Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1862 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. CURIOSITY. r: o?, 1?<J y, br tb? rote* on thoae Up*, H?ih ntin Anil xrnman t?A?it4 41 nA II#. mrat* But for the cunning ef?Cariosity ! tie world s witch, and through the world be runs, Th? merriest masker uaJevneatb the moea ! To beauties, Unpaid from the last night's rent, >he tomrs with Irene* loose, and shoulders wrapt In morula*' sbawls; and by their pillow sits THllnz deUelom tale* of?lovers lost, F ?lr rivals Jilted, scandals, smugs led lace' Ai-.d then tk*y smile, sod turn their eyes, aad yawn. A:;d wonder what's o'clock, tutn sink again; And thus sbe s?ods tae pretty fools to sleep. She comes to ancient dames?and stiff as steel, in hoodan^tomtcher, with snuff la band, She makes reVlr rigid muscles gay wl h news < if i>octors' Commons, matches broken off. illue-atccklrg frailt'es, cards and ratafia; Atid thus gives t\;m prattle for the day. Sbe iltabv ancient politician*. bowel Ai If a hundred year* were on ber back; Tiea peering through ber spectacles, ahe reads A arpmltg journal ?tu#"d with monatroos tales Of Ta'kt ltd Tartars ; deep conspiracies < Horn In the writer's brain); of spots In the ran, i-rrgnant with fearful wars. And so thty shake, Abd hope they'll find the world all safe by morn. A d thus we make the world, both youagand old, How down to sovereign?^Curiosity ! [Craly. Grafting the Wild Plum. /" i>t ir siar ?Soma jean since the writer owned a iltce noon vhish a larva nnmhar of i.ahre or wild pium treea were growing The Iruit beitig ?f little value, I was induced to raake experiments by grafting the same with other varieties of stone fruit. I first made trial of the nectarine; the scions grew very rapidly, and at the end of the second year tormei fjnite a large top. The third year I vra? rewarded with a sufficiency of nice nectarines tr> repay me for the trouble I had taken. Thereafter I made trial of apricot, peach, and the finer varieties of plums. Of these the seions grew and promised well, but baring disposed < f the place and removed to a distance shortly afterward. I am unable to report the result. I ihould deem the experiment worth trial bj aoy one who moj possess a similar wild plum patch I would recommend budding however, in preference to grafting. A rerr expeditious and easy mode of propagating cherries bj bedding I hare found to i ? 4i foliow3 ?Early in the spring, at about tfce U30Vi time of grafting, with a sharp knife remove a bud as in the usual mode, then with the jame cut a scii.ll shsvin? nf l.?rV '?" * --0 ? ? ? *?wm iuv ttnck clean t > the wood of a 3h%f3 for the bud to fit, and then bud on the latter firmly to the ato<*k with waxed cloth or matting. Union will soon take place, and the bud will atart almost as s<>on as the rest. In this way I have oven known the Eogliah cherrj to be budded and grown upon the wild black cherry, though I presume it would never eoine to fruit. X. it rD BS AS ANT) T8I OoN FEDIKAT1 SoLDtiaj.? 9 t." of the military expiolUof the rebel soldiery woulaafm to imply their belief in the following lints from Hudibras: 'For those tLat fly may light again, Which be can never do that's lain." "Vi'tM the flgbt becomn a chase, Those win tbe day who win tbe race." * PoMiAMY ?'Tbe bill punishing polygamy, Introduced by Representative Alorrlll, of Vermont, 1* ?aid to l>e pttclaely the aaiae as paavd by tbe House two years ago, with only this change?the old bill did not apply to tbe District of Calaajb'a ?toe u*-w one eraoracra ail terrlterlea. The Mormon law* and reguiatlona on the autject axe abroga ?>l. Nrw Planet Diicovuis?At Harvard University on Tuesday morning a planet of the 13:h magnitude was dl?eovered near the star Beta Vlrvims, by Mr H P. Tu:t> It la tbe third wbtch baa been detected at thla Unlveraity within the |4*t )car. C7* The cWll marriage of M'lte Adele de RoiLachiid with Baron Salomon de Rothachlld look plnce on Wedneaday, March U, at Frankfort Th* religleuj ceremony waa performed on the following day, at the aynagogoe, by the great Rabbi of the consistory of Pari* All the members of the Rothachlld family from Parla, London a::d Vienna were preaeat iXLT" l be New York Tlmea aay?: The Infrliclty cf literery marrlaj/ea ts proverbial. Even the ihrewd snd iwiiilbie Fanny Fern La.* been aasbl? v> *v j 4e the ln?xoraUe law, for we regret to hear tfen: ti* kv f-lt obliged to aepar&te from her LuaUiud, Mr. Jamea F Parton. BULL RUN. MANASSAS. A Vt'ful and Valuable Relic. T* Kri??" f. t mJ? for twenty dollars '** * 1>J t n.oa prLoj?r? ?l th* Dtul* of iia.i Kua. On# Of?n Fm0 wia W?tok aid Chain, fitrtk .? j fiae |Oi(2, ior ri-tfot Jli, Or.F ?'i iftt cks? Carriajo,cast 3i5C,in exoclUc. oru^r. lut ?a><? for $7% \p# j ai l'tn betwsoD ti End H. j w 1,000,000 CAMP GREASK AMD ROUGH TALLOW WANTED. f : tla highest Ca?h ?ri?e? will r>? muI, at tue K*r.~? sos? :.lanalao:?ry, 164 ai.4 166 Water ll^Ao^l.iWr. H I* a? 3 DAWSON A CO. C- OVtf TKRS?OY9TKK9. 'lit "* PLaRk OyaUr Saloon. The tit.ariv' r bavir.g ejtnpletM e j ?J?iter Saloon, >? now f_J i? iu. n ?a to cituena, it anger*. tuViUf Me ptt' ):n ftierAl.f, with Uv;t?re ct'it.'il ? t low Rfioai o{ iretfluai. t f.e e. t ? tsra t:i? Market oaii afford, will aJ . n ti& tr.e Che?epaafeeSteamO rater .No. 4 03 G lUaal, nwr 7th, and east of the Paten Oflic*. w; v-in WM. f. WFHU. Proprietor. SPRING BiLKti.a fall aaaoitmdLt, figured and p am \\ < ur l?i a fu: aaaortment of all th? Dry G-x>iti rr^maiUa for the general and ipecial va&U of iami:iM ?)nr ftortnernand Laatern corretpo&denU Mnd ua lev rrp^Ura daaly. i *r.e pr!o<4 o?!r, the actaa! oaab ?tsrda-d viae, m pain figure*; hsuca nj purot.aaer la u?i> o~aii;*u. A parceia for the u.terior?rop?r|* aaoked free of er??Tge. PHKKV t HKO.. 6c Pa. ava-ua and Ninth at 4 \ _ 9PKULAL_NOTl<*Kf * ANI) ATTKR TU KB DAY, APRIL I. th" train* t>u ia? lia.un.ora and O&io Railrvv; eommei ca running deny, Bundaye exoepted, ieavirc (: ) lit'OB at 1 *J A. M , and OOOB04UCC a: W i-u.-<'-.u Junction vijb mail train for all Mrii of if e Wwt. ti* Park*ribnrf or Wheeling. Tkroajh tiukrU m?U1 an J be* |M*^c linked Mutir of T'axuporiatioo Baltimore and Ohio Ranfovl. ay I C\J 500,000 rowNUS KOUUU TALLOW lU ARMY GRKASK WANTtD, for vklch tL* LlfhMt pr.oe will bo paid at the Nali< sal &D aaJ Cradle Ao?k?.Or<uin ??<* CeoAi, li"or|*ioWU, D. C. Bii 19-lni C. U- J K ?VLLL, Proprietor. C UR B?CORNS?B UNI0N8. MK rEKDK.1 AT, fari*OB Cblropodist, from 1-arie, i ?( to inform you th*t he ou effect# ?:)? r^ Corse tad Butn?ii?. wiibovt p&ia, eo t..%t tn? sh^e eta be worn Hninedliiely *f>er the o^erit.on. w:t;.out lnsonvetii'ce*. Also rtr.orN vv trta *i.O other enperfluoae lleeb from the haade* e tuey wi'i ?pr**r rm&il tad deiloftt*. No. If ?S rVaet. near City Hk). CktrtM Bodtriia, |L/ Kaio.a ui the dooiore of Wukititoa ceser?% roht-tf F'OH ARMY AND NAVY MKN.-N?tt B1?O * liiirn, i lotte krd Cauimeree. Arm? bit* t'lasoala, C olfca. aid C?*i.JEP!i?, ci H t- proter **alui*? < that will hold tha ooior.) oar Banal an.a .took of a S other kinds of Dry Sooda, f?r iam.!i*a and ao j??k ?*p<r?. oua prica on!r. ita/kad laoiaticot hrrraa. A n examination of atock imftiM no otlicatlon to piirch&ae. ? FEK* Y * qfLO, ?* ? tt P#nn. arang* and Ninth ?t. 4 DAM3' RXTKEOA COM PAW Y. aOTlOM Of MMMOfAL. Tut datiTwr o?ooof,U.i? aMfatr lirnwmi Iron. Third itriat t* tha i? ia J??ot oa B auaot, r^tvMHi MaadMiU vvPeVsbiST? TiltAWKAa. Whioii will (m ?ol<i st r?uonab.o frtoea. BAM'L \V. THOMPSON, 76 P?nn. iToniti it 1^-tf nadirBroyrs i PAMP FUMNITUKK AND TIN WAKK OF |J oliSEB KIR _ I . m ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIALS. A FEW OP THE MANY TESTIMONIALS FROM THE CITIZENS OF WASHING-* TON TO OR. TUMBLETV, THfc INDIAN HERB DOCTOR Dtplorabl* Condition of Body and Mind. I vu atmoet dead with pain In my cheat, bark, shoulder*, side and bead; was debilitated that I could scarcely walk. My Bind was continually melancholy and ploomy; but were It not for Dr. Tamblety's skill and bis remedies, 1 would have been dead before this 1 am naw completely cured. Thoma* Ghiffim, P street, between 15<h and 10th. Washington. D. C.' Erysiptlas Curtd. D?. Tvmslitt?Your herb remedlea ire the par*iron of all that la great In medicine. They have cared me after belug qlven opto die of erytlpelaa. Mri Emma Kkinall, Fairfax county, Va. Curt if Cought, Pain i* t\? Briast, Dysplasia, with grtut Weakness. Th'a Into certify that I have been troubled with the above-named complalnta for aeveral year* I tried some of our moil eminent pbytlclana Id Waahington, Alexandria, and Georgetown, hot received no relief. 1 waa persuaded to try Dr. Tambtety, ar.d In a very abort time hi* barb medicine* cured me. James H Bkall, Blackunlth Shop, Nary Yard. Dysj/tpiia and Livtr Cent plaint Cured Cfcarlea W. Harman, Metropolitan Police, Waahington, D. C. Curt / an Ulcerated Sort Leg teitk settn hol*t. D*. Tc*bl*tt?1 bare been using your herb riu-dlclnea to cure a bad leg, with seven running sores, of aeveral vears standing, which the doctor a thought incurable, and amputation waa regarded as tbeonLy ultimate relief. 1 can now mlk -- ._! 1- i j "?**? M WTU U CfCI . 1 BUi CUftU. S*. C. PaVftTSH, Seventh street, Park Hotel, Washington. Consumption Curtd. Mrs Edward T Tuplpeit, Navy Yard, Third street, between M and . Scurvy Curtd (? very bad can.) Jaa. W. Larklo, Government Printing Office. Washington, April 9, 1662. El inducts Curtd. This Is to certify tbat i Lave been blind for two years, and by tbe aid of Dr Tumbiety's treatment i can walk all over Waahington without a guide. Sew nth atieet, Uland. To ikt Ladies. My wife haa been afflicted with a di?ea*e peculiar to her ?ex, for three yeari. Had tried arloua phyaiclana without any benefit. Dr. Tumblety his cured her. W. Tucker, Alexandria, Va. Consumption Curti. A vegetable course of treatment presented by Or. Tumblety has cured me of Consumption. JoasPH EatcsiDoz, Brigade Wa^on Master, r.'tb street, Washington, ffc. of the Throat. Francis Seal a, E^q., leader of the U. 8. Marine B*ad, Navy-Yard. Scrofula Cured To all afflicted with Scrofula. Try Dr. Tumblety, (be ludlan Herb Doctor J. E. Hutchihsow, Patent Oihce. Rev. J. Curtis Cured. I would recommend a'l who are troubled wHb General Debility, Dy-<pet??la, Ac , *c , to try Dr Tumblety, who baa cured ra?. Rev i. Coitii, LUMinore, Md. Cancer Cured. Dr. Tumblety baa cured my wife of cancer by hla herb remedies. J. Cafin, Near Fairfax bemlnary, Va. Sore Eyes Curtd. P. Mautf, Bridge itreet, Navy-Yard Froiapius Uteri. Dr. Tumbl^ty'a Herb Medicine has cured my wife of the above-mentioned d .tease. Ca.pi. Cvxsisghax. Georgetown, D. C. Fill Cwr*J. Flti brought on by Wpakntaa, Dyipepala, Co* ti V't .kf n.?>. ? f. n VITCIKCA, L/1 C'lUI.' , tt-O. JAMK.' &AVIS, Alexandria, Va. Large Tumor Removed. J&met King, G street, Washington, D C., had ! a large tumor of a cancerout nature removed from tila bead without rrtorilng to ttie barbarous practice of cutting with a knife, aa It usual in toch cmi. flmal* Complaint Cured. Mrs. C. W. blokeman, Land's Hotel, Georgetown. ? Curt of Serious Debility. Frederick Rokledtr, F street, corner of 2d, lslind. Scrofula Cured. J. Maloney, corner Ith uud II streeU Enlargement of the Heart Cured. P. Downs, 3*3 Otlx street, Washington, D. C. Scrofula Cured. J. D. Lake man, Sixth atreet, No. 43d. Consumption Curtd. J. Laird, watchman, l,'ntu>d Ntatea Capitol. John Clark, Camp Duncan, 0. C. John C. Day, corner second and D atreeti. Bad Case ?/ Jaundice Curtd. John Hurd, No. 500 New York avenne. Fitt Curtd. David Dllon, 4~U F atreet. Nwvoui Dtbility Curtd. John Donoho, No. 600, corner C and 31 street*. Charles A. Courveiser, Navy Yard. # Curtd ?/ Chronic Distase. Wtlltsm Sullivan, corner Poar-and-a-half and U street*, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D. C. Cured of lithliif. Charles Wilson, U. 8. Regular. Dfsptpsia Curtd. BenJ. Dorsey, Twentieth street, below Pennsylvania avenue. flmmmA ?/ Pitnalai Ma f Ls CW>? v " "w V WWW ("VVa James Reed, Twentjr-aixth and L atreeta. Chronic JH??marum Curtd. M. G. Howard, Tenth atreet, near rennayiTanla mm. [Asthma afttr all tht Doctors Failed 8. J. While, No. 253 B atreet, aouth aide of Cepltol. Cancer Curtd. J. Blackburn, Georgetown. Sod Dream* with Night Sweats Curtd. R. Usunsch, 417 Seveath street. Fitt Currd. J.J. Kue, O street, between 6th and 7th TUB INDIAN HKflO DOCTOR will describe dlseurs and tell hie pttlwti the tare of their coaspUlnts or lllneee. without receiving Mf information from them. -j No Ckmrgt for Contultatitm or Advirt. OAoe, No. 11 Washington Buildings, Pennsylvania STeaae, corner 7ih street, sp IS-3?* ?*" - ?. - . ?j 114 h rBAftim1 WorcMtenbire nance. Fraicm&wl Vf 25 KXTEACTf 09M0I89S fKB H ' LMn hom t? h* tha El MtdittU BmtUmim ? Jk .SSS. , AtCE." IBJgjal At Wcraaatar, a.< jggg .. mi KWfc. eykky ggg :nJff/h^4ssj TA*iL? r myMimo^S.ffiort MWMkg palatable, M well u OF DISH ^B?^?9'lio mort wholeaome ur uion. *ne above SAUCE is not only the netand moat rtriui soifsiMafrr known, bntthe most Etenomi**t M a few dropa in Sw< &rm*y, or with MM, i and ooH Jointt, Btif St?k, h., impart a^?z<niait? mt, which unrnnt.pltd Sauea man afaeturera have in vain andaavorad to imitai*. On the BruthfM, LwwJUe*. DimsMr, or S*r*tr T*bh, a oruet containing " LEA 4t PERRINH' WORCESTERSHIRE BAVCS" i? indiafenaable. To appreciate the ttetllmi of thia dtU H?j preparation it ia only ceceasary to purohaae a email bottle of the of a reayaotabie grooer or dea er, aa many Haiti and propria to r? aeldom plaoa thaP?r? Sauoe before their rneata, bat anbaUtataa tannine BottU filled with a trtnout mixture. % For atle by Groc?n and FrtiUwt ryvhert. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Wnicn Sfumrt mud Kit ttrtt*. Horn York, Solo Wholesale Agouti for the Uailed St&tM. A Stock always in storo.?Alao ordara roooiTM tr diraot ahipmonU from England. ITT Bmmtt of Coutuorf oii* mmd iwOtriwu.-TTl oop 0MITZZ AMD BHOTH EFl'S NEW YORK PPPPP AA LL EEEKEKR PP PPP AAA LU EFEEEEE PP PPP AAA A LI. EE PP PPP AA AA LL EE PP PPP _ AA A A LL El- EE PPPPP ?AA AA 1.1. K REE PP AAAAAAA LL EE PP AA AA LL EE PP AA AA LLI'LLL EKEEEEE PP AA AA LIJLLLL. KEKKKKK xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx XXX xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx XXX xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx x x x xx xxx x x x x x xx xxxx xxxx xxxx ?xbxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx x5yt xxx xx\ xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx Xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx aa ll eeeeeee aaa jl EEEEEEL aaaa ,l ee a a aaa iji ke a a a a ,l eeee aa a a i- kkke AAAAAAAA LL KK AA AA LL KK AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE vrmoa AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, In Wkolt, Half, and Quarter Cttht, BRHWEI) FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND 110FS. BREWERY, I8U1 HtrMt, bttwHi 7th and 6th Avtuii, NEW YORK. fon dQrt 1H. O. HOOD fl ComtE?t!y r?9?iyiDK,an'j haaaJvara on h*nd. a run Bupp iy oi ftil the moat oalabrated Jv WAfCHhS thai are manufactured in En?- 4N l?cd, Switz?r!ft id ftul America, both in GoTddHB and Silver c&s?*. Het'iM k saps a arte at oak of fiine JKWKLRY of the moit a??trftble stylea sat with Diamond*, Km?rsla?, Rabi*? and ftil other Gams. He is altso manufactunc; al kindaof Solid Stauda?d Silver Ware, and keeps Swords, Kerolvera, Sword He.ta and .Sasnea, Howie Krnve*, Raaors. Soisaors, Gold, Silver aiid Steel Speotaoles, and a treat variety of other thinga usually kept m a Jews ry Store, aad ftil ftt the very IcTreet arioe. No, 339 Pa. ftveaae, botweea ?Ui an.i Huh rtreeta. fe 13-tf pENSION OFFICE. Jp*? 6in, 18#1. TO ALL WHOUlr MAY CONCERN. Application having boon made tinder the aot of JSd Juus, iat>o, for the raiaaue of the Lan't Warrants tieauribod herein, whioh are alleged to have been !oet or destroyed, notice is hereby tiren, that at the date following th? dA.-mrt?tir?n nf Miili Wu rant, a new Certificate, of like' tenor, will be isaued, if no valid objaotioa ihould than appear. No. 57,934, for 160 acias, lstu'd under the act of Maroh SJ, 1858, in tho n^ra? of Jaoob Brader, and wxt granted Amait .9;h, i85f??May 3d. 1862. N?. i5,4if. for 12.* aores, ittncd under the aat of March, 18&S, in the naOiO c! Charlotte widow of Walter Cols, and waa granted January 36,185-.? May 17,1862. L?nd W?rrant CertifioUe, No. 75,117,for Mtfaoret. (aot i847.> id favor of Patrick Bra !y, Private of Company K.2d U. h. Infantry, bearing date 8'et i??oeinber, 1?6'?J ur.o 24. l^iZ Und Warrant Certificate, No.77 RVi, for 16^ arr^a ^irnuer tte aot of 11th February. 1U7. m lavorof Thomu UinfhiLlti ntiwata <' ?? tl?.,a^-? ? ?9 ??M r>* TWkV, V? II UlllDI m companr, Battalion of Mormon Volunteers, issued 13tti April, 1863 ?Jtt'jr 3). 18*>2. JOdLFH ?1. BARRETT. mh27-l*w OmmmiBntr. EVfc'IY PERSONS JNTKRK8T ?That tine took of Clothing for sale over ?alts' Jewelry Store is now offered at leas than wholesale pncM, at SMITH'S, Mo. 400 Seventh street, opposite Post fo ir*"" I^HE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORK, No. 400 tievantu el. Alva* * ahead! New arrival of Hpriur Gooda. aU tho latent atj.oa of Clothing, at No. 400 Seventh street, Lear fo 27 3m F)R SAL lb?A fins stock of Clothing. Furniah in*Goods, Trnnka, Hats and Caps, at whole aa!? arioes, at No. 460 Seventh street, opposite Post OAoe. fe 21 3m C^ENT"^ Furnishing Gooda. Trunks, Clothing, Jf Trunks, Hats and Caen, ail at Ntwlhorn mom. it the Peoe>'? Olothinc >u.r?. No. 460 7th itre t CJH1RTS, 8HIRT8. SH1KX8!-Just reoeiTed 0 l'Odoien Bhirti. w.iioh we offer at old pnoee, tlHMITH'K. No. 4?rt8?vrtiitti at. , U *T-lm jgfflV BOUTS-SUOhS I YJ^Cox*** TsmtuHT. and FA. Av.f Washington city and eastern mad*: t*Aiei' Tipped Balmorals #1.25 to 92.26 iecte' Balmoral* St a?? to ??'< bent*' Fine Half Boots .tluoto #eM All kinds of BOOTS and SflOCd vary cheap. ITT" BooU uade to order in the b*et wanner. by mh 11-lm* CHARL*"'B H. MORSE. f [X'HAM'8 HAIR DYK '.?TO COLOH BLACK. U OR BB.0IV N! .'-Only 38 oenU a box. Three boxea tor oae dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair can be oh*ncM id a f?w sAoonds to a jet blact or brown, by uxisf cphaVs Luli.1 H&ir Dye, the beet and oheapett la the world, producing, the moment it is aifiiMj a rioh natural appfetranoe. Eaoh Box n uriiAM B n aik ur p. i? vmuw U> contain am much Amir dv* se other* sell for om dcU*r\ Hold by 8. C. UPH AM, 40.1 Ohesnut street, Piiiladebiu?> and 8. CALVKHi FORI), oo/L?r ilth street and Pa. ave ; in Alexanaru, It UENilV COOKTGo.. i)rp|gut?. se?fr-*olr_ DR. PUPOKT'S 8UGA R-COATED FBMALF Ri&iJLATlNtf P1LL8 Read the U/l.oWiti tSMluutftl ecoomi Mm, tnii: W!s f '1 cannot comtuead them too tu<h!r." ^ tJ "They are the heat female Pills exta&t," "f&ave a?ed*them ?rith oom^lete euooees." wWould not be without Ua&su ?ifon?nr oonuder? ?'"fher ?#?r?ies?*edlly and eSeotirelr." in* too by B. C. FORD. ooruerlith street and Pa. sveaie.; id Alexaa^la. by HENRY COOK * CO., Oraccists. noM-eel* i t'rf.rejtiisa "g-jy ehanieof diat repaired. It is in Enx-^ ^ kk tab fepeoifio o 1 nxlr-iTi rMriiUnaui|HK and will not bum th* moitMiiMUpcai-^K^ /tlUClop. It ooctuni m mi*$r4rfi, PriM ' (1. SoWLfS. C. UPHAM, 405 Chjiut ftTMt, Philadelphia, *cd Id Wamhinctoa 6t 8. st POKD, sorrier lttfe and Pa- ?? .; id AlaxaDdria. by HENRY COOK ft CO., DrocfiaU. ?o ?-eo\y FULL ANU tOMPLKTE gTOGK OF Par.oy and Mupi* MY 6QODH.fiow in atora, adapted lor lit* apnrg aud summer vao&j pr familt*a and houaekeeper*. Our northern and eaatera aorrasponttenta laid a* new lupptiM daily. On* prloe only, the aotaai ea?h aUuatrrf vain*, marked id plain at area. An inipeotion of atook solicited from strangers, reeidenUand sojourners; it will imply ao obligation to parehaaa. M 5- l Pann. ar^nue oi^9th atraaC pKCipEi) B AI6 1INB. Dnan G0041a, o fall oaaortment oil ktnda of th? boat Q U Embroidarlaa and Pookat Hondkarohlafe, raotiU npiliH in oil r-%foa, Pioa on" median WhlU Floooola, PioiB Wbito and HIoid C&abriaa ond Jtualin*. All of tko obora ot ooa frorarbially low frioo, mart ad la pioui ficaraa, tho ootuol ooah aiaadord a* * ^ "stisw? * KS,p*r?3lS o?remit* fottOffice. N. U.?All of tS sbov* r*Mi for b*U at wmrw low nwi, f+ ft tm Twmt55^ ^ ???LL TBS GREAT "AMMCAN REMEDIES," Known at BELMBOLD 3 GENU IKK PREPARATIONS, ?iz: HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT "BVCHU.1' " ? SARSAPARILLA " IMPROVED ROSE WASH HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. - HIUNL Y CONCENTBL A TED" COMPOUND PL VID EXTRACTB UCH U, A Positive and Speoifio Uemetiy For Diseases of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medioiae morea^es the power of Dictation, and cxoitea the ABSORBENTS into healthy aotion, by whioh the WATKRY OR CALCAREOUS depositions, aad all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS are redaoed. as wall as PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and la rood for MEN, WOMEN, CR CHILDREN, HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV, For WMkneMN Anaing from Exo?aasa, Hsbita of Diaaip&tioc, Earl7 IndiaoratioQ or A^aaa, A'ltncua with uu following Svmptom>>? Indispoaition to Exertion, Leo of Power, Lw of Memory, Diffiou'.tj of Hreathsnf, W?kN?rr<?i, Trembling, Horror of Disease, vViUefu nee?, Bimnen of Vision, Pain in the Back, mversal Lassitude of the Motoolar System, Ilot Hand*. Flushing of the Pody Dryneaa of the Skin, Eruptions on the Face PALLID COUNTENANCE, These symptoms, if allowed to go on. which this

medioine invariably removes, aeon follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of vhioh the patient mar expire. Who e&naay that they are not frequently fol loved Dt thoee "DIREFUL DISE KSES," INSANITY* AND CONSUMPION." Most ore ovore of the oao?e of their iuffirinf, BUT NONE WILL CON FES#. THE RECORDS OF TilE INSANE ASYLUMS, Ami tkt MtlanrKaly Dtatks by Consumption, HOB AMPLE WITNtM TO THI Tin H OV THIS AftPlfttlOg. THE CONSTITUTION ONCK AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Requires the &id ol medicine to atrescthen %rd InTitorti* )ti? Q,it?ni. Wkick HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV im variably dots, A THAI. WILL CONVIRCX Till MO = T SKEPTICAL. > FEMALES? FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, 81NGLK, M ARRIKD.OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In many Afftrtion* peculiar to Femaltt, the Extract linoha ia nnfauatled Ij any other r*me<1y, ai in Chloria or Retention, 1 rretularitT, P?ttfiilne?a or Snppreaeinn of Caatomary Kr*onationa, Uioerated or Soirrhone atato of the Uterui. Lenoorrbcea or Whltee. Sterility, and for ail eomplai^t* incident ?o the a?x whether artsire from Ir.dtaoretion, Hal ita of Duaipatioc, or in the rvi.'nt **? * *? ? ?*? - - - ? - - iscv/uii*b U* unA^iuE ??r L.irfc. "xx symptoms abov3. NO FAMILY 8HOULD BE WITHOUT IT: Tiki no *0x1 Balk am, Mxacexr.ox VKnuiant m 1pic1ms fox vnfliasant and da.'ogrocs biiiaiii. HBLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV cr*xs SECRET DISEASES Id all their duces. At little Expense, Little or ho ohtci< in Diet, No inconvenience. And no Ixrctteri. It OAntea a frequent desue and gives strength to Urinate, thereby removing obitruitions. Preventing and Curing Htriotures of the Urethra. A'layiug v?m and Inflammation, en f.-equentin the c)as? of diseases. and expelling all Pntomoiu. IHitaud and worn out Matter. thousands upon thousand* WHO HAVB BEEN ^HS VICTIMS OF QUACKS, ftOU WII(J liftTO f3i? HIAVY rE<B TO CQTOQ If ft ahortt:me, hav* found thej were deceived. and that the"POIrtON"hu. 6v the nee of powksful astkin3?!?ts," bMn dried up in the ijatem, to break out in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Us? Htr.MBot-D'g Kit*ACT BroRtJ for all itfeotlooa and d:se*aeii of the URINARY ORGANS, Whether exi*tin* in MALE OR FEMALE, Prom whatever cause one loatinc. and uo matter of HOW LONG STANDING. viaaaaea 01 mm urtfcca require thoald of a DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, And ia oertain to kav# tne deairod effaot ia all Diseaaea FOR WHICH IT 18 RECOMMENDED. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD? llelmbold's Highly Conetvtrat&d Compound FLUID EXTRACT BARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. Thia ia ia an affeotion of the blood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS, LININGB OF THE NOSE, EARS, THROAT, WINDPIPE i tin nfii p n Miroivtva oi?nu? uinnik ?wvvi/o smrA^La, Maknj iU appeaianoe in the foria of ULCERS. Helmbold'e Exuaot barsapariila, PurifiM the Blood, and r?m:)v*? ail Scaij Eruptiou of th9 Skin, tilVINO TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AN1> HEALTHY COLOR. It beinc prepared expretulp for thi* o.aca cf complaints, its B.ikjJ Purifjnnc Properties are preserved to a creator extent man &u j otner preparation of Uarsapaiilla, HELMBOLD'S BOSS WASH, An exoelleat Lotion for Diaeacea of a Syphilitio Nature, an<f a> an inj?oti(>s in D'aeaaea ol ite linearr Org&ca anting from Uabita of Di**ipation, Baect in ouuoeotion with ihe Kxtracts Kuw,u or Saraapariila. in auoh Diaeaaea aa rscomraenflcJ. Evidtnct of tki most rtliablt and ntpotuiili ckaractu vill accompany tin mtdizintt, CERT1KICATL8 UK CURLS. from 8 to 20 years' standing. With Nam*? known to 8CJKNCK AND FAME. For Medical Proprietiea ol LUCtiV,aee i)ia Ant* tA>* ft $ lha feuOVVUl } VI ?UV VMiVtU Ben J?ivfM?or DEWEE'8 valuable worka on the Piaoitoe ofptjaio. Hm ramarka pade by the lata o?:ebrated Dr. PHYglCK, Philadelphia. Bee remarka made It Dr. KI'HRAJM UoDOWhLL. a celebrated Plijraioian aud Member of the Royal Collete of Burgeona, Iraiai.a. and published in the Ttaaaaotioiia of tba King ana (Queen's Journal. 8m Madioo-Chinrrtoal Review, published by BENJAMIN TR A VERS, Fellow of ftoyai College pi Surge? na. 6#? iDoat of tha lata Standard works on Mediaina. Extraot Buohu, SI00 per bottle, or alx for S5 00. Extract Bareaaarilfa, ?100 per bottle, or atx lor $5 00. Improved Roae Waah, u aer boUia, or aix for ?266. Or, halfdosaa ofeaoti for $12 00, whieh will ba aaftcient to Oarethe moat obetinate oasea, If df reationa are adhered to. Delivered to any Aduieea, aeourely packed from o beer ration. DESCRIBE SYMPTOMS JN ALL COMHU nivAfiuno, Car** Connate>4! Adrioe Gratisi! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, an Alderman cf the oity of Philadelphia, H. T. Hilmbold, who being Only sworn, doth say. his preparations oontain ao carootio, to meroury,or other usurious drnce, but are sorely vegetable. r H. T. HELM BOLD. Bvorn and sn been bed beta*? me, this S3d day cf Address letter* for information in oonfidenoe to H. B. UKLMBOLD, Chemist, Depot, |04 Boath Tanth St bel. Cheecut Phila, MS WARM OF COUNTERFEITS a um truDD laini ni on nnt ??a unnunvirbDu vbAiiAno, Who eadMvor to dispou "op mil own" and "01IU AftTICLMM ON til UFBTATIOM AYTAiNSB B, H*lmboid'? >^tea|Cb, " - lmfro??^R??nvVMh. Btld bj ALLDR UQ91STS M VMR YWHSKE. ASK FOR HKLMBOLD'a. TAKE NO OTHER. Cat eat the idvertuenent tad ee&d for it, AND AVOID IMPOSITION AMD EXPOwku* ? ??*.jtmt n mmn THAVKLLEitS' IHEEUTOKY. BALTIMORE k OHIO RAILROAD. NOTICE. C H .4 A U ? OF HOURS. UN and intit Wmiuii, ArsiLt, 166*, TBI rttffvffon TBAIK* WASuiitero*, biltimour, ajid the wfst Will run at follower Fiv* Viilv Tmi%t Arriv* *t ami D*ran frtm W&t&MM:!rm lm t v dminr tkt wmI, two on Sunj ay >. For PHILADELPHIA and NEW YORK? lw<e W Mh.cctoi: at 6a. m.,7.41a. m , II ft m. a&d , J PFor ANNAPOLIS?Lear* V. a?i.intlon at 74* i a m ano 5 u> p ra. l or FJt KDKK1GK?Leavo W?.shin?ton at 7 ?n a. m. aul 3 ? p. in ..." KOR ALI.P^INT? WEKT, a i Ar.d for Harfer*-< Ferry. MartiMbor* >n1 Win- <* Waalnrgtoa at7.*1 a. in. I TKAl.NB MOVINtt SOl'Tll- . I |,?m? New V?>i)t it7k. m-, rmUdelphii IIJ" I. m.; Baltimore iJO p- ta. Arrive at Watiuzgton 5 <n p. til. Lea** New York at 6 p m.; Philadojphia w 5a p. i n ; IisU;Tiio. ?> 4W?*. m ArriT* at MMM ^ an * 11 l.ear* New Vo*k nt 11 p. m ; l'hi ade phi* 3 90 ft. 1 ia ; tia'timore 7.40 a. m. Arrive at \Vaah;agtoa 9 'M a in. I Loo?i Aeoonnrrdation Trairt leere Baltimore i at 10 a. it*.. aui 510 p. in (or Waahitftoc; arma i there at It a. m so ! 7 cKi p rr.. On Sunday* ?' <.*? *r>?J 7 4^ a m. on'y from Baltimore. No Annapoln or Frederick coaaeoUon* on Sunday. i Paaseprer Tr?ln* \Va?h:n*t><n at 7 I" a. ] m aud 5 '*) in , a^J 1 ;x.;t.snore at 7.40 a m. an J , 5 IP p. n>.,ir.tlce i irrct o >iiL?Ctir-na fir AcL?p?!ie , at th? JarrtKii. T.e 7 4'm. m orr*eet? at Kaay ( for Frederick. Waj*r?*.<??n. Harper'* Kerry. Mar- ( tir.?burg. Wiro.ienter, W hec.snt, Paraerebarc, i &c.. except Puniay*. liain* eave AcuapoU*<or B&.t.more and *Va?r.m?tonat6S0? m a?id3?.>p m. < PaesfDjer Trait# Icavitr Wa*h'Bftnn at 6<w*. I m. U a m S p. rn., and Jtaltrirore?.t 4 90tod 7.4? a m . ai.d 3 5> p. in , will n or o*Ip at AnMpolu i Junrtim I \V?r l',.?*OEjpr? must take the A'tommidmtic* Tram* Only. W. P. SMITH. I __*P 2 nl tpriitatioi.. m.* t. Ifr65l] TDK f1*t? Penn*ylvania Central Kail road, fiOHH (?r:th its conadotitrcj) 13 A FiRdT 0LA.3S ROU?K TO ALL THE WI STERN CITIES BFKfci). SAFETY ANli CUM FORT! STONE BALLAbTKD AND FREE FROM BUST! DA'JO'AOK CHECKED THROU0B FROM BALTIMORE! 1 T5k*I T'ATLT ?*?* I Fill LAi>Ki-!'l< I \ TO PITTSBlRGIlJ '{wo of tLen> malice L0?1 CONNECTION* AT UAkEISBtM wit!i Ir&iua on the NOKTUKRN CENTRAL KAIL ROAD, ar-! forc'ir.f Tilli GKEAT CEIiXRAL ROVTB FS.OX WASKiMOTOM A > I) BALTIMORE to all ;oiuU in tii? Wiit, NakT>wi?r AND !5o?TH-W?T. E7"l'or Th.r':rli af^T at t!.e Offio# 0? ] HO Northerr ol.Ha.;, H ?.i Coin- , piuj, vktveti, mz-i-moca. Splttidid Slf vxng Cars on all Thrht Trains Srtioiitig Smoutz Cars on all Trains. \ FKOM WASHINGTON. P??ser?crf w n t?k? tii* 6 r.. m. ana 5 p. m. tr&!n?, i arrivine in b&iuirore t>nM. . m. and *> tt p. in., wiiere ciose wnnectioca am ni*:? with traits on ' tu* Norths.^Cer.lrai 1J. R.,ai.d arrive in Harnehurj at 1 p. m. and l.ii a- in , th*re connecting ' witn tto tituii* us tjif Pent* varna Ceutr* Raiirua^ tor all parts of the teit, FRKWHTP. Dy this rnt?, frf.jtiu cf all deeonptiona can he , fnrwar-ie-J to and fro:n any pMntonthe Railroad* of Ohio, K^tuoky, Indiana, IUiloib, Wisconsin. Io?a, or Mmsouri, by 1- ulroa^l dirtct. Th? Peoueyiva ma C Antral R?:mi>v! alio connects at Pittaburc with J'teasprra, by which Goodtras bi furw&rto any port on theOLio, Mn?kmrum, KeutuoltT. Tcsneeao*.Cumberland, I.Iinoit. Miceleaipei, W iac'-narj, Miuonn, Kana&a, Arkansas, and Red Ktyers; ami at Cleveland, Smidatky an4 Chioato wita ataaiaera to a'! Noriii vartern i-ok** Meroi anu and siu?p?n e,trr.atinc the transportation of thsir Freight to tins Company, oan rely | w j ' < wu i. ic.:_ i vn ITO ""voi T ?" ftflFIl# THE KATES OF FltKRHi to Mid from act point tn the VVost, by the Penoeylv&cifc Out:*. P.&i!rocd, ft mil ii?u! ai / ?<* ??? M ?r* Ik'.rii-i fry ?i??r R*iifom.i (.'mvmui. ICTlie p?it:Ok w to in at* pi?ok!.ge*MriA 1 ?n CimiaL K. K." MA9KAW h COONS, F reijjht A tec!*, No. *r Nora fttr^?. U* t ?r.ore. ENOC'I LL V? JS. Bfi'l 8c>er>nl't, Ait?oi.?, Fa t?. L. PliMvielphm. I. H HOC-TON, OenM Frenht A.tPi.t, Pku? I t* *-<lly J^OitJHEUN CENTllAA RAILWAY. 3fA? Sk*rtni Quitkts! nut iia^ltfrym B*IH WEST. NOKTTl AND NORTHWEST. VriXTEH SCHEDULE. ?/ 'i>ML On ard ftflar SUNDAY, ?4tfc NoT6int??r, Puinfr Tr^iLis irill arriyo dejtrt |r#m Clivtrl Salica ?loik wi: i E>.:se NcXTI Ll?Vl Mk>! r,t ?JP t. it. HaiTa'o Express ?. r>. Farktou Aoo-MnraoJAlion 4 J. n. ritut'iirg ami faarrLx#i?m t JO p. m. S^O.a A&X.1PI Sarkt n Accon-iniMltl v-c at * a. m. nJi'o ra. 6iiui'uii M^vi tibrrieiitui Kxi.dez 2 j. a. ailp. m. The C *- it. tra^e, Wash? cmmWi trilh th? 8.t0 a. nr.. taia from Baltimore i?r U.? | W fi\ and for l;aii'aIo. Lnaira,Rooh??t?r, L-un} kirk, CknaUaifua and Niifua FaiiJ, aud lor N?W ! York oitr. The il i, in. tralu f:oni Weiblartan conpacta with Hi9 i?. if . tin fr-.m K?:t.mor? ti Wwt ; North and NortUwcattaJ Luuraaiii iiurlalo usji Koch<*atcr. 1 T??, _ a ? t ? i ; 1 * ?? - '*' M UO* !* lit. I' l l J Ul 1 OOCLfiCd Vlil iLcS&'f. hi. uaih iiviii iUitimore for rittBcarg HftrtubDre wii t! a West aiid is s d:rsot oui:qm tion for Lebi. .v... Ktstoa At:?ciovn ud N?? Yorkv:* Cs&t.-ftl lle'!ro*U of N*w Jeriey. 7n tine roet. fbr Nt? VcrX. fjyTtiootaf BAlfiitcreon Surd*; lfl.iHA 2 ? l?-<iia. lui h&rri*l>urg,i'itUburf, Cti cacu tu- \\ dat. The only fcaia arnTiijtiin B*itiiac??o3 11 the 8.20 ?. 12 lf?uu. J AS. C. CL.AKKK, an 8* ly So??nnt?Etiact TtiiiVJCK ?u Tk A v ELERS. *?K P ?*u*rs.i orilFred til U" Mrf:s? ki*M: V> AXfUitZMlii, jr*k ??ai!D'.(fl,j c.u i'cjiX ;onoe) to L? renui>e<i, on aau oat'ty, tiicSfHh t; r Bar I .ins of ?te*>n?r? wi!i io*rc Uft tircorw EVKKY DAY (exoeyt3cn day (from their Y't&rf, foot of I'aiun Dock, ftt ?K 'ct.^k f. i: . or i' tit trtirt: o' lbs V. i rftiii, wiaitu iti?e? W\*uiLttui itUv'c.ocr*. ui. M. N. KjH-g. Pre?*t._ HOT WE. mnHm ?AU4?1S< feXfilE&S Tiiis .j of or* to tts ?ubUoM UcHU&lit4 ii!ruiU{M t:.e 8*1? f.a Quick li;r? cf i reicUij, Pcctttei. V*!s?bl??, Msmt, ki ka.,\o til p*rts oiti>4 tJnifM butM, ExiKi?f! frorv the Norta ?ad tVectdA t?rt from acd arrive in V><U>n l? c? ila..y, fill Kiireisti *.ro l? ?aaic? of ivtrwmiMt mnd wU?? M?<.in:r?r?. All F??4.s--t3 for ra? Seldira eamec at *al? oar cew>. tale*. All Guotis fox Uie ??-caii?i 'CeBfederata States" ?td ali AiUclea 4* Cox-Uio*.aj cf War" wiW b? nmt Oar ?x?re?;?t 1mt? New York ai I. i aid I T. . M., arriTitt la Waafei.>?ton at A. id. aad Ul ( kxpreMM Imw Pti Uiici??u?at *.tt A. M. aod , 11 PTm* arrivutc is Waaiil&itjn a! M< P. M. at.J 'tirrawj HR ii<nora at AM A. M. a&d I P. I J Jf[.. ia Wai?i{toii at t A. M- aad AM kiiranM far all joint* North and W*t IMti Waehicxton at 7je A. ?1. an>! <.10 P. M. daily. t SpeeialCei.UaOleToj' taiit ??u?LtiLM 0! t ictfkt i eau b? ma^'c oi a?< lcat-on vo tiu? cflta*. All G?Mi oa.:edraiaad delivered/? ?? cf Litrt karcea, W. PARsu.Vb, " * 1ft A Am. J I n I >jir? i ? wiif f?? WnfeiBtf n. Anfit O. tMl. Mtt xl flERB ipffl f m m si l 9 m tawmeWUb mancfactq&r. 4H liTiwvk $*tfcar,.WASHt??ree,p.?, Hhrwliadtl tor Muylai* lutitat* No^emusr 7,1\0O. Fits Ho!? I ,<M.tu?r, if?B ( ^ST&.nji mk'1" Tr?HK ^-asSjet.. Mutbara ?f Concieaa and tr?vel?re will |1nm J aiBiu* iaj ai*al Mi'ar* Mrahaaug abavkan Vrvoka U&l ?ji? in oih?/ oitiea. I S*>en*r L?v&er aatf Draaa Vrufca ?Ul U "* wwa*TO?wfi?, , flWMMVr' """sw ' " X J> .1* LOU iOIPITA&i Mil MtmrU tk4 ? < Cat < ?. S.rU, m4 ?Uf Hflfwi Ilfmtj, tm Ik* FOE ILL DISEASES OF IKPRVUKKOS. BKLIC*** ???"" APPLY 1*XKDIAKLT7 A 9V11 WARRANTED. O* tio CHAEQM, IV FK'JM OAF TO TWO VATS. VHtlM?f IM lilt, llHVwa?r u* <*MflM4 ll>44li Mimtuu? OiMMlfM im Dnu?>|. ?? "mi". Ojtffmj, cWWm ?f U?4J, Imv ptftu, P&iputuM ? U>? "Mn, Vmiliw, r?*oMiaft, Dimih ?f li|t( M MIImu, Djmm ?T ill ill, TMtit, Mm m Ikta, Ifnuni ?T tfc? lun. a ? li??U l>m TmhWi Dimtin iralif n*m MattM^liktad Dmu*c ..?i rn?>* ihm vktik itiUt Mwnut, i?4 intWf kMl M; ui Mini TOVJfU IfJtJf k?'i Hiwi it? r? Mlury Tin, i??i w< tmniOTi i ii i ?uck?*i tolly w u wuMi; g?*? itiinti W ) rj Mm W u* ??i ll&MAi uli'.l' tki ? ?*-* L~~ _ ww i-^a, rjirw'n tiM rolruiMii I j?U<i( v.tfc III ttuiin ?J B- b?? m vU*4 w H?wt; * liviif If**, Mil vMft ITlfJt*t* MtAMRJAOM. illitl Kif rt*r*> ttin t( fipiul U|UH ?*klUlf, ( {( inH U,.f?t?hariJ *k) fUtM hUMt/ Mill U* Mil W ? I BIJ Nk(^ Nil; wsUltnklkNN U I (MtlMU lM MtllliUf r*i/ ifw kMikiiii* i OFFICE > 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left ku4 iiii r*??f tea* t ft* linn bM Ui IMIM fn Mt k?mi uai ui ti>ui fc*u?n Ml b? p?l4 tH ?MUia I *MJM. DE JOHXSTO!<% Mwkll ?f tfc* *?T%i OIU? ?f ? ? ? - Mtn> MrfaiKM ??..( Aaf, ?. U. taut, aad U? tiHui Mft .( .,.M, ar? k.a Mu ?mi la * tmiuk i( bUti., Fwu, nuiadt.^ku a*4 IJIIMM, ^ a# Ui cjm( utituhtcif urn tk&l tin ",r k?*w' ?* ' UWfclad wlU r.t|U| in tfca knl u.4 wr?*??ii, Mir>f ihraii at raddtt t.tod.. taafcfa.imm Wttfc frasa.^c fclaa"., t. aua.,-,i j^;^M ?? '""! *? * >lt(, * > imirut* TART1CVLAR JTOTICK >r aad nhm *k> La* a u:?ra<l i .lnH <11 ). . Mrtata >? ? |ate!p4 la ?h?r uk(-? aafcu fractal* ^ * *fl f ? ? '?*? . U* i^itu ml rtita in BtfhLy hit ) ?) (b ai>4ff a?;cuad. I?ww i'Ti f-mW ia. *00 d*?ira?i ??t? m*?4 ul ka^r, ?n;J Ta??? ui una af sfea ttd u< ntluikt.r ky <u!f t?k u af rtlik, 'ill VI.ICIM if tbl B ? ul biaka, Flint in >. U??d, Dn -ntM if S.f l,Um>( V.nciM F>*li, IVptuiai af ui Run, Ot?t *p* v. Kirtwi irrmkiln*, Daru-gamaat af Ik* D(irj>i fuinl fcllllr, if c-t lar: 1 af Ga: it - I . t, *t MI'.iLLT -Tti fNrtll eta Ut olit UI Mlk M k* Irwiiit L?i af Mi? rf, ' in, I'ii>iu.n ?f Ipnu, Knl Ffltiuf, A*?ruaa if acia-.f, >*.'Maltut. 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STEAM BOOK AKD JOB PkUTTI^a EdlABLiiHMtM, Ccm*r Lnuuuu trnw Ui Six Ik St. The attention of the bn?;ue*i conimus<tr i? re ipfcctlUi.y iCvitM to ta? New Book &?kJ Job F'ittiui Kallbl lefeinent, whiah ta? boen fcttea up with Ctw r.?te>iai. in tbe moet complete n arner. u sow prepared to e*eoute, in aaatialkctorj aljie, every anetT of Pnntiiic, ti* : Hooka. Speeohee. i'amjMet*. Cariia, CIjocln, Sut!era' BiaiAs, Ac .Ac. Tbe atteLtiou ol members of Cocjieaa is eapeeialiy re^ueated for our facilities for piirticj Speeches, e? we Lars the itrtisi ?tMm power ia MQtfTi tieVlawtg ?~lIItKX' Htl9 KTlltr u" No. l'i. iV? 2x7. ;*? tv" Uth ?rt, /KnfJM* it f, *?.. bfi Mi>b.Oi;fei.,%\V ??>A. E>Lr wit>a, FRizkr/ti?. *c. a feu m??( kivsf* on hand, ?r male to or<l*r ;.t the a.crlMt MUce. r?:r W?rt repaired *r cchaLi?a. M. b.-kit.u' hm i?M im U? i?it au:il llftr M ?? military officios andotelm, BJLTCHMLOR'S OKNWINM HAIR JiTM, Tue Be-st In Its World. n< C?*? RjiiMiU uU Hurmlut ii?ir Dv< SoM by all DmckisU; alM, at ilmmi'i Patent K*uiau:? ktc:?. cy. Puten: i- A nk, Hitl 6ib??': Hair Su..s. at? vker* Lauief can La?? i( trf ?iv if? *:;?>I. FacUrj?61 Bvfiv?t ( ate US iJroadvty) N. Y. o? 1-ly Dry good* for "thi; foi k? at HOMK."?(Hmh ltd nUifri cMdii.1 Pry Gcodt ui hi 7 kind for Un Joist at L are aoLciUkI to it.*prct ocr, &u: the prio*a marked in pfain fcturea. tbe ac'.ua: ca?_ ctaiicara va'ue Al! p?.rori? for tli? intS'ior. p opari* pack*! for forwardu.g t>y exprau or oolvciat.oe?. frM of onut#, perry k. bro., &p*-c* Pa. Ntutta ?tr??t. WALL, 8 rKI'HKN*VcaT~ 3aa p?J?!UTLVA!r.A AtHWI, MILITARY AND NIVAL MERCHANT TAILOR*. AND RKADY-MAUK ULUTHIERS. AND tXTKNSlVK pKALKRS IN GF.NTLLAIL.N'8 FVRNlbHINti 6U0^ ? a-tf KR7"c"amP BCA?ifET?, H aY>* HoKEVe^ which we invito ail ouh p i'r?l.a?era to axan.ina before making thwr ae acn->n . WAfll, t?TKJAB*.8 * CO., m ta 999 **Vh? JWtHf ?rrt La* >t? ONE VERY" NICK R08KW00D CHlCKeunt PianoudoM U?: U i*j? v?n_ cheap, on acoommotiaUtf Wdj A>o.?JkJDM large aaaortnent of ^tetnvay A Sona* ano'TI in Kivm, BaconiCo.'i Piaxoa,at lie Mum8tor? of W. M. MmKtOTT. aahie I CASH NOTICE. N CoumMtM of oar navira to par aaab tor Bvary arUoto of goods we paraliaa*. we are forood to radaoaoar baemaaeto Cash ?xo uf the prat-eat. W e La?a in store a r*rj t*rg e ae*o>ta*enl of htAUV MADE CLOTHING for men ai.d ootb' wear, which are bAltlnc at a mark !owar rata lhan u*ua..y. WALL. STKPH I.nV k 'O., 38S Pa. a*.. MA and 10t* ala. tot llntoi A ??t.1 ^OUVUS, COLOrjyMOAR^ENItHtt, Ae. OOMrOVltD 8\R0P 0$VVM ARABIC. Ttua plaaaact and popular Coaffc fcaaoadr taa been ao lone known and extenaiTei j t}aaa that ?^at poraonahate batoa>e ttnii v with iu utraattilSC 'i MAJK Skf 1 aa li I * I CPRING HRES8 BOODS.-Mwr new fcttd k5 eboio? thine*- _ Also, ??r mil fill stock of *11 kisda *f Form# ud UOBMbo Dry Goods, for U? cur rati noti of (anUiiM Lad hoaMkatpen. OMMKtesoely, b*rk?d Ifi ?l*in Lf are*, tk* M PERRY* BRO. wfcT tr P*- %.d N mtk ?tr~* DKAL PARIS RIO GLOVES, FPR LA.IHER. yfoTSfc.? >*?' mh??t*. tadNuit? slSwc L'ott A rBWpAVti OnlV -i kt?? raawTtd " mj im? wtmk of Qittm* frvr ow ikn' tvwlrr*Mto J. H. SMITHS. No. 4M ?mrsr. tli Btreet, n??J 17 ?k?r? I >>& ' offer it at 1MB WiS"-?5"

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