Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1873 Page 3
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BANKERS. Jr. BRVftHEAH, ? Broker? &u.939 Penna ave., ?, Washington, D. C. Special attention given to iDtMtnnt securities. IntttM attention In imiritlM now offered at pncee ?hith?iU|*}kllaU yet rent. In amounts and of knith of tine to <?it inv eet<>rs. Safe, reliable, profit able and prmpt. making them in every respect IIRST CLASS SECT-KIT IKS. _ Refers by p^rnu-xi n to Lewis Johnson A Co., wuhiiut. i. 0. C.: M >*e* Kelly, Esq., Cashier National M-tr.>p?litan Bank, Wfhinjtoii, D. C.; Hob. J. M Br?dl?ead, Second C ontroller, Washing ton, D. C, E.lwarJ Clark, Baq., Architect U.S. Cap. it*l. Washington. D. C. martf 3m *1 'HB BATloBAL BANK OF TUB BBPUBL10 1 iCorsr rof 7th nod DKntti,) OPBM PRoM IB A. M. TOJf. M. deeI7Iy CHA8. BRADLEY, Cashier. German amkblicam saving. bask, Ko. iU Bivmtk Btiiit, Orrosu* Us F?u-(j*u Btrarimau. Bank hours: 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Satunlays open on til 8 p. m, to receive deprsrita only. Interest paid ?.a deposits. Collection* made nod ??xch%nre furnished. JOHN HITZ, President, A. EBERLY,V. Preel, W . P. MATTINGLY,Sec.,C. B. PBKBTlSS.Ca.h r uovfi-ly 'I'HK FREEDMAK'S lAVIiiet AID 1 TRtbT (OMPAIIf. Banking Hour, Ne. 1*01 Pennsylvania ithm, opp.?tte the Treasury, PATS SIX PBB CENT. INTEREST, hf-' M ???>?** tkt frru of Ear* Motuk. PAYS I'ulB PKk CENT on boaineaa accounts from date of deposit. /??Mf bwinflairf 4 per cent. inter- -t, available auv where. HAS BKA N' H oPPICKS in all large town* nod cities of the S?uth and Southwest. bank *ewrji,$ ip.m. Ope? We.iUeaday and S*'urday rights from ?*< to ? o'cl ck, t<> recetwdep- aits >u!y. Call at the Bvtikor vi>J fa* a c-pv of the Chart' r and By-lava, jM-ly JA*" lUOkEktO., BANEER8, BUT AND SELL P(?REIOS EXCHANGE end "TSelE CIRCULAR LETTERS OP CREDIT for IraTtl'ii, mtmnabU la my pari u/ uu world. Cur p?*fts on JAY COOKE. MrCI LLOCH * CO., Ionian, vre Cashed In ar.j part of L**laxi, IaEi.A*T> and yonaiip. uia> la Wi 1 < -r%?T 7th strut and Lmxi iiaurwiM, PATS b PEB CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSPT. Interest commences from date of deposita. J>epo?:s can br made ard drawn at will. ?.yfc-tf J. A. Kl'FP. Tres eaenrcr. STEAMER LINES. WASHINGTON, NokKoLK, BOSTON, AND PROVIDENCE. __ The One Iron Steaiuer LADY OP TSK (LAKE having resumed her regular trip* to ? Norfolk, will lr*r? her wharf, foot ' rf 6th street, every MONDAY aud' 1 HI'KSDAY. at t p. m., touchingat principal River Ltoditli.coBMtljig at Norfolk with Steamship of the M and M. Line for B?ton aud Providence. Preight should be addresa^d "care of Ladr of the 1 ake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket offlt" at Knox's Pxprew Office, 603 Pemteylrani* nr?ua?.> T. M. CBOl'CH. A*??nt,?th-*treet whsrf. IMiRSET t'LAGBTT. G-iieral A?-at. ? Plant's Store, cora-r 13th ?t. and P i. ave. t "I'NABD LINB. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN BOTAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, HETWEKN KIW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, CALL1BO AT CORK HAKBOB PKOM NEW YORK. ?Cuba Wed Mar,28 i *Bn?ia..?Wed Apl. 16 At)?sii)l.i._\\ rd Apt. 3 Calabria- .VV e*l Vfl. to A i ? ta.' .J * - ? ~ 1 ? ? - ? , ? r-. . . ..?.??? ??? Alferto._..Wed. Apl 9 | J?\a ??.. Wed?Ai>l. 23 M> alters thoa * du not carry ateerace put Aud erery fallowing WEDNESDAY aud SATUR DAY (r-iiu Now York. Bats- or Pa?sas>.?Cabin, fiSu. .^100, and B13 ?Ju, according to ac?iMD?iiUtLi. ? "ickrilto Pwia, gU, g<'ld, additional.4 lU iare IkkM ot fa? . ral<le tenua.* fct-erMr. J30,currency. Steerage tickeu from Lirerpool and Qneenatovn, a'i'l all p?rta of Europe, at lowest rates. Tliron^b t il.? of la<ling tU'D U> Belfast, Gla??ow, Havre, Antwerp and other point* on the Contiueat and for MrJiteri tut an porta. P..r freight and cabin aas sa?e,app!) at the Con>pan> "a oRics, No. 4 Bowlinf Green;!' r <teeras? passage, at No. Ill Breadway Trinity BaihlitiR. fcovla I CHA8. G PBANCKLYN. Agent. NCHOR LINK STEAMERS SAIL KVEBY SATC?Bt. sngem booked to and from any Kallway I ?l</t or St ap<'ri iu Greet Britatu, Ireland, > rway. Sweden, Denmark, Gt-rmany.' Prance, Holland, B-ljiius and the Lnited' ^cVbin fare from NEW YORK to LONDON, LIT AKPOOL, GLASGOW and DERBY, aud $7?. EXCURSION TICKKTS. |UO. Intemediate, #34; Steerage, #^0; all payable la Currency. Parties *' cdtn? for their friends in the Old Country can purchase tickets at lowest rate*. Por further Ytrtkrulare apply to the Al- ut, 0. CAMMACK, ja. i S3 P street, W a?hinjEioii HKNDKRSON BROTHERS, may I* T B- wling Green, New York. MERCHANT'S LINB OP oTKAMSHIPB. Miim WASHINGTON AND NEW YOKK. Hereafter the t?e Steamekipe B C. KHIGBT eat JOHN GIBSON will make regular weekly trips between NKW YoBK, ALEXANt PRIA, WASHINGTON and GEORGB-* ToWN, as follows:?Lewve NBW XORK from Pier 3* Bast River,every SATURDAY at 4 p.m.. Leave GEORGETOWN every P RID AT at T e. m? and ALEXANDRIA thesMeday at Ida. Por fall information apply to I. P. DENHAM, aeat, oflce aad wharf fo?d of Hick street, Oeorge ? rVthe oornsr of ITU street aad *ew York town, or J. W. TH0MP9QB. PROPOSALS. IBOPOSALS POB COAL. .i T*n?ru DmiTxtxr. Bl REAL ut E.tuKAVi.Nti A%D PRIXTJ^S.. March SS. 1S73. S Sealed Prop.T?als will M re< >-ived at this office ?nn?il 10..'cl?ka. di? MONDAY, the 3?tkdayof April. K3, for furnishing h?- hundred (5U0) tons of run of niiue < G?*or??-> Creek) Cumberland C>al, to I t- delivered at suca times aud place*, and iu such quantities, as may be required, and subject to the rondfticna required by act of Conrresa approved July 1]. UCo, vii: "That such coal shall weigh 1,3*) poonds to the ton. and shall be inspect*d and wei|ih ?d, and th^ quantity of each load certiiied at tne lime of delirery. by the person appointed and quali fied nnder the act for that purpose; mnd that the prescribed fe? of ]u c< nta f, r each ton of co^ in ? p>-Cted. weighed and delivered, shall be paid by the contractor. "r Proposal* will be pon?i<|i -?d bin<l:nz for one week from the ?<th day of apr'l. 1-CS, the Department re e?-rving th? right to reject all or any portiou of the 1 ids offered. No prop sals will he entertained unless arcompa ni>-d by satiofactory ev ideuce ut ability tofafillthe contract, n?T will any pavm?nt be mail- without tflfc c>-rtificate of the inspector that the Coal furnished Is ?ti?h as the contract call* for. Proposals should be a<l<1 ? *-,-<1 and sent to the of f-s?f GEO. A. McCARTEB, Cliief of Bureau , f Engraviux aud Printing. Treas ury Departni* nt. ni39-'13w PROPOSALS POB STATIONERY. T*i!Asr*T D*pa?twext. March 15.1ST3. Sealed Pr..p-?sa!? f'T furi, siting Statioaory f.>rthe hvear ending Jun?-W 147*. will b?- ri-ceived uutil the litlida) of April. 1473. at 12 o'clock M. Blank forma for bidding will bv furuuhed apon applieati, n The bida will be considered and accepted or reject ad item by it*-m; and thi- advertisement and the pro ?<>?al. so far as accepted by the Secretary of tne Treasury, and the b>>u<l accompany ing the same, altall constitute the contract between the Govern ment and the bidder or bidders, and no further con tract will be executed. The articles extracted for must be furnished from time to time duringthe year, in quant iti?s pursuant to order* from the Department. The entire quanti ties will, however, be railed for during the yenr. Each pr p.~al must be signed by the individual or firm making it. and be accompanied by a bond, with ? eiit .nr. ties, in the sum ,-f t?n th >u-ajd dol lars, ( JKiJH". > approved by a United States oflter of ibe dlatrict in which the sureties reside or do busi Mas, na a form to be fnrni-h -d by the D-partment. conditioned tor furnishingsnch portions of the arti cles as may be awarded under it, aud the perform ance of the contract. All deliver!.-* will be subject to inspection by an expert detailed for the purpowe by the becrwtarv of the Treasury . and the deliverv of an inferior article wall be devnted sufficient cause to anuul the con tract, at the <>ption of the Secretary. Deliveries must be free of charge at the Treasury Pepartatent. Washington. The failure to comply with any one order under the contract will operate as a forfeit are ..f the entire peualty of the bond, or the Secretary of the Treas ary may direct the purchase, in open market, of MM quantities of buy articles as shall be aecsesary to supply the deSciency caused by sech failure, and charge to the contractors Jft) per centum of the pries shick U shall be found necessary to pay for snch articles. Proptwals unaccompanied by a satisfactory bond will not be coumdered, and contracts will be award ed only to r-tabhabed manufacturers of or dealers in the articl'-s. Pre poaal? to be addressed to the undersigned, aad laarkad "Prv,pueala f ^^at.oaey " VIM. A. ?iv tlAn i/cVaI t martT-eoiat Acttisg Secretary of the Treasury. f V THK 8UPBEME COCBT OP THB DISTRICT * OP COLUMBIA. _ . JfarcA.WS. B. Lorisa IIAriLiixiiia vs. PaKosaicx HifU Equity Docket. OmWftkm of tbe Plaintiff, by Mr. Praak W. H ackett ^.ae of her solictors, it b ordered that t be de fendant, Pr>de rick Hafeltlnger. cause his appear abce to be entered herein oa or before tbe Irsi rale day occurring forty days after this day: nihstalm a.'*r,5i:?.'sr~" v'r.c~?' " iTVi'.ct'cUrt..- WTL"',"^ifi; 'PHIS IS TO OIVB NOTICE, That tbe subscriber 1 bae r.btained from tbe Supreme Court of tbe Die trie! of CslaMa, holding a Special Term, letters t ?stsmm'arv oa tbe personal satate of JOHN GBoBGB KOLB, latearWaaabiagtoa coaaty,D. C., d ciasi 1. Ail persons having claiam agalast tbe said diceeea* are bereby warned to exhibit tbe am. wteb tbe voacbm thereof, to tbe subscriber, oa or before tbe lath dav of March next: they may otherwise by law be exciaded from nil benefit of taa said estate. Given ui>.tT my hand. this uth day of March, UTS. ANN KLIZ_ABETH^her jdjnark) KOLB - A. WKBSTEB, g. g of WUls. atL' vX* AUCTION 8ALES. OATS. DT GRTFW * WILLIAMS, Anrrtwueere, E-* No. 1001, northwest corn-r hxh auJ D *ta. SALE BY TRUSTEE*^)* TALn ABLK PROP rUTY UK C, NEAR THE CORNER OF !to S1HEET>. NORTHWEST. B_. virtu- of (htri- deed- of trnst.the first d*t?4 Match ?. 1.C2, the second April J. 15 1. an t the third May tl, Kl. snd duly n* >riH in lile-r M>> t>7>, fulio 3D; liber No. 671. folio ON. ami liJmr No. Ht, folio XL respectively. of th- land r-<cor\i* for th>* co?nty of Wa-hiiigton, D. C., ?"<I by direction of the partios ??nr?1 thereby, we. the undersigned trust?ea, will sell at public suction, n> front of the premise*, at S oYWJi r. m. on SATURDAY. Aptll IV, 193, the east eighty-three (53) feet seven(7> inches front by ito-depth of one hundred and twenty-one(Hit fes?t seven (7? ii>che?of L"t numbered three, (3,1in Square numbered Ave hundred and seventy-four, (67*.) and all the improvement* thereon, which con?ist of por 'lone of ?t* brtck honee?. Th- brick w irk of the* h< ii?e* is completed to the height of the first floor of ."date, which are laid. The location Mu? central, th<- liou?e*, w heu cotupletu), will flud read} sale or Terms of ?al? are : One-half in caah. of which ?010 must l>e Mid at the ?ale; the d-ferred ph> m?nU to be madela six and tweUemonths, with inter**from th? day of sale. The terms <-f sale mn?t be compM?d with within six da*? after sal., in default whereof the prop erty may lit- resold at the risk and Cost of the first rnr< haeer. Cvn?? > accing at the purchaser's cost. JOHN F. HANNA. 1 WILLIAM H PH1LP.J Tm*te?*. WILLIAM U WARD.t m?-in.w.f GREEN A WILLIAM*. Anct?. 1*Y LATIMER A CLEARY, I? Arrtloneers and B?al Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Penns) 1\auia as<-uue aud llth ?t., 8tar 0?cc Building. srrrRioR rep pxrlor suit, fine rose WOOD CASE riANO FORTE BY KNABE. is ?tipertor iti??riiiiient;) ELEGANT AXMISSTER CARPET: MIRROR RACE ETEOERES; EI.E GANT ( I KTA 1N?AMi LAMBROK1NS, ELE CANT Tl KKlSIl SOFAS AND CHAIRS; STRIPED RED ROCKER, <bv Kirbjrt, SUPB BloR MANTLE CLOCK; FINE MARBLE TOP TABLES, DROP LIGHTS. RECEPTION (HAIRS: EVOR WINGS; Clt A NPELf ERS, FOLDING I'lIAIR.SCPERIOR BLACK WAL NIT CHAMBER FURNITURE; LOUNGES; PAINTED COTTAGE SriTXS; FINE HAIR MATTRESSES. SUPERIOR FEATHER PIL LOWS AND BOLSTERS; WINDOW SHADES: ONE SUPBRIOR SEW INC. MACHINE: FINE BRCSSEIS AND THREE PLY CARPETS: OAK EXTENSION DINING TABI,E: DINING CHAIRS; SIDEBOARD; CHINA AND GLASS W ARE; REFRIGERATOR; COOKING AND HEATING STOVES; KITCHEN REQUISITES. Ac., AT AUCTION. A On MONDAY MORNING, April 7, 1871, TO commencing at 10 o'clock, at reaidetice N-i. W^ml303 F street. between lSth and llth, we m.ill sell the above superior collection of * ? Furniture. Termacaih. LATIMER A CLFARY, aid Auctioneers. BY B. H. W ARNER, R>-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 720 7th strwet, between G and 11. TRUSTEE S SALE OF~jTTW0-ST0RY FRAME DWELLING, WITH BACK BUILDING. No 1617 10th STBEET, BETWEEN Q AND R STREETS NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION. By virtu* of a deed of trust to Dauiel L. Eaten Faand myself, dated June 96, 1871, and duly ro ?t*corded in Liber No. 679, folio 499, one of the lard records of Washington, D. C., I will sell, at puhl c auction, in front of the premise*, to the highest bid der, on TUESDAY. April 14th, 1872, at 4 o'clock |?. ip.. Lot numbered nine, in Coltman's subdivision of Square nnmbend three hundre<l and nine, together with the improvements thereon. Terms; &1.HM, with Interest thereon at ten per cent, per annum, from June 26.187J. and expenses of ? <li- in cash; balance at 6 and 12 months, with inter est, to be sec uied by a deed of trust upon the pro)? ertv. & luu deposit on acceptance of bia. If terms if ?ale are n<>t complied with within five daya aftor ?ale, th? Trustee reservea the right to resell tlie property at the ri-k aud cost of the defaulting pur haner Conveyancing at pn-chas-T's cost. GEORGE W . STICKNEY. Surviving Trustee. n>js eo.tds B. H WARNER. A net. BY GREEN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Northwest corner 10th and D streets. BCTLD1NG LOT FRONTING ON F STREET SOUTH. BETWEEN 0th ANDIOth STREETS WEbT, ISLAND. AT AUCTION. jU On MONDAY, the 7th du\ of April,K3. it fcta & o'clock p m.we stall sell, onthe premi?<s, ??"?part lot t, in ??iuare No. 4S8, being aifeetfroit by 126 feet deep to a fine paved alley. S ile witho it re~er^e. Terin?: caah. balance in S and 6 months, f ?r note* bearing Interest aad secured by a deed of trust on the premises. 8 JO down on the day of sale. r31 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. INSURANCE COMPANIES. ~ 1 NsL'RE YOUR LIFE i in that STRONG OLD COMPANY, THE MUTUAL BENEFIT L1FI INSCR. AXLE CO., ?f Newark, N. J., Organized 194*. Assets, f04,000,000.44 J. STANLEY JONES, Agent, JMiT It* Wo. Ill 7th straat. Ark you insured r IF NOT, APPLY TO THE OLD FRANELIM IMSURAMCE COMPARE, OF WASHINGTON, D. 0. IftCOBFOBATKD IT OoMIIsa IN 1*18. Office in the building of the National Bank of th* Republic, No. 700 D street northweat. Mo charts for Pollciea. Ihrttfri.?Dr. Jaa. C. Ball, John Parity, Dr. J. I Brodhead, J. Key worth, Jaa. 0. McGwire, Henry Bradley. Joe. H. Bradley, 0. H. Wiltberaar, W.X McDonald, F. F. McGuire, Dr. D. E. Clar\e, M. Q. Emery. HENRY BRADLEY, Praaideat. CHARLES BRADLEY, Becretary. I*iE sohs OP TBI DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. OHOAyiZMV A UP VST 00, 1870. CASH CAPITAL ? 100,000 Oflca in Shepherd's Baitdiaf, Eo. 00?X Panmyl kania aveone. MOSES KELLY, Praaldaat. WM. B. TODD, Vtoa Praaidect SAMUEL CROSS, Secretary. ?imacroaa: J.B BIaka, Wm B.Todd, Wm. Wall, CharlaaaJuat, Wm. G. Metxerott, John T. Lenmaa, Geo. F Gulick, Moasa Kally. A. E. Shepherd, ocl4-tf LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT A SON, . BOARDING, LIYERT d SALE STABLES, 418 atb atraat, bet. D and E, and Chain Alley, H, between 13th and 14th. Offlce, Willards. Beat carriage* fnrniahed. Special care paid to the boarding of horaea. decfl-lr A"*LIVERY ^ A$D HnftH0 STABLES. STYLISH CARRIAGES and C0ACHMEE. decaHy I ?0Q B street northweat. A ELINGTON STABLES.?E. CEU1T, JE. A G STREET, Brtwiitt 17th and 18t>. ^ Carrtafee by dap or wi?hl,aad lor weddin^soryr tCONGRESS STABLES, 8th STBEET, E*nr**N D and B. Horaea and Bo?giee for Hire, aod a freah supply of good Horaea lor mm every week. j)31-ly EICHARD VANT, Proprietor. WASH. NAILOR8 STABLES 1S0S B ST. CARRIAGES of the latest styles constantly on hand and for hire by the day or month. Parties, weddings, and receptions furnished wRfe the most cumfortable and elegant Carriafaa. Particular attention to boarding Horaea. and Horaea always for sale and exchange. decU-tf REAL ESTATE AGENTS. J,' B. McGUiRB, REAL ESTATE AGENT AND BROKER. janl 3m Office: 13Q6 F. STREET. Austin p. brown. Comer E. Y. avenue and llth at rest, Washington, D. 0., Wholwali Duin in LUMBER, LIME, CEMENT. SAND, Ac., Ac., Ac LUMBER BILLS cat to order on abort notioe. BLUE BT0ME for Building, Macadamising and Paving purposes delivered in any part of the Dis trict. REAL ESTATE boagbt and sold and money la treated. To this branch of the business I will hero after give my personal attention, aad will be at office daily from 10 a. m. until 4 p. m. marl Itf RAILROAD ABD Beal bUU lortfRfo CmMm4 A In tta 7 J* Gold Bonds the Eorthera PactOo Ball road Company furnishes to the pabllc an Inroatmaat security which oombinea the ready aagottabUity, the ooavenieace, aad the high crsdit sf a first-dam raU road bond, with the solidity aad safety of ? real *a 1 worth atlaaattalssths?naal They ars offered at par la sarrsacy.aad yield a HANDSOME PROFIT to those exchanging ?-*a. MM 0MI to ?MM Ooapoa, aad 9Mi to t?MM Ba^slerad, bars EXEMPT FEOM UEITO AUCTION SALES. KITlifcl l)iV*. B B V B. II. WABKtR, Imi F. -1 at? Brxkrr M>< Auctioneer, K i.Ttt* 8fv?ntb lAree:,)ietwe< a O tad B TRUSTEE'S SaCE OF A T ALU ABLE FARM I-tDiO IN FRINGE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MP., ON THE WASHINGTON AND UPPER MARLBORO' TURNPIKE. NEAR FORREST Br ? irtue of a deed of trust dated April 3,1*57, jai.'lriiily reeorded ia b*b>Hr t, 8. No. 4, Folio L:>?, on* of t he land n* >rde of Brine* G?or*?* Count) , H<i.. and also lij virtue of adjcw# of th? Supreme Court ?.f the District of Columbia, pasaed March 14, KT3. In E jnUy cause N >. ?, of Levi D. Manns, v* Win. H. Ward.substitutiugthe und?r tinnl traetee in place of the aaid Wm. 8. Ward, I will *ell at public auction, to the high -st bidder, ia front of the "City Hall,*'in the City of Washing ton, D. C.,on WEPNESDAT, April 9th, W7S a* 4>i o'clock P tu-. ail those certain pieces or parcel* of ground lying ia Prince Gorge's County,Md., and b*inc known and JwcriW as Magruder Plain* Knlarg*d,"Th* Levebi" id "Good Luck," and alao "Offutt's Adveutun 1" Addition to Offutt's Adventure," and also pat. .1 a tract of land called Woodland, the said pieces ?r parcel* of land con taining in all SS4 acre* and 210 of an acre, m >re or lew, being the same lands which are particularly dencrilM-d in a certain conveyance from Adam Delhi and wife to William Rowrer, which wa? recorded in Liber F.S.No. 1, Folio tM, Ac.,one of the iand record* of Prince Gonrge's County, Md., and alao a part of atract of land adjoining the above tract called "The Level*," containing nw hundred a?w of land more or less, and being the same which Washington I. Beall and his wife conveyed to the ?aid William Rowrer by a certain deed of convey ance, bearing date on the 14th of Decembtr, UK, together witn the improvement* thereon, consist ing of a rood dwelling h.mae, barn, (table, and other out-houses. Term*: Ji-OOU ca*h and the balance in 1,1, and 3 rear* with interest. BMW deposit on acceptance or bid. If terms of sal* are not complied with within five (6) days after the sale the property to be resold at the rink and cost of the defaulting puichaecr. Conveyancing at purchaser's cos-. JOSEPH DANIELS, Trustee. n?19 B. H. WARNER, Auctioned. X THOS. E WAGGAMAN, Auctioneer. li. al Estate Auctioneer, 619 7tU street. CHANCERY BALE OF~ THE MAUSOLEUM LOT ON?n STREET, BETWEEN NINTH ANP TENTH STREETS NORTHWEST. ?B> virtue of a decree of the bupreaie Court of the District of Columbia, panned in chancery cause No. 2,531, dock. 11. wherein Philip and , others are complainants, ami Hill and othersdefen dnuts, I shall, on SATURDAT, the 6th day of April. 1373, at 3 o'clock p. m., offer for sale, at pub lic anction, on the premises, the f -.llowing real es tate, which was of tLe estate of (Je ,eral J no. P. Van Ne?*, deceased, vin: The Mausoleum Lot, as the same is laid down in Joshun Fisher's subdivision of Square numbered three and seventy-five, (375,) in the city of Washington, in the aforesaid District, containing about 6,000 square feet of ground. This lot Is in the most central part of thecity, and offers a chance seldom met w ith of securiug so large a lot in such a desirable location. Terms of Sale: One f.nrth of th? purchase money to be paid in cash, and the residue in three e*jual installments, at twelve, eighteen aud twenty-four months, respectively, with interest, to be secured by approved notes and a reserved lien on the proper ty, or all in cash, at the purchaser'# option Deed given on final ratification of sale Stamps and conveyancing at purchaser's cost: $300 down at the time of sale. If the terms of sale be uot complied with within five fSMays from the day of sale,the trustee reserves the right to resell after five days' notice at the risk aud cost of th? defaulting pur chaser. CH \RLES W. VAN NESS, Trustee. ml7 eoAds THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, Anct. YTHOMAS K. WAGGAMAN, Heal Eatate Auctioneer, #19 7th street. CHANCERY SALE OF A' fOMFORTABLE DWELLING ON ??TH STREET, BETWEEN P AND Q NORTHWEST. jj. Under and by virtue of a decree of the 8ipr?m? C3 Court of the District of Columbia, dated Janu *aL*ry 18th, 1873. and passed in a certain cause in said court, in which Francl- M<dntn and others are complainants, and Charles W. Perkins and others are defendants, numbered 2,891. E tnity Pocket 12, the undersigned trus-ee in said cans** appointed, will,on the 1?T1I dat 4>f April. A.P. 1873. at 4:30 o'clock p.m.,aellat public auction, iu front of the pretniaes, lot numbered 13, (thirteen,) in Thomas Young's and Samuel Fowler's subdivision of square numbered four hundred andtwentv one,(121,> inthe cltv of Washington. District of Columbia. The property is situated on 8th street, between P and Q streets northwest, and is improved by a very Comfortable brick dwelling, three stories in height, and balcony front. The terms of sale, as prescribed by said decree are: One-third ca?b and the residue in two e.jnal instal ments of 12 and 18 months; the deterred pat m -nts to bear Interest from day of sale, (8 p?r centum i?er annum.) and to be liens on the property sold. ?2.V) of cash payment to be given at tne time of sale, and the retidue of ca-h payment to be made within five days, otherwise the property will be resold at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. Couvey ancing at purchaser's cost. GEO. F. APPLEBY, Trustee. ir28-eoJw THOS E WAGGAMAN, Anct. B B Y B H. WARNER. R> al Estate Broke nJ An-tioneir, No. 7JIB 7th street, be een G and H stresU. TRUSTEE S SALE OF ATIIREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, No. 11 i FIFTH STREET SOUTH WEST, AT AUCTION. I By virtue of a deed of trust to Daniel L. Elton and myself, dated March 29,1873, aud duly re corded in Liber No. 012, folio 61. one of the land records for Washington. D. C., I will sell at public auction, in front of the premis-s, to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the 116th day of March, 1373. at 4 o'clock p. m., all that part of Lot No. 13, in square No 818, contained within the following metes and bounds: Beginning for the same at a point 17S feet from the southeast corner of Lot No". 13, aud running thence north 17>a feet; tlience west to the rear line of said lot; thence south 17H feet, and thence east to the plase of beginning, together with the improvements thereon. T?-rms: The amonnt of irdebtedness aeenred by said deed of trust unpaid, witli thf< expenses of sale, in cash, and the balance at nix and twelve months, to be secured by a deed of trust upon the property sold, with interest from the day of sale. ?*Wde P< siit on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within seven davs atter sale, the property tw be resold at the risk aud cost of the de faulting purchaser. GEO. W. ST1CKNEY, Surviving Trustee, f 22-eoAda B. II. WARNER. Auct r. ?7-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONEP until Tlll'RSPAY, April 10, 1873,same hour and place. By order of the Trnstee. iiiSl B. H. WABNER, Auctioneer. Y LATIMER A CLEART, Auctioneers ami Real Estate Bi >k' r?. Southeast corner Pennsylvania avennc aud 11th St.. Star OflUe Building. ASSIGNEES' SALE OF GROCERIES AND FIX TI RES IN STORE CORNER OF 13th AND H STREETS NORTHWEST. ? On MONDAY MORNING, April Tth, 373, commencing at 10 o'clock, we shall til, on premises described above, the fol lowing goods: Brandies. Wines, Ales, Ac., Teas. Coffees. Spices. Pi< kles, Peppers, Oils. Baskets, Buckets, Clothes-lines, Barrels Mackerel aud Herring, Great number of empty Barrels and B )xee, Counter and Platform Scalos, Counters and Shelving. Together with numerous other articles unneces sary to mention. THOS. RUSSELL. ) Awii.n_. SAM'L T. LEWIsj Asaigneei. mit-d LATIMER A CLEARY, Ancts. BY THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, Heal Estate Auctioneer, A1V 7th street. SALE OF A VALUABLE RESIDENCE, jfj Under and by virtue of a deed of trust made K3on the30thday of DecemlM*r,A. D. 1871, and re ^?coidfd on January 8th, 1872, in Liber N >. 861, folio 443, tin- undersigned trustee will sell at public auction, in front of the premises,on the 7th day or Arstt., 1873. at 4:31) o'clock p. m , all that piece of laud iu the city of Washington, District of Col umbia, and being all of 8-iuare numbered seven hundred and thirty-nine(739) The above property is situated on the east side of New Jeraey avenue, near K street south, aud is im proved by a very fine doable Brick Dwelling, lately remodeled. There Is a fine stable on the premises. This house has been thoroughly fitted up and re paired, and is in every respect a desirable residence. Terms of sale are: $2,100 iu cash, and the residu> in one and two years. The deferred payments are to Ix-ar interest from the day of sale at ? per cent., and are to be secured bv a deed of trust upon the prop perty sold. ?300 of the cash payment to be made at lime of sale, aud the residue of the caah paymeut to be made withiu six days; otherwise the property will lie resold at cost and risk of defaulting purchaser. CouTeyanciug at purchaser's cost. GEO. F. APPLEBY. m28-eods THOS. E WAGGAMAN. Auct. Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Ancts., Southeast corner of fth and D streets northwest. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF"vALUABLE PBQPERTY ON 6th SOUTHU'EST, ON THE ISLAND. I By virtue of a deed of trnst, dated on the 8th day of July. A. D. 1870, and recorded in Lilvr No. 830, folio 31, Ac., of the land records for Washington conntr, D. C.. and by direction of the party secured thereDv, I will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, at ft o'clock p. m.,on MON DAY, the Tth day it April, A. D. 1873, all of Lots numbered four(4)and five(A)in the recorded sub division of Square numbered fonr hundred and six ty-five, (465,) with all the improvements thereon. Terms ?.f sale: One-half in caah, of which 9100 nm4 be paid at sale, the deferred payments to be made in six and twelve u,outlis, with interest at ten per cent, per annum from day of sale?terms to be fully complied with within six days after sale, oth erwise the Trustee reserves the rignt to resell at the risk and cost of first purchaser. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. WM. H. WARD. Trustee. dsDUNCANSON, DOWLINQ A CO.,Ancts. DY LATIMER A CLEART D Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, itknat corner Pennsylvania avenue and Uth St., tar Otto* Buildings. TRUSTEES' BALI OF A COMFORTABLE BKICK RESIDENCE ON V STEET, NEAR IBM STREET NORTHWEST. _ ^ w . MBy virtue of a deed to as. dated May 3. A. D . 1871. and recorded in liber 848, folio 113. and bv direction of the part/ secured, we will public auction,in front of the premises,on TUESDAY, the 16th day of April next, at a o'clock p. m , Lot Mo. V, in Charles J. White's subdivision of square Ho. 338, with improvements, which consist of a very comfortable three-story and attic residence, containing right rooms and hall, being the ho a ~o lSdSrsbeet. Terms: One-third cash; rsaidoe at A, 6, 9, 11,14 ~ 18 months, with interest. 0180 down when the B er 1II i is n;J4-8aw3w LATIMER A CLEARY, Aacta '^|Bu5AWoVI iwSw LATIM SB A CLEA RING, AND TWO DIAMONDS. , In virtn* of a writ of fieri facias oa judg-nent of condemns*Ion, issued from the Clerk's office of the Baprsase Court of the District of Colombia, and to msdirected, I will sell, at public sale, for r**A, in frost of the court-house door of said District, oa FRIDAY, the 4tk day of Afril, 187), at M o'clock jrfg; Watch Ladies ?am of satisfy execution AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTKRNOO*. BY LATIMKR A CLLAKT, A?cU<hi?t? *nd Real Broken Southwest corner PMuiiih mi* hpuuc aad 11th at.. Star Office BoiMlcf. TRUSTER'S SALE OF A VALUABLE BUILD ING LOT OK CAPITOL HILL. By vlrtweof ad'ied of trait. bearing date ? ? the 19th of Jane, A. D. 1ST, >ixl auly recorded ia liber folio 83. one of the lai.d records of the coun ty of Washington, District of Columbia, and by di r?ctl?n of the parfv aerured ther<*>y, I shall sell on 8ATURDAT. the Mtk day of March, WPS, at ? o'clock p m , In front of the yroaina, I at rot north,betweenSd and M streets east, lota marked srd lettered A. iu Cmtrhett ? recorded subdivision of square Ho. 756. having a front of2Sfe?t on E street north by a depth of 100 feet. Tens* of sale: |Wat the tine of pnrrhw and th<> residue in >ii month", to be iwcawd br the note ?f the purchaser and a deed of trust on the K?aii?>i "if termi of sale are not complied within Ave days of sal*, the trustee reserve* the right to resell said property at the risk and coat of the defaulting pur chaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. H. NELSON CHAPMAN, Trustee. n:19-ta LATIMER A OLE ART, Aocta. IS CONSEQUENT OF THE BUS, THE ABOVE SALE IB POSTPONED until WEDNES DAY, April *1, same hour and place. By ortler of the Trustee. n.tld ? LATIMER ACLEARY, Aucta. |>Y UREKN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, D No. 104) 1, Northwest corner 10th and D streets. TRUSTEE S SALE OF^'ALUABLE WHARF PROPERTY NEAR THE FOOT OF SEVENTH STREET. By virtue of a deed of, dated November XT, 1H69, recorded in LiberOll^folio 440 et seq.,of the lain] records of the Diatrict of Coinnibia. and h? order of the party secured thereby, I will aell at public auction, in front of the premises, on WED NESDAY, the 5id day off April, li"3, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, all the right, title, interest and estate of Samne) p. Brown arid Harriet E. Brown.hi- wife, of, in and to all that rertain piece or parcel of ground situate and lying in the city of Washington, in said District, and being known and described assnnare west of square numbered four hundred and aeyenty one,(square west of square 471,1 and all the wharrea wbarl rights and privileges, waters an i water nght and privileges appertaining and b"lon#ing to and held and enjoyed with the Raid square, together with th? improvements thereon. Terms of sale : One third rash, of which two hun dred dollars mnet be paid on acceptance of bid: bai in six and twelve months, to be e-cur.d by deed of trust on the property s >ld. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. If terms of sale are not c jiujilU-d w ith v itliin six davs after dav of sale, the pr .?or:y will be resold at the risk and cos* of the defaulting purchaser. NATH'L WILSON. Trustee. Hi lt-eoAds OR KEN t WILLIAMS, Aucts. Y DUNC ANSON. DOW LINO A CO , Anrts. Southeast corner Ninth and D street* northwest. AUCTfON SALE. SBy virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date August 3U, 1SSS, and rec.rd'-d in Liber T a .d R, No. 4, folio 141, Ac., of the land rec or J* for Washington comity, District of Columbia, I will sell ou WEDNESDAY, April *1.1*7.1, at 4 o'clock p. in., in front of the premises, at public auction, to the highest bidder, Lot No 2, iu Block No. 6, and Lata N s & and 6, in Block Ko 16, on property known m "Meridian Hill," Washington county, D. C. Terms of sale: One-third cash: balauce in 6 and 12 months, with interest, aecured by d?ed of trine on the property. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five da>s after sale the property will here sold at the cost of tie defaulting puivhaser. All con v ej auciug at the coat of the purchaser. l. h.stevens. Trustee. in24-e?Ad?DUNC ANSON. DOW LINO A C0..A icts. B TO-MORROW. B Y LATIMER A CLEART, ? Aucti) ueers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner of Peu^. avenue and 11th street, Star Office Building. THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE CA8PAB1S llol'SK.ON CAPITOL HILL, BEINO ABOUT TWENTY FIVE ROOMS, AT AUCTION, -a On THURSDAY MORNING, April 3, at 1*1 10 o'clock, we will soil at the Casparis H >tei, j^nn South A street, between New Jersey ave ITlnne and 1st street east, Capitol Hill, the entire ? contents thereof, consisting in part of? French-plate Mirrors, in gilt and walnut frames, Walnut Parlor Furniture .in haircloth and gre^-n rep Walnut, Marble-top and other Tables, W alnut Etegeres, Lounges, Brussels, Three-pi) and other Carpets, Oilcloths, Window Shades, Toilet Sets, Gas Chandeliers, Brackets, Ac, Walnut Marble-top Cliamb t Suites, Painted Cottnge !Set?, Kagravinc-. " Walnut and Painted Bedsteads, Bureaus and Wash stands, Walnut ar.d Painted Wardrobes, Cane-seat Chairs, Hair aud Hunk Mattresses, Window Shades, Feather and Hair Pillow# and B listers, Blankets, Spreads, Comforts, Sheets, Ac. Dining-r >oui Tables, Oak Cane-seat Dining Chairs, fliina, Glass and Plated Ware, Cutlery, Napkins. Table Cloths, Ac.

Heating Stoves, Range, Cooking Stove Kitchen Requisites, Ac., Ac. Also, Bar Counter* and Fixtures, Iron Safe, Jenny Lind Table, with cues, balls. Ac. Two Ten Pin Alleys, with balls aud pi us, complete, Office Arm Chairs. Tables, See. Terms: $1UU and under, cash; over that amount, a credit of sixty and uiuety days, for notes satisfacto rily indorsed, bearing Interest at 8 p?r cent, per an num. [ui27 dts| LATIMKR A CLEARY, Aucts. |>Y LATIMER A CLEARY, ?1> Ri al Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. aud 11th street, Star Office Building. SALE OF EXCELLENT FURNITURE. - si - On THURSDAY MORNING. April 3, ?ESE3I873, at the residence, No. i!034 G street ? II *?'northwest, we shall sell the following very tine collection of Household Furniture? ONE KNABE A CO. ROSEWOOD PIANO FORTK, COVER AND STOOL: ONE SUPERB COMBINATION MUSIC-BOX, COST *?ft0 IN PA IMS: STRIPED REP WALkUT PARLOR SUITE, EIGHT PIECES: FOLDING AND RECEPTION CHAIRS; SU PERIOB MARBLE-TOP TABLE; ETEGERES, FINE SILK AND LACE CUB TAINS. WITH CORNICE; VERY SUPERIOR PARLOR BRUSSELS CAR PETS AND RUGS; VERY SUPERIOR HALL, BRUSSEL9, AND OTHER CARPETS. OILCLOTHS; FINE ENGRAVINGS ANDC11R0M0S, HALL FURNITURE: ELEGANT WALNUT MARBLE TOP OSAM BER SUITES: PAINTED C'HAMBER FURNITURE; FINE HAIR AND HUSK MATTRESSES; FINE FEATHER BOLSTERS AND PIL LOWS; GROi'ER A BAKER'S SEWING MACHINE; WALNUT MARBLE TOP SIDEBOARD; WALNUT EXTENSION DINING TABLE; WALNUT CANE SEAT DINING CHAIRS; CHINA AND GLA88WARE; UPRIGHT REFRIGERATOR; KNIVES, FORKS AND SPOONS. HEATING STOVES, PORTABLE RANGE AND KITCHEN REQUISITES. Ac. ni29-d LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. BY MATTTNGLT a WHEELER, Auctioneers, ?03 9th street northwest. TRUSTEE'S SALE BY~ AUCTION OF TWO ELEGANT RESIDENCES ON K STREET, BE TWEEN ?th AND 10th STREETS NORTH WEST. By virtue of a deed off trust, dated September Ea4.1872, and recorded September 10,1872, in Liber ?*No. *4,folio 173,1 shall,on WEDNESDAY, Jan. lft. 1873, at 4 o'clock p. in., offer for sale, to the highest bidder, the following real estate situated in Washington city. District of Columbia, to wit: Lots lettered C and D, in Gilbert's recorded subdivision of Square number three hundred and seveuty-one, <371). together with the improvements thereon, being two desirable and valuable modern built residences. This property Is sold subject to a prior deed of trust on each house of $10,twn, dated August S, 1871, pay able in five years, with ten per cent, interest, pay able semi-annually. Terms of sale: Cash for the amount realised above said incumbrance, to be paid within one week after the sale; aud if the terms are not complied with iu that time, the Trustee reserve* the right to nstell the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. A deposit of Q3U0 on each house when sold. Conveyancin^at^he^ur^jsco^.^^ d30-d MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aucta. ? KTTHE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY POST PONED uutil SATURDAY, January 4ft, la?J, at 4 o'clock p. m.,on the premises. By order of the Trusted. jlS.22M MATTINGLY A WHEELS R. Aucts. , THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY FUR' ther postponed until WEDNESDAY, th? 'i?th of^ January, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. in., on the premises. By order of the Trustee*. j27 a MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Auct. ?5T THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBT FUR THER POSTPONED uutil FRIDAY, February 7th, 1873, at 4 o'clock p m., on the premises. By order of the Trustee: GEO. MATTINGLY. jV-eoAd MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aucta. ?TIN CONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMENT weather the above sale is further POSTPONED until THURSDAY, February 13, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., on the premises. By order of the Trustee, f7-eoAd MATTINGLY A WHEELER. Aacta. WIN CONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMENT weather the above sale is hereby further POST PONED until MONDAY. February IT, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., on the premise*. By order of the Trustee. j 13 MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Auct*. W THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY further postponed until MONDAY, February U4,1873, at 4 o'clock p. m. By*order off the Trustee. 18.23-34 MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aacta. tor THE ABOVE SALE IB HEREBT further postponed until THURSDAY, March I, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m. By order of the Trustee. 13t-eo MATTINGLY A WHEBLKB, Aucta. VTHE ABOVE SALE 18 HEREBY further postponed until SATURDAY. March lft, 1873, at VoVlock p. m. Bv order of Trustee. ?7-ee MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aucta. KTTHE ABOVE SAL POSTPONED until T ^i^A^MA&fijQl mrin consequence or the inolem ENT weather the above eale la hereby further poat pooed until TUESDAY, March Hth, 103, at 4 o'clock. - MATTINGLY * WHEELER, Aaata ?STTHE ABOVE BALE IB HEREBY farther poet posed until THURSDAY, the U off April, MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aacta. PI W. L. WALL A CO.. ATiloaaafa. UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALS. Ia virtue of a writ off flerl naiaa iaaaed owt of the March Mth, VlLKTSS*ARP,U.S.] AUCTION SALES. Ht PUXCAMhON, DoWUNG * CO.. Aact'ra ( oru?t kh ?ul D dtwii idribvot. COTTAGE SETTS." M aTTKF^>ES. SIDE BOARDS. BEDST-E APS, IOTAS, P\K1.i?K SUITS, OAK DINERS, C 8. AND W S CHAIRS, (DOS STOVE8. *c.. AT ArOTtOM (7\ On THURSDAY MORNING, April 41. W. cotrm*r.cmg at 10 oVIock, we will aetl the I^Rabove mentioned goods, M cxir aucti>a I * ii di ncanson. powinta * o?., *ac?*. DT GREEN * WILLIAMS. Aoi-m^T D No. lOOl, northwest corner loth and P sts. TRUSTEE**- PALE Of VALUABLE CORNER LOT. 40 BY 9? FEET. BEING THE Si?UTH WEST COEKEft OF V AND I?tb STREETS NORTHWEST. SB* virtue of t deed of trust. ilatel Ah day of I March, A P 1C2, and recorded ia lib-r N ?. 17* foil" IM.of th' Uii4 w>rd'fw ft* i"?inlv of Vifhlii(t*ii,Di<ri<t of pn|?mW?. Mid t>r th* written request of th* party ?fiir*d ther*hv, we will offer for sale, by public auction, on FRIDAY, the ll*ih day of April. A i oVIwk p. u? , the eastern 4? feet of L^t M. la S.nare number J *36. bavin* Adepth of 90 feet Tmlmwill h??tnt-d *t 'he time nfth* sale. ANION ERERLY. t tw. .~ CHRISTIAN O. LEPERER.t *?aste?a. ?M?w?di GREEN A WILLIVMS. Aucts. BY OREEN a WILLIAMS, Avti^erv N*. 1 ?01, northwest corner Iff h and P *?. TWO HANPSOME PRIVKTE RESIDENCE*. FRONTING ON 1 STREET NoBTM. RE TWEES* NINTH AVD TENTH STREETS. WEST, AT ACTION ? On WIPN1*PAY, th* ?'h day of VrrU. at 3 o'clock p m , w * ?!i <11 ???II. on th* p* ?*niiM.ti'tof Lot numbered two (t?. in ?.|war? nrmlierid three hurdred aad sev?ntv three <3731, hatim two three-stoty pre**-brick front H'W-. ct ntainiiiK 10 r>*>n?a each. witti a tine o-llar. bath 'ooni. water, gas cnoVinr rang". Latr be stov.-*. *c.: being hon*e? N>. *07 and 90*,w';th <I*e an! bark n||> va. per??ns wi-hing ni ?dium-asie h u?*< j will do well to attend 'h? aale. Term.-: One-thirl cssh; balance In 6. It, li and ii month*, for notf* betrint 8 pr cent. Interest and 1 *? cnn-d h* a de^d of trust on tli* preuii"*s S?M. All ? onveyancicg at coat of purchaser. Sit*) dowu on ?ach house at time of t*l*. aid fRep."J GREEN ft WILLIAM*. Aurts. 1)1 GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. L> No. 1001, northw.-at corner liKh and P it*. EXE'UTORS BALE OF WORK REN^nrs. MAHOGANY IMMIRS, LUMBER. MORTIS!NG MACHINE, PLANES. Ac . AT AUCTION. By order of the Supreme Court of the District "?f Columbia hnMini a special t*rm on Tn?adav, th* l?t day of April. A. I> 1?73. I nh-<11 aell at public anr tlon.on HATI'BOAT. tli" flihd%yof April. A. P. IW.1. commei riiia at 4 o'clock p. m., tli p^r?onal ? 1t<eta i-f th* late John W Fit?hn*h. d*c?%**d. a? 'he carpenter ahop on O ?tr**t, l>etwe*n I'h and 7th ?tre?'t!i northweat. tlie followiuc nam?d articl??: Fight (8) Work Benches, one (II M >rti*iog Ma chine; Ten (lt>) TniMela, one (II Grind S:one, one (1) Stove; Tire(l)lntiiof Lntriiar, M Maho*?n> P <or?; Lot ?d Plane*. lion Vice,Gtu?- Puta; lot of S?*h, Tool Bo* and c?nfntp>; L?.t of Hoop Iron and R n1?. Poor Fram--*; Krt and Yarnifh, tot of Hardware, Ac., Ac. Terms cash. _ JOnN C. HARKVE^S.Et-en'or. ? * GREEN ft WILLIAMS. A net*. Tr BY LATIMER ft CLEART Auctioneer* and R-al Estate Brok^ra, Southwest corner Pennarlranl# avHmc and 11th at., Star Office Building. Tl:rSIF8 SALE OF VALUARLE IMPROVKO PROPERTY ON TI1E SEVENTH STRKET KOAP, NEARLY OPPOSITE THE SCHL ET ZEN PARK. By Tirtne of a deed of tmat, bearlne dat* th* ?M:/,th d?v ot May. A. P. 1.S72. and recorded in " Lilier No. 6r3, at folio SM, of the Land R <corda ? if the Piatricl of Columbia, and at the r"<ju-*at of the perM>D secured thereby, we ahall a?dl in ol ihe premiaea.on FRIPAT. the Kith day of April, , liC3, at A o'clock p. m., Lot^ nmnbornd 27. SI, 19 and Bi?ck 0 in Todd and Brown'? ?nMivi?i.?n <<f I Ml. Pleasant,together with th* improv*m >nt* th*r.' on, con?i?tinK of a nearly new. cnnf o-tah'* Fram llw llii'g, v? ith necee-ary out-l>aildinir?. all in ?<md condition; wtdl of excellent ??tfroii the p'e!iil?*?. The R 'Utidarv :iud Silv-r Sprung II ir?<' Uailr n l * !?: the door. T'-nn* of *a1e: Amount of ird? bt vlne?a ?*cTire-l lir thedted of trnit |Mm * with inter<?<t at 10 p,-r cent, per annum fr ^m ih- 25"h of Mav, 1S71.I ?lid ex pt-iw-s i f *al<- ( ? hich ? ill be mail* known on ia? "f -*1< ), ?ill be required in cash; the l. iUtu - a*aad 12tiionthf, |obeNCttN by a il?el,.t Irani np' n thf pr"p.?rty . #2U0 down at time of snti?. if the term? of sale are not c oipM with within "??ren d?v?. the property will lie resold at th* ri?k and red of Uie default in c purchaser. Conweynnciu* at par cha*?r'a cool. W ATKINS Al'PISoN,< GEOROE EARLE, < Tril-tee*. sr-d.tda LATIMER ft CLE ART. Aucta. |> Y LATIMER A CLRAR1, I) Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers, SouthwMt corner Peu?\l?ania avenue aud 11th at. Star Office Buildings. TBCSTEF-SSALE or valcable improved PRCPKRTY ON SEVENTH STRKET EX TENDED. NEARLY OPPOSITE BUT SolTTU OF HOWARD UNIVERSITY. t'ONAISTIEG OF A NEAT TWO STORY FRAME PM ELL INO AND TWO STOKY STABLE-LOT -li BY UA6 ?7 100. jM. By Tirtne of a d**?! of trnst dated Noyemb*r BSI, A. P. I87U, and duly recorded in Liber No. ~*631, folio 112, one of th<- land records for Wash ington county. in the District of Columbia, aud by direction of the parti secured thereby, I will self, at public auction, In front of the pr<-miees, on TBI BSPAY.the 1 7?h day of April. A. P. 1STJ, at A o'clock p. m.. all that certain plere, parcel, or lot of eronnd, situate. Ii inc and being in the connty of W u-hington, iu aaid Di?tii?t, and known at lot ??umbered eighty-t?o, (ij.i m tin-?ubdiri*ion of Mount Pb-awitit estate, a- male bv Win. P. P ile and Jobu W. Wright, and record I aoiong th? re cords for said counts in th" offic? of tb* conn'v ?nr revor. said lot hai int a front of 25 fe<-t on the Wash un'ion and Rockrilie turnpike or S?T*nth srri?et road, and being of a depth of V .67-US' fe?.f,eont yin iii^ 6,4167fi liat Niuaie feet, more or l. fH, togeili-i *i?hthe improvements ih'-reon. Tern.s of sale; One-third in ea*h, of which #10' must be paid on acceptance of bid; balance in six. twelve, and eighteen month*, with interest at ten p*r cent, per annum, payable semi-annually, and to Ih-secured liy notes of purchaser and de*d of trust on property sold. Convey ancing and recording at pur chaser's cost If terms of sale are not complied with within six day* after sale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk aud coat of defaulting purchaser. WM F. H0LTZM \N, Trustee. s2-d LATIMER A CLEAR*. Ant. BY Pl'NCANSON, POWLING A CO .Aucia.. bout heart corner 9th and P streets northwest. VALUABLE BUILPING LOTS ON CAPITOL HILL A VP NAVY YARP AT AUCTION On SATl'RPAT AFTERNOON. April ith, MVat A o'clock, we will sell in front of the premis ^?es. all of Lot 22, square 724, fronting 6? f*et 6 inches upon P street north, bet ween 1st and 2d ?ts. eHst, an<f running hack the depth of the Lot. TU:-> Lot will be subdiTided if n*|Utrc4. IbL On the same afternoon, at 3H o'clr>ck, w* will sell on the premises Lots A, B.C and P, suhdiv i*iun of ? riginal Lots 1 and 2. square 847. These Lots have a front of 23 S-12 and 36 8 12. respectively, with a depth of about 100 f*et, and is situated Coruer of Virginia avenue and 6*h street east. These Lots are hue buildiuc lots, an-1 are situated iu a rapidly-improving portiou of the city, and wor*hy the attention of buyers. Tertus: One-third rash; balance in or* ai l tw.v years, notes liearing interest and i-ecuii-d by deed of trust upon the premise*. Conveyancing at i<? ? ba**r* cost. A plat of these Lote can be s< at our office. v ni 4t PUNCANSON. POWLING ft CO., Aocts^ BY LATIMER k CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania *>??. and 11th street, Star Offise Building. SALE OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY IN SQUARE ?t?7. * Pursuant to the act of Cougres* providing for the extension ot the Capitol Grounds, approved May 8. 1872. we shall xdl. on THURSDAY April 10,1^73, commencing at 11 o'clock a. m , the following bui'dings, embraced iu Square No. : Whitney's Hotel, corner Delaware avenue and North A street. National brick, three atorios, with three-story bark huildiug. Nos. 4 and 6 North A street, three atories.attic ami basement. No. 6 has a three-story back build ing, Will be sold together. Nos. 12,16,18,26,28 and 30, N rth A street, w ill be *old separately. Nos. ISO, 122,124 and IK will be sold in a (roup; material, wood. No*. 27,29,33, 35 and 39, B street, will be sold sepa rately. Iron Bailing fronts to be sol<l separately. Terms of sale; Ten percent. of the pur> h.tse m ne> will be required at the time of sale; the remainder te be paid within ten days after such sale. Buildings to be removed within thirty days. By order of C. Delano. Secretary of Inter'or. si LATIMER ft CLEARY. Au.-ts. Y GREEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001, northwest comer h|th aud D at a. TRUSTEE S SALE OeTaLUABLR IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY IN SQUARE No. b7 ft, NEAR ST. ALOYSIL'S OHl'ROH. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated on the Itrat ? day of June, A. P. 1871, and duly recorded in *lib?r No. 642, f<dio 466, ftc., of the land records for Washington county, P. C., and by direction of the party secured thereby, I will sell, at public aoc tion, in front of the premises, on MONDAY, the 14th day of April, A. P. 1873, at A o'clock p m ,th following described lots iu GilbertVi recorded saltdi vision of square numl>ered six hundred aud seventy five (676).in the city of Washington, that is: Lots Nos. 112,113,114 and 113. each improved by a nearly ?" " ~ Lots Nos. 162, All Terns of aide made kn<>wn at 4ay ot aaie, and de >*it at sale of |ltll on each improved lot, ami IS on each unimproved lot. Terms of aale to be fully nos. 112, iu, 114 ana iu, earn improved by a finished house,fronting on uorth I street, Lot US, 1H, 164.146,156,157, 158,1?, 169.161 and 1 unimproved, aud frouting oa Myrtle street. Terms of sale made known at day of sale, a posit at sals of |ltll on each improved lot, and AB on each unimproved lot. Terms of aale to be fully complied with within aix days after day of sale; otherwise the trustee reserves the right to rssell, af ter hae wash's notice, at the risk and coat of Arst purchaser. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. t^TM. 21. Trustee. mJl eoftds GREEN ft WILLI AMS, Ancts. Y B. H. WARNRR, Real Eststs Broksr aad Auctioneer, No. 7S9 7th stnet, between 0 and H. TRUSTEE'S BALI 6?~THREE TWO-STORY rRAMR DWELLINGS, ANP A FRAME bLAUGHTRR-HOUSB ON G STREET, RE :WEEN THIRP AMP FOURTH STREETS E TWEEN THIRP AMP FOURTH BTR1KT8 NORTHEAST. AT AUOTIOM. a Ry virtue of a Aaad sf trust to me, dated Octo B bar W, 1871. and duly recorded ia liber s68, folio ??dff, one of the land records of WMhington ??o?nty.P.O., and by direction of the party thereby secured, I will sell, at public aortion. in front of the premises, to the htfhaat bidder, oa THURbPAY, April 1. 1873, at Alt o'clock ?. m., all of Lota aum oered 8,1, JO, 11,13,14. aad 16^ia square nambared atayaaS'ssBrti^s^as tra?t datedOctober 9, ?abject to a prior deed of traat dated October 9.U71, aad raaordad October M, MM, to secure f4jkw. li able la one year, with tea per cent. I rnii-annaaUy. _ The Unas af sale for the amount realised above ?aid incumbrance are as follows:?fljte aad the? peases of sale ia cash: balaaee fa aaa jraar with ia tereat. If fesraia of sale are not complied with with la tvs daya after aale, tha tramee rsasrvm Um light to reaail the property at tka rak aad OMt of the de faulting purchaser. #199 deposit on acceptance of bid. Coaveiaaclag at purchaser "a coat. ' . F E^AHTWOOPi" ? warn vywt m. i WABNER, Aucta, EVENING STAR J* ?In Mr l*ene ot AUrOi lUlt we XLatod. that a Lttle ?laughter of Mr. A. Meredith. who r^aM^ on Kough week. ?w allowed a boraeaiioi? nail. pnmi*?tig tn fflre f rrt^rt detail of the Mf<vw nr tiilsrr o( ?& ?|<?riU(>ri to utrtrt U Squire r?n? infbna* n* that th* operation *v pertorm.d In liOaixilte by Dr. V?:?dtll,with pknirliw prwnl, *11 of whom trlel their ak'U in get mt Mif mil. Dr. TiWfll ril a bole In the windpipe. Jm4 above the krm?l l one, a boat an incMh length. aud Introducing hi* <ii>trutnrnt> found tbat the naii hul located tr the right tunc All their aurg'cal skill failed to r?-!lev* the child of the dvcndfnl nail. A tube haaheea inarrtrd tn the w indptp* through which the rhtld hmttiH, It go* Mnj *N>nf t??mtT ?lay* ainee the operation. I>r. Cattln. of ltough crrek.Mfll itlmrttitbf cm, bit little hope la entertained of ber recovery. The child, how ever. la able to ait up and "walk a little. but la gro? Ing weaker daily, and tt will not be tone l-efore death relieve* ber of a mi-w alm<*>r unendurable, and which human 'kill failed to reach and allar.?(ICy.) ,V?rt. llow a Ht?un Vt*n'OAT?ti? hi* H*rrr* tio> .? A husband in l?a. n, Mm., recent It ovei b< ard a neighbor remark with ay pa thy that he wan hmpeckcd. Of course, he wnilil Ujvc been icon or aore than man if he ba<t -ul>iuiited to tbto m andaloti> imputation. and tie ii rtbw.tli took aironc moa-ureo to i?roee ito ifr- n?dle*.snr?t. He raMx-d home: he aarled a liootjack at hl? wife: be reduced tt tragm nt, twooi her bent drcaara. and aa a conclaaive c-lunaa be Mwiixl h>? pipe in the parlor, witk hi* f ft o-.i the table in a ba>k?: ot artificial (tow er-. It is now gererallv admitto<1 bv the people ot Salem tbat this gentleman i.?nt henp vkel inasmuch a* lie still sum irea without a soar. KTTexaa corn-planting i> nearly linish d. ay 1 be troubloaome ehibl ia always the pot. t/"A tuan was ahot In the street* of Roeh< ? ter. N.< ether dav by an unseen en?-ruy. an? with an air-gun, aa there w aa no report. ?^Niagara hacVmcn h.ive raised tlieir fare* *1* cc Ajra-slr' prediction that the attra>.ti.>.>n~ there would dry up <n a few cent-tries. ?yin pulling hi* handkerchief bon hU pockt t. ?loeepli I.esmau ot l.a Crumt. Vu., got hia revolver started, aiulit ahot Uiui thiough I the leg at the first volley. | IV A ii Indutnapol'ia juror recent I \ oflere>1 to | secure a favorable veniict for a litigant for hi n. The jurot is a well-to-do farmer, b^ing reputed to 1 e worth at least Mtuno. ?/"Thf ditBcnlty between Feehtor th? actor ai.?t the proprietor ot 'he l.yeeum theuVr in New York, baa not vot t?een adjusted, maclt to the annoyance of the former'* admirer*. oy H art ford uaed leaa watvr last r ar than for any of the previous ten rears. Tl. y c*M tt cconoaiy, and usually ijualify it with mme thing. t/" A little girl whs killed In New Hampshire ajearagoby h kick from a horae wliicli had been frightened bv a dog. and h< r father hi> just recovered #1,450 damage* from the owner of the dog. l/*Mr. Chaa M. Barraa, the author of the -'lilack Crook,** was seriously injured bv fall ing a railroad bridge near CokoIi, Conn., Saturday evening lie fell nearly aeven tv feet on the rock* below, and will probably die. aVThe aon of Baron Kothaclilld. the bead ot the Austrian branch, ha* not only married a Christian. but has abjured hia laith for her*. He will succeed his father, and ia Indeed hi* only son and heir. Hio wife i* a daughter of t'ie Austrian Archduke Kegner. MARRIED. FOWLER-PAYSK. Oti th* 1st in??snt, bv th ? K>' . Mr. HMining. JO^KPH K r<?M'l,?"H. .it W^bington, to Mis* VIB'.IMA PAYXB, "f Ue??rgetowti. ? JACKSON-JOHNSON. Anril 1?f. ?.v tb* K?v. Mr J hnx'D, W HlTKlKhfi JACKSOS to AN'MK JUllNbON. both of ttua dir. niKn. BrBOPrry. Aprtt l*t, lfft.?n?r * ?h irt illno*^. Mr*. MARY BIRGDI FF, f of H'.iwpa >ilt?, N. ?., ac?d SS i ??ar*. Tli- funeral i?ok pl.i< e to-dar, from the r"*id?-nc of h<*r daui;ht>T. D-A. Baldwin. K?. b'l C *tr?-t northweat. n<-r reiuaia* ?eru laid to rest iii'Ue C'?nrre*si?.nal C(*metery. * Et RKK On ?b< l?t inatan*. of eonaamtition. TIi?f<f'RT J. Bl BSE In th* S5'h year of hi - sge. LYNCH. At the residence of h-ri- ?-tn-law. mat tMiaff'-r, on Tr?--di?v ni. rnini?, MABY ANN. relict ?>ftb?> lat?- Pwtriek l.Me h. The funeral will tak>' plac<- n Thursday ni 'Hinr. at 10 o'clock, from St. Aloy-'iis cliur' ?i. (Bp| 8t M< Ml BBAY. In Manraville,California, Marrh 24. Mra.k.A. Mi. ML BUAV, l*ie of Washing >u city. T1MM8. AtSoVlork tV?.ue*dav morning, April 2d. of coucumption. COOK BiNDBMOK, iufsiiT son of George > %nd Jeuuie K. Tiium*, aged Syears anil SOday*. Funeral from hi* parent*' re?id<?ace. K ?. 443 O str?et north?t-st,to-morrow (TUunslay I afieruo??a, at 3 o'clock. * UNDERTAKERS. K ICULARD r. HARVEY, (SsrwMr It HAH VMC Y * MAHR,t Ko. VS4 t StkkKT, betweei. Ninth aa METALLIC Bl'RIAL CASES AMD CASKET* ?f trrr |r Jt*cnr<io*. marl ly SHKOVDS. HABITS. ?s. I^UUARO W. IAR&U, CABINET MAKER AND UNDERTAKE** felW KLEVKNTH STREET, nw W. fl'RNlTVRE OP ALL KIN US MADE ANA REPAIRED ant-tr yr IUIAM HAtEETT, No.734 7th 8TRBBT,B>Twnaa aND HSraim apK lr Ooffioa and Caskets of all kinds T UE MOOT WONOERFtX DIMOOVERY UM THE 1?1H CENTURY. Or. S. D. Hewe's Arabian Milk Cars For Coajsn^'toa, Cures ordinary Coughs and Oolda in a few hours Jik? magic; also Dr. S. D. Howe's Arabia* Tsalt Rlsod Partfier, Which Is ?orely vegetable, ctranaes the *v?t<-TO of all impurities, builds it right square up, and makes pure, rich bhod. For **Geueral Debility," -'Lost Vitality," and br.ku down const it nt ions. "J Ctollmtt the Nmrtrtalk Century" To And Its equal. Every bottle Is worth it* w*i*M in gold. Price II per bottle; or an bottles for &dd wholesale and retail by Cuas. Bron 4 Co., 4?0 Pennsylvania av<-naa And at retail by 7.. D Gn.*aN,6?T Penn?ylvanis avenue. W. G. Dcc??TT,c<>ruer Penn are and?1?t. J P. M iLBi is A Co., near Treasury Department A. Davis A Co.. Mb and L streets. J B. MaJoa, 7tb and H streets. J. H. Btoxr, 7tb and L streets. D. B.*e A Co., 4H str-ot and Peana av?. J 8. Joxks.SSd and A streets southeast. Tarr.a A Co., M* 7th street southeast. F. D. Dowli?*,4H and C streets sovthweat. A.J - ScHarBEBT. North Capitol and H streets. D. P. Bicklixs. 301 Pennsylvania avs. and 3d at. W R. Stone, corner 7th and O streets. Wit.r*Ei> McLeop, Qoorgetosrn. fsbll-wAs/w GET RID OF NUN PAYING BOARDERS, such aa RAT8.MICE and ROACHES, with It cent* worth of " FITS." DABBY'S Pharmacy,corn**-4* street and Pcnu'a are., principal depot. niM-Itu* UOYD M. SMITH. S. H. WIMSATT. D Alexandria, Ya. Wi Alexandria, Va. Vfsehlnetou, D. SMITH * WIMSATT, LUMBER. LUMBER. HARDWOODS A SPECIALTY. RILLS CUT TO ORDER. OoxKEB Tn an I Srs, aomi \I UST AND SHALL!?GREAT SACRIFICES IH at CARO*B LOAM OFFIOR aad RA- X\ EAR, Mo. S14 Psanaylvaaia avsnna, bdwmM ?th aad 10th sU. The whole of the ramalatag!? stock, la Saaat solid hunUng Gold aad_Fnx7r F,^rw?2e'mS? tn bualBssa. ^Yoa save Ing beta It will par yo?. jaM-tr rpHIS ISTOGIVRNOTICR, That the subscritMr A hM obtained front the Supr<?M Court of the District of Columbia, holdu? a special term, letters of admlniatrattoB W. A., oa tae aeraunai estate of W M. H LANGLY.Iateof Mraahiagtoacoaatr J>.C., deceased. All persons ha*lag claims acainat the aald drceaaed are hereoy warnea to exhibn lbs aMM, wtth ins voacbsrs thsesot, to the wtwrlba, an ar kstqra the Mtk day of March aen: they may otharwtaa by law be exdwaed troa all ksstai s* the aam ettaaa. Givaa andsr w haaa this IM day of March, lbTS. (adi-wtwl JASTt. PAYNE. I* 1*1 HjrM*? ^UJTOJMl IKBICT ThtlHkdmwJ IhM.m. Lewis Hale va. Rbbbcca Mauv?Mo. 3,IS, Equity Mr. A.B.Willi On motion of tbo?laj*UR,t* 1 his solicitor, It Watered that t her .ppe^^^-M-ed I ihe firat rule-day "Ibi ijs tm the caasa will f ?rTr? It* f this day ? o. default. Ry the CaarT ' wHk as la c?li Trwacopy. b?*Ji pUcvd u|k>ii the MM %, retfar,l? stTICttOtlS tk|H>|i |i?y ? tu rvlllt BlOUl 11 um ?? M-n irr, w ?(Gcrr? nf the truv. mm w tub ruvu statu J *-??4 mt rtt TVrOtwiM ?f?, y? /r. ^r,ax 1 " (Gkhkbal ?m*i?Xo. ?&.] I ![r ^I appropriations tor tu. aupt^rt ?* ?** HittUrr .A<*lrnir lur tft? Rm?i * ?, ? Ju?? thuU?CL, eigktooo Uh MlrrJ am wwMjr-faar. It* 0 rmmrh t ^ tt< *~nmt' (*4 sf * >?-? I *fM*r>r** CWtfr* gr?tr? ff Am*r%*m m > m llut the Stowing Mima U-. i * . ."f' '* treasury m( olkmriw tppm I |-nalMl.tarUi?>mn?rt*rFikcMilitarvAra.l^ar ,kt ???*?* U.wt*rth, ^ium, huiMirvd and wvent)-fn?r. namely Fw MlditivMl |?t of officer*. aim far nM M tin-Uuclor*. tirnlenwr*. tadcto, unl ne ain,,,, t?o tiandrril tad UwumixI thrr* l,?n drea u<I a?vml)-MM iwiltn and ftftr r*nb : fWWnl. That the |>rot?MM? of the Fatted State* Mihtaiy Academy ? Utn-t setrloe ai tk - arddemt axceed* trl >r*ra MMll kkrr Ikr |>(, ?ml alio* ance- o< i?lftb?l, and *11 other pr?!?a wr* Aiall likvr the psr and allnv?iMy*?i liea tfkiaii-i?luTwi, till the Hat. ui'Mt o< erilkta< <? "" ?< ?*?<'? <H fiiimni a xl ot i>reo(tcal en?i ? tMuniif ilitll have llw pav ti<l tlkmtuoi1! iM major; and bwart.t there *had be allowed ?i.?i paid U the mmI iMrwf. tfii pet centum of fci-M tiitmil yearly |.a> lur farh and ever* I'1"1 " Z"* T1*"' iat?it>? m tin- arn? twl at i" i.**"*"** '? '**?" ? TLat auctt addition shall tu IM ?*~r mcH?l MR) I^r cutuui ?t m?..| *?>? juriiini tr. her?fc, r? UeO For rt pair* ami in #,.v. no-ui?. liuiWt nUnk boards wall-suips. lath*. sbin?U?. sl?fte' Un, Wtrt-k^'i. i>t Is, artvws, h*-??, butt-* hingi s. flam, paint, turi>ctittne. Ol ... bricks \aii *h. stone, line, rem. nt. pla-ter. hair blastug pond* r.fuel, iron ste l.t.s.i*. mantels' and other similar iii ttei la;*, Uurirru thou-.?,.( tw bmiditit i!v!Imii For |>uy ol Citilet. mechanic* and :%b*r e;a . upon repair* I Lai cannot be doue uv en listed men, u|il tinimimI doUal*. Fol lu? i and a| | aiatna, liAiw it coal. wood, stoves, fTaUt, tumai es, lange*. lire bin *>., and repairs ol ?tcaui-lie tlutg t|<|>titlui>, i<*uiioea tL< ukuuI dolliua. For gut- |-i|xa. (jtMioiilfM.. and retort*. tM aui<uai v|mui? oi tli? ^iu>-. at\ fauiKlr.nt <i<>ii?ra. lor t-^i tor vMii< ?' tn?^ hall. aho|*. ai.a UuiKiiy, tiitce Uit>u?ibd live lutili.-d .|,.l at a. For |-oMt^t auu uitfra^. Uuee I.ui iir-t <(?? .?!>. For atattoiKiT. Matik Mn,r?|i*r, enrcio|M>?. quills, MrtI wta, | . i.ell*. otmi?, ?*?, an I i?'k, five tluliara. For trMMpartatioM ol tnatenala, dln^j catlcla. ai?l Uu ta^ct. one tUou>^ud t\r h?a dri-t! tloltara. Fi* type, tnatertaU tor oi^.-e, Ji(.U Kar loi aiaJuau., r<:gi*U*ra. ati<! bUitka, vrva I. unut tu tiollara. For ot'nijK n*alio?i of j r and liU>? KtM|'?iiT. otit- hvivlm! dollar*. For clerk to tiffing oflloer ami >|-lattor BiaMet, one thousand m* bundled at.U dt. lata. For clerk to adjutant, on<? tliouaand live km. ilml dollar*. For clcik tu trcwurtr, one thon*and flra Int. drid dollai*. For department ot itflmei oti in irv*V? niatice, namely For repair* ot lu<ruuaciita, toi ty dollar*, text-lntoka, ?ira? m<f-n? ?t?i iai?, anil i-tation. ry tot in*tructor*. tiurtv dollars. For departuicnt ol andterr. cavalry, and in lantry taeUc*. namely. For tan-hark for rtditie liall and trviiitiaaiuni. three hundred d ?! ar?, and lor r< pairing apparatax for *atpe, Sftv d.?l l:ir>, lor r* pairing caiup-ftv^U, teuW. ami tar nit ure, titty dollar*. For department ol' ciril and m'Htarv r-ngi neeiing: For model*, nia|A, tei>air* ot inn'ra menu, text-l-ook*. UM>k? of reierenee. and *?a tioiieiy tor nm. ol Instructor*, Hit' huudi 1 dol lar*. Tordepar^mfnt of diawing. For m<|.M? of fre? hand draauig lor * conj claw, loriv flee dol'art; mount in*; and Iraming the Mttue, M-rtt ty tire dollar*, arctiitoctiiral a?id t ?p ??!n.-?j iuixl'1* lor tlitrd cla**, forty'art., m nin iiig and Iranntijr the unit, tlnrtV dollar-, tat I. .*r.i tor iiiouutiiig m<Mieia, ti teen dollar*, odor* paj < r, l>ruM.< *. aiu! pcuclla, tweniv dollar*. ' For department or chemi.'trv, min ralogr. and geology: For chemicala. inclndlng clieoii cal ap|?r?ia*, gla-w ami |>ori^o!ain ware. pai??r, wire, and alieet metal, and ore*. *r?e han.lred ami *erenty-tlve dollar*. inctudniK laateiial for practical in?trwctio:i in jdioUtgrapliT; rough specimen*, tile*, alcohol, lamp*. Mow-ptpoa, petu il*. an?l ajjH'e lunrtar^. for prael'cal In *tiuctioii in mineiali>gy and g^ologv. two hon drcd and tweuty live dollar*, i?*mi illimtruiu theditlereut rock -lor uia t ,on*, lor daily nae in Fection-rorm*. one hundred and aevonty fir? dollar*, gradual incr a-e of the cabinet, fire hundred dollar*, repair* and improvi m.-nta in electric, galtai ic. magnetic, ek-ctro-iuagtwtic, and magiieto^lectric apparalu*. and additi >na to pneumatic and thermic apparatit*. eight hutKiied dollar*; carj>enter*' ami m>*tal work, and material* for the name, Mxtv dollar*, pav of ?Mechanic, to be emptoje-d in chemical and geo logical M-etion room*, and in the lecture-room, one tbou*and and hit* dollar*, completing re |-air* and tmprovemt nt* in laboraton , lecture - room*, and mineralogical room*, three hundred and mnetjr-iive dollar*, model* and diagram*, one hundred dollar*: l>ook* of reierenre, tevt l>ooka, and ?tationery, for u*e of iu*tiart<tra, and contingenciea, two hundred and fifty dol lar*; ??tn pen nation to attendant. Itftv dollar*. For deparUueut of natural and experiment*' |>liiloM>pliy: For indrumeut* and apparata* to illustrate the laws of mechanic* aui of aolidt and flaid*. tl.ree thousand dollars, inatrumfnt* Hint apparatus to illustrate the laws ot ttcousUet an<* optic*, tout thousand dollar*, instrument i ami apparatus to equip one field obnervatory, two thousand five ha-nlrcd dollar*, one breas oircuit chronometer for mural-circle room in the observatory, five hundred dollars; latho, lorge, tool*, and equipment of work-*h'>p. *evea hundred and fittv dollar*, repairs and contingen cies. eight hundred dollar*; com|>en*atioii to mecbanic and a: - istant in charg< ot apparata*, oim*thousand dollars; comjieuoatioM tu at'.euj aiit. fifty do'. arv For department or practical engineering For mining material, twenty-fire dollars; lumber tor profiling, twentv-five dollars: stationery aui drawing mau-rial, twenty-five dollars thuodo lite-transit two hundred and tirtv dollars, re pair* of instruments, twenty-five dollars. For department of Spanish: For tekt-txwks and stationery for the use ot iusUuctors, tiftr dollars. ' For department of French For tevt-books and stationery for the use ol iiistructoi*, nttr five dollars. For depaitmerit of law and ethics: For tevt l?ook* and stationery tor the use ol iusti ucloi* tJU dollar*. For e*j>ense* of the board of visitors, four thousand live hundred dollar* 1, That three memliera of the House of Kepre*-nla tive* of the Forty-third Congre*e, wU mm* cro dential* in due form of law have beeu duly filed with the Clerk ot the House of Uoprns -nt ktive* in accordance with th< act ol ?^ongrons approved March third, eighteen liuudted and sixtv-three, shall be appointed, br the Sj^aker of the present Horn* ot Ke|>ros< iiUttvea, mem ber* of the board of visitors, at the next an nual examination to be heid at the Military Academy. For miscellaneous and contingent expeti*** For gas, coal-oil, and candle*. t7?r lighting the academy, cadet-barracks, mens-hall, hospital offices, stable, and side-walks, four thousand dollar*, water-pipe, plumbing, and renair*, two thousand dollars^ cleaning* public building*, (not quarters,) fire hundred and atxtv dollars, brooms, brushes, pails, tubs, and cloths, two hundred dollar*: chalk, era von*, spouge. and slates, for recitation-rooms, one hundred dol lars. comi-ensation of chai>el organist, two hun dred dollars; compensation of librarian, one hundred and twenty dollar*. com|i?naa tien of non-commismoiied officer in charge ot m< chanic*. fifty dollar*: oom|ienaation of sol dier writing in' adjutant'* office, littv dollars; pay of engineer of heating and ventilating ap paratus tor the cadet-bai rack*, chapel, and philosophical arademr. Including the library, one thousand five hundred dollars, parof a?aUt ant of same, seven hundred and twenty dollars; Increase and e?|<eme of the library, books, mag azines, peiiodlcah-r and binding, two thoaaand dollars. For pay of librarian's assistant, one thot-and dollars. For contingencies for superintendent of the acadi my. one thousand dollar*. For furniture for cadet-hospital, one hun lred dollars. For building* and grounds: For repairing and opening road*, one thousand dollar*. Foe rebuilding the dam at the foot of Crow's Nest mountain, two thousand four hundred and eight dollars and six cent*. For preparing rite and constructing founda tion and begfWnlng superstructure lor cadet's new hospital, twenty thousand dollars. For commencing system of sewerage leal ng from barracks or troops, three thousand dol lars. For remodelling batterr Knox, ten thousaad dollars. [Approved, February 28, IK*.

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