Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Lirgwt Cirtilatiw ii the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: IHIBftDAY April S, 1*7*. I liera i* no iutaiice on record of a well ,lB*"d ?>*tem oi judicious advertising tailing of Success. The aJtertiier tliould select * paper ?t standing and general circulation like Tat ?tar. and then go ahead systematically and I'ffMnilj to inform the |>ublic, through fresh, crisp advertisements. renewed daily of the extent and quality of his ware*, and hia ability to sn p pi y them on favorable terms. The Atlaatlr l?i<UM?*r. f'roogh has l^en ascertained in regard to the k?s.? of the steamer Atlantic to show culpable 1' * '?*"<"? ??d ^r<M ineHcitncT on the part of the oncers, an.! a criminal dis'iwtion on the I :.rt ot the Whit* Star line company to imperil l .man life in order to make short voyages and l.?rge profits. The steamers of this line are long SBd narrow, and well adapted for fast sailing, 1 ? t are correspondingly nnsate-. Though built in compartment* to secure it from sinking in ca.-e ot accident. the Atlantic seems to hare P>i:e <lo?n I ke lend on striking the rock. The inrerence is. therefore, that she broke her back in cuueiiMicr ot her inordinate length to lier breadth. in the same spirit of cupi.l itr aid in order to make a quick trip, the f-'esinrr too< In only a minimum supply of t ?-! to !ta>tn the weight, thus necessitating * vis.t to Halifax tur an additional supply. '?: e captain ol th. Atlantic seems, also, to have I n wanting, not only in se:.??an>hip, but In t e chivalry and gallantry which have so gen r-t.Iy characterised the captains of ocean Vean*er? in case of disaster. While appnv-h jrg the dangerous chores near Halifax in thick aruther, and in tlie night, he abandoned the <i arge ol the vessel to a subordinate, and went to his rot and when around by the striking of ti e ship, he seem- to hare taken more thought or his own life than the lives of those confided to h,, Care. At any rate, he seem- to ha, e been ?i.olly ,,nerval to the emergency, and what was effected ,n tiie way of saiing the lives of j-.ssengen. was accomplished by some of the s .^officers. Cupidity and recklessness appear to ua?e been at the bottom of this terrible dis aster, and it I- some ^tiataetion to know that grred ,h4t would imperil hntuan life in this ri Las received a sharp punisbmeut al t. .dy. and is likely to be further punished in t u fU*t:re through a want of confidence in the balety of the other vessels of the line. Itrooklya, Xew York. is ruber notorious for Sensational preachers, but the Kev. Dewitt l tlmadge. in his efforts to outshine Henry V ?rd Reecher as a star pulpit performer, has a -in.. J a montebank role utterly discredit able to his calling. He ?? celebrated" a public wedding at the Brooklyn Academy of Music e other night, in whi.-h the married couple nere dr.ssed in masquerade stiits hired from a theatrical costnmer. The bride and groom, and their attendant*. who were numerous. were r>ug?.| in wigs, breeches, furrows, high-heeled Shoes, paste buckles, etc., etc.. and the public v ? re told that the fantastical display thev made truly represented a Xew England I w ty of the o'-ien time. Cpon the stage of the Academy, with three thmttaii'l spectators sit ting in the front, who paid the theatrical prioe lor admission, with a dramatic orchestra t. lling and blowing ju?t in front of him. Mr J ?ia..dge united the couple, who were tools r> ough to place themselves in such a position in marriage. We advbe the Iter. Talmadge to ai d.cute his pulpit in tavorof l?an Hire or some ? er professional clow... whose stvie of buf fi .?uery would certainlv be more refined ami l?ss s.?cr;legiou? than that of thia ?? reverend" geutieman. TUe Xew York Daily^*,. (Broker Ben's paper.. speaking for the Hon. Kernando Wood, *ys he was not present whet, the vote on extra I ongrcs.Kmai ,,ay was taken, but hail he been, hi would hare voted "ajre." as '-he thinks anv man nt to go to Congress is worth at least his n, ccary expenses. Mr. Wood does not think ? I'Minn a year too much for a Congressman, and bebeving it was right to vote tor the money, he believes it is right to take it." Commenting illatMr'whe ,B*1VmCre V"11- Probable that Mr Moods idea of "necessary expenses' as .tern ed trom experiences quite different from ot many men who honor Congress with the.r presence, and adds. "and certain it is also th .t there are very many member, of that body ? !l? not lit to go to Congress.'' The Rorkville (Md.) Srn'uvi is still a little ??.b ous about the time o| owning ol the Met lof^o'.tan branch road. and quoting from the flxiu* ",he ?**?? of April or first ot May" as positively the time tor that |x>st|ioned event. expresses iU pleasure the,.at. ? oecause so m.ny statements have r* U *'th r'??d to the completion of th., road that our people hare become tired of '?* * They u?i,,k ?? ?'?ht hare been comp eted tong ago. if rigbt ^ ^ pfe. ra.M d. The SenftmH .loes nt think it wiil need to tire any cannon or ring any >,v bells until the first ol May, the latest date mentioned, and is nor so certain about it then. While the Brooklyn and New York detectives arc tbiu.zing over the late mysterious murder ot Goodrich in the former citv. we suggest that ?be authorities send tor a couple of onr Wash ington detectives to hunt up the murderer. The rapture of the notorious Forrester, who was ii'P|K>?ed to be the Xathan murderer, and the nxre recent arrests of Tom Wright and Henrv ^ i:ng. who are believed to be the murderersol I gcrski, the Poli?b pedler, and Hahn. the V ? jfima drover, entitle onr detectives to the r- utation of being the cleverest and most effi- I Cant officers in the country. ? ? ?? - M . >e Philadelphia Letter, in a thoughtful ar . ie n|>on the prevailing epidemic of crime. i .* : j..V.f ' i,^hek!n lnty .OI mo,1ern ***** and j *i*i the eicrcUe or the par - art? nurrilr-H^ to Hocietv wbii^ . tction. both in the nature of things an.i I ? ?? if?l*U?e and executive authori \ e, cm ?n-t - govern- J i .. ? litri n? ? ttovkery and a delusion, when ! ' 'dittlot niotlern society are favored to ' r? ns *"' peacefal and law-.bidini Jiu? 1 A I ill waa recently introduced in the Illinois Ho- -. ot Representatives provides that all per . i -< onvictcd of whipping their wives should | II.. >? -elves be publicly whip|>e?l. The commit t? e ; ? whom the bill was referred reported ad a ei ~ y, the members being of the opinion that It i- ad enough for women to be (.eaten, but t> " 'hey ought not to suffer the additional dis g -< e ot seeing their husbands and the father oi iheir children at the whipping post. The* adopted the report of the committee. The Alexandria .SrwruaW relates that several boys clambered on a roof adjoining the jail-yard in that city, on the day Manley was hung, and that when the trap fell one ot them fainted and was miracuioaaly saved from falling off' the frmlding by his comrades. The Sntmel thinks that bad be fallen he would have furnished the ami hanging papers of this city with another Eign?eat agalaet capital punnhmsnt. fr^ysWAisHiyOTOJf L1BRAKT CO?PAXY. ^^?ra W. V mCHULSOM, M. B CCSHKAV, J* 0 JOHN HB1U0. have txwu a^yointed to hold aae aounal fIkIk n for ssven D.rsctoas uf t lis Waab iiitui Library C.?>aat at the Library %nom t Mn.'i Cbn?uan AssorUMoa Buiiding?ffoaa * lot a m...* MONDAY. AfrU ?. UTl All das. ?Ml be ?j the it'xkhaUe^ before voting. a>? JUHS MB1Q9, Secretary r"^?or' t j^uUNsoN a CO.. W ttaiKTov. Aprill.m. Mr s'. MA01LL u aoisuinl * BNih-r of #urftr is date _ _al * LBWI? JOHa?OW M CO. I N'. C'UKl v> KIAl ISO Jr*> '. Wiiwei Mien (ruei all i/thf L' *C1> ? LATIMw LIBBABT; tLm vola. \ M i ? ear: tl ?er quarts. PARLOB9 C0> \ s . SA^IOS ROOMS (or Ls*iiesaadO< o'elock. SABBATH AfTBRSuO* 9KRTICBS i LiacolnBaU at M oclxk, at Theater Co?i<ins a. :u v'deck. A rt-porl lu New Twk yesterday that the Treasury department had tranferred ?10,000, ono of legal tenders to the sub-treasury there, to be pat into the Mew York tasks and made available for the money market, caamd wme excitement in Wall street. The stock specula tion wan moved up and dowa by this lerer, it first being asserted that the order had come, when stocks advanced; then that it had sot, when stocks declined. The |1I),M0^N is in New York, where it has been for the past two pears. to protect the sub-traasury against a sudden demand for the redemption of three per cent, certificates, the amount of these certifi cates then outstanding having been over $40. nnn.noo; but now all Dave been called in, and the *10.000,000 r*n be used for another purpose 11 necessary. The general condition of the markets yesterday was better than on the day previous, though still feverish. The business in gold, though large, was lew excited than on tha day previous. Money was still stringent. Mercantile paper was neglected aad unsala ble, and merchants who ao not hold govern ment bonds, as saany of them do net, were put to great trouble to get money at all. Govern ment bonds were feverish. In the stock market tlie dealings were large and exritad. ?f*y Cooke A Cs-ftnush tha loliowingto-dav: r???"?.UBL i WWaM*5OT f-stafcrdg rl! g? _ ?kw Yobk?Fibst Boabd. Ci8 ftj*,., *?? I HOtJeu.ftJIrJ-W 16 ? *?. WS1....> e-? s, ial uh 8-*>, 1.46. 17 ft ?'-.Jan. ft Jly.W ..l5\ ft hlljaa. ft Jiy. ?7_17S l0 4U's IP, American G"id 17 Currency ?'a. 1.1 Mew Vivas.- U'i TIM HsrkeM. BaLTIMOBB, April ].->:rniuM It, consolidated, ilf?; Went Vugiui* - \\\ bid today. Baltiyobb. April 3 ?Cotton v *ry dull?low m!d IsSvsisS- Flour duil and unchanged Wti??t stonily. C? iu tirin. Oats <jui*t and steady. Kye nuiet and unchanged. ITxy unchanged. Pr'.vl?ions H?net l?at firm? Xw pork, gl7Mgl7 M Bulk meat* rrtn Ba? xi mm. IIunchanged. Lard un^-d Western butter us hm^l Wiii-dty New Vokk, April 3.?Stock* firm. Gold |tirm, 17>t. M >ue> tiim. '?'a?',p.'t cent. Kvi hauge. loug, -h rt,8. G ?vernm.-nts dull and steady. New Yhbk, April 3.?Flour .juiet sad uuchsn*-cl Corn qn:et andst-ady. Corn >iui-t. LomkiXi April 3 ? Bullion i i th* Rank of Kt? IfUld ha? fmirnKr-i ?tivo,flro dfirTfH lbs p4*t w?et Ci-ns- Is opened at 9l\ for money, M'i for vfuint. Bonds of 18Si, o|.f, 1357,8C*.; Itf 40>.*'t; n-w fives, 91. Erie, 61V LosDOS, April 3, 1:3U p. m?C>n*.,l* 9T? for in? i.ey, for account Bi nd* of lsW, olJ,*i'?; 18CT. JB.S,* mtO's. 'VV Brie, SIS. Lokihix. April 3. 5 p. m.?Con*.?l* rl <aed at M for money and US'* tor account. Bond* uf l+i?, old, M'?; l*7.<?J\;k> to *,?.?;?ew five*, fu'i. Brio, 51. The specie In the lt?nk >l France has increased SJMJIM) francs during the pe-t week. Krasafoet, April 3.?B -uds, 95'? for the issue of l?S. Part*. A foil S. ? Rent 56 francs *5 centimes. TBI WEATHIB, Warn Dira rtxikt, Offi** Ckief Sign*! OgUtr, I Washibwtoh.L). C., April :s, ti(73, ll a. m. { Siaorsis roa tub past twbitt-vovb houi> ? TUel .w barometer that was Wednesday morning over Lair Huron has moved northeastward beyond "iir stations, m.t the pressure has risen very gene rally throughout the country fait offthe Mississippi. I'r?sh southwest win.l? and parti* cloudy and rlear ing weather prevail over ine Middle aud K wt.-rn states. Light northerly winds over th? South At lantic states, with ilear weather; variable wind* ni<-?tly from the soulljwnst. with' I >iljy weather aud ocrasi' nal likht ?now are rop-ni-d from the lower lake*. Th>* barometer h*-> fallen unite low in Ore ton and Montsna. the lowest pre^^ure tx>ingpr >ba ly ii * c?-nt-al in Northern Wyoming. tuVrl* wir.ds and falling barometer are reported from Ne braska. I'KoBAaiLiT.r-.?For the re^t of Thursday in Ne? Knslaud rising bai oneter, light and fre^h westerly winds, partly clondv and rl>-ar weather. For th? Middle and South Atlantic states clear weath -r and i i-ing tempera!ur?. f'llowed Thursday even<n? bv falling barometer and hajiy or cloudy weather. t'r>>m AUbam.t we-tward to Texas falliug barom< t?*r, increasing swuthesstTly winds an I <-loiidy weather. F <r th- lake region generally falling ba rometer, and for the upper Iske* winds backinzto southeast. A storm confer develop during th" day in lbe Missouri valley, with incrt-asing southerly winds and cloudy and threatening weather from Missouri to Minne?ota. IY""S?COLLIlC'TuB"S o? fice. It,-/ D'*tru't or Colcxbta. Wa?HIMIM, March 31, lvl. T? ir'mw i: rra<i rou.>m Whereas os?e WILLIAM HOG \X, Jr.. purchajed ceitsin property st the sale of real estate of tDi> uici of Columbia for taxes due th -reon. held by nie 0. t< Imt 14, 1872. and Iks days following ImmUsI as security for said pnr< ha?es the sum of MM. aud w her>-a>. paid Hogau sut>?e<iuently obtained ninety nve certificates for property offered for purchase at said <ale and bid off by him, and gave in pa) ment for the balance due thereon his two checks, to wit: for *<*41.3:1 upon Biffgs ft Co., and $-<7K up n the ashirgton Citv .savings B?nk; and whereas said chx'kn have both bes<n pr.?t"?ted for non-payment: 1. therefore, notify the public that said cert ilb'ates are mold snd valueless, aud that the said sale* to said William H >gan Jr , have been can. .'led, aad th? public are hereby notified not to purch**-* said certificates. W.HSLATEB. spin Collector. NOTICE TO TAX-PATBBB. . be Assessors of the several Legislatlvs Districts having completed the assessment of real property for thefi*cal year ending June 30th, 1374, toe Board of Appeals will meet at the oflke of the Superintendent ofAssrsssaenu and Taxes, Mo. 3 ?? iH street ^earths corner of Louisiana avenue, oa the 3d dat or Fxs beabt, M73, at IB o'clock a., to hear any ass sals that amy be mads from the valuations of said as All appeals must be made In writing, and sworn to before an oBcer competent to administer oaths. The Board will be in session each day < Sunday ex cepted) from 11 o'deck a. ?.until 3 o'clock p. as., and on WEDNESDAYS and SATCBDATS from* o'clock until ? o'clock p. m. H. A. HALL. WM. WALL. obo A?.irMRi"LBToV.LAT.A- 8h,hh' fel-tf Members of the Bo*rd of Appeals. WASHINGTON, D. 0 , NibCH IB, 1BT3, Boohs No. 330 4S Stbbbt NobthwbsY. In compliance with eection 34, act approved Au gust 33d, 1871, the Board of Apaeals will continue in session at their rooms and at the hours designated, E V EBY DAY, except Sundays, for thirty days from this date, after which no appeal front the general assessment for the fiscal year 1873 1874 can be re ceived. By order of the Board of Appeal*. piarH>lm B. F. M. FAEHTZ. Secretary. I>"S?BXGISTEB S OFFICE, Distbict or CoLVVBt*, Washixi>ton, B. C-. March 11,1W.1. Notice is hereby given that oa TrESDAt, April 1,1873, will expire all licenses given by th? District of Columbia, to all prorfirts dealer*. ftddUrs and nmisi'rns' utmtt. All persons engaged in said business, trades or pro fession." must promptly renew said MeeaSSS in accord ance with pro\ iwons of the amended act regulating licensee, approved June ?, 1S71, viz: "That every person engaged in any trade, orupation or profes sion for which a license tax is imposed by the laws of the District ot Columbia shall, at the time for pr< ? uring the same, make application to the Begia ter. and shall state under oiuh or affirmation such tacts as may be applKable te licenses." ? ? ? "The Krister shall then issue to the applicant a ceriiftciOe stating the particular kind of license for which application has been made, and the amount of morey required by law u> be paid therefor. Said certificate shall be delivered to the Collector, who shall, upon the receipt of the sum of tuooev stated therein, give a certificate of deposit, stating the am< unt ef m->ney pant snd the kind ?f license re quired. anil it shall bstlie duty of the B -gister to issue .aid license." "That every person lialde for a license tax, who may fail to pav the same before engaging in the busines* for which a license tax may be repaired, shall, in addition to the license tax impvsed, pay a line or penaltv of not lews than five, nor more than fifty. dollars, for each offence." JOHN F. COOK. n<8-eol0t Register Diet i irt of Columbia. iy"3?ROSAPALI8 ! Hi ntsvillb, Ala., March J9,18S9. Tifntlinrm:? For two yvars I was a sufferer with Intlanimatory Rheumatism. During that time I took various remedies that professed to cure the dis ease-. but with no .>ucce*s. About six months ago, - Roadai^s" ?a? recomnieuded to me by my physi cian I took it as prescribed, and the result is very satisfactory. Brides my own, I know many other raee* in which the Eooadalis has proved sncceaaful. Ywurs truly, J.J.Pitmax. P >stmaster at Huntsville, Ala. | Erua't/roni tetter nfWth Mar'k./fm A. F. Wnee Irr, hiq., U'Mrill, Ltmt. Oh to 1 * ? * * In conclusion, I can say Rosadalia is the bent blood purifier we have, without doubt. For sale by S. CALVERT FORD, n.a etdt 1104 Pennsylvania avenue. 5C TO LADIES. 7 Bow snd it is to sen a young wife, a mother 'amity who ream re* nil her physical strength to fulfill her household duties, and all her moral ca Cit tee to accept the responsibility which tails upon , to see her proetrated, losing every day her strength, feeling badly without being sole to say ~thy, but yet suffering enough to be utterly ? Uy . vUl J*"t euiin Ilia ruCUIU iw able' This state of weakness and debility is more fatal to her than a severe spell of sickness, for in that cane she will receive the proper care, as fa the other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to sen a physician about it. uatil nature, exhausted, gives out, aad she is carried to the grave, when a little precaution in proper time would have spared her life. To prevewt, to strengthen, to cure, nothing con coiapare with the LONG-LIFE BIT TKksS of Dr L O BERTRAM The^^^^H^H tafalliblo remedy sgslnst malaria, tivenees, and all ctfl| Iters,which ate < smo, newrnsn, morning sn into peculiar towomea. Thei sold by aU druggists, are, la r rtrtne aad most agreeable tael i for I ja-tr KBS3K fetB U H. K. corner ?th and Arch sis., fhila. NEW DRUG STOBB, Eo. 1411 Pminuini irnti, Depot foeSoda ul HmtiI W?iw fett-ly I iT VHP. DR. W. B BAUJTT, DENTIST. lit. UMBAmlM MSTS2. to Mo. 1IN H street iorthw?^ eot RAFFLE.-On* W HEELER ft WILSON SEW ING MACHINE, at ?' (JrMiS Saloon," corner $h sad E ?tre.-i*, ooly ftl per chance, good m D?W. ?JH* L'OI ALE.-The clearest ot WRITE SANP; r al?>. OBAVEL and SANP (hr pat inc. by JNO. VAN MTCK. corner of MuMciOM'tU avenue and North Capitol street. a3tt* POTATOES! 3t?? bn?beis choice Peach Blow POTATOES. J net received. JNO. W L1TMSDON A CO , a3 3t !I0? >ih strr-t, opp. Center Market. PENMANSHIP AND THE ELEMENTS OF A GRAMMAB. ABITHMEI'IC. and BOOK KEEPIHO taught to individual or to classes. l>e taeen 3 aud > o'clock p.m., at P*of. Young's School Building, 14th st., b?twe.?u I and K . JAMES COBllIPOH, Teacher. B/t LMterng, Curd-writing, and Hen Work of every description, fx ecu ted to order."** ap3 1m ryHE WSRKS or THOMAS GUTHRIE, P. P. The Gospel in Eiekiel The Sainta Inheritance The W?y of Life. On the Parable*. Illustrated. Speaking to the H->art. Studies of Character. Plea for Rupd Schools. The fc'ity; it* Sin* and Sorrow* At WM. BALL A NTT NE'5, aj 4*34 7th street. ^ O T I C E . OffiC? Potomai Fikrt Compact, J Skvbsth Strkst Wharf, W?iHiic.Tos, D C., X arch 29th, 1873.\ On sul after TUESDAY, April 1st, boats of Hi is C'li.pany will lea* e W.?h>nrtoi and Alexandria at 6 a.m. 7:15, *. 1?. 10. 11 10, and 12 ni . and 1,2,3,4,5,3 au<l'^?!:*":**,i* 7 10 p. ni. The Orange and Alexandria railroad passengers ^o over by boat now. 8.8 HoWISON, President Potomac Ferry Co. SAMUEL GEPNEY. Sup'l a3-it ATTRACTIVE 4^ SPRING GOODS. AT DAVIS', U01 MARKET SPACE, Con. Sth Strket. X'gvfltiks in swiss a:vd lace ties. i> JABOTS, NE< K BUFFL1NG8, Ac. .at DAVIS . PLAIN ANP CHANGEABLE SILK SUN CM BltELLAS a?n PARASOLS in newest stvles. best make* and lowest price*, at PAVIS'. PLAIN ANP BOMAN S\SMKS ANP SA?H RIBBONS. PLAIN GROS UBAIN RIBBONS iu ail the n<-w shades, at PAY IS'. F'LOWERS. HATS and BONNETS in ar.>at vari et>, at Davis . fj-HINGES. GIMPt, TRIMMINGS and BUT TONS, at DAVIS . F-t'R ALL KINDS OF FANCY an1 MILLI NERY GOODS and NOTIONS, go t? DAVIS', ("2.10VER A BAKER'S Cel.lrated Elastic and ? Improved Lock Mitch SEWING MACHINES for tale on easy tertr.e at DAVIV, s3 Iw e?01 Market Spare, corner (Mi st. IN THEsl PREMK COCKT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Th' 2?f '/<!? of April, IfC.I. Jctis Gali vs. Joii> W'ilkks?No. 1o,67o, Law Docket. Onicotiou of the plaintiff,by Mr. W. F. Matting ly. bis attorney, it is ordered the defendant. .1 -lit Wilkes, cause hi' appearance to be entered here n on or before the first rule-day occurring forty dais after thia day: i>t erwise the cause will be pr< c -eded with as iu ca< ? of default. By the Court: 1>. K. CARTTER, Justice, Ac. True copy?Test: al-th 3v> R J. MEIGS. Clerk, Ac. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. CltAKLE* Hrst'Kl.T et al vs. Joll ? J. McCoLI-AM et al.?4,138. Equity Doc'tet 10. Wm. F. Mattingly, Trustee, hiving reported to the Court that on the 28th Febmary, M73, lie sold the real estate mentioned in the dtcree in this cause, i part of lot 8, iu square 447.) to St^ausburger Br<? , tor $5,500. and that thev have c implied with the t? rms of sale, it is by the Court, thin 1st day of April, l.<73, ordered that said sale be ratifl<>d at the ensuing May Special Term, unless cause to the contrary be hhowii before the tir?t day of said Term: provided a copy of thia order be published in the Evening Star once a week for three successive wanks prior thereto. By the Court. A. WTLIE. A true conv. Test:?R. J. MEIG3, Clerk. By L P WILLIAMS, Assistant Clerk a3 th.3t JOSEPH J. MAY'S PARIS KID GLOVE DEPOT, *3* PtXTIxM.VAIlA A.VI., ?2-3t Bet. ?TH AWP 1(?TM 8n?. 1 UMBER.?4,000 FEET OF PRIME WHITE OAK LPMBER for sale. 1 mini re of LUTTBELL A PENNINGTON, al-Jt* yIT Louisiana avenue. U ~U T T E B . FBESH PRINT BUTTER, Iu half pounds, very choice. Also, ROLL ANP PACKEP. 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There i? certainly no better place in the city than the METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORE, 319 7tli street, a here, if you invest a dollar, you may rest assured you mlwayj receive tktfull value of yopr money, and where a saving of 29 toSO cents on the dollar is guaranteed to yon, with >at the draw back of receiving inferior goods. The variety offered is ?<> large, comprising everything pretty and use ful that it has becose a vain task of enumerating the different articles offered, ami your attention is only called to below-mentioned goods, as all are good, desirable, and very cheap, and immense quan tities have lately been sold: Gents' British HALF-HOSE.3 pair for $1. Ladies'IRON FRAME HOSK.3 pair for ftl. ( luldrt-ns' IRON FRAME HOSE, 3 pair fir 91. Ladies BIAS TUCKED SKIRT, StTcaunot be bought elsewhere less than S3.54. Ladies' RUFFLE APRONS, prime muslin;S0c. Fine English HAIR BRUSHES. ?1. F rench Plate HAND MIRRORS, fl. Excellent Rubber Dressing COM BS. 35 and 50c. 50 styles Gents' 8ILK BOWS, 25 and 50c. Ladies' SILK SCARF8, all new shade*. 50c. Solid Walnut,3 Phrong TOWEL RACK, 25^. Boys Leather BOOKSTBAPS. S5c. Four Pieces Excellent SOAP.JSc. Six Handsome GOBLETS. 40c. Beautiful Oval PICTURE FRAMES, to . A Pretty Carvad BRACKET. 25c. tVrrer and Bide BRACKETS. fiOc. es<-h. TOWEL RACKS, PAPER RACKS, HAT RACKS. CLOTHES RACKS, all walnut, $1 each. For a further list of CHEAP GOODS, call at '8 METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, ?ltf SEVENTH ST BERT, 8 ap2-tr w?r Pennsylvania avan?. ALT! SALT!I SALT I ! The undersigned offer for sale, in lota to suit, the cargo of the British barque Hanna? 1,000sacks GROUND ALUM SALT. 2,umsacks Fine Sales from ah is will be at reduced prices. 17TH0S. DAVIS, Hi Water street, aS-eolw [Rep] Georgetown, P. C. j^PBING STYLES. ~ DIAGONAL GOATS, with VESTS to match, <m IN ICH0LI, (THE ONLY NICHOLS.) WHO IS HRt He refers to the tahabitanta of South Washlngtoa. After he has done buaineea on 7tb street for one year, he will refer to the Inhabitants of the District of Columbia. JOHN WESLEY NICHOLS,dealer in Hosiery, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Stationary, No tions, Ac., Ac., Ac., at 7th street, liilam K and L streets north' It will pay customers from any part of Washington o buy H nsiery, Fancy Goods, Notions, AcAc .7?c., at NICHOLS new store, on 7th street. between K and L streets (near Bogan A Wylle'a.) mjl WANTS. Ur AMID-T?i> UlBLf; vkitr Ap "" ?'/ si Bo. *0 1 street. opposite St. Aloysins Checch. a3 3?* Wf*TKD-A one-horse TREAD POWEI. must YY h**1**. Addrses J A. P . ?iathwe? c?rn?r of I ith and g?r?t? northeast. lt'| VV A? TKD? Au active *nd ''ntejprtsinii PER. * * BOB. ?ilb t cak ctpitil ?f 11,000 AMm K. P.O. 8'ar office. riV \VA>TKD?LADIBS to work <>n PsiTTT Apply YY on 3d street, kttvwn W*w Yark svenue *n,l L street. s3 2t * it' ANf K I>?A K'<xl BLACKSMITH: fur YY nish tools. Apply corner of C and Ilth streets lonthwwt. a3 Bt* WANTBD-BOAKDINU in the country, near Washington, by a Lady who wish.-* to ten< h Music to payment. Ad4r*ss L. Btar office. C 7m' \LT ABTED?A White GIRL, to do Chmmberwork YY iniMirtft in WMbi*? and Ironing. Apply, with recommendations, at 417 4tb street. opposite City Hall. *? ?? W ANTED?An American Lady, of *'?wie expe " rtence.'desires a MTl" AT1(?N at Clerk in a Parry or Pry Good* store, Good references given i Address Mn. M. B. W., City Post Office. a3 2t* | \1TAKTED?A young Frenchmsu,speaking Eag YY lish. wishes to find a Family to go to Europe ! with as COURIER. STEWARD, or TALKT. Ha I but ritf rpfiTfnci-#. H. O., Star office, aVit* WANTED-Kirst cla?? I BOXERS aud 8HIBT OLAZERS. Also. a WOMAN to Mangle. Apply at Capital Laundry, V street, betweeu9<h and loth st*. a* 3t* w ,T ANTED?A WOMAN l>rod preferred.) ' c< mp>"ent to do general Housework. Must ' Hire r?r< mmrud d. Apply at 'JO I New Y >rk ave nue, between M and .Id sts. northwest. It* ll/ANTKD?A flrst-ela*? OPERATOR on Wm?I Yv er A Wils.-n'a Machine. to inak< Shirts, at FAULKNER .< SHIRT FACTORY. 446 12th st., one door south of P. ai V * l\f ANTED?Several Y >wng LADIES to work at YY 1?r. -ssmakir.g, at lrtt>6 H sireet nortliwo-Jt. N' n'-but good h:?n?i- n"e-i upr'r? Also, APPREN TICES. *.i2t* WANTED-A CHILD NIBSE, whit* preferred. T" one who n-i'ler-tund- her ?iu?'n*?* good w nges will Ik'given. Apply at No. 919 New I ork avenne. It* \lrASTKl>-T? i Young MEN. to learu the R. ,?| YY Estate business Oah jg5?> wi!l b> paid fir?t > ear. IHOS. E. W AGO A MAW. It No. S19 7th street. \\TANTED?A Yonng MAN to make himself * ? Useful about a Store. One that nnd?ri>tan l-> ?<ftMworlt preferred Inquire at 4 27 loth street northwest lt% El'ANTED? A Yonng MAN experienced in th? ?? Dry Good* bu-tinetw. Give name. ;?$.?. last em ployer, pay expected, Ao. Address J B , Po?t iHi' e. h . 3!" 11/ANTED?By a nii.ldle-asod American Woman. ?v aSITl'ATIONaitC->ok. air I to a?iM in wash ing and ironing; goodrefi?ron- e?. A'ldress Bjx 1 'J Star office. It* EEfANTED-By a yonng Lady a SITUATION as vT daily Governess. Fully coiiip^teut to teach the English branches, French, Drawing, and the element* of Bfuaic. Adtlrega Mis- E. LOWRY, City Port Office. aJ2t* WANTED?A WOMAN to do g.-n'ral llouse v* work in a small family three miles out of the city. One with a Daughtor from 12 to 18 \ ears of age would be preferred. Apply at No. 3 Grant I'lnee, between 10 and 12 a. m. *.! It* IV'ANTK.D?At I3SI6 Massaclius<-tts avenue, an I" expei ienced White Nl'RSE, to have the care of two children. G -od wage* to a w.mian fond of children, and with good .referene e?. None other L<ed apply. a3-2t* YVANTED-A PARTNER, with g000~ H ^3.000 capital, in a genteel and lucrative lusineM. A . omig man of some musical talent pre wired. CARL RlCHTEK. 93 j Penn.?j lvauia ave nue, a3 lit* \V ANTED-A SOPRANO. CONTRALTO and vf TENOR, i c. lorxt ) Must have good ToictK aud some knowledge of music. Address H. D . K11 is" Muaic Store, Pennsylvania avenu-, between '.th and 10th atreeta. a3 3t* rANTED-A CHAB1BERMAIL'at ?7r,"p..,?i sylvania avenne. a2-3t* \\rANTED?Immediately?HOl'SE. having six " to ten room*, situated in a central location. Address HOUSE, City Post Office. ;i2 2t* \\rANTEl>?A WHITE OIUL as >nir-e. STm yy have good recommendation*. Apply at 902 3-1 street northwest, corner I street. a2 3t* \l'rANTEI>?A half grown UIKL to act in the y v capacity of nurse. A good li rnie will be given to < ne * ho w ill call at No 617 t>th atreet north went. a2-2t* 1^ ANTED? An experienced SALESLADY ?one yy who operates on a sewing machine? in a fur nishing goods store. Apply at CARO'S. 914 P-nn s? Iv ania avenne, between !?th and 10th sts. a2 3t 11* ANTED?A small STO UK, or oue-halt of store, yy with a good show window, on Pennsylvania avenne or "tb street Please address, stating lis-a Hon and rent, BOSTON, at the office of this pa per . a2-2i * WANTED?B\ an American Lady. middle-ag>-d. a SlTl'ATloN to take charge of an Invalid or Child. Would prefer to travel. Good references given. Call on or address "Mrs. M. L. R.," 416 C street soiiHieast, M'ashington. D. C. al eo3t* \Vr ANTED?By a youug French lady, a SlTl'A ~v TION as governesH. Noobjectioti to travel it g. Best references given An agreeable p.>siti'?

preferred to highbalary. Ad iress FRENCH LADY, Star office. aj-3t* WTnTED-To purchase a an.all IIOUHE m a central bicatlon. with all m<Hiern improve uients,by paying S2tsjcai<li and monthly instalments ol A-W, with interest at rate of ly per cent, a year, id flU - - -- - - and 91(0 the 1st of January of each year, secured by mortgage on property. Apply by letter toL"ck Bo* H?7, City Pott Office. a2-?t* \VANTED-A g.Ksl WOMAN to Cook. Wage* If g<Ksl; must be well recommended. Apply at 1340 1 street, corner llth. al 3t* WANT Hl>?A SITUATION, as Seamstress, Nurse or Housemaid. Apply at No l-VjO L street northwest. Good references given. al-3t* WANTED?A SITUATION by ? single BUtT , understands the core of Horses and Milking, i Satisfactory reference. Address "C.," Star of fice. ? al 3t* %VAMT,tI)-B' ? German La-ly . a SITUATION " as a House keeper or Chambermaid in a pri vate family. Best or references given. Inquire at 14519 F street, uear Sth. al-3t* IE/WANTED?A WOMAN, for general Housework vv Must be a first-c asH washer and ironer; mid dle-aged, and Catholic preferred; wages #1S per mouth. Call at No. IT Litigan street, Oeorge town^ al-3t* EET ANTED? LADIES to take noticethat Madame TY D. E. M AI80N, of New Tork, has opened her Millinery parlor*, at Mo. 413 13th street north west. ni24-lm* IVABTED-A WET NUK8I. Apply at 909 L YY street northwest, between 8th and 9th streets. n Jim* 11/ ANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOR YY 8EW1MG MACHINE has its nwiU mlf ut it*?: the most perfect ahuttie in use, resting in a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 409 Pennsylvania avenne. Also, Branch of Mae. Dem orest's Pattern Emporium. _ angao-ly T. W. 8PICEB, Agent. YV ANTED?Everybody in favor of thoroughly YY cleaned Carpets, almost as bright as new,to send ordera to L. BICE, at the Steam Carpet Beating Works, Maine avenne, bet. 4X and Otb sts. aprl3-ly LOST AND FOUND. | OtsT? At the Ball Building, April 1st, a solid I a gold BREASTPIN. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at No. 714 Uth street north west . a3-2t* LO>T?At the Bali, Tuesday evening, a GOLD IRING, Brazil atone set. The tinder will be lib erally rewarded by leaving at PRINCE'S Jeweler ? store; a3-2t* OST?Black aud tau DOG: answers to the name of'' Major;" had on when lost, red col L lar and brass lock. A liberal reward paii if returned to 1BI & 15ihet. It* LOST?On Monday, March 31st, a small black and tan DOG,v>i'h brass collar. A suit-4 able reward will be given if returned to R.k Fl'LTON A CO. 8 Loan Office, 314 9th street. a3-3t* BKWABD?Stolen from the office of the Washington City and Point Lookout Rail road Company, corner 13th street and Pennsylvania avenue, PAX BOLLS from July to January, inclu sive; TIME BOOES from June to November, inclu sive. The above reward will be paid to the person first giving the company such information an will leud to the detection and conviction of the party or partiea who have purloined the sams. ap3-lm IBOABD OF PUBLIC WORKS, II Dutkict or Columbia, Washington. Anril 3,1SX3. A reward of FIFTY ( 5401 DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or r-rsous who have stolen, or who may hereafter be nud stealing, the Man-hole and Sew er-trap Covers III the cities of Washington and Georgetowu. By order of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. a3-tf [Bepnb.Chron.l Chief Clerk. LOST?On the 1st of March, en E street, between lt)th and 2d streets northwest, a RUBY RING, with two pearla. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. &09 M street uortkweat. m7 LOST?On the l?h, between 4K and 23d aud 7th and L streets, a pair of BTE-GL ASSES,^ gold frame. A liberal reward will be* paid if returned to ?T? 0 stiset northwest. BOARDING. I'BEMONT HOUSE,corner 3d street and Indi 1 ana avenue, having been enlarged and newly furnished throughout, is now one of the meat de sirable Hotels in the city for SUMMER BOABD IBG. Partiea wishing to secure pleasant rooms, with first-class Hotel Board, should apply before the first of the month. We have also % rait, and single Room, on first Boor, opening on pavement, suitable for gentlemen. Gentlemen wishing to room togr caa have elegantly furnished Booms at rates. mJT-6t FOB BEBT-Good ROOMS and TABLE BOABD in that new house. Mo. 619 H street, near 7th, only one square from Patent Office, recently taken by a Northern lady. Come and try for your selves. m212w* i ''OOD BOABD, PLEASANT BOOMS, AMD UjricNiiodMttMt BlOt corner of Pransjivwnk ? HOUSEKEEPERS J-Q Fitting out or replenishing with CHINA, GLASSWARE, CBOCKERT.and PLATED WABK Can fi nd all th<nr require at oar Store, ?f the beet " wliSVtt'ivEHOOK. mn-Bt* No. 491 (Odd Fellows'Mall>7th t. [UMBUG.-L. BXOB will pay a fi jHnrrjUrD 8ALE. 1* 'iftiMiVa/ ?Hi?ll sis-row MUMK nn aaa wwn streets. lt???ire on the pretniaaa >s.>t? Ftt?7 l*cX2>~t?j rvmkj101 8* *?? con.iiJri ^?'ssysss: "i *.3rtoL ft?onM?. Iiiqulw ?n pmmiwH. a t 3t* F"4!?*?1 "r,>r ?*J** **?*?' oftarh w~ek.a ROOM salt i bla for meeting*. kc.: (ratine ran*. I*? at- at ?a). Inquire at Libraiian* peak, L"OB 8ALE-A Zm EVIDENCE t*o ,?I.L l n??? ?" ofttM- city, wi h two acre- ..f |*nl hi use. i5\S5 nine room*. including ?alo a i>arl<>r: 2EBP *2""' 'nd a,H.r .?4 ?n unfailing Mrrm, Apply at 1418 y mrivi al .It FS&is?j tAree-storr BBit K"HOUSE,~Sn I streets ^L? H**? Ufh and 13th j w!iliiitf* k"!!!! V"r In5?'i*of wm. M? It)#* ' street, kft?*etlAli and l*h; ! ft'WWpMr? #U: HALL, jiO. TuStfVjf&ffs?*' Ft *1* *19 7th atreit. UK &ALKOR RENT-Atwo ator, ?nd Bngli.h I nk^v"?2EL?BJSE H?rsE?n?.lnin,<7r^)s t?^!. lX*-?modern iimproT.-m.tit-, ..?, io?h LKiHTtRA UMlHkl., ^tMa*am4RB?B . '- aj-lni T of 2?kfZiU'u4J^ PROPERTY on cor?ter II11 r. oD^rR L it r ,r'rr,l,' >r",?-*? i"l?r?>Ted by :?STr'tfVft01 ?**JU'>??"?'2 '??W" KITtHKN snjiPANTBY in ?ncw h-.uj.^ with fiu* rn r?i??w and brrere. ntili tkroe ^rum (hM the On?T th(w.CwLIa"J 'fM'-dt-rl .ardingthe .?M ' n. y who cau k. -i> tr.?ai banging and ?<am ,^rHdi',v;r:Jlomp?4??N viJrST, i <*r H. before 8 a tn. ..r atrer i o'clock p. tn *3 ST* F^R^m^'Th00'*?' r,'r?"jj:"4 <T uutaruiebed. "?il itl?? Id J|. n,,.fce.'pin?; No. 1 4tf?> n ,u ., > lUTiburM. nrtr Trrjtao D'piniufU. *2 Jr * I* OR K EN T? I'N f1' R NI8H KI"RnoM*?. with M M RUIIRFR. 31 3 7th st. IVOR BENT?For the S tmmer.a lumhuoii'li fur- ? ft ftH4tn",U".?t K"OMs ?' ? ???? flsare. Inquire " **r<^t north*e?t. al ;tf * f^B BKHT-Twoor tlirv very .i ^iraht. Kt7rn" i>htd or 1 tifurnislud EOOMs, at 1219 IVnn Gaiterv* ?vrnue> 0Ter i ? nor Di >t<graphic KBNT-A < lioirp ROOMS may |, ,,I~t * the fBtir- H'ttt^f on 13 h ><tre t, ??itlier sinslr or eo.ti.te, Kie?ntly ftirn,.h*1, all Itapi-orXnti an.! \>-ry ii.ikI. rate term* ; <i 1 j Ui|, ?t. a2 It* No. **1 3 Wh afreet, l?<t II Hr-MPiinrr v10^ jVv* t0 BRl6lIT A Hi MPHBET,No.?<7 >>* fork aTooue nonl* ? ai_3t * Kt{?i.SALK~A,'.''u,'re ?MiUABE or OBOrNtr. 1 ?rr?i, ' Vu *ra> ? '!rir'- ou,y sr.oji.i. a ?r?at i-fl. gmlll MII(i H ftIH* P* l] tMt i<>II m m. ROIIRSR. 513 7tl, ,fr^-t. LMiR RK.N T-Pl a^ai.t BOOMS f .rtli? Saauiier, ? fnruieh^d or nnlariil-h?<i. i..ik.went t . A?ri Q'slMirwl mill Tr.Msurj I> r> .1 tin. nt- at ,'!03 li*li ^re.-t, l^tv. en Oh.o av. u!,. auj D .t?'. ?, north L ai at ? K'i1?!hM^T*"th^"'.U,r> BRICK HOI SE8. iL/.i.ii ,hr^?,:rr, K itclK'tit attarlK-d. aide an<{ le t ! m!; V?'r r-i? K*"f aituated ot. f|l. ?nSt !JUjr,h- AppI,H2*,6t!i'" t^OR RENT?The BRICK HOT8E, M ?. l?.ii < rf* nuia *v?"??e,frontiiik on the avenue R.m tZ XjlnV' f??:r,r tb" Nitional Launir " li- niodersl? to h ?oo<i tciiAnt H^-tit DQ1>GK A HAKXEILI.E. H'J7 T st. S?^85w5J5sW!S? "ub' ..^."1?01 5ES fr,;IV ?!"?*'? ??'"? t-a-h on earl,. Five H<ir?Vs"nt' r y nT" 1 ' P'"-. haacr. Hi' HOlSLf* it fr .tn faint.. 91,ft*t rai-S and looatice iti di. nthly,<mart.rl>, 01 liai|-> arl. p? aietiia,tomtit p?rcha?r. p ' ?J^TKr"undSKS ,"Xt !Mn2*"1 iB 9*rt for H. Md;^Ve^"hUSKS ?''"Ck *I" Kach ot the above Honnea hare hall, cellar batli r".'m-*?tpr rloaet. ^?.r. *c , and are ml I fiitid for a private family. Thoae de,irotM ,.f J intuftothenvH lveaa cowforf.1.1 H .tie on ' aTy jeinia. ?.Iiould not fail t-, , *n at uij ..ffice pre?io(i to purchaMug el?ew here. ' " M JOS. F. KXLLE > . "" Krt- -<0'^ ??' irtreet n.^rthw^it'.^et.Vai l K. L^OR RENT?Jj.-coiid ?tory ERONT BOOM ov. r M . h Bank of the B'Tublic. In.iuite ,t th M/iitbwwt corner oflili mid n mt. all. 1^,;ENT?THIRD ELOOK. aaitable fj.r ?f. FtJ&S'?', "II.BUBK-8 new Dro* Btow No 1 P' nn-i Ivmim avenue. ** al i l< BEMT?ROOMS for hiisim^ parp..?e?, j"n WILLIAM*"A??'Ca,l"P" ci??-..Ner M 11A? ?irPennsylvania avpnn#. h 1 6r P1!? KENT?Three or four R<? OMS, ?uitAbl^f.7r t;r;kr"iB^No ?? * ?>??* n F?HCirsE Ti? Jh?Ti ot??VwMt"1 ''""""' n' ?ttiCK * UV , i?th rtfft northv??i? hi H?Z\ ",d K- Iu'luire 921 I7th " *? al Si ? FSW%% bv"ut,llull> l"<*ted Bl'lLD ? 'NO LOTS on the northeaMt corner of 17th and P ?tre. ts northwest; square IS). U. UASt'H. ttjtf 7tli street northwest. al iw* PABLO*and BEI^ iO(K'H0-^'?n,r<,B5LL room ?'"1 back |T month j one r...?, ?nitablefor * ' ."VL "'' . PenuayI\ania avenue, betw ? n ?% aiid 6th stre?t?. l?OB 8ALB?Several n- at HOCSBS. with balls ?,.n T."randah?,delightfully locate!, northweat: ?Jiiall cjrh payment; balance monthly. , MKTCALP, Real K-tate Broker, apl 3m corner lath atreet and New York are. ByC A BE OF G BOUND". *M?1, between ?th and 7th and r atreetg north KDSHnV''* rl? T'i7 111!"?? JAMBS F. BLb. ELL A CO., tfo. iMh at reel north allot* F?AlAal^!P'tyco of 8??* GARDES a LAND in I niontown. on Oood Hone road, about a quarter of a mile from l.rid?e. CaU at ?3S? 7th Ihweat, between D and B atreets. Wa?h npfton, P. C. al 5t* F?r!{wi-li?Tw7,uSS'e'baaement BRICK i , Dil ELLING, No. 620 6:h street northwest. MfVi'sr n 0 "I"1' w w?le. BRICK HOtSEnear the c<?rner of 3?1 and B etre<*ts north lylvf"r TM awlf to J. F. WOLLARD No. 710 D afreet northweat. al-S?* Mut.J*QlAHK Nobom** Oapitol street and Maanacbusetts tv Ca^t^^a'^o. iW ^ C?ra-f F'iVt LOTS NKABMT PLBAS *, ,AJ?T?rrom half an acre to eii?ht acre*, will be hoIiI at rearooahle rate* and on eaay teriua. Each lot baa upland for dwelling houae and trait, and ve?rtabl?a; within a few minutoa" walk Trom Mom Pleasant otnnlboa, and twentr Bve minute*' waU from Boondary. Uealtby lo cality, phaaant rural anrronnding*. and excellent Jii'iintSbITni"1'icl?'V* ?dT*nta?e.. Apply to JC UN Y(>RK. Office of Oo?iiaiH?ncr of CnetoBte. Tr. aaury Building. apl lin" F^OB BBNT?April l?t, threo BOOMS, nnfur nished. being tne ?1 fl.s.r of three-*t?ry Brick a^firdeVrr^p^Tnr..::4 N ^ fur"jS&AajyatU40?L?^it ?outheawT. corner 1st and D Mreeta. Apply next door for Kt ) ? mJl *t* F?rB. oni?^?tVl2 low\ th"? ?ecolKl ?U<1 third t .r . ihS? / ''^"rlTanla avenue; auitable lor a light manufacturing buatnead, or Dreaa Mak Hl* ma-tit F^Vi' R1K?X~^>,,t' *w<>-*t?ry BBICK HOUSE, (fumiahed,) on J2d atreet, between H and I at? northweat. No. ?11; water and gas. B-nt $36 p..r month. Apply to JOHN B. ENTH'ISLE, Honee A^jent, No. 9at 10th atreet northweat. m2V-eo3t* *Ba," FiiKniUM?J~N''*,,y"'un,'I,h'^ PABLOB and * BKDROOM, communicating, bath room on same noor. Also, elegantly furniahed B?-drooma; will be CShH^S IT7 *?**% ?>alf aouare from ??iL Ptr and one from Oapitol. 983 North ( apitol^street, between B and 0. ni38 6t* POB SALE? Tu , VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS. " LOTS on the eaat aide of 14th atreet, near 14th at .northweat; a feet 8 inches by IUU feet each Five LOT8 on _ street, between ISCi and Utli sta northwest; U feet by 110 feet each, being oo north ?Me of L atreet. ISO feet east of 14th at. Terrna One fourth cash; balance tn 1,2, and 3 yeara. ? ?-lw ccrner lath street and Maw*VoHt ave. t^OB SALE CHEAP?Teruia, fluocash, and 830 .1/>T'tlra 7?? !Lr,kHl_^T'T?J new * atory BBICK HOLSE8. situated on Mew Hampshire avenne b? twi^n T Mid C atreet* north; have six rooms, hall, front and back yards; houses complexly finished. n27-2w Northeast corner M. lTa^.*a^2^it^st f Chronicle, Republican, tf." FOB BALE-l'WO PIBOBSOF LAND, naar Ar '?nMon: about one quarter of a mile fiom the aqueduct bridge. One contains t and the other a ea: improved hy two small frame houses AdbIv JACOB BIBCH, Mo. 8* 3d Q&lfl * ??*!?' l^OK 8aLE?At a bargain?A comfortable mtmi* r IMODl HOI S*. ?r?J?ibrirk iwT* TI2L arren; to _ tfWB roooi HOUSE, pre^ brick froatjwiib i*0* 8ALB?On Canttol Hill, a genteel 3-story and^hsaeipent BBICK HOU8^, containing nine rooma, be?Mea bath and stars room It ktugM, cold and hot water, and water-cloaets; heated hy Li trobe and Empire heating range. It is nearly ^rdw"i '?? ? wry healthy aid neichborhood, and will b? aotd very In terma. Apply to the a street southeast EME r ho 8ALB, CHEAP-A fine low oa easy ?.MTA ma-3w* rajigea. _ tels, etc. ft, i ?"SKi, on lK,h,bet??- OttdP atreTta sa.gya.'atKgaaat-ai^ ?1m?Pso4, con?"o? ieovQ { ?lory ?rici.Urf M, S f*a? WS l? V? front if M^tlarlMtvtllr). A rare OMviumti hr* (oo4ur.?tMit. B H MRNtK . Ih FOR RENT AKD RALE. LVtl SALB-Yer> durable 7tb -treet PORI'kR r TT, ??poa*e . between O and H i atory Braljtfc l?t. X f<*< IOS In- he* front It H*f.-etH Io?daT> Fo? Ritim-rrBKie?HlD~booms ? t^v Parlor ftonitrbedaa a Bedr >?. nod two pi . a* Ml rooai*. bark aari frost, on aecotel *t >r>. in an l rainl Dwelling on I ?f raw?, aear will he rawed oa r> *? terns* to c^ntl-men oaly. Addreae -A.J . ' National wlM? {?*? 1 L'CE 8ALE?Tboae four mki d Brick fr>ut r HOtTSkS on nnrlli aide of reun?? Irtaia at -tuir. between Mill aud XNti itrfHt, D.<rtk*??t. being three atorie* and attic, containing ei*bt room* each, and alao vacant 1.4 adjoining ^ ill be aold ch<ap. either separately or together, f >r the porp.we of ?ettling tip an Nth A fragi price about $J.ft*' -ach The beat lufuffiit now offered in ?M? city Free at all taxes, an 1 title indi-putabl-. AM**l? L F.OiUK, Pap-rhangin* Store, mil- lm No 15123 Pennsylvania a>enue Si. W. j?H?B BENT-BOOM#, with bonrd. at * achueett* avenue, corner i 1th ?ii ?-t : l L-oR RENT-p.:rali7"oFFICB"BOOM>. al*o r IVak Bo?f*i In buiMiug ho. SI4 9tb afreet. Ap ply to A <J H hi.BY, B *ard of Trade R" *n?* d'" lm FOR SALE. 1,'OK "Al E-ICR BOX, 7 b> 4 K Mi.? ? ? tt. w??t coiu-t of 6tb and K ?tie. in uorili weet. mSY" JOHN A BAKER. No. f 4*> L>ui> < * a* ' ne north* .at. dealer in Agricultural Implements, lis* fur sale eouie full bred BRAH M \ < li l< KISS. or breeding purposes. aS-:tt* E>oR~8AY~B-A WAEHIBt.TOK O'l T ry _ I ??uubt.-ken;" can t?- m . n at N~ I ' I'?"i?% * < ?!??" A> rtiue. a2At* ? t*OB~T\LB- V MIBLB HOP \ F'"l NT ?rh fear diaieht tnb-?*od . i>oler?. at a batirsri Airly at 81 >[j|S Drug Store, cot i. i li ? V a nmm MM Mtk MtM. \ IOL1N ? FOB SALE K Kn.t l ti' 1 ,i i perfect onler. wll' be *>ld i ? b* n'^n >1 j Niinnio's Circulatinc l.ilirarv N ..SI 7 r-.?hi Itia atflM.brlwrfn 3d atd ?.'? street* ? J B^CCS rol H\T< IMS'. -L gti is ? . I . MA Crtlb I and Vbite Leghorn, S price ? < |M r dor-'ti. Warranted pnr< an I fr ?)i. A'iilre-- with stamps. f. J. i. K \ Si LRU, M v*tt? Oil.. M l. a;-*? MILL.-ANItliUkSIO Pail dtti.?Ml"LkS.?,Tl nutUIkmI iii ?ii' awl < 'i*l- - \ .-ral j ii "d ?. rk ll(?KSt>. *ill I -vl'i i ? if csl ed lor soon. * A VANORTON. B <"k I tj. L biietill a t'? ?J I'irtc^, ?2 3t* J 'J* Pa. a?e., Ixitweeti 3d and t'a Mn L-OB SALE?A tint bAliDLE HoHSE. t r\_ F be ktii at jJiTn alii- FLEM Ml NO ?? Stable. Z?2X L'dH SALE?A MARKET *A?ON. in u I r repair. Alao.afnll >KT OF HAKNE?S. In <Hiirt- at F atreet ii"ithwe>t, botwcMj J.I an.i il LV'K SM.E-TIi^ Htftc. PI LI'IT. ?:\S i I \ I Tl'BkH, WIKIKiW FRAMfcs. BLl.Ni'S. a . 4c.. of the old Pr<-*b>terian t'hurcb ou 151 ids atxect, Oeorg< u ?u, for -ale cbeni'. FOrKQi KEKNAN. al tt Cor M<>t)tC"t??eryat?dt?live?ta.,?;e"rg?-t >wn t/OR SALE?A dfve of wr> atinertor tt OUk IU?RsE8, ala??. tne vi-ry liii? Hnnf HUf saddle Horiu-a ju-t arri' ed. tiL UTKL V A BOW EN S atal-U-. N?-w York avenue, l?e-' t\<< et. (lb and 7tli ftreeta northw<?t. ni.M !? ?ml bay: yontiif,*- tind and kind, tliirte. n and a half hat. lB high. AWo, POK"* s!'ei'5?? ? ni.&zi IfiUpitB T*ii 11liaft ajwl faal p(?NIKs, gtay itid a half hat.da high. . _ I'll .ETON, with ?l<aft? and |?*le, d' nl'le and f'ligl" IIABBESS. Ap;d? t'jCotu n.ipder A W W EAVLR I . S. N> T id. n..l <?t AT PRIVATE SALE-a aet Ol l>RAV? IN(i Room FI RNITI RK. uaholnter.-1 in Blue Satin lianiaok. Mxrie Antoinettcl at) !?-, conaiotins of 1 l?, 2 Ami. t Lady 'a ai It Window Chain*. 3 EIh>iiv and Oilt; Reception Chair*, 1 Ebony and Oilt R umi Center Table <?atin dania?k t"P match, and 1 Piano Stool to match, al?>. one Freiicli Mi^uette Carpet, containing about 75 yard*. 1 lie above ba\e li?<-n in nae l??* than f' lir (t) ni' iitlia, and are in e\?ry re?p. <-t a-g eat a< uom 1 bey w ill tie a.dd together or f>eparat<-l> to a re?j*.n hilile parly on a liberal rredit. if desired. Appl> to LAI (M EK A CLEARY. Anctiotieera. tnaiX tt X'OTICB TO CONTRACTORS -Sh .veU, p., k> aud Ce'ntractora T.?<l? of every d-wcriptiou for ca'e at Boaton price* by L H 8< HNEinER. I (II 0 Pa. aw., agent for g H. Mimaon. B mil I n* Brick clay for sale. Apply to DODQE * DARN rILLK. jIT-tf 14KT F atteet. DRY GOODS. 1V\ ELY POLKA DOT OOOPS. fr >m U". crat# j up, to FOl'LAKD MLK8 at |I.M, at BBODUE\D A CO S. mat J1 3m I'iUl F CM. N EW ?PKI>G DEI fcUOOS. Be antifr.l DRE8S GOODS in tb? new Migoonet a ?hadea. STonr great apecialtiaa?BLACK SILKS and BLACK ALPACAS?at leaa than regular price*. Housekeeping DRY GOODS for bHela or privntt fannliea. ONE PRICE 1 JCST DEALING TO ALL. BOOAB A WYLIB. 1019 and 19V0 7th atreat I Al-o, agency for DEMOREST'S NEW SPRING PATTKBNS.juat received. mla-tf EALEGANT BLACK SILK, fr >m ftl Ju ip. an<l a r* lull line of all kiuda of SPKING and SI MMER GOODS juat received at BBODDEAP ft CO S, n.:tr?l-3m IMA F atreet. COAL AND WOOD. '| O COAL O E_A LE E k We have aareral hnndrad tona of HITS ASH AND HEN BY CLAY SHAM0K1B COAL. FPBMACB, BOO AND 8T0VB 8IZB8, at the foot of Sixth atreet weat, which wa wU aali to the trade at wholeaale price*. An" w-u"T~fcoi?.V?AR? a CO.. Wholeaale and Be tail Dealer* in Luinb?r, Wood and Coal,foot of Fourth atreat aaat. fl7 tf QUK BOYS' DEPARTMENT. BOYS' 8PRIMG 8CIT8, BOYS' SCHOOL SCITs, BOYS LIGHT 81ITS, BOYS PRESS SCITS. BOYS DARK SCITS. BOYS MIXBD SL'ITs, BOYS' FINE 8CITS. BOiS PLAIN SCIT8 BoYs CHEAP SL'ITS tW OUR SPRIXU STOCK IS LAKdE A\ lt COMfLKTE, A M> OUH ASSORTMENT FiMhK TtiA.\ tVbH bttOhh HABLB BROTHBRS, FASHIONABLE TAILOB", jsi 11-tr Com?ti? Tnt atn P SratttT* ftEW GOODS. .vnr STYLES. Jl sT RECEIVED. OCR SPRING STOCK OF DRY GOODS AND CARPET1NGS, of th<- latent production* on thia and other side of 1 the Atlantic, which will be open tor to*p<*ctioa ' TI BSDAY, APRIL 1. 19T3. The* we offer, cotnprlae* a full a**ortln?nt of new and beautiful DRESS GOODS, aocb aa plain, figured and atripe Japan?*e Silk*, ranging from tic . to $1. Colored Sitka, the bent fabric, tn Black Grew Grain, colored and black Alpaca*. Mohair*, Per cwlen. and a full line of choice and rfcncr print* and other nice good*, too numeroux to mention. We shall ai*o axliibit a foil and entirely new ?t a k of CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, and MATTlKGs. Englith Tapeatry, BrwaaeU in haadaome patterna, the very choicest lugraiaa. Oil Ciotba of neweat Aa aigu*, Straw Matting, vary fair, at 36 < enta. Oar variety la either branch**. Dry Gooda and Carpeta. b auperior to anv aouth of New York, and propoaa at all time* to *el! cheaper than any how* fa thaalty. We invite the public tn general to in*pert oar gooda and price* before put chaamg ataewhrre. WOOLFOBD h IBILBIB0. Ml In 8TBBBT, Botwean Daai B.aowthwaat. m31 3? l/"TII ABCAPB. ^ABBIAGBB. ^ CAMlAOBSIl On haad, a fan aaaortmeut of Brat ctaa* Carriage* v **ahraclag aayeral Baa Yictu riaa i able pricafe. Alao, a large nasbar of L ny Phaetraa, with or vMhoat i?lih. double Avery haadaoa* om oa"C' i . A vary htahnaia on* on "C" apriaga. iMMMghaiayalh. - BOBT H. obamam. Haw Bapoeltury aad Factmr, * df-AI4 jifctraet noithug al-M 1MB I LIMB I LIMB I i wood-barnt LIMB at #1 alMTBMT10| OVTlB " BPBOTA BUSINESS CHANCER A>rLIII*ll> ?rfOKlJ|TI A ? apltal *?"' pa?t??a M?*fB picrrpiiv irwMit ??!' ?? ?? W-toftl BI.?-fc.<-o**?T fTth M< t Mil* ?<t to LOAN W BEAL HTJTI .f.UUUi. aril) ?*? ota.- .t.aaia. a* h' p* ?<-n' ?? ' 1 "2"" * ' ' i idt? p..*? <?*?? *.?? .?*? ??i?g lara. ?? ttoIiTvr pi blk ?i?rk> ** bip. \t ? lwt? f.-r m1? m f hN tha alwaa ohirk i? ifrt'inllr *1 |i?f U. ? ? Kritl lnkt? A f all A <?utit l*> {Wrtk *. r- I r\\ If J.<nNK>N * . ?|4 1m 11 In >? K' ? I |tank*?? ft 1 A Ikfftfl TO * JO I>0? Tu LOAN <*? B >al O I E?tat? in il'tt <"lt'. In "iw t? ?tut. M M B<?HB?B, ?2 11 ill Tttidr**'. MOVIV TO lOAk -*?1 JM Tu loan mm rrtl Mill*, Ii. ?mil* lo a ill I rr '?<"?? f ,f Mt |. ? rth of till- .1A ? KB K ?Ui,U Mil IMk *?rart, B n N ^ up ??* ? ?a**. mS*<B |L I B *alK OB Pt' MtSm lot >lniM? rut ? i-n.pi'rti ? - ?<? a. i.- iiMM twenty acrea Garden Laud, B f ???? <?f ftuiiMl .? lot atre?t rm*X. H AGKEH. tiiiAar, n.2* lm 1014 P"iMiliui*ai?nM | 0\KBoS~iREAL 1sta*! A| pliraff na rmU nail' f-r 1'iM !.f fat* t ?h.TT I im? t>' ?ntt l?nrr. ? -r?. tu a?i?w* m rt??tro4 th- i?l* of ( >i4 mil "^?t? m tk? nia^id loaned t H UUMK n.*> H* 7 -4 * i JV'OTHETo PARTIES HILLING AT AUt TloM Partiead -irint ti dispose <d property M pitMlr aale a li. ?tli rla> - the muim> IB nil nau 1? as ihtata !? n.p> ran l< an ? n (k* ai *tili -in mu..aat.iw. H 11 V \kN KR. R-.i k-' B' k?t, ?B W N J?i ?iti ?tr?a< h* UK "'Li -i-(i????? Ht'KK'rPiL Bl*Nf*S. ? tiered a* a *p* iilatl u bit a *? nnine a*?rin . pming fr >ti\ 19 ?? a per . ??>( A ma'amttt (i ii?ub V "<t- -II 3 f PR"M1P \T? , n XT lm *.1* P IIM aia.. B in ? Mt M< IPVI. KOM<? AK>: T11 I O\TT bl cull i. ? in v hi' U a ?mal: ? >|>.l?l ( <? In iv<V 1 M M llbftal rate.. M ta IS |?-| (tut oa kMB off.tis. and *??i amUtJ. A T ) tJ J I BPOMCAP., rutr im til* p?m. ??. , |< . -a A. !>? ' '1MINATI IX .1 v* ???? I ? . S ?' a 4 .. P , !rt a 1' ??? -t c nt . t ui | t? A> >aai> l'it f?al Hid Kixiyal "illccti^ kit!' i r >i -al-kt J K B&OLMI KA1V ? 3T lm *.'<? r*nii?ilv?nu amiM H AkK CH \Ni K tu Hit. liaar a ?<a4 MToKK aa4 li# Kl LISlJ rb ap. ii- at i ar uiark-t. Ilk airt <-t, No. I ? 1 J. Prii f. fiiC. Irrm* "wi H*M ILTIJN A r?'\U>nN, n >i tf V M ? A Baildiak Vtli and l> ata. J .N But LB. P BANk BABBOM. MTU* BUVLP * IB., HKML KSTATK AM* HOT* PKOPPEC. Ko. tut UUl urn-t, t. t. 11 laafy KliR SALE ?A hain1? ma HOI ?E on 1 atr?at. No. Hli. A !?? a itrfr I 'iiklr UO( SB, < rm* M aixl M UOlSE %".!?!? Ma?*a< h'iB**tt? timaa lllll pK N" **?> AI ?i?H > a?i. t'ir i?m, furiit^hol or uiifurui'liii At uTT A<> E ii \? illirlV r >a, pi ?-* MtiI atuall H n?a, tr<?B to Muklt , aau |uvm<*iiia. Turav LoTB liorth ?itl? ?:iJ ? >ii" on antitli ?id -f Kh nl? I?Im| aitViMnik litli and Iftth. *'? hat* a-i?nl T?-r> tali* FAKMS, improtod and iinimpi M difl>*rrnt railrmtf, > uuutait kr-^ai tha citv . for >4* at |. a feni - . r .?> '.*i (a t i . ita prop^rtr. WJB fH i^f GBOl'BD in %arl-?tt? |? rt? ?n? <4 fk? I'HI far Mk at !<>a ftcuia*. on aaa\ tcmia. or will av hnift for (irotliK'tivr Imprnifx] pr !>? ?tjr mania L"OK SALB KKAB B AMUINOTOB. D oT, ~ two st PkKP-B raciT kakms. Tki> l'i4w ttnrt Piur)'ki4t, ric?U^kt fruit (raaa and tine* in iM-aring' &uf t.mbat Im ia *u<t (raalta ^Mrrfrt. ALSO Bl'ILDIKC LOTS IN TIIK < ITT. II S jnar N I". Lo" S ? I S ,uar? a->nth of No 17. I. >t> 1 mi t 2 b-|iiai?r N'V 24. L 't No. It. M 3, 4. 2 " "31 *? ? " " "U " li'. 12 *ud U M .. 7J " I " ;t ?? Is and IS. >4 44 tj|) 44 J7 P- r pnrtfcui ?ni a|>i>l| t> i- iter ii. prmn In VI KKAl'ING. C*h1m U 'it Viur)>rJ. u?ar i.-?rfa t' Wii. |i. iflA-tai w i??r r \iiB? iti.NT ani> bc > t? ' m i u> a t?. J.*) and (?? k I'liildi t ffeAMB liUl sLS onT unwI.lK'taf^ii I7ih and Iwlicmt, ?Miall ra>4i |?a> utrnt aud Mouttily laat*iuM-uta. li.nusie of It W.DHWNMAX, L ai EdMr At .it. irlS-ailm 4l'i 7th J| o L b k *_oVTTTTk~ Tt.f larca POPB fTOBT HOl'DE. arfh tKra* dorr riiriwKin.VU B ?tr>*at. ii-arl) i.atr, i? -ntr r- ??n?, f.'.ruarr. ca? aiid aatT.ailh larir* > art aad Mnldr in r. ar. Tin- pi p-rt) hw ?? *-n ra^?llr put iii complete r> pa.t. ai d i? verjr caiiirniMit for ? [arte. (<-ut??l family, or f >r ? lx?rdinc !*????. W ill U ? l.| low . It. .till, at f rrnlHau'i Bauk, < pp ?it* Trea?nr>'. Penii?> Ivauia itMme. f.- 11 aotf FH-KPALE Tti^ STilOB. Of ii'HW I LL aitd El Tl KKS of the Hilliti?rr and Panry Si.?re, JOT Market Spare, bet. Ttb and 8t'.i atr.-ta, i. H a .at Lofctoi) E LKMZBEBU B Ot TERSONAL. QBsTiU LK8 to MABBIAOE -Harry ***** Jw Imhi Jllti IroDi i|i<- ?da la ot Krrora aad At.nae* in early lite, ?aphood i ?t red IaipaM neijta to Marnaca rrmoted. k'- a wetb ?1 "t tr*?t 1.1. Kr? aiid re:tiarliaLI? r?mediaa. B4i aad ['irrulara aent frae, hi a*alad >-nvel .pea. A 11 raaa Hutrtii A , No 3l auatb *(h atr??<, Phila l- I Ilia, Pa .?an i.-'.r.uti ri haviux a hub i. paia li>ii for li uoraHa couduct and pr4?ai<iMl tkill. marBl MRS B. J. PBKMCH, (A* GMa*r?Md CiatTravaax amii T??r M?w?? ? \t*rwcv* MEDICAL. Aa. 1KB. BINGHAM, hduv a/ UU Aawoaa kUrw0 1/ B?Iic*4 Jtaiaa/, aad Prat'la th* t nnuai (WJrii, Arte I'arA, will dia(ttuaa diaeaae wiibaat takiiii iibmUom. Paralyalx. Bh"utnati?in, Tanrani. B1.x?d P.uaaaa. Catarrh, D>*pep>ia. the K>? and Ear, Lio| aad Threat A&ectioua, aud Nerroua Oiaeaana ara Km iprctaMas. Private Booma, Ho. 413 13th atreai .near Paaa ?> |\Kill a avruua. Oftce hour*?9 a tti to 2 p. m . aud 3 to I p. m. < .'D?ultatiot>? fira. kih-kr* WEAKNESS, Irregularity, and Nttow DatoM ty, aocceaafully treated. Belief inun?dlata. B ma if deaired. Ladle* ibt "matud, add ma* Mr*. A C. BOBHBB, B kahlmrtoti, D O. febd fca* Madams wilboh. A fe'fwu'ad PHTBICIAH AND MIIV1PI, can be cnu*ultad on aU DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADTBB B?aidenc? aud C<>uaultatian Bo*ma. *>11Kb *rwt. b?tve?ti H and I. B.m>?&*,B art. Medical att**ndaMe. Ac., at reaauiiallt pneaa Tapeworm ratn.*?d wttfe bead in two boor*. IMar to pattauta aooca?fwMr treated iu Wa?hiu?t'^ aovU >?* E. LEOB? D coa s vl t:> u tn ysicia m. The old eat aMathabad Spectallrt In tha city. Mo. Bll lltb atrwf, above H. Hoar*: 11 to 4 and 7 to ?, daily. F'KM ALB DISEASE* treat ad, aad kusuM cawa taken. D?acrib? case aud ?>?icl?*ajiB; ?B Ttce and Biedicta* will l?a wit. Addraa* Mr*. Dr. THOMPttOM,Ko.??ft North UUidUoat. PUiiaM pL.a. janM-ly Monet mktlbnbd ir bttKKAU ML1XIR TAILS TO OCBI CUILLB. To be bad of BRACE B tlMIL.c^lntolgl WaehMiftoti atrweU.Georf ?<own, aad <4 GEuKOBM. PLANT A BON, coraar B?w Tort aTaoua ud Mk traet, wbora tatw?onlal? can ba *a?. niU Ir PIANOS, Aa. Jr. LCCAS, 1X49 7th atraet a. w., Txraad ? Artuimiur ?f fimnor aatf O'taa*. Or d?n received at 1 houipaoa <? orner l^th at IgiHl and M. Tort a?a.; Getty'*, Br;4?e, aear>IV til Ocucreaa, Georgetown, aad Mua?', cor. 7th aad Pa. aa. Piano* and ochar iu at rum oauaaikod and autrf luatrumsata packad aud All work guaraodaad. Mhh ly 1UM1MG AMD REPAIRING, POL1SHIMM 1 AND VABNISU1NO PIANOS AND? ALL MLS1CAL INeTRl MKNTa. Al B|B way* racataaa tha Muat latUifiU attaatioaM* ?l l iui|S*UWwlu BRO^. AA* Itoh graat^ waat. n*dg '^y y**S?*raU kLowa" aT ara^OoJi him) "a^d 8?*?a*o??* * w^ati anil tnecTioi n ram*. W O.LLAM KB ABB A OO ?iiA?jajflBraS] PIABQBand PI AM OB m? l wall kwnm fartorVe* for i -

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