<ime Co. 1. Nt*r AU-rtndrta, >icn 13, W a-hi5gton March 24.IWi. Mr. Horacs U. 1?at. 1 Have esmnned your plan of Poncho Tent, A b.'&naet aiso, t-7 ti iucliea, and ooi.v?rtii<;? into a be lter ler.t; erd 1 drem it al'o'?th*r the test coutnvacoo fur any R'itt mo vim i hire *een. Mr regim' nt ii*va leotiitit oulaiued eomo pairitfd outt ii sloth m?Je niter, your pattern, >pt the b>?Dk?'aare ?n??<1 wila ayeleu. i prefer Um t>?it' i.a * th*. mm o[ I^nen ai a base atari to ha water proofed wiihKa^ber. i deci.i iom It ubber Ponebo lee. '.he l?*at 1 i.-nve &<~<u can cheaifuliy rooouuueni ita adoption W the jovsri meat for&rtfty us_\ J a >12* A. bu.Taa. Lieutenant Coii>ne? coin*, 34.k .^1. Y. V. I fatly cotcor in the views above ??t forth. J. Palu<h. CoIoloI 2i N. Y. Volur.tser Artillery. H-.aJuH'xrttrs 31'A N. Y. Vol. Alarrh .5 18S2. Mr. Day: W* have cxa" iiied y^ur ludia Kubbe Poboi.u Tet:'., viuua tiTcunra and arrang*in-nti. in?. in ?r judgment. perfect The tize ia jvat r.fht for the uuniuprol m^n (or which it ia cetii> ?^. It ia 8'rom and daraMe. (Jar regiment reo?irei *iout ei^ht honarea or paisted raatlin fr?ni the Oiaerieriuaetm'a Detriment on the2ith l-ehruary, which nareh'eu >:dn in uie. Weooneider them cnfii. tor ill" purpjas deaicnod. and rearly valuc!e??. son.e of the men iiare thrown Ui??iiiiMuai*:Mi They craok an<t p*a . and leek water i*dtv- 'IhVf were made iu I'hi'adelptna We caau- t sycAk in too harsh teraiaof oonflemcaticn of tbein . _ Wm. L. Oswald, captain Co, A. Chulu K lLfcT, Captain. Ckmp imt J/txmmdrin, V. S. Keg*tars, March It, IMS. G??. Van VliitThe > thoeia aad a?en have rioeial/ triad the l.lbCti 'imt d'Atxi, ai:d find ihein VhflHj uaeiaaa m w?; weather. They eak water, a??i an.>rd^aily i*> piuteotii.ii i<? t? trr..#pa in rainy weather. The Mftu ( JT?.- Ijtriii without atinr. acd Wuuid rut carry 1 Hi -m an*** it. Whauwvl, the aheeta a.e vjif heary, a*;.? dry or. y wUn txpOted? ereau cut in the tiiuor dry wind. No yt aaibl* b??i"tt cm t* obtained from tna.r nae, aicett aa a I6*4? w frt Ml IM men from tue ?<u sun Cf uvo I 1 fc , miht oew In <>ur i-pi-ion, they are usil**s i* | * .</ We speak the eeo'imrnt* of the entire reft- I meut. T. W. Walker. i Captain 3l Infantry. I W.m H- l'?>ROs?, 1st Lieut. ^1 Infantry Comma .1'; Co. Cutri*r\.2Uh N. Y. S M.. t r , Failty's X March 2?. ! ?. e???e?r in th* <-pinion e?trrMe?i by < Apt T \V VVnlkf r, (. I I r'Knt r v. > Ai.d others,m rofer'nee fothe ntility of the Lmea "Tentd'Abn." W# have been using liiem for the last four weeka. K. K TtTHitL, Aasista^t 5urjt??oc N. Y- ??. M. ... J McKnt**. *?I Lieut. Company K, 2"th N. Y. ?. M. ? ooncui iu what is at>ov? oxprei>?e<i b? Or. Tiit C. VaI? SAMfVOORO, <'haplftin 3>th ? V. ftl. 1 fulls ooucur in the abnvc. J. 15. II>RDR*BRRGU, Major N. V S. M. Washington, March S. 1w. Mr. Horace H 1)at: , , Y"u wish me to stat* the experience of the raiment to which I am attached in the aae cf the Tent ] d'A hri, foroislied ua by the Government, and inula ofoioth not water-jm? f>d. I aiiKwer they are of little or no use. I have m?a*lftried them, and am n?>w suffering a aevare oold ai;l aioknesn from hcing thorouihlv vet in trying to a'eep under one ?>t them. Thia ial?e experience, I bslitv!?. of the regiment. 1 kave cxk'.?niued your Poncho Teut. mads water-proof, and convertible into blankets ard l'oacho#, cud consider it (Ae best i tk>HK I ever saw, a-d da^ui it atiinira&e for an srir% m aotua: ae: vice iu the field. Gxo. w. Gribwv. lft Lieutenant Company Jt, l'J;h ]ndi&n^.Vol. Headquarter? Harm Litkt Cavalry, yf.'isifM. i Kn..) I'nmm March 27. 183*\ Mr. Hcricx H Day : . I I hav? examinee your patent Pouoho Taut, ind hiving had some oonsiderabie knowledge and?*- I pen/n^e in the India rubber business. I flo not hesitate to say that yor havaRucoeeded in making your rubber preparation of water proofing perfect for ihe use to which jou l.aveaipliei it. Vot?r I i'or.cbj lent, being ma<le to with only seven pn?n Is, is just the thing wanted The szsis really quito large and convenient lor three men, and I am ?urj> ircd and delithted (hit so valuable an addition lit* been dieo jvert d for the soldiers' oomfjrtli i? so much better than anything elso in tho field 1 as to r>* above comparison. Al1 other 'lungs here t(f>re issued, exoept yours, nave failed. Tho r rfnsii Tent d'A bri is nseiees in tte field in rainy weaiher; vri I c^use more sickness than it will prevent. A larg? portkii of the men in my regiment reltise to use them, and the money expended in |h " ooat is substantially tb.~0*n away '1 in rob- , ber'b'au 1,hj,,"h some of .them of go-?d mite rial, yet are OJ, "?? excO> t for a man to lay ftiklftr him when F- W. aUk'^trokg, Major Sd Battalion Harrn LijJ't Cavalry. Htndquarlvt Harris Litkt Ca.ajv, Camp _pa.<?wr. Mr. Hm?cf H Dat: . Your Poncho Tnijt has been submitted to my ainination. and 1 a-n nam pel led to express a mOk* . favo; able opinion o/ ?*s superiority to any thin* > tiiat has oome under ni? notioe- Its waterproof! ife linlitnaac lfr WAi 'llt II Ot 'l&blfi tO l>0 I increased )>t wst or rain, anfl if* durability reoominen'l it to ni? a* being just wMt, at this time, ia required for actnat narrt service :w th* field. >ty experience with the Frenoi'.'shelter tenta is not at all favorable, the; being ali.iost useless id wet weather, and i consider your teift a? entirely obviating the otjeotiocs no justly iir.^ed against the use of tW? plain o'oth shelter tenf. Tho Kublm IJiantet now issued is only valuaL'.a as acoverirc to be p aoeil upon the, and not at all fitto form a tent. j. Kilpatbick. Lt. Col. 2d iV. V. Cavity and Frcvost Alar>hal. 1st Ltiutctimt 1 s< Arirllt' v. h?/rr Vnirfjir Ktm frt.. t-*am r ~ . _.F T.i '.utile. Ale iJowtll's L'iv., Mntk i8.1962, ! MR. ? . ,tt. DAY : , Wa waao jon.~ Poncho Tent, pivIa water p-oof witli or an?1 likt> tlia style, mzfl ?.nd inakA vt-r; aoJ t!ic nth thA k:Ver ai uwd l<>r wnwir prcioJi .C, ( ?iuc An.ainAl paint, m liaMA to u'uk. yet onijr t*r<"' wu ?.*? iIia r.atte T*r?*ick, au'i wa wouid not wi|ij'f>>tT ' *? "ittiMtjonr pauitod taut. VVwtiunk, il ina<it? -vsttr proof with Iniia ru >hgr. it wuu:d l>? iisiii^nAi l>lo t? an anny in tUA fifld. Wa cliferluliy I oar wjv'W'hjj totfiAjaot ?t?M T<iur o<'iitii?anc.? is R.'.tO|jAf*<u? thA heatof anr meitir tojit v? coir a nrifl^r /'nr notice on thta n.le ol tha I'otomao. VVa nav^ i\ <?pActc<1 jonr nMhaM^anf rui.tiAr nn ImAn. and convertible i?to a ?heit?r iviil. or, as ?ou taroi it, t^u. " "Poncho 'F?ut,''and nop* it V7ill b* purchased hr thetiovffr.iTont.aut t)?at wj bL&1! iioable to sot iiieiu. ..Votj respectfully, K. M. KnfltLL, 1st Lieut. N 11. UaUorj. K. H. Hoh??. 1st " " " J WlDI.KHlH, M " " " 11. F. ConoicTi 2d '* ? W;siiim.ion, April 4, tan?. W# have examined tli<* new Ponoho i'ent, invented by Mr J)ar, i.j44? l?f linen, and rendered Water Proof with India riftrik. '> with ?urf*ce proteotion. Tlieimportant lv( ihn 11he tent inmate up of three large K.anfceU, eltOL a Poneho, ia a very imp'irtant oonsi.l ration?a? i" marohiDK, or on pinkt-t or ruard duty in rain* \?0?."th?r, the toiler in krptdry with the incuiiihranOt.'of only two pound weiiht-while,at nuht, the ilifc Ponohoa are united t<? make a nood Ten', lor tln'60 ni'H. ?? " iiw n.1'4 mu CAOII'lliOU lllf) oocUivaocct 10 tlio field designed ft a a phi. Mitute, but ir>ne are eoinpimMt with (hm; and we ^heerfu It omtif? to lis ntility, ai.d rewmmend iu use in preference to any otlifr lor bivoueoinc and tor the army in the held wittioat regular tente. J'HOS A ZlEGLK, Colonel l"7th Ilrcia.e'it l'*nu. vol, M. B. Clark. Cap'.. Co. o 1st rv.- J. Cavalry. AfiD A BAMS, Major 1st New York C?valrr. horace pav, eeq.: ilMtnna Avamixa<t *oit* f nfiia DltKK?r Pan " llO iiotiiik raturuiu f num > u i /?? ? wu - ?? Teiit and te ied its Vv*t?r-Proof <iu%;itips, i fo'l bound t> km tn&tit 11 the ben; Tent Altar that mode! 1 iitiv? yet seen. It is fa,r isupon r t. tho Tent d'Abri, in usa in tli-a Frenoii arn.y, v!uoh 1 can aay from fxporiecoe is but worthless in heavy wet weather. Your Tent is more port&b.e; and beim impervious to wvt, must afloid guod Mneiter so tre roidier in c&inp&:gn. H'AmhI Kkilv. Captain. CilfiVAl-lLR US I'll )X. et St. lir*g'?i'e. 4t0. Metropolitan Hold, W*r\inston, Aprils, 1P.51. in"v concur in the above. WtruKbpgh. i Waitimgtrm-. April 5. Iff?. * - B-?awSt BOMKTIJfNi NEW ! fqa iajsiutiit d.'ir?t?t c>vl(af 99??r 4t 981 c- uriM, trrttiu OYSTER TfAM ED la tk* Shall and f horoughly Cook94 (far aapariar d a reaat) in lii/uttA it*i m r???ri. Call and see. Wke aaderaigiied reapeotfalty lo/orma bia frieada la the Diatnot, and Tiaitora to the oity, that he haa refitted hia old and wzll-khowm aatabuahmanf in a moat thoroagh manner, and haa made complete arran*f>menti to furmah OY8TEK8 in any atyle and in ary auantity. ?uoto<raga;lonaehackel per day. 1,000 to S4M1O oana of Hpioed and Fraak tut ay daily?oana l.erm?tioally aealed. Farniahed In the ahelf by the baahel or barrel. Feraona analiing to bite Oyatere farniahed regalarly through the w:nv*r, at Baltimore anoee, witcoat fear of fkilare, ahoaid call and make arracgsmenta at onoe. Freight, time, and raopey aared by eurohae>ng e( ias.aa 1 /arniah as article t?ul to the oeiebratal fcaUimera eaUDuakmanta, ftt pr.MS M !o*. VO flVTMEKS, Canned M?*U, isot<?tera, Htrdinea, Clama, Strawberries, Toinatoe*, Pita' Feet, Tripe, lift * o..A*. Aiao, Fieklse, Catanp, &ajoea, Brandy Pewihea, Ao, Aieo, Otmoacd * reoh Flab, T?rtien. Terrapin*, Fieeh Lnleters, Cod. Haiibnt. A a. In met, every thine for id the Northern market* always on baq-1, at riv-sooable prioea. Hc'-eiaaml &ap?:ie<i with Ovstera, delivered

without charre to any part of the Piatnat? ir. *?a*un, if the monaj is Mint with the ordeT. >'y hment i< open from k a. m. to 11 at Bl*'it, oyerji day, except Swnaa*, when 1 oloae at 1> o'clock a. in. JaTU T. M. HARVET. L. Xowkks. J. M. Towiii, J, II. 7ovui, L. TOWEltS Jt CO? 8Tj?AM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. Cemtr Louisiana annul and Sink it. The attention of the business community if re speetlnllv invited to the New Book and Job Printins lietahhshroent, whioh has been fitted up with new material, in the mwt oomplete manner, is row prepared to execnte, in a satisfhetory style, every Tarietr of Printing, via: a ilpoks^Speeches. l^mphleU, Cards, Cironiars, The attention'of members of Congress is esieeially requested for our facilities for printinc 8pee chee, as ve have the larnn steam power 12 ikaeitr, de l-Uvtg HRV 600IW FOR "IH t FOLKS Af IP HOjklK."-C?Kic?? and other* needing Dry I Goods 01 ur kind fur tko f"jk? at home, are ache i ted to inaaert <??r stock, ail new, and the prioea marked in plain hiurea. the actual cash etaiidard alae. All pareela (or the icterl?r; proparly paokad far forvardinc by expreaa or othei converanoea, fraa of charge. PERRY ? BRO., ap Mt Pa. are, and Ninth ?U*ej. WALL.8TEPHEN8 & CO., ? 394 Pann^TLVAniA Aviic*?i MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS. AM, *fcT?N,RK gBAyFJ. f t tf WM K Oh PEIt TO MILITARY MEN a large a?6ortmert ofSRHv una f)Ll7E HLANNKL OVER-HIURT8, WUITK 8HIRTS. DRAWER?. CAMP BLANKET*. HALF HOME,Jte., which we invite *1 cash porcL&seri to examine beloro making tneir eeeotnn . VVADL. STF.#?N3 St CO., m 79 *99 ?*a av ?h? ? ?mTan* ti-th ?>?. OH NE VERY MOK ROSEWOOD CH1C&ering Piano and one Geifcfor sa!o very? c'i"ap, on aooommivlatir.g let ma Also,a|k|HB large assortment of ft* in way ft Sons' snanitl ? Raven, Bsoor. Ar Co.'s Pianos, at the Musio Star* of W. 8. MKT3EKOTT. mh Id I CASH NOTICE. N Conaeauenos of onr having to paj cash for rrerv aruole of goo4a we earokaee, weavefateed to reduce oar businoee to CMh exclusively, for tke rsfiijfeiatf pKm u, 3Ma ?H>U?U?, COLUo, HOAESKNK8U. *?, ; OOMPOVtiD 8YA(?P OFttWU 4*dMHL Thtt plaaaaiit ao-J popular Coujti hM t*?fe ao iiii* known tjAj exteaaivfir >*) Uunmofi ?r?oa? have boowui?7?iuih?r with Tu ?xtra*r4i un ffloaej. It oaa i? Km at ail tta priB*l? I %Y'MTllL tt?lr ***** 1 ? ^ f ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIALS. ^ vgw of the many testimonials ( from tiie citizens of Washington to dr. tumblel'y, the indian I1ER* DOCTOR. I tabU Condition of Body nnd Mini. I wu al modi dead with pain In my chc?t, l>ack. ihoulder*, .aide and bead; waadeblUtatrd that I wuld scarcely walk. My mind wa* continually velaacholy and gloomy; but were It not for Dr. ru.-nblcty1* "kill and bla remedies, 1 would have jte'a dead before this. 1 am new completely .urcd. Taoma GmF?m, ^ P street, between 15th and lftth, Washington, , 1). C. ~ Erysiptlas Cured, J| D*. Tcmbi?*tt?Your berb remedies are the i paragon of aU that la great In medtelne. Tbev y> have cared KM after being given up to die of ^ erysipelas. Mrs. Emma Ksawall, h< Fairfax county, Vs. Cure of Coughs, Pain in th* Breast, Dyspepsia, icith great Weakness. M This la to certify that I have been troubled with K th* above-named complaints for several yrara I ft tried aome of oar moat eminent pbyatclana In * Waahlneton, Alexandria, an<^.Georgetown, but received no relief. I wa* persuaded to try Dr. 1'umbltty, and in a very abort time bla herb , mMiclnea cured me. Jambb H. Biall, Blacksmith Shop, Navy Yard. Dyspasia and Liver Complaint Cured. Charles W. Harman, Metropolitan Police, Washington, D. C. ? Cure of a? Ulcerated Sort Leg teitk seven holts. Da Tc*v.l*tv?1 have been using your herb medicines to cure a bad leg, with seven running ores, of several years standing, which the doc- p Irt-I thonoht lnr.urahlp ?o<1 >mnntall?n ma ??. n gaided as the only ultimate relief. 1 can now p walk as well a? ever. I am cured. i> S. C. Parrish, P Seventh street, Park Hotel, Waihlngton. P p Consumption Cured. P Mrs. Edward T. Tnpipett, Navy Yard, Third itreet, between M and N. X I Scurvy Cured (? rtry bad cast.) Jas. W. LarkJIn, Government Printing Oflicc. Washington, April 9,184i>. I Blindness Cured. ^ This 1* to certify that I have been blind for \ two year*, and by the aid of Dr. Tumbiety's treatment 1 CM walk all over Washington without a guide. Seventh street, Island. To the Ladies. My wife has been tlfllcted with a pe- I culiar to her sex, for three y*ars. Had tried , various physicians without any benefit. l>r Tumbkty his curcd her. \V. Tucker. Alexandria, Va ^ Consumption L urtd. A vegetable courie of treatment presented by Dr. Tumblcty has curtd me of Consumption. Jo.SErU EsKRIbOK, Brigade Wagr.n Master, l'Jth ilrcct, Washington, D. C. Di'tatt of the Throat. Franrls, Esq.,leader of the U. Marine Band, Navy-Yard. ? Scto/uln Curtd ( a To all altlictcd with Scrofula. Try Dr. Tuuiblcty, the Indian llcib Doctor. * J. E. HnrcniNM?N, |? Patent Ofll'.e. a f> Run J. Curtis Cured. u Q 1 would recommend all who arc troubled with ^ General Debility, D^xpcpala, &.c , 4-c , to try Dr. g Tumblcty, who ha> cured m?. 0l Rtv. J. CtJRTi*, ki Baltimore. Md. r l i'anctr Curtd. . Dr. Tumblety has cured my wife of cancer by ' his herb remedies. j.\->\rzx} Near Fairfax Seminary, Va. ~ b Sort Efts Cured. a ri P. Mahcr, Bridge street, Navy-Yard. a r* Prolmptus Uteri. Dr. Tumblety's Herb Medicine has curcd my ^ wife of tto above-mentioned disease. CafT. Cunningham. Georgetown, D. C. y Filt Cured. Fits brought on by Weakness, Dyspepsia, Cos- L tlveness, Nigbt Dreams, ic., Ac. Jams- Davis, Alexandria, Va. Large Tumor Removtd.- _ James King, G street, Washington, D. C., bad J a large tumor of a cancerous nature removed from g bis head without r< sorting to the barbarous praclice of cutting with a knife, as Is usual in such P cases. rj Ftmalt Complaint Curtd. oj Mrs. C. W. Blake man, Lang's Hotel, George- 41 town. y Curt nf Ntrvous Debility. 'jj Frederick Robleder, F street, corner of 2d, ? Islind. ( Scrofula Curtd. i. Altloney, corner 4th and ii streets. J a Enlargement of tkt Heart Curtd. I P. Down*, 313 Oth atrect, Washington, D. C. j f SCTOful* CuTtd. ' ^ J. D. Lakeman, Sixth street, No. 439. .# Consumption Cured. J. Laird, watchman, United Btatea Capitol. John Clark, Camp Duncan, D. C. John C. Day, corncr Second and D streets. * t> b Bad Case of Jaumlice Cured. b John Hard, No. 300 New York avenue. * o t ils Cured. g David Dllen, 4T4 F street. d Q Airccwj Debility Cured. John Donobo, No. 506, corner C and 3d street*. ( Charles A. Courvelaer, Navy Yard. Cured of Chronic Disease. William Balllran, corner Foux-and-a-ball and G streets, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D. C. ^ Cured of Dtbtliiy. ^ Charles Wilson, U. S. Regular. it C Dyspepsia Cured. ? Benj. Dorsey, Twentieth street, below Tain- | sylranla avenue. el li Curtd of Pimples on tht Fhci. * James Reed, Twenty-sixth and L streets. ? ? ft Chronic Rheumatism Cmred. h M. G. Howard, Tenth street, near Pennsylvania avenue. I w [.Asthma afttt all (As Doctors Failed. 11 6. J. White, No. 2&3 B street, south side of ? Capitol. m Cancer Cnr<d. r< J. Blackburn, Georgetown. Bad Dreams with Night Swais Cured. ~ R. Haunach, M7 Seventh street. 1 Q L Fitt Cured. g J. J. Ktne, Q stieet, between 6th and 7th. f THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR " will ducrtte 41mm tad toll hli pntlrata the H nature of their coaaplalate or IIIum*. without _ rerelring any Information from the*. No Chargt fm Cenmhatton or AMrt. f. OAot, No. 11 Washington Bulldlaga, Peanayl. " mil ftvwot, cofR? 7tfc urtet. ip li?3w? J | -"I? ' ? ABA * PI RRIIIB' Worceslerntilre 8p'jc . fx need br ? EXTRACT* OHPoi?gL?*S ^ ef Letter froa e te be the If *** < 9mUmmi MjL ml Med I'M omr niZZL Avre.n HS3 et wprc?t*>T. " IfHia?r?.i wft KVI.-BV HST'wu the*a**lr Smmat ? ?- ? hicMy 0ai?eni?d lAIIKIT ?rT?---laiT uvrllu op dish. fcJJl^;^?iS2Js VhffftbowBADCK MPotonlytMiMTMdaort rWLAB?oi??iMS*T trK?wn, bet the mee? Shww ** % * i?*r drop* ?n Sr*r, Grmwt, or Witt Pith. wd oold Pnf sttmk. ???m. 1* Mat, vhiob wmrrmeifUd ?MM maa fcotnrwt hare i'j ram oodeaTorod to twitaia. 0a the Br*mkf mtt, Lmukttm, Dw*m. or St+rm %blt. a om?, ooataimag " LfcA * PKH1N8' 'ORCfcPfF.* SHIRE KAfc'Ofc" la tadia?*aatk To awr mat* th? trttiitnt fmmlinu ?t IM? t?M ?w ?r**ermtio? it i? only neor-asary *r }ar*h*ae imall bottle of the imttM, of mpeotftbla irot or dee er. M many Horn arfl Rutmmrmmt yreiet jrt teldom place tha fVri S^poe before then ir <u, bat rabBt.tute % tensine BttU illed with tr*tri emt mixture. For atle by ?roc*** and Fr*iUrer? e*u wheta. JOHN DUNCAN A BOWS. 9nim Srttmri mmd Ittk ttrm, Nrm York. 9ol? Whol?*?le Acesta for the United State*. A Stcck always is store.?Alao orders reoeired t direct ship meets from Fug Land. ID"fp?ri tf CnmUrfttis mmd Jmiuuimt.UJk M? >-l7?eo SMITH AID BHOTHHR'S NhW YORK Vtlr A\ M- SEEi?BB6 _ ? .? ? ij u EiEiEaLLEflSi i ra a\aia\ EE it ? P PPP AA AA LL EKKE PPPP AA AA LL btth P AAAAAAA LL P AAA AA LLLLLL KKgREBG P AA AA LLLLLL LtiELLtb XX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX iXX XXX XXX XXX XX* xxx Y Y V v v v * w v *' " , k 11. v j\ , A ,\ A A .\ A x \ X X X X X X XXXX.W XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXXX \XX\X xx\>r xxxx xxxx XXXXX xxxxx xxxxX %XXXXX XXX X \X xxxxxx XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX t X A XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX stk. ft #?H A AAA A i.L. AA AA LI. FKgg AA AA l.L r.KEB AAAAAAaA LL KK AV W OLLLLLL fcVj&fcfcB lA A A 1.LL.I.LLL LbbLkhb rrixiol Mi5I !' ALE, TORTER, AND EXTRA DROWN STOUT, In Wk?U, liulf, and Qumritr Cmtki, BREWED I ROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOTS. BREWERY. ISA Street, between 71k lid Slk Aftliu, , _ J NEW YORK. fe J7 dtje* L? H. O. HOOD IS t>oDetA*tI; receiving, aad haaalwayeon hand, fall ?upp t <>t all the most eelet.rated VATCHt-;$ ihai aie manufactured ib Enc-^BB ind.Switzerland and A marina, both in6oldflK D'l Silver . IIr also keeps a large stock of uie J KW fcl.R V "| the moit neeirable stvlee eet ith Diamonds, Emeral<ia, Rahie# and ail other em?. kI?o manufacturing all klndeof Soljd landard Stiver Ware, %ad keep* Sworde, Rerolere. 'Jwonl Bella and ?a?hea, Bowie Rmvea, e*o Scieeore, Gold, Silver and Steel Speotalee, and a treat variety of other thins* aeaally spt in a J ewe ry Store, and a>l at the very loweat rw/?. No. 33* i'a. aretue, between Itt and letk *eet?. fe lt-tf pENSION OFFIOK. Jrw? 6TB, 1H1, TO ALL WHOM "F?MAY CONCERN* A ?*li"ae.^~ ? nrfiiuttHVU IIAT! n? n?M nwte under the aet of I !d June, 19w>, fur the reissue of the Lwl W?rvnU described herein, which area.ieised to hav* een (net or doBtroTert.rotioe i? hereby ijiven, that t the date following the description of eaoh Warint, a n?w Oertiticat <>, of tike t?nor,will be 1?g?i, if no valid objection should the? appear. |o. 57.!W4, for acrea, is turd under the aot of Maren 3J. itfj, in the n*-mo of Jaoob Brader, and was jranlr j xuiurt I9ih, May 3d. l862. In. 45,4^, for IS1 acre*, issued under the aot of Marc1;, 1835, m the name ot Charlotto. Widow of >V5^ter C??le, and vm granted January 2S, 185?? 1862, i**4 Wsriant Certi5c*t?, No. 75,147, for 180 aerea. <act 1R47.) in favor of Patrick Brady. Private of Oo?nr*?>? K " 1 ?..rurU/ *u * j i u. n? iniR^iry? DWniijflllS 3lft iitoeii.har, 185J-Juee24.1W3. And Warrant Certificate. No. 77 8"3. for 16"i acres unaer the ant of tlth P?brwr,iM1,iB favor of Thomas ii>iiriiam. private, of Capt. Honter'a < mmfsnr, B*tui.i..n of Mormon Volunteers. issued 13th April, !8oo? Ju.y 3i. 1862. JUitl'a H. BARRETT. mh ?7-law (^hiiwmibdw. ?VKEY PhRSONS INTEREST-Th?t &oe -A stock of C!n;hine for sale over 6 aits' Jewelry tore is now offered at lass than wholesale prices, t SMITH'S, Ho. 4C0 Seventh street, os posits oat Ofio* le XV* " r[IK PF?OPLh'3 CLOTHING STORE, No. 460 Seventh si. Always ahead! New?rnv*l rfprin' goods, all the latest styles of Clothinc? I No. ',to Serentli street, near F. le XI Sm rOR SALE?A fine stock of Clotmnf, Famish ini Good',Trunks, Hats and Caps, at whols its prices, at No. 460 Seventh street, opposite ost Office. fe In am J ^ KNT1? Fnrnislung Goods. Tranks, C'.othlni, . Trnnks, Hat* and Caps, ail at Northern pnoes. t the People's Clothin* store. No. 460 7th stre L JH1RTS, SHIRTS. SRIRTS!-Just reoeived 3 U-Odosen Shiris, whioh we offer at old priosa, 1 > SMITH'S. \r?. <60 Seventh st. fe tt-ttn C^2 "BOOTS? SHOES! f?| , t?a- ? " CI. I v*S5IINOTON CITY and EASTERN MADE l.*ii?s' Tipped Balraorala.. ..(II.25 to *? Iranta' R*iiu:>rala .fly to ?St1> ifctv l'lnot'alf Hoot*........#1Wto $ ? Allktndaof BOOT* ani SHOES vary eheap. irr- Hoot* n.ale to ordw in th? b?at wannw, hy rah 11-lm* CHAKI.fS H. MORS it. IFHAM'S HAIK UYIil-TOCULOK FLACK 1 J OK HtiOWN\'~On\r 3* oanuabo*. Thr?? dim for on* 6 ray, r^d or liaxen hair can chancoa m a t+w aecocda to a j*t black or rovn, hj ntirj U?t,ain'? Li?ui<1 Hair I?ya, UMbMt n<l cheapest id the world, producmc. the moment i ia applifsJ, a rioh natural appearance. fcach Box f UI'IIAM'B HAIR DYE ?e warranted to contain a much k?r d*/t Km nthurl ull old by S. C. WHAM. 403 Cheennt itreet, rhila eljhia, and 8. CALVERT FORP, oorper Llth treet and Pa. ? ?.; to Alexandria, by HENRY 1 OOK & Ccw ltriHiiti. ?tt~eoly \R. DUPON-T8 SUGAR-COATED FB- ' J MALE REGULATING PILLS , Read the foliowin* unsolicited anoonl-^Kn "1 cannot eomraend tbem loo hifkly." Kr ; "They are the beat 1- etnale PilU extaaL" "1 have need thein with complete aaooees." " Wo?l4 aot be withoet them ?pop any wn4wHil'i "They operat?e?eedilj and effeotively." Pnoe f l. Sent fry mail. SWd by ?. G. ur BAM. < OS Cbeesvt etre*!L Philadelphia, and ta WitkDrntmU. ao?~?ly j k.n..?l TL ? ? ??? uivi rv^aimi. it ? mn ?h Pk?i8o of sixtf-hre rears lUnciniBMH od will not harm the inoat delicate con-^^^^^ i litaticn. Jt contains wo Pnoe I 1. Sold by 8. O. UFHAM.40S tbMit street, , luladeiphia,and in Washuntoa lr? S. C. KURD, trtj?r>iwh street aitf P? a*f.; in Alexandria, by IKNRYCOOK A CO.. Druijiita. aoK-eoly < k Kt'l.L ANO OMl'LETE ttTOCR OF *. Fancy and Staple DRY GOODS. nov in strre, Japtcd lor tiie sprint and iamm?r wants oI lames and bousskeepers. I Our noithwn and eastern oon-Mpocdents sssd i nsw supplies daily. 1 Ons prioe only, the actual cash standard ralss, < larked itl plain biures. An inspection of stock solicited from itranrrrs. Midentsand sojourners; it will imply no oMigv- i on to purchase. _ PKRRY ft BRO., 1 ap 5-61 I'enn. arenas and 9th street ^LCIDED BAR8AIN8. men Goods, a fell assortment til kindaol the beat mbroKiVies and Pocket Handkerchiefs, tsowl u. lain White ana Plaid Oawbriee aedJRasliaa. All of theaboy.nt one prorertialftTow pnce. iwiou IE pikin A(ttrM, tMMMI ?Mfc NMM JAENUM IB Hfc.KK!-Onfrw?hlhimHi. mm > finiat atook ?r ClolliiM a Ik* aitr, it Ura OluUmM KUir*. No. 4U Bevautk KinI, P?ottM **" ? OIm. N. tt.?All ?f IL? tun x?i? f?r ??i? m wmtw low mm. fc b i %!a,?ViaPi?iS,j8?1N*iMRl pi ' THE GREAT "AMERIYAN REMEDIES ? Known M HELM BOLD *8 GEVUIVE FKEPARATI0H8, tU : HELMBOLD S EXTRACT ?BVCMV," ?? ?< BAKSAP AHILI A << lupK/irtn KnxK wmku HKLMBOLP* GENUINE !'B LI'AB ATION. -H1UNLY CONCBNTR A TB f?" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU. A ro*)UT?ud BcvHMly For Pimm ?f Um> Rl.APPLE. SIDNEY*. BBAVEL.aatf DBOreiCALBWKLLINBB. This N^i?ia< iMntwi th? pnw^r of Dtf?tioB, and txoiIm AB*"B RENT* into k?lthy aetioa, by vbiah U? WATKRY OB CALCABLOUS deyoaitioaa, ud all INNATUBAL * ENLABBEMENT* as* radaead, aa wall U PAIN AND INFLAMMATION. a*4 iagoffer MEN, WOMEN. CE CHILDREN. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BV1'HU% For WmUmhn Arwia* fraa Exwhm, Rabiia af Early Ia1ia?r<tina ar Abaaa, Aitm^od wiik tkt lirti Boaltina fn ffwiHftw IamaI PftVir w?ofjfer* m-,,? Horror of IHaaaa*, ffittrijMM. PiBDMa ot Viaioo. Paia ta lia Back, C oivjnaJ Laaaitadeof the Mimltr *yatma, (lot Flwhiac of ?h* Dryneaa of the Pkin, Kraptmna oa the Faoa Pallid countenance Thewaraaptoma. if allowed to jo r>n. whieh Urn iKMioiB* iBTS'iahi? remorea, aoon follow* IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITB? In on* of whioh the Mtient mi? aiara. who ounr that the? ar? not fr?^?ettlt followed It uiom "direful diskibe8." "insanity and consumpion.n many art avarc of tlm oa*?e of thoir aaffmaf, but none will confess. the records of the insane asylums. And tkt Milanrhdr dmti' by ComtumptiMi, hit Attriw wit!f?m to th* titti ov tst? intltm. the constitution once AFrECTED with organic weakness. ro?airm the aid ol m*di?in? to str?a(uim and invifomt* th* *r?t+m. Wkxtk HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT B OCHW m rartmblv d?i. A TftUL WILL C0RVINC1 TBI KMT SKBPTir AL. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUN0, SINGLE. MARRIED OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. /* mnnf Afftdims tt F>maUt, lb* Extraat B?ohn it anrqiitllod b* My oth?r r?niMj, in Chlorn or Retention, Irreca'&rHr. r*tcfjln?? or PupprMcitn of Ca?tom%ry *.v??a auona, l .oerat'd o? tvmrhoni< atat* of the I ?*ru", Iy?BOorrbrr? or While*. 8t?rtflty, and ft?r all ?"iii?i*tnU incident to the *?x ?k?tn*r arieipg from Indierretion. Hahita of lliaai patina. or is Um DECLINE OR CHANGE OP LIFfc. 'IK "TUrT"*' ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Taib no Bon Ral<am. MatrriT.oa rnrLBA*A IT MBPICINES FOB BHTLEAeAWT AMD DA!*?BEOra 01BSA?B?. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU cntii SECRET DISEASES In &II their Htaiea, At little Kipenae, Little or no ebtnct in Diet. No imoitmimo*, And no Jrpoiirri, ltoao*e* a frequent deei'e and ctT?a atrength to Urinate, thereby removing obetruetiona. * .-ii I rwvun lift MIU V?t I H| mi IVMIOT VI UP V IWI?1?> A'larmc Paid and IcHammkiinn, <? freqseat in theoiaeenf diMM, ao4 sxpoilinc mil fwiwui, IhlMIld a?rf worn Mti Mmtltr. thousands trow thocsaum WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS Ok QUACK*, and who kavc paid r*avt rm to h* oared is a short time, b*r? fnnod they were deoeivod. im that the"P()l*ON" haa. by the use of' rowurcL tinmemi." t?n dried i? in the system, to r?ak oat ia on attrarated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. 0 Una Hrlmbolk'c Extract Bcchc for all Ifioboni and di??*?o? of the URINARY ORGANS, Whether eintme in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oaaee originating, and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diseases of these Orcaas require the aid of A DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, ^nd is certain to hava us desired effect ia all FOE WHICH IT 18 RECOMMENDED. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! llelmboltTt Highly Conctntrattd Compound FLUID EXTRACT BARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. Thia i? i? M affootioa of tho blood, tad ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS, LININGS OF THE NOSE. EARS. THROAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MVCOOS SURFACES, Nakinc iU Mf?uuM in tho form of VMIf Kill Helmhold'e Extract Saraaparilla, Panfiaa the Blood, and remoree all Soaly Er*?tioni of Ihm ?kia, 61V1N0 TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR, It boiag prepared expreeelj for Uii e.aee of mompialnta, iU Blood Parifyiac Properties art pro erred to a greater extent than anj oUtr preparelion of tteraatarula. HELM BOLD'S ROSE WASH. ^n exoetleat Lct>on for Pi nam of a PrMUitio atore, aad ae an ibjeetion in ilieeaeee of ike Urit.arr Orgacaar.binc .',">111 Habiiaof l>i*eipeuoe, ted m oonneoiioa with the Liuaeta or Bar aa pari. :a. in anofa iHaaaaea aa reoom mended. Eridenct *f tkt men rtlimbl4 and r?.<^ea?\bi* cAoracUr will mccmmpamt tiu mWuiMJ. CJ&ftTlFlCATfcS OF UUftfcS. ? ?* I to 3D rMri' >f*?4tiic, With Names mown to ftCltlNCK 1NDFAMK. For Modieal PiofiMbM o< BlICMV, M* ^ Hfttorr of tkt U uj ted BMm. 8N Piof?Mor DEWhH'8 T&lttM work* oa U? Prftotioe of Pfcyai*. Utwen'* Juriii. ^j^gnaSim.'KSX'JTSScS 8m aoot of tfe* koto Btoodord votka oo Modiemo. Kitnet B??kt, tlMoor bottlo. ors'zfor t?M. KxtrMt BarMfVill*. |1N F* bom*, or bui for I arrorod Ion Wuk, m ft bottlo, or six fbr |2Hk nr.holfdocoa ofooo* for vkiok will bo laftoiont to oaro tko 0M0t ohatiooto ?*?o?, if 4i rootion* wo odhorod to. DoUvoroi to uj A4?roao, wooroir rooked fro* ofcowwliot. DESCRIBE SYMPTOMS JN ALL COMMC niUATIVRB. Caret G aarantead! Adrioe 6r*lu!! AFFIDAVIT. Peraoaally ay farad Ufort ma, u A Mar km of the aity of Paiiadalplua, II. T. Hukioid, who baing daly avort, doU aay. lui ?r*a*rauon? aoataia aa naraouo, ao aweary, or ottar lajanoaa BELKt0Ltk Bvora aad aabaonbed before me.Uiia t%i day of Boraaaber, MM. W*. P. MlHH KRu. Aideraaa. latk atreet, abort Race, Philadelphia. Addraaa lettera for iaforwatioa la aua><a?a la Dn?. r.-.-sc^1SK?KW5SSSI beware of counterfeits AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS, Who MtfitTor to ilf n?? "o? imii own" iM 'otm" iincm oa m urvT*Tioa Arc aims By HoUpbMt SMiiM " - laMWOToraoS'^ftah. Sold by all de uqq1et8 ewme tmheem. A AS FOR HKLM BOLD*?. VAKK NO OTMKR. v?ul til# idfftft&MMll Md fof AMD AVOID IMPJIJ^jON AND BXPO

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